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Saint-Germain* The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment


The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment

A channeled exercise from Saint-Germain

Here is a guided meditation from Saint-Germain that supports our new book, A New World Awakens and accompanies the Home Study Course.

You can listen to it by clicking the following link, or you can read the transcript, below:

This exercise is about a perceived need that many people have to keep climbing the ladder, or mountain, of spiritual attainment. The channeled exercise asks this question, “Do you have to find more and more spiritual things to do with your life in order to feel that you are a spiritual person? In order to live with the Truth About You — that you are a Child of God, and God, also?”



In Chapter 2 of our book, A New World Awakens, Saint-Germain talks about this. He talks about the illusion of spiritual attainment.

Saint-Germain says that, “[the illusion of needing to climb higher] always places the appreciation of who you are right now, just out of your reach.” He suggests that you may never fully realize the Truth About You, if you think you have to do something especially spiritual in order to BE Who You Really Are.

We hope that you enjoy this exercise.

Here again is the link to the audio file:

If you would also like to read the written transcript of this guided exercise with Saint-Germain, here it is:

“Let us talk for a moment about being in a new place of Truth.

“You have finally come to understand that living as your Soul does is your desire for this lifetime. You realize that this is the ultimate purpose of living on Earth for you. Any other desire is either a distraction from this, or else complements your desire for a New Life.

“You desire to discover more of Who You Really Are.

“You are so excited about this new discovery in your life, that you are bubbling over with enthusiasm. You have found a new sense of purpose. You feel it deeply, and your desire is growing.

“But then what happens?

“After a day or two, or perhaps a week or more, you find yourself crashing down again; falling back into your old way of doing things.

“Because you aren’t always clear about what is happening in these cases, your ego will try to step in and give you an answer. It will tell you, ‘Let’s try again, Dear. Let’s climb that mountain once again.’ And so you begin again.

“So, this time you undertake your ascent with even greater enthusiasm. You renew your journey of spiritual attainment with the hope that this time, you will find that elusive place of freedom, joy, certainty, and truth. And what happens?

“You climb and you fall again: Once, twice, and some times, even more often that this.

“As you continue repeating this experience of ‘climbing upward’ and then ‘falling back,’ – of ‘almost making it’ and then ‘failing again,’ – your trust begins to fade and your enthusiasm for the journey subsides. You get tired.

“‘Why is this happening to me?’ you might ask.

“Perhaps it is because you don’t want to climb the mountain over and over again. You may just want to be on the top of it – to just be there, and rest in that place of bliss.

“Well, how did you manage to fall off that mountain in the first place? Ask yourself this.

“Was it because of your doubt and fears?

“Could it be that even as you were about to reach the top of the mountain, you couldn’t believe that this was true? That your journey was almost done? That you were going to succeed and realize your desire at last? Soon you began to doubt yourself, and maybe even doubt the whole journey that you had taken. Does this sound familiar?

“Well… let’s see now. Let’s pause for a moment and consider this situation.

“Perhaps there’s an alternative to climbing the mountain of spiritual attainment that you haven’t considered before. Perhaps ‘efforting’ and striving are not necessary after all. Maybe you can be done with this, once and for all. How does this sound to you?

“How would you feel if I told you that you don’t have to climb that mountain in order to feel bliss?

“What if I told you that you don’t need to attain a higher vantage point to see the Truth About You?

“Yes, dear friends. We invite you now to feel this. Feel this deeply.

“Are you ready to let go of your climbing?

“Are you prepared to release the need to go higher, or to be better than you are right now?

“Are you ready to let go of ‘trying’? Can you see that all your ‘efforting’ only reinforces in your mind the mistaken belief that you must ‘do something’ in order to Be Who You Already Are?

“If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then we invite you now to stop. Please, stop trying. Stop wanting to ‘do more.’ Stop your climbing. Lay down your backpack, and all the provisions you have carried to survive your ascent. They aren’t necessary.

“Take off your boots and allow your feet the rest they deserve. Stop, and breathe deeply. Breathe, and allow your mind to come to a place of relaxation.

“Let your Soul be the guide in your life now. Stop now, and surrender completely. Fall gently into the arms of your Soul, and welcome the love It has for you.

“Allow your Soul to be the guiding light, and the guiding force in your life now. It won’t push you. It will take you into expansion. And so, you will stop trying to reach something that is always out of reach.

“Instead, embrace the certainty of Oneness with your Soul, and with God.

“Feel the peace, the comfort, and the ease that come from knowing you don’t have to ‘do anything’ to attain this Great Being. It is Who You Are!

“Be one with your Self. Be one with your Soul. Be one with God.

“And now give birth to this wonderful New You in your life. Love it, and support it, even as you are loved and supported by It.

“Indeed. It is my pleasure to surround you, my friends, in this joyful moment of your awakening.
“I Am Saint-Germain.”


St Germain* People Are Awakening


From St Germain:
People Are Awakening

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 10/21/08, right after we finished
the last main grid point of the US land healing grid.]

Yes, we want to celebrate and to let you know that the whole project has been very, very successful, and is still in progress. What we’re seeing now is that as these connections were made with the other grid points, the entire grid was raised up a notch, was taken up to a higher level of frequency and function. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your efforts, and it’s OK to pat yourselves on the back a little here. A job well done!

This circle around the country is finished and successful. Every point you have added is functional and working, and as these points get up to their maximum functionality it will really ramp up the energy in this country. I am so happy about that! This country is dear to my heart, and I do hope that there is a future for this country. This will help to raise the consciousness and to heal the negativity and I hope that we will see major changes happening in the near future.

In fact, already we have seen changes because of this work. We have seen many people awaken and open to a higher perspective. Now when I say ?awaken,? I mean that many people have been living in a haze as if they were partially asleep. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but it is true. And they, of course, are not adding positive things to the consciousness grid. They are not adding anything of import except the unconscious energies that they carry.

They live their daily lives, many of them have families and jobs. They do live their lives, but they are not awake. They are not aware of anything outside of that realm, and in fact that makes them very easy to control; and they are controlled, by the millions, through the media and other psychic ways.

If these people awaken and say, “Wait a minute, I don’t like this or that, I don’t like the way this is going and I’m going to do something about it… I’m going to start with some personal growth, I’m going to look at my issues, I’m going to heal, I’m going to use forgiveness, and let go of the past?” then we start to see some major changes in the whole consciousness of this country and the world.

This country is so important to the entire world culture! If we can change fundamental problems here, then other countries and other parts of the world will follow. We have seen this kind of thing happening already, we have seen sparks of light turn on in some minds out there. This we like to see, and it is a direct result of what you are doing, the energies you are adding to the planet, and the beings you are awakening and working with.

