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January 15 , 2008


We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

This phase of the process is vitally necessary, but is also an important validation as well that we are indeed poised to enter a very new world and reality very soon.

Just like babies entering the birth canal, or individuals experiencing the “tunnel” of a near death experience, we are most assuredly going through the same.
We are leaving one reality, after our roles of transmuting the denser energies have now been completed for this latest round (and a long round it was!), and may now find ourselves “in between.” No longer living in the old world reality, with a complete and total severance, it can, at times, feel like we are not here nor there. But even though, we may have a sense that a very new beginning, with an excitement in the air, is on the very near horizon.
Many of us are at different points of this tunnel or transition. Some have already landed completely and are finished with the transition and out of the tunnel, and others are in the midst of the transition, still seeking clarity and a sense of place.
Symptoms of tunnel travel? Intense muscle aches, sinus pressure and headaches, deep body pain, ringing in the ears, nausea, intestinal distress, coughing and chest congestion, feelings of pressure or toxicity in the body, insomnia, a feeling that absolutely nowhere feels right or comfortable, and a wondering where oh where home might now be, with seemingly nowhere else left to go, or nowhere left that seems to “fit.”
We are indeed letting go and releasing the intensely challenging experience of purging and transmuting so may of the denser energies that seemed to embody nearly all of 2007, and it can take awhile to complete this process. But before we enter yet another higher realm or reality, we must be indeed free and clear of any baggage or leftover energies from the long process that 2007 brought to us.
Having successfully transmuted so many denser energies of the past, much was accomplished. Many, many more of the lower vibrating energies were captured during 2007. Thus, much more of the planet was affected and carried forward. It was a truly awesome and monumental experience.
And now, we are this close to setting foot on new land. The month of January is a good time for tying up loose ends, for taking care of old business that we had not had time to attend to, and for finalizing all those last details that are necessary in order for us to move forward into a new reality. And with a Mercury retrograde due to arrive on January 28th, this process will be supported even further into February, even though we will still have the opportunity to begin very new lives during this time as well.
If you are one who is experiencing muscle pain, shoulder and neck tightness and pain, headaches, and most any of the symptoms mentioned earlier in this energy alert, know that when you get through this transition tunnel, these symptoms simply vanish and you will feel better than you have felt in a very long time. A lightness will engulf you, and you will feel as if you have let go of all the burdens you have ever carried, as if you had dis-connected from an old reality of struggle and pain, and suddenly burst into a reality of light, joy, pleasure, a deep contentedness, and a knowing that all your needs will always be met with no effort required.
The discomfort is part of the final release process. Just as an individual releases all of the remnants of his/her human experience in one fell swoop when they go through the dying process in the old 3D reality, we are now experiencing a great release before we enter a higher dimension. Only with the ascension process, we are dying while we are alive, so this process occurs in smaller segments. None-the-less, the current leap we are now experiencing is a substantial one indeed.
There are many dimensional portals in the area where I currently live in New Mexico. And access to them is set up in a very interesting way. The most evident access to the most substantial portal attracts all kinds of energies, as many different forms are attracted to this opening and seem to want entry. There is also much darkness there, and all these energies seem to bottleneck at the most evident entry point, wanting to get in and bumping into each other. In addition, much of anything is turned away, as the ugliness and darkness serves to discourage and re-route all those who feel inclined to enter.
Our temporary rental house is near the entrance to this portal. It is common to see cars drive up our street and then turn around, so the energies are creating this scenario at all levels. Each time I venture to take a walk into this area, I am severely warned to leave and turn back, as the area is so condensed with dark energies which are stuck there, seeking entry.
But this is a grand plan that is all so very intentional. These entry areas to higher dimensions are deliberately set up to appear as ugly and dark, so that most will be repulsed, fooled, and turn back. And if one tries to access a higher dimension through this portal by sheer will, intention, or force, they will most assuredly have a very unpleasant experience.
But once on the other side, it is a completely different story and it can be difficult to ever leave once one arrives. It is a reality and energy so removed from the old world and mainstream creations, that one would think they have truly arrived in heaven on earth. I tell you this because it is all so similar to what most of us have recently experienced. We must go through the darkness to arrive in heaven, but we go through it in a way that is not forced, intentional, or which comes from an ego’s desire.
We arrive by allowing, transmuting, letting go of our arrogance, and having this experience seemingly not even be our own idea. It comes though a gentle acceptance, a willingness to let go of all we are being encouraged to let go of, and a deep trust that we are being guided to the perfect place and the perfect circumstances for our next level of existence, even though we may not consciously know what that is.
I am reminded of one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs, All-American Girl:
Since the day he got married,
He’d been praying for a little baby boy
Someone he could take fishin’ throw the football,
And be his pride and joy
He could already see him,
Holding that trophy taking his team to state
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket,
All those big dreams changed and…
Now he’s wrapped around her finger,
She’s the center of his whole world,
And his heart belongs to that sweet little
Beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American girl.
When Oprah Winfrey was approached with an offer for a television talk show, she was not really interested. It was not in her plan. She resisted. But after she eventually took the plunge and did it, she said doing it felt “just like breathing.”
At times, Source, or our souls seem to know more than we consciously do in regard to what is best for us. And when we arrive at this new place, we may indeed seem uncomfortable at first, as it is so very new. This is because we have let go of so much of the old, and a very new fit has now arrived for us. But if we can know and accept that this very new home is as perfect as it can be, and the best fit for our new selves and our new reality, and if we can trust that it will in time indeed be right for us, we can then experience more joy, love, ecstasy, and contentment than we have ever known.
The familiar is gone. We have evolved beyond it. Our old comfort zones can no longer be. Being willing to let go of our old groves and securities can only serve to allow us through the gates of this very new reality.
There are those who have been preparing for their strongest desires for a long time. They have been waiting for the right time, even though they may not have been consciously aware of this. They may have experienced false starts, sputtering and seemingly getting nowhere for quite awhile, as their desires had run so deep, were so innate, for such a very long time, that they could not understand why they were not manifesting. “After all, wasn’t it my life purpose here?”
There are those whose wildest dreams would not seem to manifest, but after much release of mis-perceptions and ego desires through the process of the past few years, these desires may have changed or become clarified.
But we are now ready to manifest our deepest desires. Finally, oh finally. The time has come. It is time for all we have ever wanted to arrive for us. It is time for our dreams to come true. We no longer need to embody that sense that we are trying to get somewhere, arrive at a destination, get everyone on board through healing and teaching, and the like. Those days are over (although these methods will still be utilized by some to assist those still in transition and who are at varying levels).
We are now indeed at a very new plateau and in a very new reality on planet Earth. We have entered a new playground of experience. We get to create, play with energy, and manifest whatever we want with no interference.
Some may be so accustomed to being dictated to, that this new freedom may not be comfortable. Like a dog who has been on a chain its entire life, and now set free to explore all he desires, this new change may be too much of a shock. For these individuals, it may be a matter of reclaiming one’s true power. But for those who have already come to a point of knowing their true power, this time will be an awesome one indeed.
Many new babies are being born right now. They are coming to experience the new planet Earth. They know that the coast is now clear. They are arriving in masses. They come with great strength, giggles, and awesome dreams for creating and sustaining a new reality. They will serve to sustain the shift and to embody these higher energies. They are a part of the new. They are a very new breed than ever before. We are now over a great hurdle of evolution, and these new little ones will make sure this new plateau remains intact and stabilized. They are very aware and know exactly what they are doing.
They will insist on a new reality, and accept nothing less. They are very firm indeed. They will serve as the founders for a phase that is yet to arrive. They represent a very new wave. And it is a big one. They are choosing to be born at the time of new beginnings, as this time carries a very new energy that they resonate with, and it is this ray or level of vibration that they can access easily.
While these new little ones and our other children are creating the new, many of us baby boomers will get to finally retire, and simply enjoy the pleasures of a new playground of creation. We can rest, be taken care of, create lives of our dreams, and reap the rewards of a great plan accomplished.
What is your deepest desire, you fondest dream, your heaven on Earth? What joy will you choose to experience? What responsibilities will you finally be ready to let go of? What kind of peace will you know? What does it look like? Will you be ready and willing to experience a great change?
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times…
Until next time,


15th January, 2008

Blessings, dear Hearts: I AM, the Magdalen: focus of the Violet Council of Love, at this moment.

