Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia* Conscious Channel

Kuthumi & Kumaras on Healing Service to Gaia| Ronna Prince| Conscious Channel

October 27, 2008

“Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which has the potential to heal the earth”


The Healers Service Credo

 Question: What is the purpose of my trip to South Africa? In answering this question, Master Kuthumi is answering the General Question, what is my purpose on Earth? The following excerpts from a private reading contain seeds of Wisdom that pertain to all of our journeys. Kuthumi addresses how we can use the POWER of our consciousness to heal ourselves and the earth, he offers the Healers Service Credo, and he talks about Eternal Balance.


Sanat and Venus Kumara chime in to provide a brief overview of the difference between “pristine darkness” and “conscious darkness” and suggest why fearing and working to annihilate the dark, is a mis-perception.


The I AM Presence of Master Kuthumi suggests that your purpose on this journey is multi-faceted. Healing is about consciousness. One often begins at the self, and then expands healing energies to ever-widening circles until the Truth of being in Service becomes apparent and clear. You are a healer of many, not only in your practice as a medical professional, but as a world server. In order to serve at the level that you are being called, one must have Experienced, at some time in your vast soul history, the energies of persecution, of racial subjugation from both sides and of many other things. We have stated before that your soul is very wise. Every experience of this lifetime, in the Now, leads you to this moment in time, to this journey of the Heart and the Dark Creative Inner Womb so that you may clear blocks in the second chakra, not only for yourself but for the Many.


What does this mean?, you are asking. We will affirm that in Intention, one has the ability to heal by the Presence of your high self and soul. In Intention, as a server of Light, you may walk the same places of earth and heal discordant patterns that have been locked in the earth grids for centuries. Now, we understand that this may seem strange or even improbable – but we must appeal to your knowledge and wisdom as a physician of the subtle energy system of the human body. If you were, for example, to consider the earth as a living body, and you would see where dis-ease is present, you may notice that there are symptoms of illness stemming from the bladder and kidney meridians. This may manifest as dysfunction in the creative life center of Earth, in the continent of Africa. Not only is there likely to be an imbalance in the entire autonomous nervous system, but there will also be the psycho-emotional aspect of deeply ingrained fear, lack of decision making capability and diminished moral character.


The suppression of the indigenous peoples of South Africa and the extended race conflicts have much to do with the blocks in the earth meridians which were greatly amplified in the 1500s when the invading Europeans created imbalance in the earth’s bladder and kidney meridians. The cultural clashes created great disharmony. Further deepening the energies of discord into the earth are the continuing deep earth mining practices in South Africa which have been done without regard to the sanctity of earth, without gratitude and with the destruction of many human lives.


All of these things are related as well as the entire panoply of disease and population devastation on the African continent. As healers, we begin with the Intention to Serve. We proceed with Knowledge-Wisdom. And we facilitate healing with Love. As you, (X person) who has lived and walked in many mansions in Africa, walk upon the Earth meridians – you are the equivalent of an acupuncture needle. Your physical presence, (which of course consists of your entire energetic and ensouled being) is an instrument of the Divine – we often refer to incarnate souls as the Transducers of Divine Energy. Your physical being carries Living Soul Keys which have the potential to heal the earth.


By walking in Intention of your sacred purpose in Africa, you are the release point of much cultural and racial suffering – “How can that be”, you ask? “I am only there for a short period – why is this task not given to some indigenous people, to someone who will have a greater and longer term impact?” It is precisely because you have the Intention and Knowledge-Wisdom of your greater purpose that you are being called to Serve. You have lived several critical lifetimes in Africa so that you know, to the depths of your being, the origin of the suffering, -so that when you walk upon the sacred healing places of the earth, by Intention you Serve. All people of Africa are called also, for in intention and love, great things have been accomplished by few.


The work is not complicated at all.


All you need do is to state from the Heart, with feeling and Intention:


The Healers Service Credo


In Service to the Earth: my Presence sends healing to the places that are blocked.

In Service to Humanity I affirm: I acknowledge and I forgive all aggressions, all cruelty and all ignorance.

