The Ascending Cosmic Pulse* ~~ 9~9~9 CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION ~~


The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
By Shala Mata

The energy of September births hard and intense as we begin the build to several powerful transmissions that will challenge every emotional and physical construct that requires change. Most are feeling overwhelmed and anxious as our emotions stream through our physical body. “Lets get Physical” could easily be the mantra for September.

The sense for urgency to rush forward only to stand still has been building since the Solstice in June. The powerful eclipses of July further examined every and all forms of “relationship” in our lives. Our communication with our hearts, guides, angels, loved ones and our soul are being calibrated to be transparent and congruent.

The brilliant light of the Full Moon on Sept 4th is a beacon to help us navigate the coming transmissions this month. There is so much occurring on so many levels that it is and will continue to be an on going challenge to remain focused and in our hearts as deep levels of our being are calibrated with the new frequencies and shifts.

September’s energy is pregnant with opportunity to refine and once again re-calibrate the shadow parts of our being. Even though the past several months have been an intense school the true “new beginnings” will begin this month. Every relationship will have the potential to be refined and new. We will be drawn further into the sacred space of our heart, providing we anchor and allow the frequency of love to flow within our physical and subtle bodies. crystal.jpg - 20346 Bytes

The crystalline transmission of the 9~9~9 (Sept 9/09) is a particularly powerful gateway or portal that holds great anticipation for lightworkers and starseeds across our beloved planet. We are in truth becoming crystalline beings as is our beloved Mother. The transmission of 9~9~9 is a coded awakener timed for this moment of our evolution. 9~9~9 numerically equals 11 as does the year 2009. 11 has always been a strong spiritual number that speaks to our evolutionary path. This year has been a challenge to walk our path and remain focused on the greater aspects of our being. The gateway of the 9~9~9 opens the grand preparation to the even more potent 11~11~11 coming in November.

The crystalline transmission coming through the Central Sun will hold a higher frequency of the golden christ diamond light and will further support and enhance the christ grid within and around our planet. All crystals will be activated on the planet and that includes the crystalline forms within our physical body. We are a mass of interfacing matrices or lattices of light and sound. Crystals contain a similar matrix and communicate with our DNA in proportion to our personal harmonic signature and frequency bandwidth. During this transmission our cells will vibrate faster as they match the new frequencies that our Mother Earth is downloading.

Our lightbody will be the first line of receiving this divine light, which will then continue to merge with physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies over the coming weeks. We are all a divine expression of the creator light and our physical body will feel this particular transmission in a profound way.

Over the past months many of us have been merging old patterns and emotional issues through our communication and relationships. I have written in past issues this year the vital need for transparent communication, where the energy matches the words spoken or thought.

Over the past couple of weeks in particular we have moved through another dense level of energy that felt very intense. The feeling of frustration and a low level anxiety just under the surface has tweaked our nervous systems into a fight or flight energy pattern. This of course further interrupts our sleep, digestion and over all well being. Events and circumstances seem to thick with delay and a general sense of fatigue and malaise has been experienced by many.

Infections, flu, sore throats, headaches, neck and back pain, muscle cramps and a bone deep tired have been many of the complaints I’ve seen in my practise. Lower leg cramps, swelling and a feeling of being disconnected from source have also been present. We are never disconnected but when new energy is preparing to download and the old is making space, we can often feel a “void” in our energy.

During these times our communication can become impatient, we can feel cranky as we literally walk between two worlds. We are re-tuning and refining our new reality matrix and what we wish to co-create for ourselves personally and for the collective.

Bits and pieces of the old and the new are forming a new pattern in our energy blueprint, and our faithful beloved physical body is having to cope with a myriad of energy re-calibrations.

Our heart is the true vessel for the crystalline transmission and over the coming weeks we will be able to house and hold more of this energy. A feeling of fullness in the chest is a common sensation as we merge more deeply in this transmission. Many groups around the world will be meeting in workshops and holding ceremony to ground this energy. Wherever you find yourself on the 9~9~9 is perfect. We can connect with the crystalline heart of our beloved mother and offer ourselves as vehicles in service to our ascension preparation.

Our beloved whales and dolphins hold a pivitol role in this energy transmission, as they are the “grid holders” and “keepers” for our planet. They too will also be downloading this energy and will be available to anyone wanting to connect with them during the download. StarChildL.jpg - 144092 Bytes

Image Courtesy of Jean Luc Bozolli

What all of this means is that things will start to become more clear and transparent over the next weeks, and that feeling of rushing forward to sit still will begin to move. The energy of this month will prepare us for the 11~11 and each day will offer more and more levels of re-calibration. It helps to remember that we came here to experience this exact journey and we are all in this together.

Sept 6th Mercury goes retrograde, which will focus energy on relationship and communication. A common theme these past few months. This timing will support a deep look at what relationships in our lives aren’t working and examine the reasons and ways to repair. What expectations do we hold in these relationships is a good place to start.

Sept 18th brings the sultry magic of the New Moon. This new moon will be a powerful opportunity to weave our new garment of light that each of us is preparing to model. New patterns will emerge from all the seeds planted these past months. Be a witness to your dreams and create your new reality.

Sept 21st brings the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern hemisphere. This is always a time of ceremony and honouring as the light and day and night are equal in length. Connect deeply with the crystals of the Earth and hold the sacredness of our Beloved Mother in your heart.

Last month I wrote on Integrating our Shadow Self. We are by no means complete with this exercise, and the shadow energy will continue to dance with us as we face old fears, judgements and self-doubt that we have directed toward ourselves and others. We are moving swiftly through a consciousness evolution that during this month will release emotional stress and old physical energy patterns.

Our most precious gift during this time is our sacred heart, where within holds the true gateway to our whole being, and all aspects of our higher dimensional selves. The chalice of your beloved is you, and all relationships that flow to each of us is a reflection of our love. All of our chakras are being re-wired or coded to accept the crystalline energies flooding our being this month.

It is a time of great excitement in the higher realms as all of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and starseed planetary families unite with us through our heart. The final three months of 2009 will be the most potent we have ever experienced upon our beloved Mother Earth.

The illuminated light flowing through the crystalline transmission is a testament to our devotion and help further transform our ascension process. During this month of such immense and powerful divine feminine light, take time in whatever manner feels right to honour yourselves, your journey and the honour of holding light for our Beloved Mother Earth.

Keep shining your gorgeous Light

Love and Deep Blessings,


© Shala Mata 2009


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  Maris wrote @

I am overwhelmed by all this information on chakra’s and divine image. I have always held a fascination for these subjects, but it is only in reading your post that I finally got a clear idea of what they are all about.

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