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The Angels* May 2009 Relationships Now


Gold heart

May 2009
“Relationships Now”

It is easy in all of this transforming energy to be confused about your relationships.  We will specifically be talking about three different areas of relationships:  Your relationships with others, your relationship with your loved one and your relationship with yourself.


Being a *Lightworker* who is holding higher 4th dimensional energy and integrating the *light* of the 5th dimension,  you are no longer being told by karma or your original soul plan who you are to be friends with or what type of people will be in your life.  This is a good thing to have happened; except some of you are without friends or would like more friends.  You needed to cut the ties with those that you had karmic connections with; unless they too were ascending and you were able to form a new bond with them.  This was necessary for your Soul to make the transition into the higher energy.  At this point, you can have friends; you just need to call them forth…literally.  Here is an example of how to do this:  “I thank you Lord that I have friends walk into my life now that resonate close with my heart.  Show me clear signs of anything I need to do to bring these friends into my experience. Thank you.  Amen” 


If you feel that people in your life are taking your energy or don’t resonate with who you are today, it is important for you to honor what your needs are.  Most of you walk at the 5th dimensional level at some point every day.  Because of that no one can steal, take or shift your energy.  The only way you can feel differently around anyone is if you believe they can do this to you, if you allow them or if you drop your energy to the lower 4th dimension.  Because we remember that this happened for most of our lives in the 3rd dimensional energy, some of us still believe it can happen now.  I am being told to tell you that it can’t.  To stop letting people affect you all you need to do is make a logical shift in your thoughts.  You are now in a position to affect the world, not vice versa.  That is the power of the 5th dimension.


If you grew up in an experience where the family relationships were dysfunctional, they still can be.  If family gatherings are still having the same negative energy, you need to understand that your family members may not have ascended with you.  If you are still experiencing emotions or feeling shifted when you are in that situation, there is still a lower energy tie between you which can be cut through forgiveness.   You can do a forgiveness exercise for each individual in your family that you are experiencing this with to help clear your end of this experience.  (I have placed a forgiveness video on my website to help you which explains how to do this quickly and easily.)


The family that we were born into was very specifically selected by us to teach us to love ourselves.  So with that, most of us picked families where love was not given or meted out through control.  This was not incorrect, it was perfect for us for what we wanted to learn as 3rd dimensional beings ruled by our egos.  Now that we have raised our energy to the more loving 4th dimension, we no longer need to learn that way.  But our family members more than likely did not shift as we did and accept the spiritual energy.  Some of us still have family members in the 3rd dimension and lower 4th dimension.  How do you deal with them as you ascend and they choose not to?  You do it through love and compassion.  You forgive them for the things of the past which will help you view each situation that comes up as fresh and new without all that emotional weight attached.  Then you can choose how to feel and not automatically be told by your body or brain how to feel. 


On this new, higher path without karma that you have agreed to walk on, you always need to let the Universe know what you need and desire.  Things just don’t automatically show up in your life anymore.  If you want friends and have asked for them and friends are not showing up, then you are in a small group of Souls who are working on other spiritual things where you need to alone for a period of time.  You may be learning something that you will be sharing later or you may be integrating more *light* or many other things.  There are many reasons for this and hard for us to list them all.  Ask your Angels what the reason is for not receiving an answer to your request.  If you know you are not working on anything at this time, then make sure you did actually make the request or simply make your request again.  We are to have friendships now.  It is important, especially for those people that do not have a major love in their life.  It is necessary to balance your energy between giving and receiving.  You won’t be able to give out love to others in this higher energy for very long without having an equal amount or more of love going back into your life.  In the future when we have fully anchored the 5th dimensional energy, we will be capable of learning how to be alone and still share with others however, not many will do that in this lifetime.  This is because most of our Souls are here to learn about different aspects of love and the easiest way to learn that is through relationships with others.


