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Beloved masters, we have given this information in the past; however, we must refresh your memory so that you will understand how the preparations of the past have led to the stage in the evolutionary process you are currently experiencing. In the late 1800’s, as the influence of the Age of Pisces and the Sixth Ray were giving way to the Age of Aquarius, the Seventh Ray of freedom, purification, and the Violet Flame of Transformation, under the direction of the beloved Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, our Father/Mother God received a tremendous infusion of Adamantine Particles of Light from the Supreme Creator. The time had come to begin to radiate the Love/Life Force of Creation out into the universe in a greater measure. The Earth and humanity were gradually exposed to higher and higher frequencies of Creator Light. However, as the refined Light penetrated the Earth and the hearts of humanity, chaos reigned on the planet. Just as the world and its inhabitants are presently experiencing, there were world wars, a devastating world pandemic, unheard of atrocities, extremely destructive weather patterns, and a world financial depression which caused great suffering among the masses. There was a rebellion among the younger generations and traditions that had been adhered to for thousands of years were modified or totally discarded. Life-changing events, inventions and revolutionary thinking changed the world dramatically as the Light of new Creation permeated the Earth and the auric fields of humanity.

In the mid-1980’s, it was determined that humanity and the Earth had been exposed to as much of the refined frequencies of God Light as they could incorporate without creating greater chaos and suffering. During that time, many blessed Star Seed began the awakening process and were experiencing a Divine discontent, for they were in the midst of a “Soul-merge”and their Higher Selves were actively nudging, encouraging and inspiring them onto the path of ascension.

Much has been written about the Harmonic Convergence which took place in August, 1987, and much occurred during that Cosmic moment. However, one of the most important occurrences was that the Crystalline Grid System was reactivated so that ascending humanity could begin to infuse this grid with the refined Light of Creation called Adamantine Particles. There is a Seed Atom of God Consciousness stored within every person’s Diamond Core God Cell, and a life-changing awakening takes place when a person reaches a certain level of balance and harmony within his/her four lower bodily systems: physical, mental, emotional and etheric. From that time forward, the higher frequencies of Creator Light were directed to and through the awakening Star Seed instead of in a blanket effect all over the world. That is why we have called you Sentinels of Light, Pillars of Light, transformers and transducers of Light.

During that time, a few brave, advanced Souls, those whom we call the vanguard, began to connect with their guides / spiritual teachers, the Ascended Masters and occasionally the angelic realm. Each Soul had to go through an intense clearing and training process; however, many stayed the course and became clear channels of the advanced wisdom teachings, which were so important for those who were striving for spiritual adulthood and Self-mastery. The masses continued to awaken in astounding numbers as the infusion of Love/Light from the Supreme Creator, via our Father/Mother God and the great Archangel Metatron, was stepped-down or transduced to an acceptable level by the human Light Bearers so it could be safely dispersed to the Earth and humanity.

During these times of great change, the attributes, qualities and virtues of the Seventh Ray, which contain the Violet Flame of Transformation, are being beamed down from the Celestial Amethyst Hall by Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst in greater and greater measure. The Angels of the Violet Fire are actively radiating the Flame of transformation to the Earth and directly into the force field of anyone who invokes the Violet Flame for the greater good.

The years 1991 and 1992 were years of phenomenal transformation for both the Earth and humanity. The Violet Flame penetrated the auric field of the Earth and transmuted a great portion of the negative frequency patterns so that Gaia could integrate enough Creator Light to begin to vibrate at a mid-fourth-dimensional frequency level, thus allowing her to gradually move into the proper orbit in preparation for her eventual ascension into the fifth dimension. There have been many interpretations as to what the doorway of 11:11 meant, an event which occurred between July 11, 1991 and January 11, 1992. The numbers 11:11 could be interpreted to represent passageways of some kind, and this would be a correct assumption. In the first half of the 20th century, the membrane of Light that composed the quarantine or the Ring-Pass-Not was completely dissolved, and much of the effluvia/negative energy of the astral planes had been transmuted and requalified. Once more, humanity was given access to cosmic information and could interact and commune with the Beings of the Higher Realms.

