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LIFTING YOUR VEIL, May ’08: Unity – The Frequency Of Universal Love

HUMANITY IS NOW STANDING at another specific entry point that gives a “window of opportunity” to experience quantum leaps of accelerated consciousness. The current choices we make are critical about the future direction, the evolutionary direction of our species. We have entered a New Chapter of Human Evolution as we are poised at the doorway of expanding into a New Energetic Reality.

This New Energetic Reality is the Frequency of Universal Love or Unity consciousness.

As of this year in 2008, we have moved into the next demarcation point of the New Age as we start to experience the Galactic Consciousness Cycle. This Cycle will begin to reveal to humanity the Energetic Reality of Love as a “Force”, rather than experiencing Love as a mental or emotional concept from an imposed belief structure.

Humanity has been evolving its consciousness through the “Realm of the Ego”, the Third Dimensional Reality Structure. This has been a specific phase of the human soul development in the Ascension Cycle of Consciousness Evolution.

As humans, our perceived 3D “reality system” is set up very much like a computer program or a video game. Most Humans perceive themselves and operate only at their “personality program” (the ego, instinctual and subconscious intelligences) level of their expanded spiritual anatomy. The “personality program” is the three layers of intelligence that are having a physical experience in the polarity video game called, The Earth Experiment.

Most people have no idea that their ego’s “personality program” is temporary and extremely limited to their own views of who they think they are. They get stuck inside the 3D Ego game without using their Soul joystick to navigate. More commonly they become paralyzed between the two opposing forces of polarity (Do I go left or right? Up or down? Choose love or fear?) and while in the state of this confusion, they become inert. This inertia slows down the being’s soul evolutionary process, and they circle around in the game over and over unable to move past old negative ego patterns. They do not know how they got here and who is running the ego game. They do not know how to learn the skills (soul lessons) that graduate them out of the game (ego classroom).

This is a way to begin to understand the human souls’ reincarnation plan, in the polarity game of the Earth Experiment. If a consciousness has not figured out how to master and transcend “The Realm of the Ego” into the Frequency of Love, they return to the same ego game over and over in the attempt to complete it. No matter how painful or traumatizing that life pattern was as it was directed by the ego, they are destined to repeat it until they learn to transcend the ego pattern. This could mean hundreds or thousands of lifetime experiences for that soul doing that “same” ego directed life pattern. This is because the “soul” has forgotten it is a Divine Soul and is still playing the game as if it were just its “ego” intelligence.

During the Earth Experiment, many rigid belief structures have been conditioned by the game of our social programming since we have been small children. Additionally our Family of Origin, our parents have been extremely influential in the ways we were developed to conform into functioning into this 3D system. Through these imposed belief systems we have learned to experience the nature of our perceived reality from our personality program, the ego. Additionally, these are the main factors of how we have experienced our framework or feeling of what Love actually is. This means that we have been trained to interpret life and love from the ego’s perspective and generally not from an experiential level of the soul.

The lens of perception created from deeply ingrained ego programming has made it very challenging for most human beings to experience a love based energetic reality. As children the highest aspiration we have been raised with is to be conformed to fit an adult model as a successfully contributing member of an ego based society. Our social values from a third dimensional consciousness have been values generated largely from a negative ego mass consciousness. Exerting control and extracting power from others, along with hierarchal global systems with the “haves and the have not’s” have been par for the course at this phase of the game for human evolution. The 3D negative ego values are generally Anti-Life force values, those of power, material greed and lower desire impulses.

When these values of “Anti-Life” are continually expressed over many cycles it ultimately creates suffering and destruction to the soul consciousness. The Living Light Expression of the Soul’s Love cannot exist within the physical forces of the body when the body is consistently directed to express anti-life forces. Since the physical body is created from a finite space of 3D material forces it needs the Soul to express within it to experience the Eternal Living Light of One Source. As the consciousness directs the qualities of Soul Love as the primary importance for the physical body, the Soul infuses itself into the body which ultimately is biological Ascension. Biological Ascension is the resurrection of the physical body into its expressed Divinity in form. This is the potential of humanities evolution during this particular phase in human consciousness expansion.

