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Multidimensional New.:.January 2008


We the Arcturians wish you a Happy and Transformative 2008. Your life may appear to be on hold at this moment as many of you are in your cocoon. You are birthing your new SELF and being in the quiet so that you can allow the re-wiring of your brain and consciousness so that you may more easily integrate the higher frequency light that is coming into your personal and planetary body.

We do not wish to give you predictions, but we want to comfort you now, as fear may be attempting to enter your consciousness. You see, our One, you are about to embark on a great journey, which can ignite the old, habitual fear of the unknown. You are correct in the feeling that you need to be in the stillness in order to prepare for that which is actually an entirely new perception of reality. For much of your life you have associated busy-ness with success. Now, you will need to reprogram that belief. Busy-ness is effort and frenetic action. The way you will live your new life will be in ease and flow. Action will take on a new meaning, as you will no longer feel the need to “try hard” or “work” for that which you wish to manifest. In fact, you will not manifest as much as you will surrender to the Flow and allow your personal expression of the ONE to take form in your physical reality.

When your consciousness intermingles with the ONE, you realize that your earth vessel is your personal portal into the holographic experience of a third- dimensional, polarized world. In a polarized reality, love and fear are constantly at odds. It is this conflict that urges the grounded ones to try harder so that they can overcome their fear and somehow find love. Unfortunately, for most third dimensionals fear is easily found and love is extremely illusive. Hence, fear becomes the common foundation for feelings and thoughts, as well as the actions that result from them.

On the other hand, once your consciousness is firmly rooted in the ONE much of your fear is released from your consciousness, which dramatically alters your perception of the 3D Game. Without fear as an impetus to spur you into action, you may feel almost bored. “What is going on?” you might ask. “It is so quiet and nothing seems to be happening.” What you are really experiencing is NO effort. Effort has usually accompanied your sensations of work, success, self esteem and so many other expressions for most of your physical life. Hence, when effort is taken from your reality, you are inclined to think that something is wrong.

Yet, nothing is wrong and nothing is right, for as your consciousness releases the dramas of the third dimension and instead attaches to the ONE, polarities begin to lose their power. You may still experience the pull of the third dimensional dramas as they try to bring you back into the old operating system of effort and work. However, do not try to resist this feel, for resistance makes the rope of personal limitation tighten. Instead, simply let go of the drama of fear and worry to exchange the feeling of effort and work for the experience of being in the Flow.

When things are going well, this release is relatively simply. On the other hand, when fear knocks at your door, adrenalin is released into your system and your earth vessel strives to “work harder.” The definition of work is “effort over time,” which pulls you deeper into the 3D dramas and illusions. Your challenge is to call upon the ONE to assist you in overcoming your hormones’ call to battle. As we have stated, the absence of fear, drama and effort engaging your mind can make you believe that something is wrong, or will go wrong soon. You base this belief on a lifetime of your third dimensional limitations in which no effort often meant that you weren’t trying hard enough.

Now, our ONE, there is no need to “try harder” for the silence simply means that you are transforming within your cocoon. Your long history of physical reality urges you to struggle and push your way out of the cocoon and into whatever challenge you will meet next. Therefore, we encourage you to wait in peace and joy. Waiting in peace and joy keeps your consciousness firmly rooted in the ONE and allows you to accept the inflow and outflow of the ONE. When you are in inflow, you are recharging your 3D batteries so that you can experience your outflow free of effort and work.

As always, your breathing with intention regulates your consciousness. If you breathe with the intention of getting it done?even if you are tired, even if you are angry and even if you are afraid?you will lower your consciousness for you will invite the rush of adrenalin. This adrenalin then ushers in the consciousness of Fight/Flight, as well as the anxiety that accompanies this state of consciousness. However, if you can breathe with the intention of waiting in peace and joy, you will give your earth vessel the message that all is well, and it can relax into a state of calmness.


