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Mother Earth/Gaia* Rounding the Corner to the 5th Dimension


Rounding the Corner to the 5th Dimension



a message from  Mother Earth/Gaia  channeled by  Pepper Lewis

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008 


Are we closer to the 5th dimension than we were a year ago? If so, in what measurable way? Are we, as a collective human species, still evolving in a true progressive sense? I would like to believe so, but I am unsure. Can you give us an overview of where we are and where we are going? 

The 5th dimension is right around the corner, exactly where it has always been, literally so. By way of distance you are not closer today than you were yesterday or the year before, because dimensions are not separated by distance. The exception to this rule is when distance is measured by human thought without bias to belief. In other words, when human collective thoughts are ordained (divinely ordered or inspired) and not subject to lower repetitive patterns of behavior, the distance between them is shorter. The distance, albeit without measure, can be traveled substantially faster than otherwise. By way of further description it could be said that dimensions are separated by commas and not by periods. They overlap and border each other in the same ways that nature presents the seasons to you. All dimensions take place in the same moment but not in the same awareness. There is an additional relationship between density and time, and it would be helpful to understand this as well. The denser an object, the quicker it will sink or fall. Likewise, a dense being or culture will fall faster than one that is lighter in density. Density is sometimes confused with weight, but they are not the same. Density is the amount of substance contained within a specific area, and the density of a substance can change under different conditions. Some of those conditions include temperature, a noteworthy and interesting fact at this time. For instance, hot air balloons rise because the heated air within the balloon is less dense than the cooler air outside.

The density of all things and beings can be measured, but humanity has not yet discovered how to influence, and therefore alter its own density in order to benefit itself and its future. Ancient Egyptians (as well as certain cultures before and after them) by contrast understood how to do this, and were able under certain circumstances to alter their reality and their dimension. Primarily only those of initiatic tradition knew this and little evidence of any true relevance remains today. Still, those who study the properties of gold, and monatomic (one replaceable atom) gold in particular, are often fascinated to discover that under unique conditions it will manifest as substance without density. In other words, it can weigh less than nothing as well as influence the density of other matter. The importance of this that I relate is that the influence of precise thought upon matter is what closes the gap between what you know and what you do not know. Knowledge is not the accumulation of information; it is the distillation of thought.

With your thoughts concentrated on the ordinary stresses of life, it is difficult to stay the momentous tide of unconscious beliefs associated with these. The more removed you are from being able to think for yourself, the further away new thoughts and ideas seem to be. A new thought is not one that you believe, or even one that you think is plausible. A new thought is one that you invite into your field without resistance. Like an electric current, the flow of pure thought is best explored through the field of superconductivity, or awareness without forethought or resistance. The neighbor and partner of this electric current is the magnetic field of concentrated creativity. The intersection of these two crosscurrents is where the 5th dimension begins. You will access the 5th dimension when your frequency vibrates within this range of expanded thought and creativity. At that point the duality that has been a part of your daily experience will yield to a greater diversity of life and it will seem less consequential than it does today.

Although there are natural forces that protect the integrity of the dimensions, there is no tally of how many good deeds you may have accomplished in the previous dimension. Access is neither gained nor denied by any authority other than your own, yet without a like vibration the halls (currents) would seem unstable and you would not venture across them. That is one of the reasons why humanity strives to liberate itself form a history that does not accurately describe its origins. The beliefs by which humanity has lived has kept it in bondage to its past and even now prevents it from crossing the bridge to greater consciousness. In collective thought, it hopes to break the barriers of time and space in order to finally see itself and recognize its god. By what measurable degree are you closer to God than you were a year ago? Were you ever apart? Not really, unless you count the small places within you that doubt the perfection and majesty of All That Is. Do you think that the 5th dimension will be absent of doubt? What about hunger? War?

The 5th dimension is a less dense version of the 3rd dimension. It affords a more consistently conscious view and understanding of life. The electro-magnetic currents are more stable in the 5th dimension so thoughts and experiences complete themselves more quickly than in the 3rd. There is more space in the 5th dimension but there is less time, at least as it expressed in the 3rd dimension. Since there is more space between the atoms there is less density, which means that there is less waste. Wasted thoughts and actions account for a great expenditure of energy on the third dimension, which generally contributes to the global warming effect that humanity concerns itself with. Indirectly, the management of waste also determines access to the 5th dimension. So you see, even unconsciously, humanity takes a stride in favor of its evolution.

