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The Groupe* ~ Technology Download ~Uniting the Hearts of Humanity


March 15 2009



~ Technology Download ~
Uniting the Hearts of Humanity

Greetings from Home

Dear creators of Heaven on Earth. You are closer than you ever imagined. Your dreams are about to come true in many ways. We tell you this in the midst of what you call a crisis which is not a crisis. It is the natural evolution of where you are going. We told you we will speak of an unusual event that will take place on July 21st and July 22nd. It is not possible to predict the exact moment or hour it will take place as humans continue shifting. Let us explain what is taking place in concepts we have already presented so that you can see this cosmic event.

Humans are evolving at an incredible rate. It is causing many difficulties on many levels. The biggest challenge on planet Earth is that humans no longer have much of the time lag that protects you from your own thoughts. Because of the fact that you are creators, each and every one of you, the moment you have a thought, it happens. Because of that, the fear that can be held in the hearts of humans becomes the greatest challenge at this point in your evolution. Your creative powers are increasingly getting stronger. Yet your attachment to the old energy of light, dark and polarity is also creating a negative situation, because you can create your greatest fears more easily than ever before. This is happening in many places where people are not aware of their own powers, and it will be a critical part of what is happening on these two days. A measurement will be taking place which is not the typical type taken of planet Earth. Instead it will be a measurement of the collective vibration of humanity, which is being measured for a specific reason.


Technology Download on July 21 and 22, 2009

We have spoken many times about the balance between technology and spiritual evolution. The level of technology on your planet is determined by the level of the overall¾or collective¾vibration of all humans on Earth. There have been many times on Earth where new technology was literally dropped on this planet by other life forms. Although this was usually done in an honest attempt to help humanity evolve, that technology did not work. It worked for the other life forms, but it did not work for you. Quite simply, it did not work because the collective vibration of humanity was not high enough to support that technology.
There is a rather large download of technology that is coming to this planet on July 21st and 22nd. If the vibration on those days is high enough to support it, it will immediately take hold and grow.

Do you re-member what your lives were like without computers only a few years ago?. Harnessing the technology of computers was a huge step that has to some degree impacted nearly every facet of your daily lives. This next step could be 12 times as powerful as the last one. Not only will computers change radically, but technologies that have been in the collective thoughts of humanity may now quickly manifest. Some of these have been in the collective thoughts for many years just waiting to activate. Those technologies never manifested before because the collective vibration of humanity was not high enough to support it. We get to tease you this day with one of the many things that may happen as a result of your own evolution.

Transporter Technology

There was a television series years ago titled Star Trek.  Today, most of the technologies in that program have already manifested on Earth.   But one technology that has never manifested is the molecular transportation of live, human, biological material. It was called a transporter. That is directly in front of you at this time, if the collective vibration of humanity is high enough to support it. Do you see how quickly that will shift some of the major challenges that face humanity today?  How quickly you will be able to start helping Mother Earth re-juvenate, helping her birthing process. When this new technology takes hold on Earth there will be many changes very rapidly. It is no secret that if this technology does take hold at this juncture, there will be many who will fight it because it will seem too good to be true. There are many corporations and governments who are heavily invested in oil who will not be too happy when this unfolds, and they may attempt to prevent or hide it.

Understand the changes that are right in front of you, dear ones. These are the same things that have created wars on your planet many times, but it does not have to be that way now. Today, there is more communication on planet Earth than ever before because of the technological advances. We are using your technology right now to reach your hearts, and it is beautiful because you have created that.

What If We Don’t Make It?


What happens if you do not make it? Well, that is simple. The new technology will be downloaded again, over and over until the collective human vibration is able to receive it. For the first time, it will be downloaded on this planet July 21st and 22nd   in 2009 when part of the veil is being removed, so this could be an optimum time for the new technology to take hold and develop. Every time you have watched those science fiction television shows or movies and thought how wonderful it would be for a person to be able to instantly disappear here and reappear there, you have been planting the seeds that are now about to sprout. It has been marvelous to watch. Every time you think how wonderful that would be, you send those thoughts out as a creation. When the collective vibration reaches a level high enough to support it, then it manifests.  That energy is about to manifest. For the first time this technology may be supported by the collective vibration of humanity. Please understand that the human transporter is only one of many technologies that will emerge very quickly.  We use the transporter as the example, because one can see how such a technology could change the face of planet Earth practically overnight.  It is also one of the easiest technologies for us to describe, because you have been dreaming about it for many years now. Many of you as children came in with the knowledge that you could transport without machinery, yet you could not quite seem to get it to work when the teacher was looking or when you had to prove it to somebody. Those are deep memories that you have of your own capabilities, and when the collective vibration is high enough planet Earth will take a giant forward leap.

Do not fear these technologies, for they can be the salvation of planet Earth and the human race.  If you think these technological advances will make life easier, they will not. Mankind will have more choices than ever before, but even that can be seen as a difficulty, because it is during these times that many of you will be called into action.  Many will come to you because they are stuck, unable to move forward even though a new world awaits them. Many of you will know how to help people during these times of great change. It will be one of the common ailments of the new Earth and many are even experiencing it prior the first drop.


Collective Vibration

We have been using the term “collective vibration,” so first let us describe it more clearly. There was a cosmic event that took place in the days of Lemuria.  Out of a pure desire, many Lemurians created a separation of humanity and souls that had never before been seen on the planet. It did not work the way they thought it would.  Instead of helping humanity to ascend to the next level, the separation resulted in the sinking of Atlantis.  In the days directly following that tragic event, many collective decisions were made to hide certain technologies from the human race because they could so easily be misdirected. Those same technologies are the ones that will be revealed to you very soon. They no longer need to be hidden and the Earth can greatly benefit from them at this time.  

There was a collective decision that was made because of these events. The separation caused so many problems, as separation always does. After the sinking of Atlantis humans decided they would never try to separate again. This time the ascension process will only happen when the lowest person is high enough to ascend. This time, everyone goes or no one goes. That is your decision, not ours. You are on the planet of free choice but that was your collective decision and is still standing to this day.

What to Do?

In the time between now and when this technology appears in your world, seek out a way to reach anyone you can with your smile, your heart, and your unconditional love. Judge no one for their path or actions during this time. Forgiveness will be one of the most important tools on Earth during these times. Figure out ways to empower every person around you, no matter what your relationship to them and without regard to your history with them or their status. Now is the time to reach out and have your light felt on planet Earth in some way. Offer assistance and empowerment to those around you, paying special attention to those who may have fallen and have difficulty getting back in the game. In this way, you will be the light at the end of the tunnel.