As more and more blessed Souls healed and transmuted their negative vibrational patterns, their Energetic Signature began to resonate with the harmonic frequencies of the higher sub-levels of the fourth dimension, and thereafter their lives began to change dramatically. Millions moved off the wheel of Karma and into a state of grace and began to earnestly seek and follow the path of en-Lighten-ment. This was also a time when many of those who had agreed to be messengers for the Spiritual Hierarchy were called forth to fulfill their Divine earthly mission. It was during that time, January 11, 1992, in fact, that I first contacted my beloved messenger, known in this lifetime as Ronna Herman. We have been constant companions since that time, and she has steadfastly devoted her life to her spiritual mission. She, as many other dedicated Souls around the world, have been an inspiration and a shining example to humanity.

Every year since that first 11:11 doorway was opened, a special 11:11 passageway is again opened briefly so that the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light can make contact with those who have attained the required level of harmonic frequency patterns so that they may begin to communicate with their guides, teachers and angelic friends and possibly become messengers of Light. We know this has happened recently to many of you who read our messages, and we wish to ease your mind and assist you to understand what is happening and what is being asked of you. It is a wondrous gift, beloveds, and there is nothing to fear, for you are reclaiming a part of your “natural State of Being.”

Communing with the Beings of Light is a great evolutionary step for you as human Beings, for it quickly facilitates a new conscious awareness and a powerful transformation within you. Most likely, you will first connect with and learn to interact/communicate with your personal guides, or sometimes your master teacher will quickly establish a relationship with you. Especially if you made an agreement to work with that particular Being before incarnating in this lifetime.

Never before have you had such an opportunity to serve humanity and the Creator. You are at a crossroads in your evolutionary process, for the world as you have known it is slowly fading away. As Divine Sparks of the Creator, you were given a great gift, a treasure chest of Creator Essence to use in any way you desired. You began this lifetime with a portion of Adamantine Particles of Light stored within your Sacred Heart and a reserve tucked away within your Root Chakra, the Sacred Fire Seed Atom sometimes called Kundalini and portrayed as a coiled serpent. You have always had access to the Sacred Fire stored within your heart; however, you have to remember how to use your “Keys to the Kingdom” in order to ignite and effectively use this power source of Divine Light. The Kundalini or Serpent Fire is a different matter, for you have to clear 51% of the distorted energy you have created in the past in order to tap into this reservoir of Metatronic Full Spectrum Light.

Various great Beings of Light have carried the burden of Earth and humanity for millions of years; however, it is now time for humanity to step to the fore and assume their bounden duty. You must begin to access, use and share the Divine Light with which you have been endowed. There must always be an energy exchange. It is a Universal Law. The time has come for humanity to evolve into spiritual adulthood and to assume responsible positions as God-Conscious Beings of Light. We have encouraged our messenger to assist you to remove the barriers and open the pathways of communication with ease and grace.



Mental telepathy or channeling is communication without words, or thought transference mind-to-mind by means other than the known senses. You can only access vibrational levels with which you and your Energetic Signature are compatible. That is why it is so important to have gone through a clearing/cleansing process in order to achieve a more balanced and harmonious State of Being within your mental and emotional bodies.

At rare intervals and during the transition period from one great Age to another, Cosmic Law allows the Ascended Masters, the Beings of the angelic realm and the Spiritual Hierarchy to pass through the “veil” and make contact with select “awakened” members of the human race. You must express a willingness and a desire to interact with these wondrous, advanced Beings, for they will not infringe upon your free will. When you focus your attention on a particular master, angel or Being of Light, they are immediately aware of you and will respond. The more intense, sincere and constant your desire, the more of their radiance they will bestow upon you.

Your guardian angels, spiritual guides and teachers make every effort to assist you to receive the higher frequencies of wisdom that are critical for these times. They endeavor to gain your attention by intensifying the Light within your Solar Power Center and eventually within your Sacred Heart. You have waited centuries for an invitation to consciously communicate with the Ascended Masters and the angelic realms, and they have patiently awaited this time as well.


