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Beloved masters, it is a time of accountability, a time of testing, and it is decision time. Each of you must decide whom and what you will believe: the doomsayers, those who have dominated and controlled you for thousands upon thousands of years, and who have kept you enslaved in various ways through fear and intimidation. You have been coerced to believe that you must accept certain specific teachings as God’s only truth, that you must fear God, for the Creator is a God of wrath, a God of judgment who created a horrendous eternal fire of damnation for those who have not been SAVED through dispensation by an earthly appointed representative of God. Or will you choose to remove your earth-bound shackles and reclaim your God-given power and spiritual sovereignty? Are you brave enough to step out into the unknown as you put us and our teachings to the test? You are being given an unprecedented opportunity to become a student of the advanced ascended master’s teachings which in past ages were reserved for only the elite and most advanced disciples. A Divine dispensation has been declared, and all you have to do is say YES to your Soul Self so that we can assist you in the transformation process as we gently guide you along the path of ascension.

This grand opportunity is being offered to those of you who have steadfastly stayed the course, striving to become worthy vessels for the full-spectrum Metatronic Light of Creation. You are the transducers of this wondrous elixir and it must flow through you, the Light workers, before it can be radiated via the Sacred breathing techniques down into the core of the Earth and out into the world. This rarified gift must come into and through human vessels which have been prepared to accept, integrate and share the Creator Light. It must be mixed with the Earth essence as well as human essence and loving intention before it can be radiated out into the world and made available to those human Beings who have stepped onto the path of en-Lighten-ment and are following behind you. Have we not called you Sentinels of Light?

Too many of you are carrying great burdens from the past, mistakes you have made in this lifetime, and also many from past conditioning and buried memories of painful events or actions from all your previous lifetimes. You are holding onto these memories or carrying the ‘burdens of inequity’ which no longer serve you. It is time for you to allow us to help you heal the painful memories stored within your physical vessel and auric field, just as we are clearing the distortions of the third-and fourth-dimensional collective consciousness belief patterns and bringing those dimensions back into their originally designed spectrum of duality. Many of you are rapidly becoming multi-dimensional. You are grounded in the higher third- and fourth-dimensional reality, and you are tapping into the vital, transforming vibrational patterns of the fifth dimension via your Pyramid of Light, and you are regularly being given an infusion of Adamantine Particles via the Cities of Light. These are critical times and, more than ever, it is vitally important that you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and attuned to the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Beloveds, we are asking you to focus on yourselves so you can become clear vessels for the refined frequencies of Light. You have the ability to become conduits for the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light which will permeate your physical vessel and then flow out into the world of form. However, you must liberate the power of the Sacred Fire from within your physical vessel, while drawing forth a new supply via the Cities of Light. The breath is the conductor of this vital Life Force energy. You must learn to use and perfect the perfect rhythm of Sacred Breathing. The Infinity Breath is a vital component of the transformational process. Over the coming months, we will be adding more important components to the advanced techniques we have already given you, components which will allow you to more effectively use and share this marvelous gift of Love / Light / Life. We ask you to envision the Violet Flame radiating up from beneath your feet and completely enfolding you in this vital energy of transmutation, which will speed up the process of transforming all impure substance within and around you as well as giving you protection from outside, negative influences.

We have explained that you have a Divine birthright and many riches are awaiting your return as a beloved offspring of the Creator. Strategically placed throughout the universe are pyramids of Light where fragments of your Divine Self reside as they go about fulfilling their Divine mission in harmony with the Creator’s Divine blueprint. The qualities, attributes, virtues, wisdom and experience they embody will also be yours when you return to their level of electromagnetic radiation and perfection as you merge with each wondrous facet of yourself in the future. In addition, you came into this lifetime with a supply of Creator Light, Adamantine Particles, stored within your Sacred Heart. However, we have not explained to you that a portion of Adamantine Particles were also placed within the center of each chakra encased within a membrane of Light, and there is a larger portion stored at the base of the spine within the first chakra which has been called the Kundalini or Sacred Fire. You have had ready access to the God Particles stored within you heart core; however, the only way they could/can be activated is via the vibrational patterns of unconditional love. Therefore, there are millions of dear souls who have never felt the pure love of the Creator via the Diamond Core God Cell within their Sacred Heart, and they have never had access to this precious gift of Love / Light / Life.

As you clear the distorted thought forms and vibrational patterns of negativity, you gradually return to Center, thereby achieving an accepted level of balance and harmony via your energetic signature. There comes a time when an energetic trigger of higher vibrational frequencies will activate the Sacred Fire stored within the root chakra, and it slowly begins to rise up the spinal column. This wondrous phenomenon is called Opening the Seven Seals to God Consciousness. Gradually each chakra throws off the distorted frequencies of the past as it slowly begins to spin faster and in harmony one with another. The Kundalini Fire slowly rises up into and through each chakra until the spinal column becomes a column of fiery Light which is clearly visible to those with inner eye vision. As this fire reaches the Medulla Oblongata, it opens wide the ascension chakra, gives access to the Sacred Mind, and expands the column of Light by which you are connected to your God Self or I AM Presence.

