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Monthly EnLightenment from Mother Mary* November 2008


Teachings from the Sacred School of Om Na


Monthly Enlightenment

November’s featured Mentor is

Mother Mary

Channelled Though Natalie Glasson

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary





I am Mother Mary; I am the great spiritual Mother of all on the Earth and surround every soul in the love of my heart. I am a beacon of light leading all forward away from darkness, fear and negativity into the illuminated loving arms of the Creator. All are vast beings of light in my eyes and I love all as an aspect of the Creator. My energies are greatly integrated into the Earth like threads of light which flow into all situations, influencing the lives of humanity on the Earth. I appear to many as a beacon of light to give hope and inspiration to all. It is my mission to encourage everyone to access the truth that exists within their beings, to accept themselves as love and to emanate love across the Earth and the universe. It is my duty and assignment to care for all acting as a nurturing energy, developing the feminine vibrations and qualities of the goddess within all.

I am love in manifestation; I have learnt to embody the love of the Creator trusting in the Creator’s guidance at all times of my evolution. I am so integrated with the energy of the Christ consciousness; I have even born a child of the embodiment of love to aid the anchoring of the Christ consciousness which is the purest form of

love into the Earth. When you call on my energy I will always share with you my loving energy. I will care for you as a loving mother. Through love every aspect of the Creator will be anchored onto the Earth.

I, Mother Mary am a great spiritual mentor; I hold a vast amount of wisdom within my being and mind due to my studies with many of the masters in the great sacred mystery schools both on the Earth and the inner planes of the universe. This I will discuss later but know that I am here as a beacon of loving energy that you can always call upon. When you need assistance or guidance, I shall be by your side and I shall wrap my energy body arms around your body, holding you tightly because you are all my children of the light and I am here to guide you forth.

Mother Mary and Her Work

I appear to many people differently but as I stand before you now I wear a deep navy hooded cloak, that wraps around my body, when you look into the cloak it will show you the entire universe; the stars, planets, realms and dimensions that compose of the Creator’s universe, this is a symbol of my connection and integration with all as well as my understanding of life beyond the Earth and its limited reality. It is I who you can call on to remove boundaries and limitations from your reality, actions and your thought processes. You may also ask me to transport you to different aspects of the Creator’s universe during meditation or your sleep state to aid your comprehension of the world beyond the Earth.



I am the Nurturing Mother,
Lady Mary


Merlin on Magic


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Merlin on Magic


~ ~ ~ Sunday October 19, 2008 

Greetings my very, very dear friends! It is I Merlin who comes in today to speak with you. It has been a while in your time but I am constantly and continually close to you and always available to you. I am, in this now moment, wishing to speak to you of all that is happening and occurring, for so much is going on on so many levels. And I’m sure you are aware of this.

It is a time for you, for all of you, to go deeper within than you ever have before in this particular lifetime and certainly in many lifetimes. It is a time of much turbulence, much turmoil, much change…what is seen and what has been said to be the crumbling of the old in order to birth the new. These are difficult times for many. And yet, if you can go deep within, you have access to connecting to much knowledge that has served you previously, that has helped you through other difficult times. And you have access to knowledge you have never tapped into before in your human experience. This is the doorway that is beginning to swing open for you in your now. You might call this magic. Indeed magic is very associated with Merlin. Magic and alchemy. But this is not Merlin’s magic I speak to you of. This is your own interdimensional magical ability to not so much transcend this human realm, but to transform the way you have lived as humans in a way that has never been done before. I’m aware that you keep hearing those words…never been done before, over and over in the many different messages that are received upon your planet. It is important to emphasize this for you to be aware and to realize the magnitude of the time you are standing in and of what you are here doing. Not just to do, but doing. For each of you in your own way is moving this process forward, is bringing this new awareness of this new ability into your own world of human experience. Now not all are in this place, for not all have been on this journey that the many of you I speak to are upon. Yet all will make the journey eventually in their own ways. You are experiencing what has been called the hundredth monkey by some. It has been talked of as resonance, it has been talked of as synchronicity, but indeed it is just that so many have tapped into this expanded awareness of interdimensional consciousness that it is very easily now beginning to trickle down because it has reached its critical mass. And some of you continue to be the first to experience this, and some of you are going through experiences that may seem quite foreign to you, or unexpected to you…that seem quite unique to you. And yet you do not do this for yourselves alone. You are doing this for the collective.

Much has been studied about alchemy, much has been delved into, explored, written about…ah, the Philosopher’s Stone goes back many eons of time. It is not outside yourselves. It is within you. You are in the place of awareness to make manifest the Philosopher’s Stone in your consciousness. And this is what I wish to catalyze within you energetically and through our conversation. Many are experiencing difficult and challenging times in their Earthwalk at this particular point in time. It is not without reason. It is not without purpose. Each challenge is a doorway. Each challenge is an invitation to expand beyond where you are standing in your own now.

The magic and the alchemy that you seek is not to be found in secret societies and ancient manuscripts. It is to be found within your own interdimensional doorways. It is to be found within your own DNA. And it is more wondrous than anything that has ever been written about. It is more wondrous than any myths and tales that speak of it.

I encourage you to see beyond your present circumstances, whatever they may be, and whatever challenges you may be standing in. I encourage you to alchemize your own experience. I encourage you to be the Philosopher’s Stone. You do not need substance and matter outside of yourself. You contain the Philosopher’s Stone within. Utilize it. The alchemy and the magic you seek is within you.

I transcend realms and this is why I am speaking to you today. My energy has been present upon your planet. My energy is familiar to many who tap into the Arthurian legends and myths, which are not myths, indeed they are simply a reality removed a bit from the third dimension. They are ones that so many of you are familiar with. Yet I also contain the White Light of other dimensions. My energy is also quite other-worldly. It is not foreign to you. It is part of those of you who are tuned in to this message, who are tuned into my words, and also tuned into my energy.

You are being called upon to alchemize in your now beyond anything you have ever done before, experienced before. In many ways the abilities that are upon you, the changes that they will bring, are anticlimactic, for you have been building up to this for so long that you do not see how far you have come. Open your eyes wider than you have ever opened them before. And indeed you will see with a depth and a perception that you have never had before. Be prepared for wonderful surprises!

What may I say to you personally in this now moment?

Participant: There have been words mentioned about interdimensional eyes. I was going to ask for further explanation of that. You’ve mentioned seeing beyond, seeing within, and so on. My eyesight has been changing in the last few months. Its almost as if its being directed within rather than without. My distance vision…looking off beyond…is certainly not what it used to be. Its a bit on the blurry side. I was wondering if you could comment on what’s going on there.

Merlin: I will certainly comment on this for you, but first I would like to ask you what are your feelings about this? What do you feel is happening?

Participant: Well, I’m not feeling any fear or any of that kind of energy. I’m just allowing whatever is going on to work itself out. I really feel that it is…that I am developing a new and different kind of eyesight.

Merlin: Indeed. And this is what it is most important for you to embrace for you see, now not just for you, but for all who have come this far on this journey and yet still face challenges of the human and the physical, not just with the body but with the circumstances of living…it is all being made manifest by your own desire to move beyond where you have been. And oftentimes doing this requires a movement beyond what is the norm, or what is considered the norm in your reality. You my friend have much going on that is transitional in your reality of living in this dimension. You are transitioning energetically and this is being made manifest in physical transitions. Now, throughout the history of human existence upon this planet every individual has had the same potentials for expansion that you are looking at in your now moment, and yet the vast majority have not been aware of the potentials that were in front of them. For every experience in the human realm, whether within your body or within the circumstances that you are in within your body, every one is an opportunity to expand consciousness. Now your consciousness is in such a place that you are bridging the dimensions in your now. You are…oh, I’m sure you are quite aware of what has been going on physically now that it has brought itself to the forefront of your experience. And yet this is not just happening to you physically. It is happening to you energetically and as always, there is a greater purpose for this. It is an opportunity. It is a doorway opening to the new should you choose to walk through it. And so there is a human medical explanation for what is happening with your vision in the now. And there is always a reason to pay attention to what is happening on the physical, but do not get caught up in it. You have been told this. For you see, your greater…greater meaning bigger than the mere human experience you are aware of…your greater expanded soul is quite aware of the experience that you may expand into in your now if you allow it. And yes, much has been said, through different energies, through different conversations, about developing new eyes. This is something that is in front of many, but not always in the same manner of experience. You are experiencing a physical change in your own eyesight in the now. Others will not do this in exactly the same manner that you are doing it. But what is being put in front of you, what is being offered to you, is an ability to have vision that sees not only what is in your human world, your human reality, but is in the beginning stages of being able to see into the other dimensions.

This is not something you have much experience with so it is not easily understood in your experience of the now. You my friend have had the experience of healing your vision in 3D, have you not?

Participant: Yes, I have.

Merlin: And what did you do to do this?

Participant: Nothing apparent. (laughter) But my eyesight was very good up until a few months ago. Very good for 3D vision. I could see very clearly into the distance and I could see very clearly close up as well.

Merlin: So it was very good for 3D purposes.

Participant: Yes.

Merlin: What are your expanded purposes in the now, would you say?

Participant: Well, I know I’m expanding interdimensionally as far as my awareness goes. I have many glimpses of that happening through my dream time and occasionally visions while I’m awake and so on. And I know that’s the direction I’m going.

Merlin: So how vested in 3D are you, dear friend?

Participant: As a human being, we have to stay vested, that’s my feeling, certainly to a certain degree. But once a person drops the linearity of being in 3D you certainly lose a lot of the…what would I call it…the effects…the effects of 3D reality…so I’m immersed to a certain degree in 3D but I’m certainly not all there.

Merlin: It is a good and honest answer. I would say from my perspective a human does not have to be vested in 3D in order to live as what you have called Divine Humans on this planet. This is perhaps what is the sticking point for many on this journey in the now because it seems if you are a human you must stay vested in what has been significant and important to humans for the many lifetimes that you have lived upon this planet. I wish to remind you all that you are not humans by origin, that you are quite interdimensional, that you come from the stars, that you come from other realms, and that you are God also and God is not only human. God is human, yes, for you are here in human form. But God is far grander than mere humanness. And so I would say, I would say to you in particular and I would say to all in general, that it is a time to release what you have been vested and invested in in your human experience. For you see, this is what has held you in the denser vibrations that have kept you on this planet as humans. Now, you are at the threshold of being able to experience the joys of the human dimension without the density of the experience because you are opening to allowing your divinity and allowing the lightness of your beingness beyond a body to flow into your experience, to meld with your experience in the now.

And so you are standing in a place where you have the opportunity to move forward if you choose it, and now, there are no right or wrong choices. Anything you choose at this point will add to your experience and yet some of you are in the position to move beyond all that you have experienced previously into experiencing in new ways. New realms yes, but blended realms. Blended realms in that you may in your now experience while still in a human body what previously you could only experience out of body. This is very new. It is very magical . And yet to be in the vibrational place of resonance of this experience you must be very light. And when I say very light it means your vibration must be not where it has been before as you have lived as humans upon this Earth, upon this planet.

I give you the example of Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan. (laughter) If you can place yourself in the magical space of that particular myth, fairy tale…Tinkerbelle moved in and out of realms and dimensions. Tinkerbelle vibrated at a rate that allowed interaction with human experience and yet did not weigh her down with the density of physical mass. There is great symbolism in the tale of Peter Pan. It is a bridging of dimensions and it is before you in your own nows to choose how to move forward in the bridging of your own realities, for you are not only real in this dimension, you are becoming more and more aware of that. Oh in many ways it has been that you are seeing your limitations as a human…this is why religion has sought to transcend the body…and this is why so many cultures have sought transcendence through spirituality. Yet in your now you are in the position to enjoy the body and enjoy the physical in a way you have not done previously for you are in the position to imbue your physical body with a lightness of being that can only come from your divinity. Are you following me at all in what I am saying?

Participant: I am following you very well, thank you.

Merlin: And what do you feel about this my friend?

Participant: I feel like stepping through that doorway.

Merlin: Well indeed, it is your choice.

Participant: Yes.

Merlin: And I am here to encourage you on and to applaud your divine human experience. This dance you have done. Ohh! It is once again very touching from the vantage point that we who communicate and connect with you from the nonphysical have with you, to watch what you willingly take on, willingly experience. You are so loved for what you do. Every one of you is loved for who you are, for what you have had the courage to live up to this now point of time. And yet we so desire to see you move into what you have on the soul level desired for yourselves. It is a grand game that is at play. And you are playing magnificently. And so you are indeed receiving the standing ovation that comes when you have surpassed all expectations of play. Each of you is doing that.

The energies are very thick in the moment with interdimensionality. There is a difference between thick and heavy. I hope you can feel it. The interdimensional energies that flow are light but they are potent. You are continually increasing your ability to take in…mmm…not so much to hold but to flow the energies that are not of this human earth and human realm.

It is a signal that it is enough for now, the ringing of the phone. Your world is very much a part of your experience. And yet you are the ones who choose the experience. You live in this world. You are the creators.

I come in today to remind you to tap into the alchemy within yourselves. You are the magicians. You flow the Merlin energy. And you are dearly loved. And so it is. Aloha. ~ ~ ~



Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia* Conscious Channel

Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia| Ronna Prince| Conscious Channel

October 27, 2008

“Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which has the potential to heal the earth”


The Healers Service Credo

 Question: What is the purpose of my trip to South Africa? In answering this question, Master Kuthumi is answering the General Question, what is my purpose on Earth? The following excerpts from a private reading contain seeds of Wisdom that pertain to all of our journeys. Kuthumi addresses how we can use the POWER of our consciousness to heal ourselves and the earth, he offers the Healers Service Credo, and he talks about Eternal Balance.


Sanat and Venus Kumara chime in to provide a brief overview of the difference between “pristine darkness” and “conscious darkness” and suggest why fearing and working to annihilate the dark, is a mis-perception.


The I AM Presence of Master Kuthumi suggests that your purpose on this journey is multi-faceted. Healing is about consciousness. One often begins at the self, and then expands healing energies to ever-widening circles until the Truth of being in Service becomes apparent and clear. You are a healer of many, not only in your practice as a medical professional, but as a world server. In order to serve at the level that you are being called, one must have Experienced, at some time in your vast soul history, the energies of persecution, of racial subjugation from both sides and of many other things. We have stated before that your soul is very wise. Every experience of this lifetime, in the Now, leads you to this moment in time, to this journey of the Heart and the Dark Creative Inner Womb so that you may clear blocks in the second chakra, not only for yourself but for the Many.


What does this mean?, you are asking. We will affirm that in Intention, one has the ability to heal by the Presence of your high self and soul. In Intention, as a server of Light, you may walk the same places of earth and heal discordant patterns that have been locked in the earth grids for centuries. Now, we understand that this may seem strange or even improbable – but we must appeal to your knowledge and wisdom as a physician of the subtle energy system of the human body. If you were, for example, to consider the earth as a living body, and you would see where dis-ease is present, you may notice that there are symptoms of illness stemming from the bladder and kidney meridians. This may manifest as dysfunction in the creative life center of Earth, in the continent of Africa. Not only is there likely to be an imbalance in the entire autonomous nervous system, but there will also be the psycho-emotional aspect of deeply ingrained fear, lack of decision making capability and diminished moral character.


The suppression of the indigenous peoples of South Africa and the extended race conflicts have much to do with the blocks in the earth meridians which were greatly amplified in the 1500s when the invading Europeans created imbalance in the earth’s bladder and kidney meridians. The cultural clashes created great disharmony. Further deepening the energies of discord into the earth are the continuing deep earth mining practices in South Africa which have been done without regard to the sanctity of earth, without gratitude and with the destruction of many human lives.


All of these things are related as well as the entire panoply of disease and population devastation on the African continent. As healers, we begin with the Intention to Serve. We proceed with Knowledge-Wisdom. And we facilitate healing with Love. As you, (X person) who has lived and walked in many mansions in Africa, walk upon the Earth meridians – you are the equivalent of an acupuncture needle. Your physical presence, (which of course consists of your entire energetic and ensouled being) is an instrument of the Divine – we often refer to incarnate souls as the Transducers of Divine Energy. Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which have the potential to heal the earth.


By walking in Intention of your sacred purpose in Africa, you are the release point of much cultural and racial suffering – “How can that be”, you ask? “I am only there for a short period – why is this task not given to some indigenous people, to someone who will have a greater and longer term impact?” It is precisely because you have the Intention and Knowledge-Wisdom of your greater purpose that you are being called to Serve. You have lived several critical lifetimes in Africa so that you know, to the depths of your being, the origin of the suffering, -so that when you walk upon the sacred healing places of the earth, by Intention you Serve. All people of Africa are called also, for in intention and love, great things have been accomplished by few.


The work is not complicated at all.


All you need do is to state from the Heart, with feeling and Intention:


The Healers Service Credo


In Service to the Earth: my Presence sends healing to the places that are blocked.