We made an interesting shift in Universal energy as of January 1, 2009.  Each soul was asked starting in June 2008 if it wanted to ascend.  (Not necessarily ascend to the 5th dimension.  We were asked if we still wanted to work on connecting to our Soul or did we want to be more grounded and work on only Earthplane issues.)  Changes in relationships started showing up at that time.  For some of us, it happened in our love relationship.  Things occurred after this question was asked that would not have happened otherwise.  These people made decisions which caused them to pull away from us.  I am here to tell you that if you went through that, it was necessary for that loved one to be away from your *light*.  They could not make that Soul decision while be overwhelmed with the *light* that you are constantly emitting.  If you are with that loved one again or both of you are working on getting back together, that Soul answered the Universal question with a “Yes, I want to ascend.”   For those of you that experienced this you may be feeling like you are on shaky ground.  This is mostly because it came out of the blue and shocked you.  See, you never would have left that person.  You would have continued to forgive anything and everything because you try to keep the bigger picture in mind.  So Spirit in some relationships had to do something drastic to get you two apart so that your loved one’s Soul could have an opportunity to answer this question in only their own *light*.  Once the decision was made, they came back.  We know that it is hard to forget what occurred during that time, however with forgiveness and with this knowledge of why the interference in your relationship really happened, you will be able to put it behind you.  Keep your face to the *light* and know that you are capable of having a new and brighter love with this person because they did choose to ascend.


If you have not reconciled with that person, your loved one’s answer was “No.”  The reason that you are not back together is that a door closed on January 1st.  You are on the higher, ascension side of the door and they are on the stagnant, lower energy side of the door.  If this happened to you, please understand that this was not that person’s fault and it was not your fault.  This was a Soul decision and not about just this lifetime.  It was about all the lifetimes the Soul has lived and where it wants to go next and how quickly it wants to go there.  Forgive them.  Forgive yourself.  And be excited for what is ahead for you.  I have talked with many people in their Soul Sessions recently and healed them of this energy.  I know how hard it is when you loved that person and then all of a sudden it was taken away.  If you cannot move past this situation, you will not be able to bring in another Soul who is capable of loving you in the way you truly deserve that is wanting the higher energy too.  Pray about it and see if you are ready to let go and move on. 


The relationship with yourself has also changed.  With your decision to ascend and to remember more consciously who you are as a piece of God, you are exuding more confidence and power through grace and love.  Not feeling it?  It is there.  Remember to be gentle with yourself during this process of remembrance.  You have all the puzzle pieces lying on the table but sometimes you try to fit the piece in the wrong place.  The good news is that you have all the pieces!  If you feel that you are not able to go out in the world because you get shifted, then be conscious of when this occurs and work on it.  Pray about it.  Ask your Soul why this is happening and then change the response you have to the world.  This walk you have chosen is about being conscious of who you are.  In the 3rd dimension we were walking mostly unconsciously and just accepting life because we couldn’t have anything different than what was originally set up for our lives.  Now you are in a position where you can create your life.  The big difference between you then and the new you is that are not doing anything through ego.  You have power but it is not egotistical power.  You give love but it is not through control.  Tell yourself that you are loved.  Tell yourself that if you were not in this world now, it would be lacking something important and necessary.  Take care of yourself in a way that you never have.  Truly allow love to flow into every part of your life…your body, mind and spirit.  This is what you have been seeking; the piece of God that was missing in your life.  You have been seeking this piece for many lifetimes outside of yourself and always felt incomplete.  Now you can have it.  You can finally love yourself.  It’s time!


May you love yourself as the Angels love you,



As a side note, I feel it is necessary to say something about all that has happened within the last month.  The channeled message given on April 1st, “Not If, But When” was certainly timely.  I have been receiving emails and questions during the private Soul Sessions about the current events and particularly how to handle the swine flu.  The exact answer I received from the Angels was, “Be ye not moved by the things that you see nor the things that you hear.”  Do not have fear.  Fear does not resonate in the 5th dimension and therefore, you will lower your energy if you get into fear.  Be smart.  Do what you logically know to do about not accepting the flu virus into your body.  But other than that, don’t dwell on it.  Don’t worry about it.  It cannot “see” you if you don’t lower your energy.  That is why there is no illness or disease in the 5th dimension….because you will be invisible to those lower energies.  If you have have a negative thought, affirm to yourself out loud what you want for your experience. Do you really want to experience the swine flu? If you have the thought that you could catch it because someone sneezed next to you, say out loud something like this as soon as possible “I AM strong and powerful and invisible to any virus.”  Or based on the direct answer from the Angels say, “I AM not moved by the things that I see nor the things that I hear.” And then don’t have another thought about it.  This is very, very important: do not fall into fear.  Re-read the April message if need be.  It is going to be a guideline for other things to come as well.  Remember we are powerful as we stand in the *light*.  Where there is *light*, no dark can be.  We may not have met before however I know you and you know me.  And I want you to know that I AM standing there beside you in the *light*.  You are not alone. This too shall pass.

