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The Council of Light* The Greatest Remedy is Love


The Greatest Remedy is Love

March 10, 2009 Full Moon

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Beloved one – as always,

There is so much taking place that it causes a great stir within you, but let us say that there is one place around which all things spin: the centre. Your centre. Remember this is like the Great Sun in your galaxy…remain centred and allow it all to spin around you…do not think otherwise! In this complex state of affairs, keep things simple. Keep your heart’s desire for clarity and simplicity and truth, and that is all that you require to keep on keeping on. If it is your truth, then all is well. What happens is that with fear and effluvia in the air, it is easy to get seduced by what is not true for you. The fear opens up the door for the chaos to come in. Do not allow it by staying centred on love and knowing that you are always taken perfect care of and that you are the centre of your galaxy. Be the sun! Be the son. Be the child of the creator that you are in all ways on all days.

This full moon precedes the time of equinox which is the time of equal day and night for the entire planet…it is the time to anchor balance and harmony in your lives…no matter where you are or what is going on. Choose balance and harmony. It is the time of the great awakening of the heart of humanity, all taking place through the softening of your sacred hearts. The realization of who each of you are. The recognition that each soul has a purpose, and a time when light will shine from all eyes in recognition of each other. Allow yourself to look into another’s eyes deeply – be sure that your eye connections are sincere and meaningful. Find the love in each other’s eyes. Notice people’s eyes. They have been known for centuries as the doorway to the soul…so allow the exchange of light that takes place in this way. There is great love there. Find forgiveness and healing by the intention of gazing with love into the other’s eyes. Be aware that what is being born inside your heart and mind, emanates from you…and the light of your eyes is a primary transducer of love light that radiates from inside of you. Look at each other. Be aware of your willingness (and hesitancy) to really look at each other, eye to eye.

As you continue to love yourself into light, your relationship with yourself will deepen unlike you have every experienced. Within yourself you will find the All. You will know what is right and what is true and what is disharmonious and what to do. You will have the support when the decisions seem to be tough, and this will make them easier. Nothing exists outside of you that holds a greater truth for you than what you will find in your heart. Go there as often as possible so that it is second nature, and in this way, when things are wild outside, the pathway to your heart is well-trodden and effortless. Have great compassion for all of your brothers and sisters. Feel the presence of the extraordinary animals who grace the planet as they join you in the upliftment. Pray like you have never prayed before and that is by the constant feeling notion of the outcome you desire as if it already exists. And for this, gratitude is the sealant. Be grateful for all things, no matter how they appear, for they are the catalysts for the great change taking place. Know that the outcome will be victorious. By the power of your conscious minds you are creating the perfection that awaits, and by your sincerity you will succeed. Bring such love into your lives that there is room for nothing else. Love your breath and your companions and your home and your animals and your trees and neighborhoods and your food and your sleep and your music and art and vehicles and colleagues and body and your computers and and and and…all things on your beloved Mother Earth. Love yourselves into radiance. When fire comes into your belly, love that too. When impatience rears its ugly head, love it through. When boredom or judgement or insecurity shows up, love yourself free of it.

In the simplest terms for an intensely complex state, the greatest remedy is love. If it does not look like it, smell like it, sound like it, taste like it or feel like it, then stop it. Focus only on what you know to be love, unconditional and free. There is not much more we can say than that. Whether sorting through a complexity or healing a little wound, the answer is always – always – love.

Get to know it so deeply that there is room for nothing else.

We are yours in all ways,

The Council of Light That is Within


The Council of Light* Simple Grace


Simple Grace


© 2008 Rebecca Couch and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart.


The Council of Light* The Mind is the Matter

The Mind is the Matter

New Moon of October 28, 2008

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Dearest Ones,

You have come to know that it is the mind that causes you the greatest difficulty, the greatest challenge, the greatest grief – for it is the mind that holds you in the past and keeps you stuck in what you do not desire. It is the mind that creates the only living hell there is, and yet it is also the mind that can get you out. Because the big story of humanity is the evolution of consciousness, the mind is a primary participant in this transformation. And so if you all commit to being ardent stewards of your own minds, therein the great revolution occurs!

The most important thing to consider in relation to your mind is that you alone are its programmer and its pilot. What goes in and what perpetuates and what it generates is solely within your conscious control…no one or thing or higher command is in charge. This is the great gift of free will. The love that pulsates in your heart is the great Divine Gift – it is like the electricity, when your mind is the central processing unit of your body that is the computer. And so your ultimate ticket to freedom is governed by your own choice of what you allow your CPU to process. Make deliberate, conscious, strict, refined, aware decisions about what you allow into, within and out of your mind. This is the purpose of the spam filters! Do not even allow the effluvia past your fire wall. Do not download or run any program that does not serve your highest good or that of your family of consciousness. If ever a bug gets into your system, eradicate it immediately – just press the delete button and shift your focus to what you desire.