In Service to Humanity I affirm: I acknowledge and I forgive all aggressions, all cruelty and all ignorance.

In Service to Planetary Evolution: I acknowledge that Love is restored to the areas of the second chakra of Africa (or any other area you are called to assist in healing).

I offer my service from my heart, and my eternal soul,

for I have lived and died here, and here I return to Serve.

I am a living testimony to the endurance of the soul, the fortitude of the Spirit and the potential, now actualized, to emancipate what no longer serves the greatest good,

so that all may move forward in the spiral of ascension.

I am here to restore light to the second chakra of Earth

(or any other chakra you are working on).

I am here to Heal.

I come here to Love.


In the name of Divine Service, so be it and so it is.


What occurred on Earth in order for you Now to be called to Heal her Holy Body?


(We are now joined by Sanat and Venus Kumara) Indeed, over 2.5 million years ago, the Earth was considered a forsaken planet in the cosmos. There was an over-abundance of darkness and interference and a lack of interest on the part of the cosmic hierarchy to rehabilitate the planet to Love and Light. Being involved in creation, my Beloved Venus and I went before the Ain Soph Aur Council (Limitless Light) and asked for an assignment of re-creating Light from conscious darkness. You see, this is a very different activity than that of creating from pristine darkness. The pristine darkness is the center of creation from whence all things manifest. This is the sacred womb, the dark earth from which springs new life. Conscious darkness is that place where incarnate and spirit beings have made a choice to associate with less-than-light and manipulative forces of negativity. When incarnate beings allow themselves, through lack of awareness of their creation abilities, to be manipulated by “unseen” forces, without the counter-balancing of dedicated lightworkers holding open the field of Truth, great demonic energies become manifest in lower dimensions. Great imbalances occur which impact the energetic fabric of all beings.


We will tell you that the Infinite Creator creates from both Light and Dark. There is the mystery of creation, the Dark feminine womb, and there is the brilliance of creation, the Light of the Sun. All things are created in balance – even creation is created in balance. Do you understand this? Light-dark, male-female, yin-yang, yes-no. And to further complicate this we will tell you that the duality energies are an illusion!! For transcending the duality is the Trinity – symbolized by the Triskele. What is the Trinity of Light-dark? It is Love. What is the trinity of male-female? It is Love. What is the trinity of yin-yang? It is Love. What is the trinity of yes-no? It is also, Love. It is not “maybe”. It is Love. All things may be restored to Love through the balance of Light and Dark. Even conscious darkness may be restored to Light.


How does one balance light and darkness you ask? Not by seeking only the light! Not by fearing the dark! Not by putting your own limiting conditions on what you will and will not be open to do, to be, or to experience! Not at all.


One balances light and dark precisely by utilizing the great gift of the Infinite Creator of All:

Unconditional Love.


What have you been told our fellow Servers of the Way? That Love heals all things. What is darkness? It has many manifestations, but ultimately, our dear ones,


Darkness is the lack of light, the absence of love and the acceptance of fear.

That is all.

No more. No less.


So then how does one balance? By creating more fear, more lack and more absence? Not at all. You know:


Balancing light and dark is to Serve in the Way of Love.


It means that you accept the darkness without pushing against it. And by entering into it, in Love, you alchemically manifest Light into the darkest of all places. This is the Reality of Unconditional Love: conscious darkness has no power in the Presence of Unconditional Love. Absolutely no power.


The ascended masters invite you to open to a new level of being, that of conscious relationship, where suffering and struggle no longer need to be part of the contract – where contracts in fact, serve no purpose –for all healing and balancing takes place in the energy of Love. When one soul looks into the eyes of another and says: I understand, I remember, I forgive – great gifts open into your Reality. And above all, when one can say;


“I love you, for all that you have ever been and will be,

to the depths of inner light,

I understand, for I have been with you in many mansions.”


our dear soul in Light, one heals the World.

 We bless you on your journey and thank you, in gratitude, for your service to humanity and to Gaia, the ensouled planetary Being, who is healing her second chakra with a rainbow of light:


 Kuthumi, the Kumaras and Many Masters

 © Ronna Prince 2008 All Rights Reserved.





Saint Germain* Third Boost of Energy

27th October 2008

Saint Germain – Third Boost of Energy

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings to you my dear fellow seekers of the light, I am the Mahachohan Saint
Germain and I draw close to you now with some special news that I wish to share with you
now. Many ascended masters on the inner planes have been extremely busy reconstructing
the Temple of Mercy as a healing, awakening and tutoring ashram to assist all in anchoring
greater love into their beings and coping with the deep emotions that can be caused.
Accepting love is an intense process of healing and cleansing until one is able to embody
love, the Temple of Mercy is being reconstructed to aid this development and to reassure
any fearful or worried minds. It is a vast ashram that will also aid you in accepting the
ascended masters’ energy of abundance into your life giving you the power to achieve
anything you desire in your reality by programming your mind with positive thoughts.
Manifesting is the key to the changes that are occurring on the Earth. One can sit and
visualise how they wish to live their reality, using the intense abundant energy of the
ascended masters as their fuel or driving thoughts, but focusing on negativity or having
neutral thoughts will mean that you will stay stagnant in your life. Change, growth and
development is the key to the ascended masters’ energy of abundance but one must place
their own efforts into creating their reality now as the powerful energies will not always
be available. Focus is needed now in order to direct the energies to divinely influence your
life. If you have been following our teachings and have been anchoring both the Christ
consciousness and the ascended masters’ abundant energies, we believe that now is the
time that you need our comfort, support, teachings and encouragement as change may be
on the horizon or fearful thoughts may be causing you anxiety, so we have created a sacred
temple to bring clarity and reassurance to all.

The Temple of Mercy has been reconstructed at Mount Shasta on the inner planes and
is being closely overseen by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos. The opening of the temple
will take place on the 29th October; the temple will close on the 17th November. We feel
that it is during this time frame that the temple will be needed most as an additional
cleansing temple to remove all old habits and negativity in preparation for the fourth
energy boost of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance which will be anchored on the
17th November. Many ascended masters are readying themselves to remain within the
temple over this time period as resident masters and spiritual teachers for all to benefit
from. The Temple of Mercy is so named because it is a sacred space created from light
and intention that will alleviate any distress, confusion or discomfort due to accelerated
growth or the releasing of old energy patterns during this time. The temple can offer
much new and exciting wisdom as well as helping them to understand the changes that are
occurring and the energy that the ascended masters are sharing with the Earth during this
special period of time from the present day into 2009. I believe that it is important for
every person to make use of the presences of the temple, whether you wish to gain healing,
cleansing, clarity, tutoring, enlightenment, activations of energies, to understand
manifestation or to simply aid development. Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be
taken to the Ascended Master’s Temple of Mercy on the inner planes. Your personal
angels will guide you and ensure your safety at all times.

‘I ask the ascended masters to grant me to permission to enter the Temple Of Mercy
to assist my development on the Earth. May I benefit from the high vibrations of the
ashram and be drawn to the most appropriate resident master to assist me in this special
time of growth. I wish to gain …………… (e.g. healing.) Allow me to accept the abundant
energy of the ascended masters and the Christ consciousness on a deeper level than I
have ever experienced.
I invoke my personal angels to guide and protect me at all times, transport me while I
sleep to the Temple of Mercy, please assist me in remembering my journey when I wake in
the morning. Let it be.’

Know that you can visit the temple each night throughout the period of 29th October to
the 17th November. I encourage you to make use of this amazing and sacred tool that is
being reconstructed to aid your benefit and accelerated growth process.

I, the Mahachohan Saint Germain oversee the rays of light three to seven, working
Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos to oversee the Earth and ensure that the necessary
energies are being anchored into the Earth. The third ray of light is the ray of
manifestation and so many energies, intentions and ideas are channelled through the third
ray of light to assist and ensure that they manifest and materialise onto the Earth. The
Temple of Mercy was reconstructed by the manifestation power of the third ray of light
of a yellow colour. I have anchored all rays three to seven into the Temple of Mercy as a
supportive energy to aid inspiration and enlightenment while you are in existence within the
temple. The temple can become a sanctuary where you may anchor and experience the rays
of light for yourself.

I believe that it is necessary to make the most of the short time that the temple will
be available to you as we are not sure when it may be reconstructed again. It is therefore
a wonderful idea to meditate asking your ascended master guides to either align you to the
energies of the Temple of Mercy and to allow the high vibrational soothing energy to
channel into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head or to ask to be
transported to the Temple of Mercy on the inner planes during your meditation practices.
It may be interesting for you to practise this. Simply ask your ascended master guides to
transport you to the Temple of Mercy overseeing your meditation. State that you wish to
sit within the temple, absorbing your surroundings and the high vibrations. You may also ask
that the appropriate master in residence within the temple comes to speak with you
offering new teachings and guidance. It may be interesting to discover which ascended
master comes to speak with you as you will then be able to call on this master to aid your
connection with the Temple of Mercy and to assist your spiritual development on the Earth.
Allow your breathing to become deep and your mind to become still, simply accept the
energies, visions, insights and enlightenment that you receive. The more you practice the
deeper your connection will become with the temple allowing you to access high levels of
energy and wisdom within the temple. You may call on my energy to aid your connection to
the temple, simply repeat my name ‘Mahachohan Saint Germain,’ I shall draw close to your
being to assist you in experiencing the energies of the Temple of Mercy.

The temple will assist many in dealing with the third boost of energy that will be sent forth
from the ascended masters on the inner planes onto the Earth into those who are receptive
to their energies and into the love crystal that have been planted across the world. A
higher vibration of abundant energy is being anchored into the Earth by the ascended
masters to assist in the manifestation of love onto the Earth and abundance into the lives
of those who focus their minds on mastery and their actions on experiencing love. While the
second boost of energy was focused on the third eye chakra, manifesting love and positive
thoughts through the third eye chakra at the brow, the fourth boost of energy is focused
on the throat chakra, expressing enlightened thoughts, love and the wisdom of your soul
through your throat chakra, voice and while you communicate with others. This is a special
time as we are beginning to see that our thoughts can manifest onto the Earth through our
voice and the way that we speak about ourselves and others. Voicing negative thoughts
constantly will only create a negative reality. Speaking of positivity and love will allow you
to take a new step of materialising your dreams onto the Earth. Thoughts spoken can be
extremely powerful as they create their own energy vibration and tone which manifests
into your reality as well as your aura. Again this is a time where disciple is needed within
the mind to concentrate on positive thoughts but to also continue to anchor the ascended
masters’ abundant energy and the Christ consciousness loving energy into your body and
energy systems. Imagine these energies entering into your crown chakra at the top of your
heart and channelling out through your throat chakra so that you activate your throat
chakra and allow it to express love and light always. Continue to imagine your thoughts
being expressed through your third eye chakra as it emanates light as a beacon into your
reality but now is the time to activate your throat chakra allowing it to express the same
positive thoughts as your third eye chakra. Allow the third boost of energy from the
ascended masters to anchor into your throat chakra, asking for it to be activated and to
express light of the highest vibration at all times.

While the third boost of energy is a raise in vibration and continues to focus on anchoring
love and achieving mastery over the mind, it marks a special occasion of integration. The
energy of the angelic kingdom will become united with the ascended masters’ energy of
abundance and will channel as a combined energy into the Earth. The angelic kingdom has
always supported the Earth, humanity and the recent work of the ascended masters but
they have been channelling their own vibrations of love and abundance separately into the
Earth. Now the soft pink energy of the angelic kingdom merges with the ruby red intense
energy of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance. This is an important energy
integration that boosts the energy that you will receive when you anchor the ascended
masters’ energy of abundance into your being each day and throughout the day. The angelic
influence may create a softer nurturing feeling to the energy that you are accustomed to
receiving when invoking the ascended masters’ energy. Angels of abundance have been
assigned to assist all who call on the ascended masters’ energy of abundance while angels
of love are assigned to the Christ consciousness surrounding all who invoke the golden
Christ consciousness in additional love from the angelic kingdom. Gradually the ascended
masters will unite many realms and kingdom to channel energy through them into the Earth
to aid your integration with the kingdoms and universe of the Creator on the inner planes.

It is important that while the energy of the ascended masters and the angelic kingdom is
being focused on your throat chakra in addition to your third eye chakra that you remain
aware of your spoken words as well as the thoughts you create. Ensure that you remember
that every word you speak has a vibration and creates an impact in the life you lead and the
lives of others. Focus on expressing love of the highest vibration through your thoughts and
through the words that you speak allowed. Make it your mission to exist as a beacon of love
and manifest the love of the Creator into your life by expressing love through your words
and the vibration of your voice.

Remember that if you are anchoring our teachings into your being that it is appropriate for
you to connect with and visit the Temple of Mercy discovering who is your resident spiritual

To aid you in understanding your purpose during this period of the third boost of energy I
have created this list;

Ask for your throat chakra to be cleansed and activated.

Ask for the ascended masters’ energy of abundance and the Christ consciousness to be
anchored into your throat and expressed from your throat chakra.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during your sleep state.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during meditation to experience the temple and discover
who your tutor is within the temple.

Focus on creating positive thoughts and expressing love and positivity through your spoken

May your voice and throat chakra always be a source of love,

Mahachohan Saint Germain


The Council of Light* The Mind is the Matter

The Mind is the Matter

New Moon of October 28, 2008

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Dearest Ones,

You have come to know that it is the mind that causes you the greatest difficulty, the greatest challenge, the greatest grief – for it is the mind that holds you in the past and keeps you stuck in what you do not desire. It is the mind that creates the only living hell there is, and yet it is also the mind that can get you out. Because the big story of humanity is the evolution of consciousness, the mind is a primary participant in this transformation. And so if you all commit to being ardent stewards of your own minds, therein the great revolution occurs!

The most important thing to consider in relation to your mind is that you alone are its programmer and its pilot. What goes in and what perpetuates and what it generates is solely within your conscious control…no one or thing or higher command is in charge. This is the great gift of free will. The love that pulsates in your heart is the great Divine Gift – it is like the electricity, when your mind is the central processing unit of your body that is the computer. And so your ultimate ticket to freedom is governed by your own choice of what you allow your CPU to process. Make deliberate, conscious, strict, refined, aware decisions about what you allow into, within and out of your mind. This is the purpose of the spam filters! Do not even allow the effluvia past your fire wall. Do not download or run any program that does not serve your highest good or that of your family of consciousness. If ever a bug gets into your system, eradicate it immediately – just press the delete button and shift your focus to what you desire.

The critical importance of this self responsibility to the whole cannot be stressed enough at this time. Be airtight in your diligence and you will be doing the greatest service to yourself and your brothers and sisters on the planet. This is the separation of the wheat from the chaff…the conscious sorting that is creating The New Earth. You each have a key to the outcome, you each have an important role to play in its creation, and this is all governed by your mind.

The greatest rule is this: focus only on that which is imbued with love. If it is expansive and beautiful and uplifting and colourful and meaningful and joyous and rich and awe inspiring…these are all signs that you are on the right track. Many have experienced these attributes but imagine that they are occasional or sporadic…but these are the attributes of the paradise of The New Earth and you are creating them by what you choose to focus upon! Imagine that everything in your experience is magical and intricate and interconnected and peaceful and absolutely amazing…and it will be thus.

Remember above all else at this time that what is falling apart no longer serves, so do not focus for one moment on it or the power of your mind will recreate more…and there is no greater hell than the one that is created consciously, when freedom is just a thought away. Do not allow yourself to be a prisoner of your own mind when you can choose freedom in any now moment. Do whatever you can to support your mind…choose not to watch the news, choose to focus on love in every now moment, choose to release all unhappy thoughts of the past, surround yourself with life-inspiring people, focus on the sunshine and the miracles of nature, be in nature as much as possible, rejoice in the beauty of art and music, relish water, laugh as much as you can, dance, sing, breathe, celebrate, be at peace, do not judge, trust that all is well, focus on what you desire, know that you are never alone, and above all, that you are love at your core. Love always overcomes. Love always wins. Love always, always, rises to the top.

So if there is anything unlike love in your life, first throw as much love at it as possible. If it continues, then choose otherwise. In this way, you will always be traveling the right path at the right time and all will be well. For by the power of your mind, you ensure that all is always well for yourself, your home, your community, and your world.

When the majority of minds are focused on the awesome attributes of HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth) then it will be so.

The Council of Light that is Within



AAMetatron Channel* November 2008 The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles

November Issue, 2008 : EKC Issue : 23

AAMetatron Channel

The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a
crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it’s precisely cut
to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into
relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love,
the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power
and grasp of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a
coherent, highly concentrated form, and this extremely benevolent
energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. This I know
to be true. ” Dr Marcel Vogel

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light!

