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The Council of 12 : What is Changing ~ June 2008


a message from The Council of 12 channeled by Selacia
Saturday, 31 May, 2008

Right now, you are in the midst of a revolution in human consciousness. This involves such significant changes in how people live and view life that you don’t yet have language for it.

You are having some previews of coming attractions in those fleeting moments when you realize you know something there’s “no way” you could have known. It happens when you lose track of time, and when you discover that some projects typically taking you an entire day are accomplished within a single hour. It occurs when you meet people for the first time and feel strangely comfortable with them, as though you had known them forever. It happens when you contemplate a troublesome issue before dreamtime, inviting a Divine resolution, and you awaken with fresh new insights that can help you turn things around. It occurs when you go beyond reason and discern a truth with your heart and intuitive knowing. It takes place in the moments when you let go and simply allow yourself to see what was there all along.

Seeing What Was There All Along

What you find may astonish you! An example is your sensing the presence of a benevolent nonphysical spirit guide. This guide may have been around you for your entire life, yet perhaps now is the first time you have had the readiness and willingness to recognize its presence.

Another example involves times when you are able to suddenly connect the dots involving a puzzle of pain you’ve been trying to heal for years. You may have had realizations about your issue many other times, yet none of them led you out of the maze that kept you hopelessly stuck. This time, though, you really get what the root of your problem is. A “flash” of insight and Divine grace, coming seemingly out of nowhere, helps you to illuminate the root of your pain, fully understand the connecting pieces with the “big view” spirit has, and then take actions leading to a final resolution.

As you grow in awareness, the truth which was there all along comes to the surface and it becomes easier for you to recognize it as truth. This is happening, on a more conscious level, for light workers who are questioning what they were taught, questioning the media, and sincerely desiring to know what is real. Indeed, the more that you can recognize truth, the more quickly you can advance up and out of the dark rabbit hole of human ignorance.

Reversing the Long Sleep of Human Ignorance

During this time of change, people from all walks of life are beginning to awaken from a very long sleep. On some days, it may not feel like it, yet this is what is occurring. The planet’s evolution into a higher consciousness is indeed underway, and this movement will proceed even if the majority of people are not “ready” for the shift.

This last point is something to remember on those days when you feel concern for the plight of fear-based masses of people in all corners of the world. On those days, you may question whether there is “time” and whether the majority of people really care about anything beyond mundane concerns.

When you are feeling like that, rather than dwell on the negative, focus your energies in positive ways that can help yourself and others. Regardless of what others are doing, decide that you will be ready for the next stages of the shift. Remember, also, that upward spirals of growth can occur very slowly or seemingly in a “flash” of time. This applies to both individuals and the planet as a whole.

How quickly a person evolves is directly related to the level of willingness to change. There must be openness to seeing things differently, questioning one’s own status quo, responding with radical new approaches, and fearlessly making different choices without a road map, While this approach may sound like an impossible feat to someone mired in a life crisis, even the ordinary person can succeed if there is enough self-love.

Self-love is the Key

Set your intention daily to develop even more self-love than you had yesterday. Decide that you will be willing to look closely at those patterns within you that prevent you from being unconditionally loving. When these patterns come into your awareness, be dedicated to rooting them out so that you can become free of them. Approach your inner work with fearlessness, kindness and patience. During this process of transformation, set your intent to nurture yourself just like a loving mother would do with her young child.

It is not selfish to love yourself, and to create a lifestyle that allows you to transform and progress spiritually. In fact, you harm yourself and others when you neglect your own growth. Each time you choose thoughts and actions coming from love, you impact countless other sentient beings with a wave of uplifting energy!

Ascension is a natural process, unfolding for the planet and its life forms. If you are here in a body right now, you have unprecedented opportunities to advance as a soul, in part because of incarnating on Earth at this auspicious time. These opportunities begin to present themselves as soon as you have a sincere desire for positive change and take actions on that desire.

Unique Opportunities of This Life

If you have been on the path of expanded awareness for some time, you have had glimpses of just how precious this lifetime is for your own progress as a soul. Most likely, you have had experiential evidence of some key opportunities not available to you in previous lives.

For example, to live today offers the opportunity to have real-time access to world events, providing learning about diverse cultures and ways of thinking and being. The ability to know about the sufferings and celebrations of people half-way across the world helps you to move into an expanded awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.

Rather than simply focusing on your own problems of the moment, you learn that people everywhere are actually quite similar. Underneath their false egocentric exteriors, people on all continents want the same things-to love and be loved, to be happy, to feel secure, and to feel empowered.

When you really get what this means in practice, beyond the words, it can begin to change your life. First, being exposed to humanity in this way and realizing these simple truths can help you to be more accepting of yourself. Developing more self-love is the first ingredient needed to advance spiritually. With more love and compassion for yourself, you can then extend that outward to others. Remembering that other people are also learning how to love, it is easier for you to be kind regardless of circumstances. This kindness is your love in action.

Timing of the Shift

Many of the old paradigm structures of humanity’s past-including fear-based institutions of control and hierarchical governments-could not change before now because the consensus reality did not support it.

The consensus reality is formed by individuals over time, each person shaping it by how they view the world. A person’s views include countless belief systems held within the DNA. These beliefs include those inherited from one’s ancestors many generations back, those formed in past lives, those taken on from the mass consciousness, and those formed in the current life. All of these reside in the subconscious, out of ordinary awareness.

To change the consensus reality, then, requires that sufficient people change their world view-from the inside out-and then apply that new view to actions in the world. This change is within one person at a time, and yet the inner change of even one person can impact many other people.

On an individual level, the process of awakening into a higher consciousness is often accompanied by feelings of urgency and strong desires to change the status quo. The more that you see things as they really are, rather than the sugar-coated version of reality you previously embraced, it’s natural to notice how out-of-balance things have become.

A part of you knows that you will need to become more balanced, more whole, and more self-accepting before you can see your world clearly. The next big jump that you as a soul are preparing to make this incarnation can only be taken successfully when you have that clarity.

For this reason, the force of spirit within you is guiding you into avenues of potential transformation and nudging you in the direction of positive change. It is in your highest good, therefore, to learn as much as you can about decoding the messages of spirit, and to develop a deeper and more tangible connection with your spiritual guidance. As part of that, it is essential to become practiced in acting on the intuitive guidance you receive. Know that even the seemingly trivial intuitive messages, when acted upon, can lead you to great leaps in personal growth. Therefore, as you become proficient in decoding the messages of spirit, and appropriately act upon them, you can greatly accelerate your personal shifting process.

The Shift & Physical Symptoms

For those who tend to process energetic shifts physically, this current cycle of change is likely to catalyze physical symptoms. Examples include periodic aches and pains, sleep disturbances, headaches, lack of energy, feeling ungrounded or spacey, and unexplained sensitivities to foods and other things.

All of a sudden, for example, you can have indigestion or another physical response after eating a food that’s long been a part of your diet. Sometimes this will have to do with the food’s preparation, or with how it’s treated with chemicals. At other times, your food reaction will have nothing to do with these things, as your body is simply rejecting what you ate for a host of possible reasons.

One explanation is this. On some days, as your body processes unseen energetic shifts, certain foods can set off a physical reaction within you. If what your body really needed was just a glass of water for hydration and you ate your favorite rice dish, you could have a reaction. Likewise, if you were starting to feel a bit spacey and ate a calorie-laden snack instead of grounding yourself with a walk barefoot on the grass, you could end up feeling tired instead of centered.

