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Adama* One world – One heart



Adama through Kata

Greetings to the Masters.

In this new linear chapter called 2009 it is a privilege to talk to you again.

Great changes are on the horizon. I could share my words about how important to stay in balance and keep your focus on your newly gained mastery. I could talk about how important will be this self mastery regarding all the upcomings. I could share the higher dimensional view about all that this year will bring and its great importance regarding the final phase of your preparations.

Yet, I’ve decided to do something different.

I want to take your hand and show you a place. I want to share a feeling that once was yours and on a cellular level you still hold the memories of it. I want you to come with me to a special place where your Mastery was not a question, the wisdom was yours with every breath you took and the way of seeing and living the reality was way beyond your recent ability to comprehend.


 I want you to take back to the Sacred Energy of ancient Lemuria. I am not pushing you to see a certain continent at a certain period of time, I leave it to your imagination and memories. I am here now to share with you this special emanation to help you to re experience the way of living as our ancestors did at that time, in the greatest harmony and balance with themselves and with the world around them. The way of living in Lemuria.

Connect your heart to our beloved Gaia and let the journey begin.
Take some deep breath. Start to feel our Love deeply in your heart and start to feel the energy flow that has started its pure emanation toward your hearts from the center of our own. You will get a special Hologram in your heart within seconds. This is the method of the future with the wisdom of the ancients, this is to show you a higher dimensional way of receiving images for experiencing our common reality on its self manifested and long forgotten perfection. Feel this hologram, feel its vibration and the intense light that is now creating. This hologram is expanding and its is all around you now. You are in the center of this living image, you are in the center of the sacred ancient energy of Lemuria. See its vivid colors, feel its divine energy. Continue with some deep breathing to ground yourself in this special hologram

I invite you to feel this place in ancient history when humans were able to live a now completely forgotten type of reality. Close to the higher dimensions, actually in constant connection with it. ONE WORLD, ONE HEART – that was the time in human history when living according to this divine wisdom was the most basic reality of us all. Everything that you perceived went through the heart first. The heart was the key to perceive reality and be conscious participant of creating it.

Living in Oneness is not a new type of teaching, it is actually the most ancient one. Being aware of your divine existence and acting according to this wisdom in every linear minute through your many lifetimes. All your thoughts, words, deeds belonged to the Master inside. You were a Master. You had a vast wisdom of EVERYTHING around you on a quantum level. Once in Human history this physical manifestation of Eden was yours. You still hold the memory, and your DNA still has this precious wisdom inside.

According to the universal rhythm of the light and the major changes which had to step in, duality came into your reality and all these light based love experiences had to fade away for a while.

Many people started to gain back the wisdom of those times, many tried to realize a new way of living inspired by those memories. Humanity was not ready for this re-membering, until now.

According to all the universal help, according to the light quotient has arrived to guide you through these very important period of time and according to your newly regained readiness in your heart, you are at the gate to re-experience this divine oneness. The time has arrived to re-experience all the wonders that the heart can manifest through conscious living in and through it. One method to get through is remembering. Your long dormant memories will help you realize your own divinity, and help you remember your Mastery.

We in the Higher Dimensions saved all the wisdom for you that had to fade away for a while from your 3d consciousness.

Your heart readiness is the key as I told you many times to gain back all these wisdom. Let this readiness be the key word for this very special time period called 2009. Do everything you can to listen to your heart, to listen the mastery within, to hear clearly what your higher self ready to share with you. She/he will start with the recollection of these memories. These precious memories and your reactivated DNA layers will remind you of the REAL YOU.

This year brings tremendous challenges to refine your readiness Try to find the living wisdom of Lemuria in your heart and you will find the way home.

Keep this hologram in your heart with the essence of sacred living in it. This is our gift to help you remember, to help you to be prepared.

Adama and the Lemurian Council of Twelve  


Adama .:. Language of the Hearts


Language of the Hearts
Adama through Kata

November 02, 2008

Greetings to the Masters,

This is Adama here. What a joy to see your light again and again. What
a joy to see your heart oriented approach to your brand new reality.
Reality can manifest whatever you are ready to perceive. All is ready
for your sight, it is your ability what your eyes / mind let you
through. We can see the same picture and we could see it so many ways,
according to the readiness in our receptors.