Before exploring the 5th dimension in detail we must five a nod to the 4th dimension, which is the bridge to the 5th. The 5th dimension is widely accepted to be the concept of Time. Time is the concept that gives relevance to the shift from the 3rd dimension to something else, but it is not time as it is currently measured. Better put, it is the curvature of time by which time expands or contracts with relevancy to how much light is present within the space that is being measured. Basically, when more light is present, time accelerates (both forward and backward). The result of this acceleration is a more refined experience, one that is more seamless and less abrupt. The 4th dimension unites the 3rd and the 5th by quickening sequences and segments of time wherever that is a possibility. This is accomplished by curving or bending time. Time is sequential but not linear, it only appears linear within the hardscape of the 3rd dimension. Beyond these barriers, the measure of time is not as you know it and the speed of light is not constant.

The importance of the 4th dimension is that it is fueled by consciousness, and it is this that strengthens the fabric of time and space. The 4th dimension is the bridge between the 3rd and 5th dimensions because it invites the field of possibilities to become the field of probabilities, as well as that of experience. As you imagine a better world and attune yourself to living in one, your consciousness becomes more enlivened and you quicken the pace of your endeavors until your awareness matches your experience. So the 4th dimension is responsible for what you call the quickening. It is also responsible for some of the unusual and irregular experiences that are generally associated with time period, especially where your body is concerned, as this is the most physically dense aspect of life for most. That being said, it is noteworthy that thoughts can be as dense or even denser than physical objects.

Once you cross the seamless and invisible bridge to the 5th dimension you will find that life there is less complex than in the 3rd dimension. It is amply creative and artfully expressive. Because it is less dense, form and shape is more subtle and graceful. This is particularly true where architecture is concerned, as 5th dimensional construction does not depend upon wood, steel or concrete to anchor its buildings to the earth. Glass is less brittle and more resilient because it is made differently. This discovery will be made as current recycling plans become more efficient and the market for such products expands. Shortages of current materials will lead to the discovery and use of other resources. Given the existing standards by which health is measured, the 5th dimension offers a leap forward in the well being of the individual and the community. Given presently accepted practices, the 3rd dimension can no longer guarantee nor sustain its existence. The value of life has decreased to the degree that there is less sanctity for life; therefore there is also less sanity in life. The mental faculties of old and young alike continue to decrease, while the stresses of the middle age are on the increase. A greater capacity for mental and physical health is essential at this time and humanity’s diet would benefit from the addition of more calcium rich foods, as well as supplements that are more mineral rich. 5th dimensional thought is more mindful and its thoughts less chaotic. This requires a higher than average oxygen intake and today you would describe the experience as ‘heady’.

The 5th dimension is not somewhere else, it is right here beneath your nose and under your feet. You cannot see it? Look again, but this time with blind eyes that know there is nothing to see. Where does the 5th dimension begin or end, can you tell? If you cannot see it, does that mean it is less real? How many must acknowledge its probability before it becomes a part of daily experience? What experts must accredit which scientific finding? The more real you allow the 5th dimension to be right now, the sooner you will have an experience of it. A dimension cannot prove its existence to you, nor can a teacher reveal a mystery to you that you cannot reveal to yourself. Remember that while the half-wise are the keeper of the keys, the wise have no need of locks. Let nothing and no one prevent you from your next step or your own next thought.

The 5th dimension is not a haven for those who have endured a difficult life and it is not a cosmic reward for those who gather near heaven’s gates. It is the natural progression for those who propose rather than oppose life. This does not mean that you must abandon your battles or that you must lower the standard under which your flag has pledged its allegiance. Yet I ask, how many of your battles are within your own ranks? How many weapons are still in your own arsenal as you call upon others to surrender they’re own? If you feel that the pace of your development has slowed and you do not feel Spirit in attendance near you, choose a moment each day in which to silently abdicate the throne you sit on; the one in which your life seems even remotely more important than your neighbor’s or your friend’s. Instead, be enriched by the wonder that is life and know that its everlasting quality encourages and invites even the sewer rat and the cockroach to evolve, for they too have their place in this world.

A message from Mother Earth/Gaia* Developing a Personal Philosophy for Life

Developing a Personal Philosophy for Life

You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind these days to miss the messages that nature is sending us. My question is, given that everything is in such turmoil, what can we really do about it? Everything I think about doing seems like ‘too little, too late’ and doing nothing seems equally disagreeable. I want to be socially and morally responsible, but I feel somewhat helpless. Please point me in the right direction?

