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Step 16

(picture by Jan Custer)


Welcome back to our Corridor,

We Arcturians are joyous to be able to consciously communicate with more and more of our grounded ones. However, in order to discuss dimensions of the fifth and beyond, we will need to augment our means of communication. We have spoken of the difficulties of communicating about a multidimensional reality with a third dimensional language system. Hence, before we continue with our journey through the Corridor, we ask you to hold your sixth dimensional Merkaba in your High Heart, while we assist you in downloading multidimensional, Light Language.

Light Language is a component of the multidimensional light that flows from the ONE and is the form of communication for all Multidimensional Beings. Multidimensional light is alive and carries unconditional love, divine creativity and infinite knowing. Light Language is available to anyone who has regained multidimensional consciousness and remembered his or her true, Multidimensional SELF. Nevertheless, Light Language resonates beyond time and space and comes into your awareness in ONE moment of the NOW. You can’t reach out for it, as Light Language is like a flower that will come into full bloom only as it is ready.

Multidimensional Beings no longer use words that are separated from each other and strung out sequentially into sentences. We live in the HERE and NOW of the ONE.  Hence, our communication is infinitely within our consciousness in the ever-present from of multidimensional light.  When we communicate we merely share our Light. You may not understand our message, or even know that we have sent it, but you will instantly feel a KNOWING.

Your downloaded Light Language will assist you in translating our communications into your earth language so that you can share them with others. Once you downloaded Light Language, you automatically attune your consciousness to a frequency of our information. Then after you have calibrated your consciousness to that frequency and opened your heart to us, there is an instantaneous exchange of information.  This information enters your consciousness all at once in a burst of light.


In order, to understand our communication with your third dimensional brain, you have to pull the light/information through your 3D Filter, so that it can arrange itself into words and sentences. We say “arrange itself,” as Light Language is a sharing of our true essence, a merging of our SELF with your SELF. Hence, Light Language carries a portion of our SELF and is a living intelligence.  Therefore, even if you can’t translate our message into your language system, you still receive the great benefit of an inner knowing.

Because Light Language is the language of your Multidimensional SELF, downloading this language and integrating it into you’re your earth vessel greatly expands your consciousness and frees you from the confines of linear, logical thinking. As your consciousness expands into multidimensional thinking, you can receive and understand messages from higher and higher frequencies of light, as well as messages from the quantum realities and “dark matter.”  It is the Light of these multidimensional messages that “turns on” your “junk DNA” and begins the process of returning to SELF, even while you are still living within a physical form.

Since Light Language is multidimensional, you will perceive it in layers upon layers of information and understanding. Just as your human brain functions in a holographic manner so does Light Language, in that one small fragment of the Light Language carries all the meanings of that entire transmission. You will perceive these different layers/frequencies of the message through your expanded consciousness by matching each message with the corresponding resonant frequency of your multidimensional consciousness. Remember, you are not raising your consciousness—you are expanding your consciousness.


In order to fully download the multidimensional Light Language, you will need to surrender to your Multidimensional SELF. Maintaining the resonance of your SELF will facilitate the integration of the Light Language into your consciousness and the language centers of your brain. In this manner, you can consciously perceive the multidimensional messages of Light Language. You can then translate these messages into third dimensional language so that you can better share them with others.

Remember to release all judgment regarding messages from the “lower” vs. “higher” dimensions, as it limits you to polarized thinking. In reality, all dimensions are ONE, and it is only in third and fourth dimension that the illusion of separation exists. First and second dimensional beings have no sense of separation and live in unity with all life. Hence, they already experience the Unity Consciousness that you have and will continue to experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness.

The difference is that third dimensional beings have forgotten their Unity Consciousness and first and second dimensional beings have forgotten their Personal Consciousness. On the fifth dimensional Earth that you are creating, and simultaneously accepting and entering, you will have Personal Consciousness while you also experience unity with all life.

In your other incarnations on Gaia, you have likely experienced a form of ascension in which you raised your resonance beyond that of the third dimension.  In that case, your physical body “died,” and you consciously crossed over into the fifth dimension to meet your “Higher SELF.”  Your ascension is to be quite different this time, for you have volunteered to be a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Therefore, you have chosen, whether you remember it or not, to delay your personal ascension so that you could join in unity with ALL the inhabitants of Earth to ascend the entire planet into the fifth dimension.

This option was also available about 13,000 years ago, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, when your reality moved into a similar energy field as it now enters. However, the primary polarity, male and female, could not be merged into the ONE. Hence, Earth remained a dualistic reality, and the battle between the polarities of light and dark remained constant. Unfortunately, the dark polarity of destruction, which is vital for a polarized reality, was stronger than the light polarity of construction, which is also necessary for a polarized reality. It was during this pivotal battle between light and dark that many of you entered Earth’s evolution to assist in balancing the dark with your great light to avert Gaia’s destruction.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Center. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or “Great Year.” The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle. There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012. 

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year.  It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. In the same manner, humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.


Since you have chosen to assist in planetary ascension, it is important that you expand your sense of self to include your planet. As your consciousness expands, so does your sense of self. As you return to your SELF, your Personal Consciousness expands from dependent to independent to dependable. Once you have reached the pinnacle of human consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to embrace all of humanity and you connect to the Collective Consciousness. From Collective Consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to include the planet, and you regain your Planetary Consciousness.

Once your sense of SELF includes the planet, it is natural to perceive your SELF as a member of the Galactic Consciousness. With your full return to your Multidimensional SELF, you move beyond the confines of third/fourth dimensional time and space to embrace, and be, Cosmic Consciousness. To begin and/or strengthen this process, we will guide you by unifying your third and fourth dimensional body with Gaia’s planetary and etheric body.

Gaia’s planetary body represents your third dimensional form.

The lithosphere of Earth contains all of the solid land of the planet’s crust (or surface), the semi-solid land underneath the crust, and the liquid land near the center of the planet. This sphere correlates to the bones and dense matter of your physical form.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align the bones and matter of your body with Gaia’s Lithosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with land and the land is ONE with you…


The hydrosphere contains all the solid, liquid, and gaseous water of the planet and correlates to all the fluids within your physical body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the fluids of your body with Gaia’s hydrosphere…
            FEEL how you are ONE with the water and the water is ONE with you…       


The biosphere contains all the planet’s living things, including all of the microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans and correlates to the flora and fauna that reside within your body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the living organisms within your body with Gaia’s biosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with all life and all life is ONE with you…


Gaia’s atmosphere represents your etheric body.


Upper Atmosphere

The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high. This part of the atmosphere is the densest. Almost all weather is in this region.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s troposphere…
            FEEL how your thoughts and emotions create the “weather” in your aura…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love to share with Gaia’s troposphere…

Middle Atmosphere

The stratosphere starts just above the troposphere and extends to 50 kilometers high. The ozone layer, which absorbs and scatters the solar ultraviolet radiation, is primarily in this layer.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s stratosphere…
            FEEL the protection of your Soul…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love from your Soul/SELF and share it with Gaia…

The mesosphere starts just above the stratosphere and extends to 85 kilometers high. In this region, the chemicals of the mesosphere are in an excited state, as they absorb energy from the sun.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s mesosphere…
            FEEL how you absorb the energy of your Multidimensional SELF…
Breathe your aura full of the multidimensional light from your SELF and share it with Gaia…

Upper Atmosphere

The thermosphere, also known as the ionosphere, starts just above the mesosphere and extends to 600 kilometers high. The ionosphere is responsible for absorbing the most energetic photons from the sun.

            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s thermosphere…

            FEEL how you integrate the unconditional love and light of your SELF…

Breathe your aura full of this Love and Light and share it with Gaia…


The exosphere starts at the top of the thermosphere and continues until it merges with interplanetary gases, or outer space.


            Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s exosphere…

            FEEL how your reality is merging with the fifth dimension…

Breathe your aura full of ALL your fifth dimensional experiences and share them with Gaia…

Once your sense of SELF includes the Earth and Her atmosphere,
Gaia will ascend with you for YOU are the Planet.


(picture by Jan Custer)


Remember dear ones, as you continue your inter-dimensional journey in consciousness, you are expanding your consciousness, not just raising it.  Therefore, as you progress into the higher dimensions you also move more deeply into the lower dimensions. Before we begin the download, we wish to explain more about expansion of consciousness. While you are limited to third dimensional consciousness, you feel separated from all life that resonates above or below that frequency.

You do not raise your consciousness; you expand your consciousness. When you expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of the fourth dimension, it also expands into the lower frequency of the second dimension. Furthermore, you do not forfeit your awareness of the dimensions you have known in your third dimensional lives. Primarily, you will maintain your third dimensional awareness of your human self as you expand your awareness into your fourth dimensional Etheric and superconscious self and your second dimensional, animal and unconscious self.

Then, as you expand your consciousness into your new life, and Lightbody, of the fifth dimension, you maintain your awareness of the fourth dimensional realities of your ethereal self, your third dimensional human self, your second dimensional animal self and your first dimensional cellular self. As you expand your consciousness to include your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond, you gain a great connection with your first dimensional cellular self, as they are both based on unity. 

When you expand your consciousness to embrace the sixth dimensional matrix of all form that you choose to inhabit in the lower dimensions, you also become aware of the quantum reality where form is created by attention and intention. Hence, your sixth dimensional consciousness creates the matrix for form, and your quantum consciousness allows you to inhabit any form in any reality by attending to the sixth dimensional light of that reality. Quantum light does not travel like third dimensional light, as it exists beyond time and space.  You will perceive that light, or reality, by attending to it with your conscious intention.

