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January 15 , 2008


We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

This phase of the process is vitally necessary, but is also an important validation as well that we are indeed poised to enter a very new world and reality very soon.

Just like babies entering the birth canal, or individuals experiencing the “tunnel” of a near death experience, we are most assuredly going through the same.
We are leaving one reality, after our roles of transmuting the denser energies have now been completed for this latest round (and a long round it was!), and may now find ourselves “in between.” No longer living in the old world reality, with a complete and total severance, it can, at times, feel like we are not here nor there. But even though, we may have a sense that a very new beginning, with an excitement in the air, is on the very near horizon.
Many of us are at different points of this tunnel or transition. Some have already landed completely and are finished with the transition and out of the tunnel, and others are in the midst of the transition, still seeking clarity and a sense of place.
Symptoms of tunnel travel? Intense muscle aches, sinus pressure and headaches, deep body pain, ringing in the ears, nausea, intestinal distress, coughing and chest congestion, feelings of pressure or toxicity in the body, insomnia, a feeling that absolutely nowhere feels right or comfortable, and a wondering where oh where home might now be, with seemingly nowhere else left to go, or nowhere left that seems to “fit.”
We are indeed letting go and releasing the intensely challenging experience of purging and transmuting so may of the denser energies that seemed to embody nearly all of 2007, and it can take awhile to complete this process. But before we enter yet another higher realm or reality, we must be indeed free and clear of any baggage or leftover energies from the long process that 2007 brought to us.
Having successfully transmuted so many denser energies of the past, much was accomplished. Many, many more of the lower vibrating energies were captured during 2007. Thus, much more of the planet was affected and carried forward. It was a truly awesome and monumental experience.
And now, we are this close to setting foot on new land. The month of January is a good time for tying up loose ends, for taking care of old business that we had not had time to attend to, and for finalizing all those last details that are necessary in order for us to move forward into a new reality. And with a Mercury retrograde due to arrive on January 28th, this process will be supported even further into February, even though we will still have the opportunity to begin very new lives during this time as well.
If you are one who is experiencing muscle pain, shoulder and neck tightness and pain, headaches, and most any of the symptoms mentioned earlier in this energy alert, know that when you get through this transition tunnel, these symptoms simply vanish and you will feel better than you have felt in a very long time. A lightness will engulf you, and you will feel as if you have let go of all the burdens you have ever carried, as if you had dis-connected from an old reality of struggle and pain, and suddenly burst into a reality of light, joy, pleasure, a deep contentedness, and a knowing that all your needs will always be met with no effort required.
The discomfort is part of the final release process. Just as an individual releases all of the remnants of his/her human experience in one fell swoop when they go through the dying process in the old 3D reality, we are now experiencing a great release before we enter a higher dimension. Only with the ascension process, we are dying while we are alive, so this process occurs in smaller segments. None-the-less, the current leap we are now experiencing is a substantial one indeed.
There are many dimensional portals in the area where I currently live in New Mexico. And access to them is set up in a very interesting way. The most evident access to the most substantial portal attracts all kinds of energies, as many different forms are attracted to this opening and seem to want entry. There is also much darkness there, and all these energies seem to bottleneck at the most evident entry point, wanting to get in and bumping into each other. In addition, much of anything is turned away, as the ugliness and darkness serves to discourage and re-route all those who feel inclined to enter.
Our temporary rental house is near the entrance to this portal. It is common to see cars drive up our street and then turn around, so the energies are creating this scenario at all levels. Each time I venture to take a walk into this area, I am severely warned to leave and turn back, as the area is so condensed with dark energies which are stuck there, seeking entry.
But this is a grand plan that is all so very intentional. These entry areas to higher dimensions are deliberately set up to appear as ugly and dark, so that most will be repulsed, fooled, and turn back. And if one tries to access a higher dimension through this portal by sheer will, intention, or force, they will most assuredly have a very unpleasant experience.
But once on the other side, it is a completely different story and it can be difficult to ever leave once one arrives. It is a reality and energy so removed from the old world and mainstream creations, that one would think they have truly arrived in heaven on earth. I tell you this because it is all so similar to what most of us have recently experienced. We must go through the darkness to arrive in heaven, but we go through it in a way that is not forced, intentional, or which comes from an ego’s desire.
We arrive by allowing, transmuting, letting go of our arrogance, and having this experience seemingly not even be our own idea. It comes though a gentle acceptance, a willingness to let go of all we are being encouraged to let go of, and a deep trust that we are being guided to the perfect place and the perfect circumstances for our next level of existence, even though we may not consciously know what that is.
I am reminded of one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs, All-American Girl:
Since the day he got married,
He’d been praying for a little baby boy
Someone he could take fishin’ throw the football,
And be his pride and joy
He could already see him,
Holding that trophy taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket,
All those big dreams changed and…
Now he’s wrapped around her finger,
She’s the center of his whole world,
And his heart belongs to that sweet little
Beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American girl.
When Oprah Winfrey was approached with an offer for a television talk show, she was not really interested. It was not in her plan. She resisted. But after she eventually took the plunge and did it, she said doing it felt “just like breathing.”
At times, Source, or our souls seem to know more than we consciously do in regard to what is best for us. And when we arrive at this new place, we may indeed seem uncomfortable at first, as it is so very new. This is because we have let go of so much of the old, and a very new fit has now arrived for us. But if we can know and accept that this very new home is as perfect as it can be, and the best fit for our new selves and our new reality, and if we can trust that it will in time indeed be right for us, we can then experience more joy, love, ecstasy, and contentment than we have ever known.
The familiar is gone. We have evolved beyond it. Our old comfort zones can no longer be. Being willing to let go of our old groves and securities can only serve to allow us through the gates of this very new reality.
There are those who have been preparing for their strongest desires for a long time. They have been waiting for the right time, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this. They may have experienced false starts, sputtering and seemingly getting nowhere for quite awhile, as their desires had run so deep, were so innate, for such a very long time, that they could not understand why they were not manifesting. “After all, wasn’t it my life purpose here?”
There are those whose wildest dreams would not seem to manifest, but after much release of mis-perceptions and ego desires through the process of the past few years, these desires may have changed or become clarified.
But we are now ready to manifest our deepest desires. Finally, oh finally. The time has come. It is time for all we have ever wanted to arrive for us. It is time for our dreams to come true. We no longer need to embody that sense that we are trying to get somewhere, arrive at a destination, get everyone on board through healing and teaching, and the like. Those days are over (although these methods will still be utilized by some to assist those still in transition and who are at varying levels).
We are now indeed at a very new plateau and in a very new reality on planet Earth. We have entered a new playground of experience. We get to create, play with energy, and manifest whatever we want with no interference.
Some may be so accustomed to being dictated to, that this new freedom may not be comfortable. Like a dog who has been on a chain its entire life, and now set free to explore all he desires, this new change may be too much of a shock. For these individuals, it may be a matter of reclaiming one’s true power. But for those who have already come to a point of knowing their true power, this time will be an awesome one indeed.
Many new babies are being born right now. They are coming to experience the new planet Earth. They know that the coast is now clear. They are arriving in masses. They come with great strength, giggles, and awesome dreams for creating and sustaining a new reality. They will serve to sustain the shift and to embody these higher energies. They are a part of the new. They are a very new breed than ever before. We are now over a great hurdle of evolution, and these new little ones will make sure this new plateau remains intact and stabilized. They are very aware and know exactly what they are doing.
They will insist on a new reality, and accept nothing less. They are very firm indeed. They will serve as the founders for a phase that is yet to arrive. They represent a very new wave. And it is a big one. They are choosing to be born at the time of new beginnings, as this time carries a very new energy that they resonate with, and it is this ray or level of vibration that they can access easily.
While these new little ones and our other children are creating the new, many of us baby boomers will get to finally retire, and simply enjoy the pleasures of a new playground of creation. We can rest, be taken care of, create lives of our dreams, and reap the rewards of a great plan accomplished.
What is your deepest desire, you fondest dream, your heaven on Earth? What joy will you choose to experience? What responsibilities will you finally be ready to let go of? What kind of peace will you know? What does it look like? Will you be ready and willing to experience a great change?
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times…
Until next time,


January 8, 2008


The dust is beginning to clear and the creations we have been longing for are on their way to us now, but only with a slow stutter, as things will not really take off until the end of January. Our new creations and passions are trying to peek through the din, just waiting to arrive in full force, but not quite yet. With so much energetic debris flying around the past few months, due to the deep excavations and cleansings, there was seemingly no room for anything to take hold or find a clear passage…but now there is more room, there is more space, and things will begin to take hold and manifest.

January is the month that we will finally land somewhere, be able to take a breath, and gain a bit of catching up from all the months prior. It is a settling in point and a grounding point. We are also experiencing a disconnect from the old, from the cleansing experience, and readying to connect to the new. For me, this has manifested as having anything electronic in my home not work or connect to anything! We are also detoxing and letting go from the experience of the past few months, and this can create body aches and pains, intestinal distress, headaches, and fatigue. The experience of the past few months is now being removed from our systems.

But not for long, as this year our creations will begin to be noticed…WE will be noticed, desired, asked for, and needed. 2008 will most assuredly be the year of abundance for us. And even if the old world or much of the mainstream will be shifting, changing, seemingly suffering and grasping for a foothold, we will remain untouched and unscathed.

It will be our time. We will be safe and removed from the old, from the suffering, from the lack, and from the fear. We will be residing in another world, a new and different reality, and living the life of our dreams.

These past few months may have left many of us feeling traumatized, exhausted, irritable, frazzled, and needing a long rest, or perhaps even just a period of time for self nurturing and an escape from any moving energy. And this is what January will give us. There is an emptiness now, an almost bottoming out, but this is just the in-between point right before all the magnificence arrives. We may feel as if we have “dropped” somewhere, but this is only because all the excavating is finally over.