Take a few deep sighs to release any pent up anxiety and then relax into your body. Take a long moment to imagine just how peace would feel to you, and allow yourself to indulge in that sensation. Then take another long moment to imagine how joy would feel to you and allow that joy to enter into your awareness.

Inhale PEACE

Hold the peace

Exhale JOY

Hold the joy

Three times?or more,

Inhale Peace?HOLD

And exhale Joy?HOLD

Breathe in this fashion until you feel that peace and joy has filled your consciousness.

Practice this breathing in the morning, so that you can more easily remember to hold this intention in the midst of your busy day. You may also wish to breathe in this manner before you go to bed to insure a calm and restful sleep.

Remember, dear ONES, we are always sharing our infinite peace and joy with you. KNOW that the path before you is of your own creation. YOU are in control because YOU are your SELF. You are ONE with your SELF and your SELF is ONE with the Flow.

Do not resist, and do not try. Release old beliefs of effort and allow your SELF to guide you into the Flow and keep you there. Then, just relax and allow your new life to unfold before and within you. Call upon us, the Arcturians, and we will assist you to awaken to your new life.

We are within the ONE; hence, we are ONE with you.


In your new life, you are an infant. You look at a world that is foreign now, yet also exactly the same. You see, feel, hear and know the mist of change that swirls around inside you.

As you experience your life now, you hear yourself saying, “How did that happen? I wasn’t expecting it; I didn’t plan it.” More and more, things are just happening. You seem to be floating in a sea of possibilities. If you relax into the Flow of the ONE, you can find the Center Current to easily travel to your next destination. This location or experience may be a total surprise, as well as exactly what you have wanted but dared not ask for.

In your new life, you don’t ask. Instead, you receive. Possibilities drift before you as though they are sparkles of light on a gently moving stream.

Yes, sometimes your vision blurs and you can no longer see the stream of light. It is then that your hearing diminishes and you no longer hear the quiet flow of possibilities as they impinge upon your heart and mind. It is then that you regress into the “you” that you no longer are, and forget the “you” that you have become. Then, instead of living in the Flow, you find yourself living in the shadow of doubt. Within this doubt are fear, depression, anxiety, sorrow and anger.

Fortunately, in your new life, you can remember to ignore fear and focus on love. You can do this because, in your new life, there is love. This love is not just romantic love or love of family and friends, but love of life. Love of life was not abundant before. You could visit that feeling, but it was difficult to stay.

Now, in your new life, it is fear that is the visitor, and love that resides within you. In your new life, you love all of life because you love ALL of you.

Yes, judgment tries to invade your thoughts, but compassion is the antidote and acceptance the cure. You know this because you understand that all is as it should be in the NOW of the ONE. You also recognize that the Flow must wash ashore that which needs to be removed. Once the obstacles of life were barriers, but now they are that which is ready to be released, that which is ready to be transmuted from leaden fear into golden love. You have patience for this process because while you are ONE with the Flow you are also ONE with the NOW. Hence, there is no “time.”

Of course, you still fall out of the flow, out of the NOW and out of the ONE. It is then that you forget that you are ONE with your SELF, your Planet, your Solar System and your Galaxy. You forget that you are no longer a finite person gazing into infinity, but an infinite being gazing into a finite reality. With that forgetfulness, you believe the illusions of limitation and feel the separate from your surrounding world.

In your new life, you have just awakened from a long, long sleep of forgetfulness. Because you have awakened, you no longer believe the limitations, as you remember they are not real. You can also see through the veil of separation, to perceive the ONE.

At first, it was difficult to wake up because you still listened to and cared about what other sleeping ones told you. But now, you have awakened, and you can clearly see those who are awake and those who still slumber. The Sun of a new reality is rising just above the horizon. Many sleeping ones fear the rising Sun, as they still believe that the ending is worse than the new beginning. Fortunately, in your new life, there are no endings. In fact, there are no beginnings. Ending and beginning are finite terms, concepts that created the dreams of your long sleep.