Those ancient beings, that you have pulled up from deep within the Earth and have communicated with, are already having an effect ? the ones in the Rockies, the one in Death Valley and the one you just summoned from the heart of Texas, of all places, ha, ha, ha! All of those ancient beings are having a tremendous effect on the evolution of each other, the entire nature spirit realm, and other beings of the higher realms. This will trickle into the human realm as well, because every human has a presence in higher realms whether they know it or not, and whether they are aware or not. As this trickles into their consciousness they will become more aware. They will have more of a connection to their divine nature, and to the angelic realms at least.

Because many people’s belief systems do include angels. If they can open up to angelic presences around them and absorb love and forgiveness that way, through their own belief system, they do not even need to change their beliefs. They only need to expand into the energy of the angels and allow that energy to come into their lives, and to be expressed in their day to day communications with others. This is what we are seeing, this is what we are so happy about. It will infiltrate throughout the land and throughout all of humanity!



Copyright 2008 Antera


Mahachohan Saint Germain* Visiting the Temple of Mercy


Visiting the Temple of Mercy
Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

Greetings and blessings are sent to you today from the very bottom of
my soul. A great sense of love is emerging on the inner planes of the
Creator’s universe that is so overwhelming but gratefully received as
it is supporting and encouraging us to continue with our work of
anchoring the consciousness of love onto the Earth. I hope that you
can also feel the essence of love as it is growing and materialising
within many of you on the Earth, within your beings and realities. I
must make you aware that as love anchors it can bring up negativity.
Love at this stage in the energy boost can bring up within you doubt,
judgment and can allow you to see clearly the situations in your life
that you are not comfortable or happy within. This is so that you are
able to make changes now. The loving energy is showing you the next
direction forward, demonstrating what you need to work on in your life
to create the reality you wish to live within. As the love energy
boosts positive thoughts it also amplifies and makes you aware of
negative judgemental thoughts. It is for this reason and to aid
greater healing within humanity that the Temple of Mercy has been
constructed. It is a place of sanctuary that I aid all to visit and to
most importantly ask for healing and cleansing at this period of
growth. Healing and cleansing is always essential but is greatly
needed now in order to encourage and make way for the anchoring or the
new age of love on the Earth.

As I watch over many of my students from the inner planes, I am aware
that some are having difficulty in understanding how to visit the
Temple of Mercy or are wondering if they are doing it correctly. With
my communication today I wish to try to resolve any confusion and try
to aid all in making a connection with the Temple of Mercy which is
the new ashram that has been constructed by the Ascended Masters at
Mount Shasta, being overseen by the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha. This
ashram is composed of light, vibrations and the intention of the
Ascended Masters. To access this energy you must also use your
intentions, your thoughts to ensure that a connection is made.
Experiencing the light of the temple whether you remain on the Earth
or are transported during meditation to the Temple is important and
sometimes all that is needed.

Each day and as many times of the day as you wish, ask for your soul,
physical body and reality to be aligned to the Temple of Mercy and for
high vibrational healing rays to anchor into your being to lift and
dissolve any negativity.

‘I ask for my soul, physical body and reality to be aligned to the
Temple of Mercy. Please anchor light, high vibrations and healing rays
into my being. Allow all negativity to be dissolved and love to
blossom from every aspect of my being. Allow me to experience the
healing rays of the Temple of Mercy now.’

If you wish you can use this invocation as a beginning to a meditation
that allows you to experience the energies of the temple. Simply sit
peacefully and relax your body. You may find it more beneficial to lie
down and focus on your breathing. If you find that your mind is
wondering and that you cannot gain focus on the meditation due to
random distracting thoughts then it is important to ask for a
cleansing and healing of your mind from the high vibrations of the
Temple of Mercy. You may experience a vibrant yellow ray of light
melting and seeping into your mind which will assist you in gaining
clarity. This may take practise but you can ask for healing as many
times as you wish. You can also ask to be aligned to the temples
energies of mastery, love, a higher consciousness, an increase in
spiritual abilities or an awakening of the soul. The temple’s energies
are equipped to assist you with anything that you need now in your
reality to allow you to follow your own spiritual path. It is
important to remember that whatever you ask to receive will be oversee
by your soul. Sometimes what you believe is appropriate for you now is
not what you truly need in your life. Your soul holds the larger
picture of your life on the Earth and should be allowed to guide you

To experience the energies of the temple you do not have to visit the
ashram but can draw the energies into your being to benefit from them.
You can also draw the most appropriate mentor to you to aid your
development by simply asking for your mentor who is tutoring you and
overseeing your work with the Temple of Mercy to step forward and make
themselves known to you. If this takes time and practise it doesn’t
matter as it is making you aware of aspects of your growth and being
that you need to master. Every time you invoke the energies of the
temple or sit down within the temple’s energies you are gaining a new
aspect of your mastery which is expanding your awareness and
developing your inner truth.

I wish to also remind you of the importance of asking to
visit the ashram at night while your body sleeps. I know that I have
spoken of this in last week’s message but I wish to emphasise how
essential it is as you will complete most of your growth and
development throughout your life on the inner planes during the sleep
states of your body on the Earth. Visiting the Temple of Mercy at
night will allow great healing processes to occur which can then be
integrated and anchored into your being and reality on the Earth.
Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be transported to the
Temple of Mercy for healing and cleansing that will then be integrated
into your physical body and energy systems when you return to the Earth.

For those who wish to experience the Temple of Mercy, simply
asking in truth is all that is needed. You do not have to do
complicated techniques to connect with the temple. Simply ask with
faith, trust and a knowing in your heart that you will achieve this

First invoke the high vibrational light and love energies of
the Temple of Mercy to submerge you, allow the light to anchor into
your being and hold faith in your heart. If you experience any
unwanted thoughts creeping in, then send them love and know that you
have the ability to focus on the truth within your being. When you can
feel the energy around you ask for an aspect of your being to be
transported to the Temple of Mercy. Gradually you may become aware of
new surroundings, the temple appears to many in different ways but
some have experienced a pure white and soft blue sacred space that is
vast and expansive. Others have experienced a chamber that is solely
for their own use. Do not block your imagination or the insights that
you gain from the ashram. Whatever imagines, words of wisdoms or
sensations you receive allow them to unravel, with complete faith in
your heart and soul. If you have yet to meet your spiritual mentor,
then it is at this point that you can ask them to step forward to
greet you. Again have faith in your own abilities. Faith and trust is
the key to this process as well as practise.