Yes, the bulldozer of deep cleansing has gone to another place for the time being, even though we are still detoxing, adjusting, and re-aligning. Are we now soon to arrive in the Promised Land forever more? Will we arrive in Heaven for a permanent residency? Well……

The longer the cleansing and experience of darkness is, the bigger, longer, and more magnificent the experience of a higher realms reality is when it eventually arrives. So then, this will be a monumental one indeed. This new space we can now find ourselves in is a new rung on the ascension ladder, a very new plateau, and is indeed a bit different from all the rest.

But we will not be able to stay here forever, and we would not want to. As we progress with our spiritual evolutionary process, we find ourselves in realities that are more and more pleasant than any before. But eventually we outgrow them (as we evolve into beings embodying a higher consciousness, and therefore our desires change), and then….poof! We must graduate to a new level where we are now vibrating. So then, the process seems never ending, but the realities get better and better.

Each new reality exists with creations we have desired. As more and more of our ego selves or mis-perceptions begin to dissipate, we then begin to desire and create something different. The ultimate end for this particular level of reality we have chosen to exist in on the earth plane, involves a reality of service and of purified creation for the entire whole.

The ultimate goal we had decided upon derived from a blueprint from eons ago…a blueprint that always worked, and was used in a universal way. This blueprint was the base for most of the creations of new planets, for new civilizations, and for new birth of form. It consisted of a purified self that was connected very fully to Source, as well as a distinct and unique gift, talent, and focus for each individual.

In this way, each individual soul would comprise a piece of the pie, or a hub of the wheel, and each wheel would have a similar purpose at its core. And throughout it all, would weave a commonality of Source energy, which is the glue that holds everything together and serves as the ultimate connector.

What will represent a core, or a hub of commonality? Geographical locations each contain their own specific energy or theme and purpose. Thus, those residing there will naturally resonate with that purpose. This is why some areas do not resonate for us at all, and others feel like a taste of home. Many communities are now fully embodying a theme and purpose, whether they are sustainability, a strong sense of community, high levels of creativity, a deep connection to nature, connections to the stars, or perhaps even connections to deep within the earth.

The current themes above are also universal to each and every hub, so it may seem a bit confusing. But these hubs (or areas on the planet) which already exist, contain a stronger and more substantial theme in one of these areas. This is because these themes and predominant energies were needed to comprise a piece of the whole, and thus contained one stronger or more exaggerated theme or purpose.

Ultimately, things will balance and even out, each theme mentioned above will be embodied by each and every hub in equal amounts, and a new and more distinct purpose will then unfold for each area. This has been the same for individuals. We were carrying or embodying an exaggerated theme, so that each theme or purpose within us would contribute to making up a complete whole.

If you have ever found yourself being resistant to or angry with another individual who seems to be raining on your parade or purpose, or simply following a different road or passion and cannot seem to agree with yours, this is only because they are embodying their own specific theme or purpose, and thus, see much around them through this particular filter or lens. We needed to embody our own special themes and purposes in grandiose amounts so that they would not be deterred or watered down by the lower vibrating energies. When we see through a specific filter, it is as if nothing else exists, but our own purpose or desire! And all others may feel like enemies or individuals trying to sabotage us.

But this time is over. We have reached a new and different plateau now, and things will be different than they have ever been before for eons of time on this planet.

Much is being condensed. What does this mean and how will we be affected? As so much of the lower vibrating energies have been usurped and are now residing elsewhere, we are then left with fewer and fewer energies and creations within and without. This manifests then, as a condensation of a more pure state, within and without. The lower vibrating creations, whether they are in thought forms, emotions, perceptions, physical manifestations, and the like, can no longer exist in this higher vibrating space.

So then, as certain geographical areas needed to comprise one specific theme over all others, and individuals the same, which were disbursed over a larger area of mass on the planet (or lower vibrating mass of the old world), in order to comprise a whole which resonated to where we were residing at that time on our ascension ladder, this will no longer be the case.

I hope I am explaining this in a sensical way…it can be difficult to describe in human language! What this means is that there will be less…less flying around with no place to reside (as there will be no anchors to hold these energies), less of the lower vibrating manifestations in form, as so forth.

Because of this, the law of attraction will bring together new higher vibrating manifestations and creations. Each individual vibration which was embodying a higher purpose or theme for the whole in times past (whether it be in individual form or in geographical locations, for instance), will now come together and join with other higher vibrating creations or individuals.

So then, much of everything will now become more refined. This means that the way and reason that we interact with other energies, including individuals, will be for a more specific purpose. And in this way, we will then begin attracting better things and more amazing, loving, and supportive people into our lives, who match us in our higher states.

Geographical locations or communities, and individuals will now no longer have to embody high amounts of specific purpose, as we will now be interacting as a smaller and refined whole. There will be much more equal representation.

As far as the original blueprint? Even though the original blueprint has existed and functioned well for eons of time, as it fully supports and represents the blueprint of creation, we are always free to create a new world exactly as we please. This is the beauty of the new world.

We have come as representatives of every star and far away place, in order to bring together as much of a higher vibrating contribution and higher knowledge as possible, in order to create this very new world on the planet earth. There is then, a perfect representation from each varied place. And some far away places in the universe were so very hesitant to send a representative, as they were so advanced that they knew there would be great and grand challenges for their sensitive children in this harsh world they had never inhabited before! Thus, much protection was put into place, even though at times we may doubt that this is so. It has been an awesome orchestration indeed. So in this regard, then, the earth is our palette.

The beauty in this is that within every new twist and turn, there is an opportunity for change. We can change the plan at any given moment. And because of this and because we never really know how things will react, we never really know what will happen next and when it will happen. This is why prophecies and timelines of past are moot and inconsequential. If we were to believe, for instance, in the prophesy of 2012, we would probably then create just that. But we are more powerful and far beyond these old prophesies of past. These prophesies were from another world and another time. Anything can be changed at any given moment now. This is the beauty of creation. Anything can be changed. We are free to create whatever we choose.

Even if you may not be consciously aware of it, we meet at regular intervals and evaluate what is occurring, how we are being affected, and what we choose to happen next for all of the whole. We are all in this together at our soul levels, communicating regularly, while we continue to embody human form and experience it all at the same time. Everything is continually monitored then, with loving care. And know as well that the ascension guides we all have with us, are really only aspects of ourselves. We are always the ones who navigate the course, for ourselves and for the progression of this ascension process.

What will be some of the new realities of 2008?

Food and what we choose to put into our bodies will now change dramatically. We have reached a vibrational level where we need not be so strict about what we eat if we want to stay healthy and purified. Simply blessing our food before we eat it or having an intent that only the higher vibrating aspects of the food will enter our systems and sustain us, will be quite enough. And now that we are vibrating so much higher, we need not even have an intent or provide a blessing, as the law of attraction will simply connect us automatically with the higher aspects of what we are consuming. We are at many different levels of vibration individually, so either of the scenarios above may be effective and appropriate.

Here again is the same theme. The higher vibrating aspects of things will be all that we are affected by and connect with. So in this regard, we will also be attracting wonderful partners and individuals into our lives. We will in essence be attracting wonderful everything, with amazing and perfect connections that will fit us to a tee…all that we have ever wanted.

Even though there may seem to exist lower vibrating aspects to things, if we consciously choose to only accept the higher vibrating ones, and focus solely on those, then anything and everything else will simply cease to exist. Or again, some of us may not need to consciously do anything at all, and simply let things unfold as they may.

I must say, that consciously focusing on higher avenues and manifestations is the way to navigate in the higher realms, only now we will be much more supported in these ways as the energies we are now residing in are much higher with much less interference. Navigating entails focusing on what we want and choose to see. Focusing on anything else simply gives it fuel and keeps its creation alive and in our space. Expecting something new and different to occur will most assuredly ensure its arrival. This involves a willingness to let go of old expectations and experiences. 2008 will be something very new indeed.

So then, there will be many opportunities in the year to come, all depending upon where we choose to focus, or reside. We can choose to exist in a revolving door of repeated patterns and darkness or mis-perceptions, or we can choose to see a higher way, let much of the old interpretations drop away, expect only the best and highest, and know that this will be our new reality.

When we are in a state of purification and cleansing, as we have been the past few months, we usually attract situation which match what we are cleansing, and thus, it can feel as if we are in hell or some horrible and unpleasant reality of our worst case scenarios. Like energies always attract like energies, so when the darker and denser ones are up, or sometimes our deepest fears, we will attract just those.

Now that this awesome year of 2008 is upon us, with much cleansing and re-evaluation having taken place in 2007, we will now begin to attract through the Law of Attraction, all the manifestations of our dreams, as a new purified energy will be much more prevalent than ever before!

So then, we need only sit tight for a few more weeks, allow this unusual down time we are currently experiencing to be utilized for some much needed rest, or perhaps a bit of preparation, and know that things will be significantly different in times to come.

A new and magnificent reality is beginning to peak through the clouds. It will be different than anything we have experienced thus far. Are you ready? Do you believe we will have a time of heaven on earth? Are you willing to allow it to arrive at your door, seemingly all by itself? Are you ready for incredible abundance and a day to day experience of living in the world of your dreams? Are you ready to feel the absence of darkness, and to live a life of joy and bliss? Get ready, because it is on its way!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times…

Until next time,




December 2 , 2007


The deep digging bulldozer is still working its way forward, as we excavate more and more of the parts of ourselves that need tweaking, releasing, and examining.

Through all of this deep movement, there is a theme present, and a sure and certain purpose.

We are being prepared for community living. And we are purging and releasing arrogance.

So even though these times may be stressful, challenging, and stretch us to the maximum, they would not be occurring if community living was not on the very near horizon, and if we were not, as always, aligning more fully with Source.

In order to live successfully in community, we must fit. The energies and vibrations of each and every one of us must be able to exist in harmony with a community lifestyle. We are being groomed and prepared for community living because so much of the old world and old systems will be falling away and will end in the very near future. In this way, we can now know that all is always in divine and perfect order, as we are always and most certainly being protected and guided through this amazing ascension process.

Symptoms and manifestations?