Now, you can dream freely, for you are awake and your dreams are real. You know your dreams are possibilities that travel within the Flow of the ONE, and you can easily step into a dream or choose to step into another dream, another reality. Your choice is made, not by desire, but by surrendering to the Flow of the SELF to whom you have awakened. Your SELF is the rest of you that you didn’t know while you were still asleep.

In your new life, your SELF expands more and more each day. Sometimes you still fall out of the Flow, just as a toddler falls between steps. But, like a persistent toddler, you are aware that your new life has many wonders to explore.

Each day, new adventures float into your life. Each day, you take another step into your new reality, your new SELF. When you fall, which you often do, you can hear your SELF encouraging you to continue. Then, when your try again, you can FEEL your inner SELF reminding you that you don’t need to try. Instead, you can just relax and surrender to the Flow of the ONE.

When you surrender, you instantly remember that,
in you new life you are an infant.


The first thing we may notice in our new life is that we are actually IN our body and aware of its every need. Perhaps, we really are the captain of our earth vessel. Does that mean that we have completely integrated our Multidimensional SELF, as well? As we look inside, we see that the answer is one which is not easily answered. To be totally honest, we would likely say that most of the time our Soul is, at least, overseeing our life. Much like our ego/self once oversaw our thoughts, emotions and action, our Soul/SELF is now the observer of our everyday life.

Sometimes our Soul observes us falling into unconscious reactions. However, with the minute to minute interactions with our integrating Multidimensional SELF, our unconscious ego/self is quickly revealed as the source of our old, habitual behavior. The main shift is that whereas our ego would happily judge and reprimands us, our Soul unconditionally loves, accepts and forgive us.

Hence, since we no longer have the dreaded fear of judgment, we are able to constantly reveal our self to our SELF. We no longer worry, “Am I good enough now?” With the freedom from internal judgment, we find we are less plagued by the fear of external judgment. In fact, judgment is less of an issue, except that our Soul does lovingly point out when we judge others.

Our main confusion is that, while we know that we have completed the download and integration of our Multidimensional Soul/SELF into our ego/self, we are also aware that this process is infinite. In other words, the process of being our SELF and being our planet is a dynamic ongoing process which will never end. It will, instead, expand. In fact, as we live in the NOW, we also expand our concept of ONE with our every breath.

Furthermore, every moment that we surrender into the Flow, our concept of the ONE expands. Are we always in the Flow? No. Do we wish to always be in the Flow? To be honest, we would need to answer, not yet. In order to be the true Master of Energy that we innately are, we must recognize that if we are not experiencing something, then we are not yet ready. However, practice makes perfect, and as we practice falling into the Flow, we can gradually release the habit of hard work and replace it with the peace and joy of allowing and accepting our new life.


See yourself at the edge of a flowing river. Look first at your feet to find where you are standing, then look out into the middle of the river to find its Center Current.

Your intention is to enter that Center Current. However, first you must find a safe and comfortable place to enter the river.

Slowly, you begin to walk along the river in search of the perfect entry point. First you walk by an area which is filled with refuge from the past. There is an old tire, what looks like it was once a dresser and other prized possessions that have now become junk.

As you move beyond this area, you think of old possessions and concepts of worth that you are now ready to release, so that you can step into the Flow.

Next you see a whirlpool, which represents all the times you have gone around in meaningless circles, like a dog chasing his tail. Release your quest for the best spot and accept the knowledge that?all that is perfect will come to you when you are ready.

As you walk past a steep cliff, you reflect on your old belief in limitation. You decide then to release the barriers and boundaries that were created by you because you were not ready to change. Are you ready now? Are you ready to take full responsibility for the truth and admit if you are not ready?

When you are ready to embrace a journey within the Flow, you will find that just around the next bend in the river is a perfectly calm beach with a sturdy raft waiting for you to push it into the river.