It is always a privilege – you know so well – to talk to you, to get
closer to you by these very sacred words. Sacred because the source of
them resides in my heart, and still you are ready to get them, and
read them later, like a straight love stream from one heart to
another. That is the way of the new communication. Heart to heart. Too
noisy is the world around you, too many words are just too overused?
Time to invite the new/ancient language, the new/ancient communication
code between us. The Language of the Hearts is the way for future
communications. It is so well known here, time to invite it into your
new reality.

Yes, all that you see around yourselves, whatever part of the world
you are in, is part of the Master-plan. The intensity sometimes can
drive your attention away from the meaning. Whatever you see, read,
hear, face, always use your recently re-calibrated senses, to help you
to step through.

All what is manifesting in your reality has a certain meaning on your
personal journey, you know it well.

If you are ready to decode what is happening, use your conscious
approach to view through the noisy mist, and you will find there is
always something magical to see. Yes indeed, most of what is
happening nowadays contain those energies which are ready to drive
away and distract your attention from the REAL POINT.

What is the REAL POINT? Create your own reality with the attitude to
participate consciously in every moment, and be able to read the
divinity behind. I told you that this is indeed a very important year.
All that has happened up until this very moment can prove it on so
many different levels. The intensity of the happenings just have
reached a new level. Please keep your focus and most importantly as I
told just recently, be in balance. If you let yourself navigate with
you heart, all the situations can have a new meaning.

The planetary and the personal happenings always have a parallel
existence. If you let yourself be influenced by the seemingly
uncontrolled outside forces, you will end up finding yourself in a
personal upheaval. All has to start with your heart. That is the basis
of the most desired balance in these times. If you keep it, you are
ready to attract the necessary amount of light for EVERY stage in your
life . It can create a ‚bubble‘ of harmony and peace around you. This
personal lighted sphere can connect other hearts‘ similar unconscious
now/ conscious later manifestations. Similar sacred geometry based
creations can connect the hearts together worldwide. If enough open
hearted Light-workers are ready for the work, you can do it as
Humanity for your fellow hearts, and for your beloved planet in the
same time. There are many different ways to build up this mega size
crystal light sphere around our beloved planet. It is happening now.
Every work with the light can strengthen it. Every conscious moment
counts. That is the REAL POINT.

I would like to place the method of the Language of the Hearts into
your heart-painted mind field. At the very beginning of our common
earth history there were those magical beings who had no need of using
loud words to express what they wished to be expressed. The base of
their communication existed on a different level. Their mind was fully
aware of this way of‚ speaking‘ with no word.

Hey before anyone turns his head away, saying that using our voice is
the most elemental way of expressing ourselves, I agree. I am just
saying here that there are those ancient methods which need to be
reexamined, and you are fully ready to absorb their basic wisdom now.
Verbal communication has a lot of advantages. However it does not
replace the importance of using the intuitive way of communication
through the hearts. Especially in these particular times, when the
verbal communication is too loud, and too dense, and full with energy
stealing elementals. Listening and expressing yourself through the
Language of the Hearts is an ancient way to perceive the reality
around you on a higher level. This is the way to understand the
happenings, feel their relevance and the entire energy spectrum of
them in the very same second.

There will be those who will say that it is an unnecessary way in
your ‘high tech’ world. Blessing for them. I am talking to those here
who feel the need of it in their cells. One of the major messages of
these extraordinary times that all that once belonged to us as wisdom,
can have a great significance NOW, and can help you walk through these
times. Yes those days will be here soon which will show on the
simplest, still the most profound way the power of Oneness. There is
no need to go into details to let you see how extraordinary the time
that we are in. It will get louder and louder. There will be no one on
Earth soon without the basic realizations of it. Telling you to be at
your service anytime upon your call is a must from us. Plus practical
advices on their way, and you can take the using of the Language of
the Hearts as one of them.

The hearts know each-other. Heart based communication can be the
safest and most trusted. It can connect you anytime, anywhere to
anybody, without technical requirements.

Dear Ones, what a privilege to be at your service these times. I am
telling you this is the most extraordinary time of human history. Be
prepared for the upcoming wonders. All what is on its way to unfold on
the physical, are indeed part of the Masterplan. We are the ones to
help you to handle, however your balance will lead you through. Listen
to in, look through the canvas of happenings. What your hearts feel,
hear, see, SAY, that will take you to the higher dimensions, and that
is the point.