Get in the habit, therefore, of learning to intuit what your body really needs and giving it that. Here’s a brief checklist of questions to ask yourself to confirm what your body needs. To ask these, become still for a moment and invite your intuitively guided reason to show you what is most appropriate. Then listen with relaxed, focused attention to determine the optimal course of action.

1. Does my body need water or hydration?
2. Does my body need grounding and centering?
3. Does my body need sleep, more rest or to de-stress?
4. Would exercise help?
5. How about a process or physical movement encouraging deep breathing?
6. Does my body need food, and if so, what type is best?
7. Is the uncomfortable or other physical sensation I’m feeling due to what I recently ingested?
8. If so, what about the food or drink is impacting me (additives, method of preparation, how much I ate, the food combining, etc.)?
9. If my body is having a physical reaction, what is the optimal remedy (alter the diet, wait a while to eat or drink anything else, do a detoxification or juice fast, etc.)?
10. Is my reaction temporary only, or do I need to stop ingesting something in my usual diet?
11. What else would my body like right now?
12. How can I take better care of my body in general?

To be sure, as you progress on the path of personal transformation, you will find that your body requires adjustments in diet, rest and self-care. You will want to keep up-to-date with what you personally need at each stage. No outside authority can give you the real-time wisdom that your own body can!

DNA Changes During the Shift

Your very DNA is changing during humanity’s great shift. These DNA changes impact you on all levels–including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s quite common, as this happens, for you to benefit from a higher vibrational diet that can optimally support the changes happening within you at a cellular level. Many of the things you enjoyed eating and drinking in the past will simply be out of harmony with your new energy. If you still eat some of these foods, your body may have difficulty processing them. Similarly, if you have grown accustomed to a very stress-filled life and don’t give your body enough rest and quality sleep, you can slow down your own personal transformation process.

As you evolve, you shed the density of your humanness, including patterns held within you on a physical level within the DNA. Many of your patterns shift as you do personal inner work. Sometimes your shifting is catalyzed when others around you with a similar pattern begin changing in significant ways, and your readiness to transform facilitates your own leap forward.

One of the biggest changes on the planet today is how rapidly people are able to shed their long-held negative patterns. The releasing still happens in layers, for this is the natural way energy moves, yet the process is speedier and deeper than possible before now. Shedding these layers allows you to hold increasing amounts of Light and to greatly accelerate your progress as a soul this lifetime.

If you were involved with personal transformational work a decade or so ago, and today approach your evolutionary process with the current energies, you will sense the difference. There are some “new” healing methods available, yet it’s much more than method. It’s really about the energy available to you during these times, and connected to the higher consciousness that is developing within people. Things are accelerated, with a lighter feel, and accomplished with greater ease. Even “old” methods, when applied today, can yield much faster results than were possible in earlier times.

Change can be fast, yet keep in mind the importance of patience and Divine timing, developing a trust in the unseen mysteries of spirit working in your life.

The more that you can approach your own shifting with loving kindness, the smoother your road of change will be. On some days it may still feel like a roller coaster ride, yet your self-love can help you to have the necessary steadiness within.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2008 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved *


A message from Archangel Michael : June 2008 * LM-6: Mer-Ki-Vah – Your Ascending Vehicle of Light




Beloved masters, when you first integrated your Spirit into bodily form, do you remember how you used the Golden Light of Creation and your Sacred Mind to manifest a multitude of wondrous things? You took great joy in the physical world; however, after many trials and much pressure from those around you, you began to doubt yourselves. Once more, it is time for you to access and reclaim those marvelous gifts, dear hearts. Listen to the whisperings of your Higher Self, and focus on that which is harmonious, loving and beneficial for all. Rise above any conflict or distortions that come your way, and view them as an opportunity to grow in Soul-strength and wisdom. As the turbulence and chaos increases, you must stay centered within your Sacred Heart, and you must stay disciplined and focused on your vision for the future via the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. That is the way of a self-master.
All of you have had thousands of lifetimes, in this and other star systems and realities, in a great variety of physical and etheric forms. Many simple lives and many grand experiences where you used your talents and gifts to their greatest potential. This is a balancing lifetime for all of you, whereby you are seeking to bring all the facets of your Beingness together. Envision yourselves being filled with millions of sparkling diamond crystal particles of Creator Light which are being filtered into your physical vessel via the etheric replica of your body which resides in your personal pyramid in the fifth dimension. Become an observer of the process as slowly but surely all the imperfections you have created, both within your body and within in your personal world, are gradually transmuted into higher harmonious frequencies of beauty and peace, free from stress and limitation.

As doubts arise, beloved ones, remember, you have acquired much knowledge from the failures of the past and, with the wisdom you have gained, you now have the ability to assist those on the ascension path behind you. Trust your inner guidance and you will not be led astray. We are endeavoring to help you remember your magnificence and to know that what we are asking of you, you have accomplished many times before. As your radiance expands and grows more powerful and far-reaching, you, along with all the other Light Workers around the world, will become a unified force that will not be denied, a force for transformation and change of the highest order. Be bold in your vision. See what is right in your world, thereby reinforcing the Love/Light that dwells within each and every person you meet. Do not focus on the shadows or the chaos around you, for wherever you focus your attention, that is what you magnify. You, the Star Seed, which means that you have journeyed throughout this universe as a conscious Spark of the God Mind, have helped create many unique worlds. You have also spent aeons of time experiencing what you helped to create, for that is an immutable law of the universe.

It is of vast importance that you have at least a basic understanding of the magnificent and complex Divine Plan that is unfolding step-by-step in order to assure the ascension process for the humanity and the Earth will be accomplished as ordained. You, the vanguard, have important roles to play, and we are revealing as much of the Plan to you as you can understand and implement. We will now outline and convey to you another important facet of the ascension process. Just as you were guided and safeguards implemented in the descension process, so it is with the ascension process that is now in full swing.

The Mer-Ka-Ba

Mer Ka Ba are Egyptian words meaning: MER (LIGHT), KA (SPIRIT), AND BA (BODY). This eight-pointed Star Tetrahedron is your personal vehicle of Light and was created as you journeyed down into the lower dimensions and eventually devolved into human form. It could be called the descending vehicle of Light. Eventually the two triangles separated with the point of each triangle joining at the third eye to create a diamond: ” A MER-KA-BA is a counter-rotating field of Light that affects Spirit and the body simultaneously. The two merged triangles represent the merged soul and your God Ray Self which recreates your Light Body. It is a living field of Light that has become diminished down through the ages as you sank deeper and deeper into density. In the past, a healthy spinning MER-KA-BA field on the Earth plane was fifty to sixty feet in diameter. It is a vehicle that can take your Spirit and body from one reality or dimension to another. It is an inter-dimensional vehicle of Light. In the beginning, pranic energy or the Living Light filled with Adamantine Particles of Creator Light flowed through the Pineal Gland which is located in the center of the brain. Like the Thymus, this gland has diminished greatly from its original size: from the size of a golf ball to about the size of a pea.

During those ancient times, the pranic breath/Light flowed through the Pineal Gland into the Sacred Mind, down through the column of Light (often called the pranic tube), into the Sacred Heart, and then throughout the rest of the physical vessel. The Pineal Gland is the portal to your Sacred Mind. Therefore, this gland must be reactivated to some extent and the protective membranes of Light must be dissolved in order to gain entrance into the Sacred Mind, which is located at the upper portion of the brain at the back of the head.

