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Words To Live By

Not Just Mere  words  ;


Read down this list of  guiding words from The Angelic Kingdom .

Choose which phrase you feel will benefit you most  in this moment.

Write it down

tack it on a fridge or mirror so that you can

 read it every day.

Take a deep breath each time you read it.

Your angels will guide you on the rest.

in joy


“This Does Not Belong To Me”


be aware when people come to you for answers to their woes


or in holding you responsible for Their stuff .


This may be a garbage dump on you.


With Love offer it back to them easily and effortelssely by realizing that

“This does Not belong to Me”.


When I AM light within,

The world around me is Light as well.


 Why would thoust deny thy heart?


One door cannot open

until you close the last door




 I no longer have to do it the hard way.

I am ready for the ease of it all.

Receive !


I have the Power.

IAM the Power.

IAM a Visionary.


Just For Now

Be Still;

Then Do It All Again



Keep the Focus on you!

“IAM Focused on Me

& What I need To Do”




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