Many dear souls own an abundance of earthly possessions, but they are spiritually bankrupt. They refuse to take heed of the nudgings of their Soul Self and, therefore, like rebellious children, they must experience the painful cause and effect results of their irresponsible actions. The negative thought forms of humanity, past and present, have created the imperfect world you now live in; however, nothing or no one can alter the universal Divine Plan except our Father/Mother God. You must remember that for these many past ages, almost every soul born on the physical plane has been caught up in the collective consciousness belief system of the third/fourth dimensions, whereby the core issues from the past and the imperfections within each person’s ancestral DNA have allowed many symptoms to manifest when a person fell into the trap of feeling unloved, unworthy, or felt guilt, shame or resentment in any form. All these negative energies are a result of deep core memories from your ancient past rising to the surface so you can release them once and for all. No one can escape the energies of transformation. You can deny the truth of the dramatic changes that are now affecting the Earth and all humanity, but you cannot hide or escape for the Light of transformation will seek you out wherever you are. Blessed are those who heed the inner voice of Spirit as it grows louder and more persistent. Isn’t it better to heed the voice of wisdom and hope instead of the voice of desperation and despair?

Your isolation within the solar system and galaxy is over. The Cities of Light are now firmly in place around the Earth and Creator Light is being beamed directly to Earth from the Great Central Sun of this universe, as well as filtered to Earth via you the Star Seed, as we explained previously. The great Beings of Light are sending forth the twelve refracted God Rays which radiate the tones and vibrations that contain the geometric patterns of Light consisting of the virtues, qualities and attributes of Creator Consciousness. Can you not see that this is what we have been preparing you for and what we are assisting as many of you as possible to attain? Turn inward and listen to your Soul Song. It will grow louder and more distinguishable as you become sensitive to the music of the spheres. Your Sacred Heart is pure and resonates with only the highest truth and unconditional love. When you are heart-centered and soul- focused, negativity from any source cannot affect or harm you. Please be aware that you do not have to die to get a glimpse of the future and the heavenly realms.

Many of you have seen or experienced the ORBS of Light that are appearing all over the world at this time. There is much conjecture as to what these Orbs consist of and their meaning. Just as many of you came to Earth in an orb of Light as the planet was being prepared for human inhabitation, many of the great Beings of Light are coming from far distant universes as observers of the miraculous transformation process that is now in progress on Earth. In order to be comfortable in the density of the lower dimensions (without going through the process of fragmenting themselves many times), they travel in what could be called Light Orbs which contain the frequencies of the heavenly environment / dimension from which they came. Have we not said that we are making ourselves more accessible to you? Can you not feel our presence more strongly? Time is of the essence, and the winds of change will blow even more strongly as the bursts and pulsations of Creator Light intensify via the Great Central Sun, the suns of each solar system and the celestial Cities of Light. We will close this missive with some thoughts which we hope you will contemplate and, if they ring true, you will integrate and include in your spiritual practices.

Infinity breath: In many ways, you are creating a circular pattern for the Light of Spirit to follow, thereby opening the connection between the Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind and the Pineal center. Practice breathing as you make a small Infinity sign from the Sacred Mind to the medulla oblongata, thereby fully opening the ascension chakra at the base of the skull and further opening the passageway between the Sacred Mind and the Sacred Heart.
AUM is the sacred sound of Creation. AUH is the sound of the Sacred Heart. OM is the sound of the Sacred Mind.
As a Self master you have the ability to bring forth the full spectrum Metatronic Light vertically into your physical body which is radiated forth from within the mind of our Father God via the five higher Rays of cosmic consciousness. This pure Light is then activated by the pure love essence of our Mother God within the chamber or womb of the Sacred Heart and sent forth horizontally out into the world of form. With your clear loving intention and focused thought you now have the ability to create anything you can envision.
The ego mind manifestations result in creations of friction and duality.
Many old concepts, rules and structures are fading away, for they have been created with the frequencies of duality: greed, fear and scarcity. When you align your will with Divine Will for the greatest good, whatever you manifest will have the frequencies of love and positive expansion; therefore, you will magnetize to you the designs from within the blueprint of the future. We ask you: What is your vision for yourself, your loved ones, your country and the world? Make no mistake, what you think, feel and believe is important, for your vibrations of intention either add to the problems of Earth and humanity or add to the collective thought form of hope, inspiration and victory over the pain, suffering and chaos of the third/fourth-dimensional world.

Know that we, the angelic forces, under the direction of our Father/Mother God stand steadfastly beside you. When you sense we are near, trust your feelings, for in truth we are beaming our Love/Light into your auric field. Listen to the whisperings of your soul, for it will, unerringly, assist you in following the best course of action and help you to make the wisest choices. You are loved most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael.

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Ascension* Some Questions and Answers


Some Questions and Answers



Some wise words from Guatama Buddha: “Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.”

The following are questions I’ve been asked. They may be helpful to anyone with similar questions. Of course, they are only one person’s viewpoint and we always need to check for our own truth.    


Q. We are told so many things we have to do to ascend and it can be overwhelming. Are there some important points to focus on?  

A. The short answer is to Surrender. Live in the flow for there you will find perfection. Surrender yourself (complete with any ego, mind, patterns, habits, compulsions, emotions, etc.) to Divine order. If you just did that one thing, you will achieve it all. Our life motto could be ‘get out of the head and into the heart’. We waste a lot of energy thinking everything out, such as what calendar ends when, keeping track of full moons, creating a light body, etc. While it is necessary for some people to know such details on occasions, most do not. When you live in the natural flow of order you are provided with the best possible outcome, moment by moment, for yourself and the universe. No need to ‘think’ it out anymore. You are guided minute by minute to be yourself, stay in your own truth, clear your stuff, repair karma, increase your light frequency, meet those you are meant to meet, act with integrity, re-establish your light body, do what you came here to do, and anything else you can think of, as well as ascend at the exact right moment for you.  