You may also ask to visit the Chamber of Love, which is
within the Temple of Mercy. The Chamber of Love consists of a large
crystal point which has been programmed to embody pure love and
emanates it intensely into the chamber. You may sit before the crystal
point of love absorbing and anchoring the soft pink loving energies
into your being. It is akin to a glowing flame of pink light, so
bright and expansive. Allow yourself to experience pure love vibrations.

My dear friends I hope that my communication with you has been of
benefit and assisted in cleansing any confusion.

My love and blessings to you always,

Mahachohan Saint Germain

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information about the changes and the boosts of energy of which
Mahachohan Saint Germain speaks of in this channelled material.

Best wishes and Blessings,

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Saint Germain* Third Boost of Energy

27th October 2008

Saint Germain – Third Boost of Energy

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings to you my dear fellow seekers of the light, I am the Mahachohan Saint
Germain and I draw close to you now with some special news that I wish to share with you
now. Many ascended masters on the inner planes have been extremely busy reconstructing
the Temple of Mercy as a healing, awakening and tutoring ashram to assist all in anchoring
greater love into their beings and coping with the deep emotions that can be caused.
Accepting love is an intense process of healing and cleansing until one is able to embody
love, the Temple of Mercy is being reconstructed to aid this development and to reassure
any fearful or worried minds. It is a vast ashram that will also aid you in accepting the
ascended masters’ energy of abundance into your life giving you the power to achieve
anything you desire in your reality by programming your mind with positive thoughts.
Manifesting is the key to the changes that are occurring on the Earth. One can sit and
visualise how they wish to live their reality, using the intense abundant energy of the
ascended masters as their fuel or driving thoughts, but focusing on negativity or having
neutral thoughts will mean that you will stay stagnant in your life. Change, growth and
development is the key to the ascended masters’ energy of abundance but one must place
their own efforts into creating their reality now as the powerful energies will not always
be available. Focus is needed now in order to direct the energies to divinely influence your
life. If you have been following our teachings and have been anchoring both the Christ
consciousness and the ascended masters’ abundant energies, we believe that now is the
time that you need our comfort, support, teachings and encouragement as change may be
on the horizon or fearful thoughts may be causing you anxiety, so we have created a sacred
temple to bring clarity and reassurance to all.

The Temple of Mercy has been reconstructed at Mount Shasta on the inner planes and
is being closely overseen by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos. The opening of the temple
will take place on the 29th October; the temple will close on the 17th November. We feel
that it is during this time frame that the temple will be needed most as an additional
cleansing temple to remove all old habits and negativity in preparation for the fourth
energy boost of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance which will be anchored on the
17th November. Many ascended masters are readying themselves to remain within the
temple over this time period as resident masters and spiritual teachers for all to benefit
from. The Temple of Mercy is so named because it is a sacred space created from light
and intention that will alleviate any distress, confusion or discomfort due to accelerated
growth or the releasing of old energy patterns during this time. The temple can offer
much new and exciting wisdom as well as helping them to understand the changes that are
occurring and the energy that the ascended masters are sharing with the Earth during this
special period of time from the present day into 2009. I believe that it is important for
every person to make use of the presences of the temple, whether you wish to gain healing,
cleansing, clarity, tutoring, enlightenment, activations of energies, to understand
manifestation or to simply aid development. Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be
taken to the Ascended Master’s Temple of Mercy on the inner planes. Your personal
angels will guide you and ensure your safety at all times.

‘I ask the ascended masters to grant me to permission to enter the Temple Of Mercy
to assist my development on the Earth. May I benefit from the high vibrations of the
ashram and be drawn to the most appropriate resident master to assist me in this special
time of growth. I wish to gain …………… (e.g. healing.) Allow me to accept the abundant
energy of the ascended masters and the Christ consciousness on a deeper level than I
have ever experienced.
I invoke my personal angels to guide and protect me at all times, transport me while I
sleep to the Temple of Mercy, please assist me in remembering my journey when I wake in
the morning. Let it be.’

Know that you can visit the temple each night throughout the period of 29th October to
the 17th November. I encourage you to make use of this amazing and sacred tool that is
being reconstructed to aid your benefit and accelerated growth process.

I, the Mahachohan Saint Germain oversee the rays of light three to seven, working
Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos to oversee the Earth and ensure that the necessary
energies are being anchored into the Earth. The third ray of light is the ray of
manifestation and so many energies, intentions and ideas are channelled through the third
ray of light to assist and ensure that they manifest and materialise onto the Earth. The
Temple of Mercy was reconstructed by the manifestation power of the third ray of light
of a yellow colour. I have anchored all rays three to seven into the Temple of Mercy as a
supportive energy to aid inspiration and enlightenment while you are in existence within the
temple. The temple can become a sanctuary where you may anchor and experience the rays
of light for yourself.

I believe that it is necessary to make the most of the short time that the temple will
be available to you as we are not sure when it may be reconstructed again. It is therefore
a wonderful idea to meditate asking your ascended master guides to either align you to the
energies of the Temple of Mercy and to allow the high vibrational soothing energy to
channel into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head or to ask to be
transported to the Temple of Mercy on the inner planes during your meditation practices.
It may be interesting for you to practise this. Simply ask your ascended master guides to
transport you to the Temple of Mercy overseeing your meditation. State that you wish to
sit within the temple, absorbing your surroundings and the high vibrations. You may also ask
that the appropriate master in residence within the temple comes to speak with you
offering new teachings and guidance. It may be interesting to discover which ascended
master comes to speak with you as you will then be able to call on this master to aid your
connection with the Temple of Mercy and to assist your spiritual development on the Earth.
Allow your breathing to become deep and your mind to become still, simply accept the
energies, visions, insights and enlightenment that you receive. The more you practice the
deeper your connection will become with the temple allowing you to access high levels of
energy and wisdom within the temple. You may call on my energy to aid your connection to
the temple, simply repeat my name ‘Mahachohan Saint Germain,’ I shall draw close to your
being to assist you in experiencing the energies of the Temple of Mercy.