Please begin by becoming aware that the world is not in as much turmoil as is being painted for you, ‘in living color’ as a previous generation once pointed out. Also notice, that in every landscape painting one color seems to stand out more than the rest. In your current landscape/timescape green is the most outstanding color. Green, as in the color of your currency and Green, as in the color of your environment. Sometimes, even a trained eye can be fooled into believing that it is seeing the outstanding color when it is absent altogether! How? Because the absence of something is felt more strongly by the emotional body than the same item’s presence. That is why a loved one is missed more dearly once they have departed than while they were present. It is also why hindsight seems clearer than the light of the present moment. With this primer, that things are not always what, why or how they appear, we will explore your question more deeply.

To be specific, nature is not sending you messages that the world is in turmoil, those messages are being broadcast by those who do not see nature as natural, as well as by those who would further their interests in commanding nature as they see fit. It might seem that their interests and yours are similar, but that is not true. Nature is sending a message, but the message is not a new one, it is still the same. Basically, the message is this: “We are what you are, without exception. Why be without when you can be within? Why stand outside the circle of life as if you were apart from it when you have always been a part of it, without exception.”

Nature’s message has never wavered and it has never been louder or softer. Humanity’s perception of the message, on the other hand, has wavered. The volume at which Nature speaks, as well as the language (gentle or harsh) that Nature employs has varied over time, depending for the most part on how humanity perceives itself in relationship to everything else, including Nature. Then as now, humanity has not looked favorably upon itself, judging all too quickly that which it has barely begun to understand. What is the hurry? Why castigate and condemn? In attempting to cut away a cancer another grows before the first has healed.

Since Nature is incapable of judging (itself or you) it is also incapable of thinking thoughts of scarcity. The ‘too little, too late’ schema does not apply to Nature. It is too busy being what it is and doing what it does within the greater context of things. And here, as we arrive at the main difference between Humanity and Nature, it becomes more obvious. Humanity does not regard itself as creators of its world or its experience. At best, it believes it has inherited its world, At worst, it believes it has been marooned upon this world by another race, by a less than compassionate God, or a variation of both.

Humanity is a species, a kaleidoscopic vehicle of light, a spiritual organism, and much more. Humanity as whole can best be described as a conservatorship. A conservatorship is an entity that is responsible for the preservation and protection of something of great value and consequence to many, a guardianship and trust to ensure a future for the competent and the less than competent alike. While being fascinated by its individual nature, humanity has forgotten the cardinal laws that providence has imbued it with. Cardinal Laws, or those that lesser things hinge upon, are pivotal and to overlook them is folly. In ignorance, humanity (as less than whole, or a fractionalized version of itself) has set itself apart from its true nature, as part of Nature. The answer then, or its beginning, is the restoration of that which is natural as and within Nature, beginning with Humanity itself and extending to all that is native to Humanity as a whole.

Is it possible to restore the earth and its relationship with humanity or is it too late? Let’s explore the ‘too late’ schema first: Using this mental pattern humanity would judge itself destined to endure misfortune, disaster and finally failure. But what then? What happens after that? Imagine the worst-case scenario as many do and make it as real for yourself as you can. What happens next? And after that? And a thousand years hence? Now explore the ‘too little’ schema: In this mental construct there are too few left among you who care enough or are able to effect any kind of change in any measurable way. Apathy, cynicism, and misanthropy reign. What happens next? And after that? And a little later on? And a thousand years after that? The point that we are making is that any scenario you envision or imagine has a context worth exploring, as well as a possible end, as well as a next beginning within a different contextual expression. There is always the next moment even when that moment is nothing like the last.

This moment that humanity calls now is nothing like the last. It is not like the last time humanity went in search of itself, it is nothing like the last New Age, and it is nothing like the last period of global warming (of which this is the seventh). If it cannot be compared to its predecessor than perhaps it is an original moment, the first of its kind. Perhaps it is a beginning. Perhaps many millennia ago, in someone else’s schema, someone just like you imagined this is what the next beginning would look like. And perhaps they projected themselves forward in time and painted themselves into a landscape that was missing a shade of green so they would remember what was missing in time to do something about it?

It is not too late and no amount of caring is too little. And whether or not others believe this has no measurable impact on what you decide to think, believe or do. You are the only one who matters in this regard. You are the one who has imagined the next beginning. And because you have already imagined it, you are standing upon its threshold . . . or at least where the threshold will be as soon as you imagine (image) it into place. Again, it does not matter that others may be standing upon the brink of despair or the threshold to nowhere; that may be where they want to go or feel they must go.

