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Kuthumi* 6:6 The Pathway of Quantum Consciousness

Thursday, 10 June, 2010  at South Africa  (posted 28 June, 2010)

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of understanding, faith, laughter and joy. Greetings Beloved Ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this evening as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved Ones this joyous event of combining energies and bringing your consciousness together as a community of light is supporting the integration of the highest signatures of the consciousness of alchemy, which humanity is learning to now embrace in a new way and on a higher level.

The experiences of your past have determined the reality you experience now, which in your past was your future. Now you stand at a point of a higher level of choice by becoming more aware of the quantum aspects of self by understanding that by focusing on the sub-atomic aspects of life, one contributes to the grander unfolding of the bigger picture of life in a whole new way.

Much has been said about quantum science over the recent years; however, when many see the word science, there is an aspect of self that seems to shut down, imagining complicated formulas which one needs to understand in order to grasp the information and message being presented through an arm called science.

Quantum science, however, is as an aspect of the collective grid of science and is basically the science of possibility. Quantum science focuses on the small aspects of life, the sub-atomic particles which exist inside of you, which contain consciousness. For many cycles individuals have had their concentration projected into the external world. Distracted by the grand happenings of life, by chaotic disruptions which further the distraction of focusing on self and becoming more aware of the finer details of one’s true self.

Humanity is now at the point of crossing the bridge into a new way of developing their senses, and becoming more conscious of the little aspects of self which make up the grander or greater collective picture of your true and whole self. In order to be able to contribute to a complete change in the external world that you see as a great community of humanity, one needs to understand that the small gestures of life are what lead up to the greater gesture called change. Nothing in life remains the same as you have all come to understand, you also need to understand your focus must be at this current time on the finer details of your life, and life in general.

Humanity has forgotten the impact of a small gesture like a kind smile, the small gesture of a kind word, a kind action, and a thought which sends light and love to someone who is in true need of it. Humanity observes each other from a disconnected perspective imagining everyone to be separate from themselves, everyone living a life very different to their own; however, beneath the surface of the world, we are all connected, and although you appear to be individuals you are not islands, you are one source of light feeding one another, based on that which you focus on.

Because humanity is so distracted by the chaotic energy of the external world, it has taken time to reconnect with the quality of the inner self. It has taken time for people to remember that focusing on the little things does in fact enhance the quality of the greater picture, and the grander unfolding of the collective Divine Plan. Therefore, on this day of this activation, we are asking all of you to take some time and to dedicate that time to be aware of the little things in life. Honouring the tiny creatures in your world, honouring and being aware of the value of small, kind, compassionate and joyous gestures, which make a difference in people’s lives; even if in the moment you are unaware of your impact as a result of your small gesture.

Think of it; perhaps there is a moment in life, and this has happened in your past, where you have crossed the pathway of an individual whom you know nothing of, whom you meet for just a moment in your life, however, in that moment a kind gesture was shared. That gesture may have lifted the sense of lightness which the person needed simply by a kind word, a humorous exchange, a warm look or a warm smile. Never underestimate these gestures, for this is what draws you closer to refining your relationship with the subatomic world.

Focusing on the greater details is not where your energy must now be concentrated. It is in the little world, the micro-cosmic aspects of life, bearing in mind that you are a micro-cosmic energy within the grander macro-cosmic collective, as much as you are a macro-cosmic being in relation to the micro-cosmic creatures existing within your world, the micro-cosmic actions which are conducted on a daily basis, which many are unaware of and unconsciously going about performing.

When these small gestures, or these small thoughts and activities run through your mind as random thoughts, flowing through you, crossing your mind in a split second, those little thoughts, especially if they are negative, impact on the grander picture of what you are trying to create. And this is why at this time we have activated the “Pods of Light” project.