In the beginning, the prana flowed up and down throughout the physical vessel in an infinity sign loop. As you sank deeper and deeper into density you stopped breathing in this sacred way, and began to breath shallowly through your nose and mouth, thereby bypassing the Pineal Gland and losing your ability to draw forth the life-giving properties of prana. You are relearning those ancient procedures via the infinity breath techniques. You draw forth the breath and send it upward through the Vagus nerve, and out of the body through the Medulla Oblongata (the ascension chakra). This breathing technique also allows the pranic energy to flow upward through the pranic tube to the Pineal Gland and into the Sacred Mind and downward through the pranic tube into the Sacred Heart. On the out-breath you draw that sacred energy downward throughout the body, empowering, balancing and harmonizing your energetic force field.

The Vagus nerve connects to the Medulla Oblongata via the brain stem, and also courses downward through the neck connecting to the heart and the Solar Power Center. This nerve completely controls the respiratory system and, therefore, is one of the most important nerves in your body, for without breath you cannot live. The Vagus nerve is also the connection to your etheric life cord which has been called the River of Life/Light.

The Mer-Ki-Vah

Divine Love/Light Is What Expands and Empowers The Mer-Ki-Vah Field

The Earth and humanity’s ascending vehicle of Light will evolve, over time, from an eight-pointed star tetrahedron to a twelve and then a twenty-four pointed star tetrahedron, and it will eventually expand to an even greater size. To distinguish the ascending vehicle from the descending vehicle, it has been named the MER-KI-VAH for it contains the new Divine blueprint for the future. You must actively seek balance and harmony in your lives in order to tap into and draw forth the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. Unconditional love is the activating force of Adamantine Particles.

Seed Atoms: There is a physical seed atom located within the Sacred Heart, an emotional seed atom located in the solar plexus and a mental seed atom located in the Pineal Gland within the brain structure. Your lifeline/cord is firmly anchored within your God Ray Self and it constantly radiates life force energy to these seed atoms. As you expand your spiritual awareness and harmonize your frequency patterns, this flow of life-giving energy (Adamantine Particles) increases, thereby accelerating the process of ascension and assisting you to move through the ascension process with ease and grace. It will also expand and empower your MER-KI-VAH vehicle of Light.

All who have stepped onto the path of ascension are presently living on at least five levels, and many of you are accessing frequencies from the sub-levels of the six and seventh dimensions, and on rare occasions you are taken to the eighth and ninth dimensions while in your protective sphere of Light. Your memory is dependant on a steady, living, magnetic energy field, very much like a computer. As the Earth’s vibrational frequencies continue to accelerate, those of you who have an active spinning MER-KI-VAH vehicle will retain full memory. For those who do not, their memories will begin to fail and portions may even be erased. In extreme cases, it will be like having a total crash of the memory of their computers.

The 144 crystalline grid was anchored in strategic points/sacred sites on the Earth after the harmonic convergence, and it is now actively being anchored in various places through the endeavors of the many dedicated Light workers around the world. You are being offered a great gift and also a monumental task. You must actively seek to become the living pillars of Light through which the Creator Light flows, thereby anchoring the crystalline grid in specific areas, so that this uplifting, healing energy can flow throughout the crystalline grid system until it eventually encompasses the Earth. The sacred geometric pattern of the crystalline grid extends to the ninth dimension. It is the matrix for the ascension of the Earth and humanity. Using the infinity breath techniques regularly, and performing the binary sequencing exercise at least once connects you with and gives you the capability of gradually accessing the vibrational frequency patterns all the way up to and including the ninth dimension.

We of the angelic realms are here in great force to help you move through these times of evolution and great change with ease and grace; however, you must ask for our assistance, for we cannot infringe upon your free will. Reclaim your rightful place as a master of Light, dear ones and, remember, as you integrate the knowledge of Spirit and illumined truth, we ask you to go forth and share your wisdom. We are ever near to guide, direct, inspire and protect you. I AM Archangel Michael

© 1998-2006 Ronna Herman, Star Quest All Rights Reserved – 775-856-3654 • * 6005 Clear Creek Drive • Reno, NV 89502


Bliss, Sensitivity, and Big Life Changes

a message from Doreen Virtue
Sunday, 25 May, 2008 (posted 29 May, 2008)

As I walked into my garden, I was greeted by fragrant jasmine, roses, and other springtime blooms. The flowers’ perfume seemed much stronger than ever, and I inhaled it deeply. I felt the angels’ gentle presence by my shoulders, and realized that my increased sensitivity has allowed me to enjoy the fragrance even more.
One benefit of allowing myself to become more sensitive, I decided. After all, allowing yourself to feel deeply is a choice. Sometimes, when I’m around people exhibiting anger or other harsh energies, I wish that I wasn’t quite so sensitive. Yet, I wouldn’t trade my garden experience for any amount of emotional bluntness.

I can feel the emotions of my loved ones who live far away. I can sense the world’s sorrow and despair. Yet, I can also go to the park and see a mother cradling her newborn baby and feel their pure, shared love. My heart can delight at small kindnesses bestowed by strangers. I can be moved to tears by the love of my friends and family. I can feel bliss at the grocery store when I’m aware of the divinity in the people around me, and I can enjoy the divine perfection in all of our lives.

It seems that most people I know, including myself, are going through big life changes. A lot of my friends are questioning their relationships, careers, and living conditions. I’m also going through a period of soul-searching. The question most of us are asking is: What’s next?

This question comes from a desire to control and predict the future. Yet, there is no true future; there’s only NOW in which we’re guided and escorted perfectly by the angels. The choices and actions of NOW are creating our future.

Instead of fighting with our thoughts and feelings, how about listening to them? What are your recurrent feelings? What changes do you dream about making? What do you love about your life, and what do you feel complete with?

Know that it’s safe to ask these questions, and to explore possible changes along your pathway. Your intuition like a GPS (Global Positioning System) has been upgraded, updated, and refined within the new energy waves. It is now exquisitely tuned-in to other people’s energies and it is illuminating the next steps along your personal path.

As you consider and make these changes, continuously talk to your angels. Ask for their help, ask for clear signs that you will easily notice and understand. Ask for reassurance, courage, and motivation. Ask for support. And most of all, ask: “Please help me to accept help.” Often the angels send help in the form of other people.

Give God and the angels any fears about making changes. Call upon Archangel Michael to release you from toxic attachments to fear.

And know that we’re all going through this period of growth, reevaluation, change, and upliftment together!

© 2008 Angel Therapy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To know more about the wonderful work of Doreen Virtue please visit her website


A message from Kuthumi on Peace, Love and Joy

A message from Kuthumi on Peace, Love and Joy.Welcome dear ones,

We have been talking about Uniting the light workers, but forgot to mention one thing.

Unity can only exist if there is Unity within you.

We have been working long and hard with this channel and she has been guided to read the many messages that are out there.
Not much Unity in those, in either subject or what we stand for.

She has come to realize that Unity is also Peace.
Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart, Peace of Soul.
Not an easy job in her life with all the distractions of other people and things happening in this world.
She is like everyone else, a husband, kids, work.
After going through all the feelings and emotions that are part of life, being sensitive to all that is going on inside and outside of her life, she has asked for Peace in her Heart, Mind and Soul.
She has asked with all her might for everything that is not needed to be released.
Not an easy job, but it can be done.

We have come to you today to tell you that it is possible to find that Peace inside yourself.
Peace, I keep on saying this word, it makes our channel laugh, because her little one uses a word that sounds the same for when she has done something in her diaper, after that she will say “ change” I am done.

This is what Peace will bring.


Once you have found it, you will never loose it, it is a part of what and who you are. Many channels have told you. We are ready, waiting for all of you to reach our goal.