The squeezing is still present, as much that is not in harmony or a vibrational match for a higher way of living and being is being squeezed out and removed. In this way, we are being strongly encouraged to drop behavior patterns, tone down others, and adopt new ones. Community living means being able to exist in a group setting. So, much of anything that does not vibrate within this theme needs to go or be revised.

For example, are you one who cares so much and is so responsible that you do most of everything…for yourself and everyone else? If this is the case, you will be asked to do less, to relax and enjoy yourself more, and to let others step up to the plate. Are you one who sits back and relaxes already? If this is so, you will be asked to contribute more and to let others relax more, and you are one who can show them how to do it!

As mentioned in the last energy alert of November 28, we will encounter situations and people in our lives who will illuminate strongly and beautifully where we need to tweak our own individual energies. These encounters will make us so miserable, that we will not be able to ignore them for long! They have wonderful messages for us, if we choose to examine them and to embrace the changes that we need to make within us.

The areas where we are miserable are there to show us that a change needs to be made. We can ask ourselves, “What would feel really good for me right now?” “What am I craving?” And then give up, surrender, and allow it to come into our lives. More about this later on.

If the “squeezing,” pressure, and feelings of overwhelm become too much to bear, here are some temporary remedies: When energy moves through us very strongly and intensely, it can greatly help to relax. This allows the energy a more easy flow. So then, we can do whatever works for us in regard to relaxing and letting go. We can sing, walk in nature, watch a good movie, hug a tree, take a few days off and get pampered, remove ourselves from the mainstream, get a massage, or simply do some yoga. We are all different with different solutions for relaxing, so just go with your favorite or ask for a new one.

In addition, this squeezing is creating a natural detoxification within us as well. Body and muscle aches, headaches and sinus pressure, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, are but a few of the most common symptoms. For me, I feel as though there is a poison within me that is aching to get out. It literally hurts everywhere. We can then drink lots of water, eat light and healthy, move our bodies, and do whatever else we are familiar and comfortable with that supports a detox. None-the-less, we are still feeling this great transmutation within us, as many of our cells are literally reconfiguring.

And after much progress has been made, we usually go into the exhaustion phase. It is a massive process and can really take a toll. But when most of this transmuting has been accomplished (for this particular phase!), we will find ourselves on new turf, in a new reality, and now more securely and harmoniously wired for our next adventure. Each of us is different, and therefore the timing for this process is different as well.

We are releasing much now as we have arrived at a new and higher vibrating reality and must now match it as much as possible. This brings us to the arrogance.

When we were residing in a lower dimension (I choose not to refer to dimensional numbers, as I personally do not believe in them. I believe we reach higher and higher vibrating hierarchies, and dimensional labels exist in the old 3D frame of reference. They simply have no place in a higher vibrating existence), we were not as connected to Source as we are now.

In this way, we relied more and more on ourselves to make things happen, and to understand how things worked. Now that we are moving into higher vibrations, we begin to see things differently, and to process and exist differently.

In the lower dimensions, we did much ourselves. If we wanted something to happen, it was up to us to make it happen. We did not know much about helping and assisting either. And we also perceived much and ran our energies much in a way that related to “us,” or our ego selves which was much more removed from the whole. Many of us “helped” without being asked. Our help was not needed. We did not know better. We took charge where we did not need to. And in this way, Source could not even find us, as we were somewhere else…we were not present…we were making things happen…we were not sitting still….we were moving our energy from an ego mind set.

As we are now ascending and expanding in our spiritual awareness, we can see more clearly how our ego selves, or our arrogance, came into play, but no longer needs to. We may then, recently have had dreams relating to an arrogant situation within ourselves that left us feeling terrible guilt (many times we release through dreams), or may even feel self loathing or guilt in our everyday lives while we are processing and letting go of an arrogance we no longer need.

We are purifying as always, and releasing the arrogance is part of our preparation for community living. In community living, the whole is vitally important. We cannot exist without the whole, and each and every one of us is vitally important to the success of the whole. So then, arrogance comes from things being our idea, and not as much an idea that stems from our connection to Source.

When I recently moved to these new lands in New Mexico, I really got my rear end kicked. And it all came from the higher realms in preparation for community…not from any experience of becoming involved with community, as I have not gotten that far yet. My role needed to integrate harmoniously with the whole. I was not on my own. I needed to adjust my energies…the energies I had utilized in order to survive in the old reality. This is true for each of us now. We are being prepared. Our old patterns of survival are being tweaked and adjusted for community living.

These lands where I now reside hover over a hidden power spot, ready to be released, as it is time, but it is not up to me to consciously open up this new (or ancient) energy. We are just here to enjoy ourselves. Allowing our gifts and passions to emerge in harmony with the whole. That is enough. This power spot will decide to do what it wants to all by itself. As the residents of our community continue to share their gifts and talents, connect with Source, and embody their joy and passion in a responsible way, these energies will merge with the great pyramid under our feet and it will open very naturally.

One occurrence and evident reality of higher and community living? We need to be asked and invited. I wrote a section about this in Stepping Into the New Reality (it still is not out yet…pretty soon it will be, I imagine. Ugh!). So what does that mean?

Phil and I were literally asked to move here. It was seemingly not our idea. Individuals we did not know literally came to Springerville and asked us to come, and they did not know us either. And then the energy really grew about being here. We really had to think about it, as we did not want to really move right then.

A few days ago, I was on the Zuni reservation, and noticed that the energetic doors were closed there. Why? Because I had not been asked to be there yet. And even when we finally moved here, I still had to go through certain higher realms (or non-physical protocol) that involved integrating and being asked. So far, Phil and I have been asked to become involved in certain things here, and they are just coincidentally all about our own individual passions, gifts, and contributions.

When I wrote my first book, people were asking me for it before I wrote it. There was a demand before it was written. These are situations of like energy attracting like energy. There will be a demand for who we are and what we have to offer, and it will culminate and meet up with the perfect creation, or our contribution.

This is true for finding our community as well. Many are asking most recently now, where there are communities growing. They want to know where they belong. This is because it is finally time for the communities to begin, as we need to be safe, secure, and living fully when the old world crashes. All is in order. We intuitively know what is next, as our souls are guiding us.

My 25 year old daughter Ari now lives in North Carolina. She and her family are hitting many roadblocks there now, although they have lived there for almost ten years. It is time for her to move. She likens it to a heart that is no longer receiving blood as its arteries are now clogged up. No supports, no energy, no success there for her right now. After struggling profusely with trying to find a new home, with no success, she finally decided something was up. And totaling her new car was another message for her as well.

So this week-end we talked about it again. It is a big decision for her, as she has children and a husband who has lived there his entire life. She has now accepted the fact that it is time to move. But where? She did what she has always done…she wrote down what she wants in a new community….wrote it all down in great detail. Then she waited. She waited for the signs to arrive.

She started seeing Arizona license plates everywhere. Then a man from Arizona State University kept calling her. She had inquired at one point about school there, but he was not calling her about school. He was simply inviting her to come to Arizona. She was being asked. All the pieces are not there for her yet, but in time, it will all become clear. Totally seemingly in the dark and not knowing where in the world they now belonged, the energy is slowly building in one direction.

We cannot go where others are going because it sounds like a great place (even though sometimes it may just be the place, if we get more signs as well). This is because there is a really great place somewhere that is just for us…a perfect fit for who and where we are now vibrating. We attract to ourselves what we are in alignment with. When we ask for a “sign,” or allow Source to guide us, what we are really doing is guiding ourselves as we are indeed Source. When we let go and surrender, get out of the way, and just relax, then our connection to Source becomes ever so much greater.

It is not Source that is guiding us…it is us. It is our soul and the higher version of us that is now being allowed through the gates…easily accessible now, as we attract to us who we are at the highest levels. Everything then, is actually our own idea, but this is not arrogance, this is the purified and true version of who we are.

When we let go of the arrogance, or the pushy, make things happen, our ego idea part of ourselves, then our own idea really does arrive, only we do not have to do all the leg work, figure anything out, or hold tightly. And it is our own idea that is in alignment with our souls. It is then, our soul’s idea.

We all have arrogance. We were supposed to. It kept us alive in the denser and lower vibrating energies. Becoming exhausted and too tired to do anything, greatly assists in allowing Source to enter more fully. Many of the times I moved, I never really knew why I was going where I was going. I was not that savvy or consciously connected at that level. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. We ended up in our new home because we were being evacuated from our homeland (as a cleansing was due to arrive), as were our Mogollon ancestors before us. All that really matters, I believe, is that we do what feels good to us…that we make decisions and take actions from a place of love and caring…and that we know that we are always guided and protected by our souls.

If you are one who is experiencing transition and great change, with need of support, I am pleased to announce a new service being offered by my sister-in-law Sherri Bishop. Sherri has had many years of training and experience assisting others through energy readings and personal coaching, and is now offering a very new kind of service called Soul Chat Connections. If ever I find myself in need of some support or clarity, she is the person I call.
No matter what she says, I always feel oh so much better after we talk…and always empowered! She simply embodies the energy of support, caring, and uplifting guidance. For a limited time, Sherri is excited to be offering my readers the opportunity of experiencing a Soul Chat Connection at a reduced price of $50 for a one hour session. This offer will be effective until February 14th, 2008. To find out more about what she does and how she may assist you in a soul to soul chat, please visit her website at

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,


For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from Remembering Your Soul Purpose:

“How then, do our “old” roles and prior gifts and talents that we contributed to the Old World apply to us now?

For the first phase that occurred in the Old World, we came to shake things up, to spread our light, and to raise the consciousness of the planet. “EVERYONE” was here. There was literally representation from enormous amounts of star systems and other “homes” for this unprecedented Shift Of The Ages. For as each of us experienced the shift and evolutionary process within us in human form, we reverberated it back again to our star “homes” as well for all to benefit and evolve. With all this presence here on Earth of so many advanced beings of light all at the same time and from all over the universe, we felt the plan was assured of success.

