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Master Kuthumi* Union



My delightful friends, playmates and wondrous beings of Light, welcome to our realms of Light. I am Maha Chohan who comes to you. Ra Mu stands beside me as does Kuthumi. Jesus has also come to join us, to share in this truth and also the energies surrounding these words. For today we celebrate in joy and happiness the union of us all. I invite you to laugh with us, dance, be happy. Share with us. Let our energies merge. As they do you will not only feel uplifted, but happy also.

To feel happy, uplifted, joyful is not a gift. It is a choice. Your choice.

You can choose to be happy, peaceful, grateful for whatever you have. You can choose whether you wish to stay in the presence of those who would pull you down by their words, jealousies, energies. Like attracts like. Therefore you will truly feel when another’s energies are not flowing with your own. You will feel it.

Kuthumi has spoken of the new Light particles in your atmosphere. When we last met I spoke of the Golden Discs of Light. This day I tell you these Discs of Light not only raise your vibration, they link directly to your pineal gland in the brain.This small gland, known as the Master Gland in your body because it is the doorway – the point of union where the higher particles of Light merge and are dispersed through the Golden Rod of Light, which lies in front of the spinal column, flowing through firstly to the heart, now birthing into the Higher Heart.

You are birthing new energies within your very bodies. All is in unison.There are parts of your brain which have remained dormant – unused. Now they begin the awakening process as you birth the new energies of Light into your being, you also birth into a higher consciousness.

Oh my friends, laugh, be joyful. Celebrate these great joyous times with us. This time, this process is to be celebrated is it not? For who of those among you would choose to stay in darkness or even limited Light? Think of this my friends as you experience your anger, loss, confusion, and all levels of depression.


Think of what is there for you now. Not next month, next year, NOW. Anytime you choose you can immerse yourself in the Light and allow the confusion and sadness to fall away as you would release an overcoat. Ra Mu has helped you with this in his meditation Changing consciousness of Man. For this is how he chooses to guide you, to meet with you and free you.

So, it comes down to thought and choice in the birthing times you are experiencing. The new energies of Earth are already being created – birthed. It began with the financial illusion. This was the beginning. There were too many living falsely, beyond their means, being tempted by those few who sought control and power of many.This not part of the plan. What you experience now is relase of this power. But also great joy. You could not experience the great joy, and the remembrance of your soul while you were held in financial control.

I, Jesus come forward to you now in patient love, forgiveness and also happiness. When I was last on your Earth, I asked many to turn from their homes and follow me. Many did as your history books portray. Those who chose to follow were filled with an essence of love and joy they had not known. They had not allowed themselves to know this new feeling. They had become chained in a daily existence of answering to others in control. Toiling for little financial gain. I showed a new way, as I am now.

Let it be known

That I Jesus say to each of you, I am within you. My “essence” through the Father God resides in your hearts. You seek outside of you. The answer has always lain within your most sacred chamber, the heart.

I tell you look within.

Look within with the eyes of forgiveness, as I do when I look at you. Look with the eyes of acceptance, as I do when I look at you. Look within as a friend as I do, when I look at you. Look within with compassion as I do when I look at you.

My friend love yourself as I love you, as God loves you. For this is the seed of great joy, great love, more than you can know. Nourish that seed of love, feed it each day, by being kind to yourself, and spreading that love and kindness you feel out to others you meet each day.

This is the seed of your New Earth, of what you call “the second coming”. You are the second coming. I ask you to honor the Father God through this sacred seed of love and kindness to yourself and your neighbor.

I greet you now in Light as I speak to you. It is I, Kuthumi. We have gathered here, my brothers and I in union. The joy we feel is not only of those energies as we join together, but for you also. We see the great potential you have to create in love and peace, and in union also. As we work and help one another, so now must you. Aggression in all it’s ugly forms must be set aside – purposely.

I say purposely for you need to be on guard. The Light is your sword and love your shield. Use them. Use them to turn away from fear and aggression.


It is time to be more aware, to think of which energy you choose to use. Which energy you choose to manifest to yourself and to others. We here, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Ra Mu and I Kuthumi, the White Brotherhood, the Light Council which we represent, we call you now to arms – to fight for your future of Light of love. We assist with the Photon Belt energies and the Golden Solar Discs of Light, but you must now fight. Use your sword of Light and shield of love to all. The time is upon you now. If you doubt why we come or the words we speak look around you, what do you see?

I tell you it is time now. The prize is great. The return home, to Gods arms, containing more love and joy than you can imagine. I have asked you before, and I ask again now “What do you choose my friend?” The choice can only be yours. You must choose. I say to you that you will be unable to sit on the fence much longer. For you will be lost – in lower energies, in space. Complacency has no place in the New Earth.