This is only partly true. This whole process was started many, many years ago. When each and everyone one of you decided it was time for Peace and Change.

It is already inside of you, and has been from the beginning, it is part of what and who you are.
Now is the time to reconnect with that part.

Yes, at this time many of you feel alone, you feel the pain and anger of people around you, inside of you.
You are influenced by what is happening at this time, and you think, how can there be peace in all of us. Look at what is going on, the wars, the hate among all these people.

You know all these feelings of hate, anger, pain are inside of you, but more important you also have the Love, the Joy and Peace inside of you.

The time is now to start releasing all of the anger, pain, fear, and start feeling the Love, Joy and Peace in your Heart, Mind and Soul.

You can take this step by simply saying.
“ Yes, I want to release everything that is not needed, release it from my Body, my Mind and my Soul. I want to be Peace. I want to feel Peace in my Mind, Body and Soul.”

This is a good time to work on this, the energies are calming down a bit after all the energy fluxes that have been going on this month.
This is the time to prepare yourself for the new energies coming in at 8-8-2006.
This will open a new portal of creation and energies that will release more light onto the earth.

One more step on your path of self discovery to realize what and who you truly are.
Which is still mostly hidden behind the veil that is inside of you.
Peace in your Heart, Mind and Soul will lift the veil more and more.

The truth is inside you, but remember while discovering your truth, this is your truth alone at this point.
Respect others and respect their truth until we reach the final moment of Unity, where we all will be one in this Universe of Love.

We leave you with these thoughts.

Peace, Love and Joy belong together in Unity.

Unity of Mind, Heart and Soul is what brings Peace, Love and Joy.

With all my Love


Channeled by Petra Margolis



Yeshua/Sananda – Home Within The Heart of God


By Sananda/Yeshua

via Dhyana Markley

May 23, 2008

I AM Sananda, also known to many as Yeshua.  Today I would like to speak about HOME… not the dwelling place in which you reside in your physical body or even Mother Earth, but your true HOME, Within the Heart of GOD.

HOME is a feeling, an emotion that is perhaps the strongest one you will ever have.  It causes you to move forward when all you see before you is darkness, unknowingness of what is yet to come. 

HOME is where all Souls were made a part of God and where all Souls will return when their adventure is complete.

Let us start at the beginning.  In the beginning Sugmad, known by some as the All That Is or GOD, decided to create an experiment in Free Will… Unlimited Free Will.  This had never been done before in quite this way.  When it had been tried before, the beings upon many worlds ended up destroying themselves and their worlds because they lost access to their Soul Light in their downward spiral and could not find it again within themselves so that they could save themselves from destruction.  The result was that Free Will was limited a bit so that things wouldn’t get out of control, become so destructive and eliminate eons worth of work.

When a Planet, Solar System or Galaxy was lost to darkness  and destruction, this felt like a great failure to the Sugmads of the various Universes.  They had not yet figured out a way to solve this particular problem.

However, in THIS Universe, our Sugmad had great faith in his creations and made sure that they were well prepared before they descended into the lower worlds to work on this new challenge… Unlimited Free Will.

Our Sugmad also invited many higher beings to work more directly with those who were to “forget” who they truly are and gave them a large piece of ITs Soul, all for the challenge of obtaining greater knowledge about the aspects of duality and the subtleties of the Light and Dark forces.

Great planning went into the creation of this new Universe, numbered Seven in this Multi-Universe.

Sugmad (All That Is or GOD), Creator Source (Sat Nam) and Creator God (Christ Michael) worked together for what to you would be considered eons, ages, or even eternity, until they felt that they had thought through ALL possibilities, ALL details that pertained to their joint venture… our known Universe and our fall into Unlimited Free Will.

Great and experienced Souls from other Universes were invited to join in on this great, never before experienced adventure.  Yes, everyone knew there would be great challenges, great dangers, pain and anguish, but heroic Souls volunteered in huge masses to serve as the foundation for the project.  Later more masses of individuals volunteered or were created by Christ Michael and each given a spark of ITself.

The Souls from other Universes, passed through our Sugmad and took on a Soul fragment from IT, so that It would be connected to IT, our ultimate GOD, for the entire experiment.

All bodies then created by Christ Michael were given Soul fragments from IT.  Some of these bodies that live closer to Sugmad and have greater responsibilities, were given larger Soul fragments.  Some of them also were to oversee groups of individual beings, known to some as animals, plant species, and the like, where not every individual would need a personal Soul fragment to fulfill their purpose for creation.

Creator Source or Sat Nam was also actively involved in this part of the process.  IT stepped down the vibrations of the Soul fragments to a degree that they would match Creator God or Christ Michael’s ability to create the final creations for the worlds or dimensions upon and below the Fifth Plane.

Sat Nam is responsible for the worlds or dimensions from the Sixth Plane to the Twelfth.  Above that Sugmad (Seven) is in charge.

Your Christ Michael is a remarkable being.  Since Michael is usually considered a male name, I will call him “HE”.  However, HE is beyond male or female and only takes on the appearance of one or the other, according to his desire and need to accomplish a task.

On many planets and worlds there is not much diversity.  They were created to provide the opportunities for experiences that are much different from that of your Earth, Mother Earth.

Lady Gaia is known as a “Seed Planet”.  That means that there is great diversity upon and within her that can and does provide “seed” individuals, whether they be human, animal, plant or stone, water, air, land, even fire.  There are also microorganisms here that are very rare.  They could not survive on most other planets.  This is one of the major reasons why Mother Earth will not be allowed to die, but will be aided in her healing to once again become the paradise that is her destiny.

Once you can prove to yourselves and Christ Michael that you can be good stewards of your planet, then you will be allowed and even encouraged to share all of the knowledge that you have learned here with the entire Universe.

You will all ascended in consciousness, if that is your choice, and be that much closer to your HOME, Within the Heart of GOD.

HOME will still be a bit beyond your grasp until you fully unite with your Twin Flames and then your Twin Ray.  Once that occurs you will be ready and able to be reabsorbed by Sugmad and either stay with IT in another position of responsibility or move on to another Universe and the needs of another Sugmad or to become one yourself.  One always has a choice in all matters.

There are examples found in various writings of what it is like to rest within the Heart of GOD, the Heart of Sugmad and even the Combined Hearts of Sugmad, Sat Nam and Christ Michael.  To me, it is BLISS… sheer bliss, the kind of ecstatic state that is difficult to leave for any reason. 

However, each Soul is motivated to serve out of love for The All That Is, so the best anyone can do is to bring as much of those feelings of love and bliss that are found in the Heart of GOD into their everyday life.

In the higher worlds that many of you call Heaven, the inhabitants of those worlds are able to do this to an ever greater degree as they too continue their ascent into the ever higher vibrating worlds.

I will ask that Dhyana create a technique for you today entitled,  RESTING WITHIN THE HEART OF GOD so that you might be able to experience this love and bliss if you have not already done so.

I will see you HOME.  I AM Sananda.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~


Infinite Being : How to Heal the World



How to Heal the World
by Owen Waters

The Shift to the New Reality has been gaining speed for many
years. We have now entered a phase of The Shift which is now
bringing rapid transformation to our world.

Heart-centered consciousness is the gateway to spiritual
consciousness. Spiritually-minded people today are transforming
the world from material consciousness into heart and soul
consciousness. This transformation is best realized by using
intention to actively fill the world with love and light. This
spiritually-conditioned energy powerfully transforms the lower
energy of fear and hate within the global mind atmosphere.