The temple will assist many in dealing with the third boost of energy that will be sent forth
from the ascended masters on the inner planes onto the Earth into those who are receptive
to their energies and into the love crystal that have been planted across the world. A
higher vibration of abundant energy is being anchored into the Earth by the ascended
masters to assist in the manifestation of love onto the Earth and abundance into the lives
of those who focus their minds on mastery and their actions on experiencing love. While the
second boost of energy was focused on the third eye chakra, manifesting love and positive
thoughts through the third eye chakra at the brow, the fourth boost of energy is focused
on the throat chakra, expressing enlightened thoughts, love and the wisdom of your soul
through your throat chakra, voice and while you communicate with others. This is a special
time as we are beginning to see that our thoughts can manifest onto the Earth through our
voice and the way that we speak about ourselves and others. Voicing negative thoughts
constantly will only create a negative reality. Speaking of positivity and love will allow you
to take a new step of materialising your dreams onto the Earth. Thoughts spoken can be
extremely powerful as they create their own energy vibration and tone which manifests
into your reality as well as your aura. Again this is a time where disciple is needed within
the mind to concentrate on positive thoughts but to also continue to anchor the ascended
masters’ abundant energy and the Christ consciousness loving energy into your body and
energy systems. Imagine these energies entering into your crown chakra at the top of your
heart and channelling out through your throat chakra so that you activate your throat
chakra and allow it to express love and light always. Continue to imagine your thoughts
being expressed through your third eye chakra as it emanates light as a beacon into your
reality but now is the time to activate your throat chakra allowing it to express the same
positive thoughts as your third eye chakra. Allow the third boost of energy from the
ascended masters to anchor into your throat chakra, asking for it to be activated and to
express light of the highest vibration at all times.

While the third boost of energy is a raise in vibration and continues to focus on anchoring
love and achieving mastery over the mind, it marks a special occasion of integration. The
energy of the angelic kingdom will become united with the ascended masters’ energy of
abundance and will channel as a combined energy into the Earth. The angelic kingdom has
always supported the Earth, humanity and the recent work of the ascended masters but
they have been channelling their own vibrations of love and abundance separately into the
Earth. Now the soft pink energy of the angelic kingdom merges with the ruby red intense
energy of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance. This is an important energy
integration that boosts the energy that you will receive when you anchor the ascended
masters’ energy of abundance into your being each day and throughout the day. The angelic
influence may create a softer nurturing feeling to the energy that you are accustomed to
receiving when invoking the ascended masters’ energy. Angels of abundance have been
assigned to assist all who call on the ascended masters’ energy of abundance while angels
of love are assigned to the Christ consciousness surrounding all who invoke the golden
Christ consciousness in additional love from the angelic kingdom. Gradually the ascended
masters will unite many realms and kingdom to channel energy through them into the Earth
to aid your integration with the kingdoms and universe of the Creator on the inner planes.

It is important that while the energy of the ascended masters and the angelic kingdom is
being focused on your throat chakra in addition to your third eye chakra that you remain
aware of your spoken words as well as the thoughts you create. Ensure that you remember
that every word you speak has a vibration and creates an impact in the life you lead and the
lives of others. Focus on expressing love of the highest vibration through your thoughts and
through the words that you speak allowed. Make it your mission to exist as a beacon of love
and manifest the love of the Creator into your life by expressing love through your words
and the vibration of your voice.

Remember that if you are anchoring our teachings into your being that it is appropriate for
you to connect with and visit the Temple of Mercy discovering who is your resident spiritual

To aid you in understanding your purpose during this period of the third boost of energy I
have created this list;

Ask for your throat chakra to be cleansed and activated.

Ask for the ascended masters’ energy of abundance and the Christ consciousness to be
anchored into your throat and expressed from your throat chakra.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during your sleep state.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during meditation to experience the temple and discover
who your tutor is within the temple.

Focus on creating positive thoughts and expressing love and positivity through your spoken

May your voice and throat chakra always be a source of love,

Mahachohan Saint Germain


“Matters of the Heart” – A Yeshua, Saint-Germain, and Miriam Channel

Saturday, October 4, 2008

“Matters of the Heart” – A Yeshua, Saint-Germain, and Miriam Channel

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The following channel is part of a reading that was requested by a client.

Dear friend, you’ve had a heart-attack, and the good news is that you are still here.

I am Yeshua, along with Saint-Germain, my dear friend, Miriam, and Alexandra and Dan. We’ve come to join you in a moment of silent reflection.

Beloved, there is nothing more to ponder. There is no “why me?” to it. The facts are that it happened, and you are here. This is all that matters. You are here because your experiences on Earth have not yet been completed. There is still more to come. Spirit has something in mind for you.

Please remember Who You Are. You are the voice and hands of God. You are here to help accomplish the Great Work. You ask us whether your time on Earth is done. Tell me, what do you feel?

After such an occurrence as yours, it is understandable to question whether your life has come to its natural end. Please know that you have reached a major turning point in your earthly sojourn, not an end to it.

A lifetime of experiences culminated for you when you had your heart attack. Now you find yourself at a crossroads, standing at the intersection of “what was, and what still could be”. Before continuing your journey, it is appropriate to consider which path you will take up. We ask you to be still for a moment and review this.

Standing at the Crossroads

First, my friend, consider that you’ve had a lifetime to recognize that you are loved by God – that you are a Child of God and loved in every moment of your very precious life. In the lifetime you have just completed, you have come to know this with certainty, and you have felt its uplifting and inspiring effects.

Secondly, you’ve had ample opportunity to listen to those around you – to feel the impact of their beliefs and to suffer from their distorted perceptions about love. You have observed how they judge you, themselves, and the world around them. How they crave, yet fail to recognize the Love of God that is there for all. You have come to know this with certainty, and you have felt its oppressive effects.

Here at the crossroads, you hold a lifetime of experiences in the balance. Now you can make a decision about them. You’ve experienced the truth of God’s Love, and the pain of its denial. You know that denial carries you downward in a spiral of fear, conflict, and strife, whereas affirmation and alignment enliven your spirits.

Since your experiences have led you to the certainty that only God’s Love is real and true, and everything else is false and unreal, your decision at the crossroads is clear. You can take up the path of joy and love, if you choose, and turn your back on the path of pain and suffering forever.

I ask you to look at your beliefs in the coming days, and release anything that no longer serves you on your New Path.

Your New Life Begins

Good friend, your heart is recovering from the pain and hurt of a lifetime. It will continue to do this, as you release your fear of being separated from God’s Love. This worry may still haunt you, and it is understandable, especially considering the trauma you have recently experienced. But this fear is not yours. It belongs to a world, and a life path, that you have left behind. Your passage in joy is assured, if you allow it. Remember this, and it will free you from the dominion of fear.

In the days of recovery that lie before you, remind yourself daily of the truth about love. This will take you into a higher, more refined awareness. Here you will perceive yourself correctly – as the perfect, and perfectly unique embodiment of God’s Love That You Are.

This true perception will bring an even greater flow of life force into your cells. It will revive your body, mind, and emotions, and help you move into the next phase of your life; because indeed, there is New Life for you here.