This new project has been designed to accelerate your ability to rise above your fears and take on the grand art of creating your lives from a less toxic consciousness, by combining your energies with other soul seeds within your Pod of Light. The Pods of Light being activated all around your world contain seeds, therefore, see the seed within the pod as the subatomic particle within a greater atom of light called The Pod. When each of these subatomic particles, those of you who are the seeds, work together and conjoin your energies with a combined focus, and combined effort to support each other with the mundane and more complicated aspects of living life, you begin to pool your energies together in a whole new way. This pooling of energies creates a greater expanse called the Ocean of Light through which the Sacred Waters of Life flow, initiating deeper healing and a more expanded cleansing for the Collective Consciousness Astral Plane. This is also manifested in the opportunity as initiated by the Grand Council of Light for us to open a window of opportunity to work with you on a one-on-one basis; to help you understand what you need to focus your energy on right now in order to take in hand those parts of the unconscious, which are knocking at the door of the conscious mind, seeking your attention so that you can progress into the next level of your divine inner design, and manifest your destiny in a more conscious manner, but also in a more accelerated way.

This time is a fantastic opportunity for you to move beyond the confusion of being bombarded by the greater Collective Consciousness, which is filled with toxic consciousness, and helping you to separate your personal issues from that of the collective’s issues. This focuses and concentrates your energies on those subatomic energies of yourself, which are calling out to you.

When it comes to understanding quantum physics one must know that according to the science, consciousness impacts on the outcome of the so-called experiment. It says, quantum physics that is, that the observer determines the outcome of the experiment based on the level of consciousness held by the observer.

So let us now focus specifically on that idea, that consciousness determines the outcome, the level of consciousness of the observer specifically. This means that if your level of consciousness is tainted with toxic beliefs and attitudes, the unconscious aspects of yourself, which embody the subatomic particles, those very fine aspects of self, which you as a conscious human being are unaware of because of the external projection onto you, you are then continuously motivated by a very subtle world, a world you are unaware of, which in this instance we are calling your “subatomic consciousness”.

By understanding that your level of awareness is determining the outcome of your perception of your experiment called your life, it inspires you to delve deeper within yourself in order to become more conscious of those smaller, finer details, which are a part of your human make up, which is fueled by the hidden aspects of your human make up, also called your consciousness.

Consciousness is an infinite, expansive pool of energy. Energy can never be destroyed, it will move in the direction where most energy is concentrated. This is why precious ones, it has become so vitally important for you to know yourself beyond the surface presentation of your human personality. Over the past few years, we have subtly been driving you in the direction toward embracing yourself. We have delivered hundreds of transmissions presenting tools and processes which you are able to utilize to delve into the depths of those hidden parts of yourself.

The Fire Gates, the Air Gates, the Water Gates, and now the Earth Gates, are combined with the Cosmic Laws consisting of some of these very powerful tools to inform you of what you are as a grander being, and what you comprise of as a human being in fated flesh seeking those avenues which refresh your memory regarding who you are as a grander being. These polarities exist in a parallel fashion, therefore, you experience the duality of feelings and emotions, thoughts and attitudes. These polarities have shown you both sides of the coin of the earth human experience.

We have said before you have mastered the art of pain and suffering. Now you have the opportunity to see the other side of it, its equal but opposite, which is thriving and peace or serenity. One, however, cannot attain those ultimate levels of peace and serenity until one fully understands what the pain and suffering has brought you, in other words, recognizing, accepting through acknowledging the gift that has come through those processes. Very often your most traumatic experiences in life deliver you some of your greatest gifts. Some of your most advanced geniuses in your world experienced severe trauma in the earlier years of their life. That trauma shattered aspects of the collective dimension holding the personality in place, which ironically opened pathways granting access to dimensions which normally are not achieved. What we mean by this is, when a severe trauma takes place and there is a soul fragmentation, the withdrawal of that soul as a result of the shock and trauma finds a place outside of space and time within a realm much higher than the human ego, or the human perception of life, however, the lower ego attaches to the negative aspects of that trauma, which is completely natural and normal. That traumatic experience, regardless of how it was initiated, results in an unfolding of one’s life. That particular trauma prepares one for other aspects, or other cycles of life in one’s future.