We once and always greet you. Warmly and lovingly, in this eternal
Moment of Now. Indeed we sense each of you personally at the specific
time in which your eyes read these words

And so another moment brings us together, uniting truth, understanding
and wisdom through the matrix of the unified field, combining
geometric thought pattern with desire, and awareness. And so do all
things come together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things,
all beings, are electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of
manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be. And so some
things, some thoughts, some creations travel at more rapid speeds,
more accelerated frequencies within the matrix. Others are more dense
and travel slower, more sluggish, but all the same, they seem to
arrive in perfect order, aligned with the nature of their creation and
creatorship you see. For the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection
itself, regardless of any dimensional interpretation or perception of
it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum tangent, all things in the
unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature,
their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher
frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others.

And so we continue speaking about the Crystalline Field, a field that
is of tantamount importance to the planet as the Ascension draws near.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak about Vogel Crystals, phi cut
crystals, and the man who invented them Marcel Vogel?

AA Metatron: Indeed! The inventor of these of course, was an astute
Crystal Master from the Atla-Ra, the scientist priest of Atlantis.
However he did not truly invent them, rather did he channel the
knowledge of same which co exists within multi dimensionality. In
truth, most of what you consider to be invented is not new technology,
rather is it pulled from the future and the advanced technical
knowledge of the past.

Crystal knowledge is essential to the coming age of the Quantum
Crystalline Field. Many of you were involved intricately in this lost
science. It is why so many are now fascinated with not only the quartz
variety, but all aspects of the mineral kingdom. Yet be aware, the
Crystalline Field is equally valid in terms of its relationship to
consciousness, to thought, to action and manifesting creation.

Marcel Vogel correctly surmised that the energy signature of quartz
was very similar to that of pure water, and that as the human body is
over 70% water, the quartz could be used to charge and influence both.

Crystals cut into sacred Phi angles are capable of many things, most
of which are beyond the current understanding of the masses of
humankind within polarity consciousness. You see these crystals
exist above the spectrum of your visible light, well into the
perceptual divisions of crystalline light within x-ray and
ultraviolet. In so doing they exist in the eternal void or Now, beyond
time sequence. As such they are time gates and can offer glimpses of
realities both in your perceived past and future. As simply as I can
explain it, your consciousness within planetary duality and ‘flashing’
continuum sequence is “divided” into linear time and probability
parallel areas. The Now moment in the higher ultraviolet field is a
crystalline unit which contains Universal Truth. When you are able to
access that unit, you achieve the ability to expand that truth, and
gain the control of your reality. Phi Crystals then are the fabled
Philosophers Stone that assist your consciousness into the unit of the
Crystalline, Alchemical Moment of Now.
Alchemy has always made extensive use of analogy, symbolism, and so
forth to relate transformational concepts to esoteric ones. In some
epochs and contexts, these metaphysical aspects came to predominate,
and the myriad transformational processes were then viewed as symbols
of spiritual processes.

In your hermetic view of alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone represented
the tangible crystallization and morph- transmutation of a subtle
substance into something greater. This then is the sacred metaphor for
the inner potential of the spirit and reason to evolve from a lower
state of imperfection to a higher state of enlightenment and
perfection. Phi Crystals are the tool of the MerKiVah that takes one
to the Alchemy Journey. They are one of the paths of the Philosophers
Stone, the crystalline journey into coherent energy through Phi.

The ‘Black Hole’ Within Quartz

Now, there are some interesting aspects related to certain crystalline
forms that are only beginning to be understood by your scientist.
Marcel Vogel correctly theorized that there were ‘missing’ silicon
atoms in the quartz molecule (SiO2), in what was is now termed the
‘Lattice Defect Theory’. There are in fact ‘holes’ that occur in the
tetrahedronal pyramid of the quartz molecule, the missing component is
silicon, and we tell you that space retains an energetic form that is
capable of receiving and amplifying human intent. It is a ‘black hole’
of sorts that is a void space capable of receiving human energetic
intent! That is why quartz and many other crystalline gems are capable
of being ‘programmed’, and Dear ones, this is an important aspect of
why these are particularly beneficial to you. Phi Crystals by their
sacred geometric construct, emit a unique energy, a crystalline light.
They change the vibration that affects the able user. They change the
frequencies at which humanity’s minds operate. Phi crystal receive
human intent, and indeed intent creates an energy that is synergized
and transformed through crystalline light and that embellished energy
is capable of manifesting and reaches the heavens and earth, the inner
and outer dimensions, you see?

The variations of Phi Crystals are compatible with humanity. Some of
them are compatible with the earth, some with the elemental and
emotional worlds, others with the celestial realms. Some create
frequencies that unlock ancient encodements, even as some natural
crystals do. Certain Phi’s have past and future sequencing keys that
open time and dimensional gates, but these are less understood in the
present and many of these remain unutilized and locked. This knowledge
is now available to the savant and focused adept. It will surface and
offer itself as the individual user becomes capable of
understanding the responsible usage of same.

Now, your gemologist and crystallographers are aware that certain
crystalline gems, including ,topaz tourmaline and especially quartz
have a quality called piezoelectricity. This is the quite unique
ability within the living crystal to generate electricity under
specific polarized conditions.

Crystalline solids have a very regular atomic structure: that is, the
local positions of atoms with respect to each other are repeated at
the atomic scale. These arrangements of crystal structures serve many
purposes, and in essence form the life force structure of the Crystal
Entity. As with all life there is an auric field and indeed a
consciousness within crystals. That of quartz offers many
functionalities that make it especially beneficial to mankind, yet in
truth all crystalline structures offer myriad benefits.

One of the primary attribute of Quartz Crystals is that these living
mineral forms can receive, store, recover and transmit information.
Your scientist discovered this two decades ago when they succeeded in
putting a 3-dimensional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal
and then retrieved it . Your main stream academics have long
recognized the ability of crystals to transmit energy waves, your
early radios used crystal transmitters, and crystal or ‘silicon’
technology is the basis of your computers.

Masters, this is the only tip of the iceberg; or should we say the tip
of the crystal !

The purpose of using a Phi crystal is to amplify and cohere the
thought and energy that you wish to direct. Amplification you can more
readily understand, but coherence is a somewhat difficult concept for
you in in physics or Metatronic terms. Coherence is a crystalline
aspect of light energy waves with each individual wave in intelligent
ordered harmony with every other one. At present your laser light is
the most prominent example of perfectly coherent light; all the
photons emitted by a laser have the same frequency and are in harmonic
crystalline phase in quantum states. We tell you Phi Crystals are
capable of forming and emitting a unique blend of intent coded light
in perfect coherent union. This may not be easy for you to grasp, but
it is an important axiom, a key aspect of a ‘new’ paradigm as you
enter the Ascension within the Quantum Crystalline Field. Coherency
enhances manifestation of appropriate intent, you see?

Question to Metatron: Can you describe and explain the various
benefits of Phi Crystals, in the Vogel Cuts of 12, 33, 13-20-33, 88,
108 and 144 as well as the ‘Dream Cuts’ ?

Metatron :
Indeed. First we will say that the Phi Crystals in the Vogel format,
are an Atlantean-Arcturian Technology that utilizes specific base end
angles to activate, vastly refine and greatly amplify the sentient
characteristics of the quartz itself. There are many different kinds
of benevolent frequencies available with Phi Crystals and of very,
very different kinds of vibration and not what you would find in your
naturally formed quartz. The Atlanteans and Arcturian Masters
developed and understood the vast and complex Phi Technology of
Crystals. Indeed some of the crystals placed by them in key nodes on
the planet were intricately designed to emit Phi frequencies, and are
awakening now. However, those formed naturally in time in the earth do
not have that same refined vibration, you see?

So it is the Phi, the Golden angles and sacred lines that create the
revelation of the pulsing Crystalline energy, activating and merging
with the Quantum Crystalline Field to revere that which is holy, to
reveal the highest symbol, the highest vibration of that which is the
deity energies of crystalline light from the sun and the great central
sun. So the element of Golden Phi then, originally has come from the
Sirian sun and here it founded itself upon the earth and where these
omnipotent Phi Arcturian crystals are, true deep and wise vibrations
are also.

But we note that but not all quartz is of such vibration. Indeed some
of the Master Atlantean Crystals do, and we have told you previously
of these, and that they are being awakened now from dormancy.

Natural quartz formations generally do not hold such a high
frequency, and are neither phi in resonance angles or of gold-alloy.
Some do, but not most. It is the crystals of the gold-silicate alloys
that were originally used in both the crystal skulls and the Master
Atlantean crystals that carry the highest field. Sparse pockets of
these in natural form do exist in Brazil, Tibet and Arkansas deep
below the surface, but these are very few, and have not been accessed.

Natural quartz crystals are hexagonal, and release a spiraled phi
energy that is emitted most powerfully through the point. Because few
naturally formed specimens are perfectly symmetrical, the Arcturian
and Atlantean Scientist Priest of the Atla-Ra developed a means of
precise cutting of quartz in a double terminated format with equally
symmetrical faceting to allow the Universal Life Force to be emitted
through the crystal. In so doing they realized that the Chi Energy
from the human biology can be transferred into the crystal and better
refined and spiraled to a focal precise point on the upper point.

The base angle was determined to most fluidly receive and refine chi
energy with higher dimensional Phi energy when faceted to the angle of
51.8 degrees, which is the angle of the Quad-Pyramidal Octahedron. It
is the sacred angle that transmutes Celestial Energy into the Bio
Mineral Sphere of the Primary Polar Earth Plane. It is the THOTHIAN
METATRONIC angle used in your Great Pyramid. Some refer to this angle
and measure it as 51.8 degrees, in fact it is 51 degrees, 51 minutes
and 51 seconds. Do you see the Mastery in connecting the octahedron as
such to as above so below, it connects both worlds Dear Ones, and
indeed is divine in its sacred resonance.

There are other precise angles that can be used for specific purposes
both on the base and tip that have not as yet been ‘rediscovered’, but
this will be given in the appropriate timing. In the NOW the 51.51: 51
degree angle is most beneficial for the awakening of mankind to his
initial phase of TRUE SELF realization. The geometrics draw a precise
sacred energy field to it. It draws the human field to it as well, you

The one you refer to as Marcel Vogel, Khirron, recognized the synergy
between crystals and water. The Phi’s create a synergy that belongs
quite nicely to that which blends water and light, the two alchemical
elements, you see? The blend of the two-one that both hardens and
softens. It softens the soul. It strengthens the spirit, you see?

Now, all PHI Cut ( Vogel) crystals have 7 common primary properties
that occur with them. Natural quartz crytsals contain some of these
properties, but these are greatly refined and amplified in the Phi cut
units. These are the ability to :

Amplify Thought Frequency Enable Focus for Manifestation Receival and
Storage of Thought or Intent Transform or Refine Light Wave
Frequencies Transfer Thought Energetics or Thoughtforms Merge
Frequential Energies Emit a Frequential Field
Vogel PHI :

Now, per your query, we will offer brief descriptions of the key
benefits and traits of the requested faceting, but do note that there
are numerous other ratio combinations and faceting models that are not
listed or herewith inquired:

Double Terminated 12 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 12 Facet Vogel
works on the level of humanity and accesses, activates and harmonizes
the 12 strands of DNA and the 12 electromagnetic patterns of
consciousness within duality. The 12 Vogel Phi fortifies the human
EMF, and enables the user to amplify thought frequency. In truth this
occurs with all PHI Cut Vogels, and the greater the number of facets,
the greater this quality is amplified, as faceting enables more light,
and thus more energy. The 12 initializes the awakening of man on the
physical conscious level, and creates the desire for more
understanding. It brings in the Ruby Ray of Strength, Will and

Double Terminated 33 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 33 Facet Phi works
on the level of humanity and assists mankind in clearing obstacles
that impede advancement into the Christos. The 33 advances the desire
for clarity for greater compassion and an understanding of the unity
of all mankind. It enhances the spirit of brotherhood, and brings the
desire for unconditional love. The 33 taps into the 5th dimension. It
brings in the Emerald Ray of Harmony and Healing. It resonates with
the energy of the Elk and Deer.

Double Terminated 20-33-13 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): This special
ratio crystal taps into what is termed the Melchizedek Order of Alpha
and Omega from the stance of humanity. It introduces the Divine
Feminine ( Emerald Ray) and the Platinum Ray. It carries all of the
characteristic of the Vogel-33, with special ratio characteristics.
It is inspired thru the channel by the work of Enoch, of Kamadon. His
energy is herewith imbued in this unique ratio. It may be termed the
Melchizedek vibration. It is nurturing and healing, and taps into the
ratios and frequencies of the 4th 5th and 6th dimensions. From a
healing perspective, it is especially effective in working with and
releasing emotional trauma, and allowing for the clearing of these
blockages for establishing the true Souls Divinity within the
SOVEREIGN SELF. It assists in clearing karmic relationship issues. It
heals and enables the clear functionality of the glandular system.

Double Terminated 44 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 44 also operates
on the level of humanity. It connects the individual to the concept of
the oversoul. It makes known the unknown, and compels greater
investigation. It restores memory and offers the entry level of Earth
completion. It is healing in the physical aspects of the joint
inflammation and arthritic conditions. It is helpful balancing purpose
and energy, helpful in stimulating brain activity and circulation. The
44 Vogel Phi assist in communication with the Animal Kingdom, and the

Double Terminated 77 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 77 Vogel is quite
unique in its frequency. It vibrates extremely well with the Devic
Kingdom, that of the Fae and of the Cetaen, the dolphin. It opens the
psychic channels into elemental kingdoms. It brings in the Pink Ray.
It enhances the Spirit of the Eagle and winged aspect of the Animal
Kingdom and Totem.

Double Terminated 88 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 88 crystal
operates on the level of the oversoul, and introduces
multidimensionality. The 88 operates as a portal, capable of
transmitting and receiving energies from the higher dimensions as well
as enhanced thought manifestation and transferal. It is the Crystal of
the Saint Germain energies. The 88 links the past to the future in
forming the union of the NOW, it links and harmonizes the two
hemispheres of the brain. It is the initial crystal of the Merkabic
Transformation and introduces the first level of the Merkivah. The 88
correlates to the Blue Ray of Wisdom and Conviction. It correlates to
the energy of the kundalini, dragon and transformational aspect of the
sacred snake totem.

Double Terminated 108 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 108, represents
the 9 of completions and connects to the Violet Ray, and the energy of
Archangel Michael. It is also a portal, enhancing higher dimensional
communication and multidimensionality . From a healing perspective the
108 is especially capable of fine tuning the chi energy through out
the body and working with the nervous system. It is especially
effective in balancing energies, reducing over intensity, anxiety and
panic disorders. The 108 amplifies life force in those with a lack of
vitality and chronic fatigue. The 108 is also connected to the
electo-magnetic grid, the icosahedron, and is especially attuned to
the vibration of GAIA- vortexes, portals, leylines and certain
powernodes or infinity points. The 108 resonates with the Mineral
Kingdom and Living Earth, and enhances communication with same. It is
the vibrational tool of the Earth-Keepers and is effective in
connecting to specific portals for alignment to same, it is effective
in working with GAIA. It attunes to the 20 Point Star Level of the
MerKiVah. It corresponds to the spirit of the Jaguar and Puma.

Double Terminated 144 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 144 is the most
potent of the available Phi Crystals. It is the energy of Thoth and
the Field of Metatron. It connects to the Elohim level of the 12
squared, a key frequency for mankind’s ascension. The 144 also
directly connects to the 144 Crystalline Grid and Quantum Crystalline
Field. It is very beneficial in achieving the advanced Merkivah State
to the 24-pointed star. It is the frequency of completion. It assists
the union and harmony of all lifetimes created by the oversoul into
the merged oneness of Mastery. From a healing level, the 144 is
especially helpful in unlocking blockage and disease in the kidneys,
liver and spleen. The 144 brings in all the rays and correlates to the
Golden Ray of Omnipotence. The 144 is in itself a portal that enhances
channeling and what may be termed celestial and dimensional travel. It
is a ‘contextual’ portal, a time gate that can take one to the past,
to the future, or even to another day within your present. It is a
doorway into parallels that can take you to another paradigm within
your current reality so that you can experience it differently. If you
are uncertain as to a given direction or decision and wish to
experience it from a different perspective a portal, or in this case a
window, it can help you do just that. A portal can also be experienced
as energy without expression, because experience does not require
form, only context. A contextual portal has the advantage of allowing
you to experience an event horizon whether it is the thought vision
of it or actually manifesting it into being and living it. In the
contextual portal both are equally valid, equally tangible from an
experiential context. It is Merlins Wand, the Philosophers Stone of

Now we will say that the Phi Vogels, in your terms, of the 88, 108 and
144 are the levels of Mastery, of the MerKiVah. These each access
portals, with increasing frequency, yet each within a unique spectrum,
so we will clarify that one cannot truly employ the energetic
frequency field of an 88 within the 108, nor the resonance of an 108
within the 144, or vice versa. It is not that way, you see.