In the words of beautiful song*, this is a beautiful, most sacred adn profound time of transformation on the Earth plane:

From a distance, there is harmony,
and it echoes through the land.
It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace,
it’s the voice of every man.

From a distance we all have enough,
and no one is in need.
And there are no guns, no bombs, and no disease,
no hungry mouths to feed.

From a distance we are instruments
marching in a common band.
Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace.
They’re the songs of every man.

Dear Heart Lights, this time of transformation is one of great awakening, to the Inner Truth: that which you are, is of God, is of Creation, is of Spirit: it is you, who must now seek out, the steps to take, to bring your Divine plan, your inner Harmony, into the focus of the third dimension of this Earth plane of awareness, that it transcend into the Light of the fourth fifth Lights: to BE a voice of Peace, a voice of Love, steadfast, in the knowingness, of our Oneness in the ALL of Creator’s Love.

Those of you, who are sensitive to the energies, already feel it: it is a time of great shifting and changing of powerful transformation processes underway, that is present now. It is no longer, to be concerned with this disagreement, or that, that you might have with your neighbour/your brother/your sister/your friend: it is, to be so in Love, that the Love of Creation runs strong within you: the weave of the Goddess Light, empowering you now, to BE IN LOVE.

How you choose to bring forth of this Love, is for you to determine: be assured, that as you open yourself up to the Love of Spirit Light within you, the Joy is great, the Peace is present, and the Harmony of Love and Peace in the Chalice, assured, taking the entirety of the plane of Earth, into the space spoken of in this precious song.

Speak as you would speak, from your Heart: be willing, to stand forth, to say to another, “this is not my Truth, any longer – I choose now, to walk a different path”; and in that, the Core Light of your Essence, stands tall within you, and speaks of its knowingness, to the one before you.

Let the Love prevail: confine it not, and allow, for the Truth of You, to be present: a Truth, that has you fully empowered, busily co-creating with your Spirit Light, perhaps with others of the Human plane, a journey of the Heart. This Truth, speaks to you, of what you came to the Earth plane to Be, to do, at this moment: most assuredly, it was to listen: to listen, with all your Heart Light and Soul presence, to the voice of Love now, deep within you. It speaks softly to you at first, then louder and louder, that you might truly know of its wisdom: let it be received and welcomed in Love: thus it will prosper and grow; for there is none who need see, or know, the Creator as a far distant Light any longer: it speaks, most clearly, within each of you, now.

You, as the Light of Creation You ARE, embodied in the Human experience, are of Love: as you speak of Love, from Love, as Love, you express your true essence.

Simply ask of yourself, “how may I be of service, in the Love that I AM”, and the words will flow freely, for you, for those around you, to receive now.

Where you might be willing to be of service to the Light of Spirit, in bringing forth of these messages that you know to be of Love, you will do all a great service: it is no longer, to stay on the sidelines, watching, waiting, for the Shift to be here: it is already, upon you now.

Take the step, that you have been contemplating: be assured, that your plans reach a beautiful place of fruitfulness, as the Love guides them well: Listen, with your Heart, and all is in Divine Perfectedness – it must be so; for the Love that guides you, will see you accomplishing of your goals, your dreams, your desires, where they do indeed, stem from the inner core of your Light. It is that Inner Essence, that shows you the path: release of the Human concerns of lack and not enough, and choose to step forth, to accomplish your dreams, in the knowing, that the vibration of Love, that guides you in that moment, will find its path through and before, any obstacles that you might contemplate and bring forth, can take their place within your vision.

It is to dream, to celebrate, to awaken, to realise, to know: a knowing of the Love, strong, delicate, powerful, gentle, in its embrace of your Light: it is the Chalice, of Love and Peace, that comes forth now, within each and every Heart: let it awaken, and blossom, in yours.

I AM the Magdalen, of the Seventh Light: I welcome you, and enfold you, in my Love: let yourself feel, of its Truth for you: BE, in the Love, of Who You ARE.

And so it is.

* Excerpt from Lyrics to From a Distance by Bette Middler


Dearest Heart Friends, as this new year unfolds, the potentials seem to strengthen daily…the journey, is to keep choosing Love, letting the fear go, when you find yourself receiving of the mass consciousness or overmastermind. The media is a vehicle of fear, much of the time…choose to make it an imperative, to sit each day, in the Love of your Guidance, your Higher Self/Core Light Essence, and allow that Love, to cleanse your energy, freeing you, to Be Who You ARE.

Dream, create, our new world of Love, Peace and Joy…where fighting is never the answer; listening, walking in the other’s shoes, is. With understanding, comes the answer, that allows for the Love to prevail over fear: let it be so, in your world now.

More than ever, I rely on the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, to show me my path: what is my Truth, where is my Trust in the Love, and what is it, that is my Passion to create in this moment…am I lacking in Clarity, or my Communication; have I Completed, what I set out to accomplish, that I am ready for a new journey of Love? And I constantly use the four tools of Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming (to work with the Higher Self), and Masterminding – creating a vision of reality based in Love – to show me what is simple, easy, and appropriate, to do next, or to hold as an energy in my Being, to allow the Love to be free, to create with me/for me. I do Trust, that those of you who would wish to work with these Ten Principles on an intensive basis in Sydney, will take the step of honouring your inner Light, that this path offers to you now.

And if you would like to receive confirmation, or to clarify your journey in this One year of Creator Force, I am offering a wonderful weekend workshop that will have you understanding your journey in a new and more empowered Light. It is called Life in the One Year: Creation of the Heart.

I have found myself very busy in the co-creation with another (and Spirit too, of course!) of a dream of ours in the past weeks, to establish a Centre of the Heart, that will provide assistance for those who feel themselves at a loss in these great energy shifts we are experiencing now, whether it be in need of healing or new directions, refocusing into the Love…I know, that this Centre will come into form, and I am very honoured and blessed to have it come together, so powerfully now 🙂

Until our paths meet, in the Love that we are, I hold you in the Love of the Magdalen in her gift to us of the Goddess Weave of Love; in the InLightened Thought of Peace, of the Master Jesus, creating the powerful vibration of Love, Peace and Joy that is the Chalice Light – a gift to us all, of Creator’s Love,



Kuthumi (Video) : Transformation in Your New Year

Kuthumi channeling by Lynette Leckie-Clark (37 mins 2 secs)


Good day to you. I come forward at this time as I have been asked to
speak to you of your new year, your coming year. Some of the things
that can be expected. Transformation will be the key to your coming
year, transformation of the individuals and the beginning of the
transformation of your very planet. The Earth, the plates of the Earth
will move considerably. This will create change. It will be the
beginning of change. And further, in your Earth’s weather, unforeseen
patterns will become the norm. Where there is little water, there will
be much rain. And where the temperatures are warm, will become cold.
Unexpected transformations. I have decided to use this new word
“transformation”. Many fear the word “change”.