The critical importance of this self responsibility to the whole cannot be stressed enough at this time. Be airtight in your diligence and you will be doing the greatest service to yourself and your brothers and sisters on the planet. This is the separation of the wheat from the chaff…the conscious sorting that is creating The New Earth. You each have a key to the outcome, you each have an important role to play in its creation, and this is all governed by your mind.

The greatest rule is this: focus only on that which is imbued with love. If it is expansive and beautiful and uplifting and colourful and meaningful and joyous and rich and awe inspiring…these are all signs that you are on the right track. Many have experienced these attributes but imagine that they are occasional or sporadic…but these are the attributes of the paradise of The New Earth and you are creating them by what you choose to focus upon! Imagine that everything in your experience is magical and intricate and interconnected and peaceful and absolutely amazing…and it will be thus.

Remember above all else at this time that what is falling apart no longer serves, so do not focus for one moment on it or the power of your mind will recreate more…and there is no greater hell than the one that is created consciously, when freedom is just a thought away. Do not allow yourself to be a prisoner of your own mind when you can choose freedom in any now moment. Do whatever you can to support your mind…choose not to watch the news, choose to focus on love in every now moment, choose to release all unhappy thoughts of the past, surround yourself with life-inspiring people, focus on the sunshine and the miracles of nature, be in nature as much as possible, rejoice in the beauty of art and music, relish water, laugh as much as you can, dance, sing, breathe, celebrate, be at peace, do not judge, trust that all is well, focus on what you desire, know that you are never alone, and above all, that you are love at your core. Love always overcomes. Love always wins. Love always, always, rises to the top.

So if there is anything unlike love in your life, first throw as much love at it as possible. If it continues, then choose otherwise. In this way, you will always be traveling the right path at the right time and all will be well. For by the power of your mind, you ensure that all is always well for yourself, your home, your community, and your world.

When the majority of minds are focused on the awesome attributes of HOME (Heaven on Mother Earth) then it will be so.

The Council of Light that is Within



The Council of Light : New Moon – Stay Tuned to Rock and Roll


a message from  The Council of Light  channeled by  Rebecca Couch
Wednesday, 2 July, 2008 


Beloved Ones, 

It is always a sacred time when we are together, and that time is always now! And so it is. And at the time of the new moon we begin again, as it is always that we are beginning again.

Remember that the cycle of expansion circles around and then begins again, as we are thrust forward and then retreat, yet all the while gaining velocity! This is why it feels as though we are rocking back and forth – thrust forward and then back again – thrust forward and then back again – we rock ourselves into the future! This rocking motion is important as it is the ebb and flow of creation, being thrown into the new and resting back to integrate before being thrust forward again. Pay attention to how this rock and roll patterns in your life in both larger and smaller ways – the inbreath and the outbreath. This is why you have chosen the new and full moon cycles to write. Remember that the cycles are speeding up all the time, spinning within themselves that you experience as shorter cycles within each other.

It is only important to be aware of this patterning that you become patient with it, that as the witness, you understand and do not expect a full throttle life! Even though it seems this is what some desire, it would not be so were it not for this gentle rocking. Being aware of this is being present with a basic energy pattern of the universe. And from there, you will begin to experience nuances, like learning the base notes before the high notes. The music has begun and you are learning a brand new form of appreciation of it beginning with the rhythm, picking up the melody, being aware of each instrument as it contributes to the whole, and ultimately being able to witness the entire expression while simultaneously being aware of each subtle part. This will become the beauty of your experience as you gain greater presence, witness, discernment, capacity and appreciation. Once more the attitude of gratitude is the way to find the best seat in the house for the concert!

Because the new is just that – new – it is easiest to describe the way your experience will feel is through metaphor, as the way you connect to greater presence is through feeling the energetic shifts. We liken this to listening carefully to a piece of music and allowing it to carry you, expand you, and awaken you to the new world! And so learn to listen carefully, just as you would a beautiful new piece of music, with expectant, attentive senses. The new does not come in with fireworks and a clamorous brass band; it is subtle, like a light breeze, a slight change in temperature. If you are running around and spun out and over-thinking and creating drama and attached to things and anesthetizing yourself from the moment, then you will miss the fine, silken presence that your heart yearns to know. It is always there, just not as you expected. And thankfully so!