Each opens a unique stance, and stances that stack upon one another
yet do not merge. Do you understand? Portals are utilized from
different perspectives. There are many realities from which to choose
from and there are many dimensions to explore. Densities within
dimensions offer even more variety and infinite ways in which to
explore and experience life. Portals are opportunities to experience
yourself as beyond your everyday self. They activate expansion within
and without, and allow you to choose a reality rather than have one
chosen for you. Experiences beyond the third dimension are best
accomplished when desire, creativity, active intelligence and
participation are all present. These conscious, transformational
experiences are available and accessible by you, but remember, they
are possibilities not requirements. They are not prerequisites that
you must accomplish on your way here or there. They cannot gain you
entry or reentry to that which has always resided within, but indeed
they can assist you in experiencing these if and only if your energies
are of a specific level of attunement.

Just because one goes to the energy field of a portal or time gate
does not insure that one will frequentially experience either. Is this
understood? The light quotient of the seeker must be of a high enough
level to allow the merging, and afford the opportunity of such. As you
humans are fond of saying, you must learn to walk before you can run.
These are tools, and potent ones in the hands of those seekers on the
Path who are ready.

We will add that all modalities of true Phi Crystals, especially the
Dream Phi and Vogel Phi (and there are indeed other cuts that have not
emerged), are powerful instruments that operate in higher as well as
infrared ( below visible) frequencies of light and
multidimensionality. Indeed many of you will instantly recognize them.
Those of you who have used these Master Healing Crystals in past
Atlantean sojourns will be immediately drawn to them and have an
innate understanding of their capabilities.

These tools however, require study, require interaction. They are not
‘ready to use’ per say. There must be the appropriate and deliberate
effort to communicate, integrate and synergize with the living
consciousness of each Phi unit. And this effort is in the vibration of
high intent, of the desire for growth, within love, and healing within
compassion. Phi Crystals require a suitable time for activation,
integration and charging. They must then be programmed with intent.
One cannot achieve the desired results without taking the initial
steps of melding before hand. And a key part of the pre-step is having
sufficient knowledge as well as compassion (light quotient) to be able
to raise a frequency high enough to enter their resonate field.

They cannot and should not be used for any purpose other than the
highest good. They will not function in any intent or thought other
than the highest good.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak on Dream Crystals, how are the
different from Phi Vogels, and what are their functions in the 3 Gate,
5 Gate and 7 Gate models?

Metatron: The base angle of 51.51:51 degrees is the same on both. What
differentiates the ‘Dream Phi’, to use your nomenclature, is the
convex and concave cuts on the body of the Dream model, as well as the
‘charging filter’ on the base tip. The charging filter, often referred
to as a flower, is a precise cut used primarily on Dream Phi’s but can
equally be used on Vogel Phi’s. It works as a preamplifier.

Now, keep in mind that each crystal, fashioned from natural quartz is
individually unique.

The usage applications that we present in both Vogel Phi and Dream
Phi are somewhat generalized in primary application.

Some forms of quartz, such as smokey and rutilated will have
additional properties. In truth each piece will have additional and
specialized aspects.

The user then is required to ‘test drive’ each to learn the
characteristics of each. Water clear quartz is different from included

Using a Dream Phi with a Vogel Phi, in tandem, is highly synergetic.
The Vogel Phi is in a sense, the macro, and the Dream Phi the micro.
One the outer world the other primarily the inner. The two dance with
light in different rhythms.

The inner wave spiral and rotation of the beam in the Dream Phi is
opposite of that to the Vogel Phi. The Dream Crystal by means of its
convex concave structure has what may be termed as a clockwise spin,
and the Vogel Phi counterclockwise, although that description is
somewhat metaphorical, for use in explaining their opposite spins of
light. It is not in truth a simple clockwise-counterclockwise action,
but the concept is a valid simplified image for this descriptive
purpose. The Phi true action with light is far more complex.

We can say that the combination of the two succinct energy models
combine two ‘wholes’ and form a greater whole-ness. Combining then the
inner and outer, the conscious and subconscious, the expressed and
unexpressed, that felt and that seen. For healers working in the
shamanic tradition, Phi Dream Crystals are an especially beneficial
tool, a refinement for extraction work. Dream Phi’s emit a light field
resonance that removes negative energies and attachments and obstacles
from the auric field, emotional body and indeed physical body.

All Dream Crystals take the cleansing of your white sage smudging to
the level of light, and complete the purification in that tonal
context. These crystals once attuned are very effective in repelling
untoward or ‘negative’ thoughtform energy.

The Dream Phi interacts in the interior worlds of thought, world
devoid of space, worlds of dream and vision, of imagination and
parallel. These dimensions exist and are fully valid in their aspect.
Equally there are aspects of you that would rejoin with other aspects
of you, and in the process become greater If you add a drop of water
to a glass it will rejoin with itself and to the ocean again. So
always when there are grander aspects of your beingness, you will
rejoin with them, and you will change, expand in the process. It is
appropriate, it is the expansive nature of your purpose and paradigm.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 3 Gate: The 3 Gate Dream Phi works on the
level of humanity and the trinity of beingness. It amplifies harmony
within the body, mind and soul through compassion. The three-gate
Dream Phi Crystal has the ability to connect the individual with
higher waves of information and energy. The energy from the Three Gate
radiates around the emotional, heart and crown chakras as it balances
physical, intellectual and spiritual fields. It reconnects all the
passageways of the matrix and allows the brain to operate more
smoothly. In healing aspect it works in the extraction and repulsion
of negative aspects including fear, doubt, greed, self-centeredness,
self-righteousness. It assists in ego imbalance and physical imbalance
in order to gain a sense of greater unity and harmony. It is the Phi
for those entering new pathways of knowledge.. It corresponds to the
energy of the wolf.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 4 Gate: The four gate Dream Phi is based
on the Cabbalistic Wisdom and the Tree of Life. It is the progression
of the 3 Gate. It is especially compatible with the 44 Vogel. The 4
Gate can be used for gaining understanding and removing false beliefs,
breaking ties from group controls and controlling relationships. Iy
enhances the desire to work well with others, and reveals blockage to
same. It works very well with the Animal Kingdom, and is helpful in
healing of the four legged. It is very helpful in communication with
all Animal Totems.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 5 Gate: The 5 Gate Dream works especially
well with the Melchizedek or Kamadon Vogel in bringing in a very
powerful feminine energy. It correlates to the Emerald and Platinum
Rays. This shape releases obstruction around deep trauma. It opens the
way to the happiness and euphoria that is pure and impeccable in our
transparent and sincere core within the etheric heart chakra. It is
especially harmonious with the Divine Femine, with the aspects of
mercy and nurturing Magdalena, Isis, Lady Faith and Quan Yin. It
reveals the lack of Self Love, and assist in extraction of
self-denial, mentality of lack, and the core issues around lack of
energy and initiative. It assists in regaining momentum and purpose.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 6 Gate: The 6 Gate Dream Crystal is very
effective in assisting in relationship issues. It reveals the inner
motives of the user and assist in purging that which is in conflict
with the higher self. It assists in revealing and removing that termed
‘Spiritual Ego’. Likewise it effective repeals energies of jealousy,
control and anger directed at the user from another. It reveals
likewise these conflicts within the self. The Six-sided Dream Crystal
is often experienced as a total body energy- radiating outward to
expand the energy field of the user. It especially purges and
balances the second, third, fourth and fifth chakras so that the mind
and body are more connected and in better communication. It is the
sword of Michael, and indeed it cuts both ways. Exposing our own as
well as others true motives and conflicts. It must be used wisely and
compassionately. It adds the information, feelings, and “software”
necessary for operating the matrix that has been reconfigured and
healed. Much of the experiential information from Atlantis radiates
from these Six-sided Dream Crystals. It is expected that the overall
effect of this Dream Crystal will be to enhance and expand the
doorways of knowledge to Atlantean technologies and spiritual practices.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 7Gate: The 7 Gate Dream Phi specialty is
bringing perfect order, completion, reconciliation, unity and
connection with eternity. Brings all other healing energies together
and connects you and spirit. The 7 Gate is the Platinum Ray, and
correlates very well to the 88, 108 and 144 Vogel Phi. The 7-Gate
Dream Crystal receives and merges wisdom from all spiritual sources
and views, from all peoples and ethnicities and cultures. It is the
crucible that shows what is pure and what is not in spiritual path. It
repels untruth, it repels control and enhances freedom, and power of
choice and will. It reveals hidden prejudices and self-concealed vices
within the user, for extraction of same. It enables the MerKiVah. It
enables better contact with the conscious grids, the Reshel and
planetary grids.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 12Gate: The 12 Gate Dream Phi is the
highest frequency of the Phi Dream. It correspondents to the Purple,
Golden and Platinum Rays of the Ascension, it correlates to the
Metatronic Cube and 24 Point Star of the merkivah. It works especially
well with the 144 Vogel. It offers protection in the higher realms of
inner micro dimensional travel and assist in channeling. It stimulates
the intellect and blends the hemispheres of the brain. It connects to
the 144 Crystalline Grid, the Golden Sun Discs and activates the 12
strand DNA. It opens Celestial Portals and connects to the Elohim.

Question to Metatron: Minerals, Gems and Phi Crytsals are often
expensive, and seemingly not available to all. Why is that, and are
these necessary ‘tools’ ?

Metatron: First of all, gems, minerals and noble metals are in truth
quite available to any one that seeks them, to anyone that would draw
them to self. You must recognize first that the Mineral Kingdom is
alive and sentient, in all its myriad varieties of expression. Within
the Mineral Kingdom there is indeed the spark of Divinity, of Divine
Consciousness that is quite equally aware in certain aspects, as is
humankind. This is a fact that is as yet unrecognized by most of
humanity, yet it is quite true.

It is only the mentality of lack and the non-recognition of the
crystalline and mineral kingdom as being sentient that keeps anyone
from manifesting these. Your societies and cultural systems spend
unquestioned amounts of energy or money in the acquisitions of what
may be termed luxury items and excessive amounts in dress clothing,
dwellings and vehicles, yet do not recognize that energy exchanged for
certain forms of the mineral kingdom offer them great advantages in
health, consciousness and manifestation amplification.

Certain of your civilizations recognized the Mineral Kingdom as being
sentient, and as a result of that key acknowledgement they were able
to communicate and interact with the mineral and crystalline beings.
Accordingly the Mineral Kingdom offered itself, and made itself
readily and bountifully available to mankind. And Dear Ones, the
Mineral Kingdom responded to their desire, to their acknowledgement,
to their call, and made itself available to that call, to that
seeking. Indeed it is an example of the Law of Attraction.

The same law is valid today, in your present. Even though you do not
generally go to the fields and valleys to find your minerals, you are
still very capable of sending out the acknowledgment to the mineral
kingdom, and manifest, to attract to you what you need, what you
desire to assist you. The mineral itself, the sentience of the
mineral, once acknowledged, will indeed make itself available to you.
That is quite true, believe it!

The paradox, is that if you do not believe it, indeed that is the
reality you will manifest. If you do not recognize the mineral kingdom
is alive and sentient, then you will not be acknowledging its
sentience, and acknowledgement, belief is essential, you see.

Unfortunately, the mass of humanity view gems and precious metals as
simply decorative jewelry, vanities and investments. Therefore they
are viewed by many as expensive embellishments. Those who are aware of
their true nature, purpose and energy benefits then understand that
they can and do enhance physical health and calibrate and generate
higher frequency energy fields that can offer myriad advantages to
those that understand them as such.

So as to your question, are gems, metals and crystalline forms
necessary. We will answer in this way, your cars, trains and planes
are not truly necessary, you can walk, and if you are an extraordinary
Master you can astrally bi-locate, but in the interim, the tools you
have manifested make transport a lot easier.

Some humans on the spiritual path remain limited by their mentality
of lack. This is manifested in both a fear of poverty and the belief
that abundance is an aspect and indulgence of materialism. Both are
false beliefs that do not serve you. Abundance offers itself and is
available to all, the paradox is that you must believe that abundance
is not only available but is equally a path of spirit. Once the laws
of manifestation arte realized , Masters you can create and acquire
what you desire. Only be sure it serves your greatest good.

So indeed these tools, these living crystalline forms are available to
those that are aware, and the truth, whether you accept it or not, is
that the crystalline forms are energy generators, frequency portals
and resonate shields that offer myriad benefits.

Question to Metatron : Please explain the proper manner of caring for,
charging, and programming a Phi Crystal?

Metatron: The methodology taught by Marcel Vogel is available to all,
and is the accurate modality. So we will accordingly not delve too
deeply into information that is accurate and already easily available
to you.

We have described in the (above) discourse the requisite belief and
importance of recognizing that all crystalline forms have sentient
consciousness. Initial synergy and communication with the crystal is
achieved primarily through transferal of the frequency of love into
the crystalline form, and asking for its assistance. This should be
done daily with meditation and the use of deep breathing exercises to
raise the vibration of the user. When the vibrational frequency of the
theta wave is achieved, imbue the crystalline form through
visualization. Imagine a beam of love from the heart chakra directly
into the crystalline being. When a return flow of ‘love’ is felt, the
synergy is achieved. In many cases there will be an electrical
sensation felt in the arms of the user, that flows upward into the
heart. The actual sensation may vary with the user, for some it may be
simply a knowing, for others a physical tingling, but the return flow
must be unmistakably sensed by the user.

Once synergy is established the infinity breath exercise should be
employed in meditation whilst holding the crystal in order to
establish intent or programming. Once the deep breathing takes one
into the theta state, the crystal will signal when the field is
appropriate for receival of intent.

At this point the user should lightly stroke the body of the Phi
crystal with the fingertips to charge the Phi while sending the intent
of the particular usage. Transfer the visualization of what is
requested. Whether this is to assist in multidimensional awareness,
self purification, protection or healing for self and others, the
specific intent should be clear and imbued into the phi.

The process of healing or extraction of obstacles or disease is done
only with the permission of the one receiving the healing. The Phi is
then held with the female base in the palm of the primary hand of the
user and circulated over the area of focus. For Vogel Phi Crystals the
circulation should be counterclockwise, for Dream, Phi’s clockwise.
Visualize and speak the desired result. Continue this process until a
clear response is received that the task has achieved maximum energy
for the session. To seal the opening, upon completion, circulate the
opposite direction until the field is closed. Usually three to five
circulations will reseal the field.

The most effective method of cleansing a Phi is through vigorous brief
shaking in the hand while visualizing intent of removing unwanted
energies, and the use of white sage smudge. Running water can also
complete this process, but care should be taken to insure the
temperature of the water is within 10 degrees of the ambient
temperature of the crystal. Rapid contraction or expansion due to
great temperature variation can create inclusion cracking in the
quartz structure.

Closing : The Changing Paradigm & Sacred Science

Masters, there are differing sciences, different physics for each
dimension, just as there are different approaches and paths of science
and physics available to mankind in his current reality. Man has
omitted the divine from science in his mainstream thinking. Science is
indeed a sacred aspect of the whole.

Mankind has largely ignored sciences that would have led to very
different concepts thus far. There are alternative approaches to
physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation,
bi-location and locomotion than your accepted mainstream science
understands or wishes to understand. Had the human species gone into
certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored exterior
technological ‘laws’, your knowledge, means and resulting knowledge of
dimensional and crystalline reality aspects would be vastly different,
and far more efficient in scope than it is now. You have embraced the
external and to some degree dismissed the capacities of your ‘internal
abilities’ within divine consciousness. Crystalline knowledge is a key
part of the emerging ‘new’ paradigm. Although in truth it is an
ancient knowledge, forgotten but not new!

Now, when mankind decides to devote mainstream study into what is
termed the ‘mental’ science of dimensional and crystalline aspects of
transport and bi-location, and indeed it is a science with laws that
can be learned, practiced and fine tuned, then visitations into
parallels and vectors within time and space and inner worlds will
become less accidental and occur by design, by plan.

Once mankind learns and masters ‘mental physics’ then he will be
liberated, vastly liberated from the filtering illusion, the duality
camouflage of physical pattern. Indeed you are just starting to
understand how the Merkabah and Merkivah when tuned by mind as the
builder into the crystalline field, unlocks this key. This will be
greatly enhanced as your 144 Grid and its networking of crystalline
energy completes its unfolding. The grid will offer great opportunity
of advancement to those of you willing to devote focus to this divine
science of ‘mental’ manifestation and what you term astral travel. You
see all science must include the divine, and it is grossly omitted by
your mainstream academics in the present.

The knowledge and utilization of Phi Crystals and indeed properties of
all crystalline forms is an intricate and essential part of this
aperture into the vast Void, into inner and outer worlds of the
celestial and indeed Divine aspect of the Crystalline Ascension.

I am Metatron, and I offer you these truths in love and in wisdom. You
are Beloved.

And so it is.