The reason why we are saying this to you now is because we are asking you to, for a moment, just step away from the victim aspect of having experienced a trauma. For some of you your trauma may not have been as severe as abuse, sexual, physical, emotional or violent abuse. Perhaps your trauma was simply being in a home of absent parents, not having certain needs met. It is all relative. What we are saying is that the trauma experienced created a shutting down on a certain level, but at the same time, it has left within you a secret doorway into higher worlds which you access through the quantum world, by delving deeper into the self in order to understand how the little parts of yourself, which go back to your earliest creation hold keys to your future, hold keys to the greater expanse of your life.

This awakening of the sleeping seeds within yourself activates the parts of yourself which do not embody consciousness at this time. Now you may ask, how is it, if we are conscious beings and everything embodies consciousness, that there are parts of us that do not embody consciousness? Those parts are the sleeping aspects, the dormant aspects also known as your junk DNA, those ten strands which appear to be hanging around in space doing absolutely nothing. The secret is, that those ten strands contain the subatomic particles of the collective consciousness of humanity as well as the subatomic particles of the macro-cosmic super Universe.

You are now having to grasp just how infinite the world is, and having to shift your perspectives and your consciousness in order to see the other aspects of the dichotomies of life, and the revelations which exist within, opening your mind to look beyond the limited expanse, and very limited prison you have imprisoned yourself within as a result of being raised within a structured box called your life.

As these powerful energies are exerted upon you by your authentic and higher self, there is a tearing away of those veils of illusion, which often leave you staggering and aghast, not quite being able to digest everything that is unfolding around you. But remember, your world is in the centre of its greatest spiritual revolution ever to be experienced in life. This revolution is not an experience of a closed circle of revolving around a specific issue. This revolution is an evolution, an ascension, a continuous movement along the spiral of ascension. The stairway to Heaven.

You have walked this spiral of devolution, if we can call it this. You have been classed the “’fallen ones” because you have fallen from grace; you have fallen from the higher levels of consciousness into a dense world, where you have taken on the opportunity to experience the density of matter. You have reached the fork in the road now where you have the opportunity to either continue to exploring the world of density and matter as you have in the past, or you choose the pathway where you are living simultaneously within the dense world of matter and connecting yourself with the higher worlds of light.

In order to understand how light and matter are connected, how in and outer are one, and how everything that you see which is separate from you is an illusion, because you are created from the same source. The subatomic particles vibrating within your body is vibrating within every other soul on your planet, because the Collective Consciousness binds you together. The subatomic particles of the universe in which you live, is a resonance by which you are affected. Transmissions continuously expanding, exploring, exposing, progressing, transmitting and projecting within nanoseconds between absolutely every living aspect of energy. However, how you experience that is based on your level of consciousness, therefore, if you remain fixed within your life, if you remain fixed and attached to your beliefs as a result of your upbringing, you are inhibiting your progress forward. You are limiting your experience of life, and very sadly you are depriving yourself of the most extraordinary journey of humankind’s experience in the entirety of Earth’s history.

You have heard of stories of Atlantis, of Lemuria, of Mu. There are many stories written about the mysteries and the ancient mysticism from all the ancient cultures around your world. The traditions, the truths, the wisdom is all there; but that is all in the intellect. It is words written on paper which you may read, or may not ever come across in your lifetime. But because you do not read it, because you do not come across it, does that mean that you are therefore deprived of that. No; because the journey of life is not limited to an intellectual process of having to rely on written material to awaken you to what exists beyond the world that you see as tangible material matter.

Your journey has now reached a point where your ability to sense your world around you is now propelling you into another realm of experiencing life without having to rely purely on the intellect to direct you. This is the time where intuition is embracing you. Your inherent understanding of the origins of truth, which is speaking to you, communicating to you by inspiring you to move in certain directions. Where those subconscious and unconscious aspects are saying to you “for goodness sake pay attention to me”. Look at the little things and get over wallowing in the pain, suffering and victim nonsense of your past. Pay attention and look at the now. Where are you? Where are you going? Where have you been? And why are you where you are now?

This question will help you to see that your intellect-based world has created a world of isolation, of elitism and separation because the intellects of your world look down upon those who are more perhaps creative, more feeling based, and these separations have deprived each elitist party so to speak of the wisdom contained within the other worlds, and within the other arms of discovery. And everything, be it art, be it a sport, be it a science, is in fact a science within nature, because every creative expression of light, of truth, of energy, be it within physical matter or within the realms of light is a science within itself. It is a continuous force of energy creating consciousness and playing with those observers, those co-creators within that realm, which is in a tennis match, and the ball is the subatomic particles.