Everyone has at least one lifetime guardian angel, and sometimes more than one. You will have different guides as you progress through the multi-level dimensions. You must be able to “raise your consciousness” to a compatible level with your guides and teachers. They will also lower their frequencies somewhat to attain a harmonious level.

You must learn to concentrate and focus your attention.

You must learn to still your mind and get your own thoughts out of the way so that you are receptive to the thoughts and guidance of your guides and teachers.

There must be an agreement between your Soul/Higher Self and the entities you channel.

The Beings of Light will never infringe upon your free will.

Your guides will help you attain an appropriate frequency level by giving you an “energy boost,” which will make you feel energized and may, as you access higher levels of energy, give you a feeling of expansion, especially in the head.

Channeling creates a greater sense of awareness.

Channeling is an accelerated path for spiritual growth.

Your guides will not give you the solutions to your lessons; however, they will give you options and perhaps a more expansive view of a situation.

Your higher guides will not predict the future, for you have free will and there are too many variables. However, they may point out the strongest “probable future” in a given situation and help you to make the wisest decision for the greatest good.

We will strengthen your resolve, we will inspire you and set your hearts ablaze with the Sacred Fire of Creation as you traverse the path of illumination. Know that Love, Light and untold blessings are eternally radiated to each of you from the hearts of our Father/Mother God. I AM Archangel Michael. * Transmitted through Ronna Herman * E-mail: * Phone: 775-856-3654 


Stepping into the Unknown

Stepping into the Unknown

November 2009
by Lisa Renee

This month is the start of a brand new cosmic cycle that is signaling an evolutionary shift into completely unknown territories, one which will be an entirely new life experience for many of us.

During the past months especially since July, we have been teetering in between worlds resulting from a vast influx of multiple new “cosmic” frequencies and their reconnections to the axiatonal line system of our planet’s consciousness grid. This is changing the fabric of time and space as we know it. This “cosmic” time alignment sets the runway for what is about to transpire which is something that has never happened before in the history of our Universe.

What this means is that this shift in consciousness gives new direction to our lives and will also directly affect the world and the global view. A shift in consciousness is not something that only happens in our mental state, but simultaneously changes the external relationships we have in the world. It is a complete change of where we, as human beings, focus our state of consciousness and its perceived identity. This will impact individual identity and the human collective group identity in a much bigger way than we have experienced before.

This current event will reposition many of us into new relationships, residences, working collaborations, reconnections and cultivate another level of spiritual “family” alliances. The Galactic (or Monadic level) soul family is reintegrating itself into a collective group pattern to manifest the next level of the spiritual mission and its group divine blueprint. This means these introductions, reuniting these spiritual families is happening in larger patterns now as it is supported by the new architectural platform of the new energy cycle. These architectural platforms are the mainframe of the mass consciousness grids that influence and direct humanity as a group consciousness. This is the next evolutionary level happening now in November and ongoing.

We need our spiritual family to help manifest the next levels into the physical as the cosmic divine plan requires us to be embodied fully in order for it to be anchored on the Earth as a reality.

This turning point of the ascension cycle is leading us into the “Changing of the Guard” and this level of the paradigm shift is a group consciousness project. We will need to clearly understand our piece of the puzzle in order to play it out. (We will be magnetized to our rightful positions, and it is not to be forced through controlling underlying agendas) However, there is a requirement in order for this to manifest in this new phase of the Galactic Consciousness cycle.

To Embody or Not to Embody?

That is the biggest question to ask your inner self at this crucial point in the timeline change now. This time will aggressively push you to ask yourself what exactly is preventing you from being authentic to yourself and others? What has shaped into your physical reality based on your unconscious belief system? Which of these impulses had you making decisions that were out of alignment with your personal truth? What have you been hiding from yourself? You have to be incredibly clear in your purpose now, your inner truth, in order to best utilize these current energies as the springboard that will catapult your new platform into a tangible reality structure in your life.

These energies in November will catalyze you into a completely new level of “support” in this reality if you understand that it is your responsibility to be completely aligned and congruent to protect the inner truth as you know it.

