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You ARE the conduits of GOD!

as you are the ones that you have been waiting for – yes!You are they whom all eyes in the universe are focused upon as the pureness of your intent and being, enables you to be likened to an earthly pressure release valve, as well as a clear channel for the incoming purer energies – yes!This again we suggest to you in these climes of greater movement and acceleration than ever before in this ensuing year of 2008, whence the dismantling, remolding and rebuilding of your most beautiful beings has been overwhelmingly achieved and realized.There is naught to fear but fear itself, and this also have you grandly confronted in these last 12 months or so of your time, when your hearts have been nigh breaking and your footsteps tiredly stumbling as the way was likened to a veritable mine field of emotional and mental dissertation, disruption and self doubt! Out of that self accepted preparatory “going through that proverbial mangle” have you now shaken off the unwanted debris and excess baggage and now stand tall, albeit a little bemused, in fine ‘spec’ with your wings aloft and ablaze with light, with the herculean strength of the universe flowing through your veins! You have passed through a much accelerated ‘par for the course’ in such rapid and successful mode and you poise now in your beauty, ready and totally prepared. You will NOT have greater rebirth than you had already now and your way is on ‘green for go.’Expel once and for all those old haunting traits and feelings, ghosts, of whom you thought you were – they are now obsolete, inappropriate and redundant – yet they may well try to regain a foothold into your awareness, not because they need to be entertained anymore but because you had carried them for so long that they thought they were there for the ride and duration!! No way!! You ARE now magnificently aligned and ready for this ensuing year. You have dispelled all that was of obvious disservice to your greater good and you stand so tall, perhaps somewhat in virginal white crystalline globules of light, with inner directive and soul purpose of highest intent… to be self realized, to be self sufficient, to be self loving, self forgiving, to be aware of whom you are, to be aware of whom you are not, to be one with each and everyone, to be worthy of All That Is! To be One. To just BE! You are now standing in a space of wondrous opportunity as that sharp bend in the rapids has been turned and the way ahead more visible in days to come than perhaps ever before. As you pause now, in the veritable beauty of whom you really are, hanker not for those old personality and emotional traits for they are of the past, obsolete, and you are of the NOW preparing the future. Focus on yourself, and in that focus will you see all others reflected therein and from this space will you heal the world as you heal your self. Focus on your beautiful self and likewise will you see the beauty in all others in greater clarity. Love yourself as never before for you are the blueprint, the prototype for the future. Doubt yourself not, honor yourself and as you gaze into the eyes of another – see God! Ya-Hummmmmmmm!All your thoughts can now be magnified, enhancing the ascension process and changing up into a ‘higher gear,’ assisting grandly the movement and realizations that are nigh.Be the conduit that you are, be the love, be the light, be a channel of purity and clarity, be also a channel which may offer itself for the dispelling and releasing of emotional debris from the beloved planet assisting Lady Gaia / Mother Earth in her cleansing process. Forget not that she and you are one, and that your pathways are forged together within the sacred blueprint of life and evolutionary aggrandizement. Be the conduit of God to man, be the conduit of woman to God.
(For the Universal Mind) (c) Alec Christos Gabbitas England UK (please share this info with your light worker friends)


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