You never know when you make the big connections. It is easy to look at another’s life and think of them as a low vibration. Yet we tell you that it not possible to see another’s soul path and the life lessons they have already mastered. You may be looking at a master in hiding and never know it until you do something to help them in some way. Some of you think, “Who am I when I go Home? Why would anybody celebrate my life? I did not win the Nobel Prize, and I did not create peace on planet Earth.” But you never know. It could be that the stranger your smile briefly catches in passing may be the one who has the big hand that reaches out and touches the rest of the entire world, who could not have done that until you activated and empowered them.

This is the time for you to carry your power as a conscious creator on planet Earth- the time to know you are an activated Human Angel. You are the arms, legs and mouth of god. You reflect that to people through your laughter and joy, and through the smile of a spirit pretending to be human. This is what will make the difference in this technology being able to take hold.

The Evolution of Humanity and Earth

There are many other possibilities that will now open up. There are some incredible events that are happening to align Earth and humanity for what is ahead.  For the past five years on planet Earth there has been a bottleneck of technology, and now it is being released in a very big way. It will happen in many areas, so brace yourselves, dear ones. You are getting ready to go through the evolution of planet Earth and the evolution of humanity. You have asked for it, you have created it and we have only one answer: And So It Is.


We are in such joy to see you take your power. As you pull away the veil, you start to see who you really are. That, to us, means more than you will ever know for you have completed your sacred contracts with us already. It does not mean that we need to leave you. What it means is that you are now activated as a conscious creator and a Human Angel. You have a part to play on this planet, and it is time for each and every one of you to take responsibility for your energy and your own happiness. Start by finding what makes you smile and do it as often as you can. Touch others as often as you can, for it is a gift of humanity. With all the might of heaven, we cannot touch you the way you touch each other with compassion, reassurance and hope. It will be happening in a very big way, so work with all of humanity. Work with every part of every heart because it will be the lowest vibration on this planet that will determine whether this technology will stick. There is still plenty of time. You only need one day to do it and you have many.

Celebrate Light

July 21 and July 22 of 2009 are days to celebrate. We will not tell you if you succeeded, because that will put us in a position of taking your power from you and we will not do that. You will know and if not, trust that it will be coming soon anyway. The new technology will be dropped again at regular intervals until it takes. Many trigger points will take place, far too many to try to tell you about. Although this is not a formal measurement of any kind, it is a measurement of the collective universal vibration of humanity. You should be very proud of this, because those of you leading the way have done an incredible job on planet Earth already. If we could only show you what you have already done on an individual basis, you would never doubt yourselves again.


No More Time Lag

Know that the time lag of conscious creation on planet Earth is almost gone. Only small parts remain for your own safety, because the time lag kept you from creating your greatest fears. It gave you the opportunity to say, “No. Never mind. I don’t think I want that after all.” Now, it is going to happen so fast that you will not have time in the same way so brace yourselves, creators. The veil is coming off. You have asked for it. Yes, it will create some havoc on planet Earth. You designed it that way. Watch what happens next, because all of it is leading toward something higher and better that you will see much of over the next five years. In the next five years this planet will experience a huge evolutionary process. It has already begun. The clock is ticking, but we want to tell you that when you touch another soul, it will make a tremendous difference on the planet almost overnight.

Enjoy the ride, dear ones. You have created a very beautiful road to travel on. You have created an incredible path not only for the collective vibration of humanity to follow, but for you to individually follow as you find your own passions and those things that bring you joy. That is what grounds the spirit in the physical body, and that is now more possible than ever before. Enjoy the ride, dear ones. It will be a tremendous joy to see what is ahead. It is all your creation. Know that you are god and we are very proud of you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we give you these messages. It is our sacred contract to be here just in case humanity awakened, and here you are. Welcome Home, dear ones. Now you have a chance to do it again. The days of Lemuria and Atlantis are back, and you are here correcting it, doing it differently this time. Welcome Home. We ask you simply to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together.



The group


The Group* ~ Comsic Particles of Truth ~Re-birth of Earth



January 15 2009



~ Comsic Particles of Truth ~
Re-birth of Earth


Greetings from Home

Magical Moment

This time is magical. This place is magical because you have set it into motion. You have set your intent to have a magical experience on this planet and it is starting to happen. One by one you are being triggered into the things you love to do; you are being triggered into the sacred contracts that you set for yourself. You knew what you wanted to do, and you chose your direction. You placed a veil between the two parts of your brain to completely obliterate your memories of Home and your own power of who you are. Then you came in to play a game of Hide and Seek. You bumped into walls and other people, all the thinking you have done wrong or made a mistake. In fact, you were simply wandering around trying to find that connection, that part of Home which has you completely connected through your own higher self.

Now that is becoming more important. We wish to give you an overview on several different levels today. We are going to show you a little bit of what is happening on both the cosmic level and on the Earth level. Then we will tell you the possibilities on the personal level, for many of you are now prepared to move. You have placed yourself at the edge of the cliff waiting for that gentle breeze to push you off. Well, a gentle breeze has just come along. We are known for gently pushing people off the cliff. That is one of the things we love to do as we spread our wings, to re-mind you of who you really are. This time we will share with you some of the overviews of not what is ahead, not necessarily what is in your future or what your destiny is, but simply the direction you are going and the overview of what is taking place on Earth to accommodate this.

Cosmic Overview

We will speak first on the cosmic level, because cosmic events are starting to form in your section of the universe. The cosmic events are starting to take place to build to a climax which we will simply call an event. That is all that is being referred to, even in your scientific world at this moment. But everyone who is watching sees only one thing: it will be a big event. Nobody knows exactly how it is going to happen or how it is going to take place. Let us share with you our perspective.

First, you are having connections with the sun which you have had for a number of years. It has to do with the re-structuring of the magnetics of Earth and has been going on for some time, reaching a conclusion a few years back. What also took place is that a lot of the solar flares coming through the sun were energy from Home. It is energy through the central sun directed through your own sun; the solar flares are explosions that occur space from the energy contained within the sun. The challenging part is that when you measure the energy of any one of these bursts you would realize that only three of those bursts could be contained within the sun, and yet you have seen hundreds such bursts. Where is the energy coming from? What is happening? Is there a chemical reaction going on in the sun? What is taking place? We tell you the sun is not what you think it is. It is not an object of its own. It is a dimensional portal for energy and has been from the very beginning of time. Even the warmth and gamma rays that help you live on this planet are constantly coming into your world from that portal. It is a portal that comes directly from Home through the Central Sun, so things that are set in motion will normally happen through your sun. It is your energy distribution network.