As we move from the “Realm of the Ego” into the “Realm of the Soul” during this current cycle, humanity will begin to experience the realization that All Love begins with the Divinity existing within the Self. Our ability to recognize the Energetic Reality of Love is directly proportionate to one’s ability to hold the Frequency of Love within the Self. This Frequency of Love is Soul Love, as it is All encompassing as in Universal Love or Unity consciousness.

If one is unable to recognize the Divinity within and the inherent value of All Life, the consciousness will continually seek validation from external sources or material based ego values. This need for externally based approval to substitute for Self/Soul Love will always be projected upon your interactions and relationships with others. If the external standards of validation are not met, personal beliefs of self worthiness or the ability to receive love will be greatly compromised. This is why so many people are filled with such negative feelings, low self worth and a lack of inner peace. They are unable to recognize themselves as Divine Soul and therefore are unable to see the Divinity that exists within All of Life. This creates distorted values, polarized thinking and judgmental belief systems. Negative Ego polarized thinking such as belief judgments over what is valued or not, directly stops the flow of Soul Love as an Energetic Force. The frequency of Judgment and the frequency of Love cannot exist within the human energy body, the consciousness at the same time. This means when one is holding the energy of judgment that the Frequency of Love cannot be experienced or transmitted to others.

As the conditional energetic influences on the planet are vibrationally accelerated, more of humanity will be awakened to realize that Love is the Only Energetic Reality and Constant. As we experience the powerful transformational forces of Soul Love, we will begin to recognize the Divinity existing within the Self. It is then we will begin to have the knowingness that All Beings possess an intrinsic worth and value as a living part of the Divine. Through this realization of the Soul, it will evolve humanity into the understanding of our Unity, that we are One with ALL things. Unified as One we can be fully engaged with the Frequency of Love or the Love vibration. Unity consciousness expressed in human form is Christ Consciousness and is the state of Oneness or Unity with everything that exists. It is transcendent love that is at One with everything and is attached to no-thing at the same time. From this state of being, everything in existence is known to be the simultaneous expressions of the Divine Source, the One Self that is the God Source. This Frequency of Love, Unity, is the fulfillment of the Christ Principle and is the divine plan for humanity in the Earth Experiment.

As we strive to be expressions of the Frequency of Love we assist our Soul Identities to create the transformation process for our physical body to Ascend. This awareness is cultivated by our intention and applying our will to be in harmony with the Living Light Expressions of the One Source. This living in harmony with All Life is the energetic integrity and congruence of our Soul. As we live in Harmony with our Soul we are living in the Energetic Reality of Unity Consciousness. Through this presence all moments are recognized as divine and sacred as well that All beings are Blessed.

The New Energy of Unity, the Frequency of Love is a frequency of “Truth” Vibration as directed by Source energy. No words are needed to express, as this is strictly an “embodiment” of truth presence. This level of love frequency can only be directed through a physical vehicle that has been largely freed (purified) of ego constraints and desires. The process of Inner Alchemy through polarity integration is what is necessary to purify the physical vehicle to the extent that finally the healed unified energy template of the Christ Consciousness Form can embody. The physical vehicle can now be utilized as a channel of Unified Source energy, and the template (and its nervous system) is healed at a level it is finally able to direct this Frequency of Love.

Those that are now remembering to embody this love vibration are being asked to step up and hold the “New Energy” reality space and watch the old ego system around them self destruct. As you become aware of the intentional field of Unity coming through your body in service to the Divine, the channel of your being is flowing in congruence to the Energetic Reality of Love.

The power of this energetic principle in action is more profoundly transformative
for our planet than anything else we could ever fabricate.

May we utilize the spiritual technologies of our own consciousness to transform our planet and human consciousness into the Golden Age for all Sentient Beings!

Unity! The Frequency of Universal Love.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path!

We are here as One!

© 2008, Lisa Renee




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