Calmly and without hesitation, you bravely walk toward the raft and push it into the river. As it begins to drift away form shore, you jump onto your “life raft” and surrender your journey to the Flow.


As you sit back and relax on your raft, you see that you are floating towards the center of the river. But wait, does it appear that you are going over the same stretch of river over and over again.

Just as you read the symbols when you searched for your launching beach, you realize this redundant landscape is symbolic of problems in your life which you are still unconsciously re-creating again and again so that you can finally heal and release them. You take a moment of inner reflection to examine your current reality.

Is there any issue that still pops up in your life? It may have a different face, different circumstances, but it is still the same issue? Breathe in the essence of that issue and release it into the Flow of the river with your exhale.

Do not try to solve this problem. Believe in your SELF enough to surrender it to your Soul by exhaling it into the Flow. Do it now with three long, slow, deep breaths.

First Breath

The river may appear the same, yet YOU are beginning to feel different.

Second Breath

Yes, you appear to be rounding a bend that is the same, yet strangely different.

Third Breath

The landscape is different now. In fact, so is your raft, which now appears to be a boat.

As you take control of the boat and securely hold the oars to move them through the water, it turns into a small sailboat. You no longer have to labor as hard, but you do have to take responsibility for setting your sails correctly.

You read the signs of this image and realize that it represents your conscious creation. First you had to work hard to gain control of your small life, then your work paid off and you could allow the wind to help you with your chosen task.

Now, you sailboat turns into a large sailing ship and you are the captain. Imagine yourself standing at the helm. You feel powerful as you easily manage the many components of a large craft. Feel your steady command as you give orders to your loyal crew.

When the weather is calm, you can relax at the helm, but you see a storm brewing. You jump into action to direct your crew to prepare for difficult weather.

Now, feel the wind as it fills your sails. Because you are a strong and confident captain, your sails are trimmed correctly and the wind speeds your boat at a steady clip over the stormy seas.

As you feel the wind fill your sails, you also feel the power of the wind as it lifts you up, above the helm of your ship, above your ship and above it highest sails. You no longer need a vessel, as you can soar through life by surrendering to the Flow of the wind.

With this superconscious creation you feel how your ability to surrender allows you to go faster and faster into territories that you never before dreamed of experiencing. Higher and higher you soar, the wind at your back, your head in the stars, and your feet psychically connected to the earth.

You are the master now, not just of your ship but the Master of your Destiny.

Remember, if you can imagine it, you can LIVE it by opening your mind to infinite possibilities and your heart to infinite love!

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MultidimensionalNews.:.Suzan Caroll

We the Arcturians are now speaking to you from the eighth vibration. On our level of density, there is no need for names. We are merely our planet. Some have called us the Planetary Logos.
The seventh vibration is the Oversoul, the eight is Planetary Logos, the ninth is the Solar Elohim, the tenth/eleventh is the Stellar Elohim and twelfth vibration is the Source. However, once beyond the seventh vibration of the Oversoul, the dimensions blur and blend into one another in a great cosmic dance.
The Oversoul, which is the last dimension which holds any restriction of life into form, is responsible for its many Souls in the dimensions/vibrations below the seventh. The many Souls who are members of an Oversoul can inhabit any of the lower dimensional worlds, realities, galaxies and planets, while the Oversoul serves as their higher dimensional Soul or Oversoul. In turn, each of these Souls oversees their many personal incarnations on dimensions, galaxies and planets.
Hence, you have a Soul, and your Soul has an Oversoul, and just as your Soul oversees its many personal incarnations, your Oversoul watches over your many Souls. If you are able to remember and commune with your Soul/SELF while in a body of flesh, you can consciously unite with your myriad other incarnated forms through communing with your Soul. This great gathering of SELF can happen while you are still inhibiting a physical form, directly after your death, and/or in-between your incarnations.
If you do not remember and unite with your Soul while you are in a physical form, your belief of Heaven and/or Hell will dictate what your experience is after your death. Once you discover that you are indeed shed of your physical form, you can open your mind to possibilities which may not have been conceivable while you were still limited by your third-dimensional thinking. Once you cross into the higher dimensions, you review your last life to understand the lessons from that incarnation. It is at this point that you can choose whether you wish to have that life to be a permanent reality or release it from your group of alternate realities.
These alternate realities are often known as “past lives.” However, time as you know it exists only in the third dimension. In the fourth dimension, time is very mutable, and in the fifth dimension and beyond, time is only the NOW of the ONE. Therefore, from the perspective of your third dimensional incarnation, you would have past, present and future realities. Conversely, from the perspective of your Soul/SELF you have alternate realities that are all occurring at once. Nevertheless, from that viewpoint you can look into each third dimensional life to follow the flow of its timeline.
If a life was so difficult that the you could not realize that you had the power to perceive yourself from the perspective of your Soul, then you may return to a life very similar to the one you just left to complete what you had determined to experience in that incarnation. At this point, both lives become the same reality, like a dream that is not completed, so you return to it when you fall back asleep.
If within an incarnation you are able to communicate with the beings of your Soul or Oversoul in the higher dimensions, these frequencies of your total SELF can serve as guides to your third-dimensional earth vessel. This higher dimensional communication will greatly expand your consciousness, as you will realize that your total essence is not restricted to one small clay shell.