So are you alone in this? If your imagination is not grand enough will the world slip away between your fingers or your thoughts? No, because there is enough will and force in the world to sustain and even revitalize life as you know it. But if there wasn’t enough will, would the world be dissolved or destroyed? Yes and no. An honest and practical answer is that as long as there is purpose there is also presence; there is also now. Depending upon how you choose to see things, you can either place yourself near the end, or sunset, in which case you would be around to see the next beginning or the dawn. Or you can place yourself at the beginning, in which case you may as well beginning creating until others join you, contextually speaking. The end and the beginning are both places where realities collide.

Many are looking for ‘reality checks’ now, but whose reality is the reality? Will you surrender your vision of reality simply because there is less agreement for your version? Is the consensus of your media, governors, scientists or those who dwell with the ordained more substantial than your own? Soldiers have ever gone to battle to test their mettle. Yet even without a battle, a banner or a belief to defend, every life is one of spirited determination and every life is an exploration of both tempest and temperament. Personal hates all too quickly become personal Hades (hells); devils and deliverers are neighbors and friends when no one is looking.

Personal morality (a more pure distillation of social morality) is a characteristic of pure conscious awareness. It is developed within and then tested without. Personal morality is based upon higher law and not upon the right and good opinion of men. A moral victory is a personal one that guides and encourages grace, goodness and honor. Whether or not others conform, convict or condemn is irrelevant since you exist independently of their superior or poor opinions. You are still developing your moral responsibility, it is not mature enough yet, but it is ripening quickly! Do not give up on it nor chastise yourself for not exercising it often enough. Vigor and valor dwell within you, but you have not yet been properly introduced, these twins are still relatively unknown to you, but not for long.

As you begin to develop your own personal morality you will also explore several different moral philosophies. Eventually you will arrive at one that is perfect for you and through the experiences that you choose for yourself in this life you will continue to make your philosophy more perfect. This life is, after all, an extension of your soul’s philosophy and your journey (also called the Heroic Path) an expression of that. A personal philosophy is an important tool, and longer ago than history allows you could not graduate from an academy or university without first demonstrating that you had developed an enterprise toward inner knowledge.

In the long ago that I now relate, Ethics and Morality were a branch of philosophy, a science in the tradition of Mathematics and Logic. The former were called normative sciences and the latter formal sciences. Chemistry and Mathematics were then associated with the empirical sciences, and Psychology (the design and designation of the soul) an empirical social science. Much later on, a less substantive study of the human mind within a social and cultural context emerged and was also called Psychology.

In these ancient schools of philosophy, whose teachings are still relevant today, Philosophers (scientists) learned to determine and express goodness in content and goodness as conduct, as both of these were deemed indispensable companions. The lesson always involved the ability to discern that which was good or desirable in itself, as opposed to that which was desirable as a means to an end. The former implied an ultimate or higher value, a living example of the highest good. Most ethical doctrines were divided into categories such as prudence, pleasure or power, and unique tests of discernment governing each of these categories were presented to candidates for graduation at almost every turn. Invisible tests were administered by graduates; thinkers of the time who wore blue cloaks and indigo colored rings. Because the tests were subtle in nature, the undergraduates rarely saw the trap they were about to stumble upon. They were given to say that the tests had been influenced by the blue cult, or “out of the blue” as is said today.

The ultimate value of a doctrine or principle is not easily revealed. You are also a candidate who is being presented with several different challenges. Your lessons may be less formal than those described here, but their importance is of equal measure. Are you certain where you stand on the issues of the day? Could you make a formal decision that affected the lives of many for better or worse and be at peace with your decision? The ultimate value of a moment, a thing or even a relationship is sometimes impossible to determine until in hindsight wisdom is born, which is why the development of a personal philosophy can be both useful and practical. Presence, fortitude and satisfaction are but a few of the benefits associated with a personal philosophy. These, along with the doctrine of natural human fulfillment lead to the expansion of ultimate good.

Those who lack the motivation to exercise any preference resign themselves to accept the decisions of others, for better or worse. The life of these individuals would include a philosophy of prudence and they would live in conformity with the moral conduct of their culture and society. Those who follow a philosophy of prudence from ignorance rather than choice often look back upon their life with bitterness or angst.