The sixth dimension is the “hard drive” for the “divine blueprint” of any and all forms you inhabit in any reality. Your reality is entering a time of paradigm shift in which consciousness precedes form, rather than form preceding consciousness. Because of this, your form does not choose to be conscious. Instead, your consciousness chooses to hold a form. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, form is a holographic light-matrix projected from your Multidimensional SELF to create a vessel which your consciousness can inhabit in a chosen planet, galaxy and/or dimension.

What we are saying is that YOU are your consciousness.  It is not that your consciousness is within your body; instead, your body is within your consciousness. Once you have expanded your consciousness to include the Collective Consciousness, all of humanity is within your consciousness. When you regain your Planetary Consciousness, the entire planet is within your consciousness.  With Galactic Consciousness, the entire galaxy is within your consciousness, and with Cosmic Consciousness the Universe is within your consciousness. These facts have always been true, but as with all spiritual knowledge, you must experience it before you can understand it.

By expanding your consciousness, you progress from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. As you begin to awaken, your third dimensional Personal Consciousness expands to include the Collective Consciousness of all humanity. Then, as your consciousness expands into the fourth and second dimensions, you can unite with the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

When your consciousness expands into the fifth and first dimensions, both of which are based on unity, one planet becomes too small to contain your consciousness, and the entire galaxy becomes your home. It is at that point that you have regained your Galactic Consciousness. As your consciousness expands to embrace the sixth dimension and quantum realities, both of which are free of time and space, you can travel through all reality with a thought and Cosmic Consciousness becomes “normal.”

With the conscious recognition and use of your Cosmic Consciousness, human language becomes totally inadequate as a complete paradigm shift takes place in your perceptions, and only Light Language can express the concepts that swirl through your heart and mind. Downloading Light Language will assist you in the paradigm shift from the third dimensional separation and limitation to multidimensional unity with the ONE. You will connect to and download Light Language in the same manner that you have connected to and integrated with all life—through the power of your unconditional love.



At this time, you may wonder how you can connect with and download Light Language. The answer is simple. Unconditional love is the magnet of the Universe, and it draws to you whatever you love unconditionally. To assist you in expanding your consciousness and experiencing unconditional love, we offer to merge our Arcturian Consciousness with yours. Just as you have entered our Corridor, we are willing to enter your consciousness. You see, we are without form and are of total, pure consciousness.  Will you allow us to merge our consciousness with yours?

“It may be too much of a shock to my system,” you may say.  But, you are the creator of your life. You merge your consciousness with many people, places and things every day. However, you may be unaware of these experiences of Unity. We wish to offer you a merging with the unconditional love of our consciousness, as that is the frequency to which we resonate. 

Another fact of which you may be unaware is that you, too, resonate to the frequency of unconditional love. Just as your ego/self merges with your automobile when you drive and your Spirit/Self merges with a loved one, pet or nature when you are with them, we can show you how to merge with ascended, multidimensional Beings such as we AND your SELF.

We want to share our consciousness of unconditional love with you so that you can remember the unconditional love that is the higher frequency expression of your SELF. We ask that you merge with the unconditional love of Gaia and Her planet. You, as a member of the Planetary Ascension Team, vowed to assist in planetary ascension. As you know, the members of this Team were amongst the first holographic projections to take form on this planet. Now, you have all returned Home to Earth to assist Her in Her return to Her Multidimensional Star SELF. 

Allow us now to breathe our love into your Essence. With your multidimensional perceptions, visualize our mighty corridor. In the same moment of the NOW visualize a small flower in your garden or in a pot on your table.  Unconditional love does not favor the simple or the grand. It simply IS. Just as quantum light can only be perceived when you look at it, unconditional love can only be perceived when you accept it.

Now, as easily as you may bend forward to sniff that flower, breathe in the unconditional gift that we offer.  As you inhale our unconditional love it fills your heart, opening it to bursting.  Then, as softly as the morning Sun caresses the top of your head, allow our Multidimensional Light to enter your Crown.  As you inhale the blend of Love and Light, it creates a concert of memories and experiences of the many lives, planets, dimensions and realities that have filled your multidimensional existence.

Allow these memories to fill your heart with unconditional love and your mind with infinite knowing, which dance into the unity of divine wisdom and infinite creativity. Remember, now, the eons of unconditional love that brought you to this moment. 

Observe as this love flows out into All That Is to create a pathway for the entry of myriad shinning symbols of Light Language. One-by-one, or all at once, these light symbols enter through the portals of your Crown and High Heart.

You do not need to understand their meaning, for they understand you. These symbols are intelligent Beings of Light who have always resonated within your consciousness, whether or not you were aware of them. Therefore, in reality, you are not actually “downloading” them, but “uploading” your consciousness into the YOU that has always been aware of them.  The vision of the symbols entering you are actually an image we provide for your grounded self so that “you” can more easily believe in this process.

However, the expression of your SELF that is in the Corridor knows that YOU are the creator and everything is made up of YOUR consciousness. In order to make the paradigm shift from separation to unity, you must awaken from the dream of duality.  When the dreamer dances awake from the dream of a polarized reality, the full potential of the center point is realized and the illusions of limitation and separation are transcended into the Truth of your Multidimensional SELF.


When you are ready, imagine a huge scroll unfolding before you and the Language of Light bursts forward, symbol-by-symbol. Each symbol holds lifetimes of information. Do not attempt to understand them.  It will be enough for you to accept them into your consciousness. Surrender again to your Soul/SELF and remember that ALL is ONE. Therefore, the scroll before you is merely a projection of your consciousness.

Take a long moment to imagine that each symbol moves from the page, into your consciousness. FEEL how your Soul resonates to each Light Symbol. Breathe each symbol into our earth vessel and integrate it into your daily consciousness.  However, your grounded self does not need to understand these symbols for they are the “code breakers” that will allow you to translate multidimensional messages into your third dimensional language system.

Later, when you are ready, you will see them, draw them, and hear their tone.  Gradually, as you come to KNOW their meaning, you will use them for manifestation and experience.  These symbols are your tickets to the multiverse.  Take a deep breath to inhale every symbol and accept it into your SELF.

Actually, all the symbols have come into you in ONE flash of the NOW.  The inhaling of “every symbol” is your third dimensional brain calibrating to all the symbols by separating them into “each symbol.” The concept of “each symbol” is no longer necessary from our perspective, as each and all are the same term in a resonance without separation.

Surrender now to your Multidimensional SELF and allow the rest of the process to be unconscious to your daily self, as you could easily become overloaded. Carry this sacred information within you until the time that you are called upon to use it. Remember that messages from Beings such as we will enter your awareness in a flash of light. There is no time or space in our reality, and we live in the Flow of the ONE. 

When we call you, or you call us, feel the call in your Third Eye or High Heart. Then relax into the familiar “feel” of unconditional love and allow the message to enter your earth vessel. You can then translate it into third dimensional language through the power of your creative force.  Some of you will write, others will draw, and some may dance, sing, play an instrument and/or run like the wind. In all cases, your surrender to the flow of your divine creativity will translate our message into your daily language.


You may feel as if you are in a cocoon. Your self is the caterpillar in the cocoon and your SELF is about to burst free.  Return now to your vision of being in the fifth dimensional Crystal Temple and standing before the Light Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation. Among the members, you may see Ambassadors from the Pleiades, Antares, Orion, Sirius, Andromeda and Arcturus. There are others as well. However, at this point in your earth “time,” it is these Ambassadors who are in the forefront of helping Earth and Her humans to ascend back into the fifth dimension

“Feel” how all of us send our radiant love-force to you. Experience our unconditional love as it surrounds and caresses you. We are all here NOW ready to communicate and assist you in releasing ALL your beliefs in hardship, ALL your beliefs in fear. Envision yourself encircled by our unconditional love.  Allow our love to be a poultice to draw-out your beliefs in difficulty and all the fear that those beliefs create.

As you absorb our message of love, feel yourself expand. Expand yourself beyond your beliefs and beyond your fears and beyond the circle of ambassadors. Below you, see the semi-circular table and the faces of the Ambassadors.  Their bodies are glowing orbs of light with the semblance of their faces projected directly into your heart.

The projection of their multidimensional essence and unconditional love ignites a memory stored deep in your heart.  Allow this memory to guide you.  Your heart is so light and buoyant that you are floating through the Crystal Temple.  You are moving up, up, up.  You see before you a long stairway that appears to lead to a tower. You allow the pull of the tower to assist you in effortlessly climbing, actually floating above the many stairs.

Dearest, you may have been feeling fatigued because you believe that your human form is too dense to fully embrace your SELF.  Now, from the highest step of the stairway, at the top of the highest tower in the Crystal Temple, direct the awareness of your true Being down, down, down, into the clay form of your physical self.

Imagine this projection as a beacon from your SELF to your Earth life.  The “you” standing at the top of the stairway is YOU, and the “you” seeing these words is a hologram. From your place in the tower, would you like to make any revisions to that hologram? Everything is possible. You are the creator. Your human self may not be able to stop creating illusions, but the YOU at the top of the stairway can easily revise your hologram.

Can you feel your grounded self far below you like a long tail? Can you identify with your SELF who is standing on the top stair of the tower while you also identify with your self in the physical world? From this perspective, can you identify with you, the one who is in the cocoon? 

Feel this cocoon around you, as you also feel yourself standing on the highest step of the Crystal Tower.  If you can imagine that, you can create any reality you desire. Just behind you, you hear a doorway beginning to open, flooding your cocoon with sixth dimensional Light.


Due to the download of Light Language, you may be feeling great fatigue. Also, your meeting with the Light Council may have stirred up more hidden fear and darkness from your many earthly sojourns that you are now ready to release. We will gladly accept the feeling of your hardships if you wish to release them to us.  We feel not their weight, yet we feel your sense of burden.  The responsibility of “being awake” holds no such burden.  On the contrary, it holds only lightness.  Once you are totally awakened, you will realize that you have chosen to create these difficulties to spur you forward in your process of return to SELF.