This is why life is called a game. There are many different games being played. There are an infinite number of rules, but there are always defining rules which define the quality of life. These you are currently learning through the Cosmic Laws, but there is always one essential truth which governs everything in creation, and that is the energy called Love. Love is the most powerful and grandest consciousness in existence. But every human being has their definition of love based on their upbringing, based on their experience, and based on their perceptions and attitudes created as a result of those experiences.

So Precious Ones, this is your calling now to turn your attention within, not to retreat from the world, not to isolate yourself from others, but to shift your attention and your focus into a different gear. To look at the world from the inside out, not from the outside in. This is your opportunity to see the wood for the trees inside of yourself, and to see that there is more to life than your past. And that in the present, the exquisite keys of transformation, and reformation exist, driving a whole new drive to freedom, a whole new drive to bring more and more Lightworkers and communities together in order to ensure the light continues to grow as light speeds up, which enhances and strengthens your position of power during this crucial time of change and transition, for you and humanity as a whole.

This window of opportunity is showing you that you are supported. We have stepped forward in a whole new way to stand before you, to speak with you on a one-on-one basis, and to deliver to you the truth if you are willing to hear it, and if you are prepared to take the truth and to transform your life. Every one of you hearing these words, and all of those of you will hear these words at a different time, and read these words in the future, your prayer has been answered. This is your confirmation on a physical level that we have heard you. Your prayers, your calls for help have not fallen upon deaf ears. Here we are, we have opened these windows of opportunity, and we will speak with you. But your call has also brought to you the need to take responsibility, to take yourself in hand and to agree that by accepting the help we offer, you need to accept that you are now stepping into a realm you have never stepped into before. That you are now working with energies that are far more advanced than you have ever been exposed to. These are the energies that were at their peak during Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and many of the other ancient civilizations. This is the opportunity for you as a collective body of light, as a group of Lightworkers, to ensure that humanity moves beyond those points of destruction which were experienced in the past. You have the power to change Earth’s spiritual power right now by choosing to turn and to look at yourself; to allow the scales to fall from your eyes; to become the leader of your life regardless of what your past has been, and in fact the more traumatic your past was, the more right you have to stand up and to claim your right to lead, and to be a voice for the world because your trauma has shown you just how deep the darkness is, but it is also showing you its equal but opposite, how powerful the light can be.

So through my ray of golden light, through my presence as the King of the Solar Lord of Archangels, of the Solar Archangels of Light, the Source of the Sun, the Source of Life, the source of support, we stand before you. We are here in our fullness, all of us, and we are focused on you. We have honed in on you. You have called for this. There have been enough of you to make this possible. So don’t back off now. Don’t get cold feet now. Now is crunch time. Now you need to show your worth and prove, not to us, but to yourself, what you are really made of.

Many years ago we started the activations of dissolving poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love consciousness and we called to you to embrace those parts of yourself in order to step into victory consciousness, prosperity consciousness and unconditional love consciousness. This has resulted in the manifestation of what you are all experiencing at this time, regardless of whether you have been following our teachings for years or not. We are just one Pod of Light in the greater macro-cosmic project of light, where all of us work together as a team of Masters, of Guardians, Angels, Archangels and the many Elohim who stand with you, working through your energetic signatures, which resonate best with us or with other groups, or other Pods as we call it. This creates the collective honeycomb of life and the honey golden ray, which is the sweetness of life, is returning.

The fate of humanity is coming to a turning point where those who have paid their dues can rise above their fate. Rise above their karma and step into destiny and live out your good karma so to speak. So take this moment on, embrace this opportunity with every fibre of your being, because now is the time where you are making the most incredible impact on the collective signature of life.