And now this old “role” and purpose is over. We need no longer apply our special gifts and talents for the purpose of the first phase as it has now finally been completed. With the success of critical mass, many lightworkers felt an eerie sense of being done.
Where do we go from here? Where do we now apply our special gifts and talents? Even though the first phase is now complete, these special gifts and talents remain intact as they are always at the highest levels and not affected by all the internal cleansing we have experienced thus far. So then, our gifts and talents are now ready to be used for creating the New World and basically brought up to even higher levels of expression and purpose.

Let’s go back now and reactivate and trigger some of these desires, purposes and talents that are so beautifully imbedded within you and now ready to be brought up to even higher levels of purpose.”

May the offerings from What’s Up On Planet Earth? serve to light your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!

For book excerpts, more information, or to order these books and
Staying In Alignment,The Ascension Primer,Remembering Your Soul Purpose, or The Ascension Companion, please visit the web site at:

What`s Up? : COLLISION!

a message from Karen Bishop
Wednesday, 28 November, 2007
We have reached a higher dimension, a new platform, a new reality, the higher realms….and this arrival is causing much turmoil, as mismatches in vibration create great chaos, harshness, overwhelm, and basically, nothing seems to fit or to work.
We were going a hundred miles an hour in the lower dimensional hierarchy, as we had released and purified much, which enabled us to feel lighter, emptier, and so forth, and then bam!….we hit the wall of the next hierarchy. And did we hit it hard! In essence, we had graduated from an old dimensional hierarchy. So then, it was graduation time.
Enough of the critical mass had evolved as well, and after some waiting (remember the waiting period of the past few months when we were being held back in order to give as many as possible adequate time to catch up, and in order to really fine tune what it was we really and truly wanted for ourselves?), we were then given the opportunity to go through the dimensional portal of November 11th (as well as the 9/11 opportunity), and now…we are being hit squarely in the face with manifestations of our new arrival at the next dimensional stop.
Some manifestations? Whatever each of us was vibrating at the time of our arrival, was magnified to such a degree that we were hit squarely in the face with it. If we did not know it before, we would most assuredly know now how we perceived things, how and what we vibrated, and what we were about…especially in regard to any mis-perceptions or illusions we believed were true and best. These mis-matches from our current vibration to the new and higher vibration of the higher realms, created earth experiences and dramas in our lives which showed us where we might not be a match in the higher realms.
And in this way, we may have felt that we had indeed arrived in hell instead of in heaven. We may have suddenly and recently felt as though nothing remotely felt right or comfortable, that we were mis-placed or out of our comfort zone, that we were being punished when we had tried so hard and believed we were a good and decent person, that perhaps, just maybe, we were not so great after all, and even that we had arrived in some severely harsh place where we were overwhelmed no matter how we tried to fix or correct things. One thing after another would arrive in succession with no time for even a brief breather!
When we make a dimensional leap, we end up fixing things endlessly and finding that whatever we seem to do or want to do, simply does not seem to work out smoothly. There seem to be delays and obstacles that are never ending. This is because much has been dislodged. The old energies are departing, flying around everywhere, we are now vibrating higher and no longer a match for much of anything, and thus, we are trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. We cannot seem to do “this” until we first do “that,” and so forth. What is occurring here is that we are making adjustments and trying to find our new vibrational homes and fits.
So in essence, we may feel as if there are collisions everywhere! We may not feel as though we are in alignment with anything, that we do not belong anywhere, and that there is friction wherever we turn! But the friction stems from the fact that the aspects of ourselves which are vibrating from the illusions we believe or perceive, or in other words, the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves, are what is causing the friction and collision energy. When we eventually are able to make adjustments in our energy, or the way we perceive things, then things smooth out for us to a great degree.
We are currently in upheaval energy. As if a bulldozer is dislodging everything beneath us, moving much out from under our feet, and leaving us energetically homeless with nowhere yet to go. This pattern will continue on through December. December 12 will be a pivotal day for an opportunity for another alignment to higher ways of living and being, and then the solstice will support us in going deep and excavating even more. All this is preparation for January, when we will fully arrive in our new and higher vibrating homes.
We are having to dig deep and excavate much if we are to be in alignment with a higher realm. This recent transition has created one of the biggest challenges for me that I have experienced thus far. When I arrived here in our new lands, I had to learn some very new ways. While out on a walk one day, I was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around by the non-physical inhabitants of these lands. I changed direction on my walk, and was still grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. And then I received a strong lecture and a great humbling.
You see, when we reach a higher dimension, we need to “check in” so to speak. Our arrogant and old ways are not allowed here. But most of the time we are not aware that we are being arrogant…we think we are helping in some way. There was much I had to change within myself. My way of moving ahead at fast forward would not be tolerated here. And there were other things as well. Over-responsibility would not work either…the duties are shared equally in a higher realms reality. And leaders do not exist here! In addition, Phil and I had to part ways for a brief time, as adjustments needed to be made in our interaction with one another, and we were experiencing great friction being together (but now we are better than ever, with a brand new and incredible relationship that I could never have imagined…I had to let go of so much of my “old” self, and am still a work in progress!).
So then, when we are feeling quite miserable and as though we may be in hell, it is actually a call to make some internal adjustments. And when they are made, we can find ourselves in heaven once again…and a heaven that is more divine that one would have ever imagined with all our dreams coming true.
If you are experiencing great challenges, know that the universe (or your soul) is guiding you and trying to get your attention about your own energy patterns. I have noticed around me and within myself as well, that many of us are over-using our gifts. When we offer too much of whom we were intended to be, our gift then becomes a liability instead of an asset. Our gift becomes too exaggerated, over utilized, and thus creates an imbalance or a lower vibrating gift.
Say that you are here to bring the energy of self-care, feeling good, and enjoyment to the planet. If you spend an over-abundance of your time pampering yourself, taking care of you, becoming self-absorbed, and thus not available to the whole, your gift is then wasted. Or perhaps you are one who has the gift of really seeing others around you, knowing how they feel, and being very considerate of their needs. If you do this in an overabundant way, you would end up putting others before you, and find yourself attracting self-centered people, for example, that are there to show you how to be more like them.
When we attract others into our lives who embody traits that drive us crazy or that we think are just horrible, it is usually because at some point in our lives, we convinced ourselves that we would never be like that, and in this way, we became too much of the opposite ourselves. But know that whomever we attract probably believes that we are just too much of our own extreme as well, and can barely tolerate us!
With so much being magnified now, we are then able to really see and come to know what is inside of us and what we are all about, and we are given an opportunity to use our gifts wisely, in an appropriate arena, and in amounts that serve ourselves and the whole in the best way possible.
Another scenario can be present in regard to our personal gifts as well. When we are greatly talented and gifted at something, we know a lot about it and really vibrate it well. It is our passion, our focus, and the lense we see things through and the starting point we jump off of for most of our perceptions and experiences. Because of this, we very strongly notice anything that is substandard in regard to our arena, and we can become very angry if things are not fitting into our perception or standard.
Say, for instance, that you are here with the gift of higher vibrating human behavior. Because of this, you would view those around you in a perspective of how healthy they are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is your area of expertise and your gift. So then, anyone who falls below a high standard can drive you crazy and make you angry, as you are here to serve in regard to assisting those in becoming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. This is the way you agreed to raise the vibration of the planet. Thus, anyone you encounter who vibrates lower than your high standard and does not care, is raining on your parade and inhibiting your progress to assist the planet.
Or perhaps you are here to protect the environment and the earth. If you were to encounter a trashy area in nature, or encounter a situation where the earth was being disrespected, you might become angry as those responsible were raining on your soul purpose and interfering with your job. Others with a different purpose might not even notice the trash in an area of nature, but only the beauty present.
In all the scenarios above, we each see through different filters and this causes the friction. In the higher realms, there are fewer filters present. When we are able to see those around us through the filters of our souls, or in other words, who they are at a soul level and what they are here to give and contribute, then we are able to get our own mis-perceptions out of the way. When we see a person’s soul, we can then honor and respect that person, and this behavior will always serve to illicit the best out of someone, as well as serve in supporting who they are and what they came to contribute.
I had to be fast moving, move ahead of the masses, and then report back. Anyone who was slow moving drove me crazy. But I had too much of this ability that I needed and I truly missed out on the beauty of the process. We need to use our gifts in an appropriate way and in appropriate amounts. We do not need to be “on” all the time…just when it is needed in a way and at a time that serves and contributes to the whole.
The rest of the time, we can be on equal turf with everyone else, enjoy the group and ourselves, laugh, have fun, and love each other. When our gift and area of expertise is needed, we will be called upon, as we will call upon another when we need what they have to offer. In this way, we need not do it all, as others can fill in when their gift and contribution is desired and required to balance and fulfill the whole.
Our gift and our “way” is not the only way. We need to combine many ways and create a whole. If we were to put a fast moving person and a slow moving person together, we would have it all…the whole spectrum and a much more divine existence. We need diversity. If we were all alike and vibrated the same, we could not create a whole from a wonderful spectrum. How boring it would be! Our individual gifts are so vitally needed as part of a whole.
In addition, when we reach a higher realms reality, we no longer need to have a purpose in relation to raising the vibration of the planet. Our roles then begin to change into roles that are all about our contribution to community. It is then that we finally see that we can relax, enjoy ourselves more, follow our passion, give up trying to get anywhere, be very present, and truly enjoy what is already here. It is then that we begin to see the higher vibrating things in existence, as lower vibrating aspects of individuals and the planet are not so prevalent anymore. And what we focus on, then becomes our reality of choice.
Why are many of us feeling overwhelmed of late? When we reach a higher vibrating reality, anything that does not belong there gets squeezed and pushed out. Thus, we can feel great pressure, too much to do, and too much going on. In addition, we are manifesting rapidly. The more we release or the more that gets pushed out, the less pressure we feel. And when we manifest quickly, we can manifest the good and the bad. It all seems to happen at once, like a bale of hay dropping on our heads instead of moderate amounts that arrive slowly.
Why do things seem so harsh right now? We have to really get the message now. The gentle tapping does not cut it when we need to really and truly take note of something. Our attention needs to be gotten… no room for not noticing. We are being greatly supported and encouraged to get in alignment with the higher realms, or we will not be able to survive there. Although things may seem harsh, when we adjust our individual vibrations, the energies will settle out more, and things will calm down. Much of how we thought we should be, or how we thought things around us should be, were mis-perceptions originating from a lower vibrating knowledge and awareness.
It can seem harsh because much is magnified the higher we vibrate. And with so much being pushed out, what is up and leaving is greatly magnified and in the forefront. If things are overly harsh and overwhelming of late, it can greatly help to remove oneself from as much as possible and take a break for even a day. Don’t do anything or try to accomplish anything. Take a day off just for you. Stop and bask. Turn off the phone. Don’t get your mail. Let things go. Read a good feeling novel. Take a long hike.
For the past few days Phil and I took bubble baths, cooked together, listened to music, had long talks, cuddled in bed with our rice bag foot warmers, loved our animals, and took long walks in nature. We were in heaven and removed from much of anything else. The internet wouldn’t work, the heat wouldn’t work, the electricity wouldn’t work and much else in this old house we just rented, but we somehow managed to laugh all day and remove ourselves a bit. There was much more to be happy about and grateful for, and we are so very blessed.
Know that these challenging times will pass. Know that all is in divine and perfect order and makes perfect sense even if it may not appear to. Know that what is occurring now is simply part of the ascension process, and occurring so that more of heaven can be ever present. When we really and truly arrive in a more heavenly existence, we have to let go of so much…so much that we thought was the best or highest way to vibrate. Heaven is much simpler than what we have known so far. We can try and sit back and exhale a bit…let things go…give up the struggle…allow it to arrive…get out of the way. Ahhhhhhh…
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time, Karen