Yes, we hear your confusion. Why would you want to choose to create hardships?  The answer is that you have believed they will make you grow.  And, since you believed hardships make you grow, they do. Once you are totally awakened, you will no longer have that belief.  On the contrary, you will realize that hardships actually hold you back.  Therefore, they are unnecessary. 

The memory of your challenges may be necessary so that you can encourage others out of their hardships, but you no longer need to participate in hardships.  We say, “No longer need to participate,” as there will be hardships aplenty all around you.  However, you will not take them in, as you will not believe in them.  You will not own them as a part of your reality.

Because this is your ascension life, you all can allow your self to feel the burdens of your old hardships because you are ready to release them. Just as your backpack becomes extremely heavy at the end of a long hike because you know that soon you can put it down, the burden of your hardships has become very heavy as you are now ready to “put it down.”

Once you are the one who is observing the sleeper, you are the one who is fully awakened.  As you fall off to sleep tonight, observe your self in your bed.  See the hardships that float within you aura, and whisper softly in your ear, “I no longer believe in hardship.”



We leave you with a message of love and comfort. We realize that your consciousness is being stretched far beyond what feels comfortable. Your download of greater light is flushing out deeply subconscious patterns that you believed you had long since risen above.  Do not be discouraged, dear ones, for the grand finale of a VERY long play must pull up all unfinished business so that it can be cleared.

There will be no future third dimensional life to carry these burdens into, and old fears within your resonance impede your venture into Light. The threshold of the sixth dimension is especially challenging for it brings you into cellular memory, as well as places you in direct contact with the YOU that you are but are not yet being.

Live now in patience for there is nothing left to learn. The caterpillar is in the cocoon, the seed is in the flower, and the new life is in the womb.  Just as thoughts precede actions, and emotions, consciousness precedes thoughts.  Focus on your consciousness. It is your only eternal treasure and cannot be lost or stolen.

It can, however, be forgotten or travel the waves of light as they move up and down the multidimensional spectrum. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the ride.  Breathe in our gift of unconditional love, which is now eternally in your aura.  You are a brave warrior and an adventurous explorer charting a path into unknown territories.

For a third dimensional reality to ascend an entire planet is novel, indeed.  The remaining fragments of your darkness have come up to be released, and the many hidden secrets that created a reality based on lies and illusion are coming to the foreground. 

Remember to keep your consciousness above the storm and protect your heart with unconditional love.  No longer believe in hardship! Instead, choose to LIVE in the FLOW of the NOW!

We are with you,


Multidimensional News* JUNE 2009

multidimensional new


JUNE 2009




Dear Crystalline Beings,

We, the Arcturians, greet you with unconditional love and respect. We see you shining before us in your new form of crystalline light. Actually, this is not your new form, but your return to the form of your true SELF. When you first left the ONE to participate in the Grand Experiment of Light into Matter, your form was pure light, free of all matter and completely infused with spirit. We must say, dear one, that the light you now bear has greatly expanded beyond the light you bore when you first entered the darkness of matter.

Many of your earthly myths speak of a great being who sacrifices him/her self for the good of the many. After death, the martyr then goes into the darkness to do battle with all his/her demons. Upon the third day, the martyr returns to the light as a Master of Energy. We wish to take a moment to explain some important properties of the energy of the numbers 3. When the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond was polarized into the third/fourth dimensional realities, it became number 1 (masculine/light) and 2 (feminine/matter). 3 is the number which represents the creation that results from the merging of polarities 1 and 2.

The number 3’s creation story is that 1 and 2 united as Light/Spirit/1 into Dark/Matter/2 to create their child of love, Humanity/3. Because 3 took a form in the lower worlds, numbers 4 (basis for form), 5 (feet grounded, heart open, head in stars), 6 (creative expression) and 7 (transmutation back to light) developed. You have now come to the “time” of number 7, in which you transmute your form back into the ONE from which it first arose. Just as the martyr of your creation stories becomes a Master of Energy, you have gained your Mastery as a magnificent Spiritual Warrior. For eons you have battled your only enemy, fear, with your Sword of Intention and your Shield of Unconditional Love.

Please see before you your brethrens amongst the Galactic Federation who are proudly proclaiming you as an Ascended Master, as they welcome you Home to your true SELF. Yes, you will return to your earthly life. Yes, it will appear to be the same through your physical eyes. However, through your awakened Third Eye and opened High Heart, you will see and feel the strands of crystalline light that hunger to accept the intelligent light, unconditional love and infinite creativity of the torsion waves that Flow from the Galactic Center.



A matrix is being created for a new reality, one that YOU have been creating since you began your Awakening. Now, dear members of our Milky Way Galaxy, you are merging your consciousness with the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. As we speak with you now, we wish to remind you that you are truly at ONE with us, the Arcturians, who are at ONE with all consciousness. Consciousness is the creator of all form, not the other way around. Consciousness is living spirit, which may or may not seek to create a form. In fact, at the Source we are all pure consciousness, pure energy.

When consciousness seeks to create form as an artistic expression of its Being, it sends the intention of form down the frequency ladder into the lower worlds of form. This intention is then replicated in each and every dimension. However, on each dimension the form appears to be different because the resonance of each frequency creates a slightly different version of the same intention/pattern/matrix that has been sent down from the creator. In the case of your earth vessel, the creator is YOU, that is the YOU within the ONE who desired to experience individuality in a reality based on form.

Your body in each dimension is made of the elements of that dimension. Hence, your third dimensional form is made of matter,


which is the combination of the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This matter is polarized. To create polarity, male and female energy needs to separate. Now, in order to prepare your earth vessel for your initiation into Awakening, and the downloading of your higher expressions of SELF, you must unite your masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies to create your new form (3), Lightbody. Your form of Lightbody will be the vessel in which you will return Home to your true vibration.

Your fourth dimensional body is composed of the Elementals, which are the higher resonance of your third dimensional elements. In the lower sub-planes of the fourth dimension, your body is still polarized into male or female. However, since form is more mutable in the fourth dimension, you may shift from one gender to the other. As you travel higher and higher in the fourth dimensional sub-planes, your bodies become less and less polarized. Then in the fifth dimension, your form becomes androgynous.

When you first return to the threshold of the fifth dimension, you may choose to express your SELF in either a male or female gender. However, as you return to your forms in higher and higher frequencies of the fifth dimensional sub-planes, you are less likely to choose to express yourself in a form of gender. In fact, as you return to higher and higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF, the less you are likely to express yourself as an individualized form. We, the Arcturians who are communicating with you, have no form. This is because beyond the eighth dimension, there is no sense of individuality other than the group expression of the “individual” planet, solar system or galaxy—such as The Arcturian Worlds.

When you return to your sixth dimensional form, you will perceive yourself as the blueprint, the matrix—the pure Crystalline Matrix. From this perspective, you can perceive the patterns of your behaviors and creations in the lower realities of the third and fourth dimensions. You can then go directly into the “hard drive” of the Crystalline Matrix to make the necessary adjustments to these patterns. However, since reality is a perception, if your third dimensional self still believes in the old patterns—that is what you will experience until you can change your beliefs. This fact is because:

Belief creates expectation
     Expectation directs attention
          Attention filters-in expected perceptions
               Perception IS reality because:

The Reality You Perceive Is The Reality You Live


Before we begin our journey into the sixth and seventh dimensions, we wish to ignite your memory of your previous Initiations into Mastery in your past/parallel realities. Your sixth dimensional SELF stores the matrix, which your fifth dimensional SELF projects into the third and fourth dimensional worlds of form. Since there is no time in the fifth dimension and beyond, all of your third and fourth dimensional realities are perceived as happening in the NOW. Because of this, what appears to be “past lives” from your third dimensional viewpoint, are observed as “parallel” lives from the fifth dimension and beyond.

It is important that you review the process of these Initiations at this time, for in the sixth dimension which you are about to enter is the “hard drive” that creates and maintains all your 3D Matrices. Hence, you will be adjusting not only your current life, but all of your adventures in the third and fourth dimension. In your former/parallel realities, this was not the case, as the “stage” of third dimensional Earth was far from planetary ascension. Now, Gaia will ascend with you, just as you will ascend with Her. The 2 is returning to the 1 and taking all the 3’s with Her.

In ancient times, Initiates studied in Temples, which were free of the responsibilities and worries of mundane life, because planet Earth resonated to a much lower frequency then She does now. Furthermore, there was a huge difference in consciousness between the few Initiates/Awakening Ones and the unenlightened masses. In that time frame, you studied for many years in the relative safety of the Temple in order to differentiate between the illusions of the third dimension and the Truth of the higher worlds. In fact, at that time, the “higher worlds” did not extend beyond the fourth dimension.

When you were ready for your initiation into Mastery, you had to face the four challenges of earth, air, fire and water. To pass this initiation you needed to merge with the fourth dimensional Elementals of each third dimensional element in order to discriminate between the illusion of polarized reality and the truth of the higher worlds. This merging of the third and fourth dimensions activated your memory of your true, multidimensional nature. For most Initiates that nature only encompassed the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

During your initiation process you were called upon to move through four areas. In each area you were faced with the challenge of “survival.” For example, you would enter an area in which there was a great avalanche. If you believed the illusion, you would try to “survive” by outrunning the onslaught of earth, in which case you would likely be crushed by your belief in the illusion.