There are two events unfolding right now to accommodate what is ahead.  Scientists believe these to be  new discoveries, things that have been happening for a very long time that they have just discovered. However, this is not the case; these things have never happened before. One of these events is the melding of the Earth’s magnetic field with the sun’s magnetic field.  The second is the recent discoveries regarding the particles contained in a solar storm.   We would never have used the word solar storm to describe this event.  These two discoveries work together to open the magnetic field of Earth just long enough to fill it with a generous amount of these seeds.  This is all in preparation for a big, yet undefined, event to come.

Earth Sun Connection

From the larger perspective, we will tell you the interactions between the sun and the Earth are changing. The earth is being charged by the sun once again; the first time was a magnetic charge from the solar flares. Now the sun and earth have formed a connection point. It has been labeled as a portal because the two energy fields of the Earth and sun occasionally connect and stretch out through time and space to connect the energy fields of each one. During those times, particles are passed from one to the other. You have known these occurrences only as solar storms to this point, because that is the only word you have been able to use to understand what this is. However, it is much more than this; it is the life force of the universe. If you were talking about the physical body, we would call it sexual energy; this is the life force of the energy of All That Is that is flowing between things.
These solar particles created planet Earth in the first place. These particles could be called particles of possibilities, because they will carry with them anything you create in the process. Re-member, it is your creation for you are the creators of Earth. There is no grand plan in place. There is no bearded god who looks like Charlton Heston that is going to stand over everybody saying what is right and what is wrong. You are creating your reality with every thought that you have. The Earth is adjusting to your thoughts. That is who you really are; you create the path just seconds before your foot hits the ground, because you expect it to be there and therefore it is created. Your relationship with Earth and all the cosmos will be clearer in the next three years as some of these events unfold.

Birth of the Third Earth

As you find the Earth and sun connect, some of the things that have been called solar flares, or coronal mass ejections, will be further understood because these particles are passing life to planet Earth. Planet Earth began as one of these particles. It began with an energy field around one of these particles and the field began to grow. It began to give form to the intention of god.  God had a thought to create planet Earth. Many of you think of god as an omnipresent being more powerful than everyone else, when it is actually you who are that thought. When you think of things of that nature, you create them. You have been creating something we call the Third Earth, a thought of god. It is your collective thoughts of what you would like to have and what you would like to see take place on planet Earth as it evolves. Your thoughts have formed a hologram for many forms of light. With your light, as you have a thought and as you create something with your thoughts, you send a beam of light. When many of those beams cross at different angles they create a three-dimensional object called a hologram from this particle. The hologram that you have created of the Third Earth is now in the process of over-imprinting the original hologram of Earth. You are redesigning planet Earth.

A while back someone asked, “Tell us more about the sick Earth. How can we help planet Earth to heal and to recover and move to the next level?” We told you very clearly that the Earth is not sick. She is pregnant. She is about to give birth. That is what you are looking at. She is giving birth to your thoughts. The Third Earth is being born; the seeds are now entering through the particles that you are now receiving through the sun. You are starting to see new discoveries of things that have just started to happen. It is incredibly exciting from our perspective, because we see you pulling the veil apart every part of the day to see what is really taking place.

Higher Vibration Hologram Over-Imprints Original Hologram

You will experience things start to unfold. On a collective basis you will see changes taking place in the business sector, as well as all organizations including governments.  If the template or base of the company will embrace and adapt to the age of empowerment, then it will flourish.  Most companies and organizations will have some changes they must deal with.  How they deal with those changes will determine their future in most cases.  If the collective can not adapt to the higher vibration it will fall apart very quickly. The economic flow problem you are now experiencing is an example of this. You will see more of the same, because when you have a high vibrational planet and a low vibrational planet  the hologram over-imprints the original hologram. Those elements which are not of a high enough vibration to make the shift will have difficulty, and many times will fall apart.  Yet, this is perfect on your path because the Shiva must come in and destroy everything so that the Shakti can build it anew. That is what is taking place on the larger scale. You will see it happening everywhere—not just in the economic systems and organizations. You will see it with groups of people or friends, and in your own environment on many levels. Without warning something will fall apart, or you will lose something only to make room for something else even better.  There is nothing wrong with this process, as it is exactly what you have been asking and waiting for. It is the ascension process and the evolution of Earth that you have set into motion yourselves. Take this opportunity to shine your light every place that you can. This is the trigger, the time to celebrate your light. The Earth is pregnant and she will be giving birth to the new Earth—your creations, your designs, a place that will support you no matter what you do, no matter which direction you try to go. You have created for yourself a magical environment.  Do not fear it now that it is finally coming. Step forward and create it into exactly what you need.

As the Earth is going through a pregnancy, she will go through some grumpy times just like any woman going through pregnancy. There will most likely be some hiccups in this pregnancy, but you can nurture her and work with her. You can work to coach the Earth through this pregnancy, and to help bring this next evolutionary process of your own design right here, right now. This is the creation of Heaven on Earth. It becomes imperative that you now step into your own right, and that you now step into your higher vibration that has been waiting there for you to hold your energy. Only you can do it. Nobody else can take that step for you. We can push all we want, but if you are not willing to walk to the edge of that cliff and spread your wings, you will never know that you can fly. You will never understand that you cannot go into something without creating the magic around it. You will always have it. You may think that you just happened to fall into this or into that, but we tell you that you can only experience it if you are out there falling. So get out there and fall. Get out there and make mistakes. If you wish to call them mistakes, that is fine. Whatever it is, the forward direction at this point in your lives is what will make all the difference in creating your reality to your liking, instead of the default answer that will be handed to those who do not create their own reality.

New Rules

Times have changed, dear ones. You are no longer sitting here as a result of circumstances. You are sitting here by your own accord.  Everything in your life is by your own conscious design. Take responsibility and bring yourself full of light, love and laughter first. Fill that cup first with your passion and doors will open for you to spread it throughout the universe. The doors will open for you to continue to create the Third Earth. They will open for you to create something magical that has never been there before. The time is now.

We are incredibly excited, for all eyes throughout the universe are watching planet Earth. Skeptics have thought that planet Earth would never work without the rules, guidelines, and the things that you thought you needed to keep you in place. Instead, you took the rules off and said, “Let us play a game with no rules at all, a game with no pre-direction. Let us play a game that is totally up to us and see if we can find our passion, see if we can find everything that we wanted to find.” It is before you now, directly on your path in whatever direction you move. It is easy for you to take a look right at this moment and say, “Well, here is the direction we are going and here is where I am going to be five years from now.” We ask you to please not use the old forms of creation any longer, for they will severely limit you. If you expect to go here, spirit has to scale down the plans for you in order to make that happen. Let it go. Do not set limits for yourself or worry about the destination. The destination is the illusion. It is the journey, all the experiences that you have from one point to the other, that matter. Those experiences are what life is about. You are not spirits trying to awaken from the dream. Awakening is easy. You just die and go Home, and that is that. No problem. Staying here and carrying the light within your physical body in your daily experiences is where the challenge is, and you are doing incredibly well.

