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How will global warming affect the Earth’s weather patterns?  What is the likelihood of mass migrations as a result of the effects of global warming?  How can we best prepare?

Global warming has already affected the Earth’s weather patterns.  You can think of this process through the lens of chaos theory, though it does not exactly follow chaos theory.  The Earth’s weather patterns are changing in ways that will lead to secondary dynamics and therefore secondary changes will then lead to a new level of dynamics.  These build upon one another, layer after layer, creating the effects you see now and those to come.  All weather patterns everywhere on Planet Earth are changing in response to global warming.  Global warming is the material cause and catalyst for worldwide climate change.  However, the Earth and humanity agreed upon the weather pattern changes long ago and the Earth has made these kinds of weather pattern changes time and time again.  Just as your scientists have described the changes you are seeing now, some of your changes are quite radical.  They are very small and very momentary compared to the larger history of Planet Earth in time/space continuum.  The Earth has gone through ice ages and periods of great heat and that will continue to be true so that your perspective on global climate change makes it seem much more radical than it is from the perspective of Planet Earth.  That being said, the effects on human lives and the survivability of the human race are radical. 

Mass migrations of humans and animals are already occurring in some parts of the world.  Huge numbers of people are moving in order to avoid particular weather patterns or in order to move toward particular weather patterns.  This will become more and more true.  Technology has enabled human beings to live in places that would have been relatively uninhabitable before certain technologies made them habitable.  Those technologies will continue to mitigate the effects of mass migrations, but mass migrations will continue to increase.  The most likely outcome 100 or 150 years from now, is that the patterns of where people live on Earth will be somewhat different and more closely aligned with the natural habitability of a place rather than the strains of an overpopulated Earth.  In other words, you will have fewer people and they will be living in more naturally habitable places.  Remember that this is 150 years away – the path to this reality will not be easy.

What is the likelihood of diseases and water shortages?  How can we best use water, save water, connect with water and understand water?

Many people have asked about water recently because water is the primary resource for human beings.  This goes beyond the fact that you physically need water before anything else in order to exist.  You can delay dying of cold, heat or starvation, but you cannot lack water.  Water is so necessary on a physical level.  The Keepers are saying in a similar way, water is that necessary on a metaphysical level.  Human beings never agreed to inhabit Planet Earth or to evolve on Planet Earth until the spirit and soul of Water had made its contract with you, just as the Earth has a contract with you.  The Earth is a divine being who made a promise to live as this physical planet, to be embodied by it and to stay here both physically and in spirit to be a resource and to be in community with all other beings.  Water is the very same thing.  Water has a spirit and a soul and a journey of its own.  In a sense you can say that water is your sister. 

On a purely physical level, it is the properties of water that have enabled life to evolve.  Not only the property of being liquid but the property of how it freezes and at what degree it freezes, that enables life to exist below the surface and for life to continue to evolve in the dormant seasons.  It is the properties of water that makes this possible on a physical level.  The energetic, nonmaterial properties of water also make it possible for HUMAN life to exist.  Water holds space for the human spirit to exist on Planet Earth.  The human spirit is different from the spirit of animals.  You are not better than animals; you are not more evolved or more Enlightened than animals.  The human spirit is just different from the spirit from all other living creatures on Planet Earth in that the human spirit has a particular relationship with its own divinity.  It has a particular ability to understand and therefore be accountable for its own divinity that is different from the contracts of animals or of other living things.  It is that space for the human spirit to be accessible and for you to be held accountable to, that is held energetically by the presence of water on the Planet. 

One of the reasons there is so much water, the oceans, which are relatively undrinkable, that they take up such a massive space on Planet Earth, is to hold that energy of the human spirit.  The ocean is holding a reservoir of spiritual or vibrational energy that is being accessed now by human beings as they go through Enlightenment.  The water element, as a spiritual being, holds a vibration that enables you to connect with your emotions and your higher self at the same time.  That is where the possibility for accountability lies.  An animal can have an emotion and it can act out of that emotion but not necessarily be held accountable in terms of karma, in terms of its own divinity or evolution.  If an animal becomes terrified and it bites or even kills, we understand that an animal was overcome by its emotions and cannot be held entirely accountable.  A human being is held accountable for the behaviors, words, and even the thoughts that they execute in response to their emotions because human beings have this spiritual reservoir of energy in water that enables you to hold all of the parts in place at all times.  This means that, in any moment, your true self includes your body, mind, subconsciousness, belief systems, spirit, intuition, and much more.  It is a very long list of things that encompass your true self.  It is because of your commitment from water and the connection you have with water that enables you to be these larger, more divine physical beings of Planet Earth.

The effect of global warming and water together, is that you will continue to see water as more precious.  At a very basic physical level, you will continue to see water shortages — shortage of usable, drinkable water for human beings.  As a human, you will continue to recognize how precious the physical resource of water is.  The deeper level, or spiritual dimension of that, is you will continue to understand the preciousness of your emotional lives and your ability to live as human beings, being both of spirit and matter so that even as the preciousness of fresh water on a physical level raises in your awareness, so does the preciousness of every human life, no matter how short-lived, no matter how distant from yours. 

One of the properties of water that is magnificently applicable to your Enlightenment process at this time on Planet Earth is cohesiveness.  The fact that once two molecules of water are touching one another, it takes a greater force to pull them apart.  This is the reason that once water is flowing through a tube, it creates a vacuum effect so that even without gravity, it continues to pull itself through the tube.  It remains cohesive, it naturally is magnetized to itself and longs to be connected or to operate as a whole.  This is one of the reasons that if you spill a drop of water on a table, that water remains together; it does not spread out in all directions unless there is a compelling reason from gravity or some other force.  Water left to its own devices strives to stay connected to itself; to all the other molecules of water around it.  Human beings work exactly this way.  Human beings, when you are born, naturally want to be near one another; you love one another, you are connected and you can feel that you are connected with one another.  Only through the very compelling forces of trauma, disconnection, hurtfulness, isolation and all of the ways that people are wounded, do you ever become convinced that you do not want to be around other people.  The fact is, you were born to be together, you are inherently and indelibly connected to one another.  Water demonstrates this for you, demonstrates both the power and the beauty of that. 

How do we deal with people who will hoard resources as resources become scarcer?  Is there anything we can do to change that?  How can we help each other realize that we need one another to survive?  

The answer to this is already being executed in some parts of the world.  You have been working on this for decades as human beings in much of what you call international development.  There is no single answer that will make this work across the human race.  The question of resource allocation is equivalent to every other question in regard to the human race.  Everything is answered by resource allocation and everything is caused by resource allocation.  Fundamentally, as a human race, you will need to come to terms with the fact that resources, both physical and nonphysical, have been improperly and unfairly allocated based on human power systems, based on systems that give some people more power to get the resources that they need and others less power to get the resources that they need.  As this becomes more obvious to everyone, all of you will need to step up to the plate and change the way you allocate resources.  This is already happening.  There is not much that the Records can offer about this on a larger scale. 

On a smaller scale, in your individual lives, if the larger question of resource allocation is to be answered and brought into balance, it will only occur as each individual grapples with and finds a resolution for the question of resource allocation within their own lives.  Many of you do not take the resources that you need.  You do not take the time that you need to make a decision.  You do not accept the money that you need or the gifts offered to you to help you be happy in your lives.  Many others of you take more than is offered or find ways to co-opt that which is not yours in order to be more comfortable or in order to avoid feeling lonely or scarce.  Each of you will need to ask the question, “What are the resources available in my life and how do I use them?”  Some of you will need to give more, others of you will need to take more and for most of you, it will be a little bit of both.  Doing that work in your individual lives will actually help propel the larger question of resource allocation forward.  In an intangible sense, that question will often lead you to sharing more money, time or other resources that actually does help to fill the pot of the larger question. 

The second thing is in regard to how you work with this in your personal life.  The way the resolution will happen in a larger picture is, this is the bigger message that Planet Earth has for humanity at this time, the reason that you have all fallen out of balance in regard to resource allocation, both in your personal lives and on the larger human scale, is that you have lost one another.  When human beings feel completely connected with other people, completely loved by other people and they feel a free flow of love for other people, naturally, you do not over consume or under consume your resources.  Naturally you easily, without any strain, acknowledge together how resources can best be balanced for the good of all.  It is only through the process of being isolated and wounded that you have lead yourself into these patterns of greed or lack.  In order for that greater question of resource allocation to be resolved, you will need to find ways that people can be connected with one another. 

In part, globalization is making this possible.  Globalization is only beneficial if all of you take advantage of the ability to meet, get to know and fall in love with people with whom you would normally never have contact.  As you build these bridges of caring for one another across the world, resource allocation falls into balance.  If you have a dear friend living in a country with very few natural resources, it becomes more obvious to you that you need to share your resources with those around you.  Even if you cannot reach your friend to share the resources with those who need it in your surroundings, it becomes more obvious.  It is that light of compassion that is meant to be lit and fueled by globalization, that is for you to use in order to heal and resolve the isolation and trauma that has been guiding humanity for generations and generations.  It is for you to reach out and build bridges of love and compassion that will eventually make it possible for you to heal your problems with resource allocation. (April, ’09)


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Beloved masters, everything in the past is stored within your memory and much of your memory is being transmuted or cleared from your inner Akashic records. The memories of pain, suffering, failure and negativity no longer serve any purpose. Only those memories which are beneficial and are of a mid-fourth-dimensional frequency or higher will be retained and stored within the repository of your Sacred Mind. Everything in the future is presently a figment of your imagination. You must learn to visualize clearly or see inwardly with objectivity, and you must place yourself in the midst of the visualized scene as you strive to create the reality of your future visions in the world of materiality. You must turn inward as you learn to tap into the Still Point of your Soul / Sacred Heart. There, all peace and all possibilities prevail. Your wellspring of love, power and magnificence are awaiting you within the stillness of pure intent and the breath of Infinity. Through the action of the Infinity Breath you draw forth the Divine energy of manifestation which empowers your Sacred Wheel of Creation and expands your refined sphere of influence. As you fill the ascension column of Light you have created around you with your enhanced resonance, the joy and bliss of the highest expression are possible, and everything and everyone around you will benefit. Creation is ever-expanding and your godly influence will grow and expand as you absorb and radiate more of the virtues and qualities of our God parents.

You will reside outside the normal state of reality when you attain spiritual illumination which results in a Lightness of heart, mind and emotions. In order to receive and send love, you must remove the filters of protection you placed over your Solar Power Center so you could not be hurt by others, as in the past. You must allow the mighty Three-fold Flame to burst forth and open your Sacred Heart to receive love. Love is a powerful, natural state of Being. Pure love is unconditional, it is an emotion that cannot be distorted by conditions or actions. Love has different qualities and feelings, such as the exquisite, romantic love between mates, the tender, protective love of a parent, and the trusting love of a child. Love is the language of Spirit and it is the only way to communicate with our Father/Mother God. The love of the Creator and our Mother / Father God is all-encompassing, unconditional and never-ending. Pain and suffering is a result of denying the love that you are. Love expands, fear contracts. When you are firmly centered within your Sacred heart, you will transcend all major discord. When you are living your truth, you will be self-confident and will strive to always speak constructively. As you clear the distortions that connect you to the higher realms, tele-thought communication will become the norm.

