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By Mother God

via Dhyana Markley

May 30, 2008


Today I will speak with you about the current differences between the males and females of the Planet known as Mother Earth, Lady Gaia or Urantia and why things need to change between you.

I am motivated to speak today because of the mutual abuses that continue between almost all of you, males and females alike. 

What you may not realize is that you are together for a purpose and that purpose is to learn to walk in another’s shoes long enough to learn to love and forgive each other in each and every situation, with all of your differences, through each and every challenge.

I know it has been said that your male and female physical bodies are so close in actual form, that it can almost be a last minute decision as to whether or not Soul expresses Itself as a male or a female.  All of this is true.  However, that is not what I am speaking about today. 

I am talking about the mental and emotional differences between almost every male and almost every female.  And, those differences have to do largely with how your society has been programmed for the past 20,000 years or more… to honor brute strength and cunning and to be willing to damage or kill to get whatever you want. 

Yes, strength and cunning have helped humans survive in frail bodies which are so easy to damage.  It is the male way and a way that the female consciousness, in their wisdom after oppressing and suppressing the males for eons, encouraged and even helped to develop.  So, no one group is at fault.  It was a “group” decision.

What I am saying here is that as a Group Consciousness of Souls expressing their higher vibrating consciousness, you all decided that since you had experienced females being in charge and that misuses had occurred, that it was time to let the males try their hand at being in charge.

Well, what happened was that the males did a worse job than the females!  Males destroyed more than just the egos of the opposite sex and made them feel powerless until they learned to stand in their power.  Males on this planet have done their best to destroy ALL life here, including themselves, even though, as a group, they didn’t think far enough in advance to realize what they were doing until just lately.

SaLuSa recently said, “What you are learning is that power without spiritual application and consideration for all life forms, threatens the very basis of your structure that keeps all in balance.”

Some males even sent their sons and daughters off to war just so they could make themselves feel better… like they’d done “something” to help their fellow man or their world.  It never occurred to most of them that there was a Soul inhabiting that son’s body that might have chosen differently had they not been brainwashed by their father into fighting a war that was not theirs to even fight!

Almost no woman ever willingly sends a son, daughter, husband, brother, sister, father, mother or even friend off to war.  Women understand the devastation war creates on many levels and in may ways. 

War not only breaks apart families, but it breaks apart nations and worlds.

Yes, I know this sounds harsh, but who loves you enough to tell you when you are way off base?  Your Mother?  Who is most apt to forgive you for your unwise choices?   Your Mother.  Who most wants to see you succeed in everything “loving” thing that you do?  Your Mother.


Now, some of you might say, “Well, I’m sure Father God love us as much as you do.”  And my response will be:  Of course!!!  But Father God’s love is expressed differently than my love.  Father God’s expectations are different than my expectations.  AND Father God would express HIS thoughts differently here today than I am expressing myself.  However, that only means that we as ONE are playing different roles, because we agreed to do so.  We still support each other in everything we do.

I mentioned earlier that one of the main purposes for you to be here in a male OR female body is to experience the challenges related to that sex and the type of life society provides each sex here on this planet.

However, the purpose that has now taken over primary importance within your “Earth” agenda, is to learn to get along amongst yourselves, especially within all of your male/female relationships. 

Believe it or not, THAT will calm down the wars that start the wars.

By THAT I mean that when a male or female finds peace, harmony and great happiness within their home, they are extremely uncomfortable in any environment that is not peaceful, harmonious and filled with happiness.  This type of person does not go out of his (or her) way to start a war or even be manipulated into one.  This is a peaceful, peace loving  individual!

So, what I am getting at today is that males need to give up their habits… yes, I said habits… of always having to be the macho man on top of a hill made from the bodies of other men and women.  Women need to give up their habits… yes, I said habits…. of always feeling like a powerless victim and suppressing her expressions of love and her wisdom.

Men manipulate others with their logic, their minds.  You reading this have been around spiritual teachings enough to know that the mind is only a tool that is used in the lower worlds.  In the higher worlds one functions by direct KNOWINGNESS, DESIRE and LOVE.

Men, you know how to think, to reason, so use your mind and make a list of ALL OF THE REASONS TO HONOR, RESPECT AND LOVE THE FEMALES (and others) in your life then make another list of  ALL OF THE REASONS “NOT” TO HONOR, RESPECT AND LOVE THE FEMALES (and others) in your life.  I think you will soon realize not only that your life will be happier and run smoother if you honor, respect and love others, but that you will be supported in “almost” everything you want to do with your life.