Hedonism, a philosophy that promotes pleasure as the highest good is especially popular near timescapes where dimensional shifts are possible and likely. Even in a philosophy of pleasure challenges will greet the candidate along the way. A hedonist must decide between intense pleasure and enduring pleasure, as well as when to deny pleasure for the sake of comfort. A hedonist struggles in the preference between mental and physical pleasure. Their journey may lead them through halls of addiction where mirrored distortions offer an escape to a self-imposed prison.

Those who crave competition sometimes develop philosophies where the highest attainment is power, a form of control. Each victory, however sweet, raises the level of competition to the next level. Eventually, absolute power becomes a subjective rather than objective desire. In this philosophy one eventually defeats oneself of causes others to do the same. Those who seek power and control conform to the ethics of others as long as it supports their rise to power, but often deviate from the same ethics once they become successful enough to do so. Their pursuit of the ordinary rewards of an ethical life will mask their ulterior motives for power for a time, but these will be discovered as absolute power always begins to corrode and corrupt from within.

The development of a personal philosophy will strengthen you and deepen your purpose. Your purpose is not what you do or why you were born, but it does enhance and expand your awareness as well as your desire to grow. Your purpose is like the roots of a tree. It reaches deep into the earth so you can reach high into the heavens. You rarely need to take the time to check the condition of the roots as they are being nurtured from below and within. The roots maintain the tree in every season, weathering storms, draughts and more. The leaves and branches of a tree may grow far away from the roots and in a variety of different directions. Regardless the roots will continue to be and do anything and everything that is in he best interest of the tree. Even a tree that has been cut down continues to be useful.

Look beyond the shortcomings of others and you will rise above your own much faster. Begin anew just beyond where you think you are. You are always a little further along than you give yourself credit for, mostly because you spend so much time looking backward. Remember that in the beginning everything was chaos, but it was not in chaos. In the beginning everything also seemed to be in turmoil, but it since it was natural for it to be so, no one questioned it. It was understood that the all within the ALL was in process. No one doubted it then. The same is true today.

Now is the next beginning. Yes, there are endings as well, but the Law of Continuity encourages you to pause rather than to come to a complete stop now. Notice that others may stop where they are now and decide that they cannot or will not go forward. Honor their choice and appreciate them for the contributions they have already made. The Law of Continuity honors that something (or someone) must pass through several intermediate states or condition on its way to becoming to something (or someone) else. Those who pause or stop now may choose to rest or stay in one of these intermediate places. In that case, they are creating the bridge that you will soon walk across, upon their backs, as it were. The more grateful you are for what they have accomplished, the stronger the bridge that you cross will be.

Look beyond appearances and beneath the surface of things, literally so. Some time ago, an evolving humanity decided that they did not want things to continue as they were. A percentage of the population thought so, said so, and began to imagine a different future for the earth. Since thoughts become things, a variety of potentials or earths were ‘born’ and several of these are now being explored. The philosophies we have explored also apply to the earth. The earth serves at the pleasure of humanity, meaning that the earth recreates itself based upon a collective philosophy. Given this truth, much of what you see now is normal, one of the intermediate steps described earlier.

Comets, eclipses, and other ‘star works’ encourage you to see how different the sky looks. This is not a time for the faint of heart, and you may note an increase in the heart rate and rhythm of those who are accelerating or ascending to a new truth. Begin each day by being comfortable with yourself as you are, regardless of what you think of your contribution to the earth or to humanity. Acknowledge that you are an integral part of a changing world and that every thought, intention and action you take matters. Change the world as you see fit or not at all. Thoughtless problems and solutions are temporary; however, thoughtful solutions are permanent. This is because when you realize the cause of the problem consciously, you will not have a need to repeat it or be intimidated by it. Ask to be part of any solution that interests you and, as you become this, grant yourself the wisdom and compassion to share the knowledge with others. That is the gift of everlasting.

A message from Mother Earth/Gaia : The Portal at the End of Time

a message from Mother Earth/Gaia channeled by Pepper Lewis
Thursday, 5 June, 2008

Dear Gaia, I woke up the other day with these words, “I hope we can wake up in time.” Time may be an illusion, but the illusion of time running out is certainly doing something very interesting to human consciousness. Asense of urgency seems apparent in most of us, yet complacency regarding our life and our future still seems to rule of the day. Is time accelerating in proportion to the increase in light, or have the imbalances upon the earth placed our own acceleration beyond reach?