We are with you always.

Adama through the Language of his Heart


November 16, 2008

Dear Ones,

“All what is manifesting in your reality has a certain meaning on your
personal journey, you know it so well…”


Adama & KyraNamu – 08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays


08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays
Adama & KyraNamu – through Kata

Greetings to the Masters,
This is Adama here.
I am honored to be here now with a member of The Great Diamond Sisterhood, KyraNamu. The Sisterhood represents from ancient Lemurian times the reawakened Divine Feminine which is as you are all fully aware has the same significance in reaching your final state of Divine Balance as has the Divine Masculine in its milliard manifestations. We are here now together to talk to your hearts. Reading our words one thing, letting into your cells the energy of our ancient wisdom through them is an other. The topic for today is connected to the energies of this very intense period of time, especially the Gate what you call 8/8/8 in your linear system.

We are here to help in your preparation for all that will reach our common beloved planet very very soon.
The intense energy manifestation that I described to you earlier can be handled properly if you prepare yourselves according to your highest wisdom. The New Reality at your door as I told you. I am here to suggest to let the Sisterhood help you in your preparations. The wonder of what 888 represents can be the closest harmony with your newly awakening divinity if you help for these waves to reach your very core.

KyraNamu is here to speak now.
Beloved Ones, as an ambassador of a Sisterhood it does not mean I wish to speak only to ladies. Almost the opposite, finding your long forgotten divine balance needs its feminine aspect’s reconnection and it is so very true for everyone disregarding of recent genders.
As you are all aware from many different communications the recently arriving universal energies have a tremendous amount of transformative power. It will bring a lot of changes inside and outside of your wonderful ‘teaching field’, that you call your recent lifetime. THIS IS THE TIME when the veil can be literally blown away. If you make certain preparations it can bring a huge positive impact into your recent reality. 888 can be imagined as a huge vibrant powerful gate that you can walk through in your highest consciousness to experience what your New Reality means, what our New Earth will manifest. It can be a ‘preview’ for many, however if your preparation allows it, it can be your recent life’s biggest achievement which can last forever.

You are so very close to experience all that has been taken away from you through the limitations of your recent dimensions. We are here to remind you that your ancient task is to walk beyond these limitations. Please take the help of the arriving special energies and experience with your senses and divine heart what we are talking about.

As you all know so well the seven chakras are your greatest tools right now to experience your real beingness, including your recent limitation. The Seven Sacred Rays were from ancient times the tools to help to look within and look beyond these limitations.
Seven magical days will await you in this special August timeframe before entering to the 888. Use these seven days according to your inner guides’ wisdom. Our suggestion is to invoke one of the Sacred Rays to work with it every day. Use your intuition and reawakened ability to connect these Sacred Rays for experience divine Oneness through them easily.

Friday – the White Ray of Ascension
Saturday – the Violet Ray of Transmutation
Sunday – the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Wisdom
Monday – the Blue Ray of Will of God
Tuesday – the Pink Ray of Divine Love
Wednesday – the Green Ray of Healing
Thursday – the Golden Ray of Resurrection

Plesae note that the order of the flames/rays is not mandatory as nothing in the higher realms can be handled that way. It is a kind suggestion from our side to use them this way, seeing a bigger piece from Divine Mastery that your recent senses make available for you in this very moment. This message does not aim to deal with the details of these wonderful Sacred Ray formations. We know so well that if you feel the resonance in your heart, the right help will be manifested in your lives immediately. Use your guidance and wisdom as always on your en-lighted journey. We are here to assist upon your request at every step.

And a gentle reminder at the end. The Great Diamond Sisterhood is here again to help on your personal journey aswell as help to our beloved Gaia on her very same sacred path. If you feel to work intensely with these sacred flames on the upcoming days, please always ask the beneficent effect of a certain flame not only for your personal purposes but also for the well being of our beloved planet. The Golden Yellow, the Violet, the Emerald and all the others can be at the highest service for you and for planetary reasons for the entire humanity at the same time.
The intensity of the upcoming energies can be fully at your service. This is the gift of the Universe for all those who are ready for accepting it. We are so close to help, just call for our assistance if you feel so. Please enjoy all the wonders of this magnificent period of our common journey.
It is always a privilege to talk to you.
We are at your service.
Bliss Beyond,
KyraNamu & Adama

