Monthly EnLightenment from Mother Mary* November 2008


Teachings from the Sacred School of Om Na


Monthly Enlightenment

November’s featured Mentor is

Mother Mary

Channelled Though Natalie Glasson

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary





I am Mother Mary; I am the great spiritual Mother of all on the Earth and surround every soul in the love of my heart. I am a beacon of light leading all forward away from darkness, fear and negativity into the illuminated loving arms of the Creator. All are vast beings of light in my eyes and I love all as an aspect of the Creator. My energies are greatly integrated into the Earth like threads of light which flow into all situations, influencing the lives of humanity on the Earth. I appear to many as a beacon of light to give hope and inspiration to all. It is my mission to encourage everyone to access the truth that exists within their beings, to accept themselves as love and to emanate love across the Earth and the universe. It is my duty and assignment to care for all acting as a nurturing energy, developing the feminine vibrations and qualities of the goddess within all.

I am love in manifestation; I have learnt to embody the love of the Creator trusting in the Creator’s guidance at all times of my evolution. I am so integrated with the energy of the Christ consciousness; I have even born a child of the embodiment of love to aid the anchoring of the Christ consciousness which is the purest form of

love into the Earth. When you call on my energy I will always share with you my loving energy. I will care for you as a loving mother. Through love every aspect of the Creator will be anchored onto the Earth.

I, Mother Mary am a great spiritual mentor; I hold a vast amount of wisdom within my being and mind due to my studies with many of the masters in the great sacred mystery schools both on the Earth and the inner planes of the universe. This I will discuss later but know that I am here as a beacon of loving energy that you can always call upon. When you need assistance or guidance, I shall be by your side and I shall wrap my energy body arms around your body, holding you tightly because you are all my children of the light and I am here to guide you forth.

Mother Mary and Her Work

I appear to many people differently but as I stand before you now I wear a deep navy hooded cloak, that wraps around my body, when you look into the cloak it will show you the entire universe; the stars, planets, realms and dimensions that compose of the Creator’s universe, this is a symbol of my connection and integration with all as well as my understanding of life beyond the Earth and its limited reality. It is I who you can call on to remove boundaries and limitations from your reality, actions and your thought processes. You may also ask me to transport you to different aspects of the Creator’s universe during meditation or your sleep state to aid your comprehension of the world beyond the Earth.



I am the Nurturing Mother,
Lady Mary



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