On the other hand, if you could commune with the Earth Elementals to find the Truth of the situation, they would remind you that, as a Master, you could command them to calm the motion of their third dimensional elements. In this case, by believing in the Truth of your Multidimensional SELF and, hence, your Mastery of Energy, you would have passed the initiation.

A similar challenge would be presented to you with the elements of air, fire and water. If you were able to remember your SELF and pass all four of your initiations, you were ushered into a special room to rest and await the recognition of your victory. However, one more initiation held, sacred to only the Highest Masters, awaited you—the initiation of Human Love. In this case, a possible beloved one would enter your room with “refreshments.”

The following sequence of events were meant to present you, the Initiate, with the option of choosing human love (which would create attachments to the 3D Matrix and illusions) or unconditional love (which would allow you to remain free of all third dimensional illusions and distractions.) If unconditional love was chosen, you would be Master over the most powerful of all energy our own emotions.


Human love, which is based on polarities, is very attractive for it carries great desire, unity in a land of separation, and passion. However, human love is also filled with fear, possession, jealousy and pain. On the other hand, unconditional love is free of the polarities that create the illusions of separation and limitation. Therefore, unconditional love holds no fear of loss or pain that your beloved would hurt you, because you and your beloved are ONE. To hurt you would be to hurt them, as well. With no sense of separation there is no need for possessiveness or jealousy, as every moment is shared within the ONE.

Finally, human love can often limit you from proceeding with your highest goals, whereas unconditional love creates no limitations. However, in order to choose unconditional love, you need to release you own attachment to the emotional dramas of the third dimension and believe, instead, in the peace and calm of your Multidimensional SELF. Your true SELF is not only at ONE with your loved one but is also at ONE with all the elements and Elementals of the planet. Whereas human love can be restrictive, unconditional love is very expansive.

Once you embrace unconditional love, it automatically expands your sense of self beyond your individuality, beyond your loved ones, beyond your home, your city, state, country and into the very land, sky, water and spirit of Gaia. The body of Gaia is beloved and will be raised, transmuted, ascended into the fifth dimension. The land that has been unconditionally loved, protected and respected will expand. On the other hand, the land that has been scarred with human fear, hate and greed, will cease to exist, as the animals, plants and minerals have been too damaged and defiled by humanity to raise the frequency of their land.

Fortunately, initiated and awakened humans can step into their duty of being Keepers of the Land and transmute the areas of Gaia that have been destroyed or harmed by humanity’s fearful choices. Of course, the Cetaceans, whales and dolphins, have done a stellar job of being the Keepers of the Water. However, even though they have constantly filled the oceans and waterways with unconditional love, humans continue to create more damage. Humanity needs to follow the lead of these great, ancient Beings and fill our reality with unconditional love.

Fortunately, the light of the Awakened Ones is ten times stronger than those still lost in the darkness. Therefore, if you the Awakened ONES, remember to unconditionally love all of Gaia’s elements and Elementals, you will greatly contribute to the process of Planetary Ascension. If you can remember to unconditionally love the land of your home, your neighborhood, your route to work, the place of your employment, the land beneath your children’s schools and every place you visit, you will create ribbons of fifth dimensional Crystalline Light across, around and within the body of Gaia.

Dear Awakened ONES, do not forget the power that you now possess. Share this power through the unconditional love that resonates within your aura. Take a moment in your busy life to extend your aura out across your surrounding land, down into the fiery core of Gaia’s body, up into Her sky and down into Her waters. By taking a moment to send your intention to assist Gaia with your unconditional love, you will immeasurably assist in Her process of Planetary Ascension.

To further assist Her, send Gaia your deepest gratitude for holding the form of the planet on which you have taken many embodiments. Through all of these embodiments your sense of self has expanded to encompass your Planetary SELF. Take a long, slow in-breath as you realize that your SELF is not just one small human. Your SELF is all the elements and Elementals that make up your planet.

Begin your day as a PLANET.
Look into YOUR sky.
Feel YOUR feet within your earth.

Look into YOUR horizon.
Follow the pathway of YOUR rising and setting Sun.
Feel YOUR Moonlight as its cycles wax and wane.

Nourish and love the plants, animals and people living on YOUR land.
Experience the flow of YOUR oceans and waterways.
Feel the rain as it feeds YOUR land and clears YOUR sky.

Know that YOU are the Planet.
The Solar System is YOUR family.
The Galaxy is YOUR clan.

At ONE within
the Cosmic Whole
alone beside
the Faerie knoll.

Between the trees
beneath the sky
your heart expands
your mind asks why.

Why decide
to let it go
to receive the gift
you wish to know?

How can you
apart, yet ONE,
absorb the Moon
become the Sun?

The answer lies within,
they say
To ease the night,
become the day.

Hold the Light and
let it glow
to BE the Truth
you’ve found you know!


Stay balanced in the Center Path and follow the Flow of the ONE into the Heart of Gaia. Feel how the Flow washes over the land, fills the sky, enters the earth and calms the waters. No need to “batten down the hatches,” for all that leaves you is meant to go.

You must enter the Promise empty-handed and open-hearted. The giant force of your love will magnetize all that has been held precious to your Soul’s long journey into matter.

Hold yourself as a Comet, a glowing ball of light with a long tail. Within your tail is all that you have touched with love, as well as all the love that has spurred you on to this day.

Fill your consciousness with the love you have ever felt for Gaia—the planet that YOU are—in this and every one of your incarnations. Feel how She embraces you in return.

Deny your attention to any fear. It is only an illusion. Allow Love, Light, Peace and Unity to fill your KNOWING as the Truth of All That Is.

In closing, we the Arcturians, remind you to find your answers within and KNOW that the only tests left are the ones you create yourself.

Forgive all that has passed
Accept all you’ve experienced
Believe in what you KNOW
And Surrender to the Flow 

The Arcturians


The Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor continues next month.

Thank you for returning to our Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor. If you are new to our “dress rehearsal for 2012,” please find the previous steps in the archived newsletters at:
The first newsletter for this process was on September 11, 2008.

You may also wish to visit my new site: to find out more about being your Multidimensional SELF in daily life and to see through your Eyes of Soul.






Multididimensional New* May 2009


MAY 2009
multidimensional new


Dear Ones,

We, the Arcturians, welcome you back to the Arcturian Corridor. Much has occurred in your life and in your world since we first activated this Corridor on September 11, 2008. Changes are everywhere and within everyone. Each of you is now a refined instrument in Gaia’s orchestra performing the symphony of “Planetary Ascension.”

Are you ready to continue your journey? Good! There is more for you to learn/remember here in the Corridor’s Crystal Temple. To resume your travel, feel the Cosmic Joy, which is OVER – UNDER – AROUND – AND – THROUGH YOU! Feel this joy as a magnetic pull, which is directing your consciousness, once again, into the NOW of the fifth dimensional Crystal Temple.

Take a moment to experience this fifth dimensional Temple, as well as the shimmering presence of your Lightbody SELF. As you look around, you see before you a semicircular table with magnificent Beings sitting in each seat. These Beings are members of the Galactic Federation. The Federation is comprised of fifth dimensional and beyond Ambassadors of your local Star Systems.

Because of your own fifth dimensional resonance, you can easily perceive these higher dimensional Beings. Some of these Ambassadors are higher expressions of your SELF, who have taken form in other realities and with whom you have, consciously or unconsciously, received communications. You can also see the Ambassadors from systems that you have not yet experienced. Among the Star Systems represented here NOW are The Pleiades, Sirius A and B, Andromeda, Orion, Antares and others. Of course, Arcturus is also represented, and it is this Member who stands up to deliver a:

Message From The Galactic Federation


Dear Grounded Members of our great Galaxy,

We are here because we wish to assist you in remembering and integrating your lives on other planets, galaxies and dimensions. Every time you integrate a new aspect of your Multidimensional SELF into your conscious perspective of SELF, you expand your consciousness.

We can help you now because your grounded conscious has reached a frequency of unity that allows you to receive transmissions from the fifth dimension and beyond. Furthermore, since you have integrated your Multidimensional SELF into your consciousness and earth vessel, we, the Galactic Federation, are able to pick up your signature frequency even when you are absorbed in your everyday, physical reality.

Once your signature frequency tells us that you are ready to meet the higher expressions of your SELF on other planets, Star Systems and dimensions, a communication portal opens between your higher expression and your earth vessel. In this manner, we can constantly transmit messages, support, and most important, unconditional love to you from the fifth dimension and beyond.

We wish to tell you that this portal now connects the Galactic Federation to your earth vessel. Because of this connection, we can officially welcome you to the Federation. It doesn’t matter to us whether or not you see your self as an individual, for we see you only as the great Multidimensional Being that is your true expression. To the degree that you are able to accept and integrate this higher vibration into your earth vessel, your life will begin to resonate to the fifth dimension.

There are some grounded ones who do not wish to return to their fifth dimensional home in the land of unity, peace and unconditional love. They feel that they are not ready to leave their homes, loved ones, careers, pets, etc., etc. If you are one of these people, do not be concerned, for there is to be no loss, as there is to be no leaving. Instead, you are transmuting the very fabric of your reality from the dualism of the third/fourth dimension into the unity of the fifth dimension and beyond.

You can “alter your reality” as quickly or as slowly as you desire. This is your ascension. You have practiced for this moment in myriad lifetimes, and/or waited beyond time to participate in this grand event of Planetary Ascension. Look not to what is happening outside of you. Instead, concentrate on what is happening inside of you. Transmutation begins at the level of consciousness then progresses into your physical body, your cells, your DNA and into your external reality.