With unconditional ascension, everyone will take on a fifth-dimensional body of light at the time of planetary ascension. Once each Soul has transmuted its third-dimensional body of clay into a fifth-dimensional body of light, they will determine whether or not that life stream can maintain such a frequency of consciousness. If they feel that they cannot because they have not completed all their third or fourth dimensional experiences, they can go to a planet where they will have the experiences that are necessary for them to complete their physical experiences of separation and limitation. However, once they make that decision, they will have to stay within the evolution of that planet until they feel they have completed all their third dimensional experiences and are ready to maintain a fifth dimensional lightbody.
There is no need for blame or forgiveness for those who have chosen to return to a third dimensional form, except by those still attached to a third and forth dimensional consciousness. Upon awakening, these people will be of great value in the locations of their incarnation, for they will have experienced the momentous event of planetary ascension. Once they are able to remember their ascension, they will be able to tell the others of that experience, thus greatly assisting the evolution of that planet.
We on Arcturus await your return to the lightbody of your Multidimensional SELF. We love all of you unconditionally, and there is not one single one of you that we have forgotten. We have kept the Flame of Truth alive for you since the fall of Atlantis in the Age of Leo and are here now to remind you of our presence as you enter the Age of Aquarius. We offer our service in assisting you to remembering us, as well as remembering your Soul/SELF.
As you move deeper and deeper into the photon belt of the Aquarian Constellation, your weather will continue to change at an alarming rate, which will get the attention of the staunchest skeptics. Also, telepathic skills will become more and more effective as you send messages via the Internet where there are no visual clues, and you must communicate primarily through each other’s consciousness. The process of communication with someone very far away and in another time zone without any visual cues is much like the process through which you will commune with your Soul and the many other aspects of your Multidimensional SELF.
Many of you will suddenly get responses or communications from unknown beings who are not exactly of the earthly world. More and more of you will no longer fear these messages and will actually grow to accept and enjoy them. We, the Arcturians, are ever receptive to your call. All you need do to talk with us is follow the feeling of unconditional love and trust your SELF.
Our contribution to this Galaxy is to serve as the Gatekeepers for passage into and out of the third/fourth dimension. Because of this, we have become very present in your higher consciousness, so that we may assist you with your personal and planetary transmutation into the fifth dimensions—ascension. In fact, we will now present to you a visualization to assist you in your transformation into your fifth dimensional and beyond lightbody.

