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Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Jan 8th : Solar Activity and some more Information on the Fifth-dimensional Body

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

January 8th : Solar Activity and some more Information on the Fifth-dimensional Body : The sun has been active in the last few days. There have been smallish Solar Flares, and the Earth is currently within a Solar wind stream. I find this heightened energy tends to make me restless and anxious, and I need to really remember to hold my center within this intense flow of Fire energy.

Here is an image of an Aurora taken in Alaska. The Aurora is a result of charged particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere from the Sun, as far as I remember:


This is bascically what happens to your Solar Light Body when these “winds” of charged energy particles come into your field. It looks very beautiful, and you glow with a wonderful Radiance. But, your body is still getting used to dealing with the increased luminescence and radiance, and so you may feel an increase in anxiety. This is because the light, as electrical impulses, is conducted through your body via the nervous system. The way to create balance, as Archangel Michael tells me, is to increase the intake of Water! Yes, water acts as a conductor of energy within the body, and helps to cushion and absorb the effects of the increased Radiance on the Physical Body.

Many people wrote to me about the Log I did on the 5th, talking about the new way of eating and diet for the Fifth-dimensional body. I was happy to hear that so many of you have been finding your path to better health and balance in the same way. Archangel Michael tells me that the two issues here are Purification and taking in “Living Light” or energy.

The “Purification” that he speaks of is a purification of the physical body, in order that the body may carry more Light Energy and become more comfortable with the increasing Radiance as the Solar Light Body becomes stronger and becomes part of you. At this time, your Higher Self is guiding you towards ways of cleansing the body at the level of the deep tissues and cells. Water is the substance that will cleanse the body and facilitate this process of phycial cleasing and purification.

The purpose of this, is so that the physical body is able to absorb energy from sources other than food. About five years ago, Archangel Michael shared with me, as part of the work we did on the “Original Template” of the Human Body, that the body was designed with a Digestive System as a Secondary or back up system of energy provision. The body was designed to access energy primarily from Light and Water. So, the Third-dimensional belief that we carry that we derive all our energy requirements from food is just not true of the original design, or the Fifth-dimensional design. At this time, however, our bodies are in transition, and it is certainly not a good idea to just stop eating in the beilief that you do not need food. What is needed, to ensure maximum health and vitality at this time, is a simplification of the food diet and an emphasis on pure, clean water.

I have heard accounts of Crystal children who eat very little or refuse to eat what is given to them. This is often because they know that they are designed on the Fifth-dimensional template and they do not need to eat as much as is considered “normal”. Some Crystals just want to eat sweets, fuelling an addiction to sugar, because they see that food is an addiction in adults,and not a neccessity, and they choose sugar as their particular addiction. However, that is another story. At this time of change, we need to find a balance and work out for ourselves what it is that we need for our energy and survival requirements.

According to Michael, the food that we do eat needs to be filled with Light energy. That means eating food that is raw and fresh, and preferably organically grown, as much as possible. Processed food is essentially “dead” in energy terms, it has been broken down and reconstituted, and it is “dead” matter in an advanced form of decay. Often it is filled with chemical “preservatives” so that you will not notice the decay. Fresh food, that still contains the energy as a by-product of photosynthesis in vital form, is far better for the body. It enables the body to access the light energy stored in the food in a simple and clear way. My own experience has been that when I eat processed and heavy food, my body has to use too much energy to digest it and deal with the toxic chemicals, and I get acidic and burning indigestion, and I am very tired all the time. And, when you are always exhausted, it is hard to enjoy life and find the Joy in life.

Also, food has a social function that is still important to us. We invite our friends to eat with us, and we enjoy preparing food for them and sharing it with them. I think we will continue to do this as a social ritual, but we will become much more aware of what we eat and how we prepare and it and how we share it together. The intention with which food is prepared and shared is also a very important part of the process of eating food for energy and vitality.

While I was working on these ideas, someone sent me a link to the work of Judy Beebe, whom I had encountered last year. Judy is working on using water as a form of energy, and creating a battery cell that runs on water. I was impressed by the explanation that she gives for th importance of Water in our Physical energy system. This is inforamtion taken from her website

Judy’s….studies in medicine have led to further research into the physical body and our spiritual connection to the cosmos. Looking for a connection between the microcosm and macrocosm has taken her through all the world religions and texts.

During this journey over the last twelve years, she discovered some very vital information. She was led to an understanding that water was more than we thought it was. She discovered its importance in all religions and, thus, she knew there must be something more here.

Medically, she already knew the importance of water to the human body. She began to consciously direct her thoughts to the components of water and made a startling leap in understanding. She realized that the SA (sinoatrial) node in the heart was really the power by which the beat continues throughout a lifetime. This heartbeat can only begin in a developing fetus after the amniotic fluid (water with a pH of 6.7) is in place. Here again was a connection to something special. This heartbeat, once started, will continue to beat for 70-80 years or as long as the body will support it. This is a very long time for such a small area (less than 1 cm). Judy discovered that the three ingredients of water, hydrogen, and oxygen are the very substances which can power our world now and in the future. The harmony in the body is reached by a pH (parts of hydrogen) which is about 7.3. The oxygen that we breathe burns the hydrogen from the water we drink and produces energy in the human body to keep us going. This is a gentle energy and it starts in a gentle way in a developing fetus. Our DNA uses hydrogen as the glue in the double-stranded helix.

At the center of our human body, we can find the clues to the energy source of tomorrow.

Yes, there is a connection between the pulse of our heart, and the pulse of the Cosmos, and that connection may well be found in Water. I think in the time that comes, we will discover more and more about the importance of Water in our daily lives as Fifth-Dimensional Beings on the New Earth.

Here is a link to some work that I did on water a while ago, and a reference to the writing of Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto:Click Here

And Here is a Link to a beautiful song by “Starchild” called “Healing Waters”. I love this song… seems to carry the healing energy of water….!


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.27th November : Oceans…Whales….and the work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli

by Celia Fenn

November 27th : Oceans…Whales…and the work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli : After all the recent creativity, I have been feeling seriously mellow about life, and have found it difficult to focus on much. However, the theme that seems to be running right now, for me, is the Ocean and how we interact with the Cetaceans. This was represented for me by two mails that I received yesterday. The first was from Japan, presenting the Japanese point of view about the Earth Logs on Whaling, and the second was from Jean-Luc Bozzoli in Hawaii, to tell me about his new DVD called “Transmuteo”. So, today, as I had to go for a business meeting with a friend who lives in one of the most beautiful spots on the coast near here, I was able to go for a long walk next to the Ocean to recharge my energies and to be with the spirits of the Ocean and the Whales and Dolphins.

I thought about what Archangel Michael had said to me about being able to see and perceive more with these energy changes. The Ocean did seem to be a particular electric or fluorescent blue today, and my friend noticed it as well. Anyway, I took this image, and I saw that the Digital camera was not really able to capture the translucent nature of the color, although you can see that it is different. Usually, the ocean here is a deep turquoise blue at this time of year:

Now, about the Whales. After I ran the story about the Whales a few days ago, several people contacted me. From Hawaii, I have learned that several Lightworkers are organizing a special Whale Meditation for the 22nd December, the Solstice, and we will certainly let you know more about that as we get more information here at Starchild. The idea of a Global meditation to help to provide a Grid of protection and safety for the Whales is, I think, a good idea. It is about time that we started to dream for them too. I think they have “dreamed” for us for a very long time, now it is our turn to help them.