Cherished one, you will be of great service to God, humanity, and your ideals. We know that you have a great desire to realize a vision of peace, love, and universal brotherhood – to be in service to these grand ideals. You will receive new assignments from your Soul about this soon. But for now, I encourage you to bear witness to the miracle of your life, and allow this knowledge to revitalize you.

Your New Life begins now. Allow this to be so, and so it shall be.


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St. Germaine* The Gift of the Violet Flame

The Gift of the Violet Flame

A strong message from St. Germaine on the meaning and purpose of his gift of the Violet Flame – a must read.

Greetings, I AM St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, keeper of the I AM. Ancient friend, teacher, and healer, and ancient friend, which is what I want you to remember. I sit with you during this time to help you recall, to bring forward what you have always known, to help you assist in the healing of others and of this planet. I want to remind you that this gift of the Violet Flame is not something, my beloved friends, that you need to acquire. It is something that I have given you long ago, something that has been imbedded within you and that you have carried with you since the time of Atlantis.

Each of you have gone through many dark nights and many dark days, dark times when you thought the light would never shine again. But you persisted and you never stopped and now this time is upon you and yes, you are the brave ones that actually incarnate and walk this sacred Earth, this world that is filled with wonder, but also filled with confusion and hatred and greed, and gentleness and Love. I walked the world for hundreds and thousands of years waiting for this time when the plan would be resurrected, dusted off and brought out not just to be shown but to be implemented.
I work with you from this side – I give you my tools and I give you my very essence, for that is what the blue diamond of the Mother is and that is what my Violet Flame is. It is not simply a handy tool that you can use when you feel like it; it is my essence that I give you. These are the gifts that are being brought forward. You are my torch bearers. You wear my amulet and you carry the truth and the knowing of healing within your heart. I wish you to reignite these flames that I have imbedded within you, within your hands and your fingers, in your heart and your third eye. I wish these to be reignited this day and to stay reignited to burn brightly as the message and the reminder that you are the I AM.

This is not something you are endeavoring to become; it is something you have always been, that you carry within you, deep within you. But do not hide it, that is false modesty, that is false humility and there is no room for it, not during this time of rapid change. You step forward each in your own way to heal the collective. This is done with genuine humility, with an honoring of the sacred self, with an honoring and an understanding of the privilege that is bestowed upon you. This is not a burden, this is an honor and it is an honor that you have claimed for yourself. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. And the day will come when we will sit together again and break bread and share our stories of victory. It is not about being flamboyant, as I have often been accused of. It is about being clear and not hiding behind a smoke screen. You have not only my support, but the support of millions and millions – you have no idea. You are fortified in unimaginable ways. If you choose to take advantage of this, and why would you not, then there is nothing, nothing that you cannot accomplish. From the anchoring of Cities of Light, to the opening of portals, to the creation of Nova Beings, you have come to see, to witness, to participate, and to lead the fulfillment of the promise. So, do so.

Show them the way; show them the mirror of who they truly are. I do not ask for my essence in any way ever to overshadow you, none of us do. For that would be dishonoring of your sacred being which is mighty. But, let us participate, let us help, and let us fortify. I do not walk the Earth, I do not walk the Earth ever again, but that does not mean that my Love for the Earth and for all of you is not present. It is always and ever present. You are my armada of healers. And this armada is not founded in the mediocre. It is founded in the strength and truth and the ability to stand and truly be counted, by not denying and side-stepping. It is being your true, peaceful warrior, the warriors of healing, that is why I use this term armada. You’re the ones that have venture out. You are the ones that have agreed and taken this mantle of responsibility. And for this I thank you, we thank you, and we will never, ever let you down. Let us help. Go in peace.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, Denver 13th Octave LaHoChi workshop, July26, 2008


Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance” – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The following is part of a session that is reproduced here with our client’s consent:

“Hello. I would like to have some clarity on conscious creation. How do I create what I would like to experience? I’m not sure what steps to take. Can you provide me with some guidance on this? Thank you.”

Dear Friend,

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua, along with your Angelic Team, Alexandra, and Dan.

Please take a moment and breathe with us. Breathe, and receive the Love That You Are. Be still, and listen to the whisperings of your Soul.

Many times you have felt a desire to contact Spirit. You sit, and wait for a connection that inspires you – one that gives you hope and fills you with a zest for living. You experience a bit of an opening, but then feel you are shutting down again, and wonder what is going on.

Receiving Guidance

Perhaps you are expecting guidance about creation to strike you like a bolt of lightning from above, when more often it speaks from the still, small voice within. This is the voice of your Soul. It is the sound of you, when you are untroubled by worries, or by desires to improve your current circumstances.

The expectations in your mind, coupled with strong desires about what you might like to create, keep you confused and feeling tired. They agitate your mind and intensify your emotions without giving you any clear idea of what to do. This creates a sense of futility, exhaustion, and an inability to conceive and coordinate right action.

You have come here to receive the voice of Spirit. To partake of the love and wisdom it freely offers you. Turn this matter over to your Soul. It knows exactly what to do. The only thing that is required of you is to listen quietly to what it says.

To hear your Soul, you first must calm your mind and curb the intensity of your desires. Troubled waters neither reflect the clarity above them, nor reveal the depths below. And so it is with communication. Allow quietness to find you, instead. Don’t seek it. It is a natural condition. When your mind is quiet and your emotions calm, you will be able to receive the guidance that will help you satisfy all your true desires.

Getting To Stillness

To reach a place of stillness and receive guidance from your Soul, you must be willing to feel everything around you, without necessarily identifying yourself with it. If you are afraid to feel anything, then this same fear may interfere with your ability to sense the presence of Divinity around you.

To reopen the channels of communication with your Soul, you must first be willing to touch old emotional hurts that may reside within you. These are parts of you that were made to feel isolated and unloved in your past. To reintegrate these fragments of yourself and feel your wholeness again, you must re-experience your traumas, but without identifying yourself with them.

When you allow yourself to feel your past wounds in this way, you can safely welcome home the parts of yourself that have felt unwanted, unloved, or not good enough. You accept them, just as they are, allowing your love to transform them into something better. Healing your past restores your ability to feel your emotions without fear, and this in turn improves your capacity to perceive the flow of guidance from your Soul.

When you touch upon emotional wounds, please be gentle with yourself and accept the love that comes to you from your own Divinity. Allow it to embrace you, and hold you. This will remind you that you are not alone, and that you are truly loved, safe, and secure.

Once you are able to love yourself as you are, without judgment, expectation, or regrets about the past, then you will open widely to assistance. You will enter a place of quiet contemplation that is the point of reconnection to your Soul. From there, your Soul will take you beyond any barrier that past suffering and loneliness may have brought you. You will feel connected again, and you will feel inspired.