For individuals, how can you prepare? See to it that your emotional
body and your physical self are in order. Put your house in order, I
believe is the term. Your finances, put them in order. It will be
unwise to overload yourself with debt. For to do so will create a much
higher risk in your coming year. The financial markets will become
more unstable as will the large corporate businesses. At first they
will scurry like mice and try to diversify their assets. This will
only delay the inevitable. For in your future, money, no matter what
currency, will no longer be used. You will trade, similar really to
what it used to be many of your years ago. These are changes which
will begin moving through in your coming year. To prepare is not
difficult. As I have said, it will not be difficult.

In the previous years, there has been much talk and preparation on
preparing your emotional body, on clearing, on coming to terms and
releasing karma. There has been much written on this. Those who have
done the work – the lightworkers, are now prepared for their next step
in the transformation process of all. For those who have not prepared,
it will simply mean that their times in the future will be more

Karma has been released by many. I have spoken before on your time and
the effects of that time, how it is speeding up. In the future, you
will not address karma as you have in the past. No. Indeed, you will
address your karma instantly. So, if you mistreat another or hurt
another or create karma through your deeds and actions, you will repay
instantly. It will happen to you. You will experience what you have
given out instantly. There will no longer be pulling karma from one
lifetime to another, carrying it over. And further, it will no longer
be necessary to wait for the one that you have hurt to present again
in your life to address the karma. You will be able to address that
karma with another soul. You see, because the mass consciousness will
come more into effect. So while you may have hurt one person, it is
not necessary to adjust that karma with that same person. Another may
come on your path and hurt you so it is balanced out.

Now, I have used the term “hurt” so you can understand, many can
understand. Of course, it is all experience. That really is all your
karma is, is experience. For as you give out, you usually do not feel
the consequences, you only feel what you have given out when it is
returned to you. And usually man will not think of his actions until
he feels the consequences himself. Prior to that, one will usually
carry on their paths and not give much thought to the matter at all.
You see, it is not until you are faced with it, until you feel it,
until you have it returned to you, it is not until then, that man
begins to learn. It has always been this way. Man has learned his
greatest lesson through suffering, through pain, through hardship. It
is what he has chosen.

And so your time will become even more sped up in the future. But you
are multi-dimensional beings, all of you. Some realize this and
experience it. Others do not. Let me explain further. When you
meditate, you sit and your physical body sits on a chair or on the
floor, your physical body is there. As you begin to meditate and you
rise, your higher self rises from your physical body energy. And you
go higher to another dimension. Your physical body remains in the
lower dimension so there you have two dimensions. And further, if you
then take an aspect of your Self to adjust, perhaps your chakras or to
travel somewhere, there is yet another dimension. So then there are
three dimensions. You are operating on all three. When you are in a
higher dimension, time as you know it does not exist. There is no
time. Your time is measured in your lower dimensional physical levels.
Many feel this when they meditate and they may feel they have been
meditating for such a short time, perhaps ten or fifteen of your
minutes. Though when they fully return back to their physical bodies
and their heavy vibrations, in your measure of time, an hour could
have passed. And as you are returning, it seems so much shorter. There
is no time in the higher dimension. There is time in your lower
dimension, your physical reality. It is there for you to live by, to
work by, to have some measure by which to work and which to have
leisure time, when to eat and when to rest. It is merely there as a

With the added light being sent to your planet and the many light
particles that are now in your atmosphere, it is creating a speeding
up of time. How can this be, you ask? It is because of the light
particles. The light particles in your atmosphere, filter through into
your conscious mind thereby creating a higher awareness for all. Yes,
even those who you would say are not workers of light will experience
a level of higher awareness. It is the levels that will vary. For
some, there will be only a slight rise in their levels. For others who
work more with the light, they will rise considerably. Some will even
move to a higher vibration and really function and work between the
dimensions. Neither in your physical reality nor quite in the very
high realms, but in the middle, finding their middle plane if you
will. It is all due to the light particles in your atmospheres which
are absorbed by all. All humanity absorb it. All animals, your plants,
all of your kingdoms, all absorb these light particles. There can be
no other way for it is in your atmosphere. It is all to assist in the
raising of your vibrations. You see, to cross over, from the heavy
matter that you have endured for so long.

This will also play a major role in your coming year. For gradually,
the particles of light will increase in intensity. Very slowly, but
they will nonetheless increase. Most of the changes that you will
experience in your coming year will be on your material plane. There
will of course be some who have resisted, who have not attended to
their emotional bodies, who have not cleared as they should. And their
own guides will attend to those souls. All the while, there will be
far more clearing on your planet. The souls that have remained between
worlds, those who have not crossed over fully, they will be assisted
and taken over to the light. Indeed, to the 4th dimension, which is
another aspect of the dimension that mankind is in at the present

Now this is another interesting subject. For those who have not
crossed over fully at the time of what you call death, which is merely
just a transition, but however we will use your terminology of death
so that those who are not fully aware will understand what I am saying
fully. For those who have experienced death and have not crossed over
to the light fully, thereby being held in the lower earth planes,
their presence will be felt. Some will make their presence felt.
Others who lived in close proximity will become aware of their
energies. Because they have changed, you see. They have grown, they
will become more aware of energies being in their property, being
around in shopping malls, etc. For many of these souls wander. Some
will stay in a house or property but others will not. They will move

But what I am trying to say is that many will feel these earth bound
energies where previously they have not been aware. They will become
aware now because of the transition in their energy levels. They will
become far more aware of all energies including earthbounds. But the
earthbounds will simply be taken over to where they can heal, move on
and grow. Some will learn on the other side. Others will incarnate
almost immediately. It all depends on the soul’s journey, the level of
understanding, the lessons which must be learned by that soul and of
course, the healing, and whether it is a traumatic passing or death as
you called it.

So you see, there are many changes, many transformations in many
different areas. But there will be also much joy, much more joy. For
as you bring in added light, as you absorb added light, you also gain
more inner peace. You let go of the heaviness, you see. You become a
finer vibration. You seek more peace in your life and so you create
it. And so there is more joy, more happiness because of this, more
compassion also to your fellow souls. All of these things I mention
are part of your transitional phases in the coming year. It will
continue on. The transitions are on all levels, but the focus will be
on the material, the outer, you see.

It will not be difficult. For many of you, it will not be difficult.
Man has in his history, had difficult times and happy times. If you
look, there has been waves of transformation on various issues and
levels. There are more wave patterns in your atmosphere, of energy, of
atoms, of your experiences, of mankind’s experiences. There are many
highs and many lows. Your weather patterns also, follow a wave pattern
of energy. It is that many did not think of this. But this is how you
learn and grow. It will be an interesting year, a year where many will
begin new ventures, new ways. For those who have already experienced
transformation, they will change their very life patterns to one of
less stress, more peace as I have said. So it will be what you could
term, a very busy year, energetically and also creatively, as many
seek to bring in new ways, new ventures, step on to new paths. All the
while bringing in more light, more peace, more happiness in their
daily lives because that will be what they will choose. They may never
have thought of it as energy, or having it as a choice of creating
more peace, previously in their past. But they will begin to think of
it in their new year. And so the transformation rolls forward,
according to the plan for all.

I believe that someone has a question.

Lee: Yes master. At which point in the future will we begin to
experience this new phenomenon of instant karma and perhaps instant
manifestation as well?