The Supreme Creator is now taking an active part in the grand schematic of creation. We all, including each of you, have always had the loving attention and assistance from the Father/Mother God of this universe, as well as all the great Beings of Light and the multitude of angelic forces. No matter how we try to explain to you what is transpiring in this universe at this time, you cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude and glory of what is taking place on your Earth, the solar system, galaxy and universe. The streams of sparkling, iridescent Light called Adamantine Particles are gradually penetrating and affecting the outermost edges of manifested creation. However, there must be a receptacle or transformer for this energy to connect with, penetrate and refract outward from within. You, beloved Bearers of Light, are some of those receptacles; you are an integral part of the INBREATH OR THE INTEGRATION OF THE REFINED ESSENCE OF CREATION. The Supreme Creator via the Cocreator Gods and the radiant suns of this universe will breathe in the perfected essence of humanity and the Earth as IT also expands ITS consciousness to incorporate all the beauty of manifested creation from the greatest to the smallest; and when the process is complete, it will begin again: Creator / God-consciousness is ever-expanding, ever-evolving, without end.

The question has been asked: Where do you see the future of the world’s religions going as they have been fighting for thousands of years?

All religions contain some inspired, uplifting truths along with the dogmatic rules, guidelines and conditions which are often modified and rewritten by those who are in power at the time. In the past, and to great extent in the present time, the majority of people on the Earth have been controlled by religious leaders who constantly stress punishment and damnation if you do not follow their teachings. Most often, their doctrine tells you that their way is the only way to salvation and that only through them can you receive forgiveness and be saved. They have sought to keep you in a herd-state whereby you willingly follow the leaders without questions as you seek to feel safe and secure so that you do not have to make any dramatic life-changing decisions for yourselves. There have been countless battles and wars resulting in mass destruction of life and property perpetrated in the name of God. We tell you emphatically, this is not God’s Will, but the will of those who have allowed an ego-desire for power, hate, avarice and ignorance to overcome their God-consciousness and sense of righteousness. In the past, the emotions of spirituality have been stressed, and the science of spirituality has been denied the masses. We have sought, over these many past years, to enlighten and inform you of the universal laws that all must adhere to in order to return to responsible spiritual adulthood. Organized religion, and we mean all faiths, must modify their teachings and doctrine to incorporate the immutable truth of the higher universal laws which will allow the Love/Light of the Supreme Creator to permeate and en-Light-en the hearts and minds of their leaders and all those who follow their guidance. If they do not do so, their influence will wane and become ineffectual, and their followers will seek guidance and inspiration elsewhere.

Beloveds, there are many paths that lead to en-Lighten-ment. True spirituality does not demand particular rituals or rigid beliefs, it is a mode of living your highest truth with wholehearted devotion. There is one Divine immutable truth that you must adhere to: To do harm to no one, including yourself. You are to seek a blending of your highest intellectual, emotional and spiritual truths to guide you on your path toward en-Lighten-ment. Maintain a confident attitude as you delve into the unknown and seek to manifest the visions given to you in your sojourns into the higher realms of existence. When you make the highest moral choices, your soul is infused with the rapture of never-ending Divine love which is stored within your Sacred Heart. If you aspire to align your will with that of our Mother/Father God, you eventually will become a full-fledged partner, a cocreator of the multiple time/space worlds of existence.

We have been asked to also speak of the Earth’s water supply, weather patterns and Earth changes, and also about what will happen in 2012. Will the Earth destroy itself?

Indeed, these are times of great testing for humanity as the elements of nature strive to return the Earth to balance and harmony, both within and without. The planet Earth is alive but not well, for this great sentient Being has suffered the results of humanity’s discordant vibrational patterns and actions for aeons of time. Your host planet is also experiencing the accelerated process of releasing and shaking off the shackles of its third- & fourth-dimensional prison. The ancient labyrinths and ley lines deep within and encircling the Earth are once again being permeated with the healing elixir of Light, and the long-dormant sentient crystalline structures deep within the Earth are stirring and awakening once more.

We have told you many times to expect more cleansing of the Earth and the cataclysmic events will surely accelerate as the higher frequencies of Light permeate the Earth and humanity. Yes, there will be areas of drought and areas where there will be floods, and some of the coastal areas will eventually become uninhabitable. This has been foretold and is not meant to create fear. Again, we say, if you must have cataclysms to make you aware that it is time to become a conscious steward of the Earth’s resources, than so be it. However, a self-master chooses ease and grace and, using the gift of free will, makes the necessary life-changes to assure a steady flow of resources. It is, therefore, more important than ever that you practice conservation and understand that there must be a balance in supply and demand. Again, we stress, when you are in harmony with the universal laws which include the laws of nature, you will never experience deprivation. Just as we have asked you to turn inward and reconnect with your body Elemental, we ask you to attune to the forces of nature and to radiate your Love/Light down into the heart-core of the Earth to assist in the transformation of your host planet. To assure your safety, beloveds, strengthen your ascension column of Light which connects you to your personal Pyramid of Power in the fifth dimension and the Celestial Cities of Light. Envision a sphere of golden Creator Light around you and endeavor to expand it as far and wide as possible via the Infinity Breath, and see it filled with the magical elixir called Adamantine Particles. You will be empowered and protected; and this is also one of the best ways to assist those around you and to help lighten the burden that your Mother Earth is trying to transmute.

The dramatic changes that the Earth and humanity are now experiencing will continue to one degree or another in the years to come; however, the most dramatic changes will be within the hearts of humanity. More souls will decide to leave the earthly plane in order to continue their passage into the Light in a more harmonious environment. That is the Divine dispensation that has been given to those souls who are still in the early stages of individualized soul-expression. Those of you who are striving to attain self-mastery and to integrate the maximum amount of Creator Light should envision a grand new world of plenty being birthed in which you will live in harmony with nature and each other.


As the pressure and magnitude of Creator Light increases, more and more sentient Beings are feeling ITS effects. The great dramas now being played out around the Earth are all a result of humanity’s focus on the external process of living instead of the internal process of reconnecting with Spirit. Acquisition of extreme wealth and material goods does not bring peace, happiness or satisfaction. Seek harmony and unity within your Spirit Self and all else you need to live in peace and comfort will follow. The resurrection process for humanity has been a very long evolutionary struggle to attain a balanced state of Being in order to allow Spirit to descend and take dominion within your Sacred Heart. Resurrection and ascension entails returning to your original magnificence by embodying the greatest measure of your Divine Light and God-given attributes. Remember, as we have stressed before, evolution is purposeful, not accidental.

Beloved ones, it is now time to fulfill the promise you made before embodying in this lifetime. You were given a Sacred Mission, and you made a promise that when the time arrived, you would prepare yourselves to be vessels for the rarified, exquisite Rays of pure Creator Light. Yes, we say to each of you, you were well-chosen or you would not be yearning and striving to attain something beyond the physical world of reality. Although it may seem as though the chaos and darkness are growing on Earth, we assure you that this is only a temporary situation. Just as in your personal lives, all the inharmonious frequency patterns are rising to the surface so that the radiance of Creator Light can transform and refine that which is not attuned to the new Celestial Soul Song of the Earth and ascending humanity. You are all experiencing the dawning of a marvelous new reality, and so we encourage you to be bold and steadfast in your vision for the future. We rejoice with you, and be assured that your ‘Lightness’ is making a dramatic impact on the shadowlands. We surround you in a golden sphere of Creator Light and our fiery shield of protection. You are loved most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael

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An Important Reminder

An Important Reminder

a message from  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Tuesday, 24 March, 2009 


You have the ability to make a positive difference in the world. This has been a roller-coaster time of miracles and challenges. It seems as though these extreme experiences are being used to wake Humanity up at warp speed. No matter how hard people may try, their I AM Presence is not allowing them to push the snooze button in order to go back to sleep. It is time for people everywhere to remember who they are and why they are on Earth during this auspicious moment. Important changes are taking place, and in spite of outer-world appearances, we are beginning to see evidence of people in every walk of life reaching out to make a positive difference.

It seems that everyday we are being flooded with fear-based information that reflects the dire possibilities of economic collapse, terrorist attacks, war, environmental disasters, governmental and corporate corruption, crime, violence and myriad other potential dangers. It is very easy to become so overwhelmed with concern that we just wring our hands and muddle through our days in a state of anxiety and desperation.

The majority of people feel helpless when it comes to changing their lives or making a significant difference in the world. Everyone wants things to get better, but most people don’t truly believe they can effectively assist in the process. Well, fortunately, nothing could be further from the Truth. We are ALL cocreators. We are on Earth during this unprecedented time for the explicit purpose of uniting with our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.

Whether we consciously remember it or not, each and every one of us has been preparing for a very long time to assist in this mission. We all have unique skills and abilities that no one else on the planet possesses in exactly the same way we do. We have volunteered to assist in helping to change the old, obsolete behavior patterns that are responsible for the pain and suffering Humanity is enduring. This is being brought to our attention by our I AM Presence because the time for us to begin fulfilling our Divine Missions is NOW! 

Traumatic experiences cause us to regroup and to reevaluate how we are living our lives. We have fallen into the pattern of using pain as our motivator. As long as we are not in pain, we will just plod along, day after day, without much thought. We halfheartedly go through the motions of doing what we need to do to survive. We go to our jobs to make money to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. We take care of our families’ physical needs, and with the little bit of time that is left, we try to take care of ourselves.

When a tragedy happens, however, we are forced to put our lives into perspective. We stop for a moment and focus on what really matters to us. If we use the tragic event to change our mode of operation and to put more meaning in our lives, then something good will come out of even the most horrific experience.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the housing debacle, the economic meltdown, and several other challenging events have transformed our lives forever. We have a choice as to whether we allow catastrophes to catapult us into lives of fear and dread or whether we use those experiences to motivate us into creating lives of fulfillment and joy. We have the ability to do both of those things; the path we choose is up to us.

The only reason we have not been cocreating lives of joy, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, financially and creatively rewarding jobs, vibrant health, fulfillment, enlightenment and every other positive experience is because we have forgotten that we can.

Not only can we create the lives we dream of, this is our purpose and reason for being. We are Children of God, and we have been invested with the gift of free will. Our thoughts and feelings are creative. Whatever we focus our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings on, we bring into physical form. It is time for us to remember this Divine Truth and for us to consciously choose to create the lives we want instead of inadvertently manifesting, through our fears, the experiences we do not want.

It is time for us to reclaim our Divine Birthrights and to fulfill our Divine Potentials. As we take charge of our lives, we will be effective examples for our loved ones and friends. We will be positive catalysts, and the results of our efforts will be exponential. We are all One, and the Universal Law is “As I Am lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me.” We can each make a positive difference. As we change our lives, we will change the direction for Humanity and for all Life evolving on this planet. Never underestimate your ability to be a powerful force of good on this planet.

You have been preparing for a very long time to fulfill the mission you agreed to accomplish in this lifetime. Not only do you have the skill, talent, wisdom, courage and strength to accomplish your mission, our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven are standing in readiness eagerly awaiting the opportunity to assist you. These selfless Beings of Light are with you now. From inner levels they guide and protect you, and they intervene to help you every time you ask them to. You are never alone. If you ever feel doubtful that you have the power to make a positive difference in this world, just remember the entire Company of Heaven is there to help you every time you ask for their assistance.

When you begin to create a plan to make a positive difference in your life, the first step is to take a good look at your life as it exists right now. In order to change your life, you must first be aware of what presently exists.  So take some time to evaluate your life as an objective observer. This is not a time to berate, criticize, or condemn yourself for past mistakes. That only adds more  negative energy to the situation. The purpose of this evaluation is to help you see what it is you like about your life, and what it is you would like to change. Usually people know their lives are not what they want them to be, and they may be aware of some major problems, such as finances or health, but they have never actually taken the time to evaluate their overall lives. This is a crucial step toward making a positive difference, so invest the time to take a thorough inventory of your life.