The Lunar eclipse at this time will challenge many. Darker aspects of ourselves may emerge. If you are experiencing a darker aspect, through angry words or those of others, remember the seed Jesus gave you. Remember your Soul Light. Use your shield of love to protect you from others angry words. Remember.


Master Kuthumi* Open the Door of Light Within


Open the Door of Light Within.

I Greet you my friends in Light, in the love of God as I merge with your energy field. Take a moment to connect with me fully through the Creators ray of colors. Visualize a rainbow of color, as I meet you. Now see how you feel. Lighter. How you feel more connected to our higher realms. Be aware of the Peace energy as it permeates all of your bodies. Feel the peace and Light energies as they take you higher, and higher.

Now feel me, merge with my essence in the Magenta Light. Be with me here.
Let yourself fly to me .

Now as I have prepared you, be at peace, at one with all as I speak with you and prepare you for the journey you will make during this pivotal year of 2009

This day, the 11th, this year 2009 also completing the number 11, for 2 and 9 are 11, and this month beginning the 1st month – the beginning. I have told you of the number 11 being a Master number. This number signifies a time for man to connect to God, to open to higher consciousness, to remember all of your experience and learning – the memories contained in your Soul. It is a time to embrace the new energies, to open the door to your Soul Light through the Diamond Light, contained in your Higher Heart. It is time to merge, to feel, to acknowledge you are part of all – you are part of Oneness.

And so, on this Master day, meaning the acknowledgement and understanding of higher awareness, of the Light within you, prepare to step forward. However you must first acknowledge to your higher self, that you are willing to move forward. For you must take this first step fully, to release the chains of darkness that have shackled you to the past. To previous experience, warlike behavior, selfishness and control. Yes my friends, it is these chains we now break. You must leave these old ways behind. They cannot exist where you are going. They can only exist in darkness where love struggles to survive. All of you have experienced this darkness. It has been part of your polarity in your experiences of Earth incarnations.

Non of you is above another. To think you are is your ego self controlling your conscious mind. It is that some, through choice, hold more Light energy than others. Yet I say to you this does not make them greater, does not entitle them to rule over you by their words or attitude – no it does not. It does however, enable them to open to a great opportunity, to serve mankind through teaching, through example. You see? To show others, to guide them, to help them forward to teach others to embrace the Light of their own Soul. This is a great service, a great gift to another.

With all of this understanding, are you now ready to step forward to a higher level of awareness on this day? The outer energies of the planet, flowing through to your atmosphere, assist you in this great release. Yes my friend, it is a great release. For it is time for you to embrace your future, your own Divine Light. It is time to hold more Light within you, to build that Light until you radiate glorious Light in love, in peace, in oneness.

So what is this great release to begin this process? It is simple, it is not difficult. Spirituality has never been difficult. It is that some have chosen to make it so. And so I will simplify this great step for you.

You are connected to me on the Magenta Ray, for I and others will help you. See them join us now. Some of you will feel us merge into your energy fields.

The Master Lady Mary joins me now, and Lord Ra Mu stands to my left, the Lord Maha Chohan stands to my right. Do you feel them, do you feel the power and strength of our united Light energy.