One warning. Whether or not you believe it, YOU are creating your reality. Never forget that your great creative power is accompanied by an even greater responsibility. Because of your expanding creative power of manifestation, it is important that you constantly monitor your thoughts and emotions and focus your intention on the process of Planetary Ascension, for as you become increasingly fifth dimensional, whatever fills your consciousness fills your life. Therefore, focus on your consciousness and attend primarily to the higher dimensional voices that guide and lead you. Simultaneously, recognize all illusions of fear and separation so that you may instantly release them from your attention and focus on love.

Sleep and meditate as often as possible so that you can release old, limiting beliefs and allow the seed of your Lightbody to safely grow within you. As your Lightbody grows larger and larger, it will serve to filter-out the illusions and limitations of the third/fourth dimension and filter-in the truth of the quantum world, the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your quantum world will be perceived by your DNA, specifically your junk DNA. The 97% of DNA that has been labeled “junk,” for lack of a better definition, carries myriad inter-dimensional wormholes, which will receive messages from the quantum world. At the same time, the expanding scalar/torsion wave systems within your earth vessel will receive the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Your opened Third Eye will then translate these body transmissions into your human language so that you can share your message with others.

Your grounded, earth vessel actually serves as an antenna, which can receive only the frequencies to which it resonates. Hence, as your personal resonance expands, you can receive sub-space transmission from deeper within the quantum world and further up into the higher dimensions. Eventually, your grounded form will become the bridge which connects the deepest quantum realities with the highest frequency worlds. At this point, the circle will be complete and you will release all need for space, time, or form.

However, please enjoy each step of your exciting return to SELF. You have chosen, in fact, “stood in line,” to take a body at this time. On the other hand, we have chosen to “stand in the wings” to help you remember that you are performing in the final act of a grand play. We, your guides, observers, and higher expressions of your SELF, wish to give you a rousing applause for putting on a fantastic show!

Now that we have made “first contact,” we encourage you to remember that we are available to you with a thought or an intention. We also want to remind you that the best carrier wave for any transmission is unconditional love. We are aware that your grounded one may be finding it difficult to love itself unconditionally. Thus, we close our message by introducing you to one of the Members of our Federation who is one of the many components of your Multidimensional SELF. Since this Being is a higher expression of your SELF, we know that it will be easier for you to accept it’s unconditional love.

We understand that unconditional love is not common in your polarized, third dimensional reality. Because of this, many of you have never experienced love that is free of all conditions. How can you express what you have never experienced or give what you have never received? However, once you can experience, trust, and accept the unconditional love flowing from this higher expression of your SELF, it will be natural for you to emanate unconditional love from your grounded self.

The Ambassadors of our Federation resonate with the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, they did not travel across space and it took no time for them to come to this table. Every dimensional world on which you have lived, visited, or from which you have received communications, has sent an Ambassador. Since there is no space here, it is not crowded, and since there is no time, they can all be here at once.

All the Galactic, Solar and Planetary Ambassadors who are here with us are constantly aware of their grounded ones in every galaxy, planet and dimension. This task is not difficult for the Ambassadors, since they are fifth dimensional and beyond. Hence, they can easily dispense their energy patterns to as many realities as needed. In fact, all of you who stand before us can do so, as well. You have just forgotten. Members of our ground crew who are returning to SELF usually need assistance in reconnecting with these innate abilities.

Now, as you stand before the Ambassadors, allow one of them to step towards you. Remember that you are in the fifth dimension, which is free of time and space. Hence, release all third dimensional limitations that would make this meeting impossible. Within the HERE and NOW of the ONE, “impossible” does not exist. Here, there is only truth and unconditional love. It is the unconditional love streaming towards you from your higher expression that allows you to know the truth of your Being. Please experience, trust and accept this love.

The Star Being standing before you now is one of the many higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Listen with your heart to receive a message from your SELF:


“Dearest grounded self, I see that you are in-between. You feel vast changes within you that you cannot fully understand. You know that the symptoms that are occurring in your body are symptoms of your transformation. For example, your Third Eye is opening, which may cause a draining in your physical eyes. You often feel as though you can’t stay conscious in the third dimension, but also cannot stay fully conscious in the fifth or the fourth dimension either.

“Your fourth dimensional sleep is often more work than your physical life. During your “sleep,” you are visiting many parallel realities and waking up with messages that you can’t quite remember but feel within you. You sense a deep peace and infinite gratitude, but you also deal with a great fatigue most of your waking life. This fatigue is because your third dimensional life is becoming too heavy, too slow, and too unreal.

“You are not ascended, but you are no longer just human. You are beginning to think fifth dimensionally, which means that your third dimensional thoughts are heavy and slow in your mind. Now that you stand on the threshold of a new reality, you experience more love for your physical life than you have ever felt before.

“You are receiving answers and illuminations to questions that have long been unanswered. Yet, at the same time, you are totally confused. Third dimensional illusions are dropping away, but the physical world still continues. The difference is that now it is more naked to your perceptions. However, this truth is often heavy to carry, as you are still surrounded by a world filled with illusion and fear.

“You, my grounded self, are returning to your innate multidimensionality. You have largely released your fears and usually live in love and gratitude that you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF. However, judgment and impatience remain as your two worst enemies. Judgment is your enemy because to judge another person, place or thing takes you out of the Unity of the ONE. Impatience is an enemy because it takes you out of the NOW of the ONE.

“You waited, lived, died, suffered and loved for millennia of lifetimes in order to experience this moment. For this, I lovingly commend you. I ask you now to enjoy every second of your life while you still live in third dimensional time. Focusing your intention on enjoying the moment will propel you into the NOW. As you learn/remember to live in Unity with all life and enjoy the NOW, your consciousness will become more and more firmly implanted in the no-time of the fifth dimension.

“Then, instead of living in the third dimension and visiting the fifth dimension, you will live in the fifth dimension and visit the third. Surprisingly, your life will not change that much. What will change is your reactions to life. In other words, once you KNOW that you are creating your reality, you will no longer be able to be a victim. You will be fully aware that the manner in which you engage your intention and attention is the primary causal factor in the reality you create. In fact, you are having that experience now, as what you think about, you bring about.

“Just as there are octaves of the fourth dimension, there is a shallow end of the fifth dimensional pool. In the lower fifth dimensional octave, you still hold form and continue life much as you did in the third dimension. However, you are free of all the threat that has separated you from your SELF and your SELF from the ONE. In this threshold reality you can gradually gain your fifth dimensional balance.

“As you slowly adapt to your new reality, you will be less and less attached to acquiring possessions and other aspects of life that have given you comfort in your third dimensional incarnations. Gradually, you will feel more at HOME and be able to release even the illusion of the third dimension. However, first you may be inclined to assist your fellow humans who are still trapped in the myth of the physical plane. You will remember the special gifts that you have honed over your many physical incarnations and use these gifts to assist those in need.

“One task/service that you shall share is breathing your Crystal Energy into the physical world to assist in transmuting the matter of Gaia and all her inhabitants into their innate expression of Spirit. Dear grounded one, I now return to the Federation, and you will return to Gaia, our beloved Sister of Light. But first, the Arcturians will instruct you in the transmutation of physical into crystal, matter into spirit.

“Before I return, I wish to merge my expression with yours. Feel, my dear grounded self, as my heart unifies with yours, our minds become ONE and our emanations intermingle—forever free of all limitations of time or space. Through all eternity, we are ONE.”


Dear Ones, do not question your connection to the Galactic Federation and to your inter-galactic SELF, as it pulls you out of the Cosmic Flow of the Crystalline Energy of the fifth dimensional ONE. This kind of questioning acts in much the same manner as wanting. When you want something, it is because you believe you do not have it. In a similar fashion, when you ask a question, it is because you do not believe that you KNOW the answer.

When you question your fifth dimensional experiences, there is an underlying energy field indicating that you do not believe in your SELF. In the fifth dimension, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are instantly manifest. Hence, if you believe you do not know your SELF, then you do not. In the same manner, if you ask a question, then you indicate that you do not KNOW the answer.

To be able to surrender to the Crystalline Flow of the Universal Mind, you will need to release the need to ask a question, as it separates you from the ONE. Within the NOWNESS of the Universal Mind, all is KNOWN. Once you enter the Crystalline Flow your consciousness calibrates to the Universal Mind and enters the All KNOWING. While connected to this Flow, this KNOWING is instantly transmuted into experience. This manner of gaining information is quite different from when you ask your brain a question.

To better understand this concept, take a moment to experience the difference between “asking a question” and “entering the ALL KNOWING.”

First, ask your human brain a question

  • As you can see, when you ask your brain a question, it separates your consciousness into question and answer. Furthermore, obtaining the answer requires the “time” it takes for your brain to research, calculate and/or remember the answer.

On the other hand, when you merge with the Universal Mind, you are ONE with the Flow of Crystalline ALL KNOWING of the ONE. Within this KNOWING there are no questions or answers. There is only illumination.

To merge your consciousness with the Universal Mind

  • Center your thoughts and feelings on the inter-dimensional portals of your Third Eye and your High Heart

  • Combine the two portals into ONE inter-dimensional portal at the level of your Throat Chakra

  • Through your Third Eye, focus your intention on the vision of this portal

  • With your High Heart, feel the unconditional love that Flows through the portal

  • Imagine that your portal is opening

  • As the portal opens, experience a rush of Crystalline Energy Flowing towards you

  • Take a long, slow, deep breath to center your consciousness on the portal

  • Imagine you are stepping into the portal

  • Feel the unconditional love that welcomes you upon your arrival

  • Allow this unconditional love to fill the opened portal and circulate throughout your entire earth vessel

  • To log-into the Universal Mind, allow the Crystalline Energy to flow freely into and through your consciousness

  • Take a moment to calibrate your consciousness by totally surrendering to the Flow of Crystalline Energy

Once logged-in to the Crystalline Flow, you find that you are moving effortlessly along a stream of Universal, Crystalline Consciousness

You float through what appears to be a tunnel of light and find that you, too, are of light

You look around and see what looks like a circuit board of stars. It is the unconditional love that connects all the stars to each other, to the Flow and to you.