Kuthumi: Well, these are two quite large areas. Now, the first area of
the instant karma, it has begun to happen even as we speak. There are
those who are aware of instant karma, being returned to them, within a
day or two days. Sometimes, a week, as you deem a week, but still
classed as instant karma. This will even speed up as your year
progresses forward. So it is not that it is in your future, it has
already begun. It is that if you observe and notice as I have said,
those who are aware, who are working very much with the energies, with
the light, are already becoming aware of this. It has already begun.

And as to the other area of abundance, this is a much more complicated
matter for man. Now why do I say this? Very simply because abundance
is very much tied to the feeling of self worth. These two are very
much linked. And so when you speak of instant abundance, it is more
the question of how you think of your own worth. And further, how your
conditioning towards money was manifested, what you learnt as a small
child, whether there was abundance or whether you had hardship, were
you are always told you cannot have that because there is not enough
money or we have to wait until the end of the month to buy your shoes,
for example. In those instances, many have the seed of lack, firmly
planted in their conscious mind, which flow down to their
subconscious. So you begin to see why I say it is a much more
complicated matter. These areas must be looked at and addressed. You
see. When man clears his conditionings and realizes his worth, how
precious indeed he is, then he will also manifest in an instant
whatever you wish. It will be fully cleared, you will also be full of
light. For to work through that level, the light will also be with
you. So for this to be, there is much work for many.

Now I am aware on your planet, there are some beings who will say, oh
yes, I started with not much, and now I am a millionaire or I believe
the new term now is billionaire. And they will say, I did this or I
manifested that, but you see, for us, looking at many of these souls,
that was their destiny. They were destined to have that amount of
wealth or abundance. But remember, in attaining that abundance, there
is also great lessons and great responsibility. Man has not yet come
to the point where he is able to manifest abundance at will. First, he
must overcome his own fears that he holds within his subconscious.
That is why I say to many. Give yourself love, fill yourself with
love. See that your own temple is in order before you help another.
This brings you into balance, you see. These things must be cleared,
in order to attain what you wish.

Chee: I have another question.

Kuthumi: Proceed.

Chee: When you say that money will no longer be as it is now, do you
mean that there will be another system in place without the use of the
currency now? Or do you mean that people will barter literally, in
exchange of goods for another service?

Kuthumi: In this stage, the very short stage as we foresee it, in this
transformation stage between your current currencies and bartering,
there may be those who will try and put forward some form of what you
could call a type of currency, but it will not stand the test of your
time. You are moving to a time of bartering, of peace and of oneness.

Chee: That will be all.

Kuthumi: Yes, do you require further?

Chee: Not for the recording. Do you have any final message for our readers?

Kuthumi: For your readers. Well, there are many of us here who will be
speaking of some of the events that are expected in your coming year.
You see, man is such that he requires that everything is written out,
be spelled out. It is simply transformation. It is part of the bigger
plan for all. In looking at what is ahead, I urge all of you to
remember how we see you. We see you as wonderful beings of light, very
precious beings of light, to be guided, to be nurtured, to be loved.
Even as you learn your lessons, we stand by in love. We do not
interfere because in many situations, to interfere would prevent the
lesson. That does not mean that we stop being with you or move away.
It means that we have so much love for you that we are able to stand
by your side as you endure and learn through your hardships. There is
so much love from so many beings of light in our realms, so many here
helping and guiding. There is no need to fear, there is no need to
fear. Rather, look joyfully to your future, look joyfully to the
transitions and the happy times for you. I withdraw.

Channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Jan.12th : Coping with the Big Stretch……and more Water Magic

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

January 12th : Coping with the Big Stretch……and more Water Magic : I have been quiet the last few days, because I have been on an “organizational mission”. Well, Archangel Michael did say that this year we would be focussing more on the Masculine energy, and indeed so I have. For the last month, in fact, I have been almost driven by a need to “clean up” and simplify and organize everything, from the kitchen cupboards to the website. In the last weeks, it has been my office working space. I have files and folders for my files and folders, and everything is labelled and filed. I have never been so organized! My guidance tells me that this is in preparation for what they term the “big stretch”.

Well, the “big stretch” happens when you bring in your new masculine energy to support the passion and the power of your newly activated Solar Feminine energy. You are enabled to function at your full potential. You are enabled to create miracles. But, as Archangel Michael says, you need to create order and structure so that the incoming torrent of blessings has somewhere to ground itself in your life. If your life is in chaos, then you will find that the energies will not ground and they will be dissipated, or they will be drawn to a place elsewhere, where they can ground successfully into a structure that has been created.

This is the essence of life in the material plane, being able to use the Will to direct the flow of Creative Energy. Now the “Will” is not the Ego. The Creative Will is that part of your Divine Masculine self that can create structural order and a platform for the manifestation of abundant blessings in your life! The Feminine energy creates on the level of the Dream, but the Masculine energy provides the base on which the Dream may manifest through the operation of the Creative Will. This has to do with Motivation, Organization and Discernment. So, the question we can ask ourselves, is how motivated, organized and discerning are we right now. Are we ready to embrace the “big stretch” and be all that we can be. Are we ready to accept and make place for the abundant blessings that will manifest in 2008?

I have found it is not easy. I am not that hot on Creative Will….I tend to be a Dreamer, as I am sure you can tell. But, recently, the organizational energy has kicked in, as the Masculine energy seeks balance within my Twin Flame Core or Heart. I must say, I am enjoying being so well organized, it makes life flow in a much easier way.

Here is what Archangel Michel has to say about the influence of the Divine Masculine energy in 2008 : “The most important Alignments in 2008 will be the movements of Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto will continue to fuel change and transformation, and Jupiter will bring enlightenment and expansion. In 2008, Jupiter will be in Capricorn, an Earth sign that represents the Male Energy. You can expect the opening out of new energy in the physical transformation of the Planet, as well as an expansion and growth of the Divine Masculine Energy on the Planet. For a change, the focus will be on the Masculine energy and how it expresses itself in the New Earth as a partner for the New Divine Feminine Goddess energy.

I think that is quite clear, and makes sense of the energies that I have begun to feel in my life. So, I think many of you will also be feeling this “gearing up” to really “stretch” yourselves into your full potential, or a full expression of Who You Are at this time. And, no, it is not easy for some of us to crank up the Creative Will and get it going again. We have, in general, become a culture of passive consumers, so becoming an Active Creator requires a shift in emphasis and perception that can be challenging.

Also, as I understand it, the “Light Codes” that have been activating our DNA to effect our transformation, so far, have been coming mostly from the Solar Energy, as we activate and align the Solar Light Body. As Michael has taught, integrating the Solar Divine Feminine has been our major task in the last cycle. Now, as Michael tells me, the New Codes relating to the Divine Masculine activations will be received through Water!.. This is the Divine marriage of Cosmic Fire and Water, as we will experience it here on Earth.

This means, that Water and its magic properties will become an increasingly important part of our transformation process, and clearing and purifying the waters of the Planet will go hand in hand with the process of purifying our physical bodies and activating the Divine Masculine Codes, which will in turn bring the organizational and structural changes through which we will activate the Creative Will and, as a Collective, we will manifest the New Earth! Now, I have already spoken about the process of bringing more water into the body as a purifying agent to assist the transformation and the activation of the Divine Masculine Codes. Now, Archangel Michael has shared some more light on the topic of how we may help to clear and purify the water of the Planet. I know many of you work with Crystals and with adding water of High Vibration to larger bodies of water. Well, this was wonderfully effective, but there is an even more effective way. Since awakened Lightworkers passed through the Diamond gateway and integrated the Diamond Light into their Light Bodies, they have the inner ability to effectively be the purifying agent for water themselves.

shell This insight aligns with the reseach of Dr.Emoto on the topic of clearing water. He recorded how a person of High Consciousness was able to effectively clear polluted water solely through the act of Focus and Intention, which is exercised through meditation. In this process, the water which has lost its clear and crystalline shape and become “dead”, is enabled to “remember” who it is, and to resume its living crystalline shapes of perfection that carry the Codes of Perfection for manifestation on Planet Earth.