The second letter was from a lady in Japan called Jueux, who translates some of the Earth Log material into Japanese for a forum group in Japan. They were very unhappy with what I wrote, and considered that I was attacking their culture. Although, I explained that this was not my purpose, we did not seem to be able to understand each other’s point of view. Anyway, I asked her to write something for me so that I could present her point of view. So, she asked the members of her forum, and this letter was sent. I promised that I would not alter anything, so here it is as I received it.

First was an extract from a Japanese Forum member:

I am a human being having ability like Cellia.
I was a whale in three past lifetimes, and I love whales.
I have been to the foreign countries many times to see whales because I yearned for a whale.
However, I often ate a whale because I lived in the area with the custom that I ate a whale.

The whales have been food for a Japanese from ancient times, and it was God.
The body was used to the every corner, and it was used with thanks.
We can know the state that a whale decreased sharply for indiscriminate hunting of American and European countries taking the whale oil clearly if we read a document of the whaling.
They merely took homicide, the oil for whale oil and threw it away without regret.

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale.
The people respected the fisherman who capture whale, and the people all together gave thanksgiving to the whale which they captured as food.
There are a lot of Shinto shrines to enshrine a whale at the Japanese port.
However, in the country where only the acquisition made oil, the people did not thank for a whale.
I think that I had better study since I object whether it is a thing tied to culture how whether whaling is a thing with any kind of history.
If people thank me and eat me even if I live as a caught whale, I think that I am glad.
I think that it is love. I think it to die with pleasure if I have people’s please.

So this is what Jueux wrote as a summary of their opinion:

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale. We respect souls / Spirit by our culture.
From the ancient times to the present we know that we live thanks to them regardless of the all animals and all plants.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
When the reason is because it is shared all, I understand that there are us regardless of the animals and plants to be a nut to be a whale from ancient times.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
We build a memorial service monument for the sacrificed rat of the animal experiment and pray its soul may rest in peace.
We respect all the creatures regardless of a kind equally.
We do not distinguish it to say that only this kind is particularly holy.
It is a concept in the root of our culture.

We hope that the whole natural world is restored according to natural providence. We hope that we do not limit it to a special kind. We hope the whole natural world is restored naturally.
It receives it even if we do not reach a human expected result if it is natural providence.
We leave the natural world to the natural world.
Otherwise the reason is because it becomes same as a human being being going to control nature.
This is our thought. This is our thought. We think that most Japanese have feeling as like us in the deep place of their heart.

This is our culture. But e we do not intend to continue keeping our culture of the present desperately
We know .the culture can be change. Culture can change with the times and a flow.
And we know that it causes the opposition to criticize culture.
We do not criticize it and at first we recognize it and think that it is important to respect.
In that way we think that a peaceful compromise is possible for the first time.

We expect the recovery of the natural world of the earth whole than the necessity of the specific protection activity.
We know that it is gone sometime soon to eat animal food in the deep place of our heart .
It will come to look like so, we trust it.
But we know that it is up to the person what kind of action a person chooses.
Therefore even if anyone took any kind of action, we recognize it when it is the course of the person so we do not criticize it.
We cannot agree to your action, but we do not intend to deny it. Please act as you think.

So, there you have it. I would like to thank Jueux and all the Japanese readers who contributed their thoughts so that we could share an exchange of energy on this topic. I am not going to say anything more, other than that each person must decide what is their own “truth” in this matter. We are learning, with the new energy, that “truth” is an individual reality, and that we must each decide what is truth for us, and be willing to respect what is truth for others.

So, now to the next “Oceanic” topic, the beautiful art work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli. Here is one of his works for those of you who are not familiar with his art:

I just love his powerful mix of Dolphin and Whales images with Sacred Geometry. He talks about the Ocean as a “holographic’ undersea world, and I am reminded that all life came out of the Oceans, and that the Ocean is a powerful transmutation Matrix. This is the topic of his new DVD which he calls “Transmuteo”, and you can watch the trailer here. The imagery of the “New Earth” being manifested is wonderful, as is the music. You can choose between 5 different backgroud scores to watch the movie. So, enjoy this wonderful world of holographic oceanic magic.

Click here for “Transmuteo” trailer.


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.24th November : The Twin Flame Full Moon – Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius

Earth Log 24th November : The Twin Flame Full Moon – Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius.

November 24th : The Twin Flame Moon – Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius : So, here we are at the Full Moon with its powerful energetic field. When I got out of bed today, I thought, I wonder what Michael will want me to write today. I soon found out. “Finish the “Sacred Heart” meditation for this day”. Whaaaat! I said, but, but, but….. It’s something I have done in several workshops and it’s very powerful, but for some reason it has taken me a long time to get it together for the website. So, today I got really focussed and finished and posted it to the website.

So for this Full Moon, which I call the “Twin Flame” moon, I hope you will enjoy the “Sacred Heart” meditation.

First, though, I want to share with you this beautiful image from a German artist called Samira, and you can see her work at I think she called it the “Twin Flame Angels”:

The beautiful colors in this image are just so resonant with the power of the Twin Flame energy. Now, I think I need to explain why I call this the “Twin Flame” moon. Well, in traditional astrology, Gemini is an Air sign that represents the “Twins”. They are usually seen as “duality” and have to do with light and dark and other opposite qualities. Now, I think that in the New Earth we will once again come to see the “Twins” as the sign of the Twin Flame, the complementary energies that express the Divine Essence of All That Is.

So, this Full Moon that unites the Air energy of Gemini and the Fire energy of Sagittarius, is a powerful time to enter into and experience the Inner Twin Flame energy. The “Heartweaving: Sacred Heart Meditation” will help you to access these energies. I have always found it very powerful in workshops and with individual clients.

I would also like to say a big “Thank You” to Armand and Angelina for the beautiful music that goes with the Meditation. These are very special people with a very beautiful energy, and I honor their creative energy.

There is a story that goes with this too. I met Armand and Angelina at the World Congree in Tucson, Arizona in August this year. I had a very long and problematic flight to the USA, and so I was very tired when I got there. The first thing I had to do when I arrived was attend a meeting for the people who would be presenters at the Congress. So, there I am in the Ventana Canyon Resort Hotel, walking down miles of plush carpeting to get to this equally plush room where Patricia Cota-Robles had assembled all of us. We sat in a circle, and amid all these radiant and wonderful people, all I could see was Armand’s shoes. Well, yes…..he likes to wear one black shoe and one brown shoe. It is quite startling, as you see this fairly large and colorful man, and then you see the shoes……So, all my jet-lagged brain could think of was “why is this man wearing those shoes?”. It turns out that is his way of indicating that he likes to “break out of the mould” and that he doesn’t take life that seriously. It is a playful and joyous energy that comes through in all his work with Angelina. Of course, after you notice the shoes, you notice that he is glued to this tall woman with enormous blue eyes, and I have to admit that for the first part of that meeting, all I could see was Armand and Angelina. And, as I discovered the same day, they make wonderful music together on all levels.

So, please enjoy the Meditation that we have put together for you. Please note that it takes quite a while to load all the music, so just read the text and the music will load after a while.

Click here for the “Heartweaving ” Sacred Heart Meditation”.

And one more thing…tomorrow being Sunday, I am definately taking the day off. I won’t even turn on the computer….well..maybe just to check the mail.