You are a point of light in the network of this Universal Mind. Your brain, which is a neuron in the Universal Mind, holds the question,

“Can you show me fifth dimensional Earth?”

You awaken to find that you are truly awake. The great fatigue of many third dimensional lives is suddenly lifted. You look around your bedroom and see that few things have changed. However, they appear to glisten in a manner that they never did before.

You look at your body and are surprised to find that it, too, glistens in the soft morning light. You must still be asleep, you think. This experience could only be a dream. You sink back into your covers, but find that sleep will not come. You are fully awake and can no longer hide from that fact.

But where is the disaster, the fear, the turmoil? How could ascension come so quietly in the night? How could you awaken to a new reality as simply as opening your sleepy eyes?

“It has always been here,” you hear an inner voice whisper into your heart. “You did not have to create it, or work for it or even deserve it. You only had to raise our resonance to the frequency in which you could perceive it. The SELF that you are now is the ONE whom you have always been.”

A slow awareness of truth grows in your mind as you begin to believe the inner voice. Whether or not this experience is real, you decide to attend to it, accept it, believe it and enjoy it. You leave your bed and go to your window to open the curtains.

As you look outside, you see that the world is much as it has been, yet wherever you look there is that same glimmer. You think, “I want to go outside to better see this world” and instantly, you are outside. “What happened?” you think. “I was just in my bedroom.”

Instantly, you return to your bedroom. Everything seems the same, you seem the same, yet as you think, “I need to get dressed,” you are instantly dressed.

“Whoa,” you think, “This is too fast. I need to slow this down. I don’t know if I am ready for this.”

Suddenly, the glimmer dims in your room and on your body. You look outside again and the external glimmer has also gone.

It is then that you hear, “Would you like some training?” You don’t know who is talking, but your answer is, “YES!”

Instantly, you return to the fifth dimensional Temple in the Arcturian Corridor, standing again before your Ambassaor SELF.

“You are the programmer of your reality, but you have not yet fully prepared for this joy and responsibility.” When you are ready, we will travel the Corridor into the sixth dimension, turn off the illusions of the 3D matrix and re-calibrate your mind to the new operating system of Living in Surrender.

“We will then take you to your Oversoul in the seventh dimension so that you can visit your Soul Family. In this manner, you will be better prepared for the new reality that you are about to live. Are you Ready?”


As you answer, the glimmer of the world returns to ignite your Soul, who breathes into your heart,

“I AM the Light I stand within
I AM the form the Light creates
I AM the life the Light dictates
I AM the Light

The world is the reflection of my Light
The world within me joins that reflection

I AM standing in the Light of the world that I AM

I project my Light into my world to become a tree
As well as the birds and squirrels that make it home

I become the lawn that covers Gaia’s body
I AM each blade of grass
I AM the roots that connect each blade
I AM the soil in which life grows

I AM the Sky
     The Sun
          The Moon

I AM the form that sees the sky
     Collects the Sun’s light
          Absorbs the Moon’s glow

I AM the friends and family that visit my world
     They are my light and I am theirs

As ONE we stand beneath our tree
     We are the shade
          The trunk
               The roots

We are the lawn beneath our feet,
     The roots
          The soul
               The face of Gaia

We are the house beside the tree
The block on which the house resides
The city
The state
The country
The continent
The planet

We are the planet

We are the Sun that feeds our light
We are the Moon that glows within

Within our form is All That Is
Within the ONE we hold our form

The transition happened yesterday and far beyond all time
We stand as ONE within the NOW as ALL we’ve ever been

The journey is complete, but yet, it’s only started
The pain, the loss, the fear are gone, although we’ve never parted

The vision of eternal truth is forever in our Soul
For now and all forever, we live within the Whole”


Your experience of Unity expands your consciousness beyond the planet and you look down to see the entire Solar System. It slowly expands before your vision, each planet slowly moving further into space. Gradually, the crystalline glimmer returns. This glimmer fills your form and connects you to the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the dimension. As you watch, the harsh boundaries of the physical world are softened by the crystalline energy. They also soften your heart and mind. You no longer need or fear or wonder. You ARE, you LOVE, you KNOW.

With your expanded awareness of SELF, your form expands, as does your vision of the Solar System. You relax into this expansion and realize that the space ”in-between” each cell and planet is not empty. Instead, it is filled with an ever-expanding and beautifully ornate Crystalline Grid. From your perspective, you see these fibers of crystal integrating into everything that was once known as matter, just as it also fills the space in-between. This matter, which was once separated from the whole of the ONE and condensed into “individual” physical form, is transmuting into its source material of Crystalline Spirit.

You wonder what could be the source of this transmutation. The answer comes from within your KNOWING as a softly expanding experience of pure, unconditional love. This love whispers to your Soul, “Love is the Source. Unconditional love is the multidimensional resonance, which is the power source for all creation. When unconditional love fills your consciousness YOU become an engine for creation. You, a Divine spark of the ONE, are a graduate student of Schoolroom Earth.

Your culmination will begin when you fully encompass the consciousness of the Being, Gaia. Already you can see how the web of the Crystalline Grid has expanded to fill more and more of Gaia’s form. You feel the resistance of some humans and the total acceptance of all of Gaia’s non-human creatures and elements. The experiment of individuality carries a high price, as some are unable to release it, even to become their SELF.”

You direct your unconditional love toward those humans who have become so lost in the separation and darkness that they can no long respond to unity and light. Patience and freedom from judgment allows you to bless them as you have been blessed. What you give, you receive. Hence, as you bless others, you receive a blessing yourself. This loving energy expands your visions so that you can see the overlap of all the multidimensional realities that exist, not only on Gaia, but on all the other planets, as well as the Sun.

You vow that when you return to your every day life on Earth, you will remember to breathe this Crystalline Light and unconditional love into every aspect of your reality. In fact, you feel yourself returning now. So that you do not forget this journey, you imprint on your consciousness:

As I re-enter my physical world,

“I VOW to breathe the Crystalline Light into my everyday life.

I VOW to remember that I am a Multidimensional Star Being.

I VOW to BE my Multidimensional SELF in daily life
     and to see through my Eyes of Soul.”

In a flash, you are home on planet Earth.


The Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor continues next month.

Thank you for returning to our Journey Through the Arcturian Corridor. If you are new to our “dress rehearsal for 2012,” please find the previous steps in the archived newsletters at:
The first newsletter for this process was on September 11, 2008.

You may also wish to visit my new site: to find out more about being your Multidimensional SELF in daily life and to see through your Eyes of Soul.


The Arcturians Speak


Multidimensional News : JULY 2008

JULY 2008


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Dearest Grounded ONES,

We are here within you today and always to assure you of the constant support and assistance that is found in the Flow. We are all ONE. Hence, whenever you call, it is heard and answered before you make it. Then again, the physical act of calling for assistance from the ONE opens a communication portal, a wormhole between your physical reality and the ONE, which resonates beyond time and space. By opening this portal, you are setting your consciousness to the superconscious mode where you can bask in the flow of the ONE and allow it to absorb into your earth vessel.

This portal of communication is two-way. It sends you an infusion of Spirit into matter while simultaneously allowing you to share your life experiences with the ONE. By opening this portal, you automatically create a filter that is calibrated to consciously filter-in the holographic light information from the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as from the depths of the quantum world of the first dimension and below. This state of consciousness allows you to access a greater percentage of your brain and accept light into your DNA to trigger your hidden potential.

With the initiation of your expanded abilities, you can more easily accept, integrate, interpret, and project multidimensional light-interference patterns through the projector of your third eye. In this manner, you invite your Multidimensional SELF to pilot your earth vessel. At first, it may appear that your Multidimensional SELF is a higher SELF. However, as more and more you choose to keep the portal to the ONE open, your resonant consciousness and range of perception will begin to permanently alter until your normal state of consciousness will no longer be Beta brainwaves.

You will instead begin to recognize Alpha, Theta, and even Delta, brainwaves as your normal state of consciousness, and your Multidimensional SELF will feel like YOU! When this occurs, you will have to pay special attention to your physical earth vessel. It is not strengthened to fit your expanding mind you will suffer symptoms of transformation in whichever area of your body is your weakest link.

These symptoms are a sign of your transformation into being your SELF in your physical world. When this happens you will no longer need to open a portal, for you will BE the portal. You are, of course, already a portal, but “BEING a portal” means that the percentage of your earth time in which your portal is open and your true SELF is captaining your vessel will silently and almost secretly increase. Eventually, one day or one moment, the illusion of your humanity will be totally replaced by the truth of your true SELF, and you will suddenly know that you have made the leap into being a master of energy.

Many of you tire of the separation and limitations of the 3D game. You have deleted your programs of being a victim and realize in every minute that you are creating your reality. Hence, you are ready to move into the next level of the game in which there are no longer winners or losers, as you fully realize that your life is what you create. How do you choose to create your life? What experience do you wish to share with the ONE through your two-way portal? Perhaps you are ready now to move through the portal as it moves through you. Then you can be totally free of the game while you are also the programmer, the player, and the game.

With the increasing awareness of your true SELF, your mind is growing beyond the confines of human language and only your creations can speak your truth. Words are too limiting and many of the concepts that you are discovering are novel to human thought. However, the human heart carries the Three-Fold Flame, the Atma, which is the inner portal to your SELF. Through this portal flows the unconditional love of the ONE that unites all realities. If you can choose to go inside, feel the love, and project it out into your reality, you will be the projection, as well as the projector.