The energy of transformation can be channeled into a spiritual
focus, into emotional release or it can be allowed to manifest
in the only remaining field of popular action, the physical
world. There, it will erupt through emotion-driven, physical
phenomena – volcanic eruption, earthquakes and violent storms,
for example. All of these “natural” disasters are driven by the
chaotic emotional energy of mankind. All of them can be healed
and prevented when people channel enough spiritual energy to
soothe the chaos.

Today, it is more important than ever to send healing energies
into the world. If enough people enter their inner, spiritual
space regularly, then the incoming energies of transformation
can be expressed on a spiritual level.

You can make all the difference in the world today when you
help balance the incoming energies of transformation by using
the following technique.

The Infinite Being Heal the World Technique:

Reconnect with your spiritual source daily. Use the Infinite
Being meditation, or your own meditation technique, the first
thing every day. Make it a habit, a part of your morning

End your meditation session by spending time in gratitude for
life, nature and the Infinite Being from which you
materialized. Let a sense of gratitude for everything in your
life fill your heart.

Then, intend world peace and enlightenment. Send this
intention out into the world as love energy through the heart
chakra just in front of your breastbone.

This alone would be enough to make a big difference in the
world today. However, by adding a third component to the
technique, it becomes enormously powerful and effective.

Powerful acts of creation all have three essential components
– intent, feeling and motion. Those are the only three tools
which Infinite Being used to create the universe and everything
within it. That’s how powerful those three components are, when
used together in equal balance.

So far you have set the first component,

(1) Your intention – world peace and enlightenment.

You have also set the second component,

(2) A love-inspired environment – gratitude for the universe
and everything in your life.

Now, it’s time for the third component,

(3) Action. It is time to move that energy, in large
quantities, into the global mind atmosphere surrounding the
Earth. This is how:

On every in-breath, imagine white light from the Cosmos
entering your crown chakra, above the head, and traveling down
your spine to the level of your heart, then traveling forward
into your heart chakra, just in front of your breastbone.

At the same time, see white light from the Earth entering the
base of your spine and traveling up the spine, then forward, to
merge with the cosmic energy in the heart chakra.

The energies of the Cosmos and the Earth will fuse together
and cause an energetic reaction at the frequency of the heart
chakra. This fusion forms a ball of energetic white light in
the heart chakra.

With every out-breath, send the power of this energetic
reaction out to the world. Direct it as a beam of white light
from your heart chakra, out into the world.

Continue this in-breath, out-breath cycle for at least five
minutes each morning and you will not only help heal the world,
you will change your entire day for the better.

The universe reflects who you are. When you practice healing
the world, by automatic reflection, you heal who you are. Any
and all issues which have been challenging for you will move
closer towards resolution as you help the world in this way.

There’s nothing like starting your day helping to heal the
world in these critical days of transformation. It’s one of
those things that brightens your day, makes you feel good to be
alive, and lets you know that you are taking the type of action
that you came into this life to perform.

*If you enjoyed today’s article, forward it to a friend!
They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
“The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness”

Available in hardcover or via immediate download at:


A Message from Divine Mother : Activating The Code of Compassion

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol’Ara An
Friday, 30 March, 2007 (posted 21 May, 2008)

Activating the code of compassion within humanity is no little job! And the belief that it can change the world is not what we are saying here, but every attempt to align Humans with their divinity is helpful. I come to give the answers that you seek dear ones; we know that there are many. Within your days of Now, many changes are inline and coming quickly. Many believe “someone out there” created these changes, but we tell you that this is not truth. The ones who created this transition of energies are, quite truly, yourselves. We have spoken many times of truth: humans are the creators of their own lives. That there are no accidental happenings; they are thoughts and focused emotions that manifest before you.

As a group consciousness, you have agreed to the changes now occurring. Perhaps you might have wanted a gentler awakening, and yet it is needed for the entire group consciousness. The code of compassion is just one of the codes humans carry within their cells, within their DNA. You can look at this as a kind of messenger of hope. Within the cells and DNA of the human vehicle are codes waiting to be activated, depending on the soul purpose of the individual.

Our purpose today is to offer the gift of activating the code of compassion to those who are ready to receive. I believe it is truly obvious that compassion, in its fullness, is needed upon the Earth today. If you could awaken to your inner code of compassion and allow the Holy Spirit, the divine feminine energies, to activate this within you, your path of light would be much smoother indeed! It is the nurturing mother energies that we bring forth this day.

Many of our Earth children of Light have chosen a time to activate and awaken the truth: They are souls in the form of human bodies. That the time has come is true, but you are always given a choice. And those who resonate to this truth are easily activated when they believe in and allow their hearts to be open. This is a prerequisite, if you will, of the activation of the code of compassion.

Therefore, we will speak of this open heart. It is clear that there have been many experiences to cause hurt and resentment to tarry in the heart of humanity. These resentments cause walls, and these walls block the heart from truly shining through to the human experience. Without the heart involved in the life force of an individual, there can be no compassion or love. Many look for love from everyone around them, and many are left needing. Perhaps the true purpose was to find that love resides not outside of you but within your own heart. It has been spoken of in many ancient and current writings, the energy you call love, and yet it is still the one thing that humanity continues to search for. This searching takes you away from ever knowing true Love.

Our compassion for our children of light upon the Earth brings us forth this day to offer a way to consider changing this search and allowing the energies of divine compassion to open the way for the divine love within you to manifest! What miracles of love there would be if our children would fully embrace this truth! Why would Creator leave you without this love? The answers you seek, beloved ones, are within this question. I find that the purest hearts know so much about this code and yet many times are closed down when first they speak of such. What is within the hearts of humanity that they would take these pure children and teach them in such a way as to close their spirits down and box them in like cattle! What is within the hearts of humanity indeed? This is not love and this is not within the true hearts of humanity.

Fear is not the way to love. I think you have become very clear about this. And yet still you hold on, hoping to cross the river of fear to get to the other side in hopes of finding the safety of love waiting. If you would truly look at what you believe, versus what you think, you would see the dichotomy! When you think fear, fear of not being good enough or not having enough money or love or whatever you believe will make you safe, this continued focus is what you have manifested.

And indeed, the world around you proves fear is stronger every day! Just look at your media, your newspapers! How then shall you change this within yourself, when so much fear is blasting toward you? You have choice my beloved children! You have the choice to pay attention and focus outside of yourself or to go within, where your peace and love and compassion reside! I call you within my children of light! No one is left out! But you have free will, and so I will never dishonor your choice. I am here, waiting for your return. As we speak within, your heart will clear the walls, and the day will come when you shine like your Sun through your heart and all that you are! Your beauty and your divine light shall burst forth and all shall know Love!

Here is our offer, our service to humanity: the activation of the code of compassion! When one is truly cleared of the baggage of the past, and walks within the temple of the heart, we are found waiting to activate this code within you. When you come to the truth, the safety you look for is within, and the knowing that you are a soul, that you exist forever, where there is no space or time – is your saving grace!

We await you in the temple of the heart, ready to activate within you the code of compassion. Our channel knows this process well, and others will bring forth from their own hearts the process for ones who resonate to their services. Each lightworker will receive from Creator the activations needed to do the work that is needed now. This is one modality offered to this channel. Walk within to your heart temple and know your divine birthright!

We open the door to all lightworkers to go within and receive these activations and this day to come to the truth of your being. If you have felt the urge to assist humanity, and this nudging has been with you a long time, you may feel unworthy. I am here to tell you that this thought form of unworthiness is a lie. Everyone is worthy! Everyone on this Earth is a Soul, a creation from the cells of Creator! Believe in your
soul, your worthiness and your divine right to create with compassion! Release fear and know the truth of your being.