In order for you to succeed in transforming your life, you need to plan where you are going. You need to have objectives and goals. Most people spend so much time worrying and dwelling on the things that they do not want in their lives that they have not taken the time to figure out what they really do want. Remember, what you think about, what you hold in your mind and put your attention and energy into, you draw into your life. So it is time to stop worrying about the things that you do not want and start focusing on the things that you do want.

Patterns of thinking and emotional responses are usually habits you have allowed yourself to develop without much conscious awareness. Now that you have decided to take charge of your life, you no longer need to just muddle through the day. Instead, you can deliberately control your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. Since it is a natural law that what you put your attention and energy into, you draw into your life.  It is only logical that you take the steps necessary to let go of destructive programming and begin creating for yourself a fulfilling, happy, harmonious, abundant, and peaceful life.

Most people rarely feel that they are negative; so one of the things I have them do is keep a scratch tally for an entire week of every negative thought or feeling they experience. Notice I said EVERY negative thought or feeling. This includes the little, trivial, petty things that you allow to pop into your mind, such as the person that pulls in front of your car that you think is a jerk, or the service you received that you feel was lousy, or the lady at the supermarket that you think is a slob, or the disgust you have for yourself for overeating, or the anger you feel if the car breaks down, and on and on.

My experience has been that by the end of the week even so-called positive people have several sheets of tally marks and are astounded at how often they were negative and shocked at how oblivious they were about their negative thinking. So, the next step toward your decision to make a positive difference in the world is to observe your daily responses for an entire week.  Pay very close attention to your thoughts and feelings and keep a simple scratch tally of every negative thought or feeling you have. Do not empower the negative thought by writing it down, just keep a scratch tally of it.

This is a very valuable exercise because it clearly shows how many times every single day you are misqualifying energy without even realizing it.

Many people are wallowing in the poor me syndrome. They feel that they are really good people, but all of these terrible things keep happening to them anyway. What this exercise reveals is that we may not be doing catastrophically negative things like mugging people or robbing a bank, but we are often nickel-and-dimeing ourselves to death with trivial pettiness.

Once you complete this exercise and acknowledge that you may not be controlling your thoughts or feelings, but just allowing them to happen, you can move on to the next step of changing those bad habits and begin to take control of your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Each time you put forth the effort to deliberately program yourself into constructive thinking, the stronger you will become and the more natural the positive response will be. Before you know it, your pattern of thinking will automatically be positive instead of negative, and you will have established a new constructive habit.

While you are going through this process of gaining control of your thoughts and feelings, you need to be tolerant and forgiving of yourself. If you find negative thinking or negative feelings creeping into your consciousness, you need to stop, empty your mind of the negative thought or feeling, take a deep breath, regroup, and then look for the positive side of the situation you are dealing with. Don’t give any more power to the negative thought by berating or condemning yourself for the transgression. Just let it go, flood it with the Violet Flame of Forgiveness, and focus on the positive side of the situation, no matter how small.

Begin your new habit of positive thinking by looking for the positive side of every person, place, condition, or thing you encounter. The general rule is that we can easily spot the flaws in other people, but unless someone is a genius or looks like a Greek God or Goddess, we rarely notice their positive attributes. In this exercise you must go out of your way to search for something good in every single person, place, condition, and thing you come in contact with. Sometimes this is a real challenge. Some people you know may seem so objectionable that the only thing you will be able to appreciate about them is the color of their socks, but you must find something good in every instance.

After practicing this for a while, you will come to the realization that, no matter how bad things seem or how degenerate a person may appear, there is a spark of hope in every situation and a spark of Light in every person. By consciously putting your attention on that one redeeming quality, rather than giving momentum and power to the negative, you can turn that destructive situation into a positive experience, and you can often give the negative person the incentive he or she needs to find a better way of behaving. This may sound too good to be true, but I assure you that this is the natural Law of Attraction, and it is as accurate and as workable as the Laws of Mathematics, Music, Physics, or any other science.

The next exercise I want to share with you is designed to help you reprogram your thinking with positive affirmations. People who have used positive affirmations have always known that they work, but they have rarely understood exactly why. Now, with more and more research, we are learning how the process works.

Through positive affirmations, we can deliberately send forth constructive thoughtforms that will accumulate additional positive energy and return to us, bringing with them what we are affirming. The difference between a prayer and an affirmation is that in prayer we are usually humbly asking for something, and in an affirmation we are actually invoking God and our I AM Presence to command Universal Light substance to flow through us constructively to create whatever perfection it is that we are affirming.

There is another very important reason why affirmations work. When we make a positive affirmation, we begin with the words I AM. These two words invoke our I AM Presence and connect us directly to our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father-Mother God, All That Is. This all encompassing Presence of God is the Universal Source of All Life.

Everything in the Universe is comprised of electronic Light substance vibrating at different frequencies with various densities. The words I AM reflect the all-encompassing Oneness of all Life. “I” represents Alpha, the beginning, “AM” represents Omega or the ending, meaning our Father-Mother God, the Universal Source of All Life, is the beginning and the ending of all that exists. 

When we invoke the Light of God by using the words I AM the Light automatically responds. It flows through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings and obeys our affirmations.

Affirmations are designed to help us begin reprogramming our negative thinking into positive thinking. The longer energy is accustomed to flowing through the brain in a particular pattern, the easier it is to just keep flowing in the same pattern. For instance, if we are used to being critical or judgmental of others, that is a pattern we have developed and the energy flows very easily into that groove of the brain. If we want to change that habit, we have to consciously begin developing a new groove through which this energy can flow. The more we withhold the energy from the negative, critical pattern and send it forth through the new constructive pattern, the sooner we will have changed the bad habit.

When we first begin observing our behavioral responses, we are usually shocked and a little overwhelmed at how ingrained our trivial, petty patterns are, and it seems as though it will be a monumental task to overcome them. However, once you begin to consciously take control of your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, the changes will take place much more quickly than you can envision at this time. Once you really develop the habit of positive thinking, the critical, petty, trivial things that so easily pop into your mind now will not be part of your consciousness.

With positive affirmations, we form new constructive grooves in our thinking patterns. For this reason it is important to read your affirmations the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed at night. The exercise in the morning will begin the constructive flow of energy through the brain and set your attitude for the new day.

The exercise at night will help by drawing the positive affirmations into your subconscious mind; so, you can reprogram yourself while you sleep, as in sleep learning. Research is proving that what we think about at night before we go to sleep is carried into the subconscious mind, so it is a good idea to put your attention on something constructive. For heaven’s sake, don’t watch the news just before going to sleep.


I AM weaving my gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, courage, compassion and love into the tapestry of the Divine Plan for the New Earth.

I AM responding to my Heart’s Call, and I AM God in Action.

I AM Consecrating my thoughts, words, feelings and actions to be the greatest force of good I can be on this planet.

I AM making a positive difference every day.

Through the focus of my attention, I AM expressing the following Divine Truths:

I AM One with ALL Life. I AM Divine Love. I AM Infinite Abundance.
I AM the Harmony of my true Being. I AM Vibrantly Healthy and Eternally Youthful. I AM a Peace Commanding Presence.

The actions I take everyday improve my family, my job, my community, my city, my country and the world.

I have a Healing Touch. I AM communing everyday with my Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven. 

Through my thoughts, words, actions, and feelings I AM Transfiguring this planet into the New Earth.

And so it is.

Saint-Germain* The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment


The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment

A channeled exercise from Saint-Germain

Here is a guided meditation from Saint-Germain that supports our new book, A New World Awakens and accompanies the Home Study Course.

You can listen to it by clicking the following link, or you can read the transcript, below:

This exercise is about a perceived need that many people have to keep climbing the ladder, or mountain, of spiritual attainment. The channeled exercise asks this question, “Do you have to find more and more spiritual things to do with your life in order to feel that you are a spiritual person? In order to live with the Truth About You — that you are a Child of God, and God, also?”



In Chapter 2 of our book, A New World Awakens, Saint-Germain talks about this. He talks about the illusion of spiritual attainment.

Saint-Germain says that, “[the illusion of needing to climb higher] always places the appreciation of who you are right now, just out of your reach.” He suggests that you may never fully realize the Truth About You, if you think you have to do something especially spiritual in order to BE Who You Really Are.

We hope that you enjoy this exercise.

Here again is the link to the audio file:

If you would also like to read the written transcript of this guided exercise with Saint-Germain, here it is:

“Let us talk for a moment about being in a new place of Truth.

“You have finally come to understand that living as your Soul does is your desire for this lifetime. You realize that this is the ultimate purpose of living on Earth for you. Any other desire is either a distraction from this, or else complements your desire for a New Life.

“You desire to discover more of Who You Really Are.

“You are so excited about this new discovery in your life, that you are bubbling over with enthusiasm. You have found a new sense of purpose. You feel it deeply, and your desire is growing.

“But then what happens?

“After a day or two, or perhaps a week or more, you find yourself crashing down again; falling back into your old way of doing things.

“Because you aren’t always clear about what is happening in these cases, your ego will try to step in and give you an answer. It will tell you, ‘Let’s try again, Dear. Let’s climb that mountain once again.’ And so you begin again.

“So, this time you undertake your ascent with even greater enthusiasm. You renew your journey of spiritual attainment with the hope that this time, you will find that elusive place of freedom, joy, certainty, and truth. And what happens?

“You climb and you fall again: Once, twice, and some times, even more often that this.

“As you continue repeating this experience of ‘climbing upward’ and then ‘falling back,’ – of ‘almost making it’ and then ‘failing again,’ – your trust begins to fade and your enthusiasm for the journey subsides. You get tired.

“‘Why is this happening to me?’ you might ask.

“Perhaps it is because you don’t want to climb the mountain over and over again. You may just want to be on the top of it – to just be there, and rest in that place of bliss.

“Well, how did you manage to fall off that mountain in the first place? Ask yourself this.

“Was it because of your doubt and fears?

“Could it be that even as you were about to reach the top of the mountain, you couldn’t believe that this was true? That your journey was almost done? That you were going to succeed and realize your desire at last? Soon you began to doubt yourself, and maybe even doubt the whole journey that you had taken. Does this sound familiar?

“Well… let’s see now. Let’s pause for a moment and consider this situation.

“Perhaps there’s an alternative to climbing the mountain of spiritual attainment that you haven’t considered before. Perhaps ‘efforting’ and striving are not necessary after all. Maybe you can be done with this, once and for all. How does this sound to you?

“How would you feel if I told you that you don’t have to climb that mountain in order to feel bliss?

“What if I told you that you don’t need to attain a higher vantage point to see the Truth About You?

“Yes, dear friends. We invite you now to feel this. Feel this deeply.

“Are you ready to let go of your climbing?

“Are you prepared to release the need to go higher, or to be better than you are right now?

“Are you ready to let go of ‘trying’? Can you see that all your ‘efforting’ only reinforces in your mind the mistaken belief that you must ‘do something’ in order to Be Who You Already Are?

“If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then we invite you now to stop. Please, stop trying. Stop wanting to ‘do more.’ Stop your climbing. Lay down your backpack, and all the provisions you have carried to survive your ascent. They aren’t necessary.

“Take off your boots and allow your feet the rest they deserve. Stop, and breathe deeply. Breathe, and allow your mind to come to a place of relaxation.

“Let your Soul be the guide in your life now. Stop now, and surrender completely. Fall gently into the arms of your Soul, and welcome the love It has for you.

“Allow your Soul to be the guiding light, and the guiding force in your life now. It won’t push you. It will take you into expansion. And so, you will stop trying to reach something that is always out of reach.

“Instead, embrace the certainty of Oneness with your Soul, and with God.