More about The Great Diamond Sisterhood:


Adama : Our New Earth – Your New Reality

Our New Earth – Your New Reality

July Full Moon, 2008

From the Lemurian Council of Twelve, greetings to you all. This is Adama here.
At the beginning of this year I told you how extraordinary this period of time that you just stepped in. The planetray alignments never before were so supportive then this time, I mean during this twelwe thousands years long cycle. And this is only the beginning. Let us greet you in the time of limitless wonders. It is only up to the readiness of your hearts how deeply you can let enter the Divine into your cells, or rather how deeply you ready to enter into the Divine, your next dimension formation called the fifth, with the knowledge that all these numbers help only for your linear brain-part to place itself in it.

The good news is that all the outside conditions will be set from the next few weeks. This will be valid from the great energy formation of the July Full Moon of this wonderful ascension ready year numbered 2008. My dearest, in the year of the New Beginning these are the weeks when the gate will be open for all the wonders what your New Reality can forward to us . We are fully ready, all the help is on your side. The reawakened diamond in your hearts sending us the signal to be at your service. Let us show you the true nature of all what you were waiting for, let us show you Our Common New Earth.

From this month on linear time the veil literally will be ready to disappear, the huge energy formation what will reach our planet within days will enhance this process greatly. After that certain point in time all what is ready to be manifested is fully up to the perception you are ready to accept. No more outside conditions need to be unfold. The very intense electromagnetic wave formations arriving this time will settle all the final outside conditions. All further adjustments should come strictly from within. The Universe is ready to see the miracles what humanity assigned for, eons ego.

Wonderful Ascended Masters can show you their truly valid methods to step further on your personal and collective journey to return back to our greatest treasure, to our Divine Source. Your heart will choose for you the most convenient and personally acceptable way to follow. If you feel the urge in your heart to get to be in closer connection with us it means that your Lemurian codes have started to be activated. The call will be stronger on a daily basis now.
We will be at your service as we have been until this special moment. However this assistance can be different from now on. Can be more personal in a strong sense that you can be guided through by your very personal guide, your higher dimensional self. We can help to fasten this reunion, because this is the next step in your journey home to Our New Earth, our beloved New Lemuria. The moment of this reconnection will be the first true experience of it.

What a blessings to see around and count all the open hearted wonderful beings called 3D humans who are ready to step further, to experience something new and wondrous, leaving behind those obstacles what from here we can call together 3 Dimension.

The most divine beauty of this process that it is not an individual achievement. You are as Humanity are ready for this very next step.
This year brings a lot on every level. The 5 dimension wont be a far, seemingly unreachable destination anymore. All what need to be solved, accomplished as a human being, as a group of galactic citizens or as a planet itself are under intense unfolding . Our New Earth is in rapid unfoldment. To experience this New Earth around – including to see, visit the Inner Earth – is at your door now.

The perception of your reality must go through a major adjustment. The key my beloved as we told you so many times lays within. To experiences all what this new reality bring into your life can be perceived by your very personal and newly borne senses. Some cases it can come with symptoms on the physical. Whatever type of emotional, mental or physical difficulties or obstacles just right in front of you please be sure that all these are part of the process.
All what belong to the old energy first need its culmination on the physical before the New fully can step into its place. So it is just a gentle reminder that whatever problem you face take it with your wisdom, place it to the Diamond Heart of yours and be sure that it will change its colors, its form and through a rapid transition period thanks to your new ability and newly borne senses something new will emerge on its place : Balance, Understanding, Wisdom and Light. Try it and you will be surprised by the results how you are able now to change your own reality.

The wonderful New energy has arrived. All is in rapid change. Use your heart as a compass and explore your newly activated skills and senses to change your reality into something wondrous and divinely real. Greet us in your very life. Magical encounters will happen this year. And all these magical happenings will become normal within a certain amount of time. The 5 dimension is at your door. And now thank to you and the ever increasing light around our planet you can step into this New Reality of Our Common New Earth.

My beloved seekers, stay focused enjoy all the benefits of this very special planetary alignments which give you all the necessary assets to experience ALL what I just mentioned above, and please keep in your heart that we can help you with the exact same intensity as your hearts intention ready to accept it. The New Earth at your door. Let’s enjoy together its wonder-full benefits.
With love to you all

Adama through Kata


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