Preparing for a Cosmic Event

You will witness cosmic events. You will see excitement from the scientists who follow those cosmic events; because they can see that something big is building. They still do not know what it is or exactly the direction it is headed, but neither does anyone else because you have not finished the creation yet. You have simply opened the door. This is your job, not ours. We are not here to help you stay on your path. However, we are here to help you re-member who you really are and what you came in with from the beginning. This is an empowered society that you are building unlike any society you have built before. Can you imagine a society established with customs instead of laws? It is what you are creating, dear ones, a place where each person is encouraged to carry their own empowerment without the need for leaders to take us here or to take us there. This is why we have asked you to begin spelling god with a little “g,” so you can find an entity to take your hand and walk one step to the next along with you instead of sitting on a high pedestal telling you which way you have to go. It is time for new relationships.. It is time to take your power in any way that you can to move into that area of passion, and even into those areas that you are somewhat afraid of. Yet, when you do, if you will just reach out your hand, you will see all the others right there, too

There was a very wise man who once said, “I have figured out how to get everything I want in my life. I do it by helping other people get what they want in their lives.” That is the cycle. That is the process you have come with for you are those who are called Lightworkers. It is a chosen title, not one we put on you, but a title that you put on yourself. You are the ones who have agreed to open those doors. You are the ones who have agreed to be the mirrors to people as they start to awaken, so that you can reflect their magnificence the same way that we reflect yours.

You have come so far, so fast. None of this was expected and we are so incredibly in love with you because you are us. You are the hand of god on planet Earth. You have manual dexterity in your world that is divine. It is your nature. We are so honored to be in the room with you, not the other way around.  You have created our greatest hopes and dreams already and now you are taking it even further.

We only have three little reminders for you. Treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and as your path becomes difficult, share that with others so that they may soften their path. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing here on planet Earth and play well together.


The group


The Group* Deep Contact ~ Activating the Clan of Beauty

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

September 15 2008

~ Deep Contact ~
Activating the Clan of Beauty

From Steve:

Barbara and I are very fortunate to have many very beautiful people in
our lives. Funny thing is that most the really beautiful people have
no idea that they are beautiful. I have worked with many in seminars
and private sessions where I help them see the patterns they have
formed, many times subconsciously, to hide their own beauty due to the
unwanted attention it often draws. Is it safe to let all of our own
real beauty be openly seen now? The group says not only is it
possible, but it will become important for us to be on purpose,
especially those who came from the Clan of Beauty. Yes it is safe, and
there are safe spaces where you can shine all of your light and share
all of your beauty. There are even safe places where you can enjoy
healthy sexual energy without fear. Finding and creating those safe
spaces will become very important as humanity takes this next quantum
leap in the road directly ahead. It will begin to activate the Sacred
Contracts of those from the Clan of Beauty.

The second topic of message was about a new level of communication
that was now possible to achieve for all of us. They called it “Deep
Contact” and although it is based on verbal and sensory communication,
it is a very deep level of trust and understanding of another human.
They likened this level of communication to the achievement of
“Timeless Love” which they say can now be achieved with many people in
your daily life. They say that people who achieve Deep Contact are so
much in love that they do not “need” each other.

When there are no restrictions to your own energy field you are free
to let another person all the way inside your heart. That is the most
intimate two souls can get in physical form. Particularly for those
from the Clan of Beauty, this has been very difficult in the past. To
achieve Deep Contact there must be no fear or restrictive energy. Even
the fear of judgment or the fear of what others think of you can block
the attainment of Deep Contact. All of your energy must be focused
outwardly to fearlessly shine your own light (beauty) so that you may
see an accurate reflection of yourself in the soul of your partner. It
is now possible on much deeper levels than ever before. They say it is
a level of deep communication we can attain with many people in our
lives, not just lovers. From the groups perspective it means letting
select other people openly see all of your soul and all of your
beauty. Are you ready for Deep Contact?

Have a great month, Lightworkers!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges. .
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Dear Ones, you have traveled a long way throughout the cosmos to place
yourself in these chairs at this moment. This is a very sacred
contract that you have set for yourselves, for one person can change
this planet. One person can set all of the energy necessary to make
this happen.

You are going to see some big changes on planet earth. We have told
you about these changes and have showed you the preparations underway
to allow them to begin, and now it is underway. Ready, set, go!

Your new lives are forming and the infrastructure is already starting
to move to support that new you. The “new you” is the person that you
have always known that was waiting to come out and to be free. It is
who has been waiting to have whatever it is that you thought you
needed, to do whatever it is that you came here to, and to bring your
flavor of Light from Home.

That is what has begun. You have made a conscious step into that
work, into your individual connection, and into what you came to do on
this planet. We wish to share with you some ideas and concepts that
will help ease your transition and help you to understand that you are
now looking at life and everyone here with different eyes. You now
have a different perspective than ever before.

What Time Is it Now?

One of the things that we wish to offer you this day is about time.
It is no coincidence that the keeper’s keeper has just spoken about
time. We tell you now, as we have told you before, that time is
simply an illusion. Time does not exist throughout the universe; it
is an illusion for the game of free choice. And it is an illusion
given to you to help you to understand that your concepts are actually
finite. You have a beginning and an end. The time in between is what
you are traveling with, what you are currently working with.

Yet, look back at all the many experiences that you have had, thinking
back on the timeline. Whether the experiences were positive or
negative, supportive or degrading, it really makes no difference.
Because when you look at those experiences, they are all related to a
time line in the beginning. You remember them from years past, those
formative events that happened in your life to help make you who you
are, and you will understand that they do not fit into a time line any
longer. Carrying your Light, all of your Light, in your physical body
means that you have already had an opportunity to start removing your
experiences from the time line.

Let us give you some specific examples and ideas that might help you
to do this. One of the most important pieces of your work in the time
line is to realize that in the illusion of the time line of past
present and future, only one of them is real.. The present is what we
live in all the time; we are here in the present moment every second.
That is all that exists for us, because there is no future for us.
There is no past on which we are relying, that has made us who we are,
and pointed us in the direction of our choosing. The reality is that
now it is starting to move free form, and you are beginning to release
those illusions. As you do, you can start releasing the past and the
future and begin living in the present. It is the circular time that
we live in, that which you actually live in as spirits, as souls.
With that information come new concepts, so let us speak specifically
about two which are very closely related.