Have a WONDERFUL Twin Flame Full Moon.


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Nov.

November 21st : Dreaming Peace for the Whales of Planet Earth: When I created the page for the music of “Become, Become” for the last log, I used this image of a whale that I took about a year ago, here in Cape Town:

see photo:

I wondered at the time what made me choose that image. Then, today I did an Archangel Michael channel for someone in Canada, and the topic was animals. Basically, the person has physical allergy problems being with animals, and Michael said that they were picking up the suffocating feeling that animals have as we take away ther freedom to “become” all that they can be as well.

And then, I remembered something I read on CNN a few days ago, about the Japanese whaling fleet setting out to kill at least 50 Humpback whales for “research”. Now, I love Humpback whales, having worked with them closely at one time, and I realized that I was getting a “heart message” on the “heart exchange”. It is time for us, as humans who embrace peace and love, to start dreaming peace and freedom for the whales as well.

As we consider the discomfort that many of us who are sensitive are feeling in our physical bodies, we might like to consider the words of Archangel Michael here:

So, what happens with you is that you react to the “field” of toxic energy that the animal carries within its aura. It is a reverse reaction, if you like, you are experiencing what the animal feels, only it is not able to tell you that it feels that way. You are feeling its discomfort and suffocation in your own body. Perhaps, dearest soul, you might consider that an appropriate action would be to try to find out how you might assist the animal to feel more comfortable, and this you would need to do through being able to connect and communicate on the heart level. Ask what is the problem and what you might do to assist. In that case, if you are able to assist the animal, you will also assist in your own manifestation of “allergy”. We see that this reaction is a gift in many ways, it is showing you a way that you can help those around you to regain their balance. There is much suffering in the animal kingdom, and as humans regain their balance they will become more aware of this suffering and will seek ways to alleviate the suffering of those in animal form with whom they share the planet.

The message that you are getting is “I am suffocating…I need to be Free”. And freedom, in this case, means the freedom to be heard and to express themselves. As you learn the language of the Heart, you will once again “hear” your animal companions and they will walk with you as true equals and friends. And so we hope that you will open your heart to these “messages” of distress that come to you at this time. Perhaps, you may even consider that you are being “called” to do this as your spiritual work at this time.

I think we will hear more about this story of the Humpback Whales, as Greenpeace are tracking the Japanese with the aim of disrupting their activities. What was encouraging was that both Australia and New Zealand have asked the Japanese to call off the hunt. It is not necessary. The Japanese claim that it is “research”, but it is very obviously just a way of being able to resume their traditional practice of whale hunting, so that they can supply “whale burgers” to the Japanese market, no doubt.

The numbers of whales have been decimated on our planet through the wholesale slaughter of these incredible beings. Where once they roamed the oceans in large numbers, singing their “songs” and creating fields of resonant energy and harmony that kept the Oceans in balance, now their numbers are depleted and the populations are only slowly recovering since the ban on whaling was imposed in the last century.

Even those who approach this sensitive topic from a scientific point of view, acknowledge that whaling is both cruel and uneccesary. Here is a quote from Ken Findlay, who is a whale biologist here at the University of Cape Town:

I don’t think that firing a harpoon at a whale and then dragging it next to the ship is ethical. You question the necessity of that. It’s not research.

Yes, as we dream peace for ourselves, it is also time that we need to begin to dream peace for these beautiful beings who work with us to create the essence of our Planet. The Cetaceans are far older than humans, they were here before us, and they “held the dream” before we had even entered it.

So, as we dream peace for our planet and for its people, may we take time also to remember our other “relations” and friends with whom we share this wonderful home, and dream peace for them as well. Weave peace for them as well, and see if you cannot create a miracle for the Humpback whales at this time. Can we not create a safe home for them as well?

So, here is a song by John Denver, that expresses my feelings at this time. It’s called “You say that the Battle is Over”, and it comes from the Wildlife Concert:

And you say that the battle is over
Finally that war is all done
Go tell it to those
With the wind in their nose
Who run from the sound of the gun
And write it on the sides
Of the great whaling ships
Or on ice floes where conscience is tossed
With the wild in their eyes
It is they who must die
And it’s we who must measure the loss

Please Click Here to Hear John Denver sing “You say that the Battle is Over”.


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.Nov.19:Heartweaving and the Frequency of Love….