This channel is copyrighted to . Posting on
websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and
credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published
in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from
Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at


The Blue Star Speaks* “Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters and the relativity of each to the Other”

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Soul Clusters

10-25-08 to 12-25-08 

“Contactees, Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters
and the relativity of each to the Other”


Greetings Earthizens-I send “delighted to be with you again salutations” to all my relations as well. I always give careful thought to all the topics I wish to discuss with you ones during the course of a year. At times I may ask my Celestial daughter how she feels about my choices, however even if she does not agree with the topics, I do not change them. This is an example of her free-expression as well as my own. This time the transmission will essentially cover 2 topics and the relationship of each to the other clearly delineated for your better understanding. Because I never say anything without just-cause, you can rightly surmise that indeed I KNOW what I am about to speak of is vitally important to all. Now, I shall proceed. It is important that each of you ones understand not only the necessity for certain ones among you…and there are many…who have been asked to fulfill the vitally important role of “Earthbound Communicators” but also the relativity to their own personal evolvement as well as for planetary evolvement. Here, on the Earth Star planet, these ones are referred to as “Contactees.” Some have obligingly and lovingly fulfilled this specific function for “as long as they have been.” Others who have achieved a level of maturation which is vital in fulfilling this type of destiny are not always volunteers. Many have been selected by us for a variety of reasons-some which I shall now name: dedication to others rather than dedication to self, in-service to the Universe for the betterment of the Universe and the planetary evolution of Earth AND all her life forms, loyalty that cannot be compromised or breached, those who have always sought the good, Souls desiring to achieve the unique distinction of being all They can be. Clarity, receptivity and pureness of mind, heart and Sprit are a MUST. Also, being strong of mind and heart is a necessity, far beyond the confines of the physical state.


Oftentimes the Earthbound Communicators, who I shall simply refer to as “E.C.s,” gender leap for the purpose of better fulfilling their mission here. Each is aware until moments prior to their descent here that they will be unaware of this unique function we have asked them to fulfill until such time as they are they are ready, willing and able to receive and transmit without any qualms, without any fears which are induced by Earthbound conditioning. So it is that the E.C.s wander through their mortal lifetime, accomplishing other goals and achieving other objectives which they had already planned to take care of here, as a personal part of their Soul Life Path. Now, things always get interesting when a specific timeline, a gridline of spatial time and linear time co-join. When this conjunction arrives in its predestined state and bringing with it its own Universal wallop, the E.C.s are always taken aback by the consciously unknown to them, new state of awareness and the experiencing of further feelings of alienation from the human race as a whole. Although Soul knows well of the arrival of this timeline and the mission about to be revealed it is the personality of the individual which suffers the shock. Their worlds are now topsy-turvy. All they thought they knew and all they thought they would eventually know about life, has just become a minute facsimile of a detail in comparison to the grand state of be-ing which they now encounter.


We and their Spirit Guides and their other incarnate and discarnate mentors make every effort to have the initial approach as painless and shock free as possible. Of course we can only do what we can do to alleviate the “human condition.” Now, before I continue with the protocols and the results of individuals’ awareness of what is occurring, I shall speak to you ones about why E.C.s are a vital and necessary link to us and to Earth. I have been trying to think of a way that I can simplify my following explanation. So as Earthizens like to say, “here goes:” The Creator is an Infinite CREATION of the CREATION ItSelf. As such it is the Creator, who is also at times referred to as “The Creator God,” who is the Prime Director of ALL the Universes. Creator does counsel and seek opinions of the Gods and Goddesses of each Universe. It is in this manner that the CREATOR and the CREATION can co-join their energetic masses and transmit when deemed necessary, further ideas and suggestions to the Care Takers (Gods and Goddesses) of each Universe. When it had been foreseen long, long ago, by the Creator and the God of this Universe for instance, that the deleterious conduct which is still being acted out upon the Earth Star planet, had been willfully and premeditatedly set in motion by Illuminati forces and their heinous minion, then a Divine Plan HAD to be initiated in order to not only assist all Earthizens but to counter the terrorism, to balance the scales which the unilluminated ones had been busily and merrily tipping in their own favor.


Now, I am speaking to you ones of a massive undertaking; one that was so enormous a cosmic movement that many High Councils were convened with ambassadors and emissaries from all over the universe. They participated by taking part in offering their own suggestions, or listening to the plans that had to be incorporated to protect and serve Earth as well as other planets under the same hideous attack. It was then so very long ago, that the inspired plan to have E.C.s was birthed. It was then that the core of the plan began to form and be developed. Akashic records were reviewed, endless successions of meetings with each Being who had ever watched over a Guardian Child were held; Light filaments were studiously examined for the purpose of determining scientifically and Spiritually the exact amounts of Light a Soul would be required to radiate in order to be able to hold and receive transmissions without causing any harm to the personality walking in human or humanoid form. Or in the case on other planets, those living as life forms that you ones have no conscious memories of, YET. Great Councils were held with very old Souls who had incarnated many, many times; also Councils were held with younger Souls all for the purpose of ascertaining which Ones could best “serve and protect” and which could most effectively transmit and receive WHILE staunchly withstanding the ridicule and physical threats that would be thrust upon them by other inhabitants of the planets.


You see, this processing method was imperative in order for the Universe and ALL of its Caretakers to beat the beast at its own game. The best most efficient method to do this is to ALWAYS play the game against the beast BUT play it better. From the time of their arrival here many, many years ago, the Illuminati forces had begun trapping the minds of humans thus stagnating the Spirits of the Earthizens. Sometimes this was accomplished through outright coercion but mostly thorough their tried and true method of captivating a person’s mind with the veils of illusion; stroking their egos, sharing titillating stories with them of power and unimagined wealth that would be these unwary humans’ rewards. It was too easy to convince these peoples that they were receiving information from Divine Sources. It was not so much a matter of dealing with peoples with weak minds; rather the beast always FIRST goes after the peoples whose Spirituality is in question. Because the Illuminati are the creators of all religions, they had no need to hurl themselves against the religious minds. All they had to do there was to continue to exercise deadly control and expand upon the fears which they themselves created and instilled into the peoples’ minds through religions. It was the Spiritually devoid and the Spiritually attuned they sought the most. Those who were then just as those who are today, mentally and emotionally challenged do not count as “coup.” These ones are appetizers and have proven themselves to be useful for the unjust cause.


Now, as soon as the black legions became aware of the Divine Plan to have E.C.s here on the Earth Star planet they began to amass great numbers of men and women of their same-like-mind groups and intensified the messages they were giving to these peoples, purportedly from ancient Ascended Masters. This kept these peoples further under control and truly submissive to these suggestions, for they had given over their individual power to the beast. If ignorance is bliss, then there were some very happy people here who were the prototypes of today’s False Prophets. Now, here on the Earth Star planet the early pioneers of the E.C. movement were living in the harshest of times imaginable. You ones cannot CONSCIOUSLY understand how bad “bad” can be. These were among the worst of times for these ones, for their “kind” had not been here before. They were treated far worse than lepers. They were shunned, murdered, raped, tortured and ostracized by their fellow Earthizens. For eons their words fell on deaf ears. BUT, the process of “sowing and reaping,” with the sowing aspect occurring then, manifested BIG TIME as the reaping aspect when the deaf ear Souls left each mortal incarnation and resumed their places as “Souls in Growth.” They then assimilated the experience of all that had gone before. Many, many of them then recanted their previous experience of being “lost in illusion.” I also call this “being lost in the creation of time.”


Simply stated this means that with each forthcoming incarnation these Ones were less and less likely to fall into the black hole again. Obviously Souls who enjoyed being in that state, even yet today, CAN choose to remain there. As time progressed and more and more Time Walkers entered into this dimension those simple beginnings of the advance of the E.C. guard began an incredible movement. Now, each generation of Earthizens here has since those beginning times brought forth more Highly Evolved Souls who are the receivers and transmitters of Sacred information. What peoples here have failed to realize is that this one-time advance guard now numbers in the millions who are here, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. Obviously I speak not of the False prophets or the puppeteers pulling the strings. The Creator and the God of this Universe in Their accumulated Divine Wisdom had originally sought the aid of all of our Star Keeper races. This was to not only ensure that the E.C.s would be provided with as much protection by us as possible, but that we who helped seed the human races could also watch over our descendants. It is the “thing you do because you love.” Do you see?


Now, I will explain a bit about the actions, reactions and interactions which all E.C.s undergo regardless of how evolved a Soul may be or what their degree and state of evolvement is. No, this does not preclude walk-ins from the state of transformation. All E.C.s enter here with s specific DNA encoding that you could identify as a “bell tone.” Although thousands of the E.C.s may share the same tonal decibel each tone is in someway slightly altered. It may be the duration of the ring, the length of the sound, the pitch, it can be many things. This is to insure that each of these Souls can only answer to the ring that is their own individual one. So, I can say with great accuracy that each bell is the same, yet different. Now, please to pay close attention here, the bell you hear may be your own: ALL E.C.s possess a predestined gridline which is a matching intersection between Universal Time (spatial time) and a preset linear timeline. These gridlines function as an immediate catalyst which spontaneously sets off the “bell tone” in response to the required timing. Although for thousands upon thousands of E.C.s the bells may INDIVIDUALLY begin to chime AT the same time, NONE of the bells chime for ALL E.C.s at the same exact moment. Again this is a part of pre-destiny. IF there are occasions when probability crises exist on the planet that will adversely affect an E.C’s high-risk mission suddenly becomes of immediate concern to us, we CAN and MAY, set off a bell or bells earlier BUT place them in a “silent mode of running.” Now, although this is not a common occurrence yes, it does happen. The volatility of certain emotional crises afflicting the races here and the emotional and Spiritual wars still being waged are but a few of the reasons why we may have to alter a few, or at times many, E.C. courses. At least temporarily.


The silent running mode simply means that the E.C. can react to a type of internal nudging, a feeling of needing to be somewhere else, a need to sever relationships with certain peoples etc. It is after they comply and retreat in great dignity I might add, that certain occurrences of deadly or intended hostility which would have engulfed the E.C. now become apparent to the retreating E.C. Yes, they do indeed learn to comply. The longer they hesitate the worse they feel. It is after that incident(s) that the bell will resume its quiet mode until it is placed into aggressive action. Many of you may think of this as a different type of “wake up call.” As such it can jar the body and the mind until the chime gets the attention of the E.C. Tis but another example of, “for whom the bell tolls.” Now, all adult E.C.s share an awakening commonality. First they experience shock at the voices they are telepathically hearing, some have been known to look under the beds and in their closets for the voices; then fear of insanity begins for some, some immediately begin checking their family’s mental health histories. Some fall to their knees and pray to God or some other Deity for help, some have been observed entering churches, self-analysis usually begins at this point. HOWEVER, the E.C.s who are the most evolved Spiritually are the ones who arrive at the truth more quickly than do the others.


Each E.C. must arrive at the truth of the matter in their own time, at their own pace. The chimes which were preset were predicated upon the individual Soul’s past performances when living a prior E.C. existence. In this manner we can all realistically gauge the probability factor of when, where and how long, it will take for any E.C. to respond with peace in their hearts, joy in their minds and harmony in their Souls. Now, as an E.C. begins the usually slow process of achieving a comfort zone and becoming expectant rather than anxious about the incoming transmissions, the matrix of that one’s Soul begins to expand exponentially. The “voices” which are in reality those of the individual’s off-world family, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and other evolved Beings form a harmonic cord, one that is not easily disrupted. Of course Soul Voice is “in presentation” as well. As the E.C. listens and the sentience of that one becomes more expansive the “ now receiver” of the telepathic information then can consciously and/or unconsciously transmit information, questions, feelings and so forth back to the transmitters themselves. You see, the more these E.C.s evolve while in mortal form the more the data received by these ones then reforms itself into simple understandable human language using terms known by the individual E.C. It is then by using the languages of the human races that we can scale down our own geometric and light language and translate them into telepathic communications using the languages of this world. It is in this manner that vitally important information is now reaching all of humanity, more so than at any other time in the Earth Star’s history


I do not have time to go into the abduction theories, however I will state for the record that abductees do not clearly remember what they think they do. Now, although E.C. information is crucial to those receiving the telepathic communications, our data bases off-world contain all information not only sent to the receivers but also the information they send back to all of us. Earth has “monitors;” these are the Beings who are responsible for alerting various other Beings working or guarding other planets of what is currently transpiring on Earth that may affect or infect other planets in this Universe, or can cause more detrimental harm to Earth herself. The monitors I speak of are vitally important as they are the ones who must be “keeping their fingers on the pulse” of this planet in order for all forms of information to be dispensed to all other Beings of both the Spirit world and the Star Keeper races. One of the greatest and saddest aspects of the Spiritual War which has now reached epidemic proportions here is the silent battle between the war lords engineering the newly hatched false prophets and the E.C.s struggling valiantly to maintain their contact and dispense information in a harmonious fashion. It was well known since the inception of the E.C. phenomena that this timeline would also arrive. Tis why I have implored you ones again and again to use discretion in all parts of your lives and to reach for the stars rather than settle for humble pie.

Soul Contracts of Soul Clusters and the E.C.


Now, Soul Contracts that each Soul commits ThemSelves to obviously must include the gender leaps necessary if They are to fulfill part of Their mission here as E.C.s. All considerations in regard to the Soul Cluster is attended to; the easiest way I can explain this is that a grand “map” is drawn indicating the person that a Soul has chosen to be, the geographic location that will initially be the home here for that Soul and the families each has chosen to be born into with the compete consent of those Soul Families. Volunteers who have requested to share their Earth Star lives as E.C.s are carefully scrutinized by those in the Cluster as well as by many other off-world Beings. This is why Some who have requested permission to be of assistance in this complicated undertaking are denied authorization to do so. As I have said, it is not an easy task and the path is fraught with great dangers. So, for the sake of all only certain Souls are accepted. Now, there are always Souls who have not volunteered but would better fit the protocol required for this task. These Ones are selected by God and Others to be the Special Emissaries of Communication. Yes, They do indeed have the right to reject the proposal but They never have.


Now, it is clearly understood by all Souls within any Cluster that Each Soul can and may indeed magnify and intensify the Light and the very Essence and the very reason for that Soul’s existence. This is accomplished by the course of action Each engages in and evokes many passive Soul Memories when a Soul walks in mortal form. This is not in any way to imply that if or when a Soul from any given Cluster backslides and chooses a desultory life, or one that is engaged in the unilluminated ways of life, in ANY fashion diminishes their Cluster. It can diminish that individual Soul but all these actions, or the possibility OR probability of them, has already been taken into account and safeguards set into place. One aspect of a Soul Cluster is that Each Soul clearly understands through the nature of their own individual Soul that if and when an Entity from their unified Cluster weakens and falls then the responsibility for that action rests entirely upon that Soul or Souls, whichever the case may be. Soul Contracts CAN be amended while a Soul is in mortality. So it is that if a Soul Entity decides that It cannot continue here as a reliable and fearless E.C. there are others waiting in the wings so to speak, to take the place of the former Soul. You see, each Soul within a Cluster possesses an unbreakable connection with each Other Soul within the Cluster. Souls who do not for whatever reason succeed with the original intent of performing as an E.C. do not face any recriminations by the Others within the Cluster. In the continuum that would be unacceptable and unthinkable behavior.


All right now, think of all Soul Clusters as individual continuums of rainbows, which actually They are. The hues, the vibrancy, the pureness of each color denoting Each Soul during EACH and every moment of Soul Life is so radiant that human eyes could not withstand the brilliance. All Soul Clusters are “attached” in a sense to the One main Cluster. In this manner all that Each Soul experiences while “walking the walk” here are in themselves serious transmissions. All of these types of transmissions “bounce” back to the individual Soul Cluster. Because Each Cluster is a cohesive mass which adheres to all Other Clusters and naturally travels upwards to the main Soul Cluster, each nanosecond of each thought you have, your wishes, dreams, aspirations, sadness, gloominess, all transcend humanity’s sometimes too intellectual minds and then function on many levels you are oblivious of. I will speak now only of what you need to know as far as these aspects of yourselves that are functioning as learning tools and building blocks. One of the grand beautifications of these types of Soul Integrations are the facts that all Souls here on the School House planet are teaching Others within Each Cluster what NOT to do as well as what TO do. Yes, the radiant effect which Each Soul can emit does alter itself; all is dependant upon the moods, actions, thoughts and so forth of any Soul at any time. Think of it as Light infractions in many cases and Light infusions in many others. Light CAN and DOES infuse itself. It CAN and DOES infuse other meters of Light. All Light possesses music, remember? Ergo the numbers of chords interact and integrate with the level and state of Light predominant within Each Soul Cluster. Now, Souls who experience permanent loss of Light while they are here, are unable or perhaps unwilling, to transform themselves into the Light Mass which is Their birthright and Their beginning of Their beginnings. Please understand the reasons, for these occurrences do not lie in the Soul Voice. It is the individual’s personality which is oftentimes colored by its intellect that can effectively bring Soul Voice to a standstill.


