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Kirael: When Will the Great Shift in Consciousness Happen?

Master Guide Kirael, through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling
KIRAEL: Let us go back before time was measured, into a space and a light where the Creator sat with all of its councils and made a dynamic decision to bring life onto your Earth plane, a life that was to be cast into a generative light that would open onto all that it could possibly become aware of. This light was created through the weaves–the mineral weave, the plant weave, the animal weave, the insect weave, the human weave and all other weaves combined. Each time the Creator brought the Earth plane to a certain level of consciousness, it interjected some sort of an evolutionary being, much like your common everyday human being.
Throughout time the Creator brought this force onto this Earth so that the Creator might experience this most beautiful earthly journey through a sensory being.


Each time the Creator brought these beautiful particles of light, humans, into this world, they were left to evolve. They evolved through great understandings, and took themselves as far as they possibly could, when usually one of two things took place: either they evolved beyond what this Earth plane could bring forth, or they damaged Mother Earth to such an extent that the Creator needed to heal her. In either case, the Creator always brought home all of its experiences, all of its light particles, all of its humans. Each time they were brought home, the Earth plane had a chance to rejuvenate itself.
My friends, it was decided in the last councils—when the Creator met with all of the loving lights of all beingness—that, upon this incarnation, the evolutionary experience of human would come to a greater scale. The councils decided that the human would journey through many different levels of awakening, and that once it arrived at a certain time and space, the Creator would not call everyone back home. Instead, the Creator would leave a certain portion of its experience—its light particles, its human beings—here on the Earth plane to go through this most auspicious Shift in Consciousness. Hence, the Great Shift is upon you, my friends.
I am asked on a daily basis, “When will this Great Shift take place, Master Kirael? Can you give us a date? Can you even come close to the date?” Oh, I might be able to come close, my friends, but the truth is that the date is left up to you, “We the People,” for it is the Creator’s desire to keep itself in the form of human here on this Earth plane during this great shifting process. In order to do that, the Creator must raise its vibration through these human beings to such a level that they can cope with the huge and wondrous changes that will take place.
So the Creator evolves itself through the human light, and It evolves the human through Its light. At some point, the human being will be ready to go through this awesome event. It will be prepared to open its heart light and move from one level of conscious awareness into another. So, my friends, the date is when the Creator deems you are ready and you say in your own hearts that you are ready.
When will it begin?1 Oh, my friends, it has begun. It began before I wrote my first book on this project. Now it is unfolding at such a crescendo that the world plane sees it in a more intensified reality.
As time and space folded in on each other, it was evident that the world was changing and no one knew what to do about it. Then came the guides, the Kiraels, and the Kryons, and The Groups, and the Gaias, They came to bear on your planet system to be in service to you, We the People, for it is our journey, our destiny, to abide by your light and help you through this Great Shift in consciousness.
Oh, the signs, my friends, are all there. You can see them in the great happenings of your world plane. For instance, if you look at the physical plane, you see it more aware than you have ever seen it before. You see Mother Earth removing many obstacles in her way, resetting her form, readjusting her center core. This is why you see earthquakes, and great storms across her seas and her lands. You will see the flattening of lands; what used to be mountains will no longer be. You will see what used to be flat turned into a mountain, because the beautiful Gaia light, Mother Earth, is adjusting these projections.
If that is not enough, look at your emotional world. If you can’t see a change happening all around you, then you are perhaps asleep somewhere in a cave. The emotional world will no longer let politicians, religious leaders, and others in power make decisions that destroy Mother Earth. Change is adrift on the winds. The emotional energy of this Great Shift will determine the unfolding destiny of each lightworker. The emotions are causing each of you to open your heart and know that change is now a must.
The mental world is probably the most interesting, because it includes energies such as the over-mastermind, the secret government, the Illuminati—all that you have blamed for your woes and cares. Only now you are coming to a greater clarity that you are in control. In the mental world, you are in control, you have the ability to weave and use your will and your words to cause an Earth plane of magnificent, structured beingness.
The spiritual world is opening for many. How many of you are reading this particular article? How many are listening as I speak these particular words? The unfolding of the spiritual world is occurring at an unprecedented rate. People are coming from all walks of life to listen to the spirit world. What used to be solely the realm of religious leaders is now in the realm of those who work in the spirit light. The spiritual world is getting stronger; it is a flow of energy in which Mother Earth is awash, awakening We the People into such a grand experience.
You can look forward to seeing the Shift more clearly when you open your heart to recognize that the world is changing in such a vast array of possibilities. You will not know the exact moment of the Shift, my friends, until the moment is here. What will it look like? It will look as it looked when you woke up this morning multiplied by a thousand. So look at your morning. How did you feel? Did you feel positive? Did you feel negative? Did you feel aligned with the light, or did you feel pressed by it?
My friends, practice opening your heart right now, because if you keep waiting for the Shift, then it will catch you unaware one day, and you will be your grumpy self, you will be your dissatisfied-with-the-world self, and you will find yourself slipping deeply into the throes of that energy. Practice as if the Shift were already upon you. Practice as if you can already feel the love of a God Creator who is made of love and only wants to be love, and in that light you will see your journey.