As we increasingly become aware of our SELF, we regain a conscious connection with our holographic brain and holographic universe, as well as the potential hidden within our “junk” DNA. Our junk DNA is the 97% of our DNA for which scientists have not yet found the purpose.

Blessings are forever yours,





In the 1980s, science started to support the theory that our reality is a hologram. Scientific research (documented by Stanislav Grof M.D., in The Holotropic Brain, and by Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe) concluded that our brains and the universe are holographic in nature. In other words, reality is a holographic projection and we are the projector that receives the holographic film, processes it with our holographic brain, and projects it onto our screen of life. According to these theories, the third dimension is a projected illusion, and the physical reality only exists through our perceptions.

In order to create a hologram, a single laser beam is split into two separate beams. The first beam is bounced off the object that is to be recorded, and the second beam is recorded in a mirror and allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first beam. Then the interaction of the two beams is recorded on a piece of film called a holographic plate. When the film is developed, it appears as a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines until the developed film is illuminated by a third laser beam. At that point, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

To clarify, we can imagine that we are all sitting in a movie theater. In this analogy, the holographic projection is much like the lights we see streaming from the back of the movie theater onto the movie screen in front of us. If there were no screen, or even a wall, to trap the light, the movie would remain streams of light traveling through space. Also, if we were not in the theater, we would not see the movie. The difference between life and this analogy is that we are not only the audience sitting in the theater, we are also the projector, the light streaming through the theater, as well as the screen upon which the light is projected.

Our senses capture the interference patterns of light that are projected into our reality, whether we are awake or asleep. Then, our third-dimensional and extended preceptors pull the light through complicated filters in our holographic brain so that we can project the interference patterns of light onto the screen of our life. They then appear as the pictures, sounds, sensations, and smells that create our reality. We can choose our reality by selecting the film (light) for any movie (reality) that we desire to experience.

However, we must show up at the movie theater (open our perceptions) so that our holographic brain can accept the patterns of light interference, translate them into the third-dimensional illusions of our reality, and project them out into the movie of our third-dimensional life. To experience this movie, we must be at the theater to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste with our appropriate sensors and run that neural information through the universal translator of our holographic brain.

Furthermore, the translation of the same screen of life (movie) will differ with each individual holographic brain according to that person’s history of similar neural information. For example, if we live in Los Angeles, California, we would likely experience a holographic projection of ice as ice cubes; whereas an Inuit (Eskimo) may think of ice as an emergency home. Our state of consciousness at the time of our perception also dictates our personal translation of the same movie (event).

If our consciousness is primarily Beta brainwaves, for example, then we may think of ice as something we could use to cool our drink; whereas, if our consciousness is expanded to Alpha brainwaves, the ice could remind us of an ice sculpture we once saw or the last time we went skating. In Theta brainwaves, ice may denote frozen water/emotions or it may remind us of the perils of the melting glaciers and the effect they will have on the planetary ecosystem. Either way, if we do not choose to focus the lens of our attention onto the screen, we will not even perceive the ice. In other words, the reality we choose to perceive is the reality we live.

Our memory is also holographic and resides everywhere in our holographic brain. Furthermore, every segment of memory is related to and intertwined with every other segment of memory. We are actually united with the entire universe, but we can only perceive the frequency of reality that can move through our perceptual filter and into our holographic brain. If our consciousness is limited to Beta brainwaves, our perceptual filter is limited to the third dimension, and we can only capture the holographic light that resonates to the frequency of our third-dimensional senses. On the other hand, when our consciousness (the filter of our perception) is expanded, we can capture a wider spectrum of interference light patterns.

With the expanded consciousness of our opened third eye, we widen our filter enough to capture light patterns ranging from the sub-atomic, quantum world to the fifth dimension and far beyond. With this perceptual filter, we realize that all the projected light, all the projectors, and all the realities are ONE, as we can see the connecting and overlapping subatomic particles of light.

In this way, we can deeply understand that no thing and no one is separate unless we narrow our perceptual filter to create the third-dimensional reality that we have been trained to perceive. The Beta brainwaves filter out the first-, second-, fourth-, and fifth-dimensional light, but as more and more we utilize our Alpha, Theta, Delta, brainwaves, our perceptions and our reality expands.





With our expanded brainwaves, we have access to perceptions that were once beyond our brain’s ability to receive and process. Our third-dimensional, Beta Consciousness has long been limited to the narrow range of 90 to 174 cps. This range is a very small percentage of measurable light and sound, not to mention the light and sound that is not yet measurable by modern technology.

As we open our third eye and gradually regain our ability to access brainwaves that have formerly lain dormant, our perceptions will then expand, and we will be able to consciously perceive both higher and lower frequencies of light and sound. We will then have myriad possible realties from which to choose to create our experience of life. This choice of perception is called entrainment.





When we strike a tuning fork, it will vibrate at a certain frequency. When we hold a second tuning fork close to the first one, it will vibrate at the same frequency. In other words, the first tuning fork entrains the second one. Entrainment is the noun associated with the verb “entrain,” which means to pull along, or pull aboard. As another example, if many pendulum clocks were on the wall, and we erratically swung all of the pendulums at different speeds, over time, all the pendulums would become synchronized again. They would achieve entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment occurs when the frequency of our brainwaves gradually begin to emulate the rhythmic pattern, or frequency, of our inner and/or outer stimuli. Almost any frequency stimuli can be used to entrain our brainwaves—sound, light, touch, or anything the brain can perceive through physical and/or expanded senses. Hypnosis, and the resulting Alpha or Theta brainwaves, begins by focusing on slow breaths to entrain our mind to our inner processes.

Actually, within every moment our brain (both biological rhythms and brainwaves) is entrained by our inner and outer environment. If we are walking through a beautiful countryside on a clear, sunny day, we will likely become calm and our brainwaves will entrain to Alpha brainwaves. On the other hand, if we are stuck in traffic, our biological systems will become agitated and our brainwaves will entrain to Beta brainwaves.

Of course, our inner world has a great influence on both of these events. If we are deathly afraid of snakes and are looking for one with every step of our countryside walk, our system will become agitated and our brainwaves will entrain with Beta brainwaves. Conversely, when we are stuck in traffic, if we calmly tell our self that all is fine, put on some relaxing music and decide to enjoy our time alone while we are driving, our system will calm down and we will entrain with Alpha brainwaves.





Our inner mental and emotional processing of each situation has much to do with our body’s reaction. In other words, our body will entrain itself to our thoughts and emotions. Our inner world also sets expectations for our outer perceptions. For example, if while walking through the woods, we tell our self that we will see birds, our expectation will be to see birds. Hence, we will consciously or unconsciously search for and find birds. Conversely, if we tell ourselves that we will see trash, the same process will occur and we will find trash.

If we are finding trash to clean up Mother Nature, we will likely feel good and entrain our consciousness with Alpha brainwaves. However, if we angrily comment on the slovenly nature of humanity while we stomp through the woods, we will definitely experience stress and entrain to Beta brainwaves. Finding birds is a calming activity as we look up into the trees and listen intently for their call. However, if we become frustrated because we can’t find any birds, we will entrain the same Beta brainwave conscious as when we are driving in traffic.

On the other hand, if we could sit down, calm our minds, and enter into a meditative trance to entrain our consciousness to the resonance of Mother Nature, we would enter into Alpha or even Theta brainwaves. At this point, if we could choose to expect to see the higher dimensions, we could expand our perceptions to see the Faeries who are nurturing each flower and plant, the Deva in the nearby tree, and the Angels, Elohim, and other higher dimensional beings observing our reality from the higher dimensions.

As we can see from these examples, our expectations, thoughts, and feelings create the reality that we choose to perceive and experience. Our expectations are greatly determined by our core beliefs. If we believe that reality is only what we can experience through our five physical senses, then the third dimension will be the only reality that we have to choose. On the other hand, if we believe many other dimensional realities are hidden within or riding upon the third dimension, we can expect to see them, as well. Our expectation of these other realities will entrain our bodily systems to activate our extremely high and/or extremely low brainwaves to perceive other dimensional realities. Again, the reality we choose to perceive is the reality we choose to live.

An expectation to see a multidimensional reality entrains our consciousness to the expanded perceptions of our multidimensional consciousness. However, we have lived so long on third-dimensional Earth that our body Deva, our personal holder of form, expects to perceive stimuli from only the third dimension. However, if we can remember to expect to find the higher dimensions interlaced with our mundane life, we will entrain our consciousness to brainwave patterns that allow that perception. For example, we can entrain our consciousness to the perspective of Gaia.





Two modern founders of the concept of holographic reality, in which everything is a projection from a level of reality beyond time and space, are University of London physicist and Einstein protégé David Bohm and Stanford University neurophysiologist Karl Pribram. Bohm and Pribram were independently working from two different directions but came to similar conclusions. Bohm became convinced of the universe’s holographic nature after years of dissatisfaction with standard theories’ inability to explain all of the phenomena encountered in quantum physics. On the other hand, Pribram became convinced that our brains are holographic because of researchers’ inability to explain various neurophysiological puzzles.

Since then, the holographic model has been embraced by more scientists because it explains virtually all paranormal, mystical experiences as well as our expanded perceptions, known to many as ESP. In 1980, David Bohm wrote Wholeness and Implicit Order, in which he theorized that reality is not what is out there, but a representation of the frequencies of stimuli interpreted by the brain. With a holographic model, we can widen our filter to perceive frequencies of stimuli that are not apparent to others. In 1985, Stanislav Grof, M.D., published his research stating that only a holographic model could explain such things as collective consciousness and experiences during altered states of consciousness.