Much love and blessings to you my friend,



The Angels* April 2009 Not If, But When


Angel heart with wings

April 2009

“Not If, But When”

This past month, Spirit has shown me so many things.  There are things going to happen on Earth that have the possibility of knocking you out of your balance.  Those who can see or hear spiritually may already have caught wind of some of the things that are coming.  For our purposes, it’s not so important to know the details of what is coming as it is to help you be prepared when they get here.  Let me explain.


We have been sharing for the last few years the easiest path to becoming a spiritual human being.  It is a different way to live than just being a human being trying to be spiritual.  When you are a spiritual human being, you are saying that you want to be as fully connected to your Soul as you can be every day.  You also agree to look at the bigger picture in all situations of your life.


Looking at the bigger picture sounds easy.  Unfortunately, when you are in a crisis situation, it can be easy to forget the bigger picture and just see the death and destruction in front of you.  Right now on Earth there are people going through fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.  Then there are those that are going through car, bus, train and plane crashes, family and friend major health issues, abuse, kidnappings, murder-suicides and sudden deaths to name a few.  Whether you are personally experiencing these things or if you are just hearing about them, they can weigh your heart down and knock you out of balance.  When you hear about these things, it is important for you to remember who you are; a spiritual human being.


I really wish I could tell you that these negative situations are going to stop happening as we ascend further into the 5th dimensional energy.  The truth is that they are going to increase.  The higher the *light* that is shining on Earth, the harder it is for soul’s to not see the truth of who they are.  They can’t hide from their ego, their darkness.  These lower energy souls are aggravated that they can’t steal the *light* from those walking in the higher energy any more.  They used to be able to however, since January 1st of this year that is no longer possible.  Every soul was asked at that time if their soul wanted to ascend.  Those that said, “Yes” went to the higher side of the doorway and those that said, “No” stayed where they were.  When the doorway closed at that time, those that were on the 3rd and lower 4th dimensional side of the doorway were cut off from any *light* that was not their own.  Now that they can fully see themselves as they are, they don’t like it.  They don’t like who they are and they want to continue to float through this soul experience here the same as they did for many, many lifetimes.  In all the other dimensions we have experienced, it was possible to steal or suck *light* from a person who was higher but the 5th dimension energy is not conducive to any of the lower energies.  Each soul has to shine their own *light*.  Those who didn’t make it through in January will be asked at another time if they want to ascend. At that time, more will answer, “Yes.”  But until then you will see more and more chaos and violence created on Earth as a reaction to them being cut off from the higher *light*.  This is like a spoiled child’s reaction to not getting what they want.  Unfortunately, these souls have in their power to create chaos and harm on the Earth.


When you see or hear of these things that happen it is important for you to stay in your power as a spiritual human being and look at the bigger picture.  You are not powerless; you are powerful when you fully understand the new role you are walking into as a 5th dimensional being.  Here are few things the Angels pointed out to me:


•  Everything that happens to a soul helps the soul evolve.

•  No soul is ever surprised by death. 

•  Every soul is in agreement with any situation that happens to them, from accidents to terror attacks. 

•  Every soul has free-will to suffer or be happy.

•  We are not to judge another soul’s decision.

•  We cannot know while on Earth the full reason why a soul makes a decision.

•  We are not to interfere with another soul’s path.

•  We are to have compassion of any decision of a soul.

•  We are to love these souls, even if they seem like they are doing harm to themselves or others.


