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Archangel Raphael – What Is Keeping Me From Finding My Twin Flame Partner?

Archangel Raphael – What Is Keeping Me From Finding My Twin Flame Partner?

as transmitted by Jeane R. Pothier
November 20th, 2007

This message was shared recently with a lovely woman who, like so many, is longing to have that life partner who is an integral part of a loving and fulfilling relationship in the New Energy. It has been edited for a wider audience.

The question is asked in this moment: What are the main attitudes/beliefs/perceptions that are blocking me from experiencing my Twin Flame, and what advice would you give me on releasing or changing them as quickly and easily as possible?

I greet you this day dear one!

I AM Raphael, the Angel of Healing and Transformation and it is a pleasure to be here with you this day. I bring with me your own angelic entourage, those many and infinite beings who love you so very much and work so closely with you on the other side of the veil. They all step closer to you with arms and wings and paws extended to hold you close and to share this energy with you. Give yourself all the time that you desire to have to experience this energy, for it is here for you and only you. It is here in support of all that you are struggling with, that you are questioning and wondering about, and they come to reveal to you the massive and infinite support that you have available to you as well!

So breathe with us in this moment my friend, breathe deeply of this energy and allow it to fill the cells of your body, fill the spaces that you sometimes see as being empty, yet are truly not. There are no empty spaces within you my friend, there is only energy that is not necessarily in motion so as to be perceived and felt by the human body.

What is being brought to you this day is also an energy of a bit of shifting and support in the area of allowing yourself to be who you truly are, for this is not easy for you at times. You have many in the outer world who still see you in this or that role and expect certain behaviors from you that at times feel like just another box, albeit a bigger box than you\’ve explored in the past. At times there is the feeling that many all around you do not desire you to expand and explore your true nature and this can bring about much sadness. And much sadness does indeed exist right now in world, as there are many who are experiencing this same type of desire to move on and explore who they truly are and feel that they are not being supported by their world to do so.

And especially, they are not seeing that one dear one, that Twin Flame energy, that reflects back to them what is felt in the heart and soul as the desire for a soul connection in a loving relationship. This is what you are feeling yourself and this is very troubling and uncomfortable, for the outer world has long been the barometer of how the inner being is doing. And not having that outer matching energy leads one to believe things about themselves that are not at all true!

I ask that you continue to breathe with us in the moment my friend, for we will be bringing through energies with these words that are a gift to you, the divine Human now, and can only be received in the breath. Will you give yourself permission to receive this for yourself?

The Twin Flame energy is very present on this earth now and more will be coming in over the next few years. The return of the Divine Feminine to be partnered with the Divine Masculine is very real and you are perceiving this around you, hence the great desire to have it reflected to you in a physical way with that Divine Partner you seek. Yet dear one, you need to first have this dynamic fully grounded within yourself! This is not so easy to explain and please bear with me as I bring this through, for it is a concept that is not easily accepted by those on earth at this time.

The Divine human is already fully souled and requires no other energy to make it so nor to make you whole. You have within you the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine already, for you are part of All That Is and therefore you already have everything! You have the mother energy, you have the father energy, the small child, the young man/woman, the adult woman/man and the crone woman/man. You have all of these and more just in this life! And what is now occurring is that you are bringing home to you for unity all those energies that were available to you in other lives. You are bringing these home for complete integration in a way that has NEVER been possible before in human or even angelic experience since the very beginning of this journey to discover Self!

The magnitude of what you are experiencing can not be understated and while I do not wish to make it so significant that you get lost in the notion of it and feel disempowered or unable to fulfill this destiny because it feels overwhelming in it’s magnitude, you have already accomplished this my friend! You have already done this on the etheric levels and now you are moving through the physical expression of this to remember how it is done in the body form.

So how does this relate to having that external Twin Flame energy come into your life? My friend, just as you have done this on the etheric realms and are now remembering how to do on the physical realms, the manifestation begins with you. For you cannot manifest in the outer world that which is not present and of substance on the inner world in this way. You can not have that great life that you desire unless you first integrate on the inner levels of self that you ARE that great life!

So during this time now, this amazing time that has come about through the work of so many beings who are the Masters, you now have the opportunity to do this for yourself. And I say to you now, that you will not have the external expression of that inner Divine union of the Feminine and the Masculine until you have it within you and that you know that this is true for you.

This is your time now my friend, to have that unity and integration of every part of you from every life you\’ve ever experienced. And when you come together with all those many interesting parts of yourself and feel that that is where HOME truly is, then you will have the groundedness that will ultimately serve you to bring into manifestation in your outer world the Twin Flame energy that you desire.

You are long past the time of beingness when you look for your answers in the outer world, for it does not reflect that which is the best option for you, the best choice for you, for you are of a vibration that is not reflected in this world. This is where you turn to the inner being who is the Divinity in physical form, who does indeed hold the answers for you that will best serve you. There is no counsel or advice that is better for you than that which comes to you from this divine Self that is you. And it is this same soul essence, this prantay energy, that will help you to be the wholeness in the physical that will attract a like energy to you that is your Twin Flame!

Taking care of you is the most important thing that you can do now in your life. Trusting that inner self, that prantay expression of who you truly are, knowing in every moment exactly what you need to know without trying to figure anything out. The time of the mind bringing you answers that have gone through the many permutations like that of a massive computer are over! It is now the time to listen to, to seek counsel with and conversation with, your own prantay soul energy, for it is the voice that brings you the divine truth that is needed by you, the divine human! For anything else that is now seen or expressed in the outer world carries with it a distortion that can be confusing and can bring you stress and disheartening in these times of rapidly changing energies. It is that inner voice, the inner integration that is most important now, and it will bring you a life that you can not even begin to imagine now!

Take time to sit with yourself every day, preferably morning and night, and breathe. For the breath is the invitation to integration and it is only when you are fully conscious and aware of being with yourself during that time that the invitation can be most effective. The aspects that are now returning to you do not do so when you are focused upon something else, they do not sneak up on you when you\’re involved in a project. They come to you when you are present, breathing and waiting with the door open to them. They come to you then with their own energy, their own messages and sharings, and they desire to have your full and complete attention when they show up! For they want to come home now and they want you to know that they are there!

The foundation of the full divine prantay, soul essence energy melded with the physical human is where the potential is birthed for the Twin Flame energy to come to you. The more fully unified that you are now my friend, the more this dear one will be in HIS or HER life, for you are long past the time of having a partner that you have to work on, or fix, or cater to, or work through any lessons with in karma, yet that is what potentials there would be otherwise. Taking the time NOW to be the most integrated being that you can be in the physical will bring to you a like vibration in your partner that will be the relationship that truly serves you, supporting you in the New Energy. And anything less than that… is it truly even worth your time and attention?

I AM Raphael and it is a delight to be here with you this day. Breathe deeply and choose for you. Choose joy in all your expressions and choose the knowing that you matter most of all in your life. Turn your attention to you and what you need in every moment. Trust what is being given to you in each moment by your own prantay energy and know that as you do this inner work now, the gifts that come from this will be beyond your wildest imaginings! You will be glad that you took the time now to take care of yourself and you will indeed see this reflected in your outer life as you continue to integrate and express in the physical world the divine human that you truly are.

We are complete.

© Copyright. Jeane R. Pothier. This work is licensed under a Creative
Commons License.

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