On many occasions I have said there is no more room, no more time to waste on being a victim, wallowing in self-pity, engrossed and self-absorbed in the traumas of your past. For goodness sake, what are you doing focusing on that when you know that what you focus on creates your future? I am telling it like it is, and those of you who know me know I am not going to hold punches, you want to know the truth, here it is. And the truth is what sets you free. Denying your past will not give you a shortcut to change. This does not mean to say that because you will be revisiting your past, that you are going to be traumatised all over again. For goodness sake, you are becoming empowered Lightworkers. You have the inner strength and courage to revisit those moments and to see their purpose, to take the gift from it and to step forward, to leave it in the past and to create a better future for yourself. What have all the teachings been about? What have you been doing with your life until this point, Precious Ones? Come now, let’s all grow up and be mature here.

You know that there is more to life than pain and suffering. You know it in your deepest, deepest being, you know that you know that you know that there is more to life than what you’ve experienced. So quit hiding from yourself, quit running from your past, quit ignoring the so-called demons hiding in the dark, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on you and eat you alive. That is your shadow standing there calling to you, saying “come closer”. Venture into the darkness of yourself. Own what hides there. Be courageous; look into the dark, for the wisdom of your soul holds a flame of light which will show you the truth, and reveal to you the hidden treasures lurking within the illusion of dark. For it is only the idea of the monsters in the dark which you run away from, which very cleverly distract you, and lead you away from the treasures which lie behind those monsters.

Think of all the fairytales and the stories that many have written, and how many times have these stories presented the message that when you have to go into those dangerous hidden realms, into secret caverns, into remote islands, having to fight your way through jungles, having to overcome the demons in the forests and in the jungles, yet when you have harnessed the truth and you have slayed those demons, suddenly you find yourself within a magnificent cavern filled with infinite amounts of treasure. Think Indiana Jones if that rings a bell for all of you. Do you see how even the storytellers of your world, whether they are conscious of it or not, have for eons of time been saying the same thing. Face your demon. Look into the dark. Face the darkness and the light will reveal itself.

The twelve caverns of the underworld are the twelve pathways of fate. The twelve caverns of the underworld, your fate, is your blueprint. It is the journey that you have walked as a human in fated flesh where you have had to deal with the twelve pathways of your life, which have resulted in your experience called life. These are known as the twelve aspects, the twelve houses of your astrological natal blueprint, therefore, those twelve caverns of the underworld, and very briefly we will explain what they are.

Those twelve caverns of the underworld are firstly directed at you, your physical self, your wit and your talents.

The second cavern is related to your finances, your ability to manifest and work with movable wealth in your world.

The third cavern of the underworld is related to your consciousness, your ability to communicate, your siblings, your neighbours, and your contracts with individuals within your life.

The fourth cavern of the underworld is linked to your father, to the so-called authorities in your life, your physical home, your fixed world, so to speak.

The fifth cavern of the underworld is linked to your children (if you are fated to have children), your creativity, true love, the pleasures of life, how you experience the process of sex, sexuality, and developing your creativity with lovers and true love, which involves illicit love too.

The sixth cavern of the underworld is linked to your health and your healing, your daily rituals, routines and service to the world.

The seventh cavern is linked to your partnerships, your legal partnerships, romantic partnerships and where your open enemies lie.

Your eighth cavern is linked to the death processes, the cavern of reformation and transformation. Your link to other people’s resources and how it is experienced in the external world in terms of your taxes, inheritances, etc, etc. It is also the cavern of the occult and mystery, which is linked to the ninth cavern where you step into the world of developing your relationship with God and Goddess; the spiritual realm of the occult, your link to foreigners, to foreign countries, to the foreign aspects of yourself, to your teachers, your spiritual teachers and your relationship with religion as such.

The tenth cavern holds the energy of your mother, your career, your destiny, your reputation and how you take yourself on in life.

The eleventh cavern is linked to your friends, your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, the groups and organizations through which you work and how children connect to you through society, how society impacts on you, but it is also the cavern which begins to show you the good fortune in life. It shows you that good fortune before you step into the final cavern, the twelfth one. And this is where the hidden realms hide. It is the realm of your hidden enemies, your unconscious and where all the subconscious aspects which lead to your own undoing reside.