Breath in our Energies as we lead you in peace and love.
Take a moment as your own energies are adjusted to a higher vibration
See us now, standing before you. Lady Mary moves to stand beside you. Feel her love,
Her essence.
On the outer rims of the Magenta Ray, gold and pink rays of Light begin to merge and flow to you, surrounding you in added love, strength and Soul remembrance.
Breathe and allow the energies to flow over you, and through you.
Connect to your Heart center as the energies penetrate and radiate out wider and wider from your heart center, your Soul.
Feel it. See it. Now you begin to feel your Soul Light. Is it not a wondrous feeling?
Take a moment to become Soul Light, to truly merge and be.
To experience once more this feeling, this energy – the Light of your Soul.
For your Soul rejoices, your Soul remembers. Now you remember in your totality.
The Lord Maha Chohan assists you in this step of Soul Remembrance, in his role of overseeing mankind’s transition to a Golden Age.
So now are you ready to release the past which you no longer need to carry? The burdens of doubt and fear which hold you in their grip of a negative reality.
Lady Mary is close now, we are with you at this most important doorway that you stand before.
As you look at the doorway see the Violet Flame. Though it burns brightly it will not harm you for the Violet Flame, part of the Trinity, is God’s gift to you. To help you release, to burn off old paradigms of negative behavior, hate, jealousies, fear. Dark deeds you may have done. It is time to let them go, release them for they weigh you down. They cannot accompany you to the higher realms. No, they cannot, they will only weigh you down.
And so I say to you, with all your will and intent let go – release them as you walk through the Violet Flame doorway –
Walk through now.
And you see, we are all still here with you. This is the first step. Remember you have released, let go.
None of this darkness can you call back – no. For any time you feel a fear, immerse yourself in your Soul Light
Feel it.
For it is the one essence that will lead you forward – fearless – in total love and peace. You have experienced this. You know how it feels. you have felt the power you have always had. You simply forgot about it.
Now we have awakened you on this wondrous day of your new year.
Your new path of Light now begins. Your new reality which you have chosen, you have created.
Was this so difficult? It was fear and the comfort of old ways which has held you back.
But now we celebrate, yes all of us here celebrate with you, for you have crossed the road, you have broken free of the chains of your past.
And so rejoice with us. Laugh, dance, feel the joy and Light, in your heart.
From this day forward, you will radiate more Light in your being.
Your new Earth is Light, much Light. Now you begin a new path, a new journey.
I, Lord Maha Chohan, have given a Code of Light to this one to celebrate this day and to help you remember in times of need that you have crossed the road to Light and you are not alone.
The color is Magenta, the higher vibrational color of Love – of all that is.
I Kuthumi now ask the Lady Mary, Lord Maha Chohan and Lord Ra Mu to step back.
As you gently reenter your physical body, our energies will remain with you for some time. Some will continue to feel our energies for two days. You will find your sleep will be deeper as the physical body receives heeling through our energies.

This will be a Master year, a year for you to step onto new paths of Light as you prepare for ascension. You are returning home my friends. Your long journey of experience on Earth is almost complete.

We walk with you, do not forget. Yet this is also a year of remembrance. Of remembering all that you are, all you have experienced, the duality of dark and Light. For how would you know Light had you not experienced darkness? See it as experience my friend, of learning wisdom.

There is a further part to be relayed in this vital first step. Rest for now. We will lead you in this next step when we meet once more through this one.

Our Blessings.
Our Love
Our Peace are with you

The Masters Kuthumi, Lady Mary, Lord Maha Chohan, Lord Ra Mu.





I greet you once more in love, unity and Oneness of al that is, and that which has been. As I come forward to you now, I bring with me the Will of God the Creator, and His Blessing of Light to you. Be still a moment and connect to the Light, feel it as it enters your energy field, and travels through your crown chakra, down through the Pineal gland, making it’s way down to further open and feed your Higher Heart, connected to your Soul. For it is here, at the core of your being that the connection, the sacred awareness of Mother, Father God essence resides within you.

This Divine energy, which pulsates and now demands acknowledgement, through your Soul, to connect back, to remember your true core, your beginning, where you were truly born. It is time my friends, in this magical year 2009, to remember. This year, translating to the number 11, a sacred number, which carries the vibrational energies for your spiritual development this year. Through the Light particles penetrating your being, activating your higher power centers, pulling you up higher in vibration, you will desire to understand more of your Soul knowledge – your purpose, your own unique path, your Soul and it’s journey of your past and what is to be.

Indeed the planetary energies this year are propelling mankind forward to his sacred home, to fully experience and be with the Creator energy. Many of you will begin to awaken, to seek new knowledge and understanding of your journey. It will be a year of connection to your Higher Heart energy, to feeling your way to the completion of each daily experience.

You are now in a time of connecting to this feeling center. It is what we and our cosmic brothers have been preparing you for over a number of years. The energies have intensified through your previous ten years. You have felt this. Outwardly all of you have seen change, in your personal worlds, your outer world, and in other lands. I have spoken of these changes many times in my teachings to assist you.

Now here you are at the beginning of a New Year, a new cycle, a powerful and a very significant crossroad. In my previous teaching I spoke of this very crossroad, now I explain further. As I have said, many are and will be questioning their role, their purpose, trying to understand all that is. Why, when, how, what for? I say to you that I have spoken much on all that you ask, as have other Light Beings. Yet still you persist in this old mentality of thinking. It is time now to connect to the heart center, the feeling center, the home of your soul. For your Soul does not think – no – it feels. And it is able to feel all, both the positive and negative emotions. I can tell you where there is too much negativity around you, the Soul will withdraw. This will leave you feeling empty – void of emotion and feelings. The Soul is not present you see, and so you are temporarily in a Soul vacuum until the Soul returns and awareness of feelings resume.