The Clan of Beauty

First, we wish to tell you more about the seven clans. We have spoken
about them many times before, but one of the clans is starting to
enact on this planet at this moment it is the Clan of Beauty. The
Clan of Beauty is a very difficult clan to be from, because it means
that you have come from Home with nothing but beauty to see. You are
on a constant search for beauty, and for your expressions of beauty on
this planet. Some of you will take that in the form of physical
beauty to reflect it back to other people. Some will search for
beauty behind a camera, where the most incredible moments of time are
captured in pictures. When someone walks into a room and sees your
version of beauty, your version of Home is expressed on planet earth.

There are many who will reflect your beauty for you, because they are
actually in the business of reflecting other people’s beauty. It is a
very rewarding business to be spreading beauty throughout this planet.
However, beauty has had a challenge on this planet because it has
been abused and misused. Beauty has often been misunderstood for what
it truly is. We wish to speak of that today, because there are many of
you who are now standing up to take your place and in helping all of
us see the beauty of Home reflected on planet earth. Consequently,
many of you who are from the Clan of Beauty will start to awaken to
your true purpose and your passion. You will start to make more sense
of why you have done certain things, and why you have experienced
certain things in the way that you did.

Hiding the Light (Beauty)

Let us tell you the story of a young girl named Jane. She was
considered to be very pretty even as a baby, with beauty shining in
her eyes. As she grows, she starts reflecting more of her physical
beauty as the spirit anchors fully into the physical body. Soon she
gets more comfortable with it and even begins to use her beauty. Jane
begins to see her beauty as a gift that can be shared. Of course,
there are the many who see that beauty, that Light, and want to own it
or control it. Quite often that is where the challenges come from. In
fact, many of those who are now standing up to take their places, but
have scar tissue that must first be healed.

Sometimes it is about abuse, but sometimes it is just that they are
aware that their presence invokes a certain unwanted energy.. This
happens with both men and women, and many times because of that those
from the Clan of Beauty learn to hold back their energy a little bit.
They learn to hide some of what they are showing so that it is not
misinterpreted, so that it is not abused, and so that it is not
controlled in any way, shape or form. Jane did exactly that. She As
a teenage girl with a tremendous amount of physical beauty, Jane
learned to hide her beauty. She learned to walk giving off a certain
image, sharing only a certain amount of Light. It is almost as if
there was a filter in front of Jane’s inner Light that allowed only a
certain amount to be shared with and seen by others, because that is
what felt safe to her.

The collective vibration of humanity has reached a level at which your
beauty is needed. Humanity needs your reflection of beauty. Those of
you, like Jane, who grew up with these challenges in your heart and
disappointment with humanity, have learned to use your incredible
beauty on you own. You have learned to express it in a totally
different way, in a safe and comfortable way, finding that you can
actually empower others.

Learning to Shine Beauty

Jane grew up finding ways to show other people their own beauty. She
became a very powerful teacher, making a tremendous difference on this
planet through owning her own inner beauty. Re-member, this is not
physical beauty alone. Physical beauty varies greatly from person to
person, so there is no one definition of physical beauty. Whenever you
see a person, animal, plant, crystal or something that resonates of
beauty within you, then you have a connection which helps you to
re-member Home. That is what you are doing right now. You are trying
to stir up and revive all of your memories of Home so that you can
bring it here, to create the new earth right here in the same place
that the old one once was. The new earth is a beautiful place; it
carries much more of the beauty of Home.

Much the same way that you are being physically re-wired to carry more
of your own Light, properties, and energy through your physical body,
the earth is being re-wired to reflect and to hold this place and
beauty. It will be a place of beauty that cannot be controlled, abused
or used.

So we ask you to create your reality by your own expectations, because
your point of perception is what creates your reality. If you wish to
change your reality, simply change your point of perception. We will
give you another view, another opportunity to see things differently.
Now is the time for you to find beauty in your world Dear Ones.
Whether you come from the Clan of Beauty or not, this is what you are
doing, you are re-building heaven here and beauty is what will come of
that. Many of you who had always thought you had no physical beauty
will start to see yourself in a different way now. You will see your
physical beauty, because it is an attitude and nothing more.
Confidence, soul confidence, is the only thing that allows you to
bring the full beauty from Home here.

We have tried to share with you concepts, ideas, thoughts and other
ways of looking at yourself that would help you build that soul
confidence, but only you can do that.. You are the only one who has
the ability to work in that energy. You are on the right path. That
is what is coming up more than anything else at this time, an
opportunity for you to find beauty on this earth.

Deep Contact; A New Level of Communication

There is one other point that we wish to cover. You have reached many
levels of communication in your lifetimes. You have ways of
communicating with people on very superficial levels, on ‘business’
levels (which you love to call it), and on romantic levels. Yet your
communication with your children can be quite deep and to-the-point,
which is quite different from the normal interactions in your
workplace, for instance.

However, there are new levels of communication coming that are based
on timeless love. That is starting to happen on planet earth. It was
never, ever expected, but that is your latest human creation. This is
new and at this moment is very rare in the human experience. Yet, due
the rate of vibrational change on this planet right now this is now a
possibility. As with similar possibilities in the past you have
quickly made them daily experiences. With this new contact, now it is
possible for one person to make a connection with another soul on the
deepest possible soul level, while you are still in the human bodies.
That was never possible before. In this way a major part of the veil
will be removed over time.

When you make that contact or connection with a person on that level,
everything changes outwardly for you at that point. It is easy to see
how it has already begun. Many of you will start to move into this
area and start to work with your relationships to reach this new
level. Over time, you will find one or two of these connections that
you can make, and you will develop them strongly. You will work with
them to make that deep contact, a point at which it does not require
speaking to share what is in your heart.

There is a level of connection that does not always require spoken
words, but still their meanings will go right to the heart and energy
that you are intending them to. That is only possible once you reach
a level of trust within yourselves to be able to reflect that beauty,
and to be the Light that you are. That is starting for each and every
one of you at this point. Look for those people that you can make
this deep contact with, because once you start establishing this deep
level of connection you will find that you have no time for those old
connections. You will find yourself getting very intolerant of
superficial relationships wherever they are. Many of you will
actually leave your jobs as a result of the superficial connections
and the inability to truly express what is in your heart. Only when
you make these deep connections, these deep contacts, can you reflect
someone else’s beauty.

