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Ascended Master Wise Owl:Your Golden Opportunity To Shine:May 2008

Ascended Master Wise Owl
Your Golden Opportunity To Shine
Channelled by Rachael

May 2008

Good evening my friends, These are very interesting times on your earth plane and we are very interested in observing you and watching how you discover new things about yourself. We have noticed that in times of great need many of you turn inwards, and that it is in these times that many of you decide to do your reaching…reaching deeper and deeper into your soul and into your being to find answers. We would like to tell you all…You are all on the right track, you are all on the road to discovery…your whole world is on the road to discovery and you will get back what you put into your lives.

It is true your karma, what goes around comes around, the more you give to something you want and need, the more this will come back to you in abundance, its like nutrition, you are feeding your body…you are feeding your mind and soul with new experiences.

When you actually return to the spirit world you will see exactly how important your part was at this time in history, for it will be history at that point when your looking back. All that you discovered within that one lifetime was tremendous, absolutely tremendous. You managed to place all the jewels upon the crown and then where it when you reached the heavens.

This is how you will be seeing things from the other side we can assure you. Many of you will have in front of you many challenges to become the kings and queens that you deserve to be. So many beautiful jewels that shine so brightly on your crown. We can see you all sitting there now rejoicing, praising your selves at that which you have achieved in your lifetimes….that is in the future, now it is the time to do the preparation, the pursuing of your goals, the reaching out of the true you within, and to follow that road of discovery that allows you to go deeper and deeper and deeper and to see others on that same deep level so that you can understand them more fully.

Perceive others and go with them hand in hand in love and in harmony. You can climb mountains if you so choose. You can shine light upon the darkest of situations if you so choose. You can do anything, you can be anyone if you so choose. We are giving you a golden opportunity to shine, for this is the time for many of you to shine. More so even than any other lifetime before this. This maybe for you the hardest time, the most challenging time, so many obstacles such a fast paced life, yet the rewards at the end of the rainbow are mind blowing.

There is no time in here in the spirit world therefore we can see the here, the now, the past and the future all as one. You too can see this as you so choose – you can do anything. You can link into other times other places, you can link into anything if you so choose. But now is the right time for you to be doing all the work that you need to be doing, for your enlightenment. This is the time for many of you to become enlightened.

This is the time that together we and you have chosen for many many many people to come together and harmonize as one. To be taken into the realms in a huge shaft of light that will have repercussions upon your earth plane of such exuberance and such power that will transform the world and the land in which you live in, to such an extent there will be a miracle healing beyond your wildest expectations.

There will be many mass ascension waves on your earth plane. Some will pass to spirit, some will remain – all will become enlightened. Many of you are working together on the same vibrations simultaneously. Everything is timed to the minute to the second, everything has been written in stone.

However you must allow this to happen by opening up your hearts and minds, to allow the energies that we send you to encompass you so that you enjoy your journey and allow your path to unfold naturally, without fear, with peace and harmony without any negative emotions at all. You can dance your next years away if you so choose. Yes you have freewill, yes you have to make your own choices. But what is to be is to be.

You must just let go and allow the true energies of your being to work with you and through you…thereby allowing the vibration of your being to be at peace, relaxed and full of light. So that the challenges that come before you….you can approach effortlessly with vitality, vigour and joy. This will allow you to grow and grow and grow…and to move smoothly and easily on your pathway to heaven.

Before I go I would like to tell you I Am wise owl and this evening I have a very beautiful wise owl who is with me, who is sitting on my shoulder, fawny in colour and with a white frontage and she is sending her glorious healing energies towards you, blessing your Auric fields. Visualise this happening now…Visualize yourself as merging with the Owl…as one…Visualise yourself as the Owl…Feel the peaceful energies that she brings…She is Very beautiful indeed. I send you many blessings and I ask You to always live your truth, and never let anyone take that away from you.

I leave these blessings with you.

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“The Mystical Month of May” by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The month of May is always a very spiritual and auspicious time. It is considered a mystical month because of some very important activities of Light that take place. This year, we have a greater opportunity than ever before to utilize the gifts of May.

The first of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. Every year on this day, Saint Germain and the Legions of the Violet Flame bless the Earth with a monumental outpouring of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is the perfect balance of our Father God’s blue Flame of Divine Will and our Mother God’s pink Flame of Divine Love. Due to the incredible activities of Light that have been accomplished by Lightworkers all over the world during the last few years, this May 1st, and continuing throughout the entire month of May, Saint Germain and his Legions of Light are blessing Humanity with unprecedented 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame. These frequencies of Sacred Fire pulsate with the infinite perfection of God’s Freedom, Divine Justice, Victory, Liberty, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Transmutation.