Let’s begin with a metaphoric tale that is not too far from being accurate, because it will illustrate the answer to your question and then some. Imagine that a very great clock has been in your family for as far back as you or anyone you know can remember. Everyone knows that this clock has kept accurate time for as long as time has existed. In fact, there is a long-standing rumor that suggests that the clock itself gave birth to time, and as its parent, is still responsible for the perfect and exact expression of time, at least as far as your family is concerned.

After many generations pass you become the inheritor of the clock, which far from being an antique or an heirloom, is still thought to be responsible for the accuracy of time for the entire family of humanity. As the guardianship of the clock is passed to you, the following words are placed within you, “You and your generation are the inheritors of time, which among other things, is sacred to life itself. This clock has kept excellent time since before time existed, making it the father of time. Care for it deeply as you are now the bringers of time and this is your new dawn.” Recognizing that a great honor has been bestowed upon you, you receive the gift and consider yourself fortunate. All that you are swells with pride at being nominated to such an elevated position as the guardian and keeper of the time for the family of humanity.

You become vaguely aware that somewhere there is also a guardian of light, who has inherited the task of accelerating the evolution of the family that is humanity.You know that this guardian of light will depend upon the accuracy of the clock in your care and you diligently and protectively watch over the clock marveling at its ability to keep perfect time. Recognizing the responsibility associated with the gift, you begin to reflect upon your ability to be responsible on a long-term basis; you secretly wonder if the task might become burdensome.

Time passes, as it should, and you relax into your new position, as you well should. One day in the future or in the past, something or nothing happens, and you become aware that the clock seems a bit different, or is just your imagination? You begin to wonder if you have been less than observant. Is it possible that your neglect has caused time to be less than accurate? Over days, months and years your concern does not diminish. At first you are certain that the clock is too slow and later that it is too fast. You wish you could consult with someone about it, but there is no one; you are the inheritor and guardian of the great clock. You are the one who should know.

You continue to observe the clock as well as how the family of humanity reacts to the passage of time, looking for any anomalies. While not everyone seems to notice, there does seem to be evidence that time may be accelerating, although how or why seems impossible to discern. Your concern increases as you determine that something is obviously wrong. What if time continues to accelerate? What if instead it slows too much? What if the clock and therefore time stops altogether? What if you have failed miserably and are responsible for leaving humanity without a legacy of it’s own?

Imagining the worse while not yet succumbing to it, you put your most aware thoughts to work on finding a solution to a problem that has no precedent, at least not as time has marked it. Logic tells you that since you are the guardian of time you should be able to reset the clock, but in what way? Certain that your own imperfections contributed to this burden, you wonder how you will even recognize something as perfect as time? Whether or not to act bothers you by day and haunts you by night until you can no longer tell the two apart.When you can bear it no longer you decide to wind the clock, hoping that action is better than inaction. You have a strong belief that the clock may reset itself in the process.

As you begin to wind the clock you wonder if any other guardian has ever had to do the same. Did the clock keep perfect time for everyone but me? Is this the generation where time falls apart, or even worse, falls away? You wind and wind and wind the clock. It offers no resistance, no stopping point. Can the clock be over-wound? Eventually, for unexplainable reasons and without resistance on the part of the clock, you determine the process is complete and you stop winding.

Has anything changed? Yes. Something without measure has marked a presence, as if a gap in time has been inserted. The gap is not slow or fast and seems to be made of a substance that did not exist prior to the clock being wound. You observe the clock and try to assess its accuracy, but there is no telling, for what would youmeasure it against? You determine that the only true and accurate measure of time is you, because you were the one who first noticed the acceleration and then chose to act based upon an inner motivation to do so. You are the agent of change (the inheritor of the clock) as well as the tool of change (the winder of the clock). Somehow you have become part of the process as well as the process itself.It was you who determined that time was no longer accurate and you who chose to intervene without prior knowledge, instruction, or certainty. Guided by wizardry or stupidity, you opened a gap, a portal in time where the family of humanity can find and awaken itself in its own time.

Longer ago than you can now imagine time was given to the family of man as a gift. It is still that, but in order to appreciate it you must allow its redefinition as a measure of light. Otherwise, you will feel separate from the fabric of time, which also defines dimension. There is a gap in time now and in how it is measured. The ancients said, “There will come a time when time will not come.” In error this was thought to describe the end of the world. Instead, it accurately describes an acceleration in time beyond current standards of measure. That is why present calendars will be obsolete after 2012.