That is the key and what we wish to ask you to do this day. Do you
like to see your own beauty? Would you like to see who you really
are? Reflect someone else’s beauty in your eyes. Reflect someone
else’s beauty in that heart of yours that you have come in with, with
that part of the Home you brought in. If you are able to be the
mirror and connect to others in that fashion, your life will have
purpose and meaning beyond your understanding, for you are a creator.
Your creations are going to now begin to grow, because you no longer
have the restrictions that you once had. You no longer have those
difficulties and old belief systems that kept you from moving in that
direction. So, look for these people to make this deep level contact
with and start practicing this concept that we have told you about —
timeless love — and you will see an exciting change on this planet.
You will start to see your heart come alive, and see creativity in
areas that you never thought you were creative in. You will start to
see magical things happen, and experience doors opening at just the
right time. Coincidences? We love the word ‘coincidence’. We call
them ‘cosmic winks’ because nothing is by accident. You have brought
something very beautiful from Home. Find people to share it with.
Find people to make that deep level soul connection with, where you
can be on the same path that they are even if it is only for five
minutes. Work with that on a daily basis and you will change the
world from the inside out, Dear Ones. You will start connecting in
ways you never dreamed were possible. That is what is happening; you
are beginning to channel the Light from Home. As it comes through
your physical being, your eyes, your smile, your words, whatever it is
that you do to express your beauty to planet earth becomes magical and
very powerful.

Own Your Beauty

Own your beauty. It is time. Look for those beautiful opportunities
to make that deep level soul contact at every chance you can, for it
will change this planet overnight. We cannot wait to see what you do
with that.

Dear Ones, we can spend so much time with you here because your hearts
are ready to take this next step. Your experiences have placed you in
a position where you are ready to jump off the cliff. You are ready to
make the next step no matter where it leads you, because you know in
your heart that there is a path that you have chosen and you are on
it. You cannot get off the path. Isn’t that wonderful? Dare to
play! Dare to have a beautiful human experience, and above all do not
fear that beauty which is yours. It is directly from Home. It is
your gift to humanity.

We leave you with three little reminders to treat each other with
respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well


The group


Time for Changes

At the last broadcast I talked about changes that are constantly in
our reality on almost a daily bases. Whenever I go through a great
period of change I always take a deep breath and acknowledge the
change. Then I congratulate myself for having the courage to go
through it with hopefully the right perspective. I know all change
leads to something better and takes us to our next level of who we
are, but now time moves so fast it does not allow us the luxury of
incorporating these changes making us feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes.

I talked about my sadness in my heart especially during these last
five months since our grandbaby was born that I am not physically
closer to all our loved ones in California. With our Lightworker
schedule of traveling I feel the need of balance by being able to see
our family whenever we are home instead of arranging periodic visits
when time allows. I have tried to regain my sense of the closeness to
the family that is felt in my heart all the time but still feel the
need for living in the same area. We are determining if Las Vegas is
the best place to live or if we will return to San Diego. The
decision will be one Steve and I agree on because foremost in my life
is being with Steve and continuing with Lightworker, spreading our

I celebrate the wonderful life that Steve and I have created in Las
Vegas. I have never felt such support and love from our friends and
spiritual family as I do here. I know that you can create magic
wherever you are. I appreciate the now and am open to what happens in
the future. That is the exciting part that connects you to yourself.
See the possibilities and not the limitations of what this life has
to offer.

As Steve and the group often say “If you are not happy with your
reality, dare to choose again”. I have given this advice to our two
sons before. “Do not ever feel like you are stuck in life. If some
part of your life is not giving you joy, open your heart and mind and
see that change can be the path to your total happiness.”

Before the channel on the last broadcast I encouraged everyone to
listen to their own guidance. My higher self said to me in a loud,
clear word.” TIME”. I have peace inside of me now. I know I will
now take more time to look at major changes presented to me. This
will allow me to have an adjustment period to decide what is best for
me and anyone else who would be affected by my decision. I fully
enjoy the moment I have created for who I am today.


Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light
through Empowerment


The Group*Activating Sacred Contracts

Activating Sacred Contracts ~

~ Re-minders from Home ~
From Steve:

This message is one of the deeper messages from the group. Here they returned us to the overview of humanity that they began last month, but this time they went deeper and gave us a more specifics of the process ahead for all of humanity. They wanted us to know that what many people are feeling and the strange things happening to many Lightworkers is placing us in the perfect spot to be in preparation for what is about to happen. Sacred Contracts are being activated on a large scale.

As I was speaking the words I felt as if this message was going to be a key note channel that we will refer to for many years. Recently I have noticed the word and concepts of “magnetism” being brought up in many of the channels. This usually means that they are preparing us for something big. Even though I have the group on my shoulder they doe not give me any special treatment as far as specifics. Only time will tell but here is what I think just happened: In this channel the group explained how we create our worlds and our realities with a magnetic field. They said we could not measure this field because we do not have a clear understanding of how humans interact with energy. They gave a very interesting explanation on how we interact with our world through subtle variations over a background vibration. Although they did not use this example, I understood it to be like a powerful carrier wave on which many smaller si gnals can be carried.

The point I want to make is that I knew as I was speaking the words that this concept of perception being only in the Variations in Light was a concept we will all get to understand as humanity begins to awaken from this dream. I have often spoken of my process of channeling as receiving these packages that I have to unpack and translate. Well, let’s just say that I was aware that a very big package was just dropped in my lap that may take me some time to unravel. I’m looking forward to it!
Have a great month all!
Big Hugs and gentle nudges. .

Greetings from Home

Planning the Game

Dear ones, you have come with such a job, such a task. You have come in with the greatest of possibilities. Somewhere in your heart you know that you have come in with something to offer others. You have come in with a very unique part of Home. Yes, most of you have no clue exactly what that is, but yet you have little ideas sometimes that lead you in this direction or that direction. Knowing that makes you smile a little more than before. You have no idea that this smile is actually the highest direction for your soul to travel. That is where the joy comes from. That is the path you laid out for yourself for the highest possibilities even before you were born onto this Earth. It was during the first stage of life which is the Planning Stage that you all sat around a big table and called in thousands of souls to be part of your game. You asked this one to be Dad, and that one to be Aunt Harriet and you asked this one to play your annoying sister who is going to drive you crazy. You asked this one to play your brother and this one to be your first lover in high school who would change your life forever. And this one over here would be the first one to abandon you and would you love me enough to play the bad guy in my game? Then you set up all these potentials, but you also set up another potential that we wish to talk about today.

We have spoken of it before when we spoke of your Sacred Contract. Yes, it is a form of the Plan B contract which we have told. The interesting part is that most of you in this room and watching this broadcast are more likely on Plan D or F rather than Plan B, but the illustration still serves. Many of you have evolved and gone through the different vibrational ranges. As you evolve and humanity continues to raise the collective vibration, different layers of you as teachers and leaders start to unfold. You come out of nowhere and shed layers like an onion. All of a sudden, there is a beautiful rose in the middle. You are starting to find that now. The color is starting to show through and the beauty is starting to form. That is what is taking place with many of you on the Earth at this moment. There is a part where your sacred contract is starting to enact. In preparation for that, what is taking place is that you are going through a rewiring process. We have also spoken of this. We wish to tie a number of things together today so you will know what is happening on this planet at this moment to Lightworkers.