November 19th : Heartweaving and the Frequency of Love….what the Awakening Means to Me. This is going to be a challenging one to write, and after I have done this I am going to take some time off to just be with these processes as we head towards Full Moon on the 24th.
Why is it challenging? Well, each time I sit down to write about these new heart energies, I wonder, will I be able to express what my heart is feeling and what I am experiencing in words. Will people understand, and will my words carry the frequency of the heart to them? Well, I am going to try, and to share with you on this Earth Log, the essence of what I am experiencing right now and what this concept of “awakening” means to me. Then I think I need to go sweep the floor, as the zen masters would say.
I would aso like to say to a lovely lady who has “walked” with me through e-mails for a while, this is for you and for all your love…to Filiz Kicmel in Switzerland. All your mails really get me to thinking, and we have talked a lot about what I am going to write about here. So, here goes….. For the last two weeks, I have just been having more and more experiences of the Tenderness and the Love and the Beauty of the Universe. I think it was motivated by meeting a man who really touched my heart, however briefly. That opening led me to really experience what Love can be, and because I think I was ready, I was able to just keep breaking through to new levels of the experience. I think I found the Frequency of Love. Of course, the Frequency of Love is in everything, I had to open my Heart to be able to hear it clearly. I had to to define to myself first what was love was not and I had to release all expectations about the form that it would take in my life. I had to let go and surrender, and then I began to experience the Love that was being offered to me at every moment. In fact, there was this great flood of Love that just seemed overwhelming. It was everywhere. It was exhausting. I sometimes feel like my body just can’t hold all this love.
So, that sounds like just words, so I’ll try and explain it to you through my experiences. After the initial opening of my heart through a person and the ability to surrender that love and be open to whatever was given to me, I started to feel incredibly vulnerable and open. It was as though everything hurt me and I needed to just withdraw. I did for a while, so that I could be with the feelings and feel what was happening. Then, a few days ago I was in my garden and I suddenly felt this huge wave of Love moving through me. I realized that we are always exactly where we need to be and we always have exactly what we need in our lives. My garden is my “great love” at this time, and one of my passions, and I could feel the love in every blade of grass and every tree. It’s not a spectacular garden, it is small and it is full of trees and shade, but I do my best to make it beautiful. I love it and look after it as best I can, and it rewards me. It is filled with birds and butterflies and squirrels and other small creatures that I love. Recently, I have noticed how they come out when I am there, as if to talk with me. In fact, I do talk to them, I greet them and chat with them. They understand, they connect with me. I love them and they come to show their love to me and their appreciation for my garden.
But, on this day, I just stood there and I remember talking to the garden and the trees and the mountain that I can see through the trees, and just saying “I love you” to each and every thing, and feeling the vibration of love coming back to me. Am I losing my marbles, I thought. And then I remembered a letter that I received from someone in San Francisco, who said she talked to the water that came out of her shower head, and I realized that I was not alone, there are others out there feeling the love that comes to us through the wonder of the Earth and the elements.
I realized at this point that the Universe is always there and is always just waiting to answer our every need and to give us what our hearts desire. Over time, most of us have been conditioned to look for that love only in people and specifically in Romantic relationships. It can be found there, but I think in order to experience great love we must first be able to experience the love that is in every atom of every living thing. We are all Love Made Manifest, as Archangel Michael says, we are all bearers of the frequency of Love.
We can only really be alive to this when we switch on the Heart and start to Weave our Dreams and Desires from the Heart. For the Universe is us and we are the All That is…and the telephone exchange is the Heart, not the mind. If you can get the message out through the Heart, you will immediately get a response, and if you can listen and hear with the Heart, you will understand that response.
That is what I call Heart Weaving.
The Light flows out from your Heart and is woven into a dream of manifestation in which your consciousness experiences its own creations and shares in the creations of others. But it is the Heart that weaves, not the mind. The mind analyzes and computes and organizes the information, but it cannot weave and create, that is done by the Heart.
The Mind doesn’t always get it right, unfortunately. The best example I can give is again what has happened to me. After my dog died, I was very lonely and felt much grief, she was my loved companion, but I moved on. Then, when I started this opening to the frequency of love, I started to have dreams about people and animals that were dead coming back to life, even my little dog. I found it disturbing to be with these loved beings and difficult to cope with the intense emotions that came up. My mind just could not compute what was going on. And then I realized that most of the dreams were set in my garden, and it was as though the garden was speaking to me through my dreams as a voice of the All and telling me that things never die, that they just go on. It was like a mother, trying to find ways to comfort me, by sending these messages about the true nature of life, that nothing ever really dies, it just goes to another level or cycle and “lives again”. Once I understood this, I stopped being upset and began to feel the great love that was coming to me through these dreams. I felt the tenderness and the caring and the support at the heart of the beautiful Planet, and I thought how stupid we are to destroy forests and plants and rivers, when they are just waiting to “tell” us how much they love us and care for us.
We have forgotten how to weave nature into our Dreams of Love, and so we can no longer even find the Frequency of Love in our lives any more. We have dreamed separation and pain and fear, because we have closed our hearts and turned off the ability to hear the frequency of love.
So, now in this Radiant time of opening and awakening, we are once again learning to weave our dreams and desires from the heart, and to be open to receiving these dreams back as the material manifestation of our dreams and desires. When we learn to truly understand that everything we experience is woven from our Heart, then we will see that pain and suffering and violence are just manifestations of our pain because we have closed ourselves off from the frequency of Love and the ability to Weave Dreams from our Hearts. And so in place of the Tenderness and the Love, we weave dreams of “work” and “doing” and things to accomplish, that prevent us from seeing that we already have all that we will ever need right there within us. Of course it is fun to be out there doing things, but we need to also be fully in the frequency of love for our “doing” to be part of the experience of Divine Tenderness and Grace.
I wrote a poem for the person whom I spoke about at the beginning of this Earth Log, but when I read it later I realized it was not about a person so much as about my relationship with the “Beloved”, who is the Essence of All That Is….the God Force and the Frequency of Love. It is the Great Love and Tenderness of the Source that vibrates in everything that we seek to experience as we seek for love and relationship. And,as we awaken to the Heart, it is as though a Great Love returns to us, and we experience the warm embrace of life itself that is expressed to us in so many ways that sometimes our hearts just ache with so much love, if we can only understand what we are feeling and not allow the mind to compute a judgment based on rational thought and habits of the past. So, here is the poem:
I feel your presence everywhere
I hear youin the silvery notes of piano musicthat drifts in from somewhere
I feel you in the wind that blows against my skingently
I see you in the lightthat plays on the waterat evening time
I see youwith great lovefor the being that you are.
I see alsowhen I look into your eyesI seemyself.
For you are the MirrorIn which I seeThe BelovedReturning to Me.
Yes, it is the Beloved that we seek in every lifetime in some way and in some expression. As we become more awakened, that urge becomes stronger and stronger, until we can see the Beloved in everything and at all times. That is called awakening!
So, the question Filiz asked me was, so what then is the purpose of life if we are always striving and seeking and never seeming to get there. Well, I think we are on a journey of continual becoming and being. We meet with the Beloved in many shapes and forms and in many lifetimes, but it is always the Beloved that we seek. It is always Sacred Union that pulls us towards the idea of Great Love as we seek to experience the Beloved. And know that the Universe does not withhold this experience, but waits until you are ready to experience that Great Love by being open to the Frequency of Love and ready to weave an expression of your Heart’s desire that will be your own personal expression of the energy of the Beloved in your life. It is always there waiting to be experienced if you are awakened to its presence.
And so, to complete this Earth Log about Weaving from the Heart and the frequency of Love, and since I love music, here is a beautiful song from Armand and Angelina that I have been playing in my workshops. It is about the journey of Life and about us as Human Angels as we seek the Beloved in our myriad forms of Becoming. Please Click Here to hear “Become, Become.”:
You were born with wings to flyYou’re eternal you’ll never dieBecome, Become, All that you can beBecome, Become, it’s your destiny.
Always Becoming on the Journey of Light and Consciousness, weaving from the Heart, dreams of ever increasing Complexity and Beauty that express the Heart of the Beloved. Here on Planet Earth, weaving and creating Peace and Love and Harmony as our expression and experience of the Beloved in our Collective Life as Humans.
So, that is what Awakening means to me.
I hope that you understand what I am trying to express on the Frequency of Love.


celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.November 18th : The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passio