“Feel the peace, the comfort, and the ease that come from knowing you don’t have to ‘do anything’ to attain this Great Being. It is Who You Are!

“Be one with your Self. Be one with your Soul. Be one with God.

“And now give birth to this wonderful New You in your life. Love it, and support it, even as you are loved and supported by It.

“Indeed. It is my pleasure to surround you, my friends, in this joyful moment of your awakening.
“I Am Saint-Germain.”


Kryon* Changes


Public Channeling of March 4, 2009



Break Away from the Collective

Light Body Symptoms



I am Kryon, the magnetic master, your friend. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


While the messages of Kryon are flowing through the medium, an energy field is building up which is of great importance for each single one of you for this period. You have been conveyed the message that this is the year of change, a year full of contradictions, a year of struggle.


Once more the energetic pattern of Lady Gaia has changed and you can see and feel what this means for you. A field is being created, here and now in the present, here and now in this room, a field full of magnetic love energy, a field of energetic healing, a field of cleansing energies which are being brought to you and which are so important for you.


Kryon conveys the message of change to you. Everything you are experiencing in the duality in these times, what frightens you or wears you down is a big gift at the end of the day. It is the gift into a new life connected with various confusions which the human beings feel and cannot categorize. The energetic pattern has raised itself. Thus emotions cannot be held back anymore. You have surely noticed that often you cannot keep your moods under control anymore, that you are experiencing an up and down of emotions. But at the end of the day it is a gift.


Before Kryon conveys the messages of the New Age Kryon asks you: Go into the depth of your soul. Breathe the light of love and feel your divinity, your light, deep inside of you and unify all your chakras. Expand yourself like a sun, into all directions. And when you are ready, give the permission that three kinds of energies are transmitted which are of great significance. The magnetic love energies, healing energies and cleansing energies will flow. Lay down your hands with the palms facing up. With each breath that you take you open yourself more, become calmer and calmer. You ask the energies to flow into you. They will find their way and anchor themselves there where you need them. For this time on Earth is no easy time for the human beings.


We have told you – in so many messages – that old structures will collapse, that nothing stays the way it was. When you look into the outside then you can guess what this means for the structures have begun to break a long time ago. But before the great change occurs there will be a time in which the human beings will feel scared and be confused. But that these structures collapse is the condition of the ascension for the duality is an illusion. The old energy crumbles, it breaks apart. The new energy arrives – even your body feels this. For more than ever before do you feel Light Body symptoms in yourselves. But this, too, is a gift.


Feel how the energies are being brought to you, how they circulate in your system, you absorb them and accept them gratefully. In these times, when everything is changing, when the human beings apparently cannot hold on to anything, one of the most important messages which we can pass on to you human beings is this: Learn to erect your own thought system. Otherwise the collective will think for you! If you permit that the collective thinks for you in these times you can imagine how you are going to be with that. For the collective is in fearful, worried thoughts. We can convey the messages of the New Age to you. We can bring you the energies which you need. But you are the messengers of God on Earth. You are qualified and carry this ability in you to change yourselves, your attitude of mind, to detach yourself from the big collective and thus experience the freedom of your own personality and your own thoughts. So strongly does the collective power work on every human being at this time. Therefore hear the message of Kryon once more, which is: Become that which you are! Become that which you have always been! Recognize the divinity in you!


Now the time has come to understand – not only with the intellect, but with the heart – that it is a primordial right of yours to reach personal freedom and an attitude of mind of your own which is good for you. To go into the New Age without fear, without worry and full of courage and joy. Even if you think you are unable to endure the duality any longer, when you see how everything around you collapses, how you perhaps lose your job, how you carry Light Body symptoms and are still courageous enough to know: This is the struggle and I have the power to be and to live in such a way that I am thriving. For more than ever before your thoughts manifest in the outside when you have anchored them inside. The more your attitude of mind changes, the more your life will change. You will realize that this courage which you are summoning up in order to take a step can change your whole life. Even if you think to be tied to the collective, to be dependent on the collective, hear the message of Kryon: Dependency is illusion. You are a free person with free will, equipped with everything you need. With all the abilities you are the messenger of God on Earth. Shape your life the way you would like to. Accept this right which is in your soul. For in these times your soul shows you if something is not right. Your soul begins to knock, to call you, to show you. It calls and whispers to you: Look at me. Listen to me. I am you, you are me. We are one.


For not only are economic structures going to collapse, but also medical structures. But this is also a gift. The human beings are going to remember that there are self-healing powers in the body and that there are plants on Earth which are of significance. The human beings will have to understand how important conversations are – not conversations from intellect to intellect, but conversations from heart to heart. The human beings will learn to listen to each other again. They will learn to look into each others eyes and to discover themselves at the same time. The changes cannot be stopped and as they cannot be stopped it is the greatest gift that you yourself can be part of it. That you carry the energy and also the knowledge of what it means to let go of so much, which also makes it difficult for you at first. For letting go is a process which is difficult sometimes in the duality. Be it the letting go of possessions, the letting go of a job, the letting go of a partner, the letting go of thought patterns which catch up with you again and again. For this it takes courage. But you bear this courage in yourself. Each single one of you bears this courage in himself. For the energy of God is courage. The energy of God is love. And you are a messenger of God, great light in a human body, seemingly still imprisoned in a duality. But the new is arriving and is moving closer. Something new can only come into being by something old breaking into pieces. Do not stop between two energy frequencies, waiting, suffering, frightened, but make a decision for the path to awakening, no matter which path you choose for it. But make a decision. Make a decision for yourself for when you yourself are whole, when you yourself are cleansed, when you yourself are ready and courageous to allow the changes, then you can help so many human beings. You wouldn’t be here, not in these rooms, if there wasn’t a spark, a light somewhere in you which is telling you: Your legs have carried you here. You have taken a seat on a chair and that has a meaning – more than you can guess. For your soul has shown you that it is good to accept the changes and that the energies which are being brought to you today are doing you good and help you to master the difficult time in the duality.


Feel now the peculiarity, the healing energy of Raphael. Feel deep in you whether you are standing before a decision. If this is the case, use this opportunity when the energy of Lady Amethyst is flowing through you that you decide right here and now. You are being flooded with magnetic love energy of Kryon, and when everything shatters you will move closer together. You are a unit, bearing for this is the dawning of consciousness and the love. Because the third Light Body level of the human beings has been activated the soul does not permit that emotions store themselves in the bodily cells. This, too, is a big gift. There are many human beings who have developed themselves very far spiritually, Pioneers with expanded light, lightworkers and healers. Many of these human beings carry the burden of emotions within. They punish themselves when they feel an emotion of anger or sadness. They think they are no longer spiritual then. Believe me, even this emotion transforms itself and is love at the end of the day. Do not try to suppress something. You will see that this will work less and less. The masks which the human beings have built up for themselves will fall off and the light will appear, the light of glory. For in truth you will recognize your opposite when you look into his eyes and when a smile touches your soul.


Endeavour to choose your words which you speak carefully. Do not hurt with words. For behind each word is an energetic pattern. The human beings are learning to speak loving words again for the energetic pattern of the New Age is love.


You have received a high energy transmission, but the highest form of transmission of an energy frequency is the breath of God, and so you will feel the breath of God today which fortifies and strengthens you and stores in you the energies which have been transmitted to you. So let us feel the breath of God. Kryon asks you to rise and to lay your hands on your heart.


(A powerful song was played)


And so Kryon would still like to go into the most important Light Body symptoms which so many human beings bear at this time. Many human beings suffer from allergies, breathing problems, head-aches, inflammation of the joints, a feeling of tiredness at the moment and very many human beings are brooding over these Light Body symptoms. For after you have visited a doctor and this doctor has confirmed to you that there is no physical trouble you will recognize that they are Light Body symptoms of the New Age.


But how do you handle such Light Body symptoms? In the duality, the way you are experiencing it here, they are painful and trying and sometimes they also cause fear. But hear the message of Kryon. Hear the truth and the love of the words which are being transmitted when Kryon conveys the message to you: It is a new beginning. It is a sign of the times. It is a sign for the fact that the changes have already happened. Important about these Light Body symptoms is that you listen to your soul, that you know what this means. But do not simply give yourself to these Light Body symptoms for even this you can change with attitude of mind and with dawning of the awareness of who you are. You bear everything in yourself in order to provide yourself with relief. For example, if you suffer from breathing problems it is a sign that the magnetic new-energy has arrived and your cells are ready to change to prana breathing. It is the time of changes. Accept this as challenge and as gift. Each single one of you carries so many abilities within. Use these abilities. Even if you have the feeling sometimes that the High Councillors of the Light and the angels are not with you, know, we are always with you. With each breath that you take we accompany you whenever you permit it.


So, as farewell let us speak the highly energetic words together:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.

So it is.




(A song is played: Adiemus by Enya )


Surving the Void


Surving the Void

a message from  Lauren C. Gorgo
Wednesday, 18 March, 2009 


As I lay awake at 4am enduring another mid-morning bout of insomnia, I could faintly hear and see the words that would become today’s article about The Void.

And as the energy of these thoughts were swirling about my head in that usual humming tone (the one you wish wouldn’t arrive until sunrise), I also couldn’t help but to notice that familiar throbbing tension and soreness in my lower & mid-to-upper back, neck and shoulders.

Ahhh, I thought…”yet another day in the space of no space.”

What is the Void exactly?

Exactly that…a space of nothingness, a stillness from which all creation is born. In this space there is no movement, no energy to support forward movement (just barely enough energy to get by), no real desires to do anything but BE… and sleep & sleep & sleep… like a newborn.

And as I always say, this is really the point… to BE still while our physical bodies catch up to our latest shift in consciousness and to integrate the new levels of light so we can actively switch to and participate in the upgraded electro-magnet-ic grids now ready to support us.

If you are experiencing similar pain/stiffness/soreness at the base of your neck and/or behind your heart (between the shoulder blades) know that these areas are massive biological portal entries by which our circuits are being rewired ( to crystalline form) to run on a new central (holographic) processor.

The occipital portal at the base of the neck is what creates our ability to have conscious control over our thoughts as we connect to this new mainframe. Interestingly, the occipital region contains the brain stem which governs the autonomic nervous system. This system controls and regulates blood circulation, heart beat, intestinal detoxification, lymph filtering, and the ability of all organ, bone, and tissue stem cells to to regenerate.

And because the heart center acts as a mediator between the upper level (spirit) dimensions and the lower level (physical) dimensions of manifest form, the portal behind the heart is constantly at work merging and balancing the ascended biological and spiritual form into one uniform expression of light.

Likewise, if you are experiencing lower back discomfort/stiffness/soreness, sciatica-like feelings, numbness, achy knees/hips/joints, etc… most likely this is due to another level of grounding these new light codes thru each lower energy center into form.

Each time this happens, we kick up new levels of unresolved emotional discordance, which may account for those vivid dreams you might be having that involve childhood scenarios or past unresolved issues around security in love, etc. As we rapidly incorporate more love into our lives, this base-level, first/second chakra clearing is being accomplished at warp speed …and much of it is happening on the astral plane while we sleep.

The good news is that the result of all this rewiring will be the complete integration of our divine blueprints, the harmonization of spirit and matter ( sacred union, or merging of male/female energies) and will end in the cocreation of our heartfelt intentions in manifest form. This ultimately means that we will consciously experience new beginnings on every level from our health & vitality to building new communities and everything in between.

But after so many months/years of these vibrational bump-ups, the waiting & physical discomfort can feel more awful than ever because on a higher level we know we have graduated, completed and…as the Council of Light so eloquently stated at the new year…we have been exonerated from our divine missions of service.

