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Thoth: Following The Path Of Knowing


By Thoth

via Dhyana Markley

June 9, 2008

I AM Thoth and today I would like to speak about Following the Path of Knowing as opposed to the Path of the Mind, when making decisions.

In spiritual training, one of the subjects that a Master teacher will always cover is a method of learning or practicing how to KNOW instead of THINK, for there is a vast difference between the two.

Thinking is important in forming ideas, which are used to create and to form intentions which help to create.  Ideas created by the mind, energized by emotions, especially desire, are what actually make your life what it is.

Knowing, on the other hand, is a state of BEing in which the mind is put aside for the moment and a subtle, or sometimes strong, feeling is allowed to rise to the surface of your consciousness and express an awareness and certainty that your best choice in that given moment is now clear to you.  You may not know the reason why it is your best choice, you just KNOW, that it is the choice you should make, the direction that you need to go.

If you choose another direction, this is NOT wrong.  It is just another choice.  You, in that moment, have decided that you would like to explore yet another aspect of the path you are on before agreeing to walk another path, or a branch of the same path.

There is no right or wrong.  Everything is just a choice, a lesson, an experience, an opportunity to learn more about yourself.  You are not racing anyone.  There are no winners or losers.  Everything IS as you choose it to BE.  This is how you contribute to the All That Is.  This is how each of us contributes our uniqueness to the All That Is.

Many religions would disagree with this statement, but religions have agendas that are not mine.  My only agenda is to help each and every Soul that I can, raise in consciousness.  That is all.  I want nothing from you.  I need nothing from you.  I serve the All That Is, therefore, I serve you.  You also have made that choice and serve the All That Is in the fullness of your ability, whether aware of it or not.

You might ask, “Why is it so important to KNOW rather than just THINK?”

When an individual “thinks” he or she is drawing from their own individual experiences, either in just this one life or perhaps other lives as well.  Some of you even have the ability to draw information, ideas and concepts from the Group Consciousness.  While this can be very useful in many situations, from my point of view IT IS ALWAYS MORE USEFUL TO DRAW ON THE RESPONSE OF YOUR KNOWINGNESS.

Why?  Because KNOWINGNESS is more in line with your Higher Self and your personal Guides who have agreed to help you accomplish your life goals in the most efficient way.

Now, since “Time” is an illusion, it is not considered in the higher vibrating realms to be much of a problem if someone wants to veer from their chosen course for awhile.  However, because of the major changes that are going on within your Mother Earth, your Solar System, your Galaxy and even your Universe, the normal situation of “taking all of the time you need” has changed to a time of making essential choices now that will affect your current and future lives.  There is no fear in this.  It has always been this way.  It is just that more individuals are aware of their choices and their results than ever before.

Even though now is a “choosing time” that many consider more important than normal, there are no good or bad choices.  It is just your choice as to how you would like to continue to live your life or lives.  Whatever you choose is fine.

Some of you will choose to continue your ascension with Mother Earth and others of you will choose to take a bit more time and have a few more experiences before you decide to ascend.  As I said, there is no right or wrong choice.

For those of you who are choosing to take a bit longer or choosing not to choose right now, you as Soul will continue to follow that path.  However, the path that all are currently on has now split into two paths.  One path will give Soul more time for additional 3-D or 4-D experiences in polarity, with ascension at a later date, while the other path will lead to ascension with Mother Earth in the near future.

Even these two paths will split for those who journey upon them, because of the choices those Souls who walk them will make.

The key questions here are:  Is it better to follow your thinking, what your mind dictates?  Or is it better to follow your knowing, your gut feelings and your heart?

My recommendation is to always follow your heart.  If you believe a certain path will bring you more happiness than another path, another choice, then my suggestion is that you always choose joy.

However, as I said, some of you are not quite ready for the happiness that ascension will bring.  Either you believe that you have not suffered enough to deserve happiness or you feel locked in negativity and feel you cannot break free on your own.  For some this might be a legitimate chemical imbalance in your body from all of the toxic elements placed in your air and food chain.  For others, you might just really enjoy all of the drama that your negativity creates.  For whatever reason, YOU will be the one who actually makes the final decision.

I am just encouraging you to make it well.  Trust your heart, your Higher Self and those who love you, perhaps better than you love yourself, to guide you in how to best fulfill your life plan.

I have asked Dhyana to create a spiritual technique entitled: Getting In Touch With Your Higher Self, which will compliment this discourse.  She will post it separately on her site.

I AM Thoth and I am grateful to have spent this time with you.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~




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