Women manipulate, complain, feel sorry for themselves and create powerless feelings in themselves… yes, you all do it to yourselves… in order to get their male to honor and respect them as they appear to honor and respect the males they know or even male strangers they meet.  Perhaps it is still the seeking of your Father’s approval or trying to find Daddy’s unconditional love in your new husband.  Whatever the reasons, it is time to JUST STOP IT!

Women, you know how to love, love yourself more!

Realize that you stand in your power differently than a man does and teach your man that just because you put up with a lot of unnecessary crap from those around you does not mean that you are weak.  It means that you see the bigger picture; you want to keep your family together and greater harmony in your life.  That does NOT make you weak!  It makes you a wise and loving woman who stands gently in her power.  However, if your male wants you to stand in your power like a male, do it.  Give it as good as you get.

Now, it may seem like I’m encouraging war between the sexes.  I am not.  I am encouraging communication in the only ways that some people can communicate, and that is by “acting” a bit like their partner acts rather than as their partner expects THEM to act.

People need not compete with each other for love and affection.  It is either there or it is not.  If it is there, you work at staying together.  If it is not, both of you move on to new relationships.

As Soul, before you came into this life, you sat down with many of your 144 Twin Mates who are like minded servers of Spirit, and probably most of your seven other Twin Flames and agreed to help each other make your next steps of ascension.   In other words, everybody important in your life has agreed to be here to help you learn… and vice versa… mostly to learn how to LOVE.

Now, females on this planet, during this time period in your societies, are better at love and forgiveness than are the males.  I know this statement may not be true in every situation, however I stand by my statement.  The only exceptions to this are males who remember clearly what it was like to be female.

Most females love everybody… husbands, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, strangers, fellow workers.  Even treated poorly or taken for granted, a woman will continue to work in the most loving manner she can muster to keep the family together and functioning happily.  It is only after years of personal abuse of one kind or another, that a female turns bitter and vengeful.

Now, I am NOT saying that females can’t be petty, jealous and backbiting, because we all know that is sometimes true.  It is especially true when a woman is feeling unloved, unappreciated and not respected. 

But I stand by my statement:  females love more and in a more wholesome and healing way than males do.

Males have been trained in your society to be a macho man and to never show his true feelings or someone, usually a business competitor, will use his show of sincere feelings against him.  Males have been highly programmed to be less emotional, less in touch with their feelings and less demonstrative with their feelings.

I realize that this has changed a bit upon your planet in the past 50 years, however, you don’t have another 50 years to keep working it out for yourselves.  You must take a quantum leap and jump into your future now and your future is ONENESS!

You have been testing each other by various male and female modus operandi and all you have done is separate yourselves even more.

Women, stand up for yourself, stop feeling the victim and be willing to walk away from his abuses, LEAVE HIM if necessary.  Also, stop nagging him about why he never listens to you.  Your nagging is WHY he never listens to you.  Find a way to communicate with him in a more positive way, perhaps by writing loving notes, sweetly reminding him of your needs.  Set up situations where both of you are relaxed where you can approach conflicting subjects in a more neutral way.

Men, stop putting your woman down, even if it is just with your thoughts.  Honor her feelings, the nagging and self pity and START TALKING WITH HER, START LOVING HER, try to find out WHY she is unhappy.  Stop making her feel so insecure and unworthy of your love, OR do her a favor and LEAVE HER.

You all seem to think that your current mate is the only one you’ve ever loved or ever will love and trying to fix something which is past fixing is only a lesson in masochism.  This is NOT true or necessary.  Many of you will be breaking up soon so that both of you can come together with your Twin Flames or Twin Rays.  Wouldn’t it be better to break up as friends and eliminate any future karma together, than to continue your personal war and carry those bad attitudes into a new relationship?

For those of you who TRULY love each other and want to make it work, I suggest that you practice switching your roles within your relationship.  If one always decides which restaurant, movie, television program… etc. then let the other partner make those decisions for the next six months or more.  And men, if your female mate starts sniveling about not feeling appreciated or respected by you, join in her emotional sorrow and emphasize!  Don’t make fun of her, truly try to emphasize.  Believe me, she will jump back into her empowerment role once she knows you care enough to truly LISTEN to her and HEAR what she is saying.


(Mother and Father God, that is.)

We love each and everyone of you more dearly than you can even imagine and are extremely grateful that each of you is unique.

You were each made in love, now BE it.

Be kind to each other and “walk a mile in everyone’s shoes” so you will come to understand them enough to love and forgive them completely for not being you.


I thank you for sharing these moments with me.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~


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