The family of humanity bears one heart and one mind, sometimes joyful but also sorrowful. It carries the burdens of its past, the uncertainties of its present, and responsibility for its future. The world remakes itself now and whether humanity is for change or against matters not as the second hand ticks more quickly today than it did yesterday. As time reshapes itself it will also reshape the face of nature and that of humanity, but that is a tale for another day.

Notes from Gaia

The words I offer you from first to last are well chosen. Metaphors of my own making are accurate and as measurable as a clock. For instance, did you know that the mechanism that controls the rate at which a timepiece keeps time is called an escapement? Your history credits an eighth century Chinese monk with this advancement in time keeping. He named it the ‘celestial balance’ and it was employed to control a water clock. It is impossible for an escapement to be truly accurate, because as soon as a pendulum or balance (also forms of escapement) is given a push to keep it swinging, its timekeeping has been interfered with. The difference in the rate between natural motion and motion that has been interfered with is called the escapement error. Science calls this a circular error, because although these two kinds of motion are opposites, they tend to cancel each other out.

Likewise, the larger gears in a watch or clock are called wheels, and generally have spokes called crossings. The smaller gears have teeth instead of spokes and are considered an involute gear. Their small scale makes it impossible for them to cross without the assistance of the larger wheels. Lastly, the winding pin of a clock is called the key and that of a watch is called the crown. When these malfunction the problem is most often called a positional error. Please take a moment to notice how these very descriptive functions also describe aspects of your own life.

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Helping Mother Earth

From: Carole HumberFriday, May 16, 2008 Helping Mother Earth
Dear AllI attach a channelling from Carolyn Williams on Earth healing. Anyone who wants to help the Earth will find it interesting, especially those with crystal skulls. In love and light,Carole
An invitation to help the Earth
When my boyfriend’s brother invited us out to Mexico for Christmas and everything simultaneously fell into place enabling us to go; I immediately felt from past experience that a “higher purpose” had to exist. Flicking through an old copy of Paradigm Shift a week later, I came across the article about crystal bowls being taken around the world for earth healing, one such site being Tula in Mexico – where the locals speak of an underground city where beings never come to the surface. Trusting my own intuition has led me into many powerful earth healing situations and channelling opportunities from the Angels and my crystal skull on previous occasions.