Q. How do I know I am doing what I came here to do?  

A. You will know just by doing what feels right in this moment – and then the next moment – and the next. That is what you are meant to do! Live like that, in the flow of Divine order that continually guides you. Then there’s no need to think, wonder or worry. Life will be a joy and that is how life is meant to be for you.    

Q. I was wondering how the Planetary meditations and Initiations work if we are all participating from different time zones?  Doesn’t that mean we won’t be all together at the same moment?  

A. There are times when a sound or a thought has to be done by everyone in the same moment to best achieve a specific result. In other situations, the expected result can be achieved by a continual wave of sound or thought penetrating the planet over a 24 hour period. This method is certainly easier for us as we are can join in from our own time zone. Regardless of the method used, when something is truly a Divine action it has great power. When the combined factors of the Lightworker’s great love and intention join with the higher realms of Light, along with the fact there is really ‘no time’ and in truth we are all ‘one,’ huge changes in Light frequency occur around the planet.  

Q. Why is there conflicting data about spiritual ideas?  

A. Nearly every subject on the planet has conflicting data. The spiritual field is no different. As we know, there are different perspectives and levels of truth in all areas. Beings, whether incarnated or not, who present material that we read and hear, can be at very different levels in their own evolution. The way through this wonderful minefield is to trust your own knowing and take on only what feels right. Otherwise, you can get confused and even feel apathetic. Apathy can limit your ability to do what you came here to do and it isn’t a joyful place to be. So, at every opportunity (and these come along every instant) just practice trusting your inner self. When you intuitively sense something and you then realise you were right, always acknowledge you knew that. In that way, you’ll constantly strengthen your intuitive ability.  

Q. Sometimes I see almost the same words written by different lightworkers. How can this happen? Does anyone copy channelings?  

A. People who are genuinely tuned to the higher levels of universal truth would bring through a very similar message. However, this can be said in many quite different ways. That is done so the message can get to everyone. A lot of people have fixed beliefs around channelling. For example, some people expect Jesus would be gentle in his channelling. If the message wasn’t like that, they may not accept it. Others think the Ascended Masters would be very reverent, or they should or should not have a sense of humour – the list of beliefs is endless. These beliefs tend to colour what is accepted by people. The real truth, of course, is that it doesn’t matter who says what, or how it’s delivered. The only important question is ‘Did it resonate as truth for me’?  Important truths such as ‘to be discerning’, ‘follow your heart’, surrender, trust, etc. are often repeated many times and I guess will be until we all get the message.  

Regarding copying, it can occasionally happen that someone takes information and presents it as their own. It also happens a lot in real life. It can be seen as just learning for the individual involved. This action can attract karma because it’s often not backed up with a fuller understanding. That limits how helpful that individual can be to others as they often have only a half truth. I recall a story about one lady who had copied material who was apparently asked a string of questions in front of a large group about the content of a particular article. The lady could not answer with any degree of knowledge. That will always be the test, I suppose. Can the person answer with a true understanding of what they have written? That would not apply to trance channels where the person has no conscious understanding of what they have channelled.  

Q. I am 35 and I still get scared I will get left behind during the ascension.  

A. Don’t worry, you won’t get left behind. The Light force are all awakened and making their choices. In particular, the light workers in your age group arranged it all long ago, prior to arrival here. Most also have their own team who will make sure they leave at the right time and return home. Your age group will find you don’t need many of the awakening and clearing procedures that the older age groups needed. This is due to the different roles you each play. Just live in each moment, following your heart, not worrying or even thinking about ascension, sending out your love and light around and enjoying yourself. It will all happen as is meant. By the way, there is no ‘one point’ of ascension where everyone ascends at once. It takes place over quite a long period and is very individual.  

Q. I have come to realise that to achieve ascension we need to raise our bodies light level and thus increase our frequency. As we know, it can be achieved through meditation and cleansing, but from a scientific point of view I believe if I raise my DNA frequency I should be able to achieve the aim.  

A. Yes, as you say, we are all working to increase our vibration. There are many ways of achieving this, including the DNA you mention. As long as each individual follows what personally resonates for them, then we each find the way that best suits us. Following the route that resonates for us makes sure we raise our vibration at the exact correct rate for us. A huge leap in light frequency could be quite disastrous if someone was not ready; spiritually, mentally and physically. This could happen if someone let their mind or ego push them into entering a process or technique they were not really ready for.  

Q. I recently had a session and was given the following information. “This is your first visit to planet earth, you come from Sirius and your guide is ….. “. Do you think I can trust this, as I am worried the person may have made it up, albeit with the best intentions. I am still not really sure if I am a lightworker or not.  

A. We are told many things during our life, are we not? The only sure way to establish truth in such an instance is to put the ego aside and see if it resonates as truth on all levels. Our ego is that part of us that wants answers to everything, cares about what others think about us and longs to be special. We can always find answers, either within or from others. That is the way the universe is set up. But when we do get an answer from someone else, it has to feel right and not just feed our ego. Accepting wrong information can influence our thinking from then on. When we insist it has to feel right, we help ourselves attain our own mastery. It’s not vital to know if you are a Lightworker or not. Just do what feels right in each moment and whatever is, will come to be as is meant.

