Message from Michael & the Council of Light, 10/7/08

Archangel Michael, channeled October 7, 2008
Through Diana Henderson

“We are the Council of Light. I am Michael, and I come to offer clarity regarding the energies at this time. decision and action one that will bring greater wholeness, healing, love and peace.

“Many times we have spoken to you of the shifts in energy, of the change in paradigm. The old framework must give way to the new in order for this beloved Earth and all life upon her to evolve according to Divine Intention for Expansion of the Light.

“What is happening upon your world now has occurred each time humanity was poised to shift its paradigm. As the new framework begins to take hold, the old clenches its teeth and digs in its heels, grasping helplessly in an attempt to remain mired in the stagnant energy of the past. This is nothing new. In your lifetimes you have seen this many times, to some degree, played out upon the world stage as frequencies rose and newer perspectives blossomed.

“Even within yourselves, when on the verge of making a profound leap forward, at times have you not encountered inner resistance and upheaval? The small self, the shadow ego, stubbornly clings to the old ways until the discomfort increases to a level at which the self surrenders to the change and growth the soul requires. The only alternative is to choose continued misery and remain enmeshed in pain and suffering. In the end, very few would choose this path.

“So the world now experiences the discord, discomfort and resistance prior to experiencing a shift to a higher frequency. As this takes place, it is of utmost importance for Lightworkers to join in love and grace, to hold faith and anchor peace. Forgive, love, accept yourselves and others. When fear, anger, distress arise within your bosom, offer yourself boundless love and healing light until the fear surrenders into love.

“When you become immersed in the fear and chaos that abounds upon the earth plane at this time, we ask you to breathe and step back. Withdraw from the entanglements, the webs of discord, as much as you need in order to align with love. Whether it means taking a moment, an hour or a day to clear yourself, to renew your spiritual connection, to align with Love, we ask you to take that time.

“Free yourself from the avalanche of chaos and fear that permeates the lower frequencies at this time. This may mean withdrawing for a time from those who choose to remain deeply mired in detrimental energies. When this is not possible, remember your shielding. Maintain clear and fully empowered protection through daily prayer, meditation, intention and devotion. With each moment breathe love into yourself and your surroundings. State and live that intention firmly each day. And if you will, set aside a time to actively engage in pursuits that promote wholeness and align you with your soul’s essence.

“We understand that the energies are frenetic at this time, the fears whirling and churning through the atmosphere of human consciousness. We ask you to go within to the deepest dimensional level, to your core star, the part of you that remains untouched by fear, your Divine connection to the All That Is. This part of your being understands that the current frenzy shall pass as all things pass, that the discord and fury of fear are fleeting gasps of a dying paradigm that must, whether soon or late, give way to the spiritual evolution of humanity, the new age that comes.

“While you may need to mourn what was, we ask you, as much as possible, to align with this moment and connect to joy from the Divine. Be at peace here and now by going deeply into your soul. If you feel unable to connect within, then in your meditative moments you may imagine yourself carried upon wings of Light, rising high above the fray, beyond the atmosphere of fear, above the earth to connect to that essence of pure peace and joy.

“Whether you connect from within at your deepest dimensional essence or rise above the lower vibrational energies, we invite you to take the time each day to align with love and grace. The world needs the love that only each of you, in your uniqueness and your humanity, can bring. Each person who holds a moment of love, an hour of grace, a day of peace helps to balance the energies.

“As a Lightworker, you know this is your task now. You decided upon this path long ago when you were a breath issuing forth from the heart of God.  You chose to abide in Love at the time it most was needed. Those around you will feel the effects of that choice. Whether on the mundane level or simply within their spiritual essence, every person you touch when you are sustaining Love rather than fear will be uplifted if they so wish.

“The greater the numbers of you who undertake this course of Love, the more powerful and beneficial the result and the greater the ease with which the shifts may take place. So we ask you again…. Forgive, love, accept yourself and others. Live in this moment assured that the Divine will provide for your needs. All will be well, because that is your choice.

“We know your hearts. We stand with you in each moment offering to amplify the love you feel and expand. Even in this moment, we enfold you in wings of Light, surrounding you with love, holding in outstretched hands, the gift of peace.  We invite you to accept that gift, to align with that Love, to live each moment and make each choice, each

“Be blessed, dear ones, and know that we are with you. You are protected, loved, cherished and supported. The Divine would deny you nothing. And so become as the phoenix. Rebuild and rebirth from the ashes the life, the world, the peace, the joy, the love, the abundance you wish to claim. I am Michael and so it is.”




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