Now, E.C. Souls here whose initial Contracts required that the Soul journey on without the comforting presence of other E.C.s may amend that part and request that others who are E.C.s make contact with them. This does indeed enforce their initial determination to remain as clear, untarnished receivers and transmitters. We return to the fact that All Souls here do indeed perform at Their best when mind-linked with Others who are the same. In the case of the E.C.s, it requires very little time for people who are also E.C.s, or are in the process of becoming E.C.s, to “find them,” one way or another. As Soul Clusters are continuously altering their rainbow prisms so that the Clusters Themselves reflect the energetic mass of Each Soul Member, the lessons I spoke to you ones about, the ones received by the Clusters from you yourselves, are always preparing the future incarnation-ees of what to expect; what pitfalls to look for, the best method of enhancing Their Own growth and so forth. This also keeps all Souls abreast of all recent developments among the human races. You see, we do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. What possible sense does that ridiculous thought make anyway?


All E.C.s here are attacked by those other E.C.s who are receiving false information from their pseudo “ascended masters.” Too many of these false prophets live in constant fear that they will be unmasked or they are too afraid not to believe in what they are told. No, these ones do not trod the middle road, they walk the walk of the “waking asleep.” Regardless of any Soul’s ultimate decisions to walk various paths even if it is not in the best interests of Their Soul Cluster, The Clusters ThemSelves are invincible. They cannot be brought down or penetrated by the actions of the Souls. In other words yes, They can be strengthened but They will not be weakened. You see, even Souls who are less evolved are contributing to the maintenance of the harmony of the Cluster. The term “Cluster” delineates exactly what the entirety of this Entity is. The entire mass of Souls learn as one unified Being BUT the more the Ones who are less evolved learn the better prepared They are to step out into the “hot spots” of the Universe. Many who will at one phase or another on the levels of Their Soul growth move forward to function as credible E.C.s can better understand all which is necessary to maintain Their Spiritual composure prior to walking the walk. When Each E.C. Soul returns to the Cluster after having left Earth mortality, Each is warmly and with great love welcomed back into the fold again. As I said before, there are no recriminations hurled through thought or deed against any Soul who has made “missteps“while wearing a mortal form. Through our natural language of Light Each returning E.C. provides any additional information that has not yet been received by the Cluster. In time, even those Souls who are on the last rung of the evolutionary ladder will evolve. Their own individual radiances will also be breathtaking to behold.


Now, I wish to address a subject here that is in relation to Soul Clusters, Souls and E.C.s. While I was listening to my Celestial daughter and our David discussing the dangers and anomalies present as people seek to reside in Spiritual Communities, I thought that this would tie in nicely with this transmission. Yes, yes, I do eavesdrop…at times. Now, it is because peoples have been searching almost frantically to co-join with others who share the same beliefs, same visions and same mind-thoughts, that inevitably the “Spiritual Communities” issue have become almost darn near a tunnel vision proposition. Yes, this has been occurring for many a year, however since the ’60s it has taken on a massive energetic movement. Please do not speak to me of the “great hippie movement.” I was there too, although not in human body and still today I do not like what I saw and heard. BUT, remember the hippie years of that time were originally welcomed by peoples as a coming together of a “time of innocence and a future of love.” Although there were most certainly great numbers of men and women, some who were actually more child than adult, who were dedicated to achieving that conjunction it was rapidly taken over by heavy drug use amid free sex. The hippies either forgot or did not want to have personal responsibility.


How many of you ones, whether you were part of the so-called “hippie generation” or not, ever bothered to see the real reason WHY that movement took place? I said—the real reason! Now, I cannot think of a better way to explain the “then” with the “now” to you ones than the important information I will share with you. I ask you ones to use your keen senses and watch for the commonalities I am about to show you. Those tumultuous times, just as today’s, caused men and women to band together with those they could relate to; those they could speak to of love and above all “peace.” Many people were desperate to achieve harmony in their lives. They scoffed at those other peoples who wanted war and did nothing to help the masses of poverty stricken peoples of this world. Remember however, there were thousands of these love children who simply did not want to do anything for themselves.
Their movement was doomed to failure the very nanosecond they indulged in larger and larger amount of drugs and lived a free sex style of life. These ones did not question the SOURCE of the seemingly unending supply of drugs they were suddenly inundated with. And with each week bringing more and more of the drugs which unbeknownst to them was laced with deadly toxins. Many of these toxins caused sterility in both sexes.


They were suddenly wholeheartedly and unabashedly enjoying a bathless and rule-less society, life without all their previous constraints and unknowingly descending deeper and deeper into the dark night of the Soul. Now, but of course there were enormous numbers of fledgling E.C.s as well as advanced E.C.s among this movement. If you wonder how that lifestyle impacted upon the totality of the E.C.s’ abilities to function I will tell you quite simply….it ruined them. You see, it really was not a rally that the flower children believed it was; it was actually two things and they knew naught of either.
#1- The entire movement was a contrivance; the very dark horde you battle still today produced that devious plan and paid quite handsomely to have their designated “speakers” not only make public a perceived need for the movement, but also ensure that certain ones in the media would continue to bring attention to this regressive organization which hippies believed would effect change.


There was no need for coercion for the people were unhappy, emotionally void and their personal lives were either in a flux, or at a stalemate. Think of this as “striking when the time is right” and oh my stars….was it ever! The fact would be amusing if it were not so deadly about how so many millions of peoples on this planet were looking for a band-aid to fix a gaping wound. The unilluminated ones used the divide and conquer technique back then knowing full well that the particular hippie era would not actually cease for many, many years. They would make sure of that! And it has not. In fact, in many states in America large clusters of hippies are alive and well and still living that old existence. So tell me Earthizens, could the dark forces have possibly sponsored a more magnificent way to hold these Souls back, to further separate people from people, misplaced beliefs from true beliefs and to keep the wheat WITH the chaff? You see, even those who actually believed they were making a difference in this world by living as flower children did not take into account the fact that other peoples saw them as “bottom feeders.” Those hippies would say they did not care but in truth they did. It was as the hippies moved steadily forward in attracting larger numbers of peoples that the wheat that had been among them became chaff.


Now, test your sentience here Earthizens: besides the reasons I have already given you for the vast disparity of thoughts between the hippies and those who were not, I also told you of one of the “whys” and “who caused it to happen” issues. What do you think #2 is? All right, I will give you the information. My brethren and I have stated time and time again, “never underestimate the cunning, the tenacity and the ambitious nature of the unilluminated ones.” The ones of which I speak are the darkest of the Illuminati lineage. Those ones had great need to not only continually stir the cauldron but to bring potential E.C.s and other Spiritual Leaders to their knees BEFORE these shining Souls’ abilities achieved full bloom status. So the proverbial carrot was dangled and one by one, one Soul at a time, they acquiesced. It came to a point that they were living those unhealthy lifestyles while convincing themselves that it was the only way they truly felt alive. And so the balance of the scales of justice tipped even further in the dark ones’ favor. Those misguided Souls never knew that the unilluminated forces of the time knew well the deep yearning these Ones had to be “in family” again. Now, today’s surviving hippies and their descendants still want to have that private clique, the place where they can feel isolated from the madness of the world. Although many still spend their times living aimless lives in coffee shops there are others who have spoken often to anyone who would listen about “the good old days.” For none of these ones can we render any assistance. However there are newer generations of Souls including those who once lived that same-old, same-old lifestyle who are seeking to establish or be a part of a Spiritual community.


Here is the downside to that enterprise. No matter how well-intentioned that project seems to be to all good Souls there are complications there that are not known about. There have been many, many Spiritual communities established throughout the centuries by all races of peoples. They did not refer to themselves as Spiritual communities. They used whatever names were indigenous to the races of peoples of those times. There has never been a single community that was not invaded by dark Souls. To form these types of societies will bring much consternation to the originators of the projects. Firstly there is the segregation factor; if all good Souls convened and lived in small communities closing their doors to those who were the opposite of the like-minded groups, what would the community-bound Souls continue to learn of the practical everyday world? Remember, people change. When a Soul, ANY Soul has learned as much as It wants to learn in a lifetime then there is a problem if that person housing the Soul is confined within that evolving group. The need to be free of the group’s forward momentum becomes great for the now “person in distress.” It will be with great alacrity that he or she disengages from the group formation. There are always recriminations from the other members when this occurs. The members tend to forget that they cannot force-feed the person who is perceived to be falling from grace. In truth that individual is not.


The perception of the fall is jaundiced. A person should always be respected for whatever amount of knowledge they have chosen to accept. Because this does not happen with fond goodbyes and well-wishes, everyone loses. The community becomes a bedlam then of gossip and “what did we do wrong” issues. The primary objective of each person learning only as much as they choose to had been forgotten. The departing person is angry because of his or her perception of being badly treated and in many cases chooses to shun all Spiritual people from that point on. Then of course there is the “hydra personification.” No one can keep other members of the community from privately indulging in drugs. The drug usage can be sensed and felt throughout the society as the smarmy energy taints the entire community. The Light within the community falters and fades. Sound familiar? It should! When drug usage begins violence and theft are not far behind. I strongly suggest that you each mind-link with others who are like you and love you just as you are. Form your communities in this manner. This allows all to be Creative and design great Spiritual enterprises for the future “yous.” None of you ones need to be elbow to elbow with all other good Souls. Now, think too of what would happen if all evolving Souls were permitted to cluster together in small groups rather than be spread out around the world. The impact Created by the absence of strategic mass placements around the Earth Star planet would have serious ramifications with teaching others who are “different” from you. Also, if you were permitted to simply live within these communities and teach only “the choir” what good would you really be doing anyway? You ones were not sent here for the purpose of isolating yourselves from the masses. That would defeat the entire purpose, would it not?


Your individual minds ARE communities; your thoughts are offshoots of your communities. You see, the mind can travel to areas where the physical-self cannot. Please concentrate on living and being a community of link-minded Souls. You ones will always be placed in a proximity to others such as yourselves; some may be more evolved than you while others may be less evolved than you. At that point it is possible to teach the less evolved and then move forward and mind-meld with the more evolved Souls. Stop making things more difficult for yourselves. Isn’t the Earth Star planet a difficult enough place to be? Why make it more so? Why do you think the internet was really Created anyway? You have thoughts… use them. Be your own “Google!” As for the E.C.s currently fending off Spiritual intrusion by dark Souls and those other fledgling E.C.s who have not yet experienced their “baptism by fire,” I must tell you ones there is a valuable tool you are overlooking. One which you have temporarily forgotten. Although this option is open to all good Souls, all Earthizens everywhere, I am currently merely reminding the E.C. communities of what they should be doing and are not. When you have qualms about issues or situations you are confronting, when you feel the “aloneness” closing in on you, or perhaps sensing the pervasive loneliness surrounding you because you have not yet aligned with the “other yourselves,” then please remember this sage advice, we are here to help you always and in all ways, so please:

E.C., call home!!

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian



“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
….Blue Star……Email Celest at; 



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Message from Michael & the Council of Light, 10/7/08

Archangel Michael, channeled October 7, 2008
Through Diana Henderson

“We are the Council of Light. I am Michael, and I come to offer clarity regarding the energies at this time. decision and action one that will bring greater wholeness, healing, love and peace.

“Many times we have spoken to you of the shifts in energy, of the change in paradigm. The old framework must give way to the new in order for this beloved Earth and all life upon her to evolve according to Divine Intention for Expansion of the Light.

“What is happening upon your world now has occurred each time humanity was poised to shift its paradigm. As the new framework begins to take hold, the old clenches its teeth and digs in its heels, grasping helplessly in an attempt to remain mired in the stagnant energy of the past. This is nothing new. In your lifetimes you have seen this many times, to some degree, played out upon the world stage as frequencies rose and newer perspectives blossomed.

“Even within yourselves, when on the verge of making a profound leap forward, at times have you not encountered inner resistance and upheaval? The small self, the shadow ego, stubbornly clings to the old ways until the discomfort increases to a level at which the self surrenders to the change and growth the soul requires. The only alternative is to choose continued misery and remain enmeshed in pain and suffering. In the end, very few would choose this path.

“So the world now experiences the discord, discomfort and resistance prior to experiencing a shift to a higher frequency. As this takes place, it is of utmost importance for Lightworkers to join in love and grace, to hold faith and anchor peace. Forgive, love, accept yourselves and others. When fear, anger, distress arise within your bosom, offer yourself boundless love and healing light until the fear surrenders into love.

“When you become immersed in the fear and chaos that abounds upon the earth plane at this time, we ask you to breathe and step back. Withdraw from the entanglements, the webs of discord, as much as you need in order to align with love. Whether it means taking a moment, an hour or a day to clear yourself, to renew your spiritual connection, to align with Love, we ask you to take that time.

“Free yourself from the avalanche of chaos and fear that permeates the lower frequencies at this time. This may mean withdrawing for a time from those who choose to remain deeply mired in detrimental energies. When this is not possible, remember your shielding. Maintain clear and fully empowered protection through daily prayer, meditation, intention and devotion. With each moment breathe love into yourself and your surroundings. State and live that intention firmly each day. And if you will, set aside a time to actively engage in pursuits that promote wholeness and align you with your soul’s essence.

“We understand that the energies are frenetic at this time, the fears whirling and churning through the atmosphere of human consciousness. We ask you to go within to the deepest dimensional level, to your core star, the part of you that remains untouched by fear, your Divine connection to the All That Is. This part of your being understands that the current frenzy shall pass as all things pass, that the discord and fury of fear are fleeting gasps of a dying paradigm that must, whether soon or late, give way to the spiritual evolution of humanity, the new age that comes.

“While you may need to mourn what was, we ask you, as much as possible, to align with this moment and connect to joy from the Divine. Be at peace here and now by going deeply into your soul. If you feel unable to connect within, then in your meditative moments you may imagine yourself carried upon wings of Light, rising high above the fray, beyond the atmosphere of fear, above the earth to connect to that essence of pure peace and joy.

“Whether you connect from within at your deepest dimensional essence or rise above the lower vibrational energies, we invite you to take the time each day to align with love and grace. The world needs the love that only each of you, in your uniqueness and your humanity, can bring. Each person who holds a moment of love, an hour of grace, a day of peace helps to balance the energies.

“As a Lightworker, you know this is your task now. You decided upon this path long ago when you were a breath issuing forth from the heart of God.  You chose to abide in Love at the time it most was needed. Those around you will feel the effects of that choice. Whether on the mundane level or simply within their spiritual essence, every person you touch when you are sustaining Love rather than fear will be uplifted if they so wish.

“The greater the numbers of you who undertake this course of Love, the more powerful and beneficial the result and the greater the ease with which the shifts may take place. So we ask you again…. Forgive, love, accept yourself and others. Live in this moment assured that the Divine will provide for your needs. All will be well, because that is your choice.

“We know your hearts. We stand with you in each moment offering to amplify the love you feel and expand. Even in this moment, we enfold you in wings of Light, surrounding you with love, holding in outstretched hands, the gift of peace.  We invite you to accept that gift, to align with that Love, to live each moment and make each choice, each

“Be blessed, dear ones, and know that we are with you. You are protected, loved, cherished and supported. The Divine would deny you nothing. And so become as the phoenix. Rebuild and rebirth from the ashes the life, the world, the peace, the joy, the love, the abundance you wish to claim. I am Michael and so it is.”




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The Release Point – Arcturians


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Release Point – Arcturians

Mama’s Cherry Tree
by Sheranda Tay

The Divine Mother represented as sitting in this mystical cherry tree, captured in bursting color, signifies that beyond the illusions of the modern day, life really can be a bowl of cherries dream, filled with abundance, and exuberant passion.

Blessings and Divine Greetings!

We are the Arcturians, a collective group of beings from the advanced civilizations of Arcturus.

We come to share good tidings and immeasurable love for you at this most critical juncture on planet earth. We have been with you for many lifetimes and we will be with you for many more, for we are your ancestors of divine heritage!

You are watched over with adorning eyes and we come again to comfort you in the throes of one of the most challenging, yet exhilarating times on earth.

We, the Arcturians, are of the first galactic brigade to offer earth the assistance needed to accomplish something as great & noble as planetary ascension. We are the way-showers for those humans who are currently participating in the overall growth and expansion of consciousness on your planet.

What we provide those who hear the call are the encouraging words and wisdom of truth, for the truth is becoming ever-increasingly difficult to ignore.

You, beloved warriors of truth, have experienced many lifetimes of preparation for this present incarnation upon earth. You are those who have travailed many a dark night to become the antecedent of great change.

Yes, you have experienced turmoil and strife and we wish to allay your fears by saying that this is only temporary. For surely you have released many years and lifetimes of outworn belief structures and experiences of limitation.

