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The Angels* June 2009 Do We Have the Luxury of Time?



June 2009

“Do We Have the Luxury of Time?”

When I woke up one night with an Angel giving me the title to this message and the content for it, I was surprised because they have never pushed or said to “Hurry up!”  More often over the years they have said, “Be patient.”  Oh, how many times I heard that!  Because of the information I was to share, I asked some questions so that I could have a greater understanding of what I was channeling for everyone and I will now share the insight that I received.


There are so many different things going on in the world today, sometimes it is hard to keep up with it all.  It can be depressing!  Who is fighting who?  Who is murdering who?   Who is lying?  Who is telling the truth?  Who has nuclear weapons?  Who is testing missiles and weapons?  Who is actually making the decisions?  I’m tired just making a list.  The reason is because it all deals with lower energy.   It almost doesn’t even seem fair to say, “Well, that’s the “Earth”plane.”  Mother Earth is so much stronger than what energy is currently dwelling on top of her.  I know she is birthing a new reality but how uncomfortable it must be for her to have all of these changing energies while she is giving birth!  As a Mother, I know what it is like to be in labor and have lower energy around.  It just makes the beauty of the experience worse!  She is doing the best that she can.  A lot of what she is changing physically for us seems like it is something negative, however she continues because she is only answering our prayers for a better life through a higher reality.  We cannot have that higher reality the way things are without her physically changing…hence the birth.  Is she giving birth to a new Earth that will be somewhere in a different reality?  No.  She is giving birth right here and it will be our reality once the energy comes forth.  For that she needs our help because she is actually working for us.  She is in the midst of her labor and when we as *Lightworkers* and *Lightbearers* stall or stop in living our spiritual lives, it means she will be in labor longer; perhaps indefinitely.  What happens to her is up to us, as has always been the case.  The difference is now that there is more at stake than ever before.


We are at a critical time in our individual Soul’s decision making; which affects that Universal path.  There is so much going on here on the Earthplane that it is disrupting the *Lightworkers* who have been prepared ahead of time to be the voices of reason and leaders during chaos.


An Angel explained to me that in 2003 we had ascended as an entire group to the 4th Dimension.  Not everyone agreed to go to the 4th Dimension, however it was a collective decision of the Souls who incarnate here and the majority ruled.  The 3rd dimensional level was closed.  Everyone got flipped over into the higher Dimension.  For a few years, everything was fine.  Lower energy people actually got a boost of energy, some liked it and some didn’t.  Those of us that wanted a higher way to live started taking baby steps to figure out how to utilize the new energy.  And we liked what we were experiencing.  Then all of a sudden in 2007 there was a change.  Things started to go haywire around the world and in 2008 it dramatically got worse.  In the times we live in, we are now a global society so anything that happens across the world, affects us all now more than ever.  By the time we were asked the question if we wanted to be more conscious of our spiritual path in late 2008, the lower energy people who never wanted to be catapulted over into the higher 4th dimension asked to go back to the 3rd Dimension.  Can you believe that?  They asked to return to that lower energy!  The main reason was that they were feeling agitated by being in the higher energy and they didn’t like being constantly reminded that they were not used to the higher *light*.  Since we are living on Earth where free-will reigns, their request was granted.  Now, that would not have happened if only a few people asked, but unfortunately a lot of people asked.  And since they have gone back to that 3rd dimensional energy, they are happier.  So now we are living on Earth that has 3rd dimensional souls, 4th dimensional souls and higher 4th dimensional souls who are trying to anchor in the 5th dimension.  I am telling you all of this so that you have background to help you with what you are seeing and experiencing in your outside daily life and with what you are seeing and experiencing in your spiritual life.  No, you are not crazy.  Heaven is coming and you can feel it some of the time.  And yes, it does look like hell is here, too, because when compared to Heaven, the 3rd Dimension does look very different; very dark energy.  Think about this for a moment.  When we ascended into the 4th Dimension, all that was prophesied about the End-Times went away; wiped out in one blessed moment.  Now that there was a decision by some Souls to bring the 3rd Dimension back into our reality, it is back.  And that is what you are seeing play out right in front of your eyes every day on the news.


I was reminded that since the Ascension door closed in January, there have been multitudes of *Lightworkers* who have been caught in the doorway with one foot in the past and one foot on the ascension side.  This has been because of one of two reasons.


The first is that someone of lower energy that had either taught them spiritually in the past or a previous love connection to them knew (on a Soul level) about this doorway and knew that they didn’t have what it takes to get through on their own so they latched on to that higher *Lightworker* in order to make it through.  That is why we have always taught to be careful who you sit under for teachings.  If you learn from someone, always, always, always, say a prayer of protection prior to the teaching.  Because by sitting there listening, you have opened up your energy to that teacher / person.  This type of attachment backfired because this is the first time in this Universe’s history that another Soul has not been allowed to get a free ride to a higher level.  This Ascension towards the 5th dimension will not allow it. The problem is that if these attachments are not cleared, the higher *Lightworker* will remain stuck in the doorway and unable to move forward.


The second reason is that the *Lightworker* said “Yes!” to the question of “Do you want to continue working on your spiritual path consciously?”  However, with the economy or family issues or worry, fear about so many other things or all of these things combined, they only got part way through the door.  And now they are stuck.