So it is that you are at a Soul crossroad. Where will you step? Will you remain as you are thinking – again the mind energy – that you will be safe as you are. You feel in the comfort zone with no desire to change so you choose to remain in the same ‘place.’

Or will you step across onto the new path which leads to experiencing a New Earth, a Divinity of pure joy and delight where unconditional love resides?

What do you choose? You have the power to refuse, though as more time passes it will require much more third dimensional energy to remain where you are now. The crossroad is before each of you. It is time to be still, to listen within. Really listen. Listen to your heart through your Higher Self. The old ways you have experienced through so many incarnations are crumbling. The ways of control through fear, greed and humiliation of another are eroding very quickly. In those who operate – even in the slightest manner – from any of these traits, the changes on Earth and in your lives will create even more fear as you vainly try to hold on to the old familiar energies. The new path is upon you. Stop, consider let go of old ways which no longer serve you.

And so, 2009 will also be a year of challenges. The Divine energy through the Light particles which penetrate your very being, awakening your Soul Light, will draw you upward to new heights of inner peace and joy. Many have not experienced the depth of pure joy available to you through the Light. It will depend on the degree of Light you have already integrated into your being, which will decide on how great your own challenges will be. Remember the Light is your protector and your weapon. There is no other weapon –no.

In times of despair, immerse yourself in the Light particles, you will be uplifted. In times of verbal attack from another, do not lower yourself to a third dimensional energy level, rather send them Light merged with love. Immerse them in that energy – and yourself. For only the Light has the power to dissolve all negativity, to transmute, to soften, to heal. Many act in negative manner through fear. So I remind you to use the power of the Light through any challenge presented to you to experience. Remember the power of the Light is your birthright.


As you proceed through your coming year, there are many signposts being sent to you through the Cosmic energies. However the greatest will be on the 9 th September 2009.

On this day the infinity of Cosmic Light particles will be very strong, invoking the deepest spiritual connection for all. It will be a magnificent time. A time for all to drink their full of the Light particles to complete the transformation of the DNA through your very cells. Water will be the carrier. We call it a Cosmic Birth, a birth of Divine Light within through Christ consciousness and unconditional love. We await this great day of celebration and birthing. I Kuthumi will speak more of this as this day in your time grows closer.

In preparation I give you two further dates of integration in Divinity. The first will be on the 11th day of January 2009. Again you will notice the sacred numerology of the number 11. This is the first Cosmic doorway of preparation to further integrating your Soul Light – the first doorway into the new creation of acceptance.

The second power dates I give you are the months of June and July. Both are significant for your Divine development. June being another time of important preparation and integration, for in July another doorway of connection opens. You see, you must be prepared energetically to enable you to withstand the new energies.

There is a third date near the end of this magnificent year which is the eleventh day of November 2009 – again the vibration of the number 11, which contains much Divine power. This date is a doorway to uphold you in Divine strength and peace through the new Cosmic birth.

Of course, since this is a pivotal year in your Soul awakening, many other dates will also hold significant energies to empower you in infinite Light energies. As always I will guide you through each step, along with my brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood. We come to you, a few at a time, so our own Light does not blind you. As in all things you must be prepared to experience great Light and high vibrational energies. So my friends, you begin to see why I say you are at a crossroad. Your shield and your armour are contained in your Soul Light. The more Light you carry, the brighter and stronger your Soul Light.


Now you will recall at the beginning of the previous year, 2008, I gave you warning of what was to come, particularly with your financial systems. (put link here) You are now experiencing this. I can tell you that the world’s financial upheaval is not yet complete. You are still experiencing the illusion of money. There is an air of false financial expectation being created. I say illusion because that is how those in control of your financial markets are holding you through fear. They still seek to control you through this creation of money and of course borrowing.

I say to you to simplify your lives. Release this fear of financial lack which is overpowering many. Simplify your lives. This will be a challenge for many throughout this year. Look to what you need and what you want. There is a vast difference. I urge you to simplify your lives.

I wish to say to all of you that you are now entering mew times, a new path of awareness and experiences. As I have said you are experiencing great transformational times. I wish to remind you and I urge all to listen – to truly listen – that this is a time to group together. To help one another, to work together in tending the soil to grow your food. To form communities in new ways of living together, of helping one another in unconditional love.

It will be important to help one another emotionally as some will find these further transitional times easier than others. It is not a time to return to the ego self and to think of yourself as greater than another – no. It is a time to work together, sharing your knowledge and compassion with others freely.