In your current spiritual walk, can you do these things?  Can you only do half of them?  It’s important for you to be honest with yourself.  This will show you where you are in your soul’s development.  Are you ready to be that piece of God and be God-like?  Can you love and forgive like God?  That is what the 5th dimension is; the Christ Consciousness.  When you say you want to be 5th dimensional, you are saying, “I want to have the mind of Christ.”  No one is expecting you to be 100% in the Christ Consciousness right now but we want you to realize what it is you are asking for.  It is important for you to be realistic about your spiritual journey.


There is a lot of woo-woo spirituality in the world today.  For instance, are you in or do you know of a spiritual group or sitting under a spiritual teacher who is teaching, it is us against them?  If you are for something, does that make you against something? Are you capable of not judging those that do not believe as you do?  Just picking one group to show as an example, what about the groups that are spreading the message of going green?  If someone came up to one of those people and said, “I don’t believe in what you are doing and I am not going to change anything.”  Would that group respond in love or would they judge that person?  Would you?  Let’s say you teach, heal or sell something.  If the person you are talking to or healing doesn’t end up doing what you say, do you get frustrated or mad?  Do you judge them?  Do you try to come up with more reasons that will convince them to do what you say?  As a soul, you have to be very careful which groups you are in, what cause you are advancing and who you sit under for teachings.  You may see but one life.  We see your entire soul.  And with the spiritual possibilities at this time, some of you are being fooled with woo-woo spirituality.  At this important juncture in our soul’s remembrance, are you willing to risk another lifetime because you were mis-directed by people with agendas? Pray about who you sit under for teachings (that means reading their spiritual messages, listening to their teachings, reading their books…all of it) and who you open up to for spiritual guidance.  This is not a life where you have the luxury of wasting time. Use discernment, even for those that you have been following their work for years.  They may not be going in the same direction you are.


What we are talking about when we share about the 5th dimension is life-changing, soul-growth.  We want you to be truthful at all times, in all situations with yourself and others.  Ask yourself these questions.  When a murder occurs, whether the person was related to you or not, would you allow that to knock you off of your balance and forget your spiritual path?  Would you remember who you are and forgive the murderer and forgive the one who was murdered (because their soul agreed to this) and ask for guidance on how to deal with the situation in the highest, easiest way?  It is just as important to forgive a murderer as it is to forgive your loved one for forgetting to bring home the milk again.  Now ask yourself the same question but make it about being in a car crash and if you are going to sue the other party.  What do you think the highest answer is to that situation?  Could you walk the higher road in that situation?


We are here in an illusion called Earth.  It’s so easy to forget that this isn’t real.  It is a grand play that is designed to allow your soul to remember that you are a piece of God.  Once you remember, the curtains go down and all the actors come out and everyone goes to the after-party together.  No one is angry at anyone else.  Just the opposite, everyone is excited that the play is over and they are excited for the growth in each soul that happened because of the play.


If what we have asked you seems too hard, look at where you think it is hard.  Pray about it.  As situations come up in your life, ask your soul (Angels) to make you more conscious of your reactions.  They will help you see if you are on the easiest road to ascension.


It is not a matter of if these situations are going to occur.  It is a matter of when.  You might be saying that you thought that things were going to be like heaven now that the 5th dimensional doorway has opened.  You are correct.  Your life can be heaven but just because you made that decision doesn’t mean those around you are choosing heaven.  We didn’t leave the planet when we made this choice to bring in the higher energy.  We are still here with everyone else.  We have to learn how to live with everyone having the choice to be in whatever dimension they choose. 


What you may not realize is that most of you reading this are in the top 5% of all the beings here on Earth who were chosen to be the first to anchor the 5th dimensional energy.  That is a very small amount!  And not all that were chosen have made it this far.  Some have turned away already. Because you are at the top of the 4th dimensional ladder that makes a gap between you and those walking firmly on the Earth.  Your soul wanted to help those that are behind you by making their path easier when they decide to walk it.  You loved them enough when you made that choice; we are just reminding you to also love them now.  None of these chaotic, violent situations need to knock you out of your heaven.  You have a choice; to stay in your powerful, loving energy or allow the lower energies to affect you and pull you out of your heaven.  The highest choice is to have you affect the world and not vice versa.  You will be a bigger blessing to all on Earth, if you handle each situation with the highest love and compassion that you have access to and allow each soul the freedom to choose their own path.  It’s not a matter of if but when you will be involved in one of these chaotic situations.  When the next terrorist attack happens, how are you going to handle your emotions?  Are you going to get mad? Are you going to be upset?  Or are you going to be peaceful, loving and forgiving?  This is the highest and best way to assist those around you.  The question we have really been asking you all this time is, “As a spiritual human being are you walking your talk?”