We speak of this to prepare you for being fully present that you will be able to discern, in each moment, what is true for you. This is developing your own specialized GPS system and, like a fine instrument, you will be able to determine what is right for you within each now moment. Become aware of the fine instrument that you are so that you can consciously participate in the beautiful symphony that is taking place. When will your time be to chime in? What will be your location in reference to landmarks? What will your latitude and longitude be? Your coordinates are determined by your ability to tune in to your own guidance system, and that is all you need do…stay tuned!

And so we leave you today with a brief lesson in Music Appreciation 101. Who would have thought it would begin with Rock and Roll?!

In love and appreciation of all that you are, as the circle goes around again, we are –

The Council of Light That is Within

The Council of Light : Be P.E.A.C.E. Full

a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch
Tuesday, 3 June, 2008 (posted 12 June, 2008)

Dearest Council of Light, help us better understand what is taking place in the outside world and how we can be inside to ensure continued growth, peace and joy in our everyday lives. Thank you for your constant blessing and support.

Beloved Followers of the Light,

It is easier than you think, especially if you are doing so with conscious intent to contribute to the New World and not to perpetuate the old one! But what is the New World when the old one is rising up in your faces all the time? It is all things that are peaceful, for this is a primary sign. If the thought or activity or person or feeling or information does not elicit peace, then it is not creating an expanded presence within you, and so is not creating the New. If you need a quick and easy filter, it is PEACE. Your heart will feel expansive, your attitude will be of abundance, your creativity will be ignited and your energy will be stimulated, all in a positive ways. So the word peace itself could represent Positive Expansion of Abundant Creativity and Energy!

If anything about you is not one of these traits, then you are supporting the old way…be quick to realize it and turn your self around, remembering that a ship at sea only has to make a very small adjustment to the steering to end up at a completely different destination…learn to trim your sails and adjust your course often and succinctly. Each small gesture will ensure that you become an ardent supporter of creating all that is PEACEful in your life and thereby contribute to the contagion of peace all around you and so it will grow all over the planet.

Another important thing to remember is this: do not get stuck in old ways. Become your own best coach to try new things and explore new thoughts and think of life as exciting and take on challenges and go a different way next time and stir things up a bit in your life that the OLD grooves and the OLD patterns and the OLD way is effortlessly released in the excited exploration of the new. It is so easy to just walk the same path because “auto pilot” is easy – but the price you pay for stasis is great, and it is so much more exhilarating to continue to forge a new path, a new point of view, a new way…keep coaching yourself to turn a new direction, just for the sake of the delicious interest of seeing and doing and being from another perspective. Keep an open mind. Allow the winds of change to gently caress your life and push you and turn you in a new way. What is the new way?

It is all things new. Get up and out and explore and experience and imagine that this is the day to find new inspiration and new ways and new experiences. Remember that what you focus on expands, so just deciding that you are new and each day is new and that is exactly what you will draw unto you.

If you are bored it is because you just haven’t decided to turn slightly and begin anew. Just do it. Focus on youth and vitality and expansion and fertility and colours and shapes…as if you are welcoming in a new program to upgrade the old one!

And so how else does the New World appear? It appears inside you first. All things are born on consciousness first, so when the majority are in this PEACEful state of mind, then the outside world will shift. So when things intensify and appear negative, do whatever you can to focus on the positive. See the beauty in everything, no matter what form it takes in the outside world – by thinking and responding to it differently, it changes. Keep turning it over and over until the light shines in it. Until the light shines on it. Until the light shines around it. Do not expect the outside world to rescue you…self-mastery is changing the external through internal change…that is what makes you magical wizards! So stir the pot, change it up, toss the dice, make a change, see the light, shift it around. This is conscious, deliberate, effort. This is diligence on behalf of your own life and all life. This is your purpose.

Remember that your role as lightworker is in conscious alchemy to take what is and make it better – to make change in substance from one to another, for the highest outcome for all. No one does this for you – the old way is waiting for the alchemy outside of you. The great change comes, like all powerful transformation, from within.

Beloved ones, we know that this is a labour of love; we know that it means that you must take charge of every moment and every action and this requires discipline. We know that you are on the front lines and this takes courage. And we also know that you will be victorious, so keep on keeping on. Each individual must charge ahead with powerful intent, but you are bound together shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart. You are not alone in your efforts, as many are here to shine light on the path ahead and cheer you on along the way. Keep choosing the new path and we promise that you will be delightfully surprised to find what lies ahead.

In light of the new, we are

The Council of Light that is Within

© 2008 Rebecca Couch and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart.


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