We have spoken often of Oneness, of your connection to Oneness. I say to you, how can you experience this great Oneness if you cannot work together, if you cannot live together? Understand this does not need to be in one large house, no, houses can be separate, yet aligned to another with simple needs and unconditional love. This is before you.

And so, you are at a crossroad of choice. I ask, what do you choose to create for your future?

I leave you in love and healing energies as you prepare for the cycle of your New Year.

Master Kuthumi


Master Kuthumi* A Sacred Key to the Golden Bridge


A Sacred Key to the Golden Bridge

My greetings of love and peace as I enter your energy fields. Today the Lord Buddha stands beside me, honoring all life forms in Unity of Oneness. Indeed, is this not what we all believe and share – Unity in Oneness? Why is it so difficult to greet a stranger? We wonder when you will realize the attitude of separation.
Everywhere we  observe this created separation.  In your families, in your work place, in your towns and countries. You think of others as separate, and so you feel them as separate. It is then you create the separation from others. You create a “them” and “us” mentality. Even those on their path of Light succumb to separation through their thoughts and actions. They begin to believe and feel that they are better than another. That they are more experienced, have more knowledge, and so create separation.

I say to you, that the idea of separation must be overcome if you truly wish to become a spiritual Master. For until you overcome all ego self, you are not eligible to use the title of Master.

This is a title gained through higher learning, obtaining wisdom and overcoming the ego self. Of giving unconditional love freely to all. And there is that word – unconditional. How many among you can truly say you love unconditionally? Where you simply love and give in joy, in bliss – no matter what? How many among you?

I have spoken about your heart energy, and the two ‘parts’ of the heart center.  The third dimensional heart and the higher heart containing the Diamond Light of God, Source. Now in your time, you are being called to activate the Diamond Light you all hold within. Some ask how? How do I do that? Where do I begin Master?

You may expect a long complicated reply.Yet the answer is very simple. you must begin to feel, to operate through your heart center. Come out of your head, out of your mind which often dissects your thoughts, actions and overshadows your heart feelings. At first you may have to make this a conscious action. To catch yourself as your mind begins to analyze a persons words, or a situation you are experiencing. And further, if it is a negative and painful situation you are experiencing, all the more reason to  feel how you will react, to connect to your heart. For who among you can cast the first stone? Who among you is a true Master? You are still in the process of learning to overcome your past – and I speak of many past lifetimes, memories of which are held in your Soul memory. You are learning to cross the Golden Bridge to what you call Heaven.

My friend, the Golden Bridge is not like your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is not a fairy tale, a dream. Do you not see it is within you?
The Golden Bridge is contained in your Higher Heart.

Let me repeat this for it is a Sacred Key to enable you to live in the kingdom of Heaven – the Golden Bridge is contained in your higher heart. You do not need to analyze, to wonder, to allow your ego self to pull you from this ‘gold’ within, to prevent you from experiencing the joy and love that is your birth right. It is time now! We realize it is sometimes difficult to turn a tide of third dimensional experience and behavioral reactions of situations. To change childhood conditioning. It requires you to consciously form a new way of reacting, of being, a new ‘habit.’ Yet I say to you, if this is your desire, if you wish to change your reactional behavior and begin to cross the Golden Bridge, then begin – so be it!

For when you begin to change your reactions, your thoughts to love, to compassion, to seeing another from your higher heart of Light and love, then a miracle occurs – you begin to feel, you begin to merge with God’s energy field.



You start to feel good inside of you, you feel more compassion, you begin to realize the person in front of you doesn’t know any better. You realize that this is where they are in their own evolutionary path. At this point you are presented with a choice. You can accept they know no better and mentally send them love, or you can meet them by going down to your own third dimensional negative behavior. You will choose from what you have already learned.

The electro-magnetic fields around you have already changed and are continuing to change. Your very DNA structure is changing because of this. This is a fact my friend, proven by scientists. For many years you have longed for Heaven. You longed to experience it. Now you have the choice. Now you are able to experience Heaven on Earth.

If you find what I say difficult to believe – that this can be so, then I say to you – begin, try it!  Begin.

If it is difficult to consciously connect to your heart, then simply place your hand on your heart. This will create a subtle energy shift in your mind, flowing out to your energy field, like turning on a switch to your Diamond Heart. You see, all is energy. Everything is energy. You learn through experience, through what you do, and how you react. Each of you are living in times of change. It is all around you. You chose to incarnate at this time on Earth, to assist in this change, in the evolution of mankind. You have been guided and assisted every step of the way, by myself working through this one, and many other beings of Light.

Our core message, though varying in the presentation, has always contained the same message – that of transformation from third dimensional behavior, to the Christ dimensional energy – one of Light, of love and compassion.