May you be blessed with knowledge of things eternal,



The Angels* March 2009 Transitioning into the 5th Dimension


March 2009

Transitioning to the 5th Dimension

As I was preparing to channel information for this month’s Soul message, I kept seeing butterflies.  They were on the Soundscape music channel as background photos when I walked past the TV.  They were in commercials.  They were around me when I went outside.  They were everywhere.  Then I asked the Lord what I was to write about and he said that people were having trouble transitioning into the 5th dimension.  I looked up at the TV and there was a commercial on and across the top of the TV screen was the word “Transition.” 


The 5th dimension can be confusing to even the most avid spiritual seeker.  The reason we have trouble visualizing and understanding this new energy is because we don’t have any remembrance in our Souls of being 5th dimensional while having an Earth experience.  This is a first for us!  During the journey of our many lifetimes, we have only had to remember and connect to whatever dimensional level we were in or ascending to. Since our Souls had experienced all of these dimensions in other lifetimes, it wasn’t that hard to do. And by doing so, we accessed the power of that dimension.  However, now we have to walk without knowing where we are going and what the next step will bring.  This takes a lot of courage and trust.  Herein lies the problem.  For some people, it is easy to trust God.  For some people, it is easy to trust themselves.  But when you lump it altogether, as you should as a spiritual human being, for those people it is hard to trust themselves as a piece of God.  If you are walking as that glorious piece of God, then who do you fall back on when you are the only One there?  And with this thought starts a cycle of fear.  FEAR; an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  We need to remember this statement whenever fear comes up in our lives.  The “What if’s” can drive you crazy.  And thinking about your life for a moment, how many of your “What if’s” actually happened?  The Lord told me very few actually occur.  They are just an aspect of your ego trying to regain the control that has been taking away because of your ascension process.  Do you want that?  Do you remember how long you have been struggling to get your ego to let go of control?  It wasn’t easy and for some of you it was a bloody fight!  Don’t go backwards because you don’t know what is up ahead.  You have been through hell and are standing on the edge of heaven.  You can accept heaven into your life now.


The way to combat these fears that come up when you can’t see where your next step is going to take you, is to speak out loud what you want to happen.  Keep hand- holding with your Angels, the Lord, the Universe and continue telling them to bring to you what you want and need.  If you walked through the doorway on January 1st, they are no longer automatically bringing things to you.  What doorway?  If you were in the higher 4th dimensional energy and you answered “Yes!” to the question your Soul was asked about wanting to ascend to the 5th dimension, then you are on the higher side of the door.  But answering that question positively didn’t place you in the 5th dimension.  It only gives you clearer access to start the ascension process with the possibility of ascending to the 5th dimension.  The work is up to you.  We won’t have the 5th dimension fully on Earth until 144,000 souls are carrying the 5th dimensional energy 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Then physically it will be able to be anchored here on Earth.  The goal is to have it here by the end of 2012.  However, if these higher vibrating Souls get in fear, we will not have the energy settle here until much later.  When it actually occurs depends on each Soul.  We are not telling you that you have to be one of the anchors.  Your Soul will make that choice.  Most of you who resonate with my work already know what choice your Soul has made.


I have been noticing in the Soul Session Readings and in my own spiritual walk that there are some ascension symptoms since the doorway closed at the beginning of the year.  The main symptom that is happening is the ears are ringing, the ears are blocked up (no sound will go through) and there is pressure in the head in different places than where normal headaches usually occur.  Does any of this sound familiar?  I can hear groans.  I know, I know.  I thought we wouldn’t have any more of ascension symptoms when we were through the 4th dimensional shift but I was told that every dimensional floor we move up has different energy and our physical bodies have to adjust to it.  It’s like walking up a huge mountain…adjustments have to be made. 


