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The Lights of Love Membership Circle

Hello Dear Friends,

I have GREAT NEWS for you today!!

The Lights of Love Membership Circle has been officially launched worldwide and it is FREE TO JOIN for Lightworkers around the globe!

Check it out at the link below!

Since “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and NOW is always the right time, I have just joined The Lights of Love Membership Circle and here’s why I am sharing it with you:

It’s about where we are all at on Earth right now and where we are going whether we make the conscious choice to raise our own vibrations or not. Those of us who have chosen to willingly serve planet Earth at this time call this process The Ascension.

The Lights of Love Membership Circle is about learning to Master The Ascension Life-Style as your own life path and sharing with others who are also conscious of the Earth’s process and are ready to manifest the Mastery of their own Ascension Life-Style for themselves.

So I guess you could say belonging to The Lights of Love Membership Circle is my way of committing to my own life path and to intentionally belong ‘with committed others’ on the same path of direction in their own lives.

Joining the Lights of Love Membership Circle entitles you to complete access to the Lights of Love Treasure Chest and you will be “OVER THE TOP” when you see all the FREE Energy Activations, FREE Guided Meditations, FREE Inspirational Law Of Attraction Tools, FREE eBooks and MP3’s that I received and you will too when you join free as a Silver Light Member.

CLICK HERE for a SNEAK PEEK at everything we get inside the Lights Of Love Treasure Chest!

You will have access to ALL of it immediately after joining just like I did!

Not only do we receive hundreds of dollars in free Ascension and Transformation Tools that will help each of us on our path of mastering our ascension lifestyles, but after joining free, we also receive immediate access to all of the ascension products that are for sale in the Lights of Love Treasure Chest™, such as Brenda and Dorene’s Ascension Lifestyle Mastery Series eGuides and workbooks where you’ll learn…

~ Specific strategies and step-by-step processes for Mastering your own Ascension Lifestyle – all distilled and proven from their own real life Ascension processes and experiences.

~ You WILL discover your True Self and to Master the life unique to you that is carried within you just waiting to be lived!

~ You will learn to uncover and eradicate old hidden beliefs and unwanted habits that no longer serve you and have distracted you from being who you really are and remembering why you are here at this time!

~ You will learn how to determine exactly what you want in each area of your life, and given practical step-by-step ways of letting go of what you don’t want!

~ You will discover the 10 biggest ILLUSIONS in the collective unconsciousness of Earth’s 3rd dimensional experience of life and how to release them from your personal energy system

~ You will discover how to overcome fear and all the little emotions that cripple your creativity and block you from guiltlessly manifesting your heart’s desires in this life time

~ You will learn how to remain centered in peace with laser focus no matter what is going on around you!

~ You will come to understand that Ascension does NOT have to be hard. And that everything we each experience as our lives are really a choice that we create consciously with intention or by default; by continuing to allow all our old programming to out picture as our life experience..

~ Most of all, as membership circle members, we receive the ongoing help and support we need as we learn to Master our Ascension processes with ease, grace and harmony!

We also have the option of advancing to the next tier of membership as a Golden Light Member where our discounts increase to 50% off and then on to the Platinum Light Membership which is where we receive a whopping 100% off everything there is now, or ever will be as time goes on, as an active Membership Circle Member!

I invite you to Join my Membership Circle right now. Please use my personal link below to join to be placed in MY Membership Circle:

Put it this way, your free membership in My Circle entitles you to receive everything listed above and more in the Treasure Chest, along with your own member back office and your own unique ID webpage (just like I have) to share with others.

All members have the option to share with others they know who are attracted to, or already doing this work and in turn helps us advance to the next tier of membership where the discounts DOUBLE!!

But that’s not all!

THE BEST PART is that when we are Platinum Light members, not only do we receive 100% OFF EVERYTHING in the Lights of Love Treasure Chest™ we STILL GET PAID $20 commissions over and over again that add to our Prosperity Flow through sharing, with a built in Prosperity Flow buddy system that is hands down the most mutually valuable feature of being a member of the Lights of Love Membership Circle!

You have nothing to loose and an EASIER and MORE HARMONIOUS Ascension process than has ever been done before to gain!!!

You can read all the details of how we do this RIGHT AWAY by clicking my special link below>>>

See You Soon,

Arising to Oneness Together Now!



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