I call forth to the Lightworkers of Earth: Know this is the time, the time you were born for. We honor you and thank you with a grateful heart for all you have done! If you could see the bright lights that you are, your doubts would no longer enter your door.

I am Divine Mother, the feminine face of God. Know that you are loved, and know that I am always within you!

Universal Copyright 2007 is authorized. Please distribute freely as long as the URL is included as the resource and the channeling’s are distributed on a non-commercial, no charge basis.


Soul Mates – Source through Barbara Rose, Ph.D.

Questions and Answers

1. How do I know when I’ve met my Soul Mate?

2. If I’ve really met my soul mate, why is the relationship so difficult?

3. Why is it that many soul mates don’t stay together?

4. How can I turn the dynamics of this relationship around for lasting happiness?

5. Why do many soul mates continually return to each other?

6. How can we break old negative patterns between us?

7. If we’re apart, and miss each other, what will it take to make it work?



1. How do I know when I’ve met my Soul Mate?

There will be an instantaneous familiarity, a recognition, and an innate understanding and connection from the beginning that cannot be described logically.
You will be psychically attuned to each other, and will feel so alive in each other’s presence. It’s as if when together, you feel more enhanced, alive, and excited!
You can communicate on many levels at the same time, often “tuning into each other” and “knowing” what is going on with the other person.
There will be a shared sense of purpose. A deep love, and a feeling of “knowing” each other on a soul level. It will feel as if you are with your true counterpart on every level.
All of the feelings are mutual. There is a deep soul-level bond, and a deep feeling of having much in common on many levels.
Physical passion can be extremely intense, or in some soul mate relationships, there is more of an intellectual stimulus, and many times it is both combined.
There is chemistry, passion, electricity, and meaning. This is one relationship that will most likely be the most transformative one in your life, and one that you will always remember, no matter what happens.

2. If I’ve really met my soul mate, why is the relationship so difficult?

Soul Mate relationships are karmic. You have made a soul “agreement” to come into this life to meet again to uproot and transform each of your deepest healing and growth issues.
Naturally, when anyone is faced with having to face and heal eons of negative patterns, there is going to be deep resistance on the ego level.
It is vastly difficult to face what we really came into this life to heal. It will be your soul mate, or “twin flame” that will trigger your deepest growth issues to bring them up to the surface to be healed once and for all.
Naturally when this happens, there is turbulence within the relationship, because there is inner turbulence within each person as they are facing their deepest issues to heal them.
This is a deeply transformative process, and a deeply difficult one. However, once you each see that you are triggering growth within the other, and view it as the true gift that it is, then perhaps some of the resistance will dissipate.
In reality, as long as either one or both of you RESIST your growth issues, and resist facing them down to heal them, there is going to be a great deal of difficulty due to this resistance. However, once the resistance stops, and you face what needs to be healed within, then all of that turbulence within the relationship also dissipates, because you are no longer “fighting the river,” but are “going with the flow” where your can truly soar once you stop fighting everything you know deep within your heart to be true.
This requires a tremendous amount of self-honesty, and courage!
The truth of this matter is that once each of you are true to yourselves, and are completely honest with Self, then the difficulties within the relationship will also be transformed.
Being completely HONEST is the key, and that honesty MUST be to Self first, and then to the other.

3. Why is it that many soul mates don’t stay together?

In every case I have seen, it was FEAR of being true to Self, and displaying that truth to the other.
One or both people refused to face what they needed to face to heal and grow. There were often issues stemming from ego that never made their way into the heart of the person.
Ego can NEVER be the foundation of a relationship – only TRUTH can. Truth is the ONLY thing that can sustain a relationship. If one person is avoiding their self-truth, then they are avoiding their growth agreement for this lifetime.
It is for this reason that most soul mates do not stay together. The relationship must be completely genuine. Each person can make many mistakes, however, where there is a refusal to go within to the heart center, and be completely true and honest with Self about what you are feeling inside, how can ANY relationship flourish? So this is the primary reason as to why soul mates to not stay together.
Spiritual law forbids that one stay with the other if either refuse to heal and grow, be honest, and fulfill their soul agreement.
The agreement was made TO GROW! So when that is not happening, sadly both people must part.

4. How can I turn the dynamics of this relationship around for lasting happiness?

The only way you can turn the dynamics around is when you turn YOURSELF around, and get REALLY HONEST.
If you feel something, say it. If you have something that is upsetting you, discuss it! If you feel confused, scared, blocked, or lost, talk about it!
Honest Communication is the KEY.
You have to STOP ALL GAMES, manipulation, defenses, and be AUTHENTIC and genuine with yourself, and with the other person.
Once you do this, and genuinely communicate what you are feeling, THEN you can have a chance to turn it all around for lasting happiness, and love.

5. Why do many soul mates continually return to each other?

Because the love is REAL. It is true, and it NEVER dies. You can be apart for decades, and the love will still be deep inside, even if you are living a full life on the outside.
True love IS eternal.
Once you’ve met your match, you never forget the person. You can go on, and you can even be with other people, however, there will always be a special place in your heart for your soul mate.
Many return to try to make it work out. Then the growth issues come up, which leads to turbulence within the relationship. Then they part, avoiding the growth lessons. Then they miss each other and return, after seeing that it wasn’t all that terrible to begin with, it was just a growth process!
If you find this happening in your life, take a look at whatever it is that you have been avoiding out of fear. Once you can get really honest with yourself about this, then you CAN be with someone that is your true match. Healing and honesty is required – that is the ONLY way it can ever work out.

6. How can we break old negative patterns between us?

You can only break the old negative patterns within YOURSELF. It is a BIG mistake to focus on the “issues” the other person has. This is avoiding self-growth completely.
Face YOUR fears, issues, and ask yourself what you really want!
What do you want in a relationship? Talk about it with the other person!
What areas would you like to come to an agreement about? Talk about it with the other person!
What have you been afraid of? Talk, talk, talk and COMMUNICATE!
It takes conscious effort to make this profound relationship work! It is SO worth it, once you can come to an agreement based on honesty!
That is the key to it all – it is in daring to expose how you feel, what you want, and even saying if you’re not sure – it’s all okay as long as it is completely honest!
Also see if there is a Higher reason why you chose to meet in this life. Is there something you can be teaming up to work on together? Do you share a common vision to make this world a better place?
So MANY of the “problems” CAN be cleared up once you make a conscious effort to really connect and communicate – HONESTLY!
If you have a disagreement – BIG DEAL! Everyone has disagreements! Just talk it over, and come to an agreement, share your views, and don’t run away!
So many times genuine communication can really clear up so much! THAT is why honest communication is the key! It is not to drag you down, it IS to lift you BOTH up to an authentic place where you CAN resolve things between you, as long as you don’t run away, and really want to resolve them.
You CAN break the negative patterns this way, and that is why this relationship entered your life – so you can both heal, grow, and be authentic knowing that anything can be resolved – you just have to want to come to a mutually agreeable resolution, and then, you can.