I was told to remind you what to do when an ascension symptom happens.  The first thing is to ASK if it is an ascension symptom.  It may not be and then you take care of it as you normally would.  Second, if you get the answer is, “Yes.” then you have several options.  You can do nothing and bear with it until it is complete.  You can ask that your Soul (Angels) speed up the process and get it over with.  (I would highly recommend if you do this, do it over a long weekend or time where you can spend at home.)  You can ask for the ascension process to slow down so that it is not disruptive to your life.  (If you have a day job, this may be the best thing to do.)  Finally, I would ask for confirmation when the symptom of the ascension process is complete.  I don’t know if we are going to have as many symptoms as we did after the 4th dimensional shift in 2003, however even one seems to be throwing people out of balance right now.  So don’t get discouraged.  This is a good thing!  If you are feeling symptoms, it means you are doing amazing in your spiritual remembrance and that you do want to be one of the anchors of this wonderful dimension.


To the women, remember ascension symptoms can mimic menopausal symptoms.  So ask!  Don’t just accept, no matter what your age is. By the way, menopause is not something that you have to experience any longer…at least the symptoms of it.  That is something that was left behind on the other side of the doorway.  If you believe in growing old and that you have to experience things like this, you still can go through it.  However, if you accept the new way, you can walk through menopause with no issues at all.


You have been locked up in darkness for so long and only had glimpses of the light.  (1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) These glimpses seemed like things that could only happen in a dream.  Visualize yourself as having been a caterpillar and all your life you were crawling on the ground.  (3rd dimension) Then you went to sleep all wrapped up tight in a cocoon.  (4th dimension) While asleep you kept dreaming of a better way but never really thought you could experience it for yourself.   Because it was just a dream, right?  But then you come out of your cocoon as you wake up.  Your eyes hurt because the light is so bright.  (5th dimension) That is because you have never truly experienced this kind of light.  But don’t get in fear because you just don’t have anything in your Soul’s memory to tell you what the light is. Just experience it.  Just be.  And remember to breathe through any fear, telling yourself out loud that it is not truth to you anymore to feel fear.  The truth is in the light.  All you need to do now is spread your wings and you will see that you can fly.  You will have new experiences; new people will come into your life and you will be able to see the world in beautiful new ways and colors.  Say, “Yes!” to be in alignment with your Soul and you will see that your life is turning out just how you imagined it and how you asked for it to be.


I really believe that you are truly a blessed Soul to be here at this time.  I understand it has been hard and you are tired. I’ve been tired too for the last few years.  But I’ve recently seen where we are going and what life will be like.  And I encourage you not to give up!  You are too close.  Transitions are hard to go through but this one is worth the effort.  You are never alone.  Ask for help when you need it.  And believe with all your heart that heaven really can be where you live while on Earth!


May you be blessed with abundant Angelic assistance during this transition,



The Angels* December 2008 New Energy – New Prayer



December 2008
New Energy – New Prayer
I have been given a new chakra prayer to share with you that will assist us in balancing the energies as we walk into the 5th dimension.  Chakra prayers have been a big part of our teachings as they are open-ended.  No matter what level you are at, they will raise your energy.  Most people who utilize these prayers, say them daily.  I have an entire website page dedicated to several different chakra prayers.  You can choose whichever you feel like for that particular day.  If you have never said one of the chakra prayers and want to see the power it has for you, try it for one week.  Then stop.  On the day that you didn’t say the prayer, you will notice a difference in what you are experiencing. There are so many changes going on around us that we need to stay balanced.  And this particular prayer helps to open the 5th dimensional chakras.  The11th chakra will be able to open when a soul has had the soul star and zeal point chakra opened and balanced for a few years.  Most of us have had these two chakras open since 2006.   With the 5th dimension arriving, we can now access the 11th chakra and for those that are not healers, it also spontaneously opens the hand and foot chakras as well.  (The healers have already had these open since that is a big part of spiritual access for their work with others.)  I pray that this prayer is a blessing to you on your journey to the 5th dimensional energy.