These celestial gifts of the Violet Flame are being greatly amplified because this year May 1st falls within the embrace of two very powerful Wesak Full Moons. The first was April 20th, and the second will be May 19th. During this Cosmic Moment, Saint Germain and his Legions of the Violet Flame are blazing this Sacred Fire in, through and around every electron of precious Life energy on Earth. The Violet Flame is now building in momentum daily and hourly with every breath we take. This will continue throughout the entire month of May. This is the most powerful frequency of the Violet Flame Humanity has ever experienced. Please, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Saint Germain and the Legions of the Violet Fire have volunteered to be the Open Door for these new and unprecedented 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame. In order for this wondrous facet of the Divine Plan to be fully experienced in the physical plane, however, these Beings of Light must have our help.

In alignment with Universal Law, the call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed. In order for this powerful frequency of the Violet Flame to manifest in the physical plane of Earth, it must first be drawn through the Divinity in the Heart Flame of someone abiding in the physical plane. Even though Saint Germain and the Beings of the Light are committed to being the Open Door for this incredibly powerful frequency of the Violet Flame, unless this Sacred Fire passes through the Heart Flames of embodied Lightworkers, we will not have access to its transmuting power.

What this means is that once again we are being called to a higher service. We are being asked by our Father-Mother God, Saint Germain and the entire Company of Heaven if we are willing to put forth the necessary effort to be the heart, head and hands of God in the physical plane of Earth. This is not a monumental task; it is a simple matter of invoking these new frequencies of the Violet Flame and decreeing them into action through our Heart Flames. Please join with me and the Lightworkers all over the world who are volunteering to be powerful instruments of God. Together we will be the Open Door that no one can shut.

These invocations are stated in the 1st person so that we will all experience them personally and tangibly, but know that we are serving simultaneously as surrogates on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth.


Through the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, now blazing in my heart, I invoke Beloved Saint Germain and ALL of the Legions of Light throughout infinity who are associated with the new 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

Blessed Ones, I invoke through my Heart Flame the most intensified frequencies of the Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow for myself, my Loved Ones and all Humanity.

Beloved I AM, blaze, blaze, blaze the full momentum of this Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around every electron of precious Life energy I have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown. Transmute these patterns of imperfection cause, core, effect, record and memory into God’s Infinite Perfection.

Beloved I AM, blaze the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame through every thought, word, action or feeling I have ever expressed that reflects anything less than
the Immaculate Concept of my full Divine Potential.

Beloved I AM, look into my life now and see what yet remains to be balanced by me to any person, place, condition or thing I may have wronged at any time, in any way, for any reason whatsoever.

Beloved I AM, reach your great loving hands of Light into all of the positively qualified energy I have released throughout my Earthly sojourn, and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as I have ever done wrong.

Fashion from this substance of perfection a Gift of Divine Love, whatever is necessary to balance every debt I have created which still remains unpaid to any part of Life.

Beloved I AM, I ask you to forgive through the power of the Violet Flame every person, place, condition or thing, which may have wronged me in any way, and balance, all debts owed to me by Life everywhere.

I accept that this is God Victoriously accomplished right here and right now through the Power of God I AM. And so it is.

Mother Mary is another very powerful Being of Light who is associated with the Mystical Month of May. Every year, during the month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of The Immaculate Heart is opened in the Inner Realms. This year, because of the need of the hour, Mother Mary is giving Humanity an unusual blessing. While we sleep at night, our I AM Presence will escort us in our finer bodies into Mother Mary’s Focus of Light. Once we are there, Mother Mary is going to invest each of us with a cloak of Divine Love. This sacred gift will infinitely increase our ability to be a powerful force of Love while we are fulfilling our Divine Plans on Earth.

Mother Mary is working tenaciously to help each of us balance the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our hearts. Since the return of our Mother God, which is the Feminine Aspect of Deity within each of us, this balancing process has been unfolding according to each of our Divine Plans. Now it is time for this process to take a quantum leap forward within every Heart Flame.

The masculine and feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God are BOTH necessary in order for any facet of Life to exist. This is true whether we are talking about a grain of sand, a flower, a Human Being or a Solar System. Both polarities must be present for Life to exist, but for Life to thrive and to reach its highest Divine Potential, both polarities must not only be present, they must be BALANCED.

Prior to Humanity’s fall from Grace, the masculine and feminine polarities of God were balanced within every evolving Human Being. The masculine polarity of our Father God blazed into our left-brain hemisphere activating our rational, logical mind. Then it expanded into every cell and organ of our bodies through the power center of our Throat Chakra. The Light from our Father God is sapphire blue and forms the blue Flame of Power within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our heart.

The feminine polarity of our Mother God blazed into our right-brain hemisphere activating our creative, intuitive mind. Then it expanded into every cell and organ of our bodies through the love center of our Heart Chakra. The Light from our Mother God is crystalline pink and forms the pink Flame of Love within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our heart.