Similarly, in 1982, Alain Aspect and his team at the University of Paris discovered that under certain circumstances, subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantly communicate with each other regardless of distance. As a result, they concluded that a web of subatomic particles compose our physical universe and are the very fabric of our reality, which possesses an undeniable holographic property. David Bohm believes that these subatomic particles are not a separate part of reality but instead an underlying unity that acts as a super hologram or matrix for every configuration of matter and energy.

On a human model, Pribram states that memory is not encoded in single neurons, or even small groups of neurons, but instead memory is stored in patterns of nerve impulses that crisscross the entire brain in the same way that light interference patterns crisscross in a hologram. With holographic perception, it is possible to record many different images in the same space simply by changing the angle at which the two lights strike the film. In the same manner, an extreme amount of information can be stored in a small area. Could this mean that by our taking a new perspective, such as changing our consciousness, we are able to receive and compute enough new information to change our view of reality?

Everything is energy. Einstein definitively established this fact with his famous theorem E=MC2, which proved the interchangeability of matter and energy. Concerning matter, Einstein said, “We have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.” This truth was known to the ancient Hindus when they employed the term “maya,” which means illusion, to define our mistaken concepts of reality. Both the ancient spiritual text and modern scientific models state that energy, including matter, is simply perceptions that are dictated by the state of our consciousness.





In 1987, at the same time that the holographic research was taking place, Malcolm Simons, M.D., immunologist and founder of Genetic Technologies in Australia, could not believe that evolution would be so wasteful as to make 97 percent of our DNA junk. He discovered an order in this supposed “junk” DNA, and he believed that if there was an order, there was likely a function, as well. Now, as the human genome has become more accessible to scientists, even more researchers have begun to scrap the notion that 97 percent of our DNA has no purpose.

Richard Gerber, M.D., who practices cardiology, internal medicine, and interventional cardiology in Salinas, California, concluded in his book Vibrational Medicine that matter, including human cells, is actually “frozen light” (light that has slowed down in vibration and become solid). Gerber’s book came out in the same month that a German book entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz, by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludor (translated by Barbel Mohr), was published. In this book, Fosar and Bludor documented extensive research done in Russia revealing the amazing relationship between junk DNA and light.

In the 1990s, the Russian researcher Vladimir Poponin developed a series of experiments to research the patterns of light in the controlled environment of a vacuum. Under the vacuum conditions, the light fell into a random distribution. He then placed physical samples of DNA into the chamber and found that in the presence of genetic material, the patterns of the light particles shifted. The new pattern resembled waves as they crested and fell. This pattern remained even after the DNA was taken away. Poponin believed that the DNA possessed a force that somehow influenced the light photon, even when the DNA was no longer present. This phenomenon was called the “Phantom DNA Effect.”

Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues, who were also doing junk DNA research, believed that the patterns of light in the vacuum caused by the DNA were actually magnetized wormholes. Somehow the DNA transformed the light into wormholes, which were still present after the DNA was removed.

These wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges theorized to exist in the vicinity of black holes (left by burnt-out stars)—tunnels through which light information can be transmitted outside space and time from different areas in the universe. Poponin, Garjajev, and other Russian scientists think that our junk DNA attracts bits of light information and passes them on to our consciousness. This inter-dimensional passage of information is titled “hyper-communication.”

These scientists surmised that energy from outside of space and time flows through these wormholes, and that the wormholes were activated by the existence of the DNA. If it was the DNA that actually opened these wormholes, is it possible that our very DNA is capable of receiving the subatomic light particles that make up the matrix of the “super hologram”? There may be a “chicken or egg” situation where the subatomic light matrix can activate DNA wormholes, whereas at the same time, it is the activated wormholes that can perceive and accept the holographic picture of the subatomic light particles.

Russian researchers have also joined with linguists and geneticists to explore junk DNA. They found that junk DNA follows the rules of our human language. According to them, our junk DNA serves as data storage and communication. In exploring the vibrational behavior of DNA, Garjajev and his colleagues have found that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers. These researchers modulated certain high-frequency patterns onto a laser ray to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since our junk DNA and language share the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of human language to influence the DNA.

Garjajev believes that junk DNA in living tissue will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the higher frequencies are used to project the message. Garjajev’s research explains why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like can have a strong effect on humans and their bodies. They have further stated that the higher the individual’s consciousness, the less need there is for any type of laser device.

The holographic and junk DNA research reveals that humans are basically receivers floating through a sea of frequencies of light interference patterns. We choose to perceive, and hence create, our reality from the myriad possible realities that the super hologram projects from beyond time and space for us to receive through our personal portals (the wormholes). Once we receive this light information, we process it through our holographic brain so that we can project our picture of reality into the physical world to be contributed to the collective and planetary consciousness. In this manner, we are all ONE being receiving ONE message through many different portals.





When we expand our consciousness and allow the light of the ONE to enter our earth vessel through our personal portal, all polarities slowly merge into the center point/zero point of the ONE. With this blending, the polarities of the right and left hemispheres of our brain, the polarities of our feminine and masculine energy, as well as the polarities of Spirit and matter, merge into ONE. The good/bad polarities then become experiences on planet earth, and the love/fear polarities become that which we wish to move toward and merge with (love) and that which we wish to filter out and transmute (fear). Love, especially unconditional love, is the glue that unites us with all life, whereas fear is merely a warning message that we have lost contact with our Multidimensional SELF.

While our Soul/SELF is captaining our earth vessel, there is no fear for there is no separation from the ONE, and we can filter in the many light-filled possibilities to perceive and live. Through our opened third eye working in conjunction with our High Heart, we can differentiate between our unconscious projections from the past, the realities that we have worked so hard to create, and the flow of the ONE to which we can surrender.

The fire of our kundalini has been ignited in our first chakra and rooted deep in Gaia, so that it can balance our emotions, direct our thoughts and unlock the portal of our heart to awaken our greatest creativity, clear our vision and open our third eye. Hence, we are now able to pull in a greatly expanded spectrum of multidimensional light/information.

Gaia, also a multidimensional being, has shared her experience with us, as we have blended our personal and planetary essence, chakra by chakra. With the expanded light entering our consciousness and form, we can also upgrade our holographic perception and allow more light into the projector of our earth vessel—all the way into our junk DNA, which is the hard drive for our holographic brains.

We have been downloading new upgrades into our brains, but at some point the old computer is too full to accept and translate it all. Therefore, we are now downloading a new Operating System with more memory and faster processing. (See Multidimensional News June 2008 in newsletter archives of Fortunately, we don’t have to go to the store to buy this new system, as it is already in our junk DNA awaiting activation from the expanded frequencies of light that we can now consciously perceive and accept.

Our expanded perceptions of empathy, instincts, intuition, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience that were awakened by the rise of kundalini and the integration of our Soul/SELF into each chakra are now the very tools through which we accept a wider spectrum of light into our projector. It is through receiving, interpreting, and integrating this expanded light into our daily lives and projecting it out into our reality that we attain our full illumination and create a reality that is beyond our wildest imagination.

Fortunately, as more of us awaken to our SELF and allow the flow of unconditional love from the ONE to enter our hearts, we will realize that each one of us is creating our planetary as well as our personal reality. As we expand our consciousness to planetary consciousness, we can commune with the land, the sea, and the sky, as well as follow our perceptions into the quantum world to see, feel, hear, and touch the sub-atomic particles that connect all life. With our solar consciousness, we can perceive our planet as a member of a system. With our galactic and cosmic consciousness, we can travel inter-dimensionally experiencing realities in other galaxies and dimensions.

When we live in the center current of the flow of the ONE, we can share our expanded reality with others. It is through being that expression of our greatest SELF that we can BE ONE with all life.




Dear Grounded Ones,

We know that you are having moments of consciousness in which you experience a state of unity with the ONE and mastery in your everyday life. These feelings occur when your portal is fully open. Unfortunately, too easily, you become lost in your daily responsibilities and slowly—without your even noticing—the portal closes and your messages from the ONE are beyond your perceptions.

At the same time, you KNOW that you are on the very edge of understanding something that has puzzled you for your entire life. Your portal, your holographic projector, is ready to load expanded light into your DNA and activate your greater potential. We know that you are ready to accept the multidimensional light into your earth vessel, and most importantly, you are remembering to stay deeply grounded in Gaia so these multidimensional light frequencies don’t short circuit your electrical circuitry and disable your projection/body.

Because of your readiness, we wish to inform you that there are definitely instructions for your download process. These instructions are inside of you. In fact, they are stored in your heart and can easily be accessed when you open your portal to the ONE.

Therefore, dear ONE, right now, take a long, slow, deep inhale to open your heart’s portal and feel the silent, calm Flow of higher light infinitely entering your heart

As you slowly exhale, feel the ONE flowing into your heart and into your body

Take three breaths now to ground your process in Gaia


Take three more breaths to feel the Flow traveling up from the core of Gaia,
Into your root, all the way up to your crown and back down into your heart

This light may feel quite euphoric, so relax into it and allow it to naturally travel back down your spine to ground it into Gaia’s heart


As the light naturally travels into the heart of Gaia, you instantly feel Gaia’s heart within your own heart.
Breathe IN through your heart’s portal, which is now ONE with the portal of Gaia’s heart
Breathe OUT through your open portal


Breathe IN through your open portal
Breathe OUT through your heart that is unified with Gaia’s


With a final long, slow, deep breath, LET GO and Surrender to the ONE

Go about your day keeping your portal open to the ONE,
your heart joined with Gaia’s,
your feet planted in Earth,
beaming your light into your reality.

In this manner, even before you ask the question, you can
BE the answer!


Blessings from the ONE
     who is infinitely
                         and through


Suzan Caroll




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