Will these great winds that are blowing across the Earth plane now become warm or cold? Will they be harsh or gentle? If you hear nothing else I say today, hear this: these are things that only you can control. I tell you that right now that a small percentage of you are holding, and must continue holding, a positive, redeeming value of light that will infect and affect the whole of the world, because a number in the world out there are waiting in fear for the three days of darkness.2 That world, my friends, has nothing but the journey of decimation in mind.
The saviors, the lightworkers, the metaphysicians, the true spiritualists know that they must keep a high vibration. They must affect everyone around them because it is so easy to slide into the doldrums. It is so easy to look at the negativity that your world has held for the last few millennia. It is difficult for you now to look at a future that brims with light and lustrous energy and power beyond your wildest dreams. It is almost impossible for you to look at a world that is not governed by the tyranny of great energetic patterns who wish only to control you through fear. It is almost impossible for you to see a loving gathering of angels that will swoop down onto your Earth plane and open a pathway for your galactic brothers and sisters to bring themselves forth. Oh, it is a difficult time for the human world to accept anything but the doom and gloom they have been brought up with.
Lads and lasses, there is now a great influx of power. There was an unfolding recently called the Venus transit, where that beautiful little planet of Venus—with all of the energies of the Goddess light lying upon it—somehow managed, as it does every few hundred years, to open itself and move in between your sun star and your Earth plane. When it did, the light forces swept from Venus all of that beautiful Goddess love that had been lying there for ever so long and deposited it onto your Earth plane.
Yes, my friends, your wizards, your great magis, all of them are awakening. Those who have slept for so many hundreds of years—Native Americans, Native Africans, Native Polynesians, Native Asians, the indigenous lights of your world plane—are finding themselves again. When I speak of Native Americans, I do not speak of the indigenous Native Americans you see on reservations. These are Native Americans who have woven themselves into your banking systems, entertainment businesses, and other places where they will make a difference.
When I speak of Native Africans, I speak of those who no longer live in tribes, or who are held prisoner by folks of other colors. These are native wisdom sources who are praying very silently and causing great energy to evolve around the world.
When I speak of indigenous Native Polynesians, I am not speaking of those who are waiting for someone to help them figure out what they should be doing with their world. I am talking about those who have already made their way into the mainstream. The native energies, the indigenous tribes, are awakening very quickly.
You can already see it. The indigenous tribes are awake and making noise. They are rattling their light swords, donning their garb of old and standing in front of the people, saying, “It is time. It is time to awaken.” Around the world the indigenous tribes are awakening and they are filled with a need to bring harmony to your Earth plane.
When is your Great Shift coming, my friends? You are already in it. It is amidst all of you. You can feel it. You are raising your voice so that you will no longer be ignored. You feel the need to connect with your spirit world, which is where you came from and where you will return to. You know that you are in the Shift because it is a healing journey and you are willing to heal the four bodies of humankind.3
Know this: the Shift is with you now. You need only catch up to it. Don’t let it be a bucking bronco. Let it be a smooth wave of influence, a light that shifts itself through the beauty of Earth and all of her inhabitants.
Q: How would you guide us, the lightworkers of the Earth plane, to raise our vibration and experience the beauty of the Great Shift?
KIRAEL: There are those who will accuse me of being theatrical or trying to be of service to my medium and the beautiful church,4 yet, I say it anyway. You can raise your vibration by practicing the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. Neither my medium nor his church brought forth the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.5 I brought forth the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, and I was guided by the Creator because the word “creation” is involved in it.
Find something at least equivalent to these beautiful Principles of life. If you want to change your world, you must change it in the truth of who you are. You must trust that you are so much more than you thought you were in the past. You must allow your passion to be part of this Shift grow within you. You must accept clarity as the only way you can work within your light, because if you don’t have clarity, you have chaos. You must allow your communications to go to the next level using all of the other principles. When your completions awaken you, you will see that completion is an important part of your life, because the only way you can begin one thing is to have completed another.
When you are fully using the first six Principles, my friends, you will understand the beautiful Four Pillars6 of light–Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding. Here you will learn to pray on a new level of experience. You will know that prayer is your conscious awareness, the connection between you, your higher self, and all of the Unseen Forces of Light. You will recognize that through meditation you can hear the answers that you seek so diligently. You will know through sleepstate programming that only you in the human world have this available to you. Finally, in the masterminds, We the People will come together, and you will have greater faith.
The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating your life–the title alone should make you want to get behind the program. You probably resist the Principles, because the world of duality, my friends, would not like to see you consciously create your life. Instead, that world would rather you allow it to create for you.
There are so many forces of light—in addition to my own light—who have come to tell you of the changes that will take place on your Earth plane. This is not my Shift, my friends. I am but a servant of the Creator. I am but a servant to you, We the People, and I am humbly obliged to bring to you as much as I can without ruining your journey of the Great Shift.