We are so ready to move on and the conflict between our higher level knowing and our physical experience of constant re-calibrations and tune-ups can be unbelievably frustrating…but as always, we must wait for this new energy to ground into physical form (thru our bodies) each time we ascend to a new level of consciousness.

And yes, we are played out. BUT, (depending on where you are on your journey into oneness) for many, this process is and has been a full time “j-o-b” for many years…and most likely, the hardest job we have ever had. When we look at it this way it is easier to swallow that giant (sleeping) pill that all but forced us to snooze our way thru the last three to five years of our lives.

But again, all biting sarcasm aside…the enigma in this puzzling paradox is that during all of the physical sleeping (or the overwhelming desire to sleep) over the last few years, we were actually in the process of waking up! It was when we thought we were awake… prior to our commitment to awaken… that we were unquestionably asleep. Ha! Quite a conundrum.

And while we are on the topic of irony, I will also add that each time we experience an ache or a growing pain, the spiritual realms applaud and dance in pure joy. Why? Well for obvious reasons…because they’re sadists. No seriously, because they know where we are headed, and unlike our human (li)ability to waver in and out of trust, they are incessantly cheering us on, urging us to keep our focus on the finish line while sitting perfectly present in our goo.

And, yes, I will be the first to admit that while swimming in the sea of insomnia with a 4 year flu and aging twice as fast as the average human, the last thing I am interested in is watching the dancing light show of joyous spirits overhead.

But I do, we all do…mainly because it’s written in our DNA that our j-o-b is to fully experience (& ground) the often-icky process of awakening while staying continually focused on the outcome. Focused on what we desire, and not how it will come to be. And deep down beneath all the misery of releasing a carbon-based vessel steeped in fear, illusion and lack… we know that our purified temple of divinity and life of grace awaits us.

So as we sit in this stillness for a bit longer and anticipate the balancing energies of the equinox soon to arrive on the 20th, and the fire of the Aries sun to propel us forward again, feel assured that we are completing some very old business in preparation for some very new experiences.

The new timeline is creating a crack in the code which will open many new doors and avail many new surprises. This coupled with our new-found ability to love limitlessly and express joy in consistent ways is already beginning to attract our new lives, the first foundational elements of our dreams that we are here to build, to create and to share with others of like-mind.

And if you are feeling as though you are at the end of your rope, its because you are! There is really nothing left to hold onto, only the ability to float, to receive, and to accept all that we have stored up in our vibrational bank accounts for this very time. And lucky for us this means that our flow of abundance will be directly proportional to the level of purified love in our lives.

So BE well, enjoy these days of nothingness, bask in the stillness of the void and bathe yourself in the light of nourishment knowing that our next j-o-b in service to the All will be to play with potentials of j-o-y!

In love,

The Groupe* ~ Technology Download ~Uniting the Hearts of Humanity


March 15 2009



~ Technology Download ~
Uniting the Hearts of Humanity

Greetings from Home

Dear creators of Heaven on Earth. You are closer than you ever imagined. Your dreams are about to come true in many ways. We tell you this in the midst of what you call a crisis which is not a crisis. It is the natural evolution of where you are going. We told you we will speak of an unusual event that will take place on July 21st and July 22nd. It is not possible to predict the exact moment or hour it will take place as humans continue shifting. Let us explain what is taking place in concepts we have already presented so that you can see this cosmic event.

Humans are evolving at an incredible rate. It is causing many difficulties on many levels. The biggest challenge on planet Earth is that humans no longer have much of the time lag that protects you from your own thoughts. Because of the fact that you are creators, each and every one of you, the moment you have a thought, it happens. Because of that, the fear that can be held in the hearts of humans becomes the greatest challenge at this point in your evolution. Your creative powers are increasingly getting stronger. Yet your attachment to the old energy of light, dark and polarity is also creating a negative situation, because you can create your greatest fears more easily than ever before. This is happening in many places where people are not aware of their own powers, and it will be a critical part of what is happening on these two days. A measurement will be taking place which is not the typical type taken of planet Earth. Instead it will be a measurement of the collective vibration of humanity, which is being measured for a specific reason.


Technology Download on July 21 and 22, 2009

We have spoken many times about the balance between technology and spiritual evolution. The level of technology on your planet is determined by the level of the overall¾or collective¾vibration of all humans on Earth. There have been many times on Earth where new technology was literally dropped on this planet by other life forms. Although this was usually done in an honest attempt to help humanity evolve, that technology did not work. It worked for the other life forms, but it did not work for you. Quite simply, it did not work because the collective vibration of humanity was not high enough to support that technology.
There is a rather large download of technology that is coming to this planet on July 21st and 22nd. If the vibration on those days is high enough to support it, it will immediately take hold and grow.

Do you re-member what your lives were like without computers only a few years ago?. Harnessing the technology of computers was a huge step that has to some degree impacted nearly every facet of your daily lives. This next step could be 12 times as powerful as the last one. Not only will computers change radically, but technologies that have been in the collective thoughts of humanity may now quickly manifest. Some of these have been in the collective thoughts for many years just waiting to activate. Those technologies never manifested before because the collective vibration of humanity was not high enough to support it. We get to tease you this day with one of the many things that may happen as a result of your own evolution.

Transporter Technology

There was a television series years ago titled Star Trek.  Today, most of the technologies in that program have already manifested on Earth.   But one technology that has never manifested is the molecular transportation of live, human, biological material. It was called a transporter. That is directly in front of you at this time, if the collective vibration of humanity is high enough to support it. Do you see how quickly that will shift some of the major challenges that face humanity today?  How quickly you will be able to start helping Mother Earth re-juvenate, helping her birthing process. When this new technology takes hold on Earth there will be many changes very rapidly. It is no secret that if this technology does take hold at this juncture, there will be many who will fight it because it will seem too good to be true. There are many corporations and governments who are heavily invested in oil who will not be too happy when this unfolds, and they may attempt to prevent or hide it.

Understand the changes that are right in front of you, dear ones. These are the same things that have created wars on your planet many times, but it does not have to be that way now. Today, there is more communication on planet Earth than ever before because of the technological advances. We are using your technology right now to reach your hearts, and it is beautiful because you have created that.

What If We Don’t Make It?


What happens if you do not make it? Well, that is simple. The new technology will be downloaded again, over and over until the collective human vibration is able to receive it. For the first time, it will be downloaded on this planet July 21st and 22nd   in 2009 when part of the veil is being removed, so this could be an optimum time for the new technology to take hold and develop. Every time you have watched those science fiction television shows or movies and thought how wonderful it would be for a person to be able to instantly disappear here and reappear there, you have been planting the seeds that are now about to sprout. It has been marvelous to watch. Every time you think how wonderful that would be, you send those thoughts out as a creation. When the collective vibration reaches a level high enough to support it, then it manifests.  That energy is about to manifest. For the first time this technology may be supported by the collective vibration of humanity. Please understand that the human transporter is only one of many technologies that will emerge very quickly.  We use the transporter as the example, because one can see how such a technology could change the face of planet Earth practically overnight.  It is also one of the easiest technologies for us to describe, because you have been dreaming about it for many years now. Many of you as children came in with the knowledge that you could transport without machinery, yet you could not quite seem to get it to work when the teacher was looking or when you had to prove it to somebody. Those are deep memories that you have of your own capabilities, and when the collective vibration is high enough planet Earth will take a giant forward leap.

Do not fear these technologies, for they can be the salvation of planet Earth and the human race.  If you think these technological advances will make life easier, they will not. Mankind will have more choices than ever before, but even that can be seen as a difficulty, because it is during these times that many of you will be called into action.  Many will come to you because they are stuck, unable to move forward even though a new world awaits them. Many of you will know how to help people during these times of great change. It will be one of the common ailments of the new Earth and many are even experiencing it prior the first drop.


Collective Vibration

We have been using the term “collective vibration,” so first let us describe it more clearly. There was a cosmic event that took place in the days of Lemuria.  Out of a pure desire, many Lemurians created a separation of humanity and souls that had never before been seen on the planet. It did not work the way they thought it would.  Instead of helping humanity to ascend to the next level, the separation resulted in the sinking of Atlantis.  In the days directly following that tragic event, many collective decisions were made to hide certain technologies from the human race because they could so easily be misdirected. Those same technologies are the ones that will be revealed to you very soon. They no longer need to be hidden and the Earth can greatly benefit from them at this time.  

There was a collective decision that was made because of these events. The separation caused so many problems, as separation always does. After the sinking of Atlantis humans decided they would never try to separate again. This time the ascension process will only happen when the lowest person is high enough to ascend. This time, everyone goes or no one goes. That is your decision, not ours. You are on the planet of free choice but that was your collective decision and is still standing to this day.

What to Do?

In the time between now and when this technology appears in your world, seek out a way to reach anyone you can with your smile, your heart, and your unconditional love. Judge no one for their path or actions during this time. Forgiveness will be one of the most important tools on Earth during these times. Figure out ways to empower every person around you, no matter what your relationship to them and without regard to your history with them or their status. Now is the time to reach out and have your light felt on planet Earth in some way. Offer assistance and empowerment to those around you, paying special attention to those who may have fallen and have difficulty getting back in the game. In this way, you will be the light at the end of the tunnel.


You never know when you make the big connections. It is easy to look at another’s life and think of them as a low vibration. Yet we tell you that it not possible to see another’s soul path and the life lessons they have already mastered. You may be looking at a master in hiding and never know it until you do something to help them in some way. Some of you think, “Who am I when I go Home? Why would anybody celebrate my life? I did not win the Nobel Prize, and I did not create peace on planet Earth.” But you never know. It could be that the stranger your smile briefly catches in passing may be the one who has the big hand that reaches out and touches the rest of the entire world, who could not have done that until you activated and empowered them.

This is the time for you to carry your power as a conscious creator on planet Earth- the time to know you are an activated Human Angel. You are the arms, legs and mouth of god. You reflect that to people through your laughter and joy, and through the smile of a spirit pretending to be human. This is what will make the difference in this technology being able to take hold.

The Evolution of Humanity and Earth

There are many other possibilities that will now open up. There are some incredible events that are happening to align Earth and humanity for what is ahead.  For the past five years on planet Earth there has been a bottleneck of technology, and now it is being released in a very big way. It will happen in many areas, so brace yourselves, dear ones. You are getting ready to go through the evolution of planet Earth and the evolution of humanity. You have asked for it, you have created it and we have only one answer: And So It Is.


We are in such joy to see you take your power. As you pull away the veil, you start to see who you really are. That, to us, means more than you will ever know for you have completed your sacred contracts with us already. It does not mean that we need to leave you. What it means is that you are now activated as a conscious creator and a Human Angel. You have a part to play on this planet, and it is time for each and every one of you to take responsibility for your energy and your own happiness. Start by finding what makes you smile and do it as often as you can. Touch others as often as you can, for it is a gift of humanity. With all the might of heaven, we cannot touch you the way you touch each other with compassion, reassurance and hope. It will be happening in a very big way, so work with all of humanity. Work with every part of every heart because it will be the lowest vibration on this planet that will determine whether this technology will stick. There is still plenty of time. You only need one day to do it and you have many.

Celebrate Light

July 21 and July 22 of 2009 are days to celebrate. We will not tell you if you succeeded, because that will put us in a position of taking your power from you and we will not do that. You will know and if not, trust that it will be coming soon anyway. The new technology will be dropped again at regular intervals until it takes. Many trigger points will take place, far too many to try to tell you about. Although this is not a formal measurement of any kind, it is a measurement of the collective universal vibration of humanity. You should be very proud of this, because those of you leading the way have done an incredible job on planet Earth already. If we could only show you what you have already done on an individual basis, you would never doubt yourselves again.