November 18th : The Earth Awakens to the Light..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions : We are certainly going through an intense and uncertain time right now. I feel it within myself, and I get so many letters from you out there to say that you are feeling it too. The Light is just increasing and increasing, and the power of the Full Moon in Sagittarius as it approaches, together with the effects of Comet Holmes as it explodes in the heavens, is creating a powerful energetic mix.
I have been feeling an increase of symptoms recently, my body has not felt this way since I started the ascension journey in 2001. As I was lying in bed last night, I could feel my Light Body vibrating like a jet engine just before take-off. It is not that pleasant, I feel over-energized and exhausted at the same time. I know a close friend having trouble with sleeping right now.
The Earth herself is feeling the Light streams as turbulence. I had a letter from Claudia Garcia, who is the Starchild Team member from Chile, to express the feelings of shock that the people of Chile are feeling as they deal with aftermath of the earthquake in that country. In addition, the Cyclone that hit India and Bangladesh has caused much devastation in that area, and we cannot help but feel the pain and turmoil of those people who have lost their loved ones and their homes at this time. If you feel moved to do so, please send Love and Support to these people on the Grid of Heart Light, and know that they will receive any love that you can send as a way of supporting them at this time.
This time of rebirth and change is indeed a difficult time.
What I am feeling most is the intensity of that change. We are truly in a different place, we are different people, we are entering a New Earth. I find that my body is more sensitive and that this intense Light is just illuminating so much that it is not comfortable.
People are seeing, for the first time, beyond the illusions. They are seeing what is real and what is not. I had a mail from a friend in Holland whose life has crashed this year, and he has lost almost everything and is having to deal with deep emotional problems that have surfaced at the same time. He is able to see that his life is changing as it must and that he is having to let go of all his illusions so that he can be in this new empty space of new creation. In these situations, we can either collapse under the weight of the change, or we can just trust and know that out life is being rebooted.
Yes, even Starchild is being rebooted. Our new server was down for most of yesterday, and we were offline. Many people are having problems with crashed computers, this being a reflection of their need to shut down and allow themselves time to realign and re-orientate themselves to this new place.
As the Light increases, it has become a place where only total honesty and integrity with yourself will work for you. I am finding that what worked for me six months ago, no longer works now. I have changed, what I see and perceive has changed. I find now the intense need to be able to connect with what I am feeling and express what I am feeling. My life pattern in the past has been to suppress what I am feeling so that I do not hurt others. So I sit on what I feel so that I can keep the peace, and yes it is an old pattern. Now, I find that I just have to express what I am feeling no matter what the consequences will be. There has to be an alignment between my heart and my mind. I have to express what I feel and what I think, I can no longer just push my feelings away so that I express what I think others want to hear.
No, it is not easy, but I am finding that the cost to myself to do otherwise is just too much, and ultimately the cost to others is the same. For in this new place of Light and Intense Love, we have to Love ourselves enough to express our Truth and be in that Truth. We also need to be able to love others enough to really hear what they have to say from the Heart and to listen with compassion. The new skill we are all learning is how to express what is the truth of our Heart without falling into old emotional patterns of expressing feelings as victimhood and destructive anger and manipulation, and also not falling into patterns of clichщ, but really allowing yourself to feel what is happening inside yourself and to be supportive of your own feelings and processes.
I have found that when I do this, people often respond in ways that indicate their own coping mechanism and their own inability to feel and to be in their feelings. When I express what I am feeling I have had people tell me that I am reacting from fear and that I am not listening to my heart . How would they know, it is my truth not theirs. It is my heart and not theirs. When someone has the courage to speak what they feel, then the Heart will be willing to listen and to accept that persons feelings and the expression of those feelings. It may not be your truth, but the Heart will lead you to say so, and not to pass judgment on what that person is feeling.
Patricia Weber of Canada sent me a mail a few days ago saying that we, as Lightworkers, needed to perhaps rethink some of the ideas and concepts that we have been working with recently. I think that as we move into this new place, we are really going to have to think about how we can support ourselves and others, and how we can support a person and love them, even if we do not accept their view of life. Again, I had a mail from a reader in Spain to express how hard it was to live with her family because her way of seeing life was so different from theirs. Yes, indeed, but that doesnt make it right or wrong. I guess it is only deep and unconditional love that will make it acceptable for us to be with others and to understand that what they feel is their truth and is valid for them. It need not be so for us, and we can be accepting of that and of them.
As Lightworkers, I think we need to see the Light and not the Darkness right now. Another friend wrote to me yesterday about the how we were were having to accept all that was “dark” in ourselves and not to fear it or reject it. Yes, I would just express it differently, I would say that we are having to accept what we feel and to be ok with what we feel, no matter what it is. If we are angry, there is a reason for it, it is better to accept that and to find out why, and to make the changes that we need, rather than to just accept that we are not being loving and that we are in fear and go on with life. Anger is a signal that all is not well, so dont repress it, be with it, and find out what it is telling you. If it seeks changes in your life, then make those changes. It takes courage, it takes strength, it asks you to be in your Personal Power. It asks you to keep re-creating yourself as you learn more about yourself and who you are and what you want in life.
The intense Light is bringing intense change. One of the greatest changes is the ability to be Passionate and to connect with the Passions of the Heart. We are clearing out old coping mechanisms that say if you feel passions, then you are bad. So many people say to me that they cannot find their passions in life, and this is one of the main reasons why. We repress our feelings and we dont allow ourselves to feel the depth and intensity of what happens within us. We probably learnt this when went to school and had to suppress our natural energies to sit behind a desk all day and think. After a while we shifted totally into our minds, and we learnt to think rather than feel. And so, we judge each feeling,that is good, that is bad,and our mind sets up a control system over the Heart and its feelings, not allowing any expressions of powerful intensity because that is bad. And so, in times when the light intensifies and we feel in an intense way, we feel bad literally within our bodies, because we cannot cope with the intense waves of passion and feeling that are passing through as.
We were designed by a Loving Creator to be able to hold these energies. These waves are nothing more than an expression of Divine Unconditional Love. Our recent activations of our Light Bodies, the Solar Light Body and the Galactic Light Body, mean that we are wired to carry these Cosmic waves that express Love and Joy. But, right now, we are having to re-boot our inner computers to allow us to feel and express these powerful waves in our bodies as well. The so-called Ascension symptoms that we feel in our bodies occur when the physical body tries to align with the Light Bodies, and feels blocked and unable to carry the energy. Right now we are blowing out all the blocks so that we can carry our full quotient of Light in our bodies. And these blocks are ways of being and perceiving that block the flow of passion from the Heart and Soul that seek to be expressed as Love in the World.
The stress comes in because we have become so mental and emotional, and so out of touch with our deeper feelings, that we tend to pass judgment on our passions as they arise and to respond from our mind and emotions, instead of honoring the feelings that come to us and listening to what is being said. But, it is becoming more difficult to do that as we enter into our heart- based new state as human angels. We are increasingly being confronted with truth in all its passionate intensity, and because we are all connected on the Grid of the Heart, we have the wisdom to recognize that truth is an individual expression of each persons individual reality and that we can accept it when we do not find common ground with another and just move on. Forgive. Let Go. Create something that is more aligned with you and what you feel as your truth at that time. And honor their truth as well. We all have a right to hold our own truth and to be in our own passions, and to allow that for others in unconditional love. The Great Shift into the Fifth Dimension and our sense of Oneness is to be able to be in the Heart as One with another, and still honor their right to express themselves in ways that are different to yours. Different, not better or worse, just different, maybe on a different frequency of energy. For indeed, choice is the essence of Personal Power, and we should always feel that we have choices and allow that others can make different choices for themselves.
So, as the Light intensifies, and as we see and feel the power of that Radiant Light, we are indeed being reborn into that Light. It is a moment of Great Joy.
So here is one of my favorite songs, It is about Passion and about how we need to be able to take risks and find the courage to live our passions in their beauty and intensity. And, in this New Earth, to also feel safe and supported as we do so. We are all in the seed stage, becoming The Rose. So, on this Sunday, if you feel so is Bette Midler singing The Rose . Please Click Here for Video.


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.16th Nov:The Gateway of Love….and the Cosmic Fireworks Party