Each of you have a fragment of God contained in the Diamond Light within your heart. You are now being asked to activate that Diamond of Light – to cross the Golden Bridge to Heaven, to create a New Earth, a new way of being. Today I give you the Sacred Key to do so, to fulfill your destiny.

Master Kuthumi.


Master Kuthumi- Fourth Energy Boost


Master Kuthumi- Fourth Energy Boost 

     I am Master Kuthumi and it gives me great pleasure to be the spokes person for the ascended

masters and bringing forth the news of the fourth boost of energy that is due to anchor into the

Earth, the love crystals and the receptive people of the Earth on the 17th November 2008. This is

an extremely special time as we are seeing the abundant energy of the ascended masters

increasing by four times the vibration that we originally experienced on the first anchoring of the

abundant energy on the 5th September, 2008. The energy from the ascended masters if you

choose to connect with it now is of a high, intense and powerful vibration and will and can have a

great transformational effect on your reality and being when embodied. Now we are able to see

and experience the true power of love as it anchors into the Earth and the lives of many. The

energy of love of course, causes a cleansing and healing process which is a major factor of the

energy boosts that are coming forth from the inner planes and the Ascended Masters. Love has

the power to resolve all negative situations or problems in a most astonishing way that combines

and results in the will of the Creator being anchored onto the Earth and into the lives of many.


     I am Master Kuthumi  


Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia* Conscious Channel

Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia| Ronna Prince| Conscious Channel

October 27, 2008

“Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which has the potential to heal the earth”


The Healers Service Credo

 Question: What is the purpose of my trip to South Africa? In answering this question, Master Kuthumi is answering the General Question, what is my purpose on Earth? The following excerpts from a private reading contain seeds of Wisdom that pertain to all of our journeys. Kuthumi addresses how we can use the POWER of our consciousness to heal ourselves and the earth, he offers the Healers Service Credo, and he talks about Eternal Balance.


Sanat and Venus Kumara chime in to provide a brief overview of the difference between “pristine darkness” and “conscious darkness” and suggest why fearing and working to annihilate the dark, is a mis-perception.


The I AM Presence of Master Kuthumi suggests that your purpose on this journey is multi-faceted. Healing is about consciousness. One often begins at the self, and then expands healing energies to ever-widening circles until the Truth of being in Service becomes apparent and clear. You are a healer of many, not only in your practice as a medical professional, but as a world server. In order to serve at the level that you are being called, one must have Experienced, at some time in your vast soul history, the energies of persecution, of racial subjugation from both sides and of many other things. We have stated before that your soul is very wise. Every experience of this lifetime, in the Now, leads you to this moment in time, to this journey of the Heart and the Dark Creative Inner Womb so that you may clear blocks in the second chakra, not only for yourself but for the Many.


What does this mean?, you are asking. We will affirm that in Intention, one has the ability to heal by the Presence of your high self and soul. In Intention, as a server of Light, you may walk the same places of earth and heal discordant patterns that have been locked in the earth grids for centuries. Now, we understand that this may seem strange or even improbable – but we must appeal to your knowledge and wisdom as a physician of the subtle energy system of the human body. If you were, for example, to consider the earth as a living body, and you would see where dis-ease is present, you may notice that there are symptoms of illness stemming from the bladder and kidney meridians. This may manifest as dysfunction in the creative life center of Earth, in the continent of Africa. Not only is there likely to be an imbalance in the entire autonomous nervous system, but there will also be the psycho-emotional aspect of deeply ingrained fear, lack of decision making capability and diminished moral character.


The suppression of the indigenous peoples of South Africa and the extended race conflicts have much to do with the blocks in the earth meridians which were greatly amplified in the 1500s when the invading Europeans created imbalance in the earth’s bladder and kidney meridians. The cultural clashes created great disharmony. Further deepening the energies of discord into the earth are the continuing deep earth mining practices in South Africa which have been done without regard to the sanctity of earth, without gratitude and with the destruction of many human lives.


All of these things are related as well as the entire panoply of disease and population devastation on the African continent. As healers, we begin with the Intention to Serve. We proceed with Knowledge-Wisdom. And we facilitate healing with Love. As you, (X person) who has lived and walked in many mansions in Africa, walk upon the Earth meridians – you are the equivalent of an acupuncture needle. Your physical presence, (which of course consists of your entire energetic and ensouled being) is an instrument of the Divine – we often refer to incarnate souls as the Transducers of Divine Energy. Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which have the potential to heal the earth.