The reason that they titled this message, “Do We Have the Luxury of Time?” is that we don’t.  The Souls who have been called to work, are asked to work.  There is energy arriving in the 3rd week of June that will blow open blocks that have been stalling things.  You will be successful at utilizing this energy if:


You are prepared

If you are not stuck in the Ascension doorway

You are not looking at the past and bringing it into your future


To prepare for this energy, start speaking now what you want and need for your life and for your service to others.  Make sure when saying your prayers / affirmations that you are asking for your needs to be met first.  Then state what your needs are for your work / service.   If you are not taken care of personally, you will not be able to work long for Spirit.  There needs to be an equal flow of love energy… giving and receiving.


If you are dealing with any aspect of your ego, you have a way to get knocked off your highest and easiest path.  If you feel you will not be prepared when this wonderful energy arrives because you are in fear of the economy, your relationship is not what you feel it should be, you don’t have a love relationship or anything else that would cause you to worry, then start changing these things today with your thoughts and words.  Speak clearly and often what you do want in your life and not what you see, if you don’t like what is already there.


There is no more time to be deciding which path you are on.  You can be on the ascension path but not be in spiritual service.  But you can’t be in spiritual service and not be on the ascension path.  If you were called in the past to serve others, do it with your whole heart.  Now is the time to put both feet in and walk your talk.  Be honest in all your personal and business dealings.  Have integrity.  Make sure that in your personal time when you think no one is watching you that you are doing the same thing you would do out in public.  People are watching; the very people you are asking Spirit to serve.  If they see that we are not walking our talk, why should they jump on the Ascension bandwagon?  If they see that we are poor and not able to manifest things for our own life; how can we show them that ascending is the best way for their Soul to experience life on Earth?  Concentrate on yourself first then out of your overflow you will help others.


Some of you already know that I was taught the majority of what I know spiritually by the Lord and His Angels and not from Spirit Guides, books (other than the Bible) or from spiritual teachers on Earth.  And with those teachings I have a unique perspective on our times and those to come.  I was specifically taught and prepared for the End-times 10 years before our Ascension to the 4th Dimension.  Then all of that teaching went out the window and I was prepared to teach the teachers, healers and others walking the higher path how to anchor in and ascend to the 5th Dimension.  Now I am being reminded of all of that old information to go along with all of the new information to share.   I am prepared.  I am shocked that we are going through this but I am ready to help and serve in whatever way I get called on to serve. 


Today is the day to take an honest look at your life and see where you are holding yourself on being the highest, brightest spiritual human being you can be.  If you find in your honest look at yourself and your life that some energy is disrupting your life, clear it now!  Ask for help.  Or clear it by calling forth your highest Angels and commanding that all energies that are not of your Soul be removed immediately!  For those that follow the path of Jesus Christ, follow the command with His name.  Don’t wait to do this.  Feel the power you have been learning to use and use it!  Let’s not be turned from our callings and do what we know to do to get serious about anchoring in the 5th dimensional energy into our lives daily.  We have been preparing you to live in the “now” for the last few years.  The time is now.  We don’t have the luxury of time to be the spiritual beings we came to be tomorrow.  It’s time to make a decision whether you are willing to consciously walk the Ascension path.  I would be honored to walk beside you while we anchor in the 5th Dimension.  Namaste!


May you have clarity and peace in making your decision,



Bliss, Sensitivity, and Big Life Changes

a message from Doreen Virtue
Sunday, 25 May, 2008 (posted 29 May, 2008)

As I walked into my garden, I was greeted by fragrant jasmine, roses, and other springtime blooms. The flowers’ perfume seemed much stronger than ever, and I inhaled it deeply. I felt the angels’ gentle presence by my shoulders, and realized that my increased sensitivity has allowed me to enjoy the fragrance even more.
One benefit of allowing myself to become more sensitive, I decided. After all, allowing yourself to feel deeply is a choice. Sometimes, when I’m around people exhibiting anger or other harsh energies, I wish that I wasn’t quite so sensitive. Yet, I wouldn’t trade my garden experience for any amount of emotional bluntness.

I can feel the emotions of my loved ones who live far away. I can sense the world’s sorrow and despair. Yet, I can also go to the park and see a mother cradling her newborn baby and feel their pure, shared love. My heart can delight at small kindnesses bestowed by strangers. I can be moved to tears by the love of my friends and family. I can feel bliss at the grocery store when I’m aware of the divinity in the people around me, and I can enjoy the divine perfection in all of our lives.

It seems that most people I know, including myself, are going through big life changes. A lot of my friends are questioning their relationships, careers, and living conditions. I’m also going through a period of soul-searching. The question most of us are asking is: What’s next?

This question comes from a desire to control and predict the future. Yet, there is no true future; there’s only NOW in which we’re guided and escorted perfectly by the angels. The choices and actions of NOW are creating our future.

Instead of fighting with our thoughts and feelings, how about listening to them? What are your recurrent feelings? What changes do you dream about making? What do you love about your life, and what do you feel complete with?

Know that it’s safe to ask these questions, and to explore possible changes along your pathway. Your intuition like a GPS (Global Positioning System) has been upgraded, updated, and refined within the new energy waves. It is now exquisitely tuned-in to other people’s energies and it is illuminating the next steps along your personal path.

As you consider and make these changes, continuously talk to your angels. Ask for their help, ask for clear signs that you will easily notice and understand. Ask for reassurance, courage, and motivation. Ask for support. And most of all, ask: “Please help me to accept help.” Often the angels send help in the form of other people.

Give God and the angels any fears about making changes. Call upon Archangel Michael to release you from toxic attachments to fear.

And know that we’re all going through this period of growth, reevaluation, change, and upliftment together!

© 2008 Angel Therapy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To know more about the wonderful work of Doreen Virtue please visit her website


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