Q. Someone failed to contact me to arrange repayment of a loan as previously agreed. The explanation they gave, after I contacted them, was they only ever did what felt right in the moment. Repaying me hadn’t felt right. I was really shocked because I like to be treated with fairness and I do not believe that the end justifies the means, or gives anyone an excuse to treat someone this way. I would value your comments.  

A. Integrity of word and action is a great key to our spiritual evolution. But that aside, I would wonder why I had attracted it. Was it perhaps showing me some reactions to release? By reactions I mean thoughts and emotions that throw us off balance and into our lower subtle bodies. From a higher perspective we are continually asking the universe to show us our reactions so we can release them. So, maybe rather than focus on the detail of that situation, I would concentrate on ‘letting go’ of any thoughts and emotions it has brought to the surface. You will see an article on my website ( called ‘The Greatest Gift of Love.’ It tells you how to achieve this. Once you have let go of the reactions, then with only unconditional love present in your heart – the universe will rearrange the situation and you will know how to proceed from that point.

Q. Do angels live human lives sometimes?  

A. My understanding is that beings from the angelic line of evolution do incarnate sometimes. There seems to be mainly two reasons for this. 1. Some angels take on human form when it will best serve humanity better to do so. 2. Some angels have evolved sufficiently via the angelic learning route and then decide to gain experience in the harsher energy of human learning. It’s a tougher route and quite different than they have been used to.  

Q.  How is ‘time’ speeding up and we are losing days, minutes, and seconds? How do you know?

A. Losing time happens when a planet is moving in its evolution toward an ascended state. This occurs to every living thing in the universe as their vibrational energy is raised/quickened to the appropriate frequency to ascend. When in the ascension process, a planet begins to spin faster and faster as it increases its light frequency. Its molecular structure changes. Every molecule within the sphere of the planet is affected, including all matter: plants, people, animals, trees, clocks, etc.  

The third and fourth dimensions contain the concept of ‘linear’ time. When a planet is ascending it’s moving toward a realm where there is no time. So, as the Earth moves toward the 5th dimensional, time slowly disappears. She continues to lose time until she is fully in the 5th dimension. Then she is beyond linear time and is in a space of only ‘now’, no ‘before’ or ‘after’. We can all achieve stepping out of the time frame by just being in the now moment.  

Anyone can check in on the current time loss. One needs to stay in the flow as much as possible to access highest truth. It only requires discipline to maintain that highest link source. It is achieved by not being negative or judgmental, being continually discerning and maintaining your own personal high vibrational space.  

Q. I read a channelling that said people who thought this was their last life here on Earth are in for a surprise because it isn’t. I’m confused. I was thinking this was my last life on Earth, but maybe I’m going to be staying for a while on the new Earth?  

A. As with all channelings, we need to discern what is true for us. When hearing or reading anything, check in to yourself – does it resonate as true – does it make your heart sing or sink?

My experience shows the Earth is fast becoming a 5th dimensional planet (5D). She will then join the Association of Worlds with the other 5th dimensional planets in this universe. There will be no third dimension here at all. Once she has ascended, the people who will then be resident on the new 5D Earth will be those who have chosen to ascend with her. So that means some, but not all, of her current population. Most lightworkers will be returning home prior to the Earth becoming a 5D planet. However, anyone can change their mind and stay. Everything is a choice.

Q. A friend of mine is organising an ascension gathering. Can I put a poster or details on your website or up at your workshop?  

A. I get many similar requests. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to examine them all. As I don’t wish to advertise something that may have negative connections (often unknown to the organiser) I decided not to allow this. So sorry, this may seem tough as many events are very valid. However, there are also events, even major ones, which are connected to non optimum sources and programmed to end in a negative result.  

Q. I am constantly aware of being discerning and have trusted information from specific people. However, I now have a conflict of material between two people I trust and am not sure what to do?  

A.  If anyone can say something that can throw you into doubt, perhaps its time to check if you are in your own power, discernment and truth. It saves us a lot of trouble if we don’t accept anything that doesn’t personally resonate as true on all levels. In this way, we regain our mastery and don’t get thrown easily by the amazing array of conflicting data on the planet.

Q. How can I align myself only to the highest Light?  

Q. How can I align myself only to the highest Light?  

Q. A friend of mine is organising an ascension gathering. Can I put a poster or details on your website or up at your workshop?  

A. I get many similar requests. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to examine them all. As I don’t wish to advertise something that may have negative connections (often unknown to the organiser) I decided not to allow this. So sorry, this may seem tough as many events are very valid. However, there are also events, even major ones, which are connected to non optimum sources and programmed to end in a negative result.  

Q. I am constantly aware of being discerning and have trusted information from specific people. However, I now have a conflict of material between two people I trust and am not sure what to do?  

A.  If anyone can say something that can throw you into doubt, perhaps its time to check if you are in your own power, discernment and truth. It saves us a lot of trouble if we don’t accept anything that doesn’t personally resonate as true on all levels. In this way, we regain our mastery and don’t get thrown easily by the amazing array of conflicting data on the planet.

Q. How can I align myself only to the highest Light?  

Q. How can I align myself only to the highest Light?  

A. Do the following decree three times through – use the exact same words each time.

“By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, I AM One with Divine Creation and through this Presence, I invoke the Sacred Violet Flame, to transmute in this moment – every thought, condition, link, pattern, attachment, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object – that I have made – knowingly or unknowingly – in this Universe, where this is not in accordance with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.

I AM now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to the Highest Source of All Creation.

I further state that I give permission under Universal Law for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will.”   

