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The Voice

The Voice
In our lives there are so many voices competing for our attention. Externally there are the voices of our culture with their news, marketing and social statements. There are the voices of our families, friends and co-workers. Simultaneously, our emotions, desires and habitual thoughts are bombarding us. All this goes on continuously every single day of our lives. At the personality level, we survive and succeed by selectively listening or ignoring these voices.Coexisting with this flood of voices inundating our awareness, there exists another voice within us. This voice however is seldom noticed. This voice is a true voice, one that will never mislead us, never forsake us, or ever stop expressing its perfect love to us. This voice has accompanied us from the moment of our humanization, through all our incarnations, and will accompany us unto Theosis (Absolute At-One-Ment with God).
This voice is commonly known as our Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angel is from an Archangelic order very close to man. One of these innumerable Archangels, out of its great love joins with the Spirit-Soul of each of us to accompany and guide us. We are never alone. No one is ever unloved. The Guardian joins with us in complete At-one-ment, and yet it never looses its own Archangelic nature. It is the perfect guide and flawless teacher. We often seek externally for teachers, gurus and masters to help awaken us to the reality of what we already are. All the while, our ever-present Guardian stands ready in its Super-Conscious capacity to serve in this very way. Many have contemplated and wished to be close to a wise master who could help them as they faced their life’s challenges. No earthly teacher could be closer or know better what you need better than your Guardian Archangel.
Our Guardian is in constant communion with us. Its work in our evolution is very important. Its voice is not confused, conflicted or complicated. Its voice does not express mental constructs, notions and concepts. Its voice expresses the language of the Archangels, the language of real Love. It may initially appear this voice is small or weak compared to the other voices demanding our attention. In reality, there is nothing weak or small about it. It is only weak to our personality’s awareness and that is due to the degree of our willingness to hear it.
As the Guardian Angel watches over and cares for our personality the Archangels of the Elements care for our bodies. The seven Archangels of the Elements work together in different roles. They use the Mind Vitality as the various Elements in building and maintaining our bodies. You can see evidence of their care in the healing of wounds and joining of bones. You can feel their presence in your body as warmth, health and vitality. You can even hear their voices as the beats of your heart and the involuntary flow of your breath.
Knowledge of the Guardian Angel and other Archangels that are working in our bodies must not remain as hypothetical. It is best if this knowledge becomes practical by our own personal experiences. Individually or collectively, we cannot continue to let our material development race ahead of the development of our spiritual awareness and understanding. It is not wise, it is not without consequence. These brothers of Spirit welcome our approach and our conscious engagement in their great work.
Daskalos revealed much information that was never before released to the public, especially concerning the Archangels. When he spoke about them, you could tell that the Archangels were not theoretical abstractions for Daskalos, but real brothers he knew well. Once in a Stoa Lesson he said, “If you study other serious religions, you will see that most have mentioned the Archangels and Angels but they are not telling much about them or their work in the Creation. Maybe the other masters did not dare to reveal it. Nevertheless, it is now time for the people to know the whole truth.”
Daskalos paused slightly and then in a gentle voice said: “A human being is from an Archangelic order – How do I know this? By reading it in a book? – No! By coming in contact with them and knowing them directly.”
Daskalos was referring to the descriptions about the Archangelic orders found in religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. He was also referring to the Hindu, Buddhist, Aztec, and Egyptian accounts of these Divine emissaries.
“Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it… their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.” Saint Thomas Aquinas
“Arch” is from the Greek word meaning principal or chief, so the word Archangels means chief angels. In Christianity and Judaism, the four most commonly known are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.
Interestingly, man did not name the Archangels. Their names are the very sound that their vibrations make. This is the voice of the Archangel. Although these vibrations are inaudible to the human ear, clairaudients can hear them. These vibrations are emanations of Light, which we experience as color, sound and meaning. The letters of the ancient languages are but symbols for these sounds. Each of the Archangels’ names end in EL, which in the ancient languages such has Hebrew and Egyptian, meant God. The Archangel Raphael in ancient Egypt was pronounced Ra-Fa-El. In their language, RA meant the Sun and FA meant vibration. Therefore, Ra-Fa-El literally means the Sun-Vibration-God. Raphael is that Archangel whose vibrations give us energy and power – Etheric Vitality.
The Archangels are Holy Spiritual Beings who project themselves into the universes they build and govern without loosing their At-One-Ment with God. The Archangels are of the Realms of Beingness, which means they are of the Eternal Now. Conversely, we as Spirit, extend ourself from the realms of Beingness into Existence to incarnate. We become humanized, enter the world, and experience time. As human beings, we have a temporary sense of separation from God whereas the Archangels do not. Upon the completion of our human incarnations, we return to the Realms of Beingness enriched in understanding by our incarnations in a way Archangels cannot comprehend. Coming from an Archangelic order makes humankind a real brother with the other Archangels.
Now, Imagine two children who are brothers. They have always lived in a room full of light. Yet, in this condition they cannot really understand what light is. Without the experience of darkness, they cannot fully comprehend the light in which they dwell. Now, take one child out of the light temporarily and show him the dark of night. Now that child will understand light much better than his brother who has never seen darkness.
Something similar occurs with the Archangels and man. The Archangels never leave the Realms of Light to enter into duality and experience darkness. They never feel separated from God as humans in existence do. Yet, human beings have a distinct advantage upon their return to the Realms of Light in Beingness – they have gained a more full understanding than the Archangels have. Paramhansa Yogananda was referring to this advantage when he said: “The human form is higher than the Angel form. Man is the highest being in Creation.”
Throughout all our incarnations, the Archangels are, were, and always will be our caring companions and guides. It brings them joy when we cooperate with their work and guidance. It is time we come to understand and know them better. Love to all,Daniel7.30.02
A meditation by Daskalos from a Stoa Lesson
Relax completely.When I mention our heart. Do I mean a handful of matter in our chest? That’s the heart, the material heart. Do I mean that? The heart is the only organ in the material body for the Holy Spirit and the Holy Archangels to talk to us. Every pulse of the heart is their voice of love to us to prolong the life of our material body (which is not our Self). Through the material heart we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Archangels.We will see it from another side. Our material heart is not our real heart that I am talking about. Because, our heart is not in the material body. It is in our so-called noetical and psychical bodies, which are in the material body. Our material heart is coinciding with the heart I am speaking about, which is the heart not of the material body, but of our personality. Yes, it’s that heart we are talking about, which is a center of energy. It is the center of our emotions.
Your heart, which is, as I said, your sanctum, the Holy of the Hollies. In it you’ll worship God – Life. Everlasting Life. Realize that. You can have that heart. But, before, you must have a clean material heart. Free from enmities, envies, hostility and weaknesses.When you concentrate in that heart, you concentrate on your selfhood. There is your church. You must not avoid entering it. Every time you are in need to worship God and receive what I call the Self-realization and Life, there, in that heart, you will find your Selfhood – A God. Just meditate on this: “Who am I as the Life principle, as the Selfhood, keeping this material body I am living in – alive? Am I the only entity keeping the material body alive? Is that my personality’s knowledge or wisdom that is keeping the material body in good order? Who has created the organs?”
By concentrating seriously you’ll know the truth. You’ll come in contact with the intelligences called the Archangels of the Elements, working in your bodies as your slaves – loving you. And, what do you offer them? Nothing. What do they offer us? Everything. They are waiting. They are loving us.~ DASKALOS

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