Water, as Emoto showed, responds to High Frequency consciousness that carries energies of Unconditional Love and Gratitude, and the reponse is to form itself into beautiful crystals that mirror those energies. And, since Emoto has also proven that water is always connected to all water everywhere, and that the “memory” or “experience” of water can be transmitted via the “interconnectedness” of the Fifth Dimension, when water is cleared and restructured, it carries or transmits that to the “body” of water around the Planet. And the effect is “homeopathic”, in that a small amount can have a poweful effect on a large body. Never underestinate the power of a motivated individual to create change. It requires only a gentle nudge, often, for the memory of perfection that is already there, to be re-activated into manifestation.

This means that the more we can live in Unconditional Love and Gratitude, the more we can transmit this energy and these patterns into the Water of the Planet and actively assist in the Creation of the New Earth.

It only requires you to engage your Creative Will and allow yourself to flow with the energies of Unconditional Love and Gratitude which are the essence of your Core Being, and set the intention to transmit these energies to the waters around you so that you may “inform” the Water Element that you wish to see the reflection of your own Perfection and Beauty, manifested through Love and Gratitude, in that Water. And so it will Be!

So, it is time for us to step into our Creative Power, and begin to see how we can engage, on all levels, in the Creation and Structuring of the New Earth as a place of Peace, Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Joy.

I have included this image that was sent to me through a mail. I have always loved the Nautillus shell with its beautiful spiral structure. In this image, you can see the “mirror” of the shell’s perfection reflected in the water! It speaks to me of the Twin Flame energy, as perfection is mirrored to perfection. And the energy of water creating the matrix for the experience of that perfection!

And so, to help you to reach that place of Gratitude and Joy in your own Hearts, here is a beautiful performance by Armand and Angelina of “Amazing Grace”…for the gifts we are given from Spirit in this year are indeed “Amazing Grace”.

Click here for Video.


Multidimensional New.:.January 2008


We the Arcturians wish you a Happy and Transformative 2008. Your life may appear to be on hold at this moment as many of you are in your cocoon. You are birthing your new SELF and being in the quiet so that you can allow the re-wiring of your brain and consciousness so that you may more easily integrate the higher frequency light that is coming into your personal and planetary body.

We do not wish to give you predictions, but we want to comfort you now, as fear may be attempting to enter your consciousness. You see, our One, you are about to embark on a great journey, which can ignite the old, habitual fear of the unknown. You are correct in the feeling that you need to be in the stillness in order to prepare for that which is actually an entirely new perception of reality. For much of your life you have associated busy-ness with success. Now, you will need to reprogram that belief. Busy-ness is effort and frenetic action. The way you will live your new life will be in ease and flow. Action will take on a new meaning, as you will no longer feel the need to “try hard” or “work” for that which you wish to manifest. In fact, you will not manifest as much as you will surrender to the Flow and allow your personal expression of the ONE to take form in your physical reality.

When your consciousness intermingles with the ONE, you realize that your earth vessel is your personal portal into the holographic experience of a third- dimensional, polarized world. In a polarized reality, love and fear are constantly at odds. It is this conflict that urges the grounded ones to try harder so that they can overcome their fear and somehow find love. Unfortunately, for most third dimensionals fear is easily found and love is extremely illusive. Hence, fear becomes the common foundation for feelings and thoughts, as well as the actions that result from them.

On the other hand, once your consciousness is firmly rooted in the ONE much of your fear is released from your consciousness, which dramatically alters your perception of the 3D Game. Without fear as an impetus to spur you into action, you may feel almost bored. “What is going on?” you might ask. “It is so quiet and nothing seems to be happening.” What you are really experiencing is NO effort. Effort has usually accompanied your sensations of work, success, self esteem and so many other expressions for most of your physical life. Hence, when effort is taken from your reality, you are inclined to think that something is wrong.

Yet, nothing is wrong and nothing is right, for as your consciousness releases the dramas of the third dimension and instead attaches to the ONE, polarities begin to lose their power. You may still experience the pull of the third dimensional dramas as they try to bring you back into the old operating system of effort and work. However, do not try to resist this feel, for resistance makes the rope of personal limitation tighten. Instead, simply let go of the drama of fear and worry to exchange the feeling of effort and work for the experience of being in the Flow.

When things are going well, this release is relatively simply. On the other hand, when fear knocks at your door, adrenalin is released into your system and your earth vessel strives to “work harder.” The definition of work is “effort over time,” which pulls you deeper into the 3D dramas and illusions. Your challenge is to call upon the ONE to assist you in overcoming your hormones’ call to battle. As we have stated, the absence of fear, drama and effort engaging your mind can make you believe that something is wrong, or will go wrong soon. You base this belief on a lifetime of your third dimensional limitations in which no effort often meant that you weren’t trying hard enough.

Now, our ONE, there is no need to “try harder” for the silence simply means that you are transforming within your cocoon. Your long history of physical reality urges you to struggle and push your way out of the cocoon and into whatever challenge you will meet next. Therefore, we encourage you to wait in peace and joy. Waiting in peace and joy keeps your consciousness firmly rooted in the ONE and allows you to accept the inflow and outflow of the ONE. When you are in inflow, you are recharging your 3D batteries so that you can experience your outflow free of effort and work.

As always, your breathing with intention regulates your consciousness. If you breathe with the intention of getting it done?even if you are tired, even if you are angry and even if you are afraid?you will lower your consciousness for you will invite the rush of adrenalin. This adrenalin then ushers in the consciousness of Fight/Flight, as well as the anxiety that accompanies this state of consciousness. However, if you can breathe with the intention of waiting in peace and joy, you will give your earth vessel the message that all is well, and it can relax into a state of calmness.


Take a few deep sighs to release any pent up anxiety and then relax into your body. Take a long moment to imagine just how peace would feel to you, and allow yourself to indulge in that sensation. Then take another long moment to imagine how joy would feel to you and allow that joy to enter into your awareness.

Inhale PEACE

Hold the peace

Exhale JOY

Hold the joy

Three times?or more,

Inhale Peace?HOLD

And exhale Joy?HOLD

Breathe in this fashion until you feel that peace and joy has filled your consciousness.

Practice this breathing in the morning, so that you can more easily remember to hold this intention in the midst of your busy day. You may also wish to breathe in this manner before you go to bed to insure a calm and restful sleep.

Remember, dear ONES, we are always sharing our infinite peace and joy with you. KNOW that the path before you is of your own creation. YOU are in control because YOU are your SELF. You are ONE with your SELF and your SELF is ONE with the Flow.

Do not resist, and do not try. Release old beliefs of effort and allow your SELF to guide you into the Flow and keep you there. Then, just relax and allow your new life to unfold before and within you. Call upon us, the Arcturians, and we will assist you to awaken to your new life.

We are within the ONE; hence, we are ONE with you.


In your new life, you are an infant. You look at a world that is foreign now, yet also exactly the same. You see, feel, hear and know the mist of change that swirls around inside you.

As you experience your life now, you hear yourself saying, “How did that happen? I wasn’t expecting it; I didn’t plan it.” More and more, things are just happening. You seem to be floating in a sea of possibilities. If you relax into the Flow of the ONE, you can find the Center Current to easily travel to your next destination. This location or experience may be a total surprise, as well as exactly what you have wanted but dared not ask for.