Q: How can we best work with the shifting of Mother Earth?
KIRAEL: Recently Florida–it used to be called Floridia–has experienced a number of powerful hurricanes. How many people stood on the shores of Florida and put up a shield of light? How many people in Utah who saw those whirling, swirling winds heading toward Florida, prayed for the God Creator to intervene? How many people on the coast of California said, “Phew, boy, am I glad I don’t live in Florida”? How many people in Hawaii, in Lemuria, said, “We see the decimation; we feel the power of these hurricanes. We need to take some time out of our busy schedule and set up a bubble of light”?
Changes will occur when We the People get more involved in the patterning of your weather. You say, “Can we do that, Master Kirael?” Not only can you, you should be involved now. Use your prayers and your meditations.
Q: Are there any recent achievements we can look to for encouragement as we move forward in this shifting process?
KIRAEL: The positive note to all of this is the great awakening taking place as the human world searches on a much higher note. Look at movies such as, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Passion of the Christ; they are helping We the People make a difference in your world. Look at the powerful little churches that have sprung up in the last two or three years offering an alternative. Look at your healing journeys. Integrative healing means that everybody now has an opportunity to heal. Look at the pace at which people are leaving the Earth plane, yet not causing the great devastation that such a passing used to. Nowadays, often when a family member decides to leave, instead of entering into grief and sorry, a family member says, “Oh, how glorious that you are going to be home with the God Creator.”
There are a great number of realities that have come to bear over the last few years. Probably, the most important reality is the fact that energetic patterns such as myself finally have a say in your world without being spurned, or without someone telling the medium he has lost his mind or something like that. All of the great light beings are accepted around the world. All have an opportunity to speak. and a lot people are listening.
Q: I feel there has been a shift in the galactic participation in Earth’s shift. What has changed with our brothers and sisters from other dimensions and worlds?
KIRAEL: That is a grand question and is probably a shift report all in itself. One of the reasons you don’t quite see so much energy spent on the galactics anymore is not because there is less activity or less interest. The galactic energies know you accept them, yet, because of how they’ve been treated, they are staying in the background for now. They have opened up new energetic forms that make it easier for your Earth plane to accept other levels of consciousness, such as the Elven society, which you hear my medium speak about so much. The medium speaks so dearly about the Elven society that interest in the Elven world has swept around the world now.
The galactic forces are more than willing to stay at a distance and wait for you to awaken. Initially, they were pushing hard to make themselves known. That’s why there were so many sightings. They had no faith that you would make it through your own shift and they wanted to be of service. They know that this is a planet that will have a Great Shift in consciousness. They want to be of service, and so they made inroads to be of service. Yet, the best you could do was snicker at them, pretend they weren’t there, or try to kill them. Of course, that didn’t make for a great welcoming, or as you say in Lemuria, that didn’t make for a great “aloha.”
So they have, of course, backed their crafts out of your atmosphere. You have paid a dear price for that because there are things they could have done to assist the Earth plane. They could have moved the energy of the second, third and fourth hurricane that crossed Florida. The galactics aren’t gone. They just can’t be seen. They are here and they are strong. Now, their shamans, their mystics, their wizards, their high beings do most of the interacting with the Earth plane. They are moving with energetic patterns such as myself and other great energies of the Earth plane, such as young Master Jesus, and they are now interacting with the spirit world. So the spirit world and the galactic world are unifying and trying to be in service to We the People.
Q: Master Guide Kirael, some of us working with the Goddess energies have just returned from removing matrix hooks in South America. Also, there are people around Mother Earth planting crystals from Lemuria in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the world that need healing. What impact is this work having on the Shift?
KIRAEL: Matrix hooks are energetic patterns that lock the matrix thought system onto Mother Earth, and these hook removals that have taken place in Sedona and South America and many other places are causing the over-mastermind, or the matrix energy, to weaken, because the matrix has been using the core energy of Mother Earth to feed itself, to feed this over-mastermind. We have sent people around the world to plant these beautiful little Lemurian crystals to awaken the most devastated areas to the beautiful energy of Lemuria.
We need a Lemurian crystal placed in Jerusalem; we need one in any of those countries experiencing devastation, and we will find a way to get them there. The crystals do not have to be big, but they must be Lemurian-born crystals. They must be born on the continent of Lemuria. It is imperative that they are highly blessed crystals so that when they are planted, they resonate with Mother Earth’s core.
Remember, when the matrix drains off Mother Earth’s energy through its hooks, we can replace that energy by planting these little crystals around the Earth, giving Mother Earth that feeling of freshness, and the willingness to hold on, while We the People get ready to complete your Shift.
Good evening.
1 Kirael: The Great Shift, Lightways Publishing, 1998
2 For more information, see Kirael: The Great Shift, Chapter 8.
3 The four bodies of human experience are the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual.
4 Kirael is referring to the Honolulu Church of Light.
5 For more information, visit
6 The Four Pillars are Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding.
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