MESSAGE FROM ISIS for 8/8/2008


by Goddess ISIS through Elisabeth Jensen


Your heart is alive and an intelligent being – it has much wisdom and you need to listen with it. The early ancient Egyptians knew this well but now you value rational and logical mind descisions more.

When you are stressed and your heart pulsates so hard no clear messages can be received. So you work from your head and rational mind alone or your gut feeling only.The heart chakra is a connecting point between the head and  crown and lower body chakras – if its open plus you listen to its wisdom you act out of a place of love and compassion for others and YOURSELF.

As we are now in a different dimension vibrationally these personal descisions made without the hearts wisdom are rarely accurate.

To understand loss and tradgedy visualise me, the Goddess Isis or an Archangel such as Michael standing in front of you. Put the question you want an answer to to them. Then imagine they are infusing the answer and its wisdom into your heart chakra.

Sometimes they will tell you you made a poor choice to begin with leading to this situation, but often they will say it was a descision made based on Divine Wisdom. On earth plane you dont know about the joys of existance in the spirit realm. Cats for instance have little concern re death Wise cats often decide they would be happier like this – no physical body to content with so they can be with their favourite human 24/7!

If you fail something often its the human system that devised this test that caused your failure- the angels say dont worry re this outward show of qualifications. Learn the wisdom from the study and move to a more supportive environment for you.

Since December 2007 the way the world works has changed. You are releasing your physicality – your animals and especially cats – know this. If you live or constantly work in an environment of lower vibrations and fear then you will get stressed and often physically sick very quickly. So the descision is made by your guardian angels to remove you from this enviroment in some way or to wake you up before greater damage occurs to your health – but not being able to see this you wonder why this is happening to you…

At present many lost souls are seeming to gravitate to Lightworkers of high vibrations and attach to them causing more fear and distress to them. We simply say more meditation and releasing these beings lost between worlds is needed. You will see more of this till the end of 2009. To overcome this you must live more consiously and Invoke the Archangels and protecting Goddesses constantly They are always around but in your busy world you  forget them…and me!

We are preparing you all to become Light Beings and live in constant joy – like an Angel in Heaven but on Earth. We can only offer this joy to those who open to this idea and contantly seek to look up the the Light and the higher wisdom of situations – to live “Life as a Lotus Flower” as such – feet in murky water but looking up to the Light each day then simply closing and resting when it is night. You have several more years of some Human Chaos on Earth School but choosing a path of spiritual studies, meditation and contemplation of the Wisdom of the Heart will see you through these times.

We reget many humans will never be aware of the shift and we say now is the time to look to “Save Yourself First”. The physical world will seem to continue the same for the unaware, but for those who remember their own divinity and to follow their hearts and ASK for and accept the assistance of the angels and divinities they can look forward to a time of great healing and psychic powers, joy and spiritual awareness from 2013 onwards.

 Indeed you are living in a World of Miracles right now if you would choose to release the notion that you are all separate beings and choose to live life by listening constantly to the wisdom of the heart and your guiding Angels, Divinities  and myself ISIS – for I am your Divine Wise and Loving Spritual Mother with unlimited powers to assist with great wisdom at all times.

Blessed Be From ISIS

Written on 8/8/2008 – a day to celebrate your greater awareness of your personal divine power to bring peace and joy to yourself THEN the world.

Angel Blessings and love from Elisabeth Jensen Laughing



  john wrote @

i felt or thought or both to look for a message from ISIS and this is what i found

  Antonio wrote @

Blessed and praised thy be Holly Mother of God. Thanks for
Being by my side and in front of me. I love you.

  anju wrote @

hey i also thought about some message from isis…and i lnaned in here……….

  Mary wrote @

Well now if it isn’t another false so called channel you too had best think of the karma you will obtain for the false use of an identity that belongs not to you…preying upon peoples faith and love to make yourself important and stealing an identity that doesn’t belong to you shame on you…God is watching you…remember that you cannot create universes but God did…so before you go using his beloveds names i would ponder that awhile first…there are always ramifications for ones actions…it was no coincidence i stumbled upon this…with love Mary…!

  Sara wrote @

My dear mary, it is no coincidence that i stumble upon your short sighted message! because your closed off in your beliefs on one god, you forget to see the possibilities infront of you of all gods! the attachment you hold in yourself is a strong belief, which is powerful. when awakening and understanding your belief, you will be stilled by unbelivable powers! this isn’t about preying on peoples beliefs which is in fact what you have done here!! it’s becoming one with ourselves and the god that is within us! Judgement is not allowed in our beliefs!! i hope you read and reflect on a different level, when you single out another! thank you and blessed be my my friend!!

  Anna Grichting wrote @

I would like to subscribe

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