By walking in Intention of your sacred purpose in Africa, you are the release point of much cultural and racial suffering – “How can that be”, you ask? “I am only there for a short period – why is this task not given to some indigenous people, to someone who will have a greater and longer term impact?” It is precisely because you have the Intention and Knowledge-Wisdom of your greater purpose that you are being called to Serve. You have lived several critical lifetimes in Africa so that you know, to the depths of your being, the origin of the suffering, -so that when you walk upon the sacred healing places of the earth, by Intention you Serve. All people of Africa are called also, for in intention and love, great things have been accomplished by few.


The work is not complicated at all.


All you need do is to state from the Heart, with feeling and Intention:


The Healers Service Credo


In Service to the Earth: my Presence sends healing to the places that are blocked.

In Service to Humanity I affirm: I acknowledge and I forgive all aggressions, all cruelty and all ignorance.

In Service to Planetary Evolution: I acknowledge that Love is restored to the areas of the second chakra of Africa (or any other area you are called to assist in healing).

I offer my service from my heart, and my eternal soul,

for I have lived and died here, and here I return to Serve.

I am a living testimony to the endurance of the soul, the fortitude of the Spirit and the potential, now actualized, to emancipate what no longer serves the greatest good,

so that all may move forward in the spiral of ascension.

I am here to restore light to the second chakra of Earth

(or any other chakra you are working on).

I am here to Heal.

I come here to Love.


In the name of Divine Service, so be it and so it is.


What occurred on Earth in order for you Now to be called to Heal her Holy Body?


(We are now joined by Sanat and Venus Kumara) Indeed, over 2.5 million years ago, the Earth was considered a forsaken planet in the cosmos. There was an over-abundance of darkness and interference and a lack of interest on the part of the cosmic hierarchy to rehabilitate the planet to Love and Light. Being involved in creation, my Beloved Venus and I went before the Ain Soph Aur Council (Limitless Light) and asked for an assignment of re-creating Light from conscious darkness. You see, this is a very different activity than that of creating from pristine darkness. The pristine darkness is the center of creation from whence all things manifest. This is the sacred womb, the dark earth from which springs new life. Conscious darkness is that place where incarnate and spirit beings have made a choice to associate with less-than-light and manipulative forces of negativity. When incarnate beings allow themselves, through lack of awareness of their creation abilities, to be manipulated by “unseen” forces, without the counter-balancing of dedicated lightworkers holding open the field of Truth, great demonic energies become manifest in lower dimensions. Great imbalances occur which impact the energetic fabric of all beings.


We will tell you that the Infinite Creator creates from both Light and Dark. There is the mystery of creation, the Dark feminine womb, and there is the brilliance of creation, the Light of the Sun. All things are created in balance – even creation is created in balance. Do you understand this? Light-dark, male-female, yin-yang, yes-no. And to further complicate this we will tell you that the duality energies are an illusion!! For transcending the duality is the Trinity – symbolized by the Triskele. What is the Trinity of Light-dark? It is Love. What is the trinity of male-female? It is Love. What is the trinity of yin-yang? It is Love. What is the trinity of yes-no? It is also, Love. It is not “maybe”. It is Love. All things may be restored to Love through the balance of Light and Dark. Even conscious darkness may be restored to Light.


How does one balance light and darkness you ask? Not by seeking only the light! Not by fearing the dark! Not by putting your own limiting conditions on what you will and will not be open to do, to be, or to experience! Not at all.


One balances light and dark precisely by utilizing the great gift of the Infinite Creator of All:

Unconditional Love.


What have you been told our fellow Servers of the Way? That Love heals all things. What is darkness? It has many manifestations, but ultimately, our dear ones,


Darkness is the lack of light, the absence of love and the acceptance of fear.

That is all.

No more. No less.


So then how does one balance? By creating more fear, more lack and more absence? Not at all. You know:


Balancing light and dark is to Serve in the Way of Love.


It means that you accept the darkness without pushing against it. And by entering into it, in Love, you alchemically manifest Light into the darkest of all places. This is the Reality of Unconditional Love: conscious darkness has no power in the Presence of Unconditional Love. Absolutely no power.


The ascended masters invite you to open to a new level of being, that of conscious relationship, where suffering and struggle no longer need to be part of the contract – where contracts in fact, serve no purpose –for all healing and balancing takes place in the energy of Love. When one soul looks into the eyes of another and says: I understand, I remember, I forgive – great gifts open into your Reality. And above all, when one can say;


“I love you, for all that you have ever been and will be,

to the depths of inner light,

I understand, for I have been with you in many mansions.”


our dear soul in Light, one heals the World.