In Service to Planetary Evolution: I acknowledge that Love is restored to the areas of the second chakra of Africa (or any other area you are called to assist in healing).

I offer my service from my heart, and my eternal soul,

for I have lived and died here, and here I return to Serve.

I am a living testimony to the endurance of the soul, the fortitude of the Spirit and the potential, now actualized, to emancipate what no longer serves the greatest good,

so that all may move forward in the spiral of ascension.

I am here to restore light to the second chakra of Earth

(or any other chakra you are working on).

I am here to Heal.

I come here to Love.


In the name of Divine Service, so be it and so it is.


What occurred on Earth in order for you Now to be called to Heal her Holy Body?


(We are now joined by Sanat and Venus Kumara) Indeed, over 2.5 million years ago, the Earth was considered a forsaken planet in the cosmos. There was an over-abundance of darkness and interference and a lack of interest on the part of the cosmic hierarchy to rehabilitate the planet to Love and Light. Being involved in creation, my Beloved Venus and I went before the Ain Soph Aur Council (Limitless Light) and asked for an assignment of re-creating Light from conscious darkness. You see, this is a very different activity than that of creating from pristine darkness. The pristine darkness is the center of creation from whence all things manifest. This is the sacred womb, the dark earth from which springs new life. Conscious darkness is that place where incarnate and spirit beings have made a choice to associate with less-than-light and manipulative forces of negativity. When incarnate beings allow themselves, through lack of awareness of their creation abilities, to be manipulated by “unseen” forces, without the counter-balancing of dedicated lightworkers holding open the field of Truth, great demonic energies become manifest in lower dimensions. Great imbalances occur which impact the energetic fabric of all beings.


We will tell you that the Infinite Creator creates from both Light and Dark. There is the mystery of creation, the Dark feminine womb, and there is the brilliance of creation, the Light of the Sun. All things are created in balance – even creation is created in balance. Do you understand this? Light-dark, male-female, yin-yang, yes-no. And to further complicate this we will tell you that the duality energies are an illusion!! For transcending the duality is the Trinity – symbolized by the Triskele. What is the Trinity of Light-dark? It is Love. What is the trinity of male-female? It is Love. What is the trinity of yin-yang? It is Love. What is the trinity of yes-no? It is also, Love. It is not “maybe”. It is Love. All things may be restored to Love through the balance of Light and Dark. Even conscious darkness may be restored to Light.


How does one balance light and darkness you ask? Not by seeking only the light! Not by fearing the dark! Not by putting your own limiting conditions on what you will and will not be open to do, to be, or to experience! Not at all.


One balances light and dark precisely by utilizing the great gift of the Infinite Creator of All:

Unconditional Love.


What have you been told our fellow Servers of the Way? That Love heals all things. What is darkness? It has many manifestations, but ultimately, our dear ones,


Darkness is the lack of light, the absence of love and the acceptance of fear.

That is all.

No more. No less.


So then how does one balance? By creating more fear, more lack and more absence? Not at all. You know:


Balancing light and dark is to Serve in the Way of Love.


It means that you accept the darkness without pushing against it. And by entering into it, in Love, you alchemically manifest Light into the darkest of all places. This is the Reality of Unconditional Love: conscious darkness has no power in the Presence of Unconditional Love. Absolutely no power.


The ascended masters invite you to open to a new level of being, that of conscious relationship, where suffering and struggle no longer need to be part of the contract – where contracts in fact, serve no purpose –for all healing and balancing takes place in the energy of Love. When one soul looks into the eyes of another and says: I understand, I remember, I forgive – great gifts open into your Reality. And above all, when one can say;


“I love you, for all that you have ever been and will be,

to the depths of inner light,

I understand, for I have been with you in many mansions.”


our dear soul in Light, one heals the World.

 We bless you on your journey and thank you, in gratitude, for your service to humanity and to Gaia, the ensouled planetary Being, who is healing her second chakra with a rainbow of light:


 Kuthumi, the Kumaras and Many Masters

 © Ronna Prince 2008 All Rights Reserved.





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