May you be blessed with all your hopes and dreams in the new year,

Archangel Chakra Prayer for 5th Dimensional Energy

I call on Archangel Michael to work with me to balance my root chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me have courage and integrity.  You help me to stay grounded.  You help me find my true path for this life.  I thank you, Archangel Michael.

I call on Archangel Metatron to work with me to balance my sacral chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me have positive thoughts and positive actions.  You bring me the energy of joy and remind me to have fun.  You help me open up to more abundance in my life.  I thank you, Archangel Metatron.

I call on Archangel Uriel to work with me to balance my solar plexus chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to shine my spiritual light as bright as the sun.  You help me to understand the power I AM connected to and how to use that power through love.  I thank you, Archangel Uriel.

I call on Archangel Raphael to work with me to  balance my heart chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me remember that I never have to be sick.  You remind me that healing light is flowing through me every moment.  You help open my heart to give and receive a greater love.  I AM open to love on all levels.  I thank you, Archangel Raphael.

I call on Archangel Tzadkiel to work with me to balance my high heart chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You remind me to have compassion and non-judgment of everyone.  I allow each person to walk their own path assisting only when they ask me.   You help me follow my heart every day.  I thank you, Archangel Tzadkiel.

I call on Archangel Gabriel to work with me to balance my throat chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to find my voice through love and compassion.  I speak the truth to myself and to others.  You speak through me to help others through inspiring and healing words.  I thank you, Archangel Gabriel.

I call on The Holy Spirit to work with me to balance my brow chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You bring me the full power to connect with Spirit.  You help me to see the inner light in myself and all people.  You remind me to see my own beauty, power and healing abilities.  I thank you, Holy Spirit.

I call on The Christ Light to work with me to balance my crown chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to radiate pure light from Spirit.  You help me to know my true self and to see that in others.  You remind me to connect to Spirit when I need peace, love and healing.  I thank you, Christ Light.

I call on Enoch to work with me to balance my soul star chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to be a giver of truth.  You help me to see more than my human limitations.  You remind me to use my intuition and spiritual wisdom every day.  You help me be the divinity that I AM.  I thank you, Enoch.

I call on Archangel Chamuel to work with me to balance my zeal point chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to speak God’s words.  You remind me that what I speak has power.  I use that power through grace, love and light.  I thank you, Archangel Chamuel.

I call on Angelic Assistance to open and balance my 11th chakra to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  I thank you, Angels.

I call on Solomon to open and balance my hand chakras to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to be wise with my words and my touch. I thank you Solomon.

I call on Abraham to open and balance my foot chakras to enable me to walk in the 5th dimensional energy.  You help me to walk with God knowing I am blessed and forgiven.  You help remind me to be a blessing everywhere my foot steps.  I thank you, Abraham.

Given to Christina Lunden
December 2008






The Angels *August 2008*Speaking Life into Your Life

August 2008
Speaking Life into Your Life

This month, the Angels decided that I would be sharing about the 5th dimensional energy and how important it is to watch what we speak.  So they had me go through a cycle of saying things I don’t normally say to show me what I was to share with you. 

Out of all of your lifetimes, you have never been blessed with such a wonderful opportunity for beauty, joy, health and wealth as you are at this time in your life.  The 5th dimension brings with it a blank slate that allows you to create your dreams. It doesn’t matter what your past was like.  If you want something and believe you deserve it, you can have it.  The 5th dimension is connected to your throat chakra.  So speaking is the key to getting the things you are seeking.  Here are some examples that the Angels had me say out loud during a three day period to show me how easy it was to change the direction of what we are wanting for our lives.

~ I was talking about my birthday cake to my daughter and I said, “I am dying to eat a piece of my cake.”

~ I was talking about not being able to connect to Spirit for my own personal information and yet be able to do amazing healings and get amazing information for others and I said, “It’s killing me.”

~ I was talking with a client when the Angels had me say a word that I didn’t know and I felt silly so I said, “I hate when they make me say words that I do not know.”