After the third time, then say —-  ” SO BE IT.   IT IS DONE.”

Also, another simple invocation we can use for our protection is ‘I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for my total protection.’ This would be said three times.  

Q. What are dimensions?  

A. A dimension is a band of energy or frequency of Light. Within each band (dimension) the densest energy is at the bottom and the lightest at the top. Think of 13 dimensions (or bands of energy) existing in the universe. Actually the dimensions are all superimposed on each other, but it’s easier to think of it like a stack of blocks, one on top of the other. The top dimension, being the 13th, has a very high frequency of light, but still has within it lightest energy at the top and densest at the bottom.    
3rd Dimension is the world of matter we see around us and it is quite dense. It still contains the range from lightest to densest. I guess most of us have been in locations where we experienced feeling very light or very heavy.  

4th Dimension. Here one can operate as Spirit (without a body) but with quite a limited perspective of the overall picture of truth. Much of the 4th dimension, particularly the denser section called the astral plane, has events similar to those seen on Earth. We are currently transiting the 4th dimension, as the Earth and we release many emotions.  

5th Dimension is considered to be the first level of Ascension. This is the level where one truly operates as Spirit and obtains a reasonable view of the overall scheme of things. It’s high enough to be out of the lower ‘thought/emotional/pain’ band.  

People can only see in dimensions that match their own energy or light vibration. As one becomes more aware and enlightened (through unconditional love), one can see into other dimensions and higher levels of truth. Gradually one lets go of being located in dimensions with denser energy than oneself – and moves on to learn new things in higher energy dimensions of Light.  

Q. Many of your articles indicate that we are ascending to the fifth dimension from our current third. Why aren’t we ascending to the fourth dimension? Other sources I’ve read indicate we’re currently in third density (dimension) and moving to fourth density.  

A. Earth is a third dimensional planet with the 4th dimension wrapped around her. (The 4th dimension is a storage area for emotions; the Earth’s and ours.) So, instead of Earth being a 3rd and 4th dimensional planet, she will be a 5D planet surrounded by 6D. This is the normal evolutionary pattern for all 3D planets as they ascend. They already have a 4th dimension around them which has been part of their experience, so it would not be an evolutionary move for them to become a 4D planet. Evolution takes you beyond where you already are. The state of Ascension only begins at the 5th dimension. This is because it contains a high enough frequency of light to allow us to move beyond our emotions. So technically one cannot ascend to the 4th.  

Q. I have a being psychically attacking me. I have been listening to tapes to awaken my light body and it helped a lot. But this being put something on my head and is trying to block my inner sight and hearing. He also shows up in my meditations and especially in my dreams.  

A.  There are books around on psychic attack. But just briefly, the main causes for psychic attack are: 1. Our own karma. This means we’ve done the same thing to someone else in a previous incarnation. 2. Our own negative thoughts, judgements and criticisms. This creates holes and tears in our aura which allows 4th dimensional (astral plane) entities to get close to us. 3. We’ve made an energetic connection to someone who is closely aligned to the astral plane. This can happen when we admire someone and hand our power over to them, perhaps believing them to be more than us. 4. We wondered what a psychic attack would feel like – and as we are creators we managed to create it!

The steps to take would be:

1. Clear and strengthen the aura, which can be done using light visualisation, colour, sound, flower essences, etc. It is also essential to begin a programme of positive thoughts. Once our aura is cleansed, keep it that way. Have a good look at any negative thoughts, criticisms or judgements you may be having – about yourself or others. These thoughts and actions damage your aura which create holes that allow ‘astral beings’ into your space.

2. You can also visualise white light pouring all over you to help repair and strengthen the aura. Vibrational essences are good for this also, such as Bach Flower remedies.

3. Do the following decree. Get very still – centred – and be as powerful as you possibly can. If you are in your own power and demanding it with a bit of authority (mastery) then saying it one time should be enough. Do as you feel best.  

Say the following a total of three times.  

“I invoke my mighty I Am Presence of my highest evolution”.

Wait a couple of minutes. In an authoritative voice, aloud – say:

“In the name of God, under universal law and the law of karma, I order any and all beings anywhere in my space, my house, my physical body or anywhere else impinging upon me – other than my own I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, twin flame and angels that I have agreed may be in my space – to leave now, never to return and never to replace themselves with another being. I demand it now. You are in violation of the universal law of Non interference.”

Q. Why do things happen to young innocent people?  

A. There is a higher picture to everything that occurs in life. This applies to our own personal lives, to each country and to the planet as a whole. The higher reason something happens to us is often not visible when we just see a 3D view of it. But there is a reason we can’t see the higher reason things happen to us. It’s to learn and grow more. We can learn better through ‘not knowing’. For example, perhaps if we’d all been able to see the higher picture about Princess Diana’s death and had known that she had chosen to die at that time and in that way, it may not have brought up to the surface the same deep level or range of emotions (e.g. shock, puzzlement and sadness) as it did across the planet. The way it was presented to us helped produce masses of clearing in millions of individuals. If we believe in past life incarnations, then it is quite likely that a child has just had a previous incarnation. All the events of that lifetime would be carried into the child’s new incarnation. Learning and karma can be spread over many lifetimes, so acts we do in one life can end up being processed lifetimes later. Karma balances our energy and is a way for us to learn through personal experience. There are also many instances where a child works off their parent’s karma. And many where the child chooses to suffer some malady in order to help their parents/family come to a greater place of understanding, compassion and love.  