The Re-wire and the 2 Halves of the Brain

We shared a bit of this last month as we spoke about the current situation and how the transition into passion was probably the most important thing that you could do at this point—to move away from working hard to working passionately—to find those pieces that lit you up inside and to figure out a way to do more of it, to have more of that in your life in order to become a bit brighter. We also tell you the rewiring process in the physical body is taking place at this time. It will be stretching out over a period of years and your scientists will not actually validate this for probably another 25-50 years simply because evolution takes time. Let us explain the easiest way to understand this.
In the beginning, when you came to Earth the first time in physical form, the Earth was still warm. You were not able to have physical bodies at that time. You had ethereal bodies much like you consider angels, yet you have inhabited Earth from the beginning of her inception. That is why she was born. She is part of you and you are part of her. You are in an evolutionary process. This process is on this side of the veil and therefore has to pretend to be finite. In order to be finite, it must have a beginning and an end.

Well, you passed the end a while back. Now you are in overtime. Now you are starting to create new possibilities every day with the fact that the restrictions of where you were going and the path you laid out has reached an end. Now you create the path just before your foot hits the ground. You are looking for those wonderful crystals that light you up inside. Those pieces you placed here so that when you experience your passion, you become the highest use to the Universe that you can be. That is very exciting. You also scripted the highest possibility. You said, “If, if, if and if humanity happens to reach this unbelievable, improbable level, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to do more than anything else.” We call that your Sacred Contract and those are starting to be enacted right now. This is the level that humanity is just starting to reach and as a result, many of you are going through changes that you are unfamiliar with.

The Veil Exists Between the Halves of the Brain

Yes, the body is being rewired. The simplest way to describe the wiring process is that you will now carry more of your spirit in the physical body than you ever have before. An energetic wiring must take place to facilitate that. You will carry more light in the physical body than you ever have ever carried before. We are talking about if you smile. We are talking about when you flash your eyes. We are talking about every word that you speak carries that energy with it and brings that energy Home right now.

One of the other things that is taking place is that the veil exists in the space between the brain. That is why the two lobes of the brain are separated. One exists in the infinite world; one exists in the finite world. One represents your spirit as it truly is in the right hemisphere of the brain. The left hemisphere of the brain allows you to pretend to be a human and puts every one of your experiences in the illusion of the timeline: past, present and future. Of course the challenge of the timeline is that you believe those are real. It is an illusion. Of the past, present and future, only one is real and that is right now. The past is only a memory. The future is only a potential. Many times you live in those areas of the past or the present because the present is so uncomfortable sometimes, so what we are asking you to do is to start removing all of your experiences from the timeline. That will help you tremendously as you start to step into this process. Let u s give you some specific examples of how to do that.

Remove Your Experiences from the Timeline

Here you are, driving along. You love your automobiles and we love to watch you because your automobiles often reflect your emotions. Sometimes you step on it and go crazy. Other times you gently move along and slip through life. It is so much fun to see you drive your vehicles—especially the colors you paint them and all the fun things you do to them. So here you are driving along with dangling balls are hanging from your mirror. We watch as you make this vehicle an extension of who you are. Many times you forget exactly where you are going because you get into driving and it is almost as if the steering wheel becomes part of you and the gas pedal and the engine become part of you and they react to your every whim. You can do this with light. That is what is happening. You are starting to become comfortable with your surroundings and how you can alter them and how you can make them an extension of you. Up to this point the veil has existed between the two lobe s of the brain to keep you from re-membering.

Now we take you back to the car because you are driving along having a wonderful time and boom! You hit something. It is serious. Money is involved. People are not quite sure they are okay, but they are shaken up. You are shaken up emotionally because suddenly you have lost a level of trust in yourself. Now you have doubts about you and everything around you. We tell you that at this very moment you have but a split second to remove that experience from the timeline before it sets in. If you will stop right then and release yourself from what just happened and what you are projecting will happen and say, “You know what? I am okay. I walked away with a little bump on my head, but it is going to go away in 2 days. It is no problem. I am okay.” When these situations arise in life begin to train yourself to remove the timeline. Are you okay right now? Are you feeling any part of your passion for what you came here to do right now? If not, wh at do we need to do is to get you there because that is what our work is about. If you start removing everything from the timeline and understand that the illusion of the future is only a potential and the past is only a memory—which can be changed, by the way. You rewrite your history books all the time. There is no reason you cannot rewrite your personal history as well and it is done often these days. It is a very common practice which will become even more common as time goes forward. You will not release all negative experiences in your past because you put those negative experiences there for a reason, but you will release your attachment to those negative experiences and your energy that affects you today because of those negative experiences. Now you build on what you have in this moment.

The Brain is Growing Back Together

Be here now. That is the piece that you want to bring back into your energy to find this right now. That is the way to start removing your experiences from the illusion of a timeline. So you have the timeline. We will call it good and bad, we will call it right and wrong, we will call it past, present and future. Whatever it is, you have a tendency to see things in the field of duality. That field is also changing because along with the rewire, along with your ability to carry more light in your physical body and more of your spirit on a daily basis, you will understand how things are starting to change on the grander scale. With that you will understand that you no longer have the restrictions you used to have. The challenge is that those restrictions were in your past and with your belief systems, you believe you still have them today so starting to remove your belief systems from the timeline can start to open up all the possibilities for you. In the long run it i s no challenge to tell you that in a short time of perhaps only 50 years, scientists will discover that the two halves of the brain are starting to form one. That is what we are calling the rewire.

The synaptic pathways currently being formed are new synaptic pathways. That is one of the things you can do to start working with your energy. You can start multitasking on purpose. You can start listening to a conversation over here and have a thought process over here at the same time. You can start doing different things in different areas to stretch your belief systems and stretch your imagination and actually exercise your brain because those are things to help these new synaptic pathways to form. Eventually they will form as small chemical/electrical wires between the two halves of the brain. You have them now by the millions and yet they are not enough to form the two halves of the brain together so they exist in separate worlds as the two halves of the
brain. The right brain is representing you, your spirit in the infinite world and the left brain is expressing you, your spirit in the finite world allowing for a spirit to pretend to be a human and to pretend to be disconnected from each other. In a very short period of time, those two halves are going to grow together. The human animal is evolving to help your spirit have a more fruitful life borrowing one of these bodies for a short time. That is what is taking place and because of that, your Sacred Contracts are starting to enact. This is happening on a global basis. Many of you do not know what is taking place. Some of you worry about it and think you are doing something wrong. Let us explain how it may look in many different forms.