Entering the Flow

From this place of stillness, you will move into a flow of love and harmony with your Soul that will show you the best way to express yourself – whether creatively, in relationships, or in other things. The ease of flow that arises from your experience of stillness will allow you to create things that bring you joy, keep you inspired, and reassure you that the world is a safe place where you are free to explore its truth and beauty.

You will no longer fall into situations that feel inappropriate to you, or that tire you instead of inspire you. And you will stop creating these same experiences again under the mistaken belief that you must do this in order to survive physically, emotionally, or economically.

Your relationships will change, too. They will change as you release the fear of losing everything you might have already established, or that you may be afraid of creating differently now. When you release these fears, you will see through the illusion of needing to build an environment that makes you feel safe, and you will begin to live your life with renewed trust and confidence.

Conscious Creation

There are several basic steps to conscious creation that you may already know, but we will review them with you now:

1) First of all, you should recognize that you attract into your life people, things, and experiences that match your beliefs about the world, and about who you think you are.

2) You often do this unconsciously, but you can also do it consciously.

3) If you are creating unconsciously, you may be responding to unresolved fears, or to the belief that something is missing or unfulfilled in your life.

4) But when you create consciously, you deny lack any place in your mind. You remember that you are a Child of God, and God also, and that you can have anything your heart desires because You Are Everything.

5) Affirm that everything you desire is within you Now, whether it is an enriching experience, an intimate moment, or a kind word.

6) With the certainty that you are denied nothing, look about yourself and observe how you are already experiencing the ESSENCE of what you would like to create – be it prosperity, partnership, or anything else.

7) Once you have identified how you are already experiencing the essence of what you desire, choose to have MORE of it.

8) This is the key to conscious creation: Ask for more of what you enjoy, acknowledging that its essence is already present in your life.

9) When you do this, you will find that you can transform essence into substance easily. You can do this in new ways if you like, or simply maintain or increase what you are enjoying now.

10) Remember to focus on essence before details.

11) For example, if you would like to experience more peace in your life, then identify the peace you are already feeling now, give thanks for it, and ask for more. Indicate your preferences for how you might like to enjoy more peace, but be willing to accept what is delivered. Trust that your Soul will provide the perfect match for you.

12) Never forget that as


a Child of God, and God also, You Are Everything. And because you are, you can enjoy the essence of what you desire right now. The rest is just attraction and amplification.

13) Remember that when you deny the illusion of lack, you affirm the Reality of Plenty.

14) This opens the doors of manifestation, and lets you create anything your heart desires.

And so it is with conscious creation.

Know that you are dearly loved, and that you are supported in all that you choose to create.

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua.

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“Prosperity in the New World” – A Saint-Germain Channel

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Prosperity in the New World” – A Saint-Germain Channel

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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On August 8th and for sometime thereafter, humanity will have an opportunity to open toward prosperity consciousness. You will learn that prosperity, security, and a sense of well-being are gifts that you give to each other. Not things that you take from one another or enjoy at someone else’s expense. The Earth will no longer support you in this, and neither will you.

A major transformation is taking place now, and it has nothing to do with an apparent scarcity of resources. This is pure fiction. There has always been enough. All of your key resources are renewable.

If you are truly lacking anything now, it is the collective realization that all of your lives are interconnected. That you, your neighbors, and your world beat to the pulse of a Common Heart.

Prosperity Begins with Charity, Charity Begins with the Heart

My friends, soon you will experience what the rest of the Universe already knows: That prosperity begins with charity, and charity begins with the heart.

You will learn that what you give to yourself, you can easily give to another. But what you deny to others, will be denied to you – not because you are being punished, but because your hearts are closed. A closed heart, like a tightened fist, can neither give nor receive.

Shutting the doors to your heart does not protect your treasures. Instead, it locks you inside and denies you everything. You imagine that you are safe and secure, but you are not. You inhabit a prison, where your only concern is survival and you jealously guard everything you think is yours for fear that it will be taken from you.

How can you ever hope to know joy and comfort this way?

Know this. You are interdependent. You are individual points of consciousness within the Greater Life of the God Source. This is your joy and your prosperity.

Are you prepared to accept this now?

The opportunities that are upon you as a global community will advance you greatly in this, if you allow it. Stand united in this desire and it shall be so.

The Paradox of Individuality and Interdependence

Many of you have come to understand the paradox of your individuality and interdependence.

First of all, you have acknowledged that you are unique, sovereign reflections of the One God. And because of this, you are beginning to live your lives as your Soul does – centered in its love for you and anchored in its connection to Source. This is the New You.

You also understand the nature of relationships. You remember what is essential – that you need nothing from anyone else, because You Are Everything. In knowing this, you do not permit others to become dependent upon you, and you do not allow yourself to become dependent on others. Instead, you remember to share your Divinity. You expand yourselves in the only way possible – by sharing God’s love with each other. This is the meaning of New Relationships.

Finally, you acknowledge that you are interconnected, and you welcome it. Just as a symphony depends upon all its members to create a unified musical experience, so your complete experience of Divinity depends upon each of you expressing yourselves fully, but in overall group harmony. You know that your unified experience of Divinity is truly greater than the sum of its parts, just as God Is – and you relish this.

All of humanity must come to an understanding of your Common Life. The only way this can be accomplished is through direct experience. There is nothing theoretical about it. It is that simple. Soon the mass of humanity will experience the reality of your interdependence around issues of prosperity.

What Is the Cause of Prosperity?

Perhaps you have worked with your own issues of prosperity with varying degrees of success. You may know, for example, that attracting abundance requires your clarity, focused intention, and loving self-acceptance. But there is more to it than this. You cannot do this in a vacuum. To CAUSE yourselves to be abundant you must be willing to give and receive from each other. There is no other way. You must open your hearts.

Why is this so?

Because God is the Source of your prosperity, and collectively You Are God, also. These facts are undeniable. One cannot exist without the other. You can choose to remember this as individuals, as many of you have done, but that alone is not enough. Collectively you must decide to live that way, too. Again, it is as simple as that.

Awakening to Your Prosperity

You all have roles to play in this global awakening – in remembering that the life you share as God is the cause of your prosperity. You cannot fail to have a role in this, any more than the cells of your body can refuse to accept the heart’s nourishment, or the corpuscles in your arteries deny oxygen to the rest of your body.

In the coming times, you will all play your parts. Some of you will give to others in greater measure, while others may receive more. This is only temporary. Do not become fixated on the illusion of imbalance. What is truly important is that by playing your part, you will collectively remember an important Truth About You – that you interdependence is the source of your prosperity.