When you travel through those twelve caverns, which you do every day, but when you step into those caverns in a more conscious way, and you understand how these twelve cycles move through your life, every twelve hours of every day, every twelve hours of every night, every twelve months of every year, and every twelve years, a new cycle begins, and you work with that consciously, precious ones, you will rise above your fate in ways that you never imagined, because you are now seeing your life with open eyes, no longer shrouded by the illusion of the underworld.

When things are underground, they are unconscious, they are hidden within the darkness. So when you understand yourself, when you are ready to take the truth in hand, and to get over your guilt, your shame, your fear of failure, or whatever else it is, the fear of facing the truth of yourself, then you step into the underworld in a different way. This time you are carrying a torch of light with you, and you become Indiana Jones, and you discover the treasure, and you rise from the underworld of those twelve caverns into the twelve holy mansions, which contain the treasures of your destiny.

So Precious Ones, these energies, which you are integrating at this moment in time, is accelerating the unfoldment and expansion of humanity’s consciousness by turning their attention back to the inner world, to becoming aware of the little things which have made up this grand experience you call life in your world. This is also activating the energies which shall be brought into being with that which we shall ground in Turkey in the month of October 2010. Therefore, what we are activating now on the 6th of the 6th, will then bring forth a level of its energy manifested at the time of the 10th of the 10th, and this prepares the energies for the coming of the next four ascension gateways. Believe life is changing. Believe that this turning point is shifting the axis of humanity’s consciousness, and this is what we mean by saying life as you know it will change. This is why we are showing you how, and the how reveals to you the why.

So, are you ready to embark upon an extreme soul adventure of getting to know yourself, getting to experience and heal those little parts of yourself which niggle at you, which eat at you, which you do not know is aggravating and irritating you, but all that you know is that you’re having a bad day. For some of you it has been a pretty damn bad life, but guess what, the light at the end of the tunnel is the light of Father/Mother God coming to greet you, and not a bullet train coming to ride you over as some have said.

So take this opportunity, imagine the collective honeycomb of life filled with those honeycomb Pods of Light embodying those subatomic particles, the seeds of light – you who are the subatomic particles of the honeycomb, of the golden light of the sweetness of life, and step into a new world of experience, so that the challenges which come in your future are not there to debilitate you, but simply to alert you to another subatomic process, which you are able to visit, to step into and transform.

The journey of life is about transformation. The journey of ascension is about transformation, it is about reformation, it is about dying to the old ways and rising like the Phoenix and stepping into a new world. This is the mid-life crisis for humanity, to give you another description. So take it on with both hands. There is no more room, or there is no more excuse to say that your prayers have fallen on deaf ears, to say that you are alone in this world. Your support is not always going to come from physical sources, make peace with that. Therefore, if you perceive yourself as being alone in the world well then, perhaps that is your lot right now, but you are not alone, you have you, you have Mother Nature, you have God/Goddess, and you have the subatomic world in your presence all the time. Do not limit your expectation of support to come from external physical sources. Do not expect your happiness to come from physical people. Do not measure the quality of your worth or your happiness based on how others treat you. Measure it based on how you treat yourself and how much effort you are willing to put into rising above your fate and taking on your destiny. By opening your eyes to the truth about yourself and taking yourself on to rise like the Phoenix and live your pathway authentically

Precious Ones, I am filled with great excitement for I know you are all being motivated from a different perspective now. Your energy is motivating you and inspiring you to see yourself through different eyes, and we rejoice, we celebrate, and we are going to “bug” the hell out of you – literally. Bugs being very small, so I hope you see the connection with subatomic particles but forgive me, I am wanting to add a little humour to this, for you all tend to take life so seriously.

Precious Ones, take our message, share it with others, listen to our words again and know that this is yet another level of the turning of the tides, another way of seeing yourself, another doorway beyond the paradigm of paralysis, of delusion, of illusion, of debilitation, and now it is your call. In the meantime, continue to know that the many invisible arms that hold you are ever present. The many invisible hearts that love you are unconditional; for we are with you in all ways, always, and never are you alone, for we are all one. May the light of truth continue to open your eyes to yourself, and may you be at peace.

I am Kuthumi-Agrippa, King of the Solar Lords of the Solar Archangels. Adonai.

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