No More Time Lag

Know that the time lag of conscious creation on planet Earth is almost gone. Only small parts remain for your own safety, because the time lag kept you from creating your greatest fears. It gave you the opportunity to say, “No. Never mind. I don’t think I want that after all.” Now, it is going to happen so fast that you will not have time in the same way so brace yourselves, creators. The veil is coming off. You have asked for it. Yes, it will create some havoc on planet Earth. You designed it that way. Watch what happens next, because all of it is leading toward something higher and better that you will see much of over the next five years. In the next five years this planet will experience a huge evolutionary process. It has already begun. The clock is ticking, but we want to tell you that when you touch another soul, it will make a tremendous difference on the planet almost overnight.

Enjoy the ride, dear ones. You have created a very beautiful road to travel on. You have created an incredible path not only for the collective vibration of humanity to follow, but for you to individually follow as you find your own passions and those things that bring you joy. That is what grounds the spirit in the physical body, and that is now more possible than ever before. Enjoy the ride, dear ones. It will be a tremendous joy to see what is ahead. It is all your creation. Know that you are god and we are very proud of you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we give you these messages. It is our sacred contract to be here just in case humanity awakened, and here you are. Welcome Home, dear ones. Now you have a chance to do it again. The days of Lemuria and Atlantis are back, and you are here correcting it, doing it differently this time. Welcome Home. We ask you simply to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together.



The group


BEcoming Who You Know Yourself To BE-Spiritual Hierarchy


Who You Know Yourself To BE-Spiritual Hierarchy

Divine greetings beloved wayshowers! We are the Spiritual Hierarchy present with you to offer insight about your next steps on the journey into oneness…

Long ago there was a call in your heart to awaken to your divine splendor as a radiant being of light. Virtuously, you answered the call to keep your head above the swells and torrents of the rising frequencies on this planet, your beloved earth.

What lies before you now is a new set of rules, new challenges to overcome, but challenges in the name of unity, connectivity and with unprecedented levels of love that surround each of you.

What we would like to discuss with you this day is your special part in the grand scheme of planetary changes. First we would like to assure you that you are well on your way to what we call the path of active service, though service really does no justice to the name for what we call service is really the souls expression of pure joy.

Your deepest joy, as a beloved child of God, is a joy that is expressed through you in divine covenant as a benevolent force of good on this planet and for the resurrection of peace, cohabitation and divine love.

As servants of God’s will, your joy is unmatched in rivalry; it is this flow of divine grace that runs through you as a clear conduit uplifting all in its path. It is the flow of God’s grace that nurtures your every whim and answers your every call as the universe aligns and dances with your light as you become a conscious cocreator of divine will.

Beloved servants of God, we call to you in remembrance of your holy plan and to remind you that your plan as a wayshower of pure potential begins and ends with you!

What is important for you to now deeply realize is that you are the creator of all that you experience within & without.

Because of this, your inner dwelling must become the purified temple of Christ consciousness to be contained within, that which enables the continual flow of higher dimensional love to support the life that you see clearly in your minds eye, and feel deeply within your heart-space.

The moment in your life when you made the choice, the choice to live to your full potential and to radiate the full splendor of christed love, was also the moment that you willingly walked forth into the line of fire.

We say this so that you will realize that the path you have chosen, the path to freedom and to your heart’s desires, is indeed the path of full human potential, but that whatever is blocking you from your highest intentions to cocreate a life of peace, passion and joy must be expunged. To cocreate with the divine and heavenly bodies of light that surround you, you must be free from all lower thought forms…delivered from evil, so to speak.

In this, the realization that you already have all that you desire within you, is not just a cliché or a mark of happenstance…it is a deeply laden truth that you must come to see and to embrace fully in the light of All.

For your light shines ever so brightly! It is only the darkness of outworn beliefs and illusions that limit you, that temporarily dampen your shine. To shine again, you must do nothing other than let go of all those beliefs that no longer serve you and to do this; to really do this effectively, you must first come to the level of knowing that this is indeed true.

Once you have achieved the state of knowing that you are beyond powerful, beyond capable to rise above the heaviness of any darkness that surrounds you, you are already 90 percent there.

Do you see this? Do you see that there is nothing to do per say, but to unload all heaviness?

For yes, this is the simplest truth dear ones…this is the truth that you may search for in many external ways, yet we share with you that it can only be found within.

The inner strength that you posses to rise up and rise up again… against the weight of your past-conditioned beliefs is already deeply there. You must only strive for and crave the freedom even more! More than your past conditioning will have you to believe.

Divine passion is God’s fuel…the fuel of freedom that will continually lift you above all strife…. and passion is the fuel that will keep you continually upward bound. Yet we also share that passion alone will not serve to clear the way to your truest desires.

Passion will create the impetus necessary to catapult you to higher levels of living. Passion will lift your sights beyond the mundane to where miracles can serve you, but it will be for your daily discipline to sustain and free you.

What we mean is this…to rise above the mental planes of discord and strife so prevalent in your world today, you must have a mechanism, a tool within you that you can turn to each time a thought arises that you are less than, that you are incapable of achieving your dreams.

For certainly there will be those times when your dreams seem far out of reach, but we assure you that these times are the times when you are needed to rise above those beliefs most ardently.

In doing so, you free yourself…each day, each hour, each minute that you choose to believe in the higher voice…in the knowing that these times will come to pass.

Freedom comes by your daily will to concede to a higher plan.

How you ask?

And we will share, that to align to your higher plan daily means nothing more or less than staying connected to your dreams, feeding your passions, honoring what feels good and accessing the power behind those intentions..and to never waver in and out of the thoughts that will have you believe that you are capable of less… for surely those thoughts also create.

Healing begins with the mind, for when the mind is not aligned with your higher will, it creates energetic disturbances and discordance in your electromagnetic field that keep you bound. Therefore, we remind you how imperative it is to your well being and to your forward momentum to keep your mind solely focused on only what it is that you desire each and every moment that you are captured by thought.

Each time you waver, each time you honor a thought that is less than what your intended outcome will be, you run the risk of plummeting your dreams in a downward spiral, a direction less suited for true freedom.

And each time you align with the voice within that reminds you that you are creating, in every moment, the reality that you experience, you align with the power of what is and therefore the pure potential of what can be.

Beloved wonders, you are empowered and sovereign beings of light here to cocreate the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual realities that you feel deeply within your heart. This is the creation of your life, the greatest creation of all, and it is an ever-unfolding path of greater divine love & feelings of bliss.

Did you know that the love you experience in your life is an exact reflection of the love you feed yourself…that you allow yourself to feel?

It is true! To increase the reflections of love in all you do, in those you meet, you must increase the love quotient within yourself. Love yourself daily by reminding yourself that you are made of pure love and that you are the empowered creator behind all you choose.

Choose consciously, in each moment that presents itself to you, choose with love, and your choices will begin to reveal themselves immediately in how you are feeling.

Are you feeling loved? Then your recent choice was aligned with your highest good. Are you feeling unloved? Then your recent choice was aligned with less than your potential.

When you feel like the radiant being of light who you truly are, you will experience life as you envision it to be. If not, you must simply choose again. And again. And again…until you have achieved the external reality that matches your heartfelt desires.

These choices come to you in every now moment…the choice to believe in the reality that you see with your physical eyes, or the reality that knows that everything can be exactly as you en-vision.

Remember dear souls, real-ity becomes real when you enliven it with attention and be-lie-f; when you choose to feed it with the power of your focus.

The gift in conscious creation is that the choice is always yours!

So dig deep within yourself to remember your power to have it all and to love yourself so fully that you change the very vibration of the very earth you live on. This is how you will lead as wayshowers of the new earth paradigm…by your radiant example of what IS possible.

BEcome all of who you wish to BE and you will rapidly birth the life you wish to see.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy with you today to remind you that only you can lift yourself above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Only you can BEcome who you deeply know yourself to be.

You are loved and supported beyond measure!”

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at



Jeshua* The Voice of the Brotherhood


Jeshua through Judith Coates

7 March 2009

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy; the heavens are singing. [Caleb the cat is upstairs singing
to high heaven trying to make friends with Toute Suite] I asked that
there might be a wee bit of music to precede my coming, and the four-
footed one has obliged. You see, you do not have to have singers on
just two feet. You can have the singers on four feet to announce a
special performance, a special gathering.

Indeed, every time we come together this way it is a special
occurrence, a time of remembrance. As I speak to you, you listen to
the words, you take them in intellectually, you play with them, you go
off on a detour with some of the words and ideas from time to time,
and then you come back to whatever the train of thought is later.

You play with the ideas intellectually, but truly I speak to your
heart. I remind you of the love that you are, of the master that you
are, of the divinity of being that you are that allows you to say that
you are human, that you are orchestrating the body, orchestrating a
lifetime incarnate.

The divine being of you is much more than the body. The divine being
of you is that which allows you to feel that you could be just the
body or just the personality or just the one incarnation that you are
focusing upon. But truly, the divine being that you are is beyond
time, from before time, and after the purpose of time has been

The divine being of you has brought forth all creation, seen and
unseen, and will continue to do so. The divine beingness of you is
expansive and is forever going forward, as you would understand linear
forwardness to be, but expanding in all directions to know itself, to
know what it can bring forth as experience and expression.

Some of the experiences are ones that you would say, “I would rather
not take a path on that one. Let someone else have that experience and
they can tell me about it, or they can write about it in a book, or
maybe I’ll listen to it on a magnetic recording of some sort. Of other
experiences you say, “What a joy. I have found my joy in that

But truly you bring forth all experiences to know the joy of them,
even if it is only to know the joy of having come through the
experience and to have survived it. I have heard you say that from
time to time; like, “Thank goodness, I did survive that experience; I
came through that. It was a bit difficult. It was not what I thought I
wanted to ask for, but hey, I survived it. I am here, and for that I
give thanks.” I’ve heard you say that, as well.

And then as the 20/20 hindsight becomes clearer, you look upon all
experiences and see the treasure of each one. As you get a bit
further, again with the 20/20 hindsight, you begin to see more of the
tapestry of this life and of other lifetimes, how the other lifetimes
have played into what you thought reality had to be and how you are
changing reality. And that, beloved ones, is what I wish to speak with
you about this evening, how you are changing reality.

We have spoken for some years through this vehicle, my beloved friend
and teacher, the one you know as Judith, of the changes to come and
the process of change that you are now in the middle of; all of the
changes that will be happening, as you have had prophecy that by a
certain date there are going to be happenings that will allow you—and
this is true—that will allow you to look back even to this point in
time and to see how things have evolved, for you are doing a most
wonderful change of the scenery onstage.

You are very busy playing your parts, your scripts; you are out
sometimes on the front of the stage, and the stagehands are behind you
changing the scenery. Sometimes you play the part of the stagehands,
and you are changing the scenery as the play goes on.

But in the days to come—and they are right here; you are in the middle
of them—you are going to see much of evolution and much of remembrance
of divinity; much of the power of creation that you are going to be
able to own and to say, “Now I understand what Jeshua has been saying
for all of these years about the changes that we are bringing forth.”