Building New Infrastructures of Light

One of the commonalities that is happening to Lightworkers is that their surrounding circumstances—whether that is the physical location of where they are living or whether that be their set of friends, or their support network—is starting to change. What is taking place is that you are building a new infrastructure for your light. That means new support networks. It does not mean that you have to walk away from your friends. It does not mean that you will have to move from a city you love living in. It does not mean that you have to move out of the current house you are in but it would not surprise us to see all of those things happen. You have choice, dear ones. You are not predestined to anything. All choice is honored on this planet. It goes back to the Star Trek prime directive. That is the prime directive in all of the universe. Hands off planet Earth. No rules at all. And here you are winning the game. Here you are leading the way vibrational ly doing something that has never been done with any game, anywhere. You are creating something very magical. You are now bringing Home directly here and that is exciting, and scary. You have asked to be placed in the highest position to do your work and you have been heard so welcome those changes. Do not fear them. Know that a new supporting network is forming around you to push you into your sacred contract to allow you to be the person you can always be and to do the type of work that you want to do. It is working. In order to do that fully it means finding new support networks and creating a new infrastructure of light. That is taking place in your daily world as we speak.

It will be happening to more and more Lightworkers. Many will gather in chat rooms or on message boards and talk about all the changes going on. Why us? The rest of the world does not seem to be doing that. The reason is simple: You are reaching that trigger level where your Sacred Contracts are being enacted. So many of you brought parts from Home that are so incredibly unique. You have something to give that nobody else can. Your flavor of light is unique. There are many flavors. It is like ice cream. Sometimes you like chocolate and sometimes you like strawberry. Sometimes you like vanilla. Sometimes you mix them all together and make strange colors. The reality is that you have choice because all of it is light so choose your flavor of light. Choose that part you like and find those pieces of crystal on the path that light you up because that is what you are going to teach. That is what you are going to move and share with other people.

Know that you have been heard. Many of you are at points in your lives where you are without support. Your jobs have ended and you do not know where you are going. Some of you have gone through divorces and feel alone at this time or your families do talk to you because of some misunderstanding. Know that this is all part of your rearrangement, dear ones. Spirit has a plan. It is your plan. You just cannot re-member it because of the silly veil you carry, but that is going away. Spirit re-members. Your higher self knows exactly the direction you wanted to move if, if and if and those things are taking place now.

Magnetism Over a Background Vibration

The doors are opening magnetically. You work with magnetics on levels that you do not understand and we define magnetism slightly different than your physical sciences do. It is a much broader spectrum of light than you currently give it credit for. We also tell you that there are energies—when you talk about energy, all energy is infinite. Magnetism is energy and that same energy exists at Home. This is something you are accustomed to at Home because you interact with your world through magnetism. They are very subtle fields not measured in gauss strengths or ways you are accustomed to measuring magnetism, but it will not be long before you are able to see those fields and what we are describing to you now will make complete sense then. We can give you a hint here. Those of you with scientific bent that want to take this information and pick it apart, we will even tell you where to begin. To begin with you must understand that humans react to chang es, variations of light, not light. In other words, it is easier for you to see this if you have sound. If someone is playing a background sound (makes a buzzing noise) and takes your attention, if someone speaks to you, you will still hear them with perfect clarity because they are a variation of this constant sound. Your ears and your brain automatically adjust to pick up the differences in the subtle energy field. The same is true with light. Your eyes adjust automatically to different levels and parts of light. Because of that, when you go out and see colors coming from a car or a building, it is literally a fact that it is a variation of the background color. The same is true with magnetism, dear ones. This is why it has not yet been possible for you to measure these energy fields with the current equipment you have because you are measuring the background noise and not the subtle variations.

These subtle variations in your own magnetic field are how you interact with the universe around you. That is how you create everything and pull everything to you. That is the energetic field that every thought goes out into your energetic field and matches with everybody else’s. That is how you create things. You set up the magnetic field and they magically show up. You are currently creating a new infrastructure for yourself. Some of you have felt you are a failure because you know you are a teacher and you are not out there doing it or it is just not working. Perhaps you even tried. Perhaps you made the business cards and flyers or stepped out and wrote the book and it is not selling. You may feel that you have to regroup and do something else. Please do not judge yourselves, dear ones. Most of you are just slightly of the game, dear ones. Most of you got there before the rest of the collective vibration was ready for what you have. We promise you, we are no t letting you off this planet until you have a chance to give what you came to give them. You brought a piece from Home and it is now possible for all of you to step into your passion. That is the great possibility not only of the rewire, but now that all of humanity is changing and ready to take this now. That is exciting beyond belief because it was not planned in the beginning. It is something that you, as god, have created.

Surrounding Yourself with the Highest Vibration

You are changing the game every day. You are stepping into something that you wished you could always do and now you have a chance to do it. Fear it not and do not fear those little changes for they will happen to all of you. You will see adjustments taking place. Some of you will be moved to different locations. Some of you will find other support coming in to where you are, but you are in process of building an infrastructure for your light right now and that will activate your Sacred Contract.
Dear ones, we cannot tell you the love we have for you. It is not possible for us to give you the concepts of things that humans simply cannot hold at this moment. You are getting close and you are starting to feel it not only for us, but for each other. That is where the magic is. When you look in another’s eyes, you are looking in the eyes of god. That is what the veil keeps you from seeing and yet if you know that ahead of time and you search for god when you look them in the eyes, you will find it. You may not convince them of it, but that is okay. Create your environment with those people and beings around you that can be in their highest vibration. Help them to become empowered because it empowers you. It builds your infrastructure to put you around empowered people that can help make a difference on this planet not only in their passion, but to help you form your infrastructure for light. That is what you are doing.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy every moment of it. You are here on overtime and you are changing every part of it. Yes, the Earth was going to end and yes, she is still heading in that direction and yet you have changed. You will also change the Earth. You will rebirth a new Earth as part of your infrastructure of light. Fear it not. Work with her now. Work with her and your own energy field and work with those around you. Start making those connections to find your support. Whatever feeds your heart, makes you smile, makes your eyes a little bit brighter…those are the things you are doing right now to build your energy for your Sacred Contract. Enjoy every moment of it. We love you more than you know and we are with you every moment that you allow us to be there and for that, we are eternally grateful.
We leave you with 3 little reminders to treat each other with respect for you truly are looking into the eyes of god. Nurture one another and empower each another every chance you get and do not forget to play well together.
The group


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