16th November : The Gateway of Love….and the Cosmic Fireworks Party. This Earth Log entry is written partly in response to all those people who have written in to ask why, when everything seems to be speeding up, their lives seem to be slowing down. This comes from healers especially, who are seeing their client numbers drop rather than increase as we enter into this new phase.
So, here is the information that I have been given from Archangel Michael on this topic.
As you enter Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, you will indeed slow down. As you slow down, it will seem that everyone else is hurtling past you at great speed. This has always been so, but you have been hurtling along at the same speed, and so now you notice….”hey, I’m going slower…I’m slowing down”. And yes, you get panicky and anxious, mainly because you have to “earn a living” at the old speed, and you feel as though you are not “doing” what you should be doing. “Why is Spirit not using me at this important time?”, many people wail in despair.
Well, Spirit is working with you. You see, dear Lightworkers, you have to pass through the Gateway of the Heart in order to get into Fifth Dimensional Spiral Consciousness, that place beyond the Linear Time “hurtle” forward, that place where Consciousness spirals gently into ever new levels of Becoming and Being. Archangel Michael has called this Gateway of the Heart, the “Diamond Portal”.
As you enter into Heart time, you need to find that still point at your own center. You need to BE, in order to be able to Create in the new way.
So, as you enter into the stillness of your own Being, you will feel that slowing down, until you are at a point of complete inner stasis and nothingness…then you can create on the next spiral of consciousness.
Now, most people are terrified of that moment of nothingness that preceeds birth and creation. They do their best to deny it and escape from it, by rushing around doing things and finding things to do in order to fill the empty space. The more you deny the emptiness, the more you push away the very thing you desire. You have to enter the emptiness, the Cosmic womb within, in order to begin spinning out the web of creation from your own still center.
As you watch everyone else rushing by at high speed and seemingly intent on their creations, you feel, but what about me? I am not rushing and busy as well?
The rushing around is an illusion of “busyness”, it is what is left over of the Third Dimension, when looking active and filling your time with action was considered a virtue.
In Cheryl Hutton’s beautiful song “To Be One”, that she channelled from her Higher Being, the Divine Essence says: “What are dreams and hopes, if you just can’t cope,/ Or wings and prayers if you never dare,/I need you here and now, in this mystery,/To BE free. To BE free.
So many people are not coping because they are still trying to create in Third Dimensional Mind Time, and are not creating from Fifth-Dimensional Heart Time.
So, what is Heart time? Well, it is slow. It is a state of Being. As the song says, “I need you to be here and now, in this mystery”. Be PRESENT in your own life, be PRESENT with others. Be intimate, be close, be loving, experience your life as it is and as you are. Stop rushing around…stop being busy….stop.
That slowing down is a gift. It says you are ready to create at the next level. Honor the gift and let go and trust.
Remember that we come from a society where the two main tendencies have been action and consumerism. You work hard and then you consume. Work, work, work, shop, shop, shop….etc…..This is modern life. An unbalanced rush from one day to the next, from one month to the next, and ooops its Christmas again.
Fifth Dimensional life moves gently and with grace. It is filled with a quiet richness and great Love. It stands poised on that moment when you realize that you can just BE, and that you are FREE from the constraints of the linear third-dimensional rat race illusion. The creation power of the Heart is far stronger. That is why Archangel Michael has spent so much time in the past talking about the power to manifest and be. That is why in Cheryl Hutton’s dream she saw all those cars stopped at the side of the road. The road is linear time, and humanity just can’t do that any more. It just doesn’t work any more. It just exhausts the new Human Angel who is designed to spiral gently through the Cosmic fields of Light on the wings of Love. Hmmmmm…sounds good to me.
That means, going slowly and with grace. Having the time to notice others and to be with them and to really hear them. Never to “be too busy” to be with another human in grace and love. I am always disturbed when I get mails that start: “I know you are busy but could you….”. It is as though people have this image of me rushing around being “busy” and that I have no time for another human being whose needs are somehow lesser. Well, I may be tired, I may find I can’t fit in everything as yet because I live on my own and work on my own, but you can be sure that I do my best to be present with you. I try to read every mail that I get and to send Love on the Heart Grid of Unconditional Love, hoping that you will feel that, and not anger because I have not been able to answer you with a mail.
I want to say also, that healing is not necessarily the Gateway to the Fifth Dimension. So many people are so focussed on healing themsleves and recycling the pain of their childhood years. Please know that in this new Fifth Dimensional reality, what you focus on grows. If you focus on pain and anger, these will grow in your life. It is far better to FORGIVE and LET GO. Move on. The past is an illusion. Be in the present ” “I need you here and now, in this mystery, to BE Free. To be FREE”.
The Gateway to the Fifth Dimension is the Heart and Love.
It is that simple. Be in your Heart. Love from your Heart. Love yourself enough to be in the Quiet Space of Power and Creation and do not be afraid of it. It will lead you to your Heart’s desire!.
And now, about the Cosmic Fireworks party. As you may know from Archangel Michael’s Energy report for November, we are entering a powerful period of alignments in time and space. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th will usher in some powerful Light, yes maybe even more powerful that what we have experienced so far this month. Now, added to this potent mix is the “exploding ” Comet, which is now apparently larger than the sun and is the largest object in the Solar system right now.
Thanks to Christine Saul of the USA, who sent me the information about Comet Holmes, as it is called. This an image of the comet, in relation to the sun. The image is taken from

Well, I asked Archangel Michael to channel something on the Comet, and the request was declined. I think sometimes that this energy is a little prudish, for the word I was given was “orgasm”. Was that meant to be a joke? Well, not really, apparently the explosion of Comet Holmes is like a great explosion of Joy and Ecstasy as the Cosmos enters a new era of Light.
OK…..well… does that affect us?
Well apparently, there is a lot of turbulence out there in the Solar system and that does indeed affect the Solar Light Body. It contributes to the instability that is already out there.
If we were a more organically integrated society, we would be out there dancing around bonfires and doing other joyous things to join in with this great Cosmic fireworks display. In that way we would be able to ground and run the excess of Light energy that many of us are feeling right now. It is why Archangel Michael always tells us to be joyous and to celebrate and to do rituals and ceremonies of Light and Joy.
You may feel the energy as an increase of your own energy, or as extreme tiredness. You may feel anxious or depressed as the energy “hits” your nervous system. You may, of course, also feel filled with great Joy if you are able to fully present at this Cosmic party.
So, for now, I guess, just be aware of the great surges of Light and Energy that are out there right now!


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.15th November : Flying on a Wing and a Prayer…the Nature of Miracles as we Create them….and a Song for Peace and Oneness