You will learn that by giving and receiving from each other, without agenda or ulterior motive, you will all prosper. And you will no longer permit abuses of this kind upon your planet again.

I Am Saint-Germain.

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“Supporting Your Soul’s Choices” – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

“Supporting Your Soul’s Choices” – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The following channeled session is reproduced with our client’s consent:

“Why am I having trouble choosing? All the ideas I have about what to do with my life lie scattered around me. Why can’t I get focused? What do I fear? I’m feeling so confused. Can you help me?”

Beloved friend, you say that your question is about choosing, but we say that it is about deciding. There is a difference between the two. Choices are made by your Soul, while human decisions can support these or not. We are going to explore this difference with you now.

Right now, you feel that there is a world of possibilities before you. You feel inspired, yet overwhelmed by these potentials.

Your secret fear is that by choosing to express yourself in one way, your other possibilities of expression may disappear – and you don’t want to limit yourself in any way. You also fear that you may choose wrongly, and then have to suffer the consequences for it.

We’d like to calm your fears by telling you that it’s not about choosing anything at all. Instead, it’s about making decisions. It’s about making decisions that support your Soul’s Choices.

Choosing or Deciding?

Choices are made by your Soul, while decisions are made by the human you.

Your Soul made choices to experience certain attributes of its Being, while incarnating as you. The earth plane is about experiencing your Soul’s Choices. That is why you are here. You ARE your Soul, having a human experience of Its Choices here on Earth.

Let’s suppose your Soul has chosen to experience the part of Its Being called Trust and Innocence in this lifetime. To do this, It incarnates as you – then allows you to express these qualities through your decisions and actions.

Your Soul comes to know the experience of Innocence and Trust, as you become more innocent and trusting in your dealings with others. This is how the human you collaborates with your Soul, its Divine Counterpart.

Sometimes the human you decides not to align with a Soul-level Choice. You can always say “no” to what the Soul offers. Your decision not to participate is always respected, just as your alignment is also honored. There is no judgment in either case. Only Love, for that is what the Soul is.

But your Soul does rejoice every time you decide to cooperate with its Choices. Your Soul rejoices, and you feel glad. The truth is that any time you feel joy, it is evidence you have aligned your personal decisions with the Choices of your Soul.

The Fundamental Decision

The fundamental decision confronting you now is this, “How will I express what my Soul has already chosen to experience?” And what has your Soul chosen, you ask?

At the core of your being, your Soul has chosen to step into the New You – to begin a New Life, expressing Itself fully as the human you on the physical plane.

The first sign of your awareness of this Choice is that you feel free to go out into the world again. To be active. To experience your Self fully.

Certainly, you may feel anxious or worried about what to do next with your life. But this time, you know it will be different. You know this because you are clear that you don’t want to repeat experiences from the past any more. Instead, you are ready to live your life as your Soul. To express yourself creatively and spontaneously in this lifetime.

The human you has come to remember Who You Really Are. You no longer deny it, or hide it from yourself. Instead, you align yourself with this awareness.

You are prepared to be done with difficulty. You recognize that you don’t need to explore the challenging paths any longer. You know Who You Are because you feel it, and you realize that you don’t need to prove it to yourself or anyone else, ever again.

Your Soul is ready to honor your new awareness and join you in this. It is patiently awaiting your decision. It is asking you, “How would you like experience, share, and express Who We Really Are, together?”

Step Aside for a Moment

We invite you to step aside and recognize that your past fears and future worries have no foundation in the Present. Bring your human self into the Now moment, and feel the freedom to express your Self in any way you desire.

Listen to your heart. It is inspired by your Soul, the One that has already chosen for you. Together they know how to bring joy and focus into your life. All you have to do is align yourself with this. It is a simple decision.

Trust, dear friend. And when you feel this trust, you will see for yourself what happens. You will see how easily your decisions come into alignment with the Choices already made by your Soul.

Staying Focused

Be willing to align your personal decisions with your Soul’s Choice to experience Life through you. If you let this be your focus, then you will not feel limited or scattered by anything you might decide to express.

Instead, you will find there are many ways for you to experience your Self – but that no one necessarily excludes the other, none distract you, and that many actually reinforce each other.

Be willing to express yourself as your Soul. This will unite everything. When this desire is your primary focus, any decision you make will automatically lead you to an experience of joy. Although your interests may change over time, your focus will remain the same – to express yourself as your Soul does, in this body and in this lifetime.

Remember: When you feel the need to make a decision, first step aside. Recall that All Is Well. Then have the intention to align with your Soul’s Choices and observe the effects this has upon your life. Greater ease and flow will be felt.

Have Confidence in Your Decisions

If you feel pressured by any decision you feel obligated to make, remind yourself that your Soul has already made the most important choice of all. It has chosen to enter into your life as the New and Authentic You. Have confidence that your decisions will support your Soul’s Choice with grace and ease.

Recall that when you doubt yourself, it only takes you away from remembering Who You Are.

When you are feeling scattered or limited in any way, and doubt your ability to decide correctly, just breathe deeply, and come back into this awareness. Trust that whatever decision you make is going to support your Soul perfectly, and be the right expression for you, too. Your Soul will guide you in this, and together you will bring greater joy, comfort, and satisfaction into your life. On this you can be certain.

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua. And we thank you for your question.

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A Saint-Germain and Kuthumi Channel: “Master Creators in the Making”

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Dear Friends,

When you dare to blend with your Soul in this lifetime, you express the Truth About You. You acknowledge that You Are God, also, and that you are willing to live your life that way. Neither a statement of false pride, nor spiritual superiority – it is the simple, earnest recognition that you are the Source and author of your own life. It is a declaration of your mastery, and a marvelous leap forward in your awareness.

When you take this step, you recognize that you are an individualized focus of Self consciousness within the greater life of the God Source – uniquely you, but God, also.

Resolving this paradox in your mind is a sign of mastery. You now understand that all of God’s power is vested within you. And because of this, you know that you can create realities, love them, and experience them fully – just as God does.

This IS mastery.

Acknowledging Your Mastery

But what happens when you recognize your mastery for the first time – when you finally see that everything you’ve ever experienced is your own creation? The joys and sorrows are yours alone. The highs and lows, you have brought upon yourself. No one else can be blamed.

Do you hurriedly rush to make things better? Do you retrace every line you’ve ever penciled or change every brushstroke you’ve ever laid down on the canvas of your life?

No. You don’t. These works are finished.

As a master, you accept them for what they are – expressions of the knowledge and expertise you had at the time they were created. You love them, and you move on.

You take up a fresh canvas, and you draw or paint again, but this time with a newfound awareness of the creator that you are.

