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Light Streamings-June 2008

Angels speak to the next wave of light coming into the planet

We are not here to dissuade you and your human family to create a scenario of demise. We are here to paint a different picture of your reality creations. We are speaking to you now from the Angelic Realms. We are a peaceful “people” to use your term for a group consciousness.

We have learned through our awareness that our purpose and our path is to love and to serve. We are here, now, because you have drawn us to you in a time of celebration and in a time of great danger.

The celebration is for the awarenesses that your people: The many light beings who have awakened have pierced the veil of their own understanding. And we are here because you, as a race of nations, have become aware of your impending demise as a sustainable force of light on your beloved blue planet.

We are here because you have asked us to teach you the ways of our people and to help you to understand how to convert density to light. But once you begin to understand that all is light–everything, everyone and all–is light, then you may wish to consider your thoughts as the fuel that are determining your life direction. Life is not fueled by an organized process of cells dividing and multiplying.

This is a mechanical operation of the original design. The life-force that flows through all of these mechanical devices is what is causing the flower to blossom, the car to go, the cat to yawn, the earth to rotate around your central sun.

There are these mechanical devices called the human body in which you inhabit but the force of light that animates your human vessel is you.

We wish for you to consider that you have come to understand this basic truth in concept but behave as though the human body were the force and the creator of the body, the vessel.

We, as a force of light, understand this sense of mistaken identity. But we wish for you to consider that as you relate to the knowing that guides you that your world will be transformed by the force of light that is you and not the mechanical devices of your world.

As you awaken and begin to live your truth by allowing this force to guide you, you will find that the very dense realities of sickness of heart, disease, famine and war to be merely a creation of your imagination.

As you align more fully with your awareness of this knowing, you will find that your ability to create within your world, a very different reality than what you have already created through conflict.

We are at your service.

(Many of us are wanting our lives to be different but are getting caught up in the backwash of the mind.)

We are not wanting any illusionary forces to over take your peace of mind. Stand back and away as this next wave of light comes into your earthly plane. It will serve to land a mighty wave-form of love and joyousness that is there for everyone to partake. Infuse your light-body with gentle kindness of Self and know that all is well.


The next wave of higher awareness will render the earthen plane flat with fear and allow the support that is needed to fully shift the conscious awareness of those who are standing on the edge of their creative inventions and wondering if it is now time to let go and allow the forces of nature to have their way with what is and will be. It is a leap of faith from our human nature perspective, but in reality, we, as entire soul groups, have already created the reality shift that is now upon us.

We will look back at this time in our human history and realize that we were the first to make this dramatic shift in consciousness as an entire soul group but not the last. We are merely opening the doorway for others now to follow the energetic stream. It will be like a bubble in the quantum field or grid of light will have burst and the intense light that will carry us home will feel as though we have never left.

Many will feel frightened at first, but then they will swim in the knowing of how this new reality will play out as more adjoin with the oneness of beingness.

And so we go. Look for the next couple of months to guide you into the stillness of your very own heart and as you do, you will find the others there to great you.

Allow, allow, allow your heart to be your guide in all manners of being.

All is well.

~ Carol


TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LIVING: Allow awareness to be your guide into the unknown waters of your choice to be free.



Light Streamings-January 2008.:.WE ARE NOT ALONE!

We are not alone. Many of you may be wondering or even wandering through the halls of discontent in present moment. Yet, in the very next moment you may very well be embracing love-the Inner Light that you are. We are living in the most remarkable time in human history. We are on the very edge-the brink-of shifting the entire paradigm of what it means to be human, and 2008 is THE pivotal year. It’s the year that we will witness entire structures–institutions that we have come to rely on as always being there–completely fall away.What we have based our sense of safety and security on as an outside force (if we are still hanging on to outside validation) will shake us to the core. Conversely, if we will have transitioned into an inner source, an inner calling to just be, then we will find 2008 to be the most exhilarating ride of our lives. And we’ll be in good company.

As more and more of our brothers and sisters of the light join with us, we will find many others there now, beside us, working with us to create the bridges (to close the gap) that will help greater numbers cross over to the other side: to joyousness.

Many of us are being called to create a plethora of new structures even as the old gives way. The year of 2008 will not be remembered as a year of turmoil and strife but as a time of wonderment when miracles (the kind of miracles of dreaming into reality all the deepest knowings that we have carried with us into this lifetime) sprang forth to be fully realized.

There is nothing, nothing at all, stopping us. There is no opposing force. No evil; no wrong doer. No lack of confidence or feelings of not being good enough: We are finished with all that now.

From here on out the activators among us are to be out there teaching the others. The healers are receiving some of the star cultures’ greatest power to heal and help the others to transform. The teachers, in 2008, are being called to spread out throughout the world and to transfer this new energy to others who are ready to take up the call.

The bridge-builders are the group of souls among us who hold the keys to rebuilding our global society around time honored truths of inclusiveness, right action, and global harmony. One primary key is to honor the individual contribution over the voice of manipulation and control tactics even as the old power structures still play out the lower energies of our 3D world.

The year of 2008 is the time to bring these new structures into the day-to-day reality of business enterprise, government, and social systems without fear of retaliation. Many of us have already been booted out of these old paradigm systems and have already been called to create the new. But many more are still dazed and confused by what these toxic environments have done to us or are already doing to manifest malaise even as we are getting kicked out of the nest.

Rather than despair the change, embrace the shift and know that in the face of even the most dramatic change all is truly well. There is to be no fear as we move forward in this more expanded energy. All is well.

You will find that January will be a deep time of reorganization. Everything is up for grabs. When challenged to change, accept the call with grace and aplomb. Resistance will only bring about pain and confusion. Let go and allow the higher frequencies of light to flow through you and you will find your way into a new order with ease and grace.

But don’t expect answers right away. You may hear the call to change long before you understand the why or know the how.

“Just do it,” your heart will say. And if you are trusting or paying attention you will take action without question. By early to mid-fall you will find yourself in a very different positioning. All is well, but you’ll not understand the full ramification of your choice before the fall of 2008.

What we are all being set up to realize now is total trust as the soul within us plays out the very pivotal time to create a downfall of the old so vast and deep that the entire matrix of the human design structure flips. If we as a whole accomplish this feat, we will surely see all our soul-bound dreams come true.

Many of us have been encoded with some of the deepest levels of peace within us that humankind has ever seen. And 2008 is it. This year, in our history of souls having a human experience, is it. Are you ready?

With much joy and celebration in all that is.

Carol Fitzpatrick

Happy New Year!

TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LIVING: Allow your heart to guide you. Spend a few minutes every day in the silence to receive the blessing of your soul having a human experience.

Carol Fitzpatrick



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