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Message from Lady Nada

Negativity originates from many sources on the Earth, which can affect us and our way of live tremendously. There is a need for us as light workers to constantly protect ourselves and anchor greater light into our beings. Negativity can swell from within us if we are not satisfied with our reality, relationships or feel disconnected from the Creator. Negativity is a product of fear and doubt; it exists within every person on the Earth, activated by the smallest of things, situations, experiences or judgments in our lives. It is because of its constant activation that we must always try to focus on minds and thoughts on the light of the Creator and our souls. When light is our focus and anchoring the Creator’s energies are our goals, we dissipate the influence of any type of negativity from our beings, allowing us to remain focused on the divine within our beings and the wealth of love within others around us.

          I, Lady Nada, understand the affects that negative energy can have on light workers. I comprehend that as you become more sensitive to the light and energy around you, you also become more aware of your own negative thought habits, beliefs or actions. You will become sensitive to the touch of any kind of negative energy that may seep into your reality through another person or your actions. It is unfortunately a part of mastering your being. As you grow spiritually anchoring greater light into your being you may find that the smallest things, comments or situations in your life can affect you in a negative way such as irritation or annoyance, because you have become extremely sensitive to energy vibrations. By protecting yourself and focusing on the core love of the Creator this can be combated. There is a need for constant cleansing to reduce any affects of negativity, whether it stems from outside influences or swells from within your being as fear and doubt. Cleansing and healing are the keys to spiritual growth. As you peel away layers of energy you reveal the divine jewel and star of light that inhabits the physical body.
          I, Lady Nada am the chohan or governor of the eighth ray of light, which is of a sea foam green colour. This special ray of light is a cleansing ray of light that aids integration of the Creator’s energies. I wish to assist humanity in dispersing negativity, fear and doubt from their beings by offering a special and simple meditation that can be practiced each day as a daily routine that will cleanse and heal your being, raising your energy vibration and increasing your light quotient to aid ascension.
Meditation for Cleansing
          Sit peacefully focusing on your breathing, gaining a meditative state of mind and body.
          Invoke my energy by repeating my name, ‘Lady Nada’ in connection with your breathing, until you feel my energy build around you.
          ‘I ask Lady Nada to anchor the eighth ray of light from the eighth ray ashram into my being. Allow the bright sacred cleansing light to flow into my being as a beam of light, through my crown chakra, down my chakra column and into the Earth.’
          Imagine a sea foam green beam of light entering into your body and descending as a beam of light through your chakra column and into the Earth. Simply accept the energy and know that it is cleansing your chakras and soul as it passes through each and enters into the Earth to heal and cleanse Mother Earth. The beam of light will flow continuously through your being.
          ‘I ask Lady Nada to surround me with the eight cleansing rings of light from the eighth ray ashram. Allow them to descend over my physical body.’
          You will exist in the centre of these eight sacred rings of a sea foam green colour. The first ring will form just below your feet, the last just above your head, with the other six at equally distance surrounding your body. The rings will begin close to your body, as you focus on your breathing and invoke Lady Nada asking her for the healing and cleansing process to begin the eight rings of light will begin to expand out to the very edge of your aura. They will rest here for a while before decreasing in size and drawing back close to your body. They will complete this process many times until you are cleansed and healed of any negativity, fear or doubt. As they decrease and expand in size around your physical body they are dissolving all unneeded energy and replacing it with the sacred and divine energy of the eight ray of light.
          Sit within this energy for as long as you wish. When you have completed the meditation and feel that your energy vibration has raised, simply ask me to remove the eight cleansing rings of light and withdraw the eight ray beam flowing through your being. The cleansing light energy will remain within your being.
          I, Lady Nada am here to assist your healing and cleansing process in anyway I can. When you feel low or down in energy vibration or mood, you may call on my energy to uplift you and reconnect you with the love of the Creator.
In love always,
Lady Nada
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