Q. There seems to be a lot of disturbing weather patterns.    

The Earth is cleansing her lower bodies (physical, emotional, etc.). Her chosen preference is to use light to do this. It is a beautiful way to cleanse and transmute energy. Natural disasters also cleanse but cause pain and suffering in the process. Thoughts control light. Lightworker’s thoughts are very powerful. So, being positive and not agreeing to negative outcomes is important. If we keep focusing on spreading Light and don’t go into agreement with ideas that we need huge physical cleansings of the Earth, that will help considerably. Trust that all is well and in divine order. Incidentally, there have always been disturbing weather patterns as the Earth mother has used this method of cleansing to keep in balance for a very long time. She has just been waiting for the Lightworkers to awaken, so she could then cleanse with Light.

Q.  I have attracted a situation into my life but I don’t recall having the thought that would have created that. So how can it happen?  

A. We certainly need to be aware of our thoughts. Somewhere, somehow, you would have had that thought and it is still around. Thinking something is almost like requesting it from the universe. The universe will happily support our thoughts and belief patterns, even if they are still hanging around from previous lives. As well as having to deal with our past thoughts that can still be present, we have new ones as well. Sometimes negative thoughts pass by so fast they hardly register. They are often the most powerful. We need some discipline to catch our negative thoughts and flood them with light to transmute them to positive energy. In these final ascension days, time is collapsing. That means the time between us thinking a thought and seeing it manifest in our life can be very fast. When you see an event happen in your life, see if you can spot the thought you had just prior to it happening.  

Q. I mean to work on clearing my own issues but I get so distracted.  

A. I don’t think you are alone there. Probably most of us do that. It’s so much easier to watch TV, go shopping, etc. than to confront ourselves or life issues. But surely that is just part of our learning. One day, we leave the distractions for a moment and face part of ourselves. Then we do it another time and another. Eventually, we all get around to all of it. That’s evolution and the fun and adventure of it all. The enjoyment of it all depends on our attitude to events and whether we can live without judging ourselves. And instead, see every one of life’s experience as an opportunity to see who we are by the way we respond.  

Q. There is much about the Creation that I understand, but I think there is even more that I do not.

 A. Sounds very wise to me. I think that applies to most of us. We can give thanks and feel blessed for the understanding we already have and also be excited about the discoveries we are still to make. Isn’t it wonderful? What a great journey we are on, and how much greater it is if we enjoy it and can laugh at ourselves along the way. It is usually the case that if you need any particular knowledge, the universe will present it to you at the right time. Just enjoy the glory of this incredible journey we are on.

Q. I have some concerns about a particular guru. Could you please tell me your opinion of….?  

A. At this special time on Earth, I feel it is important we each use our own wonderful gifts of perception and discernment. This helps us attain the mastery we require to ascend. I don’t like to give my view on specific individuals or groups, as it wouldn’t really assist anyone with their goal of self empowerment. It would only be my view anyway. We must each seek and find our own truth. However, it is an important area and certainly worth the time to examine the connections we have made. Aligning one’s energy, even slightly, to a non optimum source, can create effects for the individual that could last well beyond this lifetime. Things are not always as they appear, but nothing is hidden for those who look with uncluttered eyes. See something as it really is, without fixed ideas and beliefs. There will always be wisdom in keeping your own council and going beyond the group think. For myself, although I work with the Ascended Masters I tune in direct to Source/All That Is for highest truth and prefer not to divert my focus or energy via any person, group or object.  

Q.  I have difficulty understanding the continual turmoil and wars that exist in the world.  

A. Yes, the learning that takes place in a third dimensional world can seem harsh at times. A 3D planet offers a very broad scope of experiences to learn from. Although it seems unlikely anyone would choose to become injured or suffer, we do just that. That doesn’t mean we consciously choose it. It’s not like saying, ‘Well, I think I will be mugged or raped today’. But in the broader scheme of things, somehow we do decide. We choose the events that happen to us. We do this either through having thoughts or belief patterns or we may have seen from a higher perspective that a particular experience will offer us greater spiritual understanding and growth. We often choose tough situations to give us the greatest and fastest growth. However, it’s not always an individual thing. Learning also takes place for whole countries, nationalities, religions and internationally to the planet as a whole. A country or a specific religious group could be at war as part of its own growth or karma balancing. The individuals involved will be those who have chosen to be a part of that. Keep in mind there is always a higher picture to all events.  

Q. How can I love everyone and do I really have to?  

A. Start by loving just one person – you. This love will be unconditional. There will no judgement that you are overweight, too thin, not so bright, not really happy, no thoughts about what family and others have told you in your life. Drop all such considerations. Let them float away with the breeze, then move on from there. It’s not as hard as it may seem to love people. Once you stop judging and allow people to just be however they are, it gets easy. You create your own life, your own destiny. I believe there is no comparison to a life lived disliking people and to one lived through love. Simply by loving, you can bring yourself all the joy you could wish for.  

Q. Do you have some wise words you live by?  

A. Well, I don’t know about wise, but I try to live by some of my own thoughts. ‘Does it make my heart sing or sink?’ ‘Everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand’. ‘Everyone on Earth is helping everyone else.’ And from wiser souls – ‘Enlightenment is the continuous realisation that life experience is a mirror of our beliefs’ and another helpful one in times of troubles (which I believe originated in the Hebrew tale of King Solomon) ‘This too shall pass’.  