When our right- and left-brain hemispheres are balanced and the masculine power of our Father God in our Throat Chakra is balanced with the feminine love of our Mother God in our Heart Chakra, the pink and blue Flames merge and become one magnificent Violet Flame. This Violet Flame activates our spiritual brain centers, our pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains. When our brain centers are activated, our Crown Chakra of Enlightenment opens, and we experience the birth of Christ Consciousness.

The yellow-gold Light from our Christ Self, the true planetary Child of God, then blazes through our Crown Chakra into every cell and organ of our bodies and forms the gold Flame of Wisdom within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our heart.

The blue, pink and gold Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in every heart is the perfect manifestation of the Holy Trinity. It is the Divine Balance of our Father God’s Power, our Mother God’s Love, which is also known as the Holy Spirit, and the Son or Daughter of God’s Wisdom, which is often referred to as Christ Consciousness or the Christ. This is the very essence of the Immaculate Heart in every evolving soul.

As we enter the Temple of the Immaculate Heart during the month of May, Beloved Mother Mary will embrace each of us in her loving arms. With her embrace, she will awaken within us the remembrance of our sojourn in her sacred temple prior to this embodiment. We will remember that we came to Earth during this Cosmic Moment with one desire; to do God’s Will. We will understand that we volunteered to be powerful instruments of God during this critical time and that we have been training for aeons of time for this mission. We will also remember that we promised to be the full manifestation of Divine Love while serving the Light in this embodiment. Mother Mary’s gift of our cloak of Divine Love is designed to greatly empower our ability to fulfill this Divine Mission.

With Mother Mary’s assistance, we will remember that we chose to bring a portion of the Divine Plan, encoded within our Heart Flames, through the veil of physical birth. And she will remind us of the vow she took to come and assist us during this time of the fulfillment of our missions. Mother Mary will also help us to remember the capacity we have within our Lifestreams to fulfill our Divine Purpose with the highest level of integrity.

During the holy month of May, Mother Mary will assist our I AM Presence to expand the Chalice of our Immaculate Hearts, which cradle our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames. The expansion of the Chalice of our Immaculate Hearts will allow our Heart Flames to pulsate in perfect balance. As this occurs, our Heart Flames will blaze forth as a great Transfiguring force of Divinity within us. We will become aware of the Presence of God in every cell and atom of our Beings. This will pave the way for the integration of the perfection of our crystalline Solar Light Bodies into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. This is a miraculous process that has been unfolding for a time now. During this Mystical Month of May, it will move forward a quantum leap.

Functioning within the frequencies of our Solar Light Bodies, we will be able to consciously magnify the Divinity within ourselves and all Life until our up-reaching consciousness conducts the substance of God’s Infinite Perfection into the world of form. All of this will further prepare Humanity and Beloved Mother Earth for the anchoring of the first archetypes for the New Earth. These are the archetypes of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace, which will be anchored August 16-21, 2008.

The following is an affirmation that has been given to us by the Company of Heaven. It will help us secure our newly acquired cloak of Divine Love.


O, Supreme Presence of God within all Life, into your Eternal Heart of Love do I immerse myself now and forever. I consciously surrender my vehicles to be merged with the Love nature of Your Being until I AM a pure focus of Love—a living jewel in Your Crown of Adoration.

The path I walk in life leads only to Love. My physical body filled with Love becomes shining and invincible. My etheric vehicle radiating Love transmutes the past. Love in my mind ensures the expression of Your Divine Thoughts. Love in my feelings affirms that God is the only power acting.

As I AM thinking, feeling and remembering only Love, I know that my I AM Presence is working through me, radiating forth the perfection of my omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, All That Is, to Humanity and all Life, which I have promised to Love free.

In this awakened consciousness of Divine Love, my spirit becomes Holy Spirit, and I AM the Love of God reaching out to claim this Earth.

In Love, I magnetize all of God’s blessings to me and, in Love, I radiate these blessings forth to all Life around me. I AM the Spirit of Love permeating form until all is drawn back into the indivisible whole.

I feel the pulse beat of Love in all Life and the continuity of Love in all of the experiences I have ever known. It is ALL Love.

I was born out of Love. I AM evolving through Love, and I AM Ascending back into Love.

I AM ALL LOVE, and I AM Grateful. And so it is, Beloved I AM.

Precious Hearts, if you are interested in knowing more about the Violet Flame, and adding to the Light of the world by working with this sacred gift from our Father-Mother God, we have a two-disc CD set and a Violet Flame booklet that contain information, powerful tools and guidance from Beloved Saint Germain and the Legions of the Violet Flame. The CD and the booklet are both available on our website

If you would like more information about the event that will take place August 16-21, 2008, during which the first archetypes of God’s Abundance and Eternal Peace for the New Earth will be anchored into the physical plane, please check our website. This information is contained on the link for the 22nd Annual World Congress on Illumination.

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