In your new life, you don’t ask. Instead, you receive. Possibilities drift before you as though they are sparkles of light on a gently moving stream.

Yes, sometimes your vision blurs and you can no longer see the stream of light. It is then that your hearing diminishes and you no longer hear the quiet flow of possibilities as they impinge upon your heart and mind. It is then that you regress into the “you” that you no longer are, and forget the “you” that you have become. Then, instead of living in the Flow, you find yourself living in the shadow of doubt. Within this doubt are fear, depression, anxiety, sorrow and anger.

Fortunately, in your new life, you can remember to ignore fear and focus on love. You can do this because, in your new life, there is love. This love is not just romantic love or love of family and friends, but love of life. Love of life was not abundant before. You could visit that feeling, but it was difficult to stay.

Now, in your new life, it is fear that is the visitor, and love that resides within you. In your new life, you love all of life because you love ALL of you.

Yes, judgment tries to invade your thoughts, but compassion is the antidote and acceptance the cure. You know this because you understand that all is as it should be in the NOW of the ONE. You also recognize that the Flow must wash ashore that which needs to be removed. Once the obstacles of life were barriers, but now they are that which is ready to be released, that which is ready to be transmuted from leaden fear into golden love. You have patience for this process because while you are ONE with the Flow you are also ONE with the NOW. Hence, there is no “time.”

Of course, you still fall out of the flow, out of the NOW and out of the ONE. It is then that you forget that you are ONE with your SELF, your Planet, your Solar System and your Galaxy. You forget that you are no longer a finite person gazing into infinity, but an infinite being gazing into a finite reality. With that forgetfulness, you believe the illusions of limitation and feel the separate from your surrounding world.

In your new life, you have just awakened from a long, long sleep of forgetfulness. Because you have awakened, you no longer believe the limitations, as you remember they are not real. You can also see through the veil of separation, to perceive the ONE.

At first, it was difficult to wake up because you still listened to and cared about what other sleeping ones told you. But now, you have awakened, and you can clearly see those who are awake and those who still slumber. The Sun of a new reality is rising just above the horizon. Many sleeping ones fear the rising Sun, as they still believe that the ending is worse than the new beginning. Fortunately, in your new life, there are no endings. In fact, there are no beginnings. Ending and beginning are finite terms, concepts that created the dreams of your long sleep.

Now, you can dream freely, for you are awake and your dreams are real. You know your dreams are possibilities that travel within the Flow of the ONE, and you can easily step into a dream or choose to step into another dream, another reality. Your choice is made, not by desire, but by surrendering to the Flow of the SELF to whom you have awakened. Your SELF is the rest of you that you didn’t know while you were still asleep.

In your new life, your SELF expands more and more each day. Sometimes you still fall out of the Flow, just as a toddler falls between steps. But, like a persistent toddler, you are aware that your new life has many wonders to explore.

Each day, new adventures float into your life. Each day, you take another step into your new reality, your new SELF. When you fall, which you often do, you can hear your SELF encouraging you to continue. Then, when your try again, you can FEEL your inner SELF reminding you that you don’t need to try. Instead, you can just relax and surrender to the Flow of the ONE.

When you surrender, you instantly remember that,
in you new life you are an infant.


The first thing we may notice in our new life is that we are actually IN our body and aware of its every need. Perhaps, we really are the captain of our earth vessel. Does that mean that we have completely integrated our Multidimensional SELF, as well? As we look inside, we see that the answer is one which is not easily answered. To be totally honest, we would likely say that most of the time our Soul is, at least, overseeing our life. Much like our ego/self once oversaw our thoughts, emotions and action, our Soul/SELF is now the observer of our everyday life.

Sometimes our Soul observes us falling into unconscious reactions. However, with the minute to minute interactions with our integrating Multidimensional SELF, our unconscious ego/self is quickly revealed as the source of our old, habitual behavior. The main shift is that whereas our ego would happily judge and reprimands us, our Soul unconditionally loves, accepts and forgive us.

Hence, since we no longer have the dreaded fear of judgment, we are able to constantly reveal our self to our SELF. We no longer worry, “Am I good enough now?” With the freedom from internal judgment, we find we are less plagued by the fear of external judgment. In fact, judgment is less of an issue, except that our Soul does lovingly point out when we judge others.

Our main confusion is that, while we know that we have completed the download and integration of our Multidimensional Soul/SELF into our ego/self, we are also aware that this process is infinite. In other words, the process of being our SELF and being our planet is a dynamic ongoing process which will never end. It will, instead, expand. In fact, as we live in the NOW, we also expand our concept of ONE with our every breath.

Furthermore, every moment that we surrender into the Flow, our concept of the ONE expands. Are we always in the Flow? No. Do we wish to always be in the Flow? To be honest, we would need to answer, not yet. In order to be the true Master of Energy that we innately are, we must recognize that if we are not experiencing something, then we are not yet ready. However, practice makes perfect, and as we practice falling into the Flow, we can gradually release the habit of hard work and replace it with the peace and joy of allowing and accepting our new life.


See yourself at the edge of a flowing river. Look first at your feet to find where you are standing, then look out into the middle of the river to find its Center Current.

Your intention is to enter that Center Current. However, first you must find a safe and comfortable place to enter the river.

Slowly, you begin to walk along the river in search of the perfect entry point. First you walk by an area which is filled with refuge from the past. There is an old tire, what looks like it was once a dresser and other prized possessions that have now become junk.

As you move beyond this area, you think of old possessions and concepts of worth that you are now ready to release, so that you can step into the Flow.

Next you see a whirlpool, which represents all the times you have gone around in meaningless circles, like a dog chasing his tail. Release your quest for the best spot and accept the knowledge that?all that is perfect will come to you when you are ready.

As you walk past a steep cliff, you reflect on your old belief in limitation. You decide then to release the barriers and boundaries that were created by you because you were not ready to change. Are you ready now? Are you ready to take full responsibility for the truth and admit if you are not ready?

When you are ready to embrace a journey within the Flow, you will find that just around the next bend in the river is a perfectly calm beach with a sturdy raft waiting for you to push it into the river.

Calmly and without hesitation, you bravely walk toward the raft and push it into the river. As it begins to drift away form shore, you jump onto your “life raft” and surrender your journey to the Flow.


As you sit back and relax on your raft, you see that you are floating towards the center of the river. But wait, does it appear that you are going over the same stretch of river over and over again.

Just as you read the symbols when you searched for your launching beach, you realize this redundant landscape is symbolic of problems in your life which you are still unconsciously re-creating again and again so that you can finally heal and release them. You take a moment of inner reflection to examine your current reality.

Is there any issue that still pops up in your life? It may have a different face, different circumstances, but it is still the same issue? Breathe in the essence of that issue and release it into the Flow of the river with your exhale.

Do not try to solve this problem. Believe in your SELF enough to surrender it to your Soul by exhaling it into the Flow. Do it now with three long, slow, deep breaths.

First Breath

The river may appear the same, yet YOU are beginning to feel different.

Second Breath

Yes, you appear to be rounding a bend that is the same, yet strangely different.

Third Breath

The landscape is different now. In fact, so is your raft, which now appears to be a boat.

As you take control of the boat and securely hold the oars to move them through the water, it turns into a small sailboat. You no longer have to labor as hard, but you do have to take responsibility for setting your sails correctly.

You read the signs of this image and realize that it represents your conscious creation. First you had to work hard to gain control of your small life, then your work paid off and you could allow the wind to help you with your chosen task.