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"Squeezing" Into the Emptiness

“Squeezing” Into the Emptiness

a message from Karen Bishop
Saturday, 17 November, 2007
On May 5, 2000, we experienced a phenomenal planetary alignment, when the sun, the moon, and five planets all lined up in the same area of the sky. I remember this time well, as many were eagerly waiting to see what this alignment would produce, how it would feel, and what it all meant.
For me, it was quite a surprise. In my little 3D mind, I naturally assumed that all would feel glorious, that we would be catapulted to a state of heavenly bliss, and we would finally arrive somewhere incredible indeed.
Instead, I experienced feelings of great pressure and an incredible squeezing. “Is this what alignment feels like?” I wondered. “Ugh! This is none too comfortable indeed!” And what we are currently experiencing is basically the same.
We are most assuredly being squeezed. And this squeezing is designed to force out anything that is not vibrating in alignment with the higher realms. Feelings of being caught in the middle of things, being surrounded by too much energy and activity, a pushing, pushing and tightness from above and below, feeling overloaded and overwhelmed, and wondering where one might go at all for some needed relief are signs of the squeezing phenomenon. We may feel boxed in at every turn, with no apparent viable solution that feels remotely right.
If you are one who is experiencing a squeezing feeling for no apparent reason in your life, you are most likely a sensitive who easily picks up on the current energies. But know as well, that the energies can also create physical manifestations that relate….therefore creating experiences in our lives that reflect being caught in the middle of things with great pressure, with an inability to seemingly breathe.
When the planetary alignment occurred in 2000, it reminded me of a spinal cord that was totally aligned, squeezing out anything that was in between, did not fit, and which there was no longer a space for. Our angel wings blossoming for sure. Hence, the squeezing feeling. So then, this is the way it is when we reach a higher vibration or dimension. Most things that are no longer necessary, will get squeezed out or pushed out. Other manifestations of this current phenomenon?
Having things get “partially resolved,” but not completed. Not getting a total closure. Having lower vibrating aspects of ourselves hit us squarely in the face. Having to deal with things we had not yet dealt with before. Making adjustments and having to really step up to the plate. But when we are willing and ready to make any necessary adjustments, then this means that the areas that need to be squeezed out will be squeezed out, and after we adjust and make a change, letting go of much of anything that does not vibrate of the purest and highest intentions and energies, things begin to smooth out.
When we reach the higher realms we truly do have to step up to the plate. Living in community means that even if we do indeed know what our special gift and contribution is, we have to do it well. We have to be it, express it, and take responsibility for it in all ways. We need to take our contributions seriously, because if we do not, we then jeopardize the whole.
With this latest shift upward and into yet another higher vibrating space, we again begin at the bottom rung. We start over, in essence, as we have gone as far as we could where we were before, in any given spiritual hierarchy. When we graduate to a higher vibrating community, everyone is on equal turf, so to speak. There are no leaders. Each individual has a vital and important contribution to make, and each individual must then, express their gifts with the highest responsibility and commitment required. It is a far more serious situation than I would have imagined, but rightfully so. So in this regard, we will be called on the carpet and held to task, humbled, and put in our places so that we can more easily and rightfully serve and contribute where we need to. All part of the squeezing effect. Squeezing out the peripheral energies and tendrils which no longer have a place.
The higher realms of community is not about floating on a cloud, basking all day, and eating those chocolate bon bons, as perhaps I may have hoped it would be in some way! Do we get to rest yet? I have to say, I wasn’t quite prepared for these new experiences, and hesitated a bit in reporting them, as they seemed so very harsh to me. And this new residency is bringing in some other manifestations as well.
Many are being handed their perfect “job,” or responsibility. The arena that we have dreamed about, just for us, is now available to many. In this regard, we have to again be ready to step up to the plate. Are you ready to take your designated responsibility seriously? Are enough of your lower vibrating “issues” or mis-perceptions cleared away so that you can operate in the most pure form, therefore benefiting those around you the most? Have you finally reached that space where you do not take things personally?
For those who are ready to go to their next level, there will still be opportunities that will arise for adjustments and “humblings” to occur, and even opportunities to “go back” until another opportunity arrives when each individual is more poised to match their chosen arena or space of contribution to the planet and the whole.
What does all this mean? For many, the waiting is over. It is time for the torch to be handed over to the creators of the New Planet Earth. Many will thus be given a palette, just waiting for each creator’s own individual blueprint to manifest upon it. It is then that our individual dreams and visions of how things could be, can now be brought into form.
But these new creations are not easily created in the old world, as it is most assuredly crashing and deteriorating at a rapid rate. Part of our roles and responsibilities involved transmuting darkness or lower and denser vibrating energy. This is why so many of us were born into situations of abuse and suffering, with much darkness present. It was our job to transmute the energies through ourselves. And this, then, is one of our entrance tickets to the higher realms. If you are one who has diligently and consciously worked at transmuting your own darkness (which is the darkness of the whole that we readily agreed to embody), then your admission to the next hierarchy is easily granted. In essence, we have to “earn” our way to the higher realms. So then, creating our own new spaces away from the old will be our salvation.
The energies are fairly intense now. They are doing their job in pushing out the old. Navigating these continuous storms and roller coaster rides will be the norm for many months to come. It can be increasingly difficult now to maintain our center, but with the help of community and our brothers and sisters, things can ease a bit. The beauty of disaster is that it tends to bring individuals close together. There will be much more of this in times to come. No more hiding away behind closed doors…we will be navigating now toward others with similar vibration and purpose. And we will be called upon for help.
Yes, deep rumblings are now ever present, reflecting movement at the deepest levels, even though not much is manifesting right now. It may seem quiet in a strangely eerie way, but much is occurring at other levels. The seeming stillness is present to give us time to continue setting up and preparing for our settling in time in January. Much will be in order by then, as we find ourselves settled into our very new spaces …
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time, Karen

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It has been a long time in writing, as I have been going through quite a transition. Once the decision was made to physically move to a new area, it involved leaving much behind…people and situations which I did not expect. But now I am connected again to the internet and to a very new space. And as challenging and sudden as some of these losses were, I am feeling better than I have ever felt before. I feel as if I have arrived in Heaven, so to speak. So apologies for the long time in writing, and now on to the newest energy alert!

Up until November 11, eerie energy was still ever present as we found ourselves in a space of holding…in the eye of the storm as much swirled around us. But with the advent of the portal opening of the 11th, we were then able to connect to the new. These pillars of energy that the eleven holds, always give us the opportunity to access the new, or a higher dimension. An opening occurs and the new then begins to fall into place as well. And as transitions go, this has been a great one indeed.

During this time of eerie energy and feeling as if we were in a very strange space of discomfort with nowhere yet to go and nothing to hold onto, it may have felt as though we were existing in some foreign place of darkness and emptiness, or perhaps a feeling that we were out of our groove and had no idea when or where that new groove would be. We were being held back, as it was not yet time to anchor fully to a higher reality. And as we were vibrating much higher than our current surrounding reality, it created a very uncomfortable state indeed.

There is a logical explanation for this empty, eerie and displaced experience that we have just encountered. And all, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Here is what was, and will still be, occurring (only now we are more safe and sound in our spaces of “new”): There is not much for the older and denser energies to hold onto anymore, so they are basically grasping, fighting each other, and going around in circles in a desperate attempt to find an anchor. Bantering back and forth, they seem to continually say, “I am right and you are wrong,” as they need to find a home where there is none. They do not seem to realize that their home is with each other, and that we are all one at the highest levels.

Something to make sense, they are grasping for. But nothing can really make sense now, as what used to be real is no longer real, as the illusions of the old world are now very obviously illusions.

In this regard, much is breaking apart. Anything that was held together from a space of lower vibrating energy will break apart and cease to exist. Relationships that were being held together from energies not of the highest order will very suddenly end, and much else will seem to disappear into a new and different space.

This is all part of the fall, and it can be very challenging indeed. We can feel as though we are desperately trying to hold onto to something, but we may not know what that something is, as it can no longer exist in a higher vibrating space. During this time, the dimensional hierarchies were ever present. As this latest shift unfolded, things once again went this way and that, according to what they were now a match for and where their new and more perfect matches would now be. Some were not allowed access then, into the new dimension, and some were. But there is always room for new choices and for change, and one never knows what will happen next.