These energies can no longer serve you here, for you are here to make a difference on the planet by way of your internal essence…your light, your galactic DNA calls forth a special helix of genetics to allow you to witness the changes in yourself and all others who join you on the adventure into oneness.

Do you know what this means for you?

We will remind you, for surely you already know deeply why you are here.

You are those who have come to teach the planet of the ways of the light by your example. The way of truth, the way of sovereignty, abundance and freedom for all people.

You have come to realize your full potential as an accelerator of awakening and you are those who will know the rewards of this journey well. You are engaging in the work of spirit each day, each hour, each minute that you open yourself to experience the full splendor of life, the whole gamut of human emotion.

You are becoming the full expanded version of your authentic God-self that you alone came to initiate, to implement and to explore. As you do, as you wander through the corridors of faith and truth, you must also hold steadfast to the truth that you are free.

Now, and as you integrate your divine blueprint more fully, you will come to know that the darkness that you once experienced is expunged from your consciousness. No longer is this darkness necessary for you to live a fulfilled life of spiritual value, for all who partake in the journey to truth are released from discord.

This is the final hour, you are witnessing history in your world and in this, in this journey, you are all connected. This means that as you release yourself from the bondage that claims you, you also release the world from oppression and control.

You have experienced waves of darkness as transmitters of divine frequency, for you are the anchors of light that lift the darkness through your physical vessels to transmute the energies for the whole.

This role that you have chosen is of the most revered, for you have made the commitment, the choice, to resurrect the human condition through your very own experience. You have reclaimed the god-given birthright of choice for all through this very choice of your own.

We are great admirers of each of you for this choice, these sacrifices that you have made to impact the planet and her people. Surely you knew the hardships you would endure, yet you have made these choices nonetheless. This is why we say you are the true warriors.

In this, we have some counsel to offer for these challenging times….

As anchors of light you have been responsible for clearing the many negative energies that surround you. You have acted as receivers and transmitters of divine source, attracting negative energies toward your electromagnetic field, clearing the energy with your light of truth, and transmitting these purified energies to the world.

As a divine transmitter, it is imperative that you detach fully from the negativity that erupts in your field and to stay fully conscious of the process while allowing for this energy to pass through you is of divine importance.

It is no longer that you are responsible for clearing the worlds’ woes, for you have faired extraordinarily well… but in this final hour, the negative energies are bigger and stronger forcing you to detach completely from their source.

The collective energies are growing to a tipping point in consciousness, where soon those who have upcoming contracts to serve the light through expressions of pure joy are now stepping into those roles.

This means that all of those who have fulfilled said divine missions of service for the people and the planet will be offered dispensation. This release point will free up many light-workers to be, do and have their dreams fulfilled.

The first phase of ascension is drawing to a close, and that means many of you will be absolved of your selfless service to the one.

Beloved souls, we are blessed to be in contact with you this day and we wish to remind you of your power to serve the planet in divine ways. You are assured great success and you have achieved remarkable feats.

You are soon to return the one voice within, the glorious voice of your soul’s essence. This voice has been with you all along, guiding you to your destiny.

As you release the final vestiges of personal discord, remember your worth, remember these words, and remember your power to choose.

We are your brothers and sisters from home and we warrant no expression of grandeur…only a reminder that you too have the power within.

The days of darkness are numbered and rapidly the paradigm of illusion falls to reveal the truth. Remember yours.

Bidding you farewell!

Telepathic transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at

Copyright © 2008 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. © 2008 Expect Miracles, Inc.


Jeshua* Parable of The Camel Trader


11 October 2008

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy of reunion; great joy of remembrance, for truly, all of you
have walked with me in that lifetime that is so famously written
about. All of you have known me throughout the ages in one way or
another. That is why you feel resonance with my love, with my words,
and with the rest of the grouping of family so gathered here. All of
you within the sound of my voice, you have been with me as well.
Otherwise, this would be as foreign to you, but it is not. It
resonates within the heart.

You are a great ray of light sent forth from the one creative Source
before time began. You are a great ray of light, of energy, that
thought itself to expand; to ask of itself, “What can I create?”
Because, being the extension of the one creative Principle, creativity
is your nature, and so you create and you experience and you express,
and you change your world.

Right now your world is changing. There is much that you have felt of
vibrational change. As you have gone through even the past few days,
and definitely within the past month, you have felt a change, a shift.

Your news media will bring to you many suggestions of duality. You are
seeing within your political grouping a great clarity of the belief in
duality. Ones have asked, “Why is there such divisiveness within this
country? Why is the country so divided?” And ones have often pointed
fingers at this one or that one or this cause or that cause.

But truly, it is the holy Self of you that is showing forth the
duality in great clarity, even in what you call your politics, in the
choices that are being made, in the voices that are being raised. It
is showing you most definitely the long-held belief in duality.

And yet the holy Child is One. The holy Child, as a great ray of light
come forth before time ever was thought of, is One. You are a great
ray of light. Even as you claim an individuality of body, of
personality, of experiences, you are the great ray of light, and that
great ray has come forth to shine upon everything that is unlike
itself, and you are seeing much right now in your world that is coming
to light.

We spoke of this some years ago, that there would be a time, in a
process of time, when many things would come to light. That which had
been swept under the carpet and ones felt was going to never come
forth into the light, never going to be known, you have seen in the
last few days much that has been uncovered.

You have asked, “How did this come about all of a sudden?” because
seemingly what has been happening with your news media reporting it to
you, it seems like it came out of nowhere. But in truth, it has been a
process that has been well on its journey for a long time with ones
who thought that they could live in their power, temporal power of the
world, and that other ones would not know what they were doing, or
that they were above anyone else’s calling them on the carpet, to lift
up that corner of the carpet to see what was under it.

Well, now the carpet is being rolled up, taken outside and dusted off,
and the floorboards are seeing the light. You have wondered, “What
part do I play in this?” You play a very big part in this. You are the
light that has come forth into this time and this reality in order to
be part of a collective consciousness that is changing, that is
demanding change. I am not speaking on a political platform when I say
that. I am only saying that you have agreed that what you have been
experiencing is not heaven, and you have wanted heaven on Earth, and
in order to have heaven on Earth, some things must change.

And so at the soul level you have chosen to be part of the great
change that is sweeping not only this geo-political grouping, this
country, but other countries as well. But as we have spoken recently,
there is a globalization that is happening. It has been in process for
most of your lifetime. It goes back to previous centuries, and there
is no longer any space in the collective consciousness for
isolationism. You are tied to the brothers and sisters through your
technology, your world-wide web, and your workings of the various
companies which have outsourced the work to various geographical

And so ones of you gathered here this evening, and also those within
the sound of my voice, you find that you may be dealing in your
employment with someone who is halfway around the planet of our holy
Mother, the Earth. There are ones who have to adjust their time clock
in order to be in sync with ones who are working for and with the same

It has taken a bit of adjustment of the collective consciousness to
find its way through the technology that creative ones agreed to in
their contract, that they would come and make it possible that you
could work with brothers and sisters halfway around the world and that
the technology would prove to you in an outer way the Oneness of the
brothers and sisters who yet think themselves to be individual,
individual points of light, and yet you are a great ray of light: one
ray come forth to make this reality and to change this reality, to
play in this reality, and yet to know, even as you sit in this
reality, there are many other realities that are happening within time
and outside of time.

In your meditative quiet times you have had visions that have
surprised you, because those visions have expanded throughout what you
know this reality to be and have suggested other realities, and have
suggested ways that you can be, and are, part of other realities.
There is coming a time, not too long from now, when there is going to
be evidence of other realities that have and do exist side by side
with this reality, even within this reality in another dimension as
you call it, another level of this reality. Very soon there is going
to be the “evidence” that you have asked for.

Many voices have been calling out, “I want to know who I am.” Many
voices have been asking, “Why am I here? What is life all about? Why
did I choose certain parents? I have been told that I chose my
parents. I don’t think I did. They are very different than I am. They
believe differently that I do.”

And yet, you did choose your parents. “Well, if I did, why did I
choose those parents?” You chose them in order to interact with them
so that you could be an opportunity for them to love, to serve, and
perhaps to remember who they are. And they chose you in order for you
to see also how everything comes from love.

As you served them, they served you as you were little, you gave them
opportunity to serve, and you served them in that opportunity. You
loved them; they loved you in their own way, and through that, there
was opportunity to remember. I’ve heard many asking, “Why is this
reality so harsh? This is not the reality,” ones will say, “that I
wanted to live in. I expected that I would be surrounded by love. And
even with the parenting that I have had, it was very difficult, very

It was for you to know with clarity the duality of this reality, to
know how it feels to be loved. All of you have found love, sometimes
in the most surprising places, and all of you have felt the harshness
of life. And all of you have felt and heard the voice of separated ego
that would say, “You chose wrongly. You should not have said what you
said, did what you did, come at the time that you’ve come.”

But everything, beloved ones, has been in divine order, and your soul
knew this before the incarnation. Your soul knew that there would be
journeying that you would be doing, and your soul knew that you would
meet up with other ones who would have the same questions, who would
have some of the revelations to give to you, some of the answers that
you were seeking.

Your soul knew that you would make trek to many far countries, and yet
you would find family wherever you went. Your soul knew that this was
the divine time for you to be here as the extension of the great ray
of light from the creative Principle to be here, to change that which
you now see changing.

What you are standing upon now in your reality is very much like an
earthquake. You are not quite sure what is secure, because everything
is shifting and changing daily, hourly, and sometimes you feel a bit
insecure with it, because you’re not quite sure that the old paradigm,
the old beliefs, are serving you.

“What I used to think was true and what I thought was secure is no
longer there. The body speaks to me differently. The friends,
sometimes they say to me things that surprise me. They act in ways
that I didn’t think they would act. Why do they do that?’

They give you opportunity to look past the action and to be in love
with them as part of the great ray of light that they are as well, to
look past their choices of behavior and see the Christ of them. That
is why sometimes they act in ways that are un-understandable.

Where you stand is in a place of great divinity, and yet you sometimes
feel that you are at the end of your rope wondering what you can hold
onto. As advice that was given to one this week, when you reach the
end of your rope, what do you do? (Aud: You let go) No, you tie a knot
at the end and you hold on (Laughter) You tie a knot at the end of
that rope and you hold on until you know that it is safe to let go.

All of you have more support than you recognize. You do not walk this
path alone. You cannot walk this path alone, for there is, in truth,
no separation. There are many in your unseen realms who are present in
this room right now who walk with you day by day, encouraging you,
whispering in your ear, holding you in their arms and telling you how
beloved you are, because you are beloved. You are love itself.

That great ray of light is love pouring forth to change anything that
is not like itself. And what happens in the change is a shift in the
perception, where you move beyond what seems to be an appearance to
the place where you see the Christ at work.

As you will listen to various friends, sometimes they speak to you in
a place that resonates and you feel your heart open. Sometimes they
will speak to you from a space where you feel you have to be armored,
and you stand back from them, and as you have practiced, you give them
their space to have their own opinion, but you sometimes don’t want to
be with them too long because it doesn’t feel all that good.

What you are doing is moving past the place of the belief in duality,
moving into the space where you know Oneness with them as the Christ,
as that great ray of light. You see them as the individual that they
are. You see the choices that they make. You see their behavior.

Separated ego comes rushing onto stage very quickly and says with
judgment, “This is not…whatever.” And then there is a shift that
happens. Because you are willing, you can look past what is going on
in appearances and look to the Christ of them and look to how they are
effecting a global change that in time—and it will not be all that
long a time—will bring about harmony and respect, that harmony and
respect that you have been praying for not only in this lifetime, but
in many other lifetimes as well.

This is a most divine time to be here upon holy Mother Earth and to be
in touch with all of the brothers and sisters and to give them their
space and then to look beyond it to the true heart of them. As you do
that, a most miraculous thing happens. You find that there are more
and more of ones coming to you who speak the same language, the
language of the heart, who are as friends.

You have been gathering to yourself, through this lifetime and other
lifetimes as well, friends who are truly of your own nature, the
nature of love. More and more of the ones who come and are in your
space are in love with you, courting you, guiding you by whatever they
say, if you will have the willingness to stand in that place of beholder.

Sometimes you are right in the face with one. “Ah, this feels good.”
And sometimes you are right in the face with someone and they say
something and it takes you back a bit, and literally you can stand
back from it and say, “I know that there has to be another way to see
this. I am determined to see things differently.” That is what I am
speaking to you about now, speaking of the Christ of you and the
Christ of everyone.

You have much of turmoil that is going on right now. Many are
suffering, for their houses are crumbling; sometimes the physical
houses, sometimes the financial foundation of the house. But their
houses, their dwelling places, are crumbling, and this is good,
because they have to now look for a new dwelling place. I do not speak
here of a physical dwelling place. I speak here of a dwelling place
within the heart, within the consciousness, that is willing to change,
to look for a new dwelling place.

You have many who are “homeless” and they feel, in some cases, that
they don’t know where home is. In other cases, by being homeless they
have found home. They have found others in a certain grouping where
they are at home. Even though they have no physical dwelling place
perhaps above them and over them, they have found home, and so they
are homeless, and yet they are at home.

That is the most miraculous happening, and that is happening for many
who have had the attachments to the physical, material comforts. They
are finding now that that is not where their dwelling place is, and
they are lost for a time. Sometimes you are the answer that comes
along and smiles at them, offers them a hand, perhaps, or a word that
gives them a new way of looking at things.

You are the great ray of light. You have agreed that you will be here
in this time to share that light, to share the support, and to find
ones who are homeless in the emotional sense and show them that they
have the dwelling place within, and that they can come home any time
they choose to recognize that home within themselves.

You are the teachers. You are the ones who have come through the fire
of the challenges. You know how it feels to be homeless. You may have
had the physical dwelling place, but you have known times when you
felt completely estranged from anything that would be supportive. You
have felt far, far from home, and yet there has been the homesickness
that you have felt.

I have heard you as you have called out and you have wanted to know,
“Where is home? How can I find home once again?”

Many times ones will feel that if they return to the place of their
physical birth they can find home, or if they go and connect up with
the biological family they will find home. Oftentimes it is a
disappointment, because that which has been imagined or even hoped for
is not there.

But you carry home within you all the time, and you carry the
remembrance of home with you all the time. That is why there has been
such a yearning to have change upon this plane, to have ones come
through whatever needs to be in their perception and in your
perception of the turmoil.

So right now you are in the midst of a great earthquake. There is much
that is being turned upside down, and there are many who are suffering
because they have attachments to the past, to the past that they
thought was their security, their salvation.

Even the ones who go unto your religious edifices and maybe go every
day and say the holy words, they maybe are not finding the security
that they want to find. You are the friends who are making the changes
for them.

You are the collective consciousness that feels that it is in the
minority, and yet you are not. You are truly the majority. All of the
brothers and sisters will come home in time. Many of the brothers and
sisters feel the same desire and longing that you have felt and that
you do feel, that you want to know, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am
I supposed to be doing in putting these pieces together? How can I
find food for my small ones? How can I find a physical dwelling place
for my family? How can I live in peace? How can I live in chaos around
me and yet find peace within?”

Many of the brothers and sisters are finding, as a most miraculous
process, that they can find the peace within even though the noise and
the chaos is all around them. They are teachers, and yet they would
say, “I am just doing what I have to do. I am doing the best that I
can do.” And they are, and you are.

This is a time when you have wondered, “How can all this be happening.
I was brought up to believe,” many of you, “in a God outside of
myself, in a Savior known as one Yeshua, one Jesus, and that there
would be a divine emissary that would come at some time and make
everything right.”

Two thousand years ago there was an expectancy of a messiah who would
come and put everything right, who would send the Romans packing and
would set the Jewish hierarchy on their ears, and set everything in a
place of love. This messiah was greatly waited for, expected, and I came.

I spoke of love. I spoke of seeing things in a different light. I
spoke of the Father’s love, that one creative Principle, and I called
it Abba, meaning Father, in the sense of a loving Father who would
protect, nurture, guide, and care for his children. In the language
that I spoke there were many different words for father. I chose the
word Abba because of the nuance of meaning, the nuance of the caring
father; not the strong patriarch who would lay down the law and say
this is how it has to be, but the loving father who would always be
there for you, and is always there for you.

Many of you heard my message, and you began to look at things
differently. Many of you—after I physically left the scene and then
came back again in a most unexpected way—many of you in the next
century remembered my words, remembered the miracles as they seemed to
be, and you remembered and had such a great belief that many of you
were the martyrs who stood up for their belief to the point of
releasing the body.

Many of you carry yet within you that memory and you have said, “I
don’t want to go through that again.” And many of you have said, “I’m
not going to say certain things if I don’t feel it’s safe, because I
remember what happened in other lifetimes.”