15th November : Flying on a Wing and a Prayer…the Nature of Miracles as we Create them….and a Song for Peace and Oneness : That’s rather a long title, but there is much to say today. For those of you who are wondering why there is suddenly an Earth Log every day, well, that is what my Higher Guidance has asked. I have been given a new “assignment” for the New Earth energies, and it involves more writing, so here it is….
I am going to start by thanking all those who send in ideas and responses. I appreciate all of you and I do read everything, even if I can’t answer every mail. I want to thank Christina Mueller of Berlin, who sent me some images of Berlin, then and now. For those who say that “nothing has changed”, these pictures showed me quite clearly that so much has changed and we just need to be more aware of the miracles that happen all around us. I am sorry that I cannot share the images with you, as they were copyright images and so could not be copied here.
This image was sent in to me by Lori Wood of Wisconsin, in the USA. Apparently it was taken by a group of scientists who attached a camera to a hot air balloon. It is called “Ice Crystals”, but as Lori says, you can just see the magic in these beautiful rainbow beings hovering in the skies above the planet. They seem to be radiating this pure and radiant rainbow light. Maybe, it is even an angel’s wing….who knows:
And now, talking about Miracles and Wings, here is the story I wanted to share with you today. You may have noticed if you follow the news, a headline on CNN that said “Passengers see engine fall off Jet”. Hmmmm, being someone who flies a lot, I was drawn to that, and was surprised to see that this drama had happened just “down the road” at Cape Town International Airport, where a Boeing 737 lost an engine on take-off. Having done the take-off at Cape Town many times, I could just imagine what that must have been like, and so read the local papers to find out more. The official story was just that the plane continued to climb out and that the pilot was able to circle over the ocean, dump his fuel and land the plane safely.
Well, everyone knows that a plane can fly on one engine, so what was the big deal. Well, planes are generally designed to fly with one engine when the other engine is still there to balance the plane. When it is not, things get scary, especially if the engine drops off right at the moment when the nose lifts off the ground. Anyway, I found out the “human” side of the story when the local “drop in the box” newspaper arrived yesterday, and a local woman who had been on the flight told her story and her experiences.
Apparently, after the engine fell off the plane was shaking all over and was unable to gain much altitude. It was a stormy day, and the plane was flying through cloud in an area surrounded by mountains. The pilot came through to the passengers on the intercom to acknowledge a problem, he had to, they could all see that the engine had just fallen off. He told them that he was “consulting the manual” and would get back to them. Oy….can you imagine….there you are…flying at low altitude through cloud, surrounded by mountains, with one engine, and the pilot is consulting the manual! I would say you were in deep trouble.
What amazed me, when I read her story, was that she said that everyone was very calm, and there was no hysteria. Many people were praying. I like to think that what carried that plane and brought it down safely were the angels wings, as the prayers of those on board manifested into safety for all of them. No one was injured in the perfect landing.
Of course, all credit to the Pilot and his skills, and he must have found the right page in the manual!! But, another thing that I noticed in the story was that after the plane had landed, the pilot came through to look out the window and see the damage. She said that the look on his face was pure amazement, as though he could not believe that he had been able to keep that plane in the air and land it safely with that kind of damage. I saw a photo of the Boeing 737 on the ground after the landing, and it was amazing to see that this plane was still there and in one piece, with the hole on the wing where the engine should have been.
My feeling, when I connected with this story, was that it was indeed a miracle, and that what kept that plane flying was the trust, the prayers and the co-operation between the humans who were there, including the pilot, and the angels who kept that plane in the air and landed it safely. That is how we create miracles in the New Earth. We stay calm and centred and we ask, we pray, we visualize a safe outcome…and so it is!
Now, here is a beautiful song about Peace and Oneness that was sent to me by Cheryl Hutton of Canada. In keeping with our theme of flying, here is Cheryl’s description of how the song came to her:
This is a song for Peace. It came in a dream April 15th , 2007.
In my dream I was flying above the tree tops and looking down at a major highway below that was empty. For as far as I could see cars were parked on the grass beside the highway and people were standing out beside their cars with the doors open. A message told me they couldn’t make it up the road, that they were waiting for something that would help them. At this point I began to sing this song as if it were on a loud speaker. Over the past few months, the journey that this song has taken us all on is proof that the words and melody seem to hold a subtle embedded message that only the heart can hear. What a privilege it is to be able to deliver it.
When I listened to the song I really loved it, I felt it expressed the energy of the New Earth and the acceptance of the idea of Oneness and Peace. I will give you the link to Cheryl’s site, but I was unable to hear the music when i opened her site, so I am feeling that many of you may not as well, so I am including a separate page with the music and the words of the song. Please Click Here for “To Be One” by Cheryl Hutton.
What are dreams and hopes, if you just can’t cope,Or wings and prayers if you never dare,I need you here and now, in this mystery,To BE free. To BE free.
Cheryl Hutton…from “To Be One” at


Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.14th Nov. : Living in the Passions of the Heart in the New Earth

14th November : Living in the Passions of the Heart in the New Earth I am going to shift the subject slightly, and share with you some information that came through to me today from Archangel Michael through a private channel, and made so much sense to me about how we are all feeling right now.
Many of the letters I get are about relationship energies, and people expressing pain at their inability to “connect” with that soulmate in passionate ways. Or indeed, to find a relationship where they can express their heart energies. This makes them feel sad and lonely and depressed. I often used to wonder why it seemed so important to find that particular partner, and why this was a desire that never seemed to dim not matter how young or old the person was. It seemed to be a soul desire rather than a physical desire.
So, here are the words from Archangel Michael about the Passions of the Heart, and how we are still learning how to be in our Passions and hold our Passions in the Heart, before we can fully express them in a powerful Twin Flame or Sacred Union. It makes sense to me, and makes sense of the feelings that I have been experiencing the last few days and the need to be able to express what I was feeling and have it heard and accepted by others. This is an extract from a written channel:
The issue of partnership is also one that concerns many people right now. As the Earth moves into her own personal alignment with her Twin Flame energy, humans also feel a deep need to be in that Twin Flame passion. Indeed, the Milky Way Galaxy is currently merging with the Andromeda Galaxy, and the energy of passion and love that flames from that great unified Heart is very strong. Its resonance is felt on many levels, and the desire for Union is part of the great changes and transformations that you are experiencing right now.
….. what you have learned about relationships in this life is not adequate to bring you into a Twin Flame Sacred Union, for that is what your heart desires. You see, the way to create Sacred Union is complete surrender to Divine Will and Power. It is not about looking for the “right” person or the person who attracts you most in a physical or sexual way. There are many people who enter into intense sexual relationships and imagine that this is the energy of the Twin Flame. Indeed, it is not. The passion of the Twin Flame burns in the Heart, and has very little to do with sexuality. It may be expressed through sexuality by two beings who are able to bring the energy down to the physical, and that can be very powerful. In Lemurian and Egyptian times, this was an art that was left to the priests and priestesses, for they were best able to carry the powerful Twin Flame energies in their bodies without being thrown into imbalance. But now, one of the gifts of this New Earth is that all humans are being enabled to create and experience the Twin Flame Union in their own Lives.
However, dearest one, so many self-sabotage these relationships because they seek first the material and sexual expression of the relationship before they have grounded it into their Hearts and created the required weaving of Light and Spirit that will hold the relationship.
So, what you are all learning, is how to “be”, and to create a new kind of relationship, that emanates from the Heart and is expressed through the Heart. Until you can do this, you will find that you will continue to feel as though there is nothing for you, for you will be seeking for something in the “wrong place” as it were.
So, what we are saying….. is that in order to attract a partnership of great passion, you have to be able to live and hold that passion in your own life and in your own heart first. Then you will be able to hold the love and passion of another being in your Heart, and then you will create a great and powerful union. You cannot “avoid” the passion and the intensity of intimacy by escaping into work or other addictions, and still expect the relationship to be passionate and heart-based.
At this time, you as a people, are still in the learning stages of this energy. Both men and women are still learning how it feels to make a powerful connection through the Heart, and how to nurture and care for that connection. For, once the seed is planted in the Heart, it must be nurtured and cared for every day, otherwise, like any plant, it will wither and die. So, with these new relationship energies, the way to allow the “plant” of the heart to flourish is to water it daily with the energy of Unconditional Love and intimacy.
It requires great honesty and openness, and the ability to be vulnerable and to express exactly what you are feeling. For, the other person knows immediately what you are thinking and feeling through that Heart bond, and if they experience anything less than total honesty to those feelings in your actions, then the bond will wither and die. For the Heart only “speaks” in total honesty and in total alignment, the heart and the mind must speak as one, or an imbalance is created and the relationship will not grow and flourish.
However, if that intimacy and honesty and openness of the Heart can be established, then the relationship will become one of great power and passion and love.
So, …. when you ask about relationships, this is what we can say……you are all in this learning phase, and few of you have yet discovered the power of the Heart and the power of the Passion and Intimacy of the Heart. It is what you all seek, but it is what you have yet to find within yourselves as you move away from the old concepts of relationships as sexual/material experiences to the new paradigm where relationships are powerful and passionate expressions of the Heart and Soul as well as the physical body.
Indeed, this is why so many of you are thrown into depression and stress so often, for you feel the energy of this great passion at moments, and then it slips away as you fall into the old patterns of relationship and energy. Indeed, you are all learning, rather painfully sometimes, how to be in the moment of Intimacy and Passion and Sharing, and to be capable of carrying that intensity with Love and Joy in your Hearts and in your body.
Dearest one, learn to trust yourself and your feelings. If you feel great Joy, then express it to those who are near you. If you feel great pain or sadness, express that too. In this New Earth, you are learning how to support your own feelings and to support those of others by sharing what you are feeling and thinking with compassion and unconditional love. It is only when you are capable of feeling these powerful energies and expressing them, without falling into anger or into “victim” patterns, that you will be able to hold and express the powerful energies of the “Twin Flame” in all your creative relationships.
So, know that you are all learning and that, just as you learnt how to hold these new incoming energies in your bodies, you will learn how to hold them in your Heart and how to balance them and to nurture them through expressing them in honest and loving ways and having them received with openness and love.
For, dearest one, this is how passion flows between sacred hearts and loving souls. It is expressed and shared, and in that communion is the Flame of true Creative Energy. It is the dancing of Hearts in the power of Unconditional Love.
So, ……we hope that we have been able to show you the process that you are all experiencing as you learn how to be Passionate from the Heart and how to experience the Intense Flame of the Source within your Hearts in loving and supportive relationships. First, within your own Heart, and then by opening your Heart and sharing your already existing passion with another. The other person will not give you the passion or create it for you, it must be there already to be shared in the unfolding of the bond between you, and it must be equal and based in unconditional love.