Sandy Stevenson  


Q. I have some concerns about a particular guru. Could you please tell me your opinion of….?  

A. At this special time on Earth, I feel it is important we each use our own wonderful gifts of perception and discernment. This helps us attain the mastery we require to ascend. I don’t like to give my view on specific individuals or groups, as it wouldn’t really assist anyone with their goal of self empowerment. It would only be my view anyway. We must each seek and find our own truth. However, it is an important area and certainly worth the time to examine the connections we have made. Aligning one’s energy, even slightly, to a non optimum source, can create effects for the individual that could last well beyond this lifetime. Things are not always as they appear, but nothing is hidden for those who look with uncluttered eyes. See something as it really is, without fixed ideas and beliefs. There will always be wisdom in keeping your own council and going beyond the group think. For myself, although I work with the Ascended Masters I tune in direct to Source/All That Is for highest truth and prefer not to divert my focus or energy via any person, group or object.  

Q.  I have difficulty understanding the continual turmoil and wars that exist in the world.  

A. Yes, the learning that takes place in a third dimensional world can seem harsh at times. A 3D planet offers a very broad scope of experiences to learn from. Although it seems unlikely anyone would choose to become injured or suffer, we do just that. That doesn’t mean we consciously choose it. It’s not like saying, ‘Well, I think I will be mugged or raped today’. But in the broader scheme of things, somehow we do decide. We choose the events that happen to us. We do this either through having thoughts or belief patterns or we may have seen from a higher perspective that a particular experience will offer us greater spiritual understanding and growth. We often choose tough situations to give us the greatest and fastest growth. However, it’s not always an individual thing. Learning also takes place for whole countries, nationalities, religions and internationally to the planet as a whole. A country or a specific religious group could be at war as part of its own growth or karma balancing. The individuals involved will be those who have chosen to be a part of that. Keep in mind there is always a higher picture to all events.  

Q. How can I love everyone and do I really have to?  

A. Start by loving just one person – you. This love will be unconditional. There will no judgement that you are overweight, too thin, not so bright, not really happy, no thoughts about what family and others have told you in your life. Drop all such considerations. Let them float away with the breeze, then move on from there. It’s not as hard as it may seem to love people. Once you stop judging and allow people to just be however they are, it gets easy. You create your own life, your own destiny. I believe there is no comparison to a life lived disliking people and to one lived through love. Simply by loving, you can bring yourself all the joy you could wish for.  

Q. Do you have some wise words you live by?  

A. Well, I don’t know about wise, but I try to live by some of my own thoughts. ‘Does it make my heart sing or sink?’ ‘Everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand’. ‘Everyone on Earth is helping everyone else.’ And from wiser souls – ‘Enlightenment is the continuous realisation that life experience is a mirror of our beliefs’ and another helpful one in times of troubles (which I believe originated in the Hebrew tale of King Solomon) ‘This too shall pass’.  

Sandy Stevenson  


On Finding Purpose -Council of One


Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Finding Purpose -Council of One

Greetings beloved way shower(s), gods & goddess(es) of divine light!

We come forth to connect with you in the spirit of Oneness…

Eons ago there was a seed planted in your collective experience as incarnate(s) of human consciousness. This seed held within it the diagnostic codes carrying the genetic memory of home, yet your ability to activate this seed lay dormant for many, many lifetimes.

Now, and in this extraordinary time before you, you hold within you the power to restructure your human experience to match the harmonic frequencies of home.

We say this to you as a reminder that you have chosen to enter into this particular time/space continuum, this divine matrix of evolution, with the knowing that you would have the opportunity to trigger your activation as a seeded way shower of divine intelligence.

What this means for you on a soul level is vast, for you have worked many lifetimes to be in a position to anchor your truth into form. Now and before you lies the challenge to see this truth clearly and to remember in each of your earthly endeavors that you are here with a purpose, serving as a guiding light for humanity and aiding in the total reformation of the divine light matrices that embody life on your planet.

We will remind you that though your earthly endeavors may seem pale in comparison to the truths we lay before you, this is not to say that your life on earth is separate from these intentions.

Contrarily, your purpose on earth is of divine importance!

Each time you remember your joy, your divine gifts of heritage and the full splendor of your multidimensionality, you anchor that vibration into earths core, increasing the frequency of the overall planetary collective.

And as you remember to awaken to each of the truths that live within your heart, so too do you activate the possibilities for all others to experience and live truth. This is the role and purpose of the seeded way shower, to germinate earth’s landscape with the lighted aspects of divine creation.

As such, you may find that as you venture onward in your life’s travels, that you may suddenly feel the urge to relocate, to start anew or to feel the freedom of a new beginning in a new direction. To this we say that each call of the heart is a call that will bring you unparalleled fulfillment should you trust in its authenticity.

And though you may feel conflicted about your earthly direction at times, know that this is temporary, for you are only beginning to ground the principals of full truth into form. During these times of uncertainty we remind you that you may always rely on the pervading wisdom of the heart…in each circumstance, that which feels good and right, prevails as truth.

On Finding Purpose

Many wander aimlessly in search of the heart’s call, yet many jump in head first with the knowing of a definitive purpose in the bigger plan. To each way we say… you ARE the plan!

Do you see that you are merely urged to come to the place within yourself that knows you so well, that knows that you have it all, and can do it all when you believe this very truth to be true? That you are the hands, the heart, and the mind of God in physical form, here to create a new and better way strictly from the inspiration that you feel to do so?