Imagine how your body of light might look. Through the imagination of your Third Eye, see your natural emanation of light. Feel how that light tingles and moves. Do not doubt your inner perceptions. Remember who you truly are.
Now, with the vision of your Third Eye, see the body of light, which is the core of your light emanations. Focus first on the hands of light that overlap your human hands. Feel the weightlessness of your lightbody’s hands in comparison with your human hands.
Feel how there is an energy field just above your human hands, dictating your physical hands’ every movement. Turn over your hands and feel your lightbody hands as they caress the palms of your human hands to integrate into your human hands.
Release control of your human hands to your lightbody hands and allow them to slowly rise. As your hands rise, you see their light move up your arms and circle around into your heart. Bring your lightbody hands up to your Brow Chakra so that your Third Eye can more clearly see them. Feel their emanation of light upon your face.
Experience how this light moves up into your Crown Chakra and down into your Heart Chakra. With the combined energy of your heart and mind, be aware of the burst of creativity in your Throat Chakra.
Now, allow your lightbody hands to float down to touch your heart. Visualize the burst of light in your Heart Chakra as you touch it with your hands of light and activate your lightbody heart.
Your lightbody heart is overlaid upon your human heart. Yes, you can see that the color your lightbody heart is just beyond your human vision. It appears green, but it is not green. Instead, it is the color in the center of a light spectrum which is several octaves above the light spectrum of your human vision. Your lightbody heart appears green because it resonates to the center of the light spectrum. This centeredness is what allows your lightbody to live in Unity Consciousness.
Take three long, slow, deep breaths to breathe this greenish light down through your body and into the body of Gaia. Inhale the green light and exhale as you touch first your Solar Plexus Chakra, then your Navel Chakra and then your Root Chakra. Now, breathe the light down your legs, through your feet and into the planetary body of Gaia. Feel how your lightbody is ONE with lightbody of Gaia.
With your expanded Unity Consciousness, breathe this higher dimensional green down your legs and into the body of Gaia. Feel how your lightbody is ONE with the lightbody of Earth and how your consciousness is at ONE with Gaia, the consciousness of Earth.
Violet indicates the highest vibration of the light spectrum and is the color of your Crown Chakra and opened Third Eye. Imagine a violet light that is different than the violet on Earth, as it is several octaves above it.
Inhale this higher frequency violet light in through your Crown Chakra and exhale it out through your Third Eye into your consciousness and your aura. See how this light projects out and merges with the aura and consciousness of Gaia.
As you go about your day, remember the higher green in your Heart Chakra and SEE it in your lightbody’s hands. Feel how their vibration is one with your lightbody’s heart. Realize how your breath and touch influences your environment.
As you go about your day, see the higher dimensional violet light that fills your aura and the aura of Gaia. Realize how your consciousness and thoughts influences your environment.
Experience the land upon which you walk, the air that you breathe, the water that you drink or bathe in and the fire of the sun as a portion of the Unity Consciousness that blends your lightbody with Gaia’s lightbody.
In this manner, you will begin to BE your SELF in the midst of you mundane life.

Dear Ones, in closing we wish to tell you that your Path has taken you to the edge of a cliff, and there is no where left for you to go. All you can do is to face the wind, arms spread wide to embrace all life. Then wait for it to carry you to the next level. This new level of reality is still invisible to your human perceptions, but as you relax and surrender to your Soul, it will gradually reveal itself like the dawn through a misty morn.
At first the source of the light may be blurred by mist and fog, but if you can remain steady and patient, the sun will burn off the fog and the mist will settle back into the land. In that moment of clarity, you will make your decisions. Until then, all you can do is actively wait while you hold the vision of your lightbody in your mind and the truth of your SELF in your heart.
Be calm, be open and, most important, be REAL. Do not hold back the expression of your SELF or follow the “shoulds” of others. Find within the much needed comfort you crave, while you also reach out to another and tell them your truth. Not only will that action pass on the word, but it will also lower old walls of self-protection and fear. Trust that you know who to relate to and what to say to them. When in doubt, just open your mouth and let the truth come out!Infinitely,The Arcturians