7. If we’re apart, and miss each other, what will it take to make it work?

Time. Many times people are not ready to face their deepest issues at the same time others are. Sometimes certain issues really need YEARS to be worked through. It is a growth process not a one time event.
Sometimes you may not get back together. That is something you have to come to terms with. You BOTH have to want to get together and make it work.
All you can do is become your own highest and best. You can’t “wait” for the other person. You MUST live your life to its fullest, in every area. Sometimes the time apart is the greatest gift! It can bring the truth up to the surface within each person, and if that truth means that you really do love each other, and want to be together, you can both make it happen.
If the love is real, it never dies.
Your life, however, is about really facing YOURSELF, and in that process, if you find that you do want to be together, life has a way of working it out. You have to express that desire, honestly.
Trust that it all works out for the best. Live and become your highest and best. If it is meant to be that you do end up together, that truth WILL come out in the end. It always does.
Be REAL – with YOURSELF, that is the only way you can ever be real and make it work with the other person if/when you ever do reunite. Trust there IS a Higher reason for it all – it is growth!

Copyright by Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.




Helping Mother Earth

From: Carole HumberFriday, May 16, 2008 Helping Mother Earth
Dear AllI attach a channelling from Carolyn Williams on Earth healing. Anyone who wants to help the Earth will find it interesting, especially those with crystal skulls. In love and light,Carole
An invitation to help the Earth
When my boyfriend’s brother invited us out to Mexico for Christmas and everything simultaneously fell into place enabling us to go; I immediately felt from past experience that a “higher purpose” had to exist. Flicking through an old copy of Paradigm Shift a week later, I came across the article about crystal bowls being taken around the world for earth healing, one such site being Tula in Mexico – where the locals speak of an underground city where beings never come to the surface. Trusting my own intuition has led me into many powerful earth healing situations and channelling opportunities from the Angels and my crystal skull on previous occasions.


I am also open to advice and knowledge from tried and trusted sources to enhance my own spiritual guidance – none more so than Edwin Courtenay, a clairvoyant and spiritual channel.
Through Edwin I was told that if I visited Tula with my crystal skull, I would receive earth healing guidance from the beings in the underground city. Spiritually governed over by the historic Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, these beings now seek to alert humanity to ways we can facilitate the healing of our planet and aid her own evolutionary pathway to ascension. These ancient and incredibly wise reptilian-like creatures are connected to the Dragon energy in the earth and communicate via sonic frequencies that crystal skulls can translate into human language. I would therefore be able to receive their message via my crystal skull. Having been involved in many fascinating angelic and elemental earth healing situations previously, I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to act as a messenger to inspire others towards earth healing practices.
So it was that a month later, I found myself hunched deep inside my coat on a freezing pyramid slope with my crystal skull inspiring me to scribble furiously into a notebook as the sun set. As the energy there inspired me to write, it inspired Andy, my musician boyfriend, to compose music on his guitar. Although the site was full of tourists, not one came near or noticed our somewhat bizarre behaviour.
I invite you to read with an open heart and mind the message I received:
The Earth today requires much help to recover her equilibrium that has been so badly damaged over time. We work & monitor at the Earth’s core, under the tutelage of Quetzalcoatl. His role as a guardian of the Earth has been forgotten by humanity – purposely withheld from human history books so that his presence could continue unseen, ever loving & benevolent towards Gaia, that she may be aided in her recovery, that she may attain the shining glory of her ascended state in future times to come.
We are the monitors of the Earth’s many nervous systems, of its internal rivers & meridians & flowing currents that crisscross the surface & the deep internal structure deep down to its core.
Those who possess crystal skulls need – or that is to say – we urge you – to take time to tune into their presence. They are ready to awaken deeper intuitive capacities within their owners. They seek to be transported to rural & urban places more often than some owners realise at this moment.
We suggest moments of contemplation – daily if possible. When connection has been made, be open to an image of the skull beginning to glow & expand its energy field in all directions – beginning to radiate its power out in all directions, & especially down into Mother Earth herself. Hold the skull between the hands (unless you feel prompted otherwise) & think of yourself as a conduit enabling the Conclave consciousness to radiate outwards to human consciousness: touching human hearts & minds so that a remembering & a reverence & a respect for the Earth is gradually revitalised in the hearts & minds of all.
We would like to suggest that you sing to Mother Earth when you feel inspired – or in other words – you let yourself BE inspired to tone or chant or sing to Mother Earth. We suggest you go within & open the heart gradually & gently & safely when you are in a state of serenity & protection. That you then are open to think of tones or notes or new or old words of songs & just let them glide via heart & mind out of your mouth as an aperture of healing for your benevolent & bountiful planet.
Let your heart sing with the love & connection enabled by the Angelic continuum, or the Ascended Masters, or the Elemental folk. Let the essence of love flowing from ether to heart translate into words or tone or song. Great, great indeed is this as a healing tool, it is a lost art in much of your world, & great indeed is its potential to restore balance & peace & serenity in both people & places.
Take yourself off into natural places & look with a loving mind & heart at the beauty that surrounds you. Thank the devas and the elementals for enabling such splendour, thank the Divine for enabling such manifestation. As your heart opens gently wider in gratitude & awe & wonder, sense this energy at your heart as a vibration, or as a glowing colour or shape of geometric design. Then use the breath & breathe it out to the Earth Mother, offering it to her to use as she will. See it, feel it, allow it to glide freely from your heart as your heart is filled with love from the Oneness, & let it slide down into the Earth herself. As it begins to penetrate the surface, see it dissolving deep down to the core, feeding the Mother’s essence & replenishing any dwindling energy supplies, that she may blossom & recover evermore. Do this inside looking out on to a garden, or do this surrounded by a garden itself. Do this in woodland, connecting to gleeful fairies, do this by streams connecting to merry merfolk, do this on hilltops connecting to laughing sylphs.
Connect to a tree and ask if it would like to share with you a moment of healing. Open your heart as suggested before and let heaven send to Earth the love and energy required for Gaia’s recovery. Think, feel and see it gliding down through your body and out of your heart, deep into the tree. The tree will then take it deep down to its anchor roots and spread it to Gaia to use as she will. Always of course think of all gateways closing after allowing the love-light to flow. Always be grounded, alert and disconnected after allowing such healing to flow.
We suggest you visit sacred sites of history and ask for connection to its custodians and guides. That you sense if healing is needed for past times where etheric negative memories exist. That you call then upon the healing rays or angels that you know of – especially the Violet Flame, and the light of Archangel Raphael. Let this flow outwards to aid the vibrational recovery of your surroundings, and ask for its flow to be for the Highest Good. Then we suggest that you sit especially on stone and open yourself as previously dictated and let the light glide from Source to earth Mother with you as the conduit and conductor, flowing down from crown to base chakra as you are seated. The stones will retain the energy they absorb and then when it is right and auspicious later, in times of Full or New Moon, the energy will flow down to the core and enable re-establishment of equilibrium and health of the site.
We suggest you make offerings to Mother Earth herself of essences, or fruit, or crystals or juices. These things all come from the Mother and are offered so freely to all humanity. To re-establish the tradition and ritual of giving back to the Earth tokens of her bounty will re-establish equilibrium between yourselves and your Mother.
Light candles of dedication to bring Divine Light to Earth. See the flame before you, and see it widen and diversify downwards to lighten up the earth’s core. Make this contemplation short or long, as you feel so inclined.
When outside, walk with steps of loving tread after opening your heart and crown as before. See, feel and be the moving conductor that enables Love-Light to flow down. See, feel and know the shining energy flows through from above and glitters down out of feet to heal what is below.
Many of you are already inspired to do things such as this, some of this will be new, and some old, some motivational and some less so. We just urge you to have open eyes and hearts – and thence registering minds – that harness the creative power the Divine has bestowed to you all in your creative heritage. Years have gone by and opportunities wasted when humanity has forgotten to revere its Mother, and has forgotten the power it has to manifest change of immense impact. The Mother needs help now and you are the ones with the power in your hearts to bring her what she needs through voice and deed and focused intent.
We bid you farewell from the core of the Mother where glows such a heart of love and devotion to all the creatures who dwell upon her surface. We urge you to respond and reciprocate in love.
Adoni sweet children of The Oneness.
Carolyn Williams is a Priestess of The Divine Mother, an Angelic Reiki Master and a powerful conduit for angelic healing and communication and offers courses and healing in London and Surrey .
A CD of the Tula music channelled by Andy Whitmore and Carolyn’s meditative visualizations to aid the suggestions above, is available from her on 0208 540 8302.