Now, you sailboat turns into a large sailing ship and you are the captain. Imagine yourself standing at the helm. You feel powerful as you easily manage the many components of a large craft. Feel your steady command as you give orders to your loyal crew.

When the weather is calm, you can relax at the helm, but you see a storm brewing. You jump into action to direct your crew to prepare for difficult weather.

Now, feel the wind as it fills your sails. Because you are a strong and confident captain, your sails are trimmed correctly and the wind speeds your boat at a steady clip over the stormy seas.

As you feel the wind fill your sails, you also feel the power of the wind as it lifts you up, above the helm of your ship, above your ship and above it highest sails. You no longer need a vessel, as you can soar through life by surrendering to the Flow of the wind.

With this superconscious creation you feel how your ability to surrender allows you to go faster and faster into territories that you never before dreamed of experiencing. Higher and higher you soar, the wind at your back, your head in the stars, and your feet psychically connected to the earth.

You are the master now, not just of your ship but the Master of your Destiny.

Remember, if you can imagine it, you can LIVE it by opening your mind to infinite possibilities and your heart to infinite love!

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finding the Center Current and accepting the Flow)

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You ARE the conduits of GOD!

as you are the ones that you have been waiting for – yes!You are they whom all eyes in the universe are focused upon as the pureness of your intent and being, enables you to be likened to an earthly pressure release valve, as well as a clear channel for the incoming purer energies – yes!This again we suggest to you in these climes of greater movement and acceleration than ever before in this ensuing year of 2008, whence the dismantling, remolding and rebuilding of your most beautiful beings has been overwhelmingly achieved and realized.There is naught to fear but fear itself, and this also have you grandly confronted in these last 12 months or so of your time, when your hearts have been nigh breaking and your footsteps tiredly stumbling as the way was likened to a veritable mine field of emotional and mental dissertation, disruption and self doubt! Out of that self accepted preparatory “going through that proverbial mangle” have you now shaken off the unwanted debris and excess baggage and now stand tall, albeit a little bemused, in fine ‘spec’ with your wings aloft and ablaze with light, with the herculean strength of the universe flowing through your veins! You have passed through a much accelerated ‘par for the course’ in such rapid and successful mode and you poise now in your beauty, ready and totally prepared. You will NOT have greater rebirth than you had already now and your way is on ‘green for go.’Expel once and for all those old haunting traits and feelings, ghosts, of whom you thought you were – they are now obsolete, inappropriate and redundant – yet they may well try to regain a foothold into your awareness, not because they need to be entertained anymore but because you had carried them for so long that they thought they were there for the ride and duration!! No way!! You ARE now magnificently aligned and ready for this ensuing year. You have dispelled all that was of obvious disservice to your greater good and you stand so tall, perhaps somewhat in virginal white crystalline globules of light, with inner directive and soul purpose of highest intent… to be self realized, to be self sufficient, to be self loving, self forgiving, to be aware of whom you are, to be aware of whom you are not, to be one with each and everyone, to be worthy of All That Is! To be One. To just BE! You are now standing in a space of wondrous opportunity as that sharp bend in the rapids has been turned and the way ahead more visible in days to come than perhaps ever before. As you pause now, in the veritable beauty of whom you really are, hanker not for those old personality and emotional traits for they are of the past, obsolete, and you are of the NOW preparing the future. Focus on yourself, and in that focus will you see all others reflected therein and from this space will you heal the world as you heal your self. Focus on your beautiful self and likewise will you see the beauty in all others in greater clarity. Love yourself as never before for you are the blueprint, the prototype for the future. Doubt yourself not, honor yourself and as you gaze into the eyes of another – see God! Ya-Hummmmmmmm!All your thoughts can now be magnified, enhancing the ascension process and changing up into a ‘higher gear,’ assisting grandly the movement and realizations that are nigh.Be the conduit that you are, be the love, be the light, be a channel of purity and clarity, be also a channel which may offer itself for the dispelling and releasing of emotional debris from the beloved planet assisting Lady Gaia / Mother Earth in her cleansing process. Forget not that she and you are one, and that your pathways are forged together within the sacred blueprint of life and evolutionary aggrandizement. Be the conduit of God to man, be the conduit of woman to God.
(For the Universal Mind) (c) Alec Christos Gabbitas England UK (please share this info with your light worker friends)


Why the Violet Flame can work!

Practical applications are but the beginning.
El Morya has said more is required for the Violet Flame to work
I often get asked questions about the Violet flame and what it is. I also often seem to be surprised how little people sometimes are willing to really investigate in any in-depth way the principles and scientific applications about the Violet Flame much less the Spiritual components that really make up this wondrous agent of transformation Saint Germain has sponsored.

I like to refer to another Ascended Master El Morya, who has pointed out that beyond the initial blanket dispensation given the planet of the Violet Flame, there has to be more done on the part of any devotee of this sacred fire to accomplish its true potential.

What does this mean?

It may escape the consciousness of people that the Violet Flame was only sponsored as a planetary adjunct to assist mankind as a result of a grant Saint Germain received by cosmic councils and the Karmic board.

Before the approximate release of the Violet Flame energies became available for the relatively general use of souls in embodiment, it was a Spiritual tool primarily used by students and initiates of the Ascended Masters at inner levels when the soul sleeps and in the Spiritual retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

Two things occurred in the early part of the 20th century that changed that.

A limited dispensation was granted that the use of the Violet Flame could be given to specific life streams on Earth to evaluate whether on not mankind would utilize in a beneficent way the alchemical properties of this energy or would misuse them.

After some success a greater overall sponsorship of the Violet Flame was granted to the Earth and through the establishment of the IAM activity in the 1930’s a far greater number of souls began to practice the efficacious use (having the power to produce a desired effect) of the Violet Flame.

I often wondered what it meant to misuse the Violet Flame?

For years I would utilize calling the Violet Flame into action by another agent of delivery I learned first through the Summit Lighthouse and a messenger of Saint Germain’s teachings Elizabeth Clare Prophet called decrees. (See and

I don’t think I always gave it the most intense or fiery application when I was decreeing always. The mind can get distracted easily and we can revolve many interesting images and impressions as the Violet Flame revolves around and enters into the coil of our creations. (The Things we store in our subconscious, our memory bodies and feeling worlds) I did find I was a much more efficient utilizer of “Invocations,” the ability to compose very specific commands related to an action we would like to see manifest in the world of form.

This is one of the first reasons why the Violet Flame began to work for me.

Saint Germain as well as many of the Ascended Masters have said when the individual begins to transcend and go beyond the personal uses of the Violet Flame in his own world he or she comes to a place of desiring to enter into a greater world service through giving these “invocations” or “calls”

We can also take some understanding from the accounts of Saint Germain himself actually sustaining the Violet Flame altar during the times of Atlantis by the giving of invocations to the Violet Flame and his own attainment of his causal body of light.

It has been said that there are many souls who have a great momentum of giving devotions to the Violet Flame in previous embodiments and who are presently in embodiment.

These souls are able to recall this mastery from already building these “storehouses” of Violet Flame in their super conscious realms.

Many of these souls are “priests and priestesses” of the Sacred fire come again after the order of Melchizedek. (See “the Masters and their Retreats, published by Summit University Press, page #219)

Mark L. Prophet was one of these souls and known as a “Master of Invocation” see (this site) Mission Saint Germain, “Finding the Father Principle” and scroll down to “Who is Mark Prophet?

These are more reasons why the Violet Flame can work.

