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Magic Moments in Time

Athene Raefiel

Welcome New World order. The times they are a changing! Dearly Beloved’s we are gathered her together in this time, on this place called Earth, to elect a new set of frequencies to generate out as a planet and also individually to bring to fruition the fifth dimensional awareness within all planes of existence we experience daily as reality.

Since now is the time when all planes of existence are experiencing themselves within one another simultaneously, it is also time for us to do the same. In reality we are, and always have been, subjected to these frequencies continually (as they are always experiencing themselves), yet only now within our third dimensional plane of form and thought can we personally fully experience all the amazing energetic frequencies as they overlap and interplay with one another.

The adult question would be, how do we understand and assimilate what these frequencies and energies are permeating if we have no memory of them to begin with? The answer, of course, is that we are the memory of these frequencies and being that memory allows us to consciously re-remember what we have known all along but never really understood. This memory of understanding is that these all-pervading, ever expanding frequencies and us make up the whole of the Universe, the Cosmos and “all else that is”.

What we are currently experiencing cannot easily be put into words nor is it going to be quickly assimilated by us, yet it is powerful and impacting. So much so that it impacting our dream state as well as the Astral and other subtle bodies we walk around with called our Aura’s. In a way it is as if there is currently a collision of energetic forces that are causing disruptions in all forces.

Many people are currently feeling as if they are out of body, as well as forgetful and ungrounded. For some of us it seems as if we are walking through some type of dream world feeling a little sci-fi and otherworldly. Definitely we are not fully grounded to anything right now, thereby being unable to feel a sense of confidence with our decision making process. Most humans are probably vacillating a great deal and obsessive compulsive personalities are working very hard to control their re-actions and actions.

The mind seems to either be speeding at major acceleration or very tired and confused. Sounds a lot like BI-polar energy effecting us all currently. Lots of highs and lows and short temperaments. These are like the outer symptoms of much deeper inner process that is taking place in all of us.

This month of August 2008 heralds great awakenings for many of the Old Souls to Heavenly Riches and the long awaited Physical Balances needed to slow and heal disease. For the Younger Souls, these powerful energies bring a great sense of Awakening to their soul and physical purpose and direction to lead the world through the massive shifts the times upcoming. This present year is like the finalizing of some very powerful envisioning that has been created and held strongly within the power of light, over the past forty years or so now.

This is a completion cycle for putting the finishing touches on some very hard work of so many souls through many previous centuries that has now brought us back to this amazing opening of vast expanses and regions of awareness long ago believed to be unattainable. Finally as well, the belief structures to hold humans back from realizing ” true spiritual evolution” as the key to development through all levels of life put in place by powerful forces long ago is being purged. And the world and human life can now move more easily and consistently towards change for the better.




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