If we can focus on and be involved with anything that vibrates as love, for instance, we will have much of that in our space. My mother and daughter and I speak on the phone nearly every day, as we all live in various parts of the US. For me, this love and support has been my anchor for the past few weeks. It seems to grow and grow, as we are so very committed to each other and what is occurring in each other’s lives. I really wonder at times what I would do without these women whom I love so much, and whom I am so blessed to have love and care about me. It is this higher vibration of love that stays ever present now, and holds so strong. This kind of vibration will always remain intact, no matter what shifting is occurring. It breaks through any barrier and through any dimensional hierarchy.

These energies of late are also creating a great fear of being alone. As so much is unsteady and volatile, we need each other more than ever before, and it can be ironic that so much is leaving when we need to come together. But this is the way of ascension. It is an individual journey for each and every one of us, and we part and come together continuously as we shift and change on a regular basis.

When this eerie and seemingly dark energy was so very present, the fear and uncomfortable feelings of being alone were far more pronounced. At some level, we knew that much was leaving, and having no anchor yet, it could be most unnerving to find ourselves hanging out in a space of no space with nothing to hold onto.

With this new opportunity now before us to finally find our new anchors, things will feel much better. When opportunities arrive, it is usually best to take them. If we choose not to, we can know that more opportunities will always arrive again, if we are not ready now, but as a personal rule, I always want to jump into them when they arrive, even if I am fearful, and I have never been sorry. I suppose it takes a great amount of trust and a good guidance system, but when we surrender to a higher knowledge, we are usually fairly safe.

These new spaces we can now find ourselves in are quite varied indeed. Some souls are living smack in the middle of highly populated areas, and this is right where they need to be. Higher vibrating pockets of energy can exist anywhere…within our homes and even within a very small space in a larger space of lower vibrating energy. If you are one who will be residing in this type of situation, know that you will not be seen by the outside world. If you are vibrating higher, you will be virtually unnoticed and safe, unless you choose to be seen or unless you choose to venture out on a mission of love and service. The dimensional hierarchies always keep us safe and sound, as one cannot venture into a higher vibrating space unless they are vibrating that high themselves. We can always go lower than we vibrate (but not for long), but never higher than we are vibrating. We are not allowed access unless we are truly being that vibration is some way.

Some will have a different situation and reality. The nearest services to me now are about an hour away. Yesterday I ventured out to a larger nearby town in New Mexico to try out a Wal-Mart, for some needed supplies for my new home. I became so discombobulated and rattled, that I could not figure out what I was doing. I ventured around and around in a confused state, lost and scattered, and eventually came home in a very uncentered and unbalanced state. I could not find any healthy food there, nor much of anything else that I needed or which made sense.

All was in perfect order though, as it became evident that I would need to bake my own whole grain bread, and survive on local produce and the like from the many avid growers in my area. All my needs could easily be met here, as I had always known, but this experience really brought this message home. An existence here totally removed from the outside world. As perfect as it was intended to be. All the supports which are needed will be met here, very effortlessly. My old habits of fulfilling my needs from the outside had indeed met a space of “No! No longer…”

So then, the holding pattern and the wait is finally over. We have now been granted full access to a higher dimension, and in the physical as well. In this regard, we can now move forward and more completely reside somewhere.

Here are just a few basic guidelines for a new residency in the higher realms:

We need not step out of our center. This means that we need not “activate” anything, heal any one or any thing, help those who do not ask, save anything, and so forth. It is not our place, nor has it ever been, to save anything or anyone. This type of arrogant meddling has no place now. When we are able to stay in our purpose and passion, in a state of creativity, then everything will arrive for us effortlessly. When we extend or make an effort, we then leave the space of the higher realms. The higher realms is the space of being. When we are moving forward, pushing, or trying to make things happen by using our energy, then the higher realms misses us completely, as we are not available. We cannot be found, even though the door is right there.

Creativity is the mainstay in the higher realms. Life consists of nothing but creating, having compassion and love for those who are still suffering (when we leave a higher realms residency), and embodying a continual state of connection to Source while we are living our lives (not while we are meditating….sorry meditators, but this is how it is in a higher realms reality! J) Creativity is the main focus while being in the higher realms. The compassion experience only exists in the lower vibrating realities, as it is not needed in the higher realms, where there is no suffering. Opening to higher energies through creativity keeps us involved in a world, in a life, and in an on-going reality.

Support is ever present in the higher realms, as those who reside there have transmuted much of their density, and are then able to support each other through creations and purpose, as not everyone will create the same thing or have the same soul purpose. The blockages of lower vibrating energy, or seeing things from mis-perceptions are basically gone to a degree. This leaves one with a direct utilization of energy…a straight shot without all the hoops and excuses, etc.

Those residing in higher realms realities cannot relate to the old and outside world. In makes no sense to them. In the higher realms, we need not go around the block to get across the street. Much is pure and simple…easy and effortless…very peaceful and light. Our little ones and even those with autism know this and have had to try and exist in this old energy…I cannot imagine the challenge it must be for them.

The more time we spend in the higher realms reality, the more dis-connected we will become from the old world which is falling and still struggling with the illusions and old ways. Know that this is so. The more removed we are able to become, the more peaceful we will become as well. Yes, it is possible to maintain a state of peace and tranquility anywhere, but the ascension process is designed to create a contrast so that we will be encouraged to create a new world and leave the old behind…the old where we no longer match in vibration. Higher and lower vibrations cannot exist in the same space for very long.

So then, our store-fronts will really kick in now. As mentioned many times before, January will be the month when we will be completely anchored in. So we have some time yet to finalize all our changes. Our financial situations will greatly change and expand in January…we will be very supported with our store-fronts then. And we will most certainly be in a very new reality, as if we had been evacuated and dropped out of a helicopter into a new land (I had a dream about just that the other night!).

These energies that arrived through the 11/11 portal are truly amazing. I have never felt so much love, peace, and serenity. If you have not experienced them yet, try turning on some beautiful music and just being still. Or perhaps focusing on someone whom you love, as your love will become greatly intensified. And know, as always, that we have to go through hell to get to heaven…it is always part of the journey, but one that reaps great rewards.

Apologies once again for the long interval between energy alerts. It is wonderful, as always, to be back writing again. And thank you as always, for your continued support and caring…right back at you!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,





October 28 , 2007


Acute darkness has surrounded us of late, with the greatest intensity on or about Saturday, October 27th. There is good reason for this, which I will explain further on, but for those of you who are sensitives and tuned in more than most, it may have been a very uncomfortable ride.

It may have felt like there was darkness everywhere with nowhere to go. Not a glimmer of light anywhere to be found. No matter where we turned, there was seemingly darkness everywhere. Here in the US, it will be Halloween on the 31st, so gools, torturous themes, evil, and the like are adding to the pot!

Seemingly being engulfed by darkness, futility, hopelessness, chaos, no connection anywhere, and nothing remotely making sense, can create states within us of fear, confusion, panic, loss, sadness, grief, and the like. And it just feels downright creepy out there right now. Where, oh where has the light seemingly gone?

“If I could just find something that felt good!” you may have found yourself thinking. Or perhaps, “I just cannot tolerate any lower vibrating energies for one minute longer!” “Everything around me feels awful!” “There is nowhere to go! All the past creations of this planet are just too uncomfortable to be in anymore!” “There is seemingly no one at the helm…nothing makes any sense, there is no security, and certainly no solid or higher level guidance in this current reality!”

So what is going on here, and where do we go now?

Darkness is surrounding us now, because we are going to a new and higher level, and purging much. Mercury retrograde is as always, assisting. Going back and going deeper is part of the releasing process. And of course, all the communication and travel challenges as well.

Some might say that we are being attacked by the darkness, as it does not want the light to take over and shine so brilliantly. But this is only a lower level interpretation stemming from the minds we operated from which resided in a lower vibrating reality. We no longer live in those states of dis-connect from our higher level selves. And in this way, the polarity and blaming things of the outside can no longer exist. Thus, it becomes more evident than ever, that we are simply purging and releasing all the darkness within us. And as the true lightworkers that we are, we transmute these darker and denser energies through ourselves.

So in this way, all we can seemingly see is darkness, darkness everywhere. This is because it is up and out, leaving, and it can hide no more. I have not seen or experienced or felt this much of the darker energies all at once for several years. This state we currently find ourselves in is a very common phase of the ascension process, and very normal indeed. It simply means that we are, as always, right on track as we climb the ascension ladder, and are moving some big chunks of darkness, assisting them on their way to a new and better matching residency.

Now add to this the collapse of the old reality and the old systems, and we can feel as though the rug has been pulled right out from under us. Nothing can seem to make any sense, as the old does not work anymore. What do we hold onto now? Where do we go?
If we can no longer find anything that feels good, as most things have resided in the old reality, we cannot, then, look there to find our salvation. We must create something new. Television (for some time now), is basically moot. It only serves to drag us back into something which is dying and which feels downright awful. Television also takes us away from this new reality. It places us in a reality of the non-physical…a reality that exists somewhere else. The new world and higher realms are right here…right now…and television places our attention, and thus, our reality somewhere other than the higher realms..which is where we are now, but we are looking somewhere else! The same is true for meditating. It takes us somewhere other than here. And we need to be here…in this new reality….and participate in it in order to make it real and to benefit from all it has to offer.

So where we can go is here…in this new reality…and not reside in the old one. We just need to tap into it, instead of tapping into the old reality which is now one great big illusion of the old minds that created it. Before the ascension process began, the new reality was much less a dominant reality. We could go there through meditation, find it in a book, or once in awhile have a special experience. Now, it is the opposite. The new reality is predominantly here, and the old is the illusion, existing only in our minds.

“I see it in the physical,” you might be thinking. “It seems pretty real to me!” But the truth of the matter is, that the more we focus on it, the more real it becomes. And this is the way of navigating in the higher realms. Think of something, and we are there. It becomes real. So then, we must really begin to discipline our minds to think of what we know is real…our sacred sanctuaries and our sacred spaces of a higher order.

Remember our sanctuaries of land that we have envisioned for so long? Remember our visions of unity and connection and support that we have wanted for so long? Remember the sacred communities of light? Remember our self-sustaining environments, and our dreams of living in harmony with everything?