Celia Fenn’s Earth Log 9th November : The Economy of the Heart.

9th November : The “Economy” of the Heart…..Thanks once again to all who have written in to contribute to the online conversation that we are having here. I appreciate how all of you are contributing to the dialogue here on the Earth Log, as we approach the 11:11 stargate.
Two things have happened that have kind of tied together several of the threads we have been weaving here. And they made me realize that what this huge shift that we are experiencing is about is a movement from a money economy to a “heart economy” based on love. At this time, our economy is about money, our lives are about money, and if we are honest, our spirituality is often about money as well. In this New Earth Dream that arises, I am sure there will still be money, but the primary “economy” will be that of Love. Unconditional Love.
Well, some cynics may say, as did one Lightworker recently, that they work for money and not love, and that only money puts food on the table. Well, I would say that in the future, as even now, it will be love that will put food on the table and not money. It will be Love that will lift us up and keep us going, it will be love that will connect us to those who can support is when we need it. It will be the “Heart Grid”, that shining connection from Heart to Heart, that will sustain us now and in the future. It is the pain of this shift that we are grappling with right now.
We do not know how to Love any longer. We have become so used to expressing ourselves with and through money, that we have lost the ability to express our Hearts in any other way, or in ways that are appropriate and supportive, even if it involves giving money. For, it is Love that is real, not money. Even though the Money illusion is so strong that it may appear otherwise.
I know in my heart that there is an abundance on the Earth, there is enough for everyone, if we were able to share it equitably in some way. I know that we can live on a beautiful and harmonious planet if we can only remember how to Love.
Well, here is the first thing that helped me to see this reality. Here is a letter from Patricia Weber in Canada, in response to our topic about those who are wanting to give up:
We are currently living in a society where only the monetary or material is perceived as having “the value” and only gifts that have been purchased with money are seen as being gifts at all. Intrinsic gifts that are also given are not even recognized as such and so their true value is not even seen as a gift at all. And so . . . To the Lightworkers, who are struggling . . . I tell “a story”.
I live in the country in a house of many windows as I just love to watch the nature as it unfolds daily all around me. This for me is so special, expect however, on the occasions when the sun’s light is so very bright that a bird mistakenly flies into a widow or into one of our glass doors. When this first occurred I heard the noise, just as the bird did hit, and once I came to realize just what happened as I saw the bird lying still, upon the deck. I called out to Stuart to come quick. I handed him a pair of gloves and knowing that he had such healing hands I asked him to just hold the bird cupped in his hands in the hopes that somehow the fallen bird could live. And to our surprise it did! Then one day when Stuart was away it happened again. Oh no . . . now the only hands available to hold the bird were mine. So . . . I put on the gloves, picked up the unmoving little bird as gently as I could and holding it in both of my hands I just sat and waited. I knew without a doubt that this bird was on the very edge of staying or leaving. And at first I hoped that the bird would live and knowing that every event does happen for a reason I thought that the experience just presented itself as an opportunity and perhaps the bird’s life indeed would come to an end. With this in mind, I held that little bird, and silently said “To you my little friend I lovingly offer you the gift of my energy” for I knew that if my heart was open that more divine energy would be given me as I knew there is a never ending flow. “Use it as you will. I do so hope you stay but if you decide to go I will love you still.” And every time this happened again and after a little while the birds would slowly begin to move, their little feet they would begin to uncurl and as the glaze of their eyes would begin to clear. And when they moved their heads from side to side I knew that they had made their choice. And it never really seemed to matter if it were a Wren, a Junco, or a Golden Crowned Kinglet, more often than not they would choose to live.
In Fifth Dimensional Reality, if All Is One, there is no distance that keeps me from being close to another. And so to every exhausted one . . . to all of you who have been hit in the head by an unforeseen obstacle, to you who have had the wind knocked right out of you . . . my hands are open. Take of this divine energy of love being offered by me and by many others. Let it be fuel to warm your hurting heart. I do hope that you decide to stay for the light of your life is most important to us all. It is not possible for me to rescue you . . . but if you accept these gifts, being offered, you will have the energy available and looking so deep inside, as Rob suggests, you can find the means to rescue yourself.
Love is Dreaming the New Way into being.
What a wonderful way to understand the energy of love, and the power of that love to give life when it is shared as support. What does it mean to a being when you say “I Love You and I want you to Choose to be Here with Me and enjoy the Life the Creator Gave You”. Does it not have the power to support and to give renewed desire for life to those who are tired?
Truly, animals can be our teachers on the planet at this time. They are showing us the way forward. Nature is teaching us how to live with love in our hearts once again.
The second thing that happened was that one of the small wild animals that lives in my garden, and has for a while, died. I found the small body lying in my garden next to the path yesterday. I was sad, and my first reaction was to just “clear away” the body. Then I thought, no, I need to dig a proper grave for the little body and bury it as an honored friend, for it had shared my space with me. So I did just that. Later, when I asked Spirit why this has happened at this difficult time, I was told that the little animal knew it was time to go and had chosen to die in a place where I would find its body, rather than somewhere hidden. It had wanted me to know that it was going, and to give me the chance to honor our connection and its passing. I saw, in my meditation, the Spirit of the little animal standing on the grave as if to say “good-bye”, and then it went into Light.
I felt that I was being shown the need to honor all the beings that we share the planet with, all the small creatures who are our friends and relations on the planet. They too are part of the shining circle of the Heart. They carry the energy of Unconditional Love and they are so willing to teach us and to share with us.
So, whatever you have planned for the 11:11 energy, I ask that you remember Love, and that you be in your Heart. I ask that you open your Heart and extend your Love to All on this planet who are seeking the New Dream. The Time is Now. We are the Ones we have been Waiting for. It is time for us to really Be the Love and offer that to Others. It is time for us to bring back the Balance. The Balance of the Heart.

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