Sai Baba on the ascension process at this time


Sai Baba on the ascension process at this time.

I am here today to explain something to you about what is happening on our planet at this time.

Times is accelerating and more people are on the path of spiritual awakening than ever before.

The Ascended masters have been given certain dispensations in how they train, teach and get more people involved in this spiritual awakening.

These people need guidance and teachers.

This guidance and teaching is hard to come by these days.

With all the energy changes and special dispensations much has changed in the way of how to guide and teach.

I am fully aware of all teachings that are here on earth right now. Believe me I have been on earth long enough to see the effectiveness of these teachings.

Yes there have been waves of people ascending with these teachings.

But at this moment only less than 1% of the world population has ascended.

If we go on at this rate and with these teachings that were available we might reach a full 1% by the end of 2012.

 At this moment we have about 10% of the whole world population really on the path toward ascension.
Yes there are many more light workers out there, but they are still not even at the beginning step of the path toward ascension.

Many of them are working on their own, not receiving the right guidance and teachings needed to get even through the first initiations.

All well-established schools are teaching what they have taught for a long time and do not look for any newer teachings..

Many people only read what is coming out and do not become involved or feel the need to get involved with new teachings.

Less then 0.01% of the people on earth has actually heard the so called “clarion call” at this time and followed it.
All the others are still following blindly the teachers that have been teaching for a long time and or have passed on,  that have not been able to change their way of teachings because they do not feel the need to change anything that is well-established.

All the older teachings are written down and available, but this is not what teaching is about.

The only way to teach in an expedited way is to have people experience the teachings.

You can study as many books as long as you want, but it does not give you the experience you need. Yes you can do the exercises that are described in many of the books, but some of them are not even neccessary anymore and some have changed in a way that makes it more simple and easier for people to access.

Reading these books is great for background knowledge and information, but remember that all information out there is being updated at a rapid speed.

Experiences from people that have taught twenty, ten, or even five years ago, are vastly different than the experiences from people one year or even one month ago.

If these teachers do not adjust their teachings on a regular base, than their teachings will be somewhat outdated at this moment and in the future.

Now many of the new teachings are coming in through people that have been able to grow and connect in such a way that they are able to receive new teachings. And not only that, they are able to update their teachings at all times.

The Ascended Masters only have these channels to rely upon since there are not many people out there that have been able to get to this point of receiving and actually teaching.

Now I do understand that it is not easy to actually put your trust in any of the new teachings.
They are not well-established, you have never heard of them, or you have heard about them but not enough to trust them.

A lot of times I also see that even though most people want to work toward ascension, they do not have the dedication it requires.

Some people expect miracles to happen once they start and get disappointed when they do not see results happen immediately.

Just a couple of reasons why still at this point our prediction of 10% of people actually ascending before or in 2012 is what we hope for, its not what we see happening.

And then we get to another point.

Many of you expect it to just happen.

2012 is an important year and many people have the idea that “ the heavens will open” and they will ascend.

There is no need to do anything, you have to stay up to date, take a couple of classes, read some messages and books and you are there.

This is where many go wrong.

The process toward ascension is a full-time learning and experience process.
You have to live what you have learned and follow through with what you know.

This takes more than a couple of classes and books.

Yes, you can do all this by yourself without any help from others, and there are people capable of that.
All it requires is to be able to receive that inner guidance fully and completely.

But not many people at this time are capable of receiving this guidance from the Higher Self, Soul and Monad.

If I have to say it in a percentage, out of 1000 people between 5 and 10 are capable of receiving this inner guidance partly or fully.

So what happens next?

You find the right teacher.

How do you find the right teacher?

Find a teacher that is capable of bringing out informative messages that are straight to the point.
A teacher that is capable of teaching through experience instead of only giving you the answers.
A good teacher will lead you toward acquiring the knowledge yourself through experience.
Find a teacher that is connected to many of the Ascended Masters, not just one or two.

Every Ascended Master has certain aspects to teach, they are never teaching all.
It is a combined effort from all the Ascended Masters, not just one.

Once you have found this teacher, all you need is dedication.

Be patient and do not expect miracles, everything takes time. Time to integrate the new energies, new knowledge, new experiences.

“Patience is a virtue” and this is what you need to succeed together with your dedication toward yourself and your ascension.

Be aware and stay open and informed with the new information that is coming out. This will bring you the background knowledge to support your experiences.

Now the next thing I would like to point out is the unity amongst light workers.
I do not see it at this time unless among small, very small groups.

A good friend of mine just re-wrote his Golden Keys to Achieve Ascension in this lifetime.

One of them is: Give up all attack thoughts. Be aware of them and release them. They only undermine yourself, not others.

Unity means everyone is part of the all, no one is separate, no matter what they do or how they do it.

There is never a right or wrong.
This type of thinking is part of the duality consciousness in the third dimension.

And I would like this to be the first lesson toward ascension.

The release of duality thinking.

It is everywhere, and yes it is still among light workers, or spiritual people, or whatever other names you can find for yourself.

Release all thought of attack.

Release duality thinking.

Now the last point I would like to mention here, and this is connected to duality thinking in many ways, is money.

Most duality thoughts are: Other people have more money, I have nothing, I deserve more money, they get it, I do not get it.

This is part of duality thinking and yes it does a good job keeping you in the third dimensional reality.

Now you know the law of attraction, the secret and many more of those teachings. They say you have to believe it fully, just think you have it and it will appear.
And still it is not working for many.

Why not?

Because they leave out an important part.

Let the universe take care of you.

This is where your belief should be.

It is not, I deserve this, no, it is let the universe decide what you deserve.

I deserve is part of the third dimensional thinking.

Or if and when you feel guided to take classes, buy that book, and you think I cannot afford it, I deserve this, but others can afford it and I cannot.

This is duality thinking.

The universe has brought these classes to your attention, and now it is asking you to take the first step. This means take the class, buy the book or whatever else the universe brings to you.

This does not mean you wait and see if the universe provides you with the money. This is not taking the first step.

The universe needs a commitment, not just thoughts, there is an action needed here by you.

So this step can be, sign up and pay for the class and this is the preferred action.

But if you do not feel comfortable yet, approach the teacher, explain your situation.
Do not ask for a free class, it as an insult to the teacher that is providing the time and energy.
Tell the teacher what you think you can afford and  look inside yourself to see what it is worth to you to receive the teachings.

And I do see this happening many times, people expect everything for free, since people have to feel sorry for them because they do not have the money and think they never will.
Snap out of that.

Take a chance and let the universe provide.

Buy that book, take that class, or anything else that comes into your life.
Do not have any expectation in how the universe will provide, just let the universe provide and know it will be in a perfect and divine way.

Consider this one of your exercises and experiences on your path toward ascension. A very important one.
A step toward freedom, a step out of the third dimensional duality thinking.

Sri Ram

Sai Baba

Through Petra Margolis
May 17, 2008

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