~ When I saw Blackie, one of our cats across the street at a neighbor’s house I yelled, “Don’t do that!  You are going to get hurt!”

~ I am believing I am healed for an eye problem and when talking with my husband I said, “You know the doctor said it can turn into a tumor.”

~ And for whatever reason I said, “What the hell?”

~ This is one I didn’t say but the Angels said to add it as an example… While visiting a friend at the hospital, I said, “Chloe has been dying to see that new Batman movie!”  Or “You are going to die when you see the new Batman movie!”

It may be obvious but taking these examples one at a time, we will give examples on how to better express these statements.

~ I was talking about my birthday cake to my daughter and I said, “I am dying to eat a piece of my cake.”  Always speak life over your food.  Instead say, “I am excited about eating a piece of my cake.”

~ I was talking about not being able to connect to Spirit for myself and yet be able to do amazing things and get amazing information for others and I said, “It’s killing me.”  Again, it’s important to speak life over your work and spiritual abilities.  Instead say, “It bothers me that I am not able to receive insight into my own life at this time, yet I can help others in amazing ways.”

~ I was talking with a client when the Angels had me say a word that I didn’t know and I felt silly so I said, “I hate when they make me say words that I do not know.”  Instead of “hate” which is such a strong, negative word, say “It makes me uncomfortable when the Angels have me say a word I am not familiar with.”

~ When I saw Blackie, one of our cats across the street at a neighbor’s house I yelled, “Don’t do that!  You are going to get hurt!”  If you choose your words carefully you can continue to speak life over your children and animals.  Instead say, “Come home!  You need to be more careful.”

~ I am believing I am healed for an eye issue and when talking with my husband I said, “You know the doctor said it can turn into a tumor.”  If you are in the process of healing, it is best to speak as if the healing is already complete or don’t say anything out loud at all.  Instead of what I said, say “I am believing that my eye issue is healed and the doctor won’t find any sign of it during my next exam.” 

~ And for whatever reason I said, “What the hell?”  I don’t want to be in or around hell.  I’ve been there and done that!  All I want to speak is heaven into my life now.  How about you?

~ While visiting a friend in the hospital I said, “Chloe has been dying to see that new Batman movie!”  Or “You are going to die when you see the new Batman movie!”  Imagine speaking this way and then going in to pray for a healing for your friend.  Or vice versa, saying that after you prayed with your friend for a healing.

~ Here’s another one example the Angels want me to give to those who are in service to others.  Have you ever finished with a client and said to them or someone else, “I hope that worked!”  Or “I don’t know if that was any help at all.” Instead of “I believe that you received everything that you needed.”

Here is another example in a more positive way that I have noticed my words are very powerful.  My husband and I have a timeshare property that we have been trying to sell since December.  Every day I speak that “The timeshare is sold today.”  Every day I say prayers and after this exercise of watching what I speak I noticed that one of the prayers I say is this one; “Therefore in my land I now possess double!”  Isaiah 61:7 So every morning I would be praying that our timeshare would sell and later that morning I would be thanking God for double properties!  Can you see why I have been waiting on it to sell?  The Universe must be dizzy in all of its daily going out and coming back with my prayers!  I have since adjusted my prayers to thank God for the timeshare property and releasing it to someone that will enjoy it and that I receive double anointing in the form of another new property.

The universe does not discriminate your words.  It puts equal value on all of your words.  So if you are speaking good things about yourself, your energy starts down that wonderful path.  If you then speak negative things about yourself, your energy stops, turns around and starts going the opposite direction.  If you are waiting and waiting on something to manifest in your life, check your words.  You may be cancelling out your prayer time blessing by what you say to your family and/or friends. 

Words are so valuable and yet taken so lightly.  God spoke our precious world into being.  “Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.”  Genesis 1:3 And that was the beginning of this world.  Those of you who are currently walking fully in the 5th dimension energy have probably already been through this lesson of having to watch what you speak.  But it is a good reminder for all of us to ask Spirit to show us where we are may be stopping or slowing down our flow of beautiful energy into our lives through our words.  For those of you that have this down pat there is always another layer of learning…what about your thoughts?

Praying you speak beauty, joy, wealth and increase into your life,


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