You might still be asking what is the Violet Flame? Go ahead and look at Violet Flame Q and A on this site.

Oh, lets get back to what it means by misusing the Violet Flame and how through that understanding we can learn why the Violet Flame can work.

Saint Germain in a sense had to secure a dispensation of the Violet Flame by offering to place as collateral, a portion of his causal body that members of mankind would respond within the law upon receiving the gift of the Violet Flame.

When individuals take the Violet Flame and invoke in Saint Germain’s name and through the grace really of God, because the Violet Flame is an aspect of the Holy Spirit, then go right out and continually revolve habitual patterns of discord, misqualification or little true interest in developing their spiritual nature, but a constant shuffling back into the realms of getting more energies, more clearances, more healing only so they can carry on with human desires, misqualifications and indulgences, there has to be a price to pay.

The Master first has to be accountable for his chelas and students. Man is making more Karma rather than transmuting it, when he misuses the inner purposes for the release of the Violet Flame. So it is in a sense a gamble for the Master to go to bat for unascended mankind.

Fortunately, there is also the advancement and multiplication of the Violet Flame we can decide to contribute to.

El Morya as we mentioned earlier was trying to point our minds to the reality that there has to be done more on the part of the individual soul to anchor and draw down the highest Spiritual properties of the Violet Flame.

We ourselves must actually become more purified vessels or chalices so the Violet Flame can be established in our physical worlds and other dimensions of being and creativity.

In other words our chakras must become dwelling places that the purifying energies of the Violet Flame can take up their abode.

I have seen and felt the energy and presence of the Violet Flame in the auras of people. People have said to me they have seen the Violet Light around me while giving talks and classes and during the use of Violet Flame decrees.

This can happen because one, an Ascended Master or Violet Flame Angel can overshadow us (it’s not always that we ourselves has already established a purity in our consciousness) or that we truly have a sufficient reservoir of Violet Light in our auras.

What El Morya was referring to is that we have to embody and create in the inn of our being, a certain consecration to the path of God Mastery so that there can be a greater integration or absorption of the Violet Flame.

In other words it is more than just the giving of Violet Flame mantras. There has to be the free will decision of the Soul to take up a path of Self-mastery.

Along with that, a willingness to sacrifice and surrender the lower denser energies of desire, an intent and the qualifying action of becoming a disciple or a disciplined one in how we express or qualify all of our energies.

Saint Germain has referred to the re-creating of all our vessels of consciousness, the mind, the soul, and the heart flame. He has said we must in essence have new wine skins of the holy spirit (the Violet Flame is the Seventh Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit) that our energies, our very beings have become Alchemical instruments of greater light.


This becomes a pattern of devotion and practice through a rising up of ones energies, one’s purposes in life, and in relation to the Ascended Masters themselves an entering into soul instruction and a dedication to higher change.


We in a sense must become electrodes in the Earth.

So there really is a path to it, a necessity to study the Ascended Masters teachings not only on the Violet Flame, but the precepts and principles of the path of the Soul, learning to become one with Spirit, one with the higher self.

Principally speaking there has to be an “integration” of light and the preservation, judicious use and application by the life stream to the causes of lights holy purposes.

There has to more than the giving of Violet Flame calls or decrees, though that is useful. There is the greater opportunity and taking up the calling, the ordered path of walking the Earth as a devotee of that light. Which is a power, a responsibility and can be a burden without sponsorship and serious devotion.

The greater light that is given the higher the standard of the bearer does occur.

So there is a sobering of ones own willingness to progress, though the benefit to the soul and to mankind and the Masters can be great

Such a soul would have an opportunity to remain under the canopy of the Masters protection, though it is no ordinary calling.

The Soul becomes wedded to the Masters causes, a desiring to take up their interests, their level of service in the helping of mankind. To become as Saint Germain has said a living fount of Cosmic Freedom.

We can become as the Masters themselves have indicated, “Saint Germain in embodiment,” though not in a literal sense.

We can be conduits for Shafts of Light descending on the Earth. Wondrous effects of God control, but not child’s play.

This is why the Violet Flame can work!

I have often found that deciding to adopt a certain portion of bringing the Violet Flame understanding to the people of the earth has a great joy.

When we enter into service of an Ascended Master like Saint Germain or Jesus (yes, Jesus has used the Violet Flame and the resurrection flame) we get back from the Masters a return of our energy multiplied. We receive it in illumination, in fire, in a sense of constancy and creative ways. There is more light available, henceforth, there is more light for our projects, more energy to sustain us. Greater buoyancy, a lightness in our beings that we can feel, that is tangible can envelope us

We can become partakers with Elohim as the builders of form. Why not dedicate ourselves to a portion of our city, our state, and our coastlines. We can fortify much in this realm in the causes of light, by the direct application of the Violet Flame in Problem areas.

We have already been given the encouragement by the hosts of the light to rise and give dispatch to legions of Angels that stand ready to assist mankind, yet it is a cosmic maxim, that the call, the summoning of the mandate, must come from this level, from somebody in this octave. Let’s be generous!

Why not decide to devote a portion of our day or upon early rising or as a period before sleep when we can send the Violet Flame Angels to act on our behalf in the world of form. Hardly overwhelming on our part!

Each soul usually can find an attunement to those things God in us is trying to remind us to pray for. To be that lever of devotion that Cosmic assistance can come to the aid of mankind, in the mitigating of potential earth changes, for the dissolving of the energies of war, both upon the planetary body and in our own members. These are Violet Flame prayers, they have an action, they have a power and they have a correspondence to the hosts of heaven

This is what it is really meant to be to aspire to be a mature son or daughter of God.

The Violet Flame can work and we can be assured that we are intended to be co-creators. We don’t have to wait for any unenlightened masses or a political body to give us the inner blueprint for our Victory. We can become the fiery ones in the earth and see that we can perform miracles of transmutation, in the hearts and minds of the people, in the elemental kingdom, in every condition.

Mark the words, of those who have overcome the world. Line by line, measure by measure the Violet Flame can erase all sense of limitation that it can help instill in us that fiery determination. We can so saturate this planetary body that nothing short of the Golden Image of the Divine plan for the Earth will become manifest

In Saint Germain’s name in the Violet Flame of Freedom we decree:

Violet Fire, I love thee…. come strengthen right desire, penetrate through, penetrate through, penetrate through!

Come Violet Fire descend into my form, thy consecrated purity, making me to be like thee adorn my being now!


El Morya is an Ascended Master who holds the office of Chohan of the 1st Ray. El Morya is designated as a part of Spiritual Hierachy to impart to mankind the lessons and initiations on developing a greater congruency for God’s will. As a 1st Ray advocate he is dedicated to developing in the minds of his students the useful and beneficent aspects of God Power and Faith. As such he is known to sponsor the testing and tutelege of the Soul on the Spiritual Path. Known as a taskmaster El Morya can help lead our souls in the upward spiral of preparing to enter in with communion of our Holy Christ Selves and purifying our vessels to integrate the fulfillment of the Soul, leading to the Ascension.

Being the Chohan or Lord of the First Ray, we are assigned to be instructed by El Morya and his agents before we can advance to other Chohans of the other Rays.

El Morya along with Kuthumi and Dwal Kul were embodied during the time of the late 19th century and were responsible for the establishment of Theosophy, through H.P. Blavatsky. All three “masters” did ascend back to the immortal planes of Spirit after those embodiments.

El Morya did infact subsequently sponsor the establishment of at least two additional activities that were to follow, the Bridge to Freedom and in 1958 , The Summit Lighthouse with Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as Messengers.

Call on El Moya to learn God’s will for your lifestream.


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