This means you must be “Embodied” in what you “Know” to be True.

Within this new playing field there is only “knowing” and there is NO room for rationalization stemming from denial, or attempting to think your way into a mentally perceived resolution. The rubber hits the road and you are forced to walk your walk, ready to face the mysteries of the unknown standing before you.

This means we will be given external reality experiences to challenge our inner light integrity to be fully congruent with your core god self essence. The choices will be up to you and they will take courage to make. This will be the time of the “Reality Check” and the consequences will be dramatic.

To be congruent with your soul purpose “embodiment” is being in your “core” no matter what the external environment is doing or telling you to do. Your creative expression is matched to the degree you feel the flow of joy in the moment of its expression. As you become an observer, it will feel as an ease of flow within the harmony of its natural energetic and organic expression. However to get to the ease of flow, one has to completely let go without the ego attachment needing to control the outcome or result. Only preferences will allow the ease of flow while attachments will constrict or stop the flow. This necessitates holding the observer consciousness, one that can observe the events without imposing judgment or attachment.

We will need to master this state in order to experience the smoothest pathway of evolution, the ascension timeline. We will get our needs met (not necessarily our fixed attachments to material security) and be moved out of harm’s way if we learn to flow without fear and anxiety.

To Know Thyself

To be congruent with your soul purpose and to embody that intelligence directly requires self inquiry. To Know Thyself, is an adage that directly applies in this new energy cycle as it requires you do the inner work that will surface the contents of your inner being to your conscious awareness. It is only then you can choose to participate with that awareness, or not, and this is the piece that takes courage. Courage is to trust in the process and commit to reflect the core essence of your divinity as your first priority. If you can discipline yourself to manage this, your experience will be much smoother as you move forward.

Many times a person who aspires to achieve goodness in the world, is driven into actions that are completely incongruent to their core being and soul purpose. They are not directly choosing to be incongruent with their soul harmony from a conscious choice they are making. IT is simply a direct byproduct of not knowing what they do not know, yet, which means they have not delved deeper into themselves to have the exacting clarity on the contents of their own being. Many times they are only reactive to mental programs that control their behaviors in the external world.

If we strive to know the contents of our own being, then we will be able to have the responsibility to direct our personal power and become able to spiritualize our life choices. This is the “wisdom” piece that is required at this time for us to advance in this first wave of the changing guard. More waves will come, however there is a momentum to this energetic wave that will carry us if we are able to recognize it and take responsibility for our actions and personal energies.

If we have huge blind spots that cripple us in expressing the core truth, then we will be corrected. If you have been engaging in destructive, addictive or unconscious behavior you will be corrected. Additionally, relative to the degree you have carried actions with consequences that impact others, such as healing groups and intentional communities – they will also be impacted and corrected. Correction is the rapid return of the imbalanced or mis-qualified energies to your field that results in a direct consequence to your action.

This is the Universal Law’s benevolence giving us the opportunity to become more in alignment to the process of our “embodied “divinity.

We will thank our lucky stars we are doing this now instead of later, as the amplification of polarity will only increase later. It is suggested we DO this inner work now, pay attention and not procrastinate.

Understand that the Natural Laws of the Physical Universe is such that it is our responsibility to direct energies, accountable to where we focus and place our attention and this will continue to be under scrutiny with the new cosmic energies. This is not coming from judgment by any stretch of imagination, only that congruency in what is being represented is a prerequisite to move through this next cycle easily. This natural “law” has not been as tough on us as it is now, as these energies are acting as a “taskmaster” forcing us to do the inner work. This is similar to a “Saturn Return” in our personal astrology chart. Which means that what is hidden or not in integrity with what is being represented will be increasingly apparent to whomever is the “watcher” and corrections will be made almost on the spot.

Note: We are going to need some tools to support us during this next cycle. The end of this newsletter includes guidelines to utilize as a practice to develop your personal energetic mastery.