Yes, these things are most certainly on the very near horizon. And these are but a few of the things that we can place our attention on, which will ensure our residency in the higher realms, and in addition, most certainly bring them to us as well.

This is why it is best that we stay out of the reality that is currently falling. My husband Phil is currently in California fighting the wildfires, and my family members are all there (with the exception of my daughter) as well. Some have been evacuated and returned, and some are simply experiencing the surreal aspects, the smoke damage, and the chaos. This is the area where I grew up and lived for many years.

What I am finding, is all that we have known. The more involved I become, the more I am dragged down into a strange and unpredictable reality of nonsensical occurrences. My first inclination was to immediately go to California and be there to assist in any way. Yes, the compassion is there, but it has become clear that I need not be there. I am better served by focusing on our current move to a new town, and setting up a very new space for Phil and I, and for those who will arrive when they are ready.

Phil is experiencing the same. There has been utter chaos and confusion with the directives for his engine and crew, and there are now far too many firefighters in their location. Nothing is making sense, and it is as if nothing is at the helm. Although remaining calm and ready, they are feeling a bit useless, ungrounded, and lost.

As most of us are aware, the California fires are part of a substantial cleanse. Many of the areas that will become our areas and cities of light, will experience a cleansing first. This is part of the process. In this way, they will be purified and ready for their new roles and higher purposes. The San Diego area has been designated an area of light for the planet. Thus, this cleanse was part of the process and the next step.

So then, do we just stand back and watch everything go? When do we save anything? Currently, there is a strong focus of catching and prosecuting the arsonists involved with some of these fires. At higher levels, everything was as it should be. Sort of like the George W. Bush scenario, as he has been beautifully doing his job of bringing much to the attention of the couch sitters and those who needed a nudge to be willing to make a change…thus supporting our evolutionary process with more ease.

By placing attention on retribution and the like, we are taking it away from where it is most needed. Is Phil’s experience with the fire the same as everyone else’s? I doubt it. I am most certain that there were many firefighters having a very different experience, and who were vitally needed as well. Each and every one of us will have an experience according to where and how we are vibrating.

This is Phil’s last year as a firefighter, in this capacity. He is now needed elsewhere. There are those who experienced the loss of their homes. These individuals are most likely learning what is truly important to them, or at least whatever their next shift was about. There are those whose homes remained intact. Perhaps these individuals already knew what was important to them. There are those we will be called to assist those in transition and those in need through compassion and presence. There are those who will be there to call things to the attention of the masses…where change is needing to occur.

Each and every one of us is always right where we need to be, and having the perfect experience which matches our current individual vibration. If you are finding that nothing seems to be intact where you are, then it is because you most likely do not belong there anymore. Many of us belong somewhere else now. We simply no longer reside in the old reality.

During these times of great movement, many of the losses occur. We can at times begin to wonder what will happen next, or perhaps wonder if things will ever settle down and if we will ever “get a break.” This is the way of ascension. It always involves a destruction of the old, a rebalancing of self (health and emotional dilemmas), and all are designed to connect us much more securely and completely to Source.

Source is what is here now, and what is asking us to find it, and this involves the removal of all the obstacles which block this divine connection.

So then, as many of us find ourselves in the presence of much darkness, it can be even more challenging than ever before. This is because we are vibrating higher than ever before. And as we vibrate higher, our tolerance for any dense or darker energies becomes more and more extreme. We may feel that we simply cannot take much more. Enough already. This is because the contrast to where we are now vibrating, compared to what we are seeing, has become quite vast. But as always, we seem to find that extra strength within ourselves that allows us to continue on…to stay here…to do our jobs.

Knowing that these difficult stages of ascension are always temporary, can help as well. Be with those you love and who love you. Find a place or an opportunity to give support, understanding, and compassion. This always gets us though. Connect with another by listening…truly listening. And if you are unable to do any of these or much else, just sleep your way through it all. Take a long nap until this stage is over. Be kind to yourself, and know, if you can, that any unpleasantness will pass.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,


For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


LOSS, LOSS, AND more loss. The ascension process is
designed to create considerable amounts of loss. I suppose that
we get used to it after awhile, but in the beginning it can really
shake us up. One would think that it would become damaging to
the human spirit, but there is a specific reason and purpose for
all this loss, and things eventually do get better.

If you have ever found yourself crying for no apparent reason, it
is usually because you are feeling great loss, even though
nothing is apparent in your outside reality. Feeling great sadness
is also a manifestation of a knowingness at higher levels that
much is leaving. Weeping and sadness usually occur when we are
losing darker and denser aspects of ourselves. After all, we have
lived with these traits for a very long while, and even though it
isn’t in our best interest to keep them, it is still sad to feel them
depart. Sadness usually occurs when much is about to depart at a
global level, in regard to the mass consciousness. When we are
feeling this overwhelming sadness, most everyone else is as well.
We are all in this together.

It can, at times, be confusing to be feeling so much sadness,
weepiness, and heightened emotion for no apparent reason, but
energetically, there is much going on. These symptoms are
simply proof of the pudding.

In addition to much departing in regard to who we are, or old
ways and old energy, and many other lower vibrating nonphysical
creations, we are also experiencing loss at physical
levels. Friends, relationships, family members, jobs, careers,
homes, animal companions, and much of all else in the physical
are leaving our spaces at a rapid and regular pace. At one point in
my process, I went through a re-birth and lost virtually all of my
friends and a cat in one week!

We can experience loss in a variety of ways. People in our lives
can leave through the 3D death process. These individuals have
decided at soul levels that they do not wish to experience the
ascension process while in a physical body here on Earth. There
are various openings or opportunities that arrive at specific
energetic times, and it is during these times that we usually see
many individuals departing all at the same time. Of course,
people can leave at any time, but these energetic opportunities
usually take many people with them. Generally speaking, when
souls feel complete with something, they will depart. So then,
some stay until a pivotal point is reached energetically on the
planet, and others leave when it is right for them and those
around them.

Losing those close to us can occur in other ways as well. We
generally lose people through ascension for two reasons: 1) We
begin vibrating differently and this causes a mismatch in
energies. Lower and higher vibrating energies cannot exist in the
same space for very long, and 2) As the vibration of the planet
increases on a regular basis, it then causes New and different
scenarios and personal purposes to arise. New roles are then
activated for us. In this way, some of us may part in order to
fulfill pre-designated roles that we agreed to fill at specific times
in our evolutionary process. It can be sad to say good-bye to a
good friend because they have a role that is not quite related to
yours. But know that we will eventually meet up again in the end.
We can also experience separation or New and unusual feelings
regarding our physical families of origin. As we are re-born or
reincarnated again through ascension, the purpose of our
original family members is no longer needed. This usually
creates a different type of relationship or a relationship that

Losing a job results from a disconnect from the Old World
reality. We can no longer be involved in these old ways and it is
also difficult to work when going through ascension. Our
attention needs to be somewhere else as we are beginning to
connect more strongly to Source. Most other things that leave us,
do so because we are no longer a vibrational match. In order to
arrive in the higher realms, we have to be vibrating at the level of
the higher realms. As we begin vibrating higher, then, these
lower vibrating energies can no longer be where we are or go
where we are going.

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to come to
terms with loss. As many things leave our lives, better and more
suitable things begin to arrive for us. As the New most certainly
begins to arrive, it is much more in alignment with who we now
are and fits us so much better! Know that you are also becoming
lighter and lighter and learning that an attachment to Source is
your only real and necessary attachment”.



