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Lady Portia* Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension

Lady Portia
 Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension
          It is I Lady Portia; I come to you now from the brilliant light of the seventh ray of light. This is a ray of light that emanates the vibrant and majestic colour of violet. It is the energy of transformation, change and the new age, mainly due to the presence of the violet flame of transmutation within the vast ashram. The energy of the seventh ray allows many to release old and unneeded habits and to embrace a high vibration, a new world of love and peace. It is a new consciousness and existence within and around them that allows them to connect on a deeper level with the energy of the Creator, the source and the Universe. It is my mission to anchor healing and cleansing into the Earth as a way of unveiling or drawing open the curtain that act as a boundary between your physical form and spiritual truth. The violet ray of light which I embody completely accelerates spiritual illumination and education, again allowing many to access the truth of their soul and the Creator.
          I know that past spiritual guides have channelled their energy through Natalie to help all understand the period of transformation that is occurring on the Earth due to the intense waves of energy from the Ascended Masters on the inner planes and the Christ Consciousness. These guides have spoke of mastery and anchoring love which is imperative at this time as it is a unique and valuable opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth in such a short time frame. In truth this period of transformation and time is to access the soul energy of the Creator and the soul within. I ask that you retain these ideas, with determination focus all your efforts onto connecting with the Christ Consciousness and mastering your being especially your mind, but I ask that you now allow me to add a new concept or understanding to assist you in anchoring this goal.
          As I have said, the seventh ray has the ability to cleanse the past and present of negativity and anchor the high vibrations of the Creator into the Earth, thus awakening many to a new awareness, currently beyond comprehension. If cleansing brings forth a new awareness then I believe that it is vitally necessary at this accelerated period of transformation. Cleansing is not simply the practice of removing or dissolving negative energy but it also raises ones energy vibration, mood and enhances the joy within your being.  Your physical body is so dense and heavy in energy, of course it must be so to allow you to experience your lessons on the Earth school, but the programming of the dense energy doesn’t have to be negative or even neutral, it can be positive, loving and inspirational. Each time you practise a cleansing meditation of any kind you are programming the heavy energy of your body and even aura to anchor greater love, the more you focus on cleansing or anchoring light into your being the deeper your positive and loving programming will penetrate the heaviness of your being. Remember that you do not as yet wish to transform your heavy energy into high vibrational light as it could cause you to lose your physical body but you wish to reprogram it with high vibrational light. There is a difference.
          If you imagine your body is comprised of thousands of balloons, the balloons are the heavy energy or lower vibrational energy that creates your physical body. For an average person focusing on their physical life only, the balloons would hold either negative or neutral energies as well as the energy of some positive or painful emotions they have experienced. If the energy is neutral then it has no affect on your life or spiritual growth, this is not always a good thing as both negative and neutral energy within the balloons can cause illness, tiredness, lack of energy or a feeling fatigue to a person’s body and general feelings or health.
          If the balloons are programmed with love, holding love of the purest kind within the heavy energy of the balloon’s walls then this will positively influence a person’s body. They will experience radiant health, joy, happiness and bliss. You have to imagine that if you were to stand in a small room and a circle of people stood around you emanating negativity, you would feel depleted but if they expressed love and joy you would feel uplifted. The energy of your physical body has a similar influence on your emotions, thoughts and actions.
          By anchoring love into your mind to overcome negative thoughts, into your being and chakras you will influence the energy of your body to a certain extent but if negative energies, thought habits and beliefs are still within the energy programming of your body they will constantly come forth to distract you or hinder your growth. This can occur even when a person has fully mastered their mind and only radiates positive thoughts at all times. The programming of the body can still bring forth old habits that are no longer needed.
          Many people do not realise that they must cleanse, heal and most importantly positively program the energy of their body to support their spiritual practices and growth process but it is a vital aspect of mastery and growth.
          From my ashram I have been observing many of you, you are becoming tired and drained due to your concentrated focus on your spiritual growth and also your physical realities, you are allowing the programming of your body’s energy to influence and stagnate your being. Now is the time to overcome this minor problem and take full mastery of your body, charging it with light, love and positivity.
          First I must remind you to continue with your cleansing processes, to cleanse your entire being each day is not too frequent. You may invoke my energy during meditation by repeating my name. You may also invoke the seventh ray of light to flow into your being through your crown chakra and to surround you completely. Invoking the violet flame of transmutation to descend into your being for five minutes a day is also beneficial, allow yourself to breath within this energy and have faith that a cleansing process will and has occurred.
          Now I wish to assist you in reprogramming your body and its energy so that it influences you in a positive way from now on. I wish to offer you this invocation to aid you in anchoring and integrating the energies during meditation.
          I invoke now the presence of Lady Portia to oversee this activation and reprogramming, ensure that I am safe and protected at all times. I invoke the violet ray of light to surround me in a cylinder of violet light that is vast and expansive, covering my entire being. As I sit within this high vibrational energy I ask that my entire being is cleansed completely and that love is anchored into every energy vibration, dimension, level and particle of my being.
          Lady Portia and the seventh ray of light, I ask you specifically to focus your energy and cleansing vibration into my physical body, its energy and vibration. I ask that every energy particle that creates my physical body is charged with the light and loving energy of the Creator and the seventh ray of light. I ask that the energy particles of my body vibrate and pulsate with joy, happiness, peace, harmony and most importantly love. Program my body to continually and externally emanate love into my mind, emotions and actions both on the Earth and the spiritual planes.  Allow my body to be a beacon of light forever more.
          My physical body and every particle that generates my body create a temple of love and joy, all negative energies or thought patterns have now been dissolved from my body.
          The energy of my body is cleansed, healed and charged with love; my physical body is the embodiment of love and influences me only in loving ways.
          Lady Portia, allow this reprogramming to continue until I am 100% the physical embodiment of love and joy.
          Let it be.
You may find it advisable to lay down now, it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep as the energy of lady Portia and the violet ray of light will be working on your body. You may feel tingles or sensations on your skin but simply relax and focus on your breathing and affirm to yourself;
          The energy of my body expresses only love to my soul.
Allow yourself to achieve another step of mastery and anchor love into your being at a deeper level. Love is the key to transformation and cleansing is the key to a new age. Allow the violet ray of light to work its wonders. Call on my energy to aid your spiritual development. Continue to affirm the affirmation throughout the next few days and return to the invocation when you feel drained or tried. It may take a few practises in order for the programming to be completed.
With the warmest of appreciation and love, 
Lady Portia          
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