I am also open to advice and knowledge from tried and trusted sources to enhance my own spiritual guidance – none more so than Edwin Courtenay, a clairvoyant and spiritual channel.
Through Edwin I was told that if I visited Tula with my crystal skull, I would receive earth healing guidance from the beings in the underground city. Spiritually governed over by the historic Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, these beings now seek to alert humanity to ways we can facilitate the healing of our planet and aid her own evolutionary pathway to ascension. These ancient and incredibly wise reptilian-like creatures are connected to the Dragon energy in the earth and communicate via sonic frequencies that crystal skulls can translate into human language. I would therefore be able to receive their message via my crystal skull. Having been involved in many fascinating angelic and elemental earth healing situations previously, I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to act as a messenger to inspire others towards earth healing practices.
So it was that a month later, I found myself hunched deep inside my coat on a freezing pyramid slope with my crystal skull inspiring me to scribble furiously into a notebook as the sun set. As the energy there inspired me to write, it inspired Andy, my musician boyfriend, to compose music on his guitar. Although the site was full of tourists, not one came near or noticed our somewhat bizarre behaviour.
I invite you to read with an open heart and mind the message I received:
The Earth today requires much help to recover her equilibrium that has been so badly damaged over time. We work & monitor at the Earth’s core, under the tutelage of Quetzalcoatl. His role as a guardian of the Earth has been forgotten by humanity – purposely withheld from human history books so that his presence could continue unseen, ever loving & benevolent towards Gaia, that she may be aided in her recovery, that she may attain the shining glory of her ascended state in future times to come.
We are the monitors of the Earth’s many nervous systems, of its internal rivers & meridians & flowing currents that crisscross the surface & the deep internal structure deep down to its core.
Those who possess crystal skulls need – or that is to say – we urge you – to take time to tune into their presence. They are ready to awaken deeper intuitive capacities within their owners. They seek to be transported to rural & urban places more often than some owners realise at this moment.
We suggest moments of contemplation – daily if possible. When connection has been made, be open to an image of the skull beginning to glow & expand its energy field in all directions – beginning to radiate its power out in all directions, & especially down into Mother Earth herself. Hold the skull between the hands (unless you feel prompted otherwise) & think of yourself as a conduit enabling the Conclave consciousness to radiate outwards to human consciousness: touching human hearts & minds so that a remembering & a reverence & a respect for the Earth is gradually revitalised in the hearts & minds of all.
We would like to suggest that you sing to Mother Earth when you feel inspired – or in other words – you let yourself BE inspired to tone or chant or sing to Mother Earth. We suggest you go within & open the heart gradually & gently & safely when you are in a state of serenity & protection. That you then are open to think of tones or notes or new or old words of songs & just let them glide via heart & mind out of your mouth as an aperture of healing for your benevolent & bountiful planet.
Let your heart sing with the love & connection enabled by the Angelic continuum, or the Ascended Masters, or the Elemental folk. Let the essence of love flowing from ether to heart translate into words or tone or song. Great, great indeed is this as a healing tool, it is a lost art in much of your world, & great indeed is its potential to restore balance & peace & serenity in both people & places.
Take yourself off into natural places & look with a loving mind & heart at the beauty that surrounds you. Thank the devas and the elementals for enabling such splendour, thank the Divine for enabling such manifestation. As your heart opens gently wider in gratitude & awe & wonder, sense this energy at your heart as a vibration, or as a glowing colour or shape of geometric design. Then use the breath & breathe it out to the Earth Mother, offering it to her to use as she will. See it, feel it, allow it to glide freely from your heart as your heart is filled with love from the Oneness, & let it slide down into the Earth herself. As it begins to penetrate the surface, see it dissolving deep down to the core, feeding the Mother’s essence & replenishing any dwindling energy supplies, that she may blossom & recover evermore. Do this inside looking out on to a garden, or do this surrounded by a garden itself. Do this in woodland, connecting to gleeful fairies, do this by streams connecting to merry merfolk, do this on hilltops connecting to laughing sylphs.
Connect to a tree and ask if it would like to share with you a moment of healing. Open your heart as suggested before and let heaven send to Earth the love and energy required for Gaia’s recovery. Think, feel and see it gliding down through your body and out of your heart, deep into the tree. The tree will then take it deep down to its anchor roots and spread it to Gaia to use as she will. Always of course think of all gateways closing after allowing the love-light to flow. Always be grounded, alert and disconnected after allowing such healing to flow.
We suggest you visit sacred sites of history and ask for connection to its custodians and guides. That you sense if healing is needed for past times where etheric negative memories exist. That you call then upon the healing rays or angels that you know of – especially the Violet Flame, and the light of Archangel Raphael. Let this flow outwards to aid the vibrational recovery of your surroundings, and ask for its flow to be for the Highest Good. Then we suggest that you sit especially on stone and open yourself as previously dictated and let the light glide from Source to earth Mother with you as the conduit and conductor, flowing down from crown to base chakra as you are seated. The stones will retain the energy they absorb and then when it is right and auspicious later, in times of Full or New Moon, the energy will flow down to the core and enable re-establishment of equilibrium and health of the site.
We suggest you make offerings to Mother Earth herself of essences, or fruit, or crystals or juices. These things all come from the Mother and are offered so freely to all humanity. To re-establish the tradition and ritual of giving back to the Earth tokens of her bounty will re-establish equilibrium between yourselves and your Mother.
Light candles of dedication to bring Divine Light to Earth. See the flame before you, and see it widen and diversify downwards to lighten up the earth’s core. Make this contemplation short or long, as you feel so inclined.
When outside, walk with steps of loving tread after opening your heart and crown as before. See, feel and be the moving conductor that enables Love-Light to flow down. See, feel and know the shining energy flows through from above and glitters down out of feet to heal what is below.
Many of you are already inspired to do things such as this, some of this will be new, and some old, some motivational and some less so. We just urge you to have open eyes and hearts – and thence registering minds – that harness the creative power the Divine has bestowed to you all in your creative heritage. Years have gone by and opportunities wasted when humanity has forgotten to revere its Mother, and has forgotten the power it has to manifest change of immense impact. The Mother needs help now and you are the ones with the power in your hearts to bring her what she needs through voice and deed and focused intent.
We bid you farewell from the core of the Mother where glows such a heart of love and devotion to all the creatures who dwell upon her surface. We urge you to respond and reciprocate in love.
Adoni sweet children of The Oneness.
Carolyn Williams is a Priestess of The Divine Mother, an Angelic Reiki Master and a powerful conduit for angelic healing and communication and offers courses and healing in London and Surrey .
A CD of the Tula music channelled by Andy Whitmore and Carolyn’s meditative visualizations to aid the suggestions above, is available from her on 0208 540 8302.


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