Frequency of Unity Intelligence

Additionally, as one spiritually advances to be congruent and aligned into the monadic embodiment, the frequency of Unity (Love) emits as an intelligence field from the being. This means that the field of energetic intelligence, a consciousness field of “Unity” rearranges and reorganizes any discordant energetic pattern in the environment. This “consciousness technology” results when a physical being has embodied its monadic level of consciousness and is congruently aligned with its god purpose. It’s a byproduct of embodied divinity.

The more out of integrity a person, place or thing is with its natural harmonic core expression, the harder it will be for that person, place or thing to remain ‘hidden” in the façade it has created as the illusion of its perceived physical identity.

The New Energy of Unity, the Frequency of Unity is a frequency of “Truth” Vibration as directed by Source energy. No words are needed to express, as this is strictly an “embodiment” of truth presence. This level of love frequency can only be directed through a physical vehicle that has been largely freed (purified) of ego constraints and desires. The process of Inner Alchemy through polarity integration is what is necessary to purify the physical vehicle to the extent that finally the healed unified energy template of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness Form can embody. The physical vehicle can now be utilized as a channel of Unified Source energy, and the template (and its nervous system) is healed at a level it is finally able to direct this intelligence field.
Those that are now remembering to embody this love vibration are being asked to step up and hold the “New Energy” reality space and watch the old ego system around them self destruct. As you become aware of the intentional field of Unity coming through your body in service to the Divine, the channel of your being is flowing in congruence to the Energetic Reality of Love.

The Power of this Energetic Principle in Action is more Profoundly Transformative for our planet than anything else we could ever fabricate.

5 Pillars of Realizing Purpose

We are governed by Energetic Laws of Principle and Consciousness in this Multiverse. Here are 5 Pillars towards realizing your purpose and reinstating your divine blueprint towards Cosmic Consciousness. We are entering entirely new territory, new fields of reality and new purpose. Yet these are still the foundations to help us remember how to focus our consciousness and create a smooth transition for ourselves. Intend god-purity in our purpose and the light will show us the way.

• Law of Strength – Commit to your Soul evolution. State your Declaration of Intent to serve your Soul. “Your desire to know God is of a drowning man for want of air” Yogananda

• Universal Law of One – Begin to understand the Laws which govern our existence, and your Multidimensional Spiritual Anatomy as a God-being. “The Mysteries are Revealed to the human whose light is shining and he becomes the Knower”. Alice Bailey and DK.

• Law of Transformation – Be willing and open to change by surrendering to Divine Will. Clear fear belief systems (b.s.) and the negative ego expressions that influence you from the collective human unconscious mind. Affirm: I leave human order and choose divine order in all things.

• Law of Response- Give back your Go(o)dness to the world, Give your love, knowledge and blessings and expand your abundance through service. The soul’s true nature is of one, one with abundance, joy and fulfillment, found through purpose and service.

• Law of Verification – The Examined Life of a Light Heart- Live your Soul purpose by making it your lifestyle. I AM that I AM. Be Still and Know I Am God!

First Triad of Spiritual Awakening

How do we support harmony in our consciousness shift within these tumultuous energies? Most of us are undergoing the tests of personal mastery with how we direct our mental and emotional focus. This process is how we transcend the “personality ego program” which consists of the first three layers (3D) of our chakra/auric system. These are suggested guidelines on how best you may utilize your energy in directing the focus of your consciousness during these times:

Stay in the Now moment and maintain observer consciousness

Inquire and commit to serving the Way of your Soul and its purposes

Listen, learn the language of Soul and take action on the guidance of your Soul

Resolve all fear and emotional conflicts ( remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real)

Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supercedes all reliance on the External Connections or Perceptions of Reality

Live a Life congruent to your soul purpose, and that it serves as an example to others.

Commit to a daily practice ( meditation, connection, clearing)

Live by the Law of Love ( Law of One)

Use Consistency in Practice of Technique (Meditate or work with Spiritual Tools to Build your Spiritual Muscle)

And If you just do not know what else to do:

(service to others)

These are amazing times we are sharing as we step into the unknown. We are in this adventure together and until next….Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path!

Love, Lisa
© 2009, Lisa Renee


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