I have assured you that that will not happen in this lifetime. You
will not be asked to release the body in a horrific way. When it comes
time and you want to release the body, it will be a choice, a choice
that you make, and it will be a free choice, for truly no one can take
the body from you.

Sometimes they have given you motivation that you thought you had no
other choice to make, but it will not be that way in this lifetime for

So many of you are speaking your truth and finding that there are
others who believe the same as you do. You are, in truth, the
majority; not the minority that you have felt yourself to be, but
truly the majority that wants goodness in your life and goodness for
your family and for the small ones, and to raise up the small ones
with love and caring and guidance that allows them to move into the
realization of all of their divine potential.

This is a most wonderful time to be in this reality. It is a changing
of the guard. It is a changing of the collective consciousness. It is
a changing of the Age. And it is not the first time that you have been
at this point, for truly you have ushered in a new Age other times,
because you are the masters who remember the light. You are the
masters who are in this reality walking in the world, but knowing that
you are not of the world, that the world is of your making.

And if that be true—take that deeply within your consciousness—if the
world be of your making, what then can you do? You can change it. If
you have made it in the first place—and you have—you can change it,
and that is what you are doing right now. You are changing it with the
brothers and sisters through what seems to be great turmoil, and yet
the most powerful change that you make is within yourself as you make
that change in perception, to look for the Christ at work in all of
the upheaval, in the old carpet being taken outside, hung over the
rope, the dust beaten out of it, and looking at the floorboards and
saying, “These floorboards…good wood, but needs a polish, needs a good

That is what is happening right now. Count all as good, for it is.
Even when ones will leave a relationship, there is a feeling of
attachment, a feeling of loss sometimes, a feeling of, “What did I do,
or what didn’t I do, that this one that I was in such a relationship
with would see me differently than I see them? What did I do?”

The truth: you did nothing to send them away. Everyone is free to make
choice. Everyone has their own journey to come to that place of
awakening, that place where they say, “You know, none of those little
things really matter. I see you now in a new light.”

Relationships come and go. They change. You bring them around because
you want to know the various nuances of relationship. And you have
found that no matter how securely you thought you held onto a
relationship, you cannot, but the thing you can do is to love. If one
leaves you and they are still activating the body but they want to be
with someone else or they want to move somewhere else, you let them
go. You have to. You also let yourself go, because you don’t need to
be attached to the past.

If ones whom you have loved have laid down the body and deceased the
body and you feel like you don’t know their telephone number and you
can’t call them up and they never send a postcard, they are with you
always. They are right here next to you. They walk with you, and they
are still interested in what you are doing; more so now than perhaps
they were when they were incarnate, because they had their own focus
of things that they needed to attended to. Once they have released the
body, they are freer to see the whole picture, and they are free to
walk with you and to offer advice, counsel, love. And they speak to you.

So sometimes when you feel their presence, you do not deny it. You
say, “Yes, I hear you.” And sometimes they will get powerful enough
that they will do physical things in your dwelling places that give
you the “evidence” that they are still around, still the powerful
energies that they have been when you knew them in the incarnate form.

For those of you who haven’t felt that physical evidence of the loved
ones around you all the time, it is there, and you can trust it,
because you will have a feeling. They will come to mind, or you will
have a dream, and in that dream they are very much with you. Then you
wake up, and you have for half a second or so the remembrance of them,
and oh, that’s so good…but they are no longer here. Yes, they are;
otherwise, you would not have had that dream. They are very much with
you, and they want to be recognized and they want to be energy that is
being used in this time of change. Call upon them, because there is
much that they can do from the other side.

Allow yourself to take advantage of all of the energy of that great
ray of light that came forth from before time began, and allow
yourself to know how powerful you are; not in the way of the power of
the world. That, as you have seen, changes. It shifts and changes,
sometimes very quickly, as you have seen in your past weeks.

But the power of your divinity, the power of the great ray of light
that you are…allow yourself to feel how you have shaped your world,
because you have made…the world is of your making. And yes, I know
there are times when you feel that you do not have the power to change
it, or that if you do have the power, it sure is taking a long time.

Yes, but that, beloved ones, as you have felt, is speeding up. You
have seen the evidence of how quickly things can change. You have
agreed that you will accelerate the time that it takes to have new
experiences. Other incarnations, other centuries you would live a
whole lifetime in a certain mindset. In this lifetime you can look
back to when you were the small one, when you were a bit taller, and
when you are now where you are, and you can see how your perceptions
of things, your belief system, has changed.

Other lifetimes you were in just one path, one belief system, and it
stayed there. This lifetime you have changed partners, you have
traveled, you have had perceptions that have turned upside down so
that you could see everything from the top and from the bottom and
from each side. You have seen in this lifetime how things are not
static. Your world is not static. That you have seen in the past week.

But I say unto you now, take that one step further and know that the
world is of your making and that what you hear about the happenings
that seem to be far away from you, and yet they touch your lives, they
are in your consciousness and you are changing them. That is how
powerful you are.

I want you to know two things from this time we spend together and to
take these two things deeply within the consciousness. The first is to
recognize how powerful you are and how you are changing the world. The
whole globalization of experience is changing rapidly, and you,
because of your consciousness, are changing it. You are that powerful.
So envision what you want it to be. Believe in your power. Look back
in your lifetime to see what you have changed, because you have
changed much in this lifetime.

The second point I want you to remember and to take deeply within the
consciousness and to wear it as raiment around yourself, is how deeply
loved you are, how deeply loved you are. You walk in a bubble of love
always. From before time began, you were that love, you have brought
it into this reality as you, and you are loved with a love greater
than anything the peers have told you, the parents have told you, your
teachers, your rabbis, your ministers, your pastors, your authorities;
greatly, greatly loved.

Remember how loved you are, how fortunate you are to be alive,
breathing, walking in this time in this reality. Do not curse this
reality. I have heard ones feel very upset. Do not curse this reality.
Know that truly you are so deeply loved that never can anything be
outside of you and outside of the love that you are. Wrap it around
yourself as you would take a shawl around; love in physical form.

Wrap yourself in it first thing when you wake up in the morning. Take
those covers that are on the bed. Wrap yourself in those covers. Wrap
the whole self in those covers, every bit of you, in love. Know that
it is my love that I give unto you, but it is your love, because truly
I have nothing that is apart from you.

I give unto you my love, but it is your love, and give it back to me,
please. As you are wrapped in that love, you have so much love to give
that you give it unto other ones (Laughter as Jeshua wraps the shawl
around Peter’s head and shoulders) There you are, all wrapped in love.
That he is, definitely. Most cool, wrapped in love.

Remember your power. Remember how you have changed and how you are
changing things, and remember how loved you are. Never can you walk in
any day without love. It is who and what you are, and it surrounds
you, it permeates every cell of the body. It permeates everything that
you think and that you say and that you share with other ones.

That is why ones are attracted to you. They feel instinctively that
they are safe with you, that you love them, no matter what they’re
going to say, no matter how “wrong” their choices might be. They know
that you love them, and you will love them through everything, no
matter whether they are next to you or whether they are miles away or
if they are in the unseen realm.

Those ones who were of the parents and relatives who may have allowed
the body to be deceased, love them, forgive them for whatever you
might have felt when they were with you. I know that all of you have
called unto yourself challenges of lifetime with parents.

All of you have come through the rough times of the parents not
knowing how to love this package that came to them most surprisingly.
They sometimes would look at this small package and they’d say, “But
we were only having an evening’s fun, and look what came.” (Laughter)

Other ones you have prayed for, you have worked to have them come
consciously into your life, and then you have said, “Now what do I do
with them?” So many of the parents—it is most humorous, in a way, to
watch—bring home the small one, lay it on the mat, and then say, “Now
what do we do? Where is the guidebook?” And so they do, as they have
been brought up, the best that they can do.

And when your small ones have come to you and you have looked at them,
“My goodness, what do I do with this one? How do I raise this one up?”
And I say unto you it is very much a two-way street, because the small
one that comes unto you does not come perfectly innocently, as has
been said to you in order to make the guilt upon the shoulders that
perhaps it was all of your doing if they go one way or if they go
another way.

They come as masters in order to be the catalyst to work with you as
they are remembering who they are. And so they come with their own set
of remembrances and their own set of self image from other lifetimes
and their own inclination to a certain way. So you work with them. It
is a journey that you share with them for a time period. And then, off
they go or off you go.

Changes; life is about change. But you now stand at a most wonderful
place of change. You will see in the next few months of your timing,
as we have spoken earlier a few months ago, we spoke that in the next
six to twelve months of your timing you were going to see much of
upheaval, much of change, and it is because you are ready for it.

You collectively have asked for change, that you want to clear out all
of the dross, the old bits that no longer serve heaven on Earth, that
no longer serve the self image of the divine One.

And so you are going to see upheavals, and you are going to sometimes
reach out to another one and say, “Hold my hand while we go through
this, because I’m not quite sure what’s happening.” And so you will do
this physically. You will do this by your internet of corresponding
with ones. You will do it on your most wonderful technology of the
telephone or the little blue tooth—most wonderful.

You will do this, sometimes reaching out to another one saying, “Help
me for awhile. I’ve almost…not quite, but almost lost my understanding
of what’s going on here. Give me a word, a little guidance. Show me a
little light.” And the other one will, because you are all of the same
great ray of light. Remember that.

You are all sisters and brothers under the skin; the same one heart
beats in all of you. So you will weather the storm, and there will be
storms. You will weather the storm. You will take yourself to a higher
place to look upon what is happening.

Now, I know, first of all, you may get caught up in what is happening
and in the, “Oh, my goodness.” But then you will step back from it and
you will say, “I know that this has to serve the atonement.” And it
does. And there is a pony in there somewhere. I saw you smiling at
that—the horse people.

I would share with you a story. This used to be called a parable, but
it is a story. Once upon a time, as you would understand time to be, a
little boy was born. And this little boy was born into a family that
raised animals. They had their sheep, they had their goats, they had
their camels. The father of the family carried on what had been,
within the generational lineage, the family business of raising,
breeding, and trading camels.

This family was fairly well off, because camels would demand a good
price. They were on a certain caravan route that went to a very busy
seaport, and so there was much trade that the father did.

Over the years, as the father grew older, the family business passed
to this little boy who was now a grown man, and because he was the
oldest of the family, he was chosen naturally to carry on the family
business of the camel raising, breeding, and trading. It was a good
business that he knew. From the very beginning, he saw how it provided
for the family, and more than that, he had a fondness for the animals.

He enjoyed being with the sheep. He enjoyed being with the goats. He
saw how it was an exchange, that the sheep would give the wool for the
garment making and the goats were there for their milk, for the meat.
The sheep also gave of their meat, and the camels brought in a good
price when the caravans would come by and would need some new camels
to carry the burdens of the trade that they were taking to the seaport.

As a young boy he was able to spend time with the animals to the place
where he had a common language with them, an instinctive language.
There was much that he shared on a level that went deeper than just
the words, and there was great love.

As he became a man and took over the family business, he took to
himself a wife and began a family of his own, and the camel trade
proved for them a good livelihood, and he felt very good about being
able to provide for his family.

But as is the way of the world, the caravans found a new route to a
new seaport, and the new seaport was busier than the old one. And so
the caravans started going a new route, not where he was raising his
camels, where his family had lived for many generations, and so the
business, the gold coins, dwindled.

He wondered, and he cursed the new seaport and the new business and
the ones who would be attracted to the new seaport. After all, in his
thinking, what was wrong with the old seaport? What was wrong with the
old trade route that went by his village? He became very bitter; so
bitter that his friends didn’t want to be around him. His brothers and
sisters who were raising their own families didn’t want to be with him.

He was very unhappy, so he reached a decision that he would have to
take a group of his camels across land to find the new route of the
caravans and to set up a new business somewhere else. At first he said
to his family, “I will set out and I will see what the new route is
and I will see how the trade is, and when I have established a place,
I will send for you.”

None of them were happy about this, because they liked living in the
village where they had known the father, grandfather,
great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. and all of the
cousins and aunts and uncles.

So he set out with a group of his camels to see where the new trade
route was and to see how business would be. Along the way one evening
during the nighttime, robbers came and stole all but three of his
camels, so he was left with only three. He became even more
embittered. Why had this happened to him? Life had been good up to a
certain point. Why had things changed?

He railed against his God, and he railed against the caravans that had
changed their route, and he railed against the new seaport, and most
of all he railed against the robbers, the thieves who were very good
at setting upon a solitary person traveling. That is why the caravans
traveled in caravans, as protection.

He went on with his three camels to the seaport to have a look at it
to see what he could do to set up a new business there, but he found
that the land around the seaport was not to his liking. It was too
busy, and too many people were living on the outskirts of the seaport,
and they were as bad as the robbers on the way. He did not feel happy
being there.

His idea was to set up a new place where he would breed more camels
and establish a new farm, but he knew that he was not going to be
happy there, and it was not a place where he wanted to bring his
family. The more he thought about his family and he thought about his
village, he knew that he did not want to be in that new location at
the new seaport.

One evening it came to him that what was most important was his
family, the friendships that he had turned his back on, the happiness
that he had felt with the sheep, with the goats, and with raising of
the camels, and the simplicity of life; not the business of the
seaport; not the unscrupulous business way that they would deal and
try…he had sold two of his camels for much less than what they were
worth, and he was left with one old camel. She was very old. That is
why no one wanted to buy her. She was too old for breeding, and she
was too old to do much heavy work. She was his companion.

So he spoke to this camel and he said, “Let us return unto the
village. I see now that what I was looking at, what I was chasing
after, is not where my treasure lies, but it is with my family and
with the village and the villagers that I have known.” And with that,
his heart opened; the heart that had been closed, tightly armored for
a long time as he saw his camel trading dwindling and as the caravans
no longer came near his place.

And so with this one very old camel that had been his friend for many,
many years and had bred for him many small young camels that he then
sold for a good price, with his very old friend he traveled back to
the village. He didn’t know what to expect, because when he had left,
everyone was happy to see him go.

But a most miraculous thing happened. His heart had opened. He was in
joy with the stars of the night, with the sun in the daytime, with the
grass that he would see, the flowers, the birds, every little bit of
life in every different form. He began to see in a new light.

The camel, his companion from the time he was a little boy, spoke to
him and pointed out to him the treasures of life itself. And because
he had this communion with the camel, his old friend, when he arrived
at the village there was a feeling around him that was new, that was

He did not care if others didn’t speak to him, but he loved them. And
so, of course, they spoke to him, because they could see that there
was a smile upon his face, and they welcomed him home. The family was
very happy to have him back home again, and he found that there was
enough of the goat milk, of the meat, of the wool, and he had left a
few of the camels at home that he could start a new breeding program
with them, so that he could give camels to the rest of the village.

He lived out the rest of that life as a great-grandfather, loved for
his wisdom. He had come through generational thinking into the family
business. He had broken with the family, turned his back, cursed
everything that had been near and dear to him, and left. He had gone
afar, had everything taken from him except for the old, old camel that
was his dear friend, and everything changed for him.

So when he returned to the village, he was no longer the bitter man
who had left. He went on to father some more children who loved him
dearly. He had great-grandchildren who loved him and villagers who
came and spoke to him about, “What is it like out beyond the village?”
And he would say, “It is a grand adventure, and if you want to go, go.
But if you have everything that is near and dear and important to you
right here, then you do not have to travel abroad to find happiness.”

So some of them, being adventuresome, set out on their own, and many
of them returned to the village. But most of them stayed in the
village and are there yet to this day, raising their camels and their
sheep and their goats and being very happy in the sunshine and in the
rain and in the caress of the wind and in the storms that show great
power, appreciating all of the variety of life.

Now, if you want to draw from that story any parallels into this day
and time, you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Oftentimes two thousand years ago, I would sit with you and I would
tell very simple stories, because nothing was written down in those
days. It wasn’t as you had a certain paperback or hardback book to
take with you. You didn’t even have the papyrus to write on, usually,
because you were traveling. You were simple folk.

It wasn’t until much later that my stories were written down, but they
were simple enough, as this one is, that ones remembered them and
passed them down generation to generation until finally someone
decided they would write them down and they ended up in your holy
collection of biblos, the Bible. And so you have in this evening the
parable of the camel trader; not unlike your investment traders of
this day.

Now, beloved ones, it has been my great joy to speak with you of the
changes that are happening, of the earthquake that is happening in
your world right now; of the homeless ones who are finding home
within; of the newly homeless ones who are quite bitter; to speak to
you of your light, the great ray of light that you are and to remember
that great ray of light; to remember your power that you have made the
world, and so you can change it. And you are very much changing it
very quickly.

Remember first, foremost, and last, how beloved you are; how greatly I
love each and every one of you; how always I travel with you, I laugh
with you, I joke with you; I love you; I support you. Allow yourself
always to look upon the glass that is half full as opposed to half
empty, and to count, simple as it sounds, your blessings, for this is
a good life. Beloved ones, I am in love with you.

So be it.

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