You have seen some of what I have spoken to you in other years about
things coming to light. We spoke some years ago that there was much
that would be coming to light that had been swept under the carpet,
and that ones thought that they could live a separate life and just
please themselves. Now you are seeing much of the underhanded
dealings, as they are called, coming out into the light, and ones are
having to re-examine policies that used to be in place and be approved
of and now are being re-examined and looked at in the light of
morality, in the light of, “Is this according to the Golden Rule; is
this how I would like to be treated; is this the best choice in any

In the days to come, your next year, even the next few months, you are
going to be seeing more and more of these changes. One of the big
changes that we spoke about some months ago was the power of one
thinking themselves to be separate and thinking themselves to be only
one voice, and yet when the one voice joined with other voices, there
was a power that was made visible, the power of the vote, that brought
forth an impetus for change.

You are very much part of that impetus, that energy that is going
forth, because you have envisioned it all of this lifetime, from the
time you would look back in this lifetime and say, “I started to wake
up; I started to ask, What is life all about? Life has to be more than
just earning a living, having a mate, raising the children, having a
career. What happens when I have accumulated to myself the career, the
house, the mortgage, the mate, the children; I put aside money for the
children’s education, etc. What happens; what does that mean later?”

And you started to question, even at an early age, of wondering, “What
is the meaning of human life? Is it truly the struggle that the peers
have told me and continue to tell me that life has to be a struggle?
Is it the struggle that my authorities, the priests, rabbis,
ministers, the religious/philosophical leaders have told me that if I
struggle a lot in this lifetime, then I will reap my reward later? Is
that what struggle all about? Am I gaining the golden stars in the
crown because I am struggling now? Is that really true? What is truth?
What is really true about me?”

You began asking that, and you threw aside the limitations of
religious/philosophical tenets and you said, “Maybe there is more.”
All of you have said that. All of you have wondered. That is why you
have searched out the teachers, the workshops, the books, to allow you
an expanded view, an understanding of what life can be, because you
have felt at a very deep level that life has to be more.

And why is it that good ones, loved ones live a certain lifetime and
then they pass on? Where do they go? Why does human life seem to have
a beginning and an ending? Is there truly an ending? What happens to
consciousness? What happens to me, the me that I think I am? These are
all questions that you have been asking of yourself.

And some of the friends have been asking of you, when you go to a
certain celebration of a life—known as a memorial, perhaps—and ones
ask of you, “What do you think happens now to that person? Where do
they go? What do they experience? Do they experience anything, or is
this just the end? Do they go into a void and become nothing? Is there
more to life?”

You have known deep within you that there is an ongoingness about
life. Sometimes you couldn’t find the words for it, but you knew. You
began researching and asking questions, and the friends began asking
questions that then made you ask of yourself more and more, “What is
life, and why, why is life? What am I going to do with this life?”

I have heard many of you and the brothers and sisters ask of me, “What
is my purpose? Why am I living this life? What is my purpose in this
lifetime? What am I supposed to be doing? I want to do what I am
supposed to be doing in this lifetime, but I don’t know what that

And I have said back to you and to the brothers and sisters that your
purpose is to be: light, love, laughter, joy, upliftment to each and
every one that you have discourse with. It doesn’t have to be
complicated; in fact, truly it is simplicity itself.

That is where healing comes forth, from the simplicity of joy, from
the simplicity of trust, the simplicity of appreciation.

I come to speak to you now about the voice of the Brotherhood. It has
been known as the White Brotherhood. It has been known as the
Brotherhood of Light. Is there a Brotherhood? Yes, there is. Should we
call it a Brotherhood or a Sisterhood? We can call it either one,
because it has no gender, truly. But for the patriarchal society
throughout generations, it has been known as a male Brotherhood. It
is a coming together of higher understanding.

The higher Selves of you truly have communion with the Brotherhood.
Now, we have spoken many times that you have and do a most wonderful
miracle of focusing upon the self—lower case “s”—the personality, the
body of this incarnation. You do a miracle in every moment that says,
“This is who I am, this personality, this body, this career; this is
who I am,” shutting out all of the rest of what you are. It is truly a
miracle of creation that you do. And yet you have taught yourself to
do it with a precision moment by moment that makes it seem as a
continuum, and it is a miracle.

But there is much more to you, and that is what you pass into when you
release the specific focus upon a body and what you have done many,
many lifetimes when you have laid down the body. You pass into the
higher understanding of life, into that communion with the Brotherhood/
Sisterhood, whichever you want to call it.

In this evening I have been asked to speak to you about the voice of
the Brotherhood, but to call it a Brotherhood still defines it as
something separate from you, and you are not separate from it. When
you had that moment of realization where all of a sudden the pieces
have fallen into place and you’ve had that ecstatic moment of “Aha!”
which was maybe only a moment or maybe longer, you have moved out of
the small self into the understanding of the divine Self, the higher
Self of you into truly that communion with the One—capital “O”.

There was a time when I spoke to you of the Council of One. The
Council of One is also the Brotherhood or Sisterhood. So perhaps it is
of better semantics to speak of it as the Council of One, because you
all have a seat at that round table. There is not a higher or lower
place; it is a round table, the same as One is in your writing with an

The voice that speaks to you is going to be more and more apparent as
time proceeds, and it is not going to be a lengthy process. You have
already decreed that you want to know, “What is life all about?” You
have already decreed that you want to know, “How can we bring more
harmony, more understanding of myself and others,” as you have put it;
“how can I bring more and more understanding to my relationships and
see the equality of each divine being that is incarnating as a point
of light?”

For that is truly who and what you are, a point of light. We have
talked about how you do the miracle of the coalescence of light in a
denser form to bring about the body. Now, there are stories that are
told of me, where I walked through walls—and I did. How did I do that?
I became the light particles that truly the body is made of and
allowed that light to pass through the porousness of every seemingly
dense surface.

You are light. You are Sunshine. You shine in your life and in
everyone else’s life as you allow yourself to feel lighthearted about
everything that happens and to see the greatness of truly what
humanhood is bringing about.

Now, for many, many, many, many, many generations you have been taught
and you have taught others that life is difficult, that life has to be
separate, and that it has to be a struggle. And when I came along two
thousand years ago and I spoke of the Father’s love and I spoke to you
that truly you were perfect in the Father’s eyes already, it was a new
idea. Some of you heard it, and some of you remembered it from
previous lifetimes when we had been together, because two thousand
years ago when I came as Yeshua, it was not the first time I had
walked our holy Mother, the Earth, and had been as teacher—by various

I was here as you were here when our holy Mother, the Earth, became a
densified being. We, as One, created our holy Mother, the Earth, that
so many of the brothers and sisters walk upon in this day and time and
take it for granted that it’s going to be there when they put the foot

If they were to realize that our holy Mother, the Earth, is light the
same as they are and that it is a miracle every time they put the foot
down that there is something underneath the foot that becomes dense in
that moment, and may not have been dense the moment before; if they
were to realize that, they would stand in awe of the divine energy of

Moment by moment you create. That is powerful. Moment by moment you
create your world, your relationships, your perceptions of the world
and your relationships. The world is changing rapidly in my relative
view of it, slowly in your relative view of it, but your world is
changing because you have decreed that you want it to change. And as
you decree, so it has to be.

So you have decreed that you want an evolution of remembrance, of
equality and respect for all beings; not only two-footed ones, but
four-footed ones, winged ones, ones that swim in the water. You have
wanted to have that be the accepted and understood way of expressing

You have seen much of inequality. There is still much that is
happening. And when that comes into your awareness, you feel a certain
reaction to it, a reaction that says, “This is not like love, and I
desire to feel love. I desire to see love expressed, equality and

And when that reaction comes up in you and then you transform it to
say, “I want to see differently, everything truly moves to provide for
you that which you have decreed that you want. It is the same as
putting the foot down on something that seems to be solid, and it is
solid when you put the foot down; you make the molecules of the foot
solid and you make that which you step upon solid.

Was it solid a moment ago? In truth, no. That boggles the mind a wee
bit, because that’s not what has been taught to you by generations.
But you make your own creation moment by moment. And the One that you
are, the voice of the Brotherhood, of the Council of One, the voice is
calling out to you more and more loudly to take a moment to listen; to
take a moment and to breathe in deeply the inspiration of divine
being; the possibility that that which has seemed to be dense—body,
our holy Mother Earth, relationships that seem to be dense—are in
truth very malleable, changeable, and you can change.

You can change yourself and you can change what is happening around
you. It is powerful when you begin to remember what you are; not just
who you are, because that brings it back to feeling that you are a
certain personage. But when you begin to remember what you are, the
extension of the one Creator, the one creative Isness, Thought itself
going forward, creating moment by moment the very chair that you sit
on, creating moment by moment the very vehicle that you drive,
creating moment by moment the reality that you say you live in, and
when you stop and you listen for the voice, it changes everything
around you.

And if it can happen one time, it can happen another time and another
time and another time until you come to that remembrance of, “Now I
know what I am and why I am here. I am much more than what I have
thought I was.”

And so you begin to live from a space of light, lightheartedness. You
begin to live from a place that says, “This is a reality. Whatever
befalls me in a day, as far as experiences, that is part of reality,
but it is not all of reality, and I can understand it in a greater
context as I listen for the voice of my higher Self, the voice that is
not attached to the body or to this reality.”

When you are working with another person and you see certain
appearance, that is reality, and it is not to say to be in judgment of
it, although that will be the first reaction. That is the habitual
reaction, because you have been taught and taught yourself down
through the ages that the way to defend that which was yours, you had
to immediately judge something, whether it was going to be good or not
so good, and if it was not so good, then you’d better know how to
defend yourself.

So you have “taught” yourself down through the ages to judge very
quickly; otherwise, that which you thought was important—the bodies,
the dwellings, the loved ones, the physical—could be threatened. That
which you truly are cannot be threatened and will never be threatened,
but there has been focus upon the physical and focus upon the reality
of separateness.

Now you are moving past that as you listen for that voice of higher
wisdom. You have all in the past few weeks had experiences where you
have had to ask, “What is the higher purpose of this? What is truly
going on? I see what is reality—lower case “r”—but that is not all
that is happening. I know there has to be more.”

And so you have asked. The brothers and sisters have asked. I have
heard them asking you; I have heard them asking me and my mother,
praying unto us and the masters, “Please give us an answer. Give me an
answer as to what is going on here. Why does my friend, my loved one,
suffer? Why does my beloved pet suffer? Are they truly suffering?”
Then the next question comes.

It appears that they are suffering. If I expand my understanding to
the place where I can see light between the molecules of density,
perhaps I will see that the reality that I thought was so harsh is not
so confining. Perhaps there is a blessing in everything that happens.

Now, the habitual way of looking at things, as we have said, is to
make instant judgment, and that has served you very well for
generations and eons of time, because it has allowed you to defend, to
keep in the same state of beingness that which you thought was
important—the body, the dwelling place, the loved ones.

But you have also seen that you are repeating patterns, and with that
realization that you are repeating a pattern—you even have a saying in
this world that history repeats itself—when you have realized that
there is a repeating pattern, that is the moment of awakening. That is
the moment when you begin to ask, “What more is going on here?”

That is the moment when you listen for the voice of the Brotherhood,
the voice of the masters, and what have I called you but master. I
have called you a master, for I know that which you are. Each and
every one of you, as you feel yourself to be separate beings, are the
extension of the higher master that you understand would be separate
from you, but is not separate from you.

You would not be, you would not be having the human experience if it
were not for the higher master of you that allows you to play as the
separate being.

Now, in the day and time two thousand years ago that is written about,
I spoke to you words of inspiration, words of enlightenment. I told
you stories that carried the kernel of truth—parables—to allow you to
begin to remember.

How often have I said unto you, even in these gatherings, to remember
that which you are, to remember that even two thousand years ago when
you were going through experiences and you wanted to know how to heal
a certain situation or person, I have said to you first of all to
acknowledge the reality of what the appearance is; you do not deny
that, but then you look beyond that.