Conscious Creation

For many people, accepting themselves as a master creator is unsettling.

After all, it is one thing to create unconsciously – generating one portrait of yourself after another without acknowledging that you are the artist. This way, it is easy to pretend that the flaws you see in these images are the result of someone else’s handiwork, and then blame them for it. But this is delusional thinking.

It is quite another thing to create consciously.

When you are a conscious creator, you know that you are the artist. You know that you pick the medium and choose the tools for expressing your Self. And you are aware that you alone determine whether your creations, and your creating, will inspire you or not.

Yes. Accepting that you are the master creator of your own reality can be quite unsettling, even when you willingly step into this awareness on your own.

Fear of Creating

Ironically, when you first step into awareness of your mastery, you are often afraid to create again.

The responsibility just seems too much to handle. You may still remember what it was like to create unconsciously, and to not have enjoyed what you created. This is what is inhibiting you now.

If you are an artist, you might begin to feel uncomfortable with your tools. Your brushes might seem less familiar, and the colors you used in the past might be distasteful to you now. The empty canvas, rather than inviting your expression, turns you away. It is blank and void – a place where nothing can be known and nothing discovered. And the more you dwell upon your dilemma, the more blocked you feel.

Does this sound familiar? Do you know this feeling?

What will you do? Perhaps you are not the master you imagined yourself to be.

If you continue down this path, then before you know it, you will convince yourself that you are unable to create.

“I’ve neither the tools, the medium, nor the talent for the task. So why bother? Perhaps the right thing to do is walk away. No one will notice, anyway.”

And so, you do.

This type of resignation is sad, and wholly unnecessary.

There is another way. And we are going to tell you the story of someone who found it.


You may be familiar with Michelangelo. He was well known in his time, and even more so now, for his exquisite sculpting of the human figure in marble. He was a master of his art and craft at a very early age, and he knew it.

In the early 1500s, Michelangelo was asked by the Pope to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome, a project that took him four years to complete. Not much older than 30 years, he was worried and apprehensive. He told the Pope from the beginning that he would prefer not to accept the commission.

Michelangelo knew he was a master sculptor, but he did not really consider himself a painter. Of course, he had trained as a painter in his youth, and still sketched almost daily, but his confidence with brush and pigment was not the same as it was with hammer and chisel.

Michelangelo was also concerned about the motives behind the request. He suspected that his rivals had encouraged the Pope’s invitation in order to see him fail. After all, the scale of the task was tremendous – and it was to be carried out using tools and a medium (color upon wet plaster) that were not his favorites.

Despite his misgivings and self doubt, Michelangelo accepted the commission. What resulted is one of the finest works in the history of Western art.

Of course, there were many obstacles to overcome along the way: Designing a scaffold from which to stand while painting high above the floor; developing a plaster that resists molds and fungus; establishing a color scheme that can be seen far below the ceiling; and most importantly, creating brushes and brushstrokes that convey the drama and pageantry of his Biblical themes.

This he did with consummate mastery.

You Are a Master of Self Awareness

Like Michelangelo, you have attained a high level of mastery. You are a master of Self awareness. Self awareness is knowing that You Are God, also. Self mastery means that you live your life that way.

Self mastery also means that you understand the nature of creation and recognize your partnership with God in this. You know that creations arise from the beliefs you hold in your conscious (or unconscious) mind; and that the God Source, the Greater You, re-assembles Itself around those desires to bring you what you have asked to experience.

You are free to experience the reality of your creations in any way you choose. But when you have mastered Self awareness, the thoughts in your mind are guided by the Love in your heart, so that you have a consistent experience of Divinity in all that you create.

The Master Before the Canvas

Like Michelangelo, there are times when you may feel challenged by the creative potential you possess – by the scope and magnitude of what you are capable as a conscious creator. Perhaps now, with your newfound awareness of mastery, you feel thrust into unfamiliar territory. Into realms of unknown or untried potential.

You find yourself standing before something vaster and grander than you have encountered before. But this is a natural occurrence. Major advances in awareness are often accompanied by new and unusual opportunities, so don’t be afraid.

Yes, you may feel like an artist without his or her familiar tools. But know that you have the possibility to create something completely different now – something that combines your knowledge, skills, and mastery in a new medium of creation.

What confuses you is the feeling of something unusual.

Until now, you have created your life with familiar tools – with recurring thought patterns and habits of misidentification. Your efforts have generated masterful results. Perhaps not ones you are happy with now, but masterful ones, nonetheless.

But all this is changing. Now that you remember Who You Really Are, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself time to readjust to this shift in your awareness, until you can find a place from which to create again with confidence.

Being Still, Going Within

So, what do you do with this opportunity to create again in an entirely new way?

Ask yourselves, what did Michelangelo do when he was handed a brush, instead of a chisel, and told to paint instead of fashion in stone?

Was he desperate? Did he panic?

Did he think, “Nothing is familiar, so there is nothing I can do. I must no longer be a master.”

Of course not.

Instead, he took inventory of his mastery. He realized that his ability resided in his knowledge, not in his tools, and that his creativity could be expressed in many ways – using multiple skills, not just one.

His mastery did not disappear with the absence of the marble he loved to carve. He could still envision form and symmetry as before. His grasp of perspective had not changed. And his appreciation of color and shading was intact. Nothing had changed.

He was a master creator.

He was able to adapt his knowledge to the change in his circumstances, embrace the more expansive medium that was offered him, and create again with renewed inspiration.

He was a master creator. And so are you.

Inspiration in the New World

When you have accepted your mastery, and realize that your creative ability transcends anything you may have experienced before, then you will no longer fear creating again.

Instead, you will hold a vision of your Divinity and make it your own, breathing deeply into it and calling it to life. You will fill your brush with color, trace a line, and begin a course a movement across the canvas that is uniquely yours.

You will stop comparing yourself with anything you have been before, or once desired to be. You will cross the threshold of Inner Knowing and observe that you are giving birth to new expressions of Who You Really Are.

You will feel relieved at the mental level because you know that you are guided by your intuition, and not your expectations. And you will feel relieved at the emotional level because you are free of self-judgment and criticism.

You will realize that you have entered a New World – a world of flow and ease, where freedom of expression is yours by birthright.

And when your creation stands before you, whole and complete, you will marvel at what you have done. You will look at the New You with the eyes of innocence – with the eyes of Love – almost not recognizing that it was you who gave it life and inspiration.

You may even ask, “Was it me who created this wonder?”

And the answer you will give yourself is, “Yes.”

For indeed, you are a master creator.

I am Saint-Germain. And I thank Kuthumi for his presence this day.


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