 We bless you on your journey and thank you, in gratitude, for your service to humanity and to Gaia, the ensouled planetary Being, who is healing her second chakra with a rainbow of light:


 Kuthumi, the Kumaras and Many Masters

 © Ronna Prince 2008 All Rights Reserved.





Kuthumi* A New Leader

A New Leader


There is talk of the “veil” that separates us here on the earth plain and you “Kuthumi” and others on the “otherside” being slowly broken, letting  more light through, can you touch on this for us, please.

I greet you in the peace and Divinity of the Source. This is an excellent question.

The “veil” was quite thick during your previous century. There were few who could travel through it to our realms. You see the “veil” as it has become known, is very much tied to the level of higher awareness which an individual has attained. This is the reason why only a few in previous years could travel through it to attain the higher knowledge and to contact with us here. There were  many brave souls who incarnated to lead the way so all could attain higher awareness.

You see, when man is faced with something he does not understand, he feels fear and becomes afraid.

You could say when in this state of being, of emotion, he is operating from the third dimension – the heavy matter of the physical. This is why I call the souls who first spoke of our messages  to you, very brave. For they were going against the lower understanding of the masses you see.

Let us move forward now to the turn of a new century, the year 2000. At this time on your planet many souls had awakened, had questioned, and had begun walking a new path in their life. At a deep level, which was their soul level, they knew, without question, that this new path of Light, of peace, of love was the way for them. Some became clairvoyant, others healers, some teachers of higher learning, others wrote wonderful books to enable those souls who were shy to attain the higher learning. The knowledge we here have always known. The knowledge your seers, monks, gurus, and true workers of Light have always known. The knowledge you are now being called upon to remember.

As more and more souls became awakened by their souls, they were able to experience and live in more Light energy – the God energy, some say Source energy.  This Light could be felt and seen with the spiritual third eye, often in a meditative state. This became a soul food which fed the lower bodies, the emotional, mental and physical.

Because more Light was being radiated and pulled down to your planet by individuals, it radiated out to others, not yet awakened. The Light helped the Earth, nature, and all living energy forms. The Light continued to expand, to grow. Reaching out to those souls not yet aware of the benefits of the Light energy. Further, through this expansion of Light, fueled by the many Light workers, the ‘veil’ began to get thinner – through the Light energy you see. So many were now hearing us, learning new ways, learning to release the old paradigms of behavior and man made belief systems.

Systems used solely to hold man in a bondage of ignorance and pain through a belief of lack in many areas of his existence.

This also created a bondage born from fear. Fear to be an individual, fear to speak your truth, fear to live from the heart because your very livelihood would be taken from you if you dared to speak against those who perceived they held power over you. My friend, I tell you with joy in my heart this way of life is ending. It is YOU who have chosen to give those few your power.

Your very numbers are your strength and your path forward to a new way, to a new age, to a new Earth, indeed, a new reality. For those of the Light are joining together now, forming groups, growing in number.  Soon they will demand their true heritage from the Light. The chains of bondage, long held in your history of previous lives, will be broken. And you will be free. The Light will set you free. Your own truth, love and need to live in peace, without any form of control will set you free.

And so the ‘veil’ now at this time, is very thin indeed. Soon it will be gone. Your transformation will be complete. You may ask ” what will happen when the veil is gone?”

As I said, you will live in peace and love. Negative emotions and thoughts will cease, for negativity cannot thrive in the pure love of the Light.

You will not wish to be negative in thought or deed. For this is the old way. It cannot exist in the Light. You will be able to see us, all beings of Light here. There will no longer be any separation. There will be no need for any form of control – of anyone or anything. Those few who stubbornly choose to hold onto negative behavior will pass over, to grow and learn in another dimension. For their physical bodies will not be able to survive  the high vibration  of Light on your planet. This Light is being built from our side with what you call the Photon Belt energy which your planet is now entering into. Time and time again you have and are being told “do not fear.” No, simply attain understanding. Understand what is happening and why.  Why indeed?

Because you are now ready to return to the core of your very existence from where you began. Home to God, to Source. For this you are now being prepared as I have explained briefly in this teaching. My friend, we welcome you in love and joy.

We now ask you to allow yourself to feel  these emotions fully.

To step away from your old paradigms. To fully take back your power. 

Your financial markets are collapsing. Why do you think this is? I tell you it is all part of your new freedom, your new Earth, the revolution of mankind to the Light. It is a breaking down of the physical power which those few who control your financial systems have used to control you for many, many years. 

You need to now release their power over you. Join together, in Light, and create your new Golden Age of peace and love – together.

Master Kuthumi


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