September 27 , 2007
ATTACKS, LOSING THINGS DEAR TO US, AND THE ON-GOING RELOCATIONThe What’s Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts are offered several times per month by viewing them here. Your financial support makes it possible to continue offering information on this website free of charge. Please make a donation.
Notify me when a energy alert is posted!
Greetings!The energies are really moving now, and creating many manifestations which seem relentless, giving us no time to rest or take a breath. And some of these manifestations are not what we may have expected to occur as a result of evolving spiritually.
As we reach higher states of consciousness, we can find ourselves literally snapping. Acute anger, frustration, and stress occur when we suddenly reach a higher state of evolution, and can absolutely no longer tolerate anything that is vibrating lower. Suddenly, things we may have tolerated for a very long time become things that we will absolutely not have in our space, or not under any circumstances allow to occur around us for one more minute. As strange as it may sound, this is a common occurrence of our ascension process, and quite normal.
As the pressure builds through higher energies bombarding upon us, we can become agitated, feel great pressure, and then finally just “pop.” And then the next day we may feel very peaceful and calm…until the next occurrence!
It may seem that wherever we go to find solace, calm, and some peace, someone or something else is there to disrupt it. We may feel bombarded at every turn. As we evolve higher, the boundaries always dissipate a bit more, as the density is leaving. And thus, we seem to end up on top of one another. And when we do, we can feel a bit too close for comfort, as if our outer skin has been removed and we are ever so close, or too close, for comfort from another outside entity. With the sudden dissolution of a comfort zone boundary, it can become quite a shock to be connected everywhere and all the time!
But there is even more as we move forward. The darker and denser energies are really panicked now at the thought of having to leave, and thus…..the attacks. This scenario happens over and over whenever we reach a higher vibrating threshold of evolution. We get attacked for things we usually have not even done. If you have had a continual experience of this for a very long time, you may still be holding on to a victim consciousness with some self-worth energies present within you, but if you are one who experiences this only at certain evolutionary intervals, or the few times when you are around lower vibrating energies, you are probably not.
The darkness is hysterical now. It is reaching and grasping at anything it can. It is losing its grip and thus, it attacks as a means of self-preservation. People, the old systems, and anything of the old world are holding on for dear life, as they lash out in self-preservation. And darkness attacks itself as well. This is what will cause much of the fall, and what creates implosion from within. Darkness really goes for the light too. It seems to be the ideal target. Ridiculous accusations, inappropriate demands, and seemingly strange and non-sensical occurrences of an attacking nature can make us feel vulnerable, confused, upset, rattled, and deeply saddened. We may not wish to venture out into the world for fear of being stung again and again, but this phase will eventually pass, as it is only a sign that we have evolved once again.
During this time of moving up the vibrational ladder, we may find ourselves losing things that are dear to us. Things that have meant so much, and that we are especially attached to. They can be objects that hold a special meaning, objects that we feel represent who we are and what we are about, objects that bring us great peace and comfort, or even objects that we simply resonated with the most. Suddenly, they seem to have been taken from us, or have strangely disappeared.
What is going on here? As we move into a new dimension, we do not need to have physical objects hold a special vibration or frequency for us. Our joy, comfort, identity, and so forth, no longer stems from a physical object. We are now vibrating higher than this, as we are now embodying within ourselves, the vibration of these objects. We are no longer in a world where things like this are needed. These vibrations no longer exist on the outside of us. They are no longer separate entities. We no longer need outside objects to make us feel a certain way, or to activate these vibrations within us. We are now them ourselves, and thus, they disappear. The cord that attached us to them is now gone. We may find them again, but only after we no longer need them. We are now vibrating higher.
I recently lost my favorite pair of bear paw opal earrings. We have learned from the ancient petroglyphs that a bear paw represents power, and my wedding band and ring is comprised of opals, as we have found that opals hold a specific vibration. My husband Phil came home yesterday with a new pair of earrings for me, exactly like the old ones, and then a few hours later, I found my old ones! Phil recently lost his favorite box of trout flies, as fly fishing is one of his favorite activities and brings him great peace, and my daughter got into an automobile accident last week-end and totaled her beloved new car (she is fine physically). For each of us, this experience will be different, or perhaps not occur at all. And even in the news, people seem to be disappearing right and left, as if falling through the dimensions of a different vibration.
The re-location scenario is still ever present as well. We are being encouraged to move from geographical areas that will not serve us well in times to come. Areas that will experience a cleansing for various reasons relating to old energies of a darker and denser nature, are literally booting us out if we are residing there. If a geographical area has a high vibration, but has been inhabited by lower vibrating individuals, for instance, it will receive its’ cleansing, and then be fresh and clean for new occupancy and rebuilding in times to come. These areas will be vibrating the highest. These areas will be the centers of light for the new planet Earth.
A good rule of thumb for re-locating is to find yourself in an area that will embody much in the way of local community support. It will be the local resources and the local neighbors that will be there for us. As things begin to fall in certain areas, and most certainly with many of our pre-existing structures, we will be depending upon our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and our community to sustain us. This will be a wonderful by-product of the fall…unity at last.
Many are being “booted out” through various ways. Your home may suddenly not function any more, or be breaking down. You may find that your neighborhood is suddenly extremely noisy, and you need to leave to find some peace and quiet. Our cabin is suddenly emitting a horrible smell of decay, and we cannot find out why! We thought our cat had brought in a mouse and it had died, but this does not seem to be the case now. And we are being encouraged to move in many other ways as well. Even if the non-physical star beings had not told us directly, we would most assuredly know that something was indeed up. So watching for the signs can help, as they will most certainly be present.
Many of the areas that will support the “evacuees,” are the current areas of much feminine energy. You may find that if you travel to a different location that possesses much of the feminine, you may not want to leave. And you may be in the perfect place for yourself right now.
If you feel a bit concerned, and are wondering if you will be moving or staying right where you are, always know that you are continually right where you need to be. There can be no mistakes. We are always protected. And you need not get quiet or try to remain calm in these challenging times, as high stress creates heightened intuition, as much as states of calm do. In either case, these states serve to assist us in by-passing our normal human senses and analytical minds. Heightened stress and pressure always creates more psychic awareness, as we jump out of ourselves. Hence, we can still function well in these temporary states.
It can greatly help in these challenging times if we can try and focus on the new emerging realities, instead of what is falling. Focusing on what is still producing, where the doors are opening, and what is thriving will always serve to place us in a better space.
A few weeks ago, Phil and I went on a short two day trip. We did not really know where we wanted to go, so we just grabbed the dog, a few things, and got in the car. Sometimes that can be the best way to have an exciting and wonderful adventure. About an hour and a half out, we stopped for lunch in a very small community in the middle of nowhere. I think it might have been the only café in the entire town. The owners served and cooked for us, sold aromatherapy lotions, and the cook even left the kitchen to open the front door for other guests to leave.
We noticed as we gazed out the window while we were eating, that there was a farmer’s market outside. Evidently, it went on every week. Then we noticed that most of the sellers had beautiful long hair in ponytails (most of the men), seemed to be artists, and there was so much love there. We were truly awed by this, as well as the beauty of the local surroundings. What a very special place we thought it was. A hidden jewel in the middle of nowhere.
Two weeks later, Phil was giving a tour of the ruins here in Springerville, and his only guests just happened to be residents of this town we had just traveled through. They all really clicked. These people told Phil that their community totally supported one another, there was much love present in the community, everyone knew each other, and they had even built their own home in the middle of an ancient ruin! Then this man on Phil’s tour grabbed him squarely and strongly by the shoulders, shook him, and said that Phil absolutely must move there, and that he and his female partner would give us a personal tour and tell us everything we would need to know. And this will be the area in the Southwest, along with a special spot in Europe, where we will be re-locating until we can come back to Springerville. We were hoping not to have to completely move from Springerville, but Source knew more than we did.
So you see, we will all be divinely guided to the exact places where we need to be, even if we are already there right now. There will also be pockets within pockets of reality. There can be sanctuaries within areas of lower vibrating reality. During the equinox, Phil and I went out to the main ruins here to observe the alignments that the ancients had set up during their time there. Standing at the feminine shrine (the equinoxes carry the feminine energies, and the solstices the masculine), when the sun was exactly at the same place on the horizon as the moon, and being in alignment with where the shrine was placed, put us both in the most incredible energetic space I have ever experienced. What a portal and place of heightened energy, peace, and total awe. And this is how it can be at any given moment, if we only choose to place ourselves in our center, and in alignment with what is already here in oh so many ways.
Not being in a reactive space, and being who we are, can easily place us right where we need to be. In times to come, our vibrations will match our surroundings, and we will be in alignment much more than we are right now. Source is guiding us every step of the way, as we surrender and allow the gentle and loving arm of spirit to take us where we need to be.
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time,
For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


I HAVE COME TO KNOW through the ascension process andthrough experiences in the higher realms, that darkness reallyisn’t darkness at all. Darkness is in fact, greatly tied to thelight, as it is the fuel that serves to ignite it. It is the darknessthat summons the light and allows it to arrive. Whenever I seeany darkness now, I have to say, I have a great love for it. Andthe darkness loves us too, as it is here in a position of greatservice in order to get us where we planned on going all along.Without the darkness, we would never have accomplished whatwe have, in regard to raising the vibration of the planet.A woman in an abusive relationship may be inspired bydarkness to look within and grow and change. And the personinflicting her abuse knows exactly what he/she is doing at soullevels, as the two planned the whole thing together. It is a greatact of love at higher levels. Many times our biological parentscreated situations that really spurred us on to create and to besomething different. “I will never be like them!” creates exactlythe person that you came to be.

Many in the United States have a very unfavorable opinion ofPresident George W. Bush and his administration. But inactuality, he is providing an incredible service and very muchinvolved with the ascension plan at soul levels. At higher levels,he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is doing an incredibleand loving job. By providing enough discomfort, contrast, andblatant energies of a darker and denser nature, he is making itnear impossible for anyone not to notice or be affected. He iswaving a huge red flag that is encouraging the masses to get upoff their sofas and out from behind their television sets and askfor something different. He is creating situations that enablemany to be willing to let go of what they were holding onto andused to, in order to create something of a much higher order.When things get very uncomfortable, we are then much morewilling to let them go.

As I write these words, Al Gore, a prior Vice President of theUnited States and prior presidential candidate, is releasing hismovie and book, An Inconvenient Truth. A devoted andpassionate environmentalist, this is what he is all about and hehas brought this love for the environment to most of hisendeavors. He ran for the presidency alongside George W. Bush.He was an environmentalist then and is now. But he lost. Why?Because the planet was not yet ready for his message. GeorgeBush had to win. It was necessary. George Bush has succeeded ingetting the masses ready to embrace the higher levels. And so, asI write these words, after 6 years of a Bush administration, AlGore is being greatly received by many. The hidden agendas andtruth regarding the lack of environmental support are now readyto be accepted. The people are finally ready and willing. And theymay never have been if it hadn’t been for “the darkness.”

Darkness can really shake us up and encourage us to act in amuch higher way. I’ve been watching things in Africa of late. Theatrocities going on there are horrifying and very dark. But thiscontinent that is currently experiencing genocide and severe actsof cruelty toward women and young girls, is shining a very brightlight. I predict that Africa will be the darkness that spurs on thelight in a global way. The holocaust provided an opportunity forus to say, “This will never happen again.” But it has happenedagain. Things are getting very bad in Africa, in order for theworld masses to put a halt to them. We are all one. These thingscannot continue on our planet. The summoning of light fromsituations in Africa will get so bad, until they are noticed by all.In this way, I continually see Africa as a bright and shining lightas it is carrying the energy needed to bring in massive amountsof light. In this way, it is the light itself. It is the doorway formuch light to enter on a global level. Those experiencing theseatrocities are incredible beings of light themselves, in order toprovide this loving and necessary service…both as victims andperpetrators.

If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to seethat darkness was not what we had interpreted it to be in the3D world. Everything comes from the light and is here to supportus in every way. Things may get very dark at times, but whenthey do, it is only because not enough attention is being placedon the change that needs to occur. Things will get as dark as theyneed to until illumination occurs. Creating something New anddifferent of a much higher order is what will make us feel goodagain and place us back into the light. Know that witnessing andexperiencing darkness does not mean that there is anything”wrong.” All, as always, is in divine and perfect order.”
May the offerings from What’s Up On Planet Earth? serve to light your path, validate
your experience, and remind you that we are all one. Thank you for your continued
interest and happy reading

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