I am Illuminata Emaculatas, the Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm, the Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my energy signature.
I serve as a Solar Elohim for the Star System of Arcturus. My essence is one of pure, unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of Creation. However, Earth is one of the planets which have dared to extend the love vibration into the third dimension. In the third dimension the polarization of Spirit and matter creates the separation of light/love and dark/fear. This separation is much like the separation of plasma and blood cells with the darkness being the plasma which offers a carrier for the light and the light being the blood cells which are the building block for the continuation of life.
From my perspective, your many incarnations are seen as shinning balls of light, although some of these lights are much dimmer than others. These balls of light encircle Lady Gaia and have roots that run deep into the core of her being. When you heal any of your Soul’s incarnations on Earth, you serve to heal the Earth and clear the planetary consciousness of Gaia. Your Soul looks through these balls of light, incarnations, as points of perspective to see and experience physical life in a different fashion.
Furthermore, your Oversoul can look each Soul’s light points of perception to see your many expressions of life limited within form. Your Multidimensional SELF can simultaneously experience your physical, Soul and Oversoul life within the same moment. As you continue to download and integrate your Multidimensional SELF, you too will expand you perceptions far beyond the limitations of you physical vessel. In this manner, you will experience the higher dimensions at the same time that you will remain in your physical form.
It is at that point that you will have ascended. Your experiences from that point on will be of your conscious choosing.

Would you like another preview of your multidimensional vision?
See a Golden Door before you.Stand directly in front of this door.How big is this door?
In your imagination, reach out with your lightbody hands to touch the door.Can you feel the heat of this higher vibration as it emanates off the door?Can you hear the buzz, which sounds like a million fireflies?
Are you ready to enter this door?Are you ready to remove the veils of illusion that have clouded your experience of the Truth?
If you are ready, step towards the door.With every step, the door seems to move closer to you.
Feel the call in your lightbody heart for the door to open.With your lightbody mind, step across the threshold.Feel the transition in your body.
You are glowing now.Your body is of the same golden light as the Golden Door.
Take a long moment to adjust to your higher frequency SELF.Feel that you are light as a feather, yet fully grounded.
Your movement is now in your mind, for your physical body is perfectly still.Patiently await your Multidimensional SELF.
Your Multidimensional Soul/SELF is before you now, as well as within you. You feel its presence within you guiding your mind moves you towards a circle made of an even more brilliant light.
The Circle is filled with complete stillness, yet there is also the faint whisper of a celestial choir.
You must enter this circle alone.You must find within yourself the unity and guidance of your SELF.Unconditional love and complete commitment will guide you.
You are in the center of the Circle now. Resonating from within and around you, you hear the voice of your Multidimensional SELF.
What is it saying to you?

My Ones, you are, indeed, transforming into your lightbody. This transition requires a lot of rest. When you add new programs to your computer, you must re-start it. In the same fashion, when you download new programs into your consciousness, you need to re-start your biological computer. If you don’t do so, both the old and the new systems will function incorrectly because the old program has been released, but the new one has not yet been totally integrated into your operating system.
It is important that you remember to remain quiet and introspective after each major download. In the silence of minimal activity your biological computer and earth vessel can fully release your old programming and re-calibrate to the slightly higher frequency of the new program.
Please trust your instincts as to when you are having a download. In other words, believe your SELF. The truth is, anyone who is awake enough to ponder, “Was that experience a download of higher light?” did, indeed, receive an influx of higher frequency energy.
The time is NOW for Gaia’s flashpoint into the fifth dimension. Therefore, everyone who has consciously, unconsciously or superconsciously asked to receive an upgrade to their consciousness and earth vessel will receive one. We wish to thank all humans who have taken on this great responsibility. We know and recognize you as vanguards, and wish to thank you for your contribution.
I AM forever with you and ready to assist you in holding your new form of lightbody.Yours,IlliaEm

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