That is why I spoke to the disciples about the healing with prayer and
fasting; to not deny the appearance; and then with a prayer to move
into a new perspective. And the fasting was not to do the cessation of
eating, but to not see the appearance any longer; to be able to take
the appearance of one who would be dense and see the light in between
all of the molecules of that density; to visualize that one as light,
which is truly what you are. And that then can bring about healing.

There is another line here that must be added. Every soul has a reason
for experiencing and extending itself in a certain way. You, as the
master that you are, cannot interfere with another soul’s purpose, but
you can offer to them a new way of looking at things. You can open a
door or throw open a window where they can look through to see that
there might be another way.

But if it is the soul’s purpose to keep on expressing in a certain
fashion for another time period, you cannot, even though you would
want to, alter it. I learned this myself.

I had to remember it, because I said to the Father, there were certain
ones who came to me for healing, and the healing didn’t happen. And I
knew them to be whole. I could see the wholeness of them. I allowed
myself to do just what I have described unto you, to see them as
light, to see all of the molecules of the body expanding into light
and to see them as the holy Self that they are. And then they
continued the way they were.

So I said to the Father, “Hey, what am I doing wrong? Why, if I can
see it, can they not see it? Why does it not instantly happen?” When I
stopped asking and I listened for the voice, I heard, “It is not their
soul’s purpose yet to be healed or to change. They have yet purpose to
be as they are. You have not failed and they have not failed.”

We are all equal masters. Now, that is very, very difficult, as you
see yourself just to be human, to accept. And you have not been taught
that by your religious/philosophical authorities that we are equal.
All of the religious/philosophical orders have had a great teacher
that they have listened to in the beginning, caught some of the great
ideas and enlightenment from, and then as time went on, the teacher
has been elevated to a pedestal way above any of the common folks.

But we are all equal masters; otherwise, you would not be. You could
not be. If you were not divine beings extended from the one creative
Source, you would not be having a life, an experience, a human
experience as you have chosen. You would not be.

So if you are—and you can pinch yourself; am I? Well, yeah, I think I
am. Oops, probably made a bruise; not really—but if you are, and I
assure you that you are, you are the extension of divine Being. And as
you will allow yourself to listen for the voice, you will get the
guidance that you are asking for.

Now, this brings us to a very good point. “Am I going to need—as I
understand reality—am I going to need to listen to the voice? Are
there going to be changes happening where I am going to ask and need
to understand, as I understand need?” Yes. Your world right now is
undergoing such change and will be continuing to undergo such change
in the next twelve months that you are going to want to—nay, you are
going to need to, to keep your sanity about you, to listen for the
voice of the Brotherhood, of the higher Self of you, the master of

You are going to ask for the voice, the still, small voice that is
written about in your holy Scriptures, and to ask, “How can I perceive
this differently? How can I understand what is going on, and where is
my place in it?”

You are going to want to know the voice of the Brotherhood that is
removed enough into the place of beholder that we have spoken of many
times, into the place of beholder where the whole picture can be seen,
the holy picture—w-h-o-l-e h-o-l-y—the whole tapestry of what is going
on; not just the one thread or two or three threads of the tapestry,
but to be able to catch hold of the whole picture and to see which
thread you are, and to see how you weave with the other threads to
make the most wonderful evolution of human consciousness to the place
of remembrance of divinity.

That is what you are working towards, that place of remembrance of the
consciousness of divinity that allows you to be the extension and the
expression of divinity even in a reality that doesn’t believe that
there could be divine intervention.

Divine intervention? That is you. Every time you choose to listen to
the voice; every time you choose to come up higher in your
understanding of who and what you are and who and what the other
brothers and sisters are, you have done divine intervention. It is not
for someone else, for in truth, there is no separation. You are not
separate from the master that you are. You are an extension from that
master that you understand could be somewhere out there above you;
you’re not quite sure where.

You have allowed the power of the master that you are to step down the
vibration enough to make the density of a body, to live within a
reality that yet says that it is dense. But at any moment you are able
to do the divine intervention of saying, “Hey, I am the master that is
creating moment by moment. I am creating this body, this experience,
this reality.”

And in that moment everything has to change. In that moment of divine
realization of what you are—the same as I am, the Christ; hey, wake up—
that is divine intervention at its highest level. The Christ of you
walks this Earth and can see it once again in its beauty, in its
original beauty as the light being that she is.

You have a celebration coming up in your next month or so that is
called Earth Day, a time when ones will put the focus of their
attention for a brief interval upon the Earth and what seems to be
best for holy Mother Earth. This is in itself an evolution of
thinking, to have ones come to a place of recognizing and celebrating
holy Mother Earth, to have a day where the focus of attention is upon
her and how to serve her, how to clean up the litter that you are very
good at scattering around. You create bits and pieces, and when you
are finished with them you toss them off. Some are big, some are
small, some of them are just thoughts that pollute.

Allow yourself to be that divine intervention that cleans up holy
Mother Earth by your thoughts and by your actions. Allow yourself to
live in joy and to appreciate the light being that we brought into
manifest form cooperatively as holy Mother Earth. Listen for the voice
of the ages, beyond even the traditional wisdom. Listen for the voice
that is always speaking within you, calling you to come up higher.

Why come up higher? Because if you are down here [He kneels down with
his face to the floor] looking at something, it seems to have a
certain picture of reality, but as you come up a little bit higher,
you see that that spot on the carpet is part of a larger carpet. And
as you come up a bit higher, if you were to stand on the stairs there
and look down, you would see a vast expanse of carpet and flooring.
You would see people; you would see feet; you would see much more than
when you were just looking at a spot on the carpet.

When I look just at that spot on the carpet, I don’t see the rest of
you. But when you come up higher, the perspective changes. The
totality of what you understand to be going on becomes expanded. That
is why the voice keeps whispering to you, “Come up higher.” Or, as we
have put it in other gatherings, times we have been together, to step
back and be the beholder, to step out of the picture long enough that
you can see the whole picture.

When I place myself in that picture (Painting of Jeshua on the wall),
if I were to be in that picture looking out, I don’t see the picture.
But if I allow myself to come out of that frame of the picture, now I
can see the picture; not only that, but the wall and the rest of
everyone around here.

When you have the nose pressed against the window pane, when you have
the nose pressed right against the fertilizer, that is all you smell.
But when you allow yourself to come up higher or to step back from it,
you begin to see the divine intervention and the blessing of what
truly is happening, and you begin to live the simple life once again,
the same as this beloved four-footed one known as the pussy cat.

The pussy cat trusts that there will be a loving one who provides for
him the food, the warmth, the love, the health care that may be
needed. That one lives in the Now, smelling the carpet, smelling the
feet, just living in the Now with the curiosity of what is, with no
thought of, “Is she going to feed me on the morrow? Well, of course,
she’s going to feed me on the morrow; I’m worth it,” and there is
complete simple trust and a living in the present moment.

The four-footed one comes up to a door and has curiosity. “What is
door? What is behind door? Why do humans have doors? Hmm, I think I’ll
walk and smell something else. I’ll see what else there is.”

It is the simple life of trust, listening to the voice that allows you
to know that you are not confined to this reality. During the changes
and upheavals that are going to be happening in the days to come, if
you are right in the middle of them and so focused on them, you are
going to get upheaved, as well, at least emotionally.

But you have been there, done that, and you know how that feels. As
you will allow yourself to listen to the still, small voice, the voice
of the Brotherhood, the voice of the Council of One, the voice of the
master that you are, you will take a deep breath and you will allow;
judge not.

Why did I say that to you? It is a truism. Judge not, lest ye be
judged. But who does the judging? When you are judging, you are in the
middle of judgment; not judgment from someone else or anything outside
of yourself, but yourself. You are standing right in the middle of
that hayfield of judgment, surrounded by judgment.

Judge not, lest ye be judged, because in that moment you are judged,
by yourself. But allow yourself to listen to the voice of the master
that you are, to see everything from a place of light. Allow even the
molecules of whatever seems to be dense to expand so that you see the
light in between every molecule, the light that is in between every
word that is spoken, every thought that is thought, every choice that
is made. Allow yourself to focus on the light. And that, beloved ones,
will bring you home. Come home unto me.

So be it.

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The Council of Light* The Greatest Remedy is Love


The Greatest Remedy is Love

March 10, 2009 Full Moon

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Beloved one – as always,

There is so much taking place that it causes a great stir within you, but let us say that there is one place around which all things spin: the centre. Your centre. Remember this is like the Great Sun in your galaxy…remain centred and allow it all to spin around you…do not think otherwise! In this complex state of affairs, keep things simple. Keep your heart’s desire for clarity and simplicity and truth, and that is all that you require to keep on keeping on. If it is your truth, then all is well. What happens is that with fear and effluvia in the air, it is easy to get seduced by what is not true for you. The fear opens up the door for the chaos to come in. Do not allow it by staying centred on love and knowing that you are always taken perfect care of and that you are the centre of your galaxy. Be the sun! Be the son. Be the child of the creator that you are in all ways on all days.

This full moon precedes the time of equinox which is the time of equal day and night for the entire planet…it is the time to anchor balance and harmony in your lives…no matter where you are or what is going on. Choose balance and harmony. It is the time of the great awakening of the heart of humanity, all taking place through the softening of your sacred hearts. The realization of who each of you are. The recognition that each soul has a purpose, and a time when light will shine from all eyes in recognition of each other. Allow yourself to look into another’s eyes deeply – be sure that your eye connections are sincere and meaningful. Find the love in each other’s eyes. Notice people’s eyes. They have been known for centuries as the doorway to the soul…so allow the exchange of light that takes place in this way. There is great love there. Find forgiveness and healing by the intention of gazing with love into the other’s eyes. Be aware that what is being born inside your heart and mind, emanates from you…and the light of your eyes is a primary transducer of love light that radiates from inside of you. Look at each other. Be aware of your willingness (and hesitancy) to really look at each other, eye to eye.

As you continue to love yourself into light, your relationship with yourself will deepen unlike you have every experienced. Within yourself you will find the All. You will know what is right and what is true and what is disharmonious and what to do. You will have the support when the decisions seem to be tough, and this will make them easier. Nothing exists outside of you that holds a greater truth for you than what you will find in your heart. Go there as often as possible so that it is second nature, and in this way, when things are wild outside, the pathway to your heart is well-trodden and effortless. Have great compassion for all of your brothers and sisters. Feel the presence of the extraordinary animals who grace the planet as they join you in the upliftment. Pray like you have never prayed before and that is by the constant feeling notion of the outcome you desire as if it already exists. And for this, gratitude is the sealant. Be grateful for all things, no matter how they appear, for they are the catalysts for the great change taking place. Know that the outcome will be victorious. By the power of your conscious minds you are creating the perfection that awaits, and by your sincerity you will succeed. Bring such love into your lives that there is room for nothing else. Love your breath and your companions and your home and your animals and your trees and neighborhoods and your food and your sleep and your music and art and vehicles and colleagues and body and your computers and and and and…all things on your beloved Mother Earth. Love yourselves into radiance. When fire comes into your belly, love that too. When impatience rears its ugly head, love it through. When boredom or judgement or insecurity shows up, love yourself free of it.

In the simplest terms for an intensely complex state, the greatest remedy is love. If it does not look like it, smell like it, sound like it, taste like it or feel like it, then stop it. Focus only on what you know to be love, unconditional and free. There is not much more we can say than that. Whether sorting through a complexity or healing a little wound, the answer is always – always – love.

Get to know it so deeply that there is room for nothing else.

We are yours in all ways,

The Council of Light That is Within


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