Knowing this, ask what feeds your soul with nourishment and encourages you to step outside the confines of limited thinking…those thoughts that say you must do this or that?

This special part of you is your essence that we speak of, your particular frequency, and your ability to find and express the totality of your multidimensional humanness into form. This serves as the center point to all of life’s encounters as you become the divine magnet effortlessly attracting your hearts desires.

Fulfilling these desires is merely a shift in consciousness for once you realize that you can be and do and have all that your heart longs for, then truly the rest is in allowing this to be so.

And as you become one with the voice within, your essence speaks thru you in all ways. These ways are those by which you will come to see, to hear, to feel and to know a harmonious life of overflowing love, fulfillment and grace. You will open to the fruits of your divine labors and will expect the miracles that are due when you deeply connect with the you that is true.

Beloved soul(s), we ask of you to remember always that you are the creator of all that you desire. And though you are always supported on divine and universal levels to fulfill those desires, you must also remember that you too are the creator of all that you do not desire.

Create from the heart-felt desires that live within you, from the purpose and passion that feeds your burning fire despite all seeming contradictions. Honor only that which enlivens you, that which breathes new life into you, for this is the soul’s nourishment!

Our time has come to part, but lovingly we leave you with these words as a daily reminder and affirmation of truth:

“What it is that I most desire?

Today I will focus on that and only that.

I will develop the momentum of a powerful single-pointed focus.

I will not waver.

I can have all that I desire, it is written and it is law.

I wholly engage my inner strength to see myself thru.

I will not waver.

Joy, passion, and mental discipline are the guiding lights leading me to my destiny.

And that destiny is a choice. My choice.

Today I choose wisely. Today I choose with love.”

We are your brothers and sisters from home, awaiting your arrival at the knowing that you are free. In guiding love and reverence for all that is, we are the Council of One.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at






Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This message from Merlin came through on Monday, February 16th, 2009.

~ ~ ~ Merlin: Greetings, and hail in this now moment, dear friends! Yes, it is I your very dear friend Merlin…White Light Being…Magician…Wizard…keeper and knower of the Philosopher’s Stone… and Alchemist extraordinaire who comes in to speak with you today! Thank you for this invitation. It is always my delight to respond. Thank you for continuing to keep this invitation ever present by keeping my vibration and frequency ever present within your own energy fields and energetic signatures.

We have spoken before of magic and I come in today to speak once again of magic. For dear ones this is a time upon this Earth, a time upon this planet and this realm, when it is most important for you to access within yourselves the Magician that you are. Each of you…each of you is a Magician. Each of you who is drawn to this message, to these words, each who is drawn to my energy…there is no accident in this, no mistake. This occurs because you are a part of the Merlin flow of energy in all its colours, all its lights, all its tones, frequencies, and sounds. It is a magnificent flowing of very crystalline energy.

These times upon your planet are challenging for most, for the majority, even for those of you who are waking up, who are stepping into your Godness, stepping into the fullness of Self. There are still challenges. And yet you see, when you can access your Magician Self, the Alchemist within, when you can weave magic into your everyday experience of living, you will find that these challenges cannot trip you up. They will never be greater than you. They simply make the journey very interesting, and you have chosen to be here upon this planet at a time that is very interesting indeed.

You are alchemists at your core. This is who you are. And yet, it has not so much been lost…alchemy…as an art. It has been forgotten. So I come to you today to needle and cajole you into remembering. And I say this with a smile for it is so close to the surface of awareness for so many of you. Many of you have been discussing many of the elements of alchemy…the colours and the frequencies, the sounds and the tones. You are expanding beyond what has been your norm as humans. And this is a good thing, for you have never been only human. You have simply forgotten what else you are, what else you encompass. And this new age…new era…of awakening is the era of remembering the all of who you are.

There will be grand magic and grand fun to come as you step fully into this. Now previously in conversation there has been discussion of ‘the willing suspension of disbelief.’ This is what is required for you to remember and regain your magician qualities…your abilities as the alchemists that you are. This is a time where it is most important for you to let go to the experiences that can be a bit confounding, that are not of this third dimensional earth realm, that seem odd, weird, fantastical, and which your mind will tell you that you must be making up. You are not making these up. You are bridging the dimensions, and it is extremely important in this now moment that you allow this bridging to occur, that you allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in these experiences that go beyond the traditional five human senses as you have known them. You are about to take a great leap in expanding your senses to include the multidimensional.

Each of you has an inkling of what interdimensional music sounds like. Each of you is perhaps just beginning to awaken to what the rainbow spectrums of multidimensional colour look like. Touch…touch is one of your five human senses. Imagine…just imagine what it will be like when you can experience touching an interdimensional rose…touching the creatures, the beings, the animals that do not reside in your world but are very real in the other dimensions that you are gaining access to.

We have spoken of laughter being quite the bridger of dimensions. Divinity flows through most easily in the laughter that can be shared beyond this so called veil. I say to you that your sense of smell…scent…is also a bridger of dimensions. This is why the scent of a rose is such a magnificent and heady experience in humanness. This is why many are so attracted to the scent of roses…because you have the awareness that it is an interdimensional bridge. There are other scents that are going to be making themselves known to you that are not of this world, but are indeed interdimensional aromas. It is a time for bridging. It is a time for magic. This time is upon you!

How you choose to move forward in your now is going to be completely dependent upon the perspective you choose. I will say, yes, you may ‘eat an elephant‘…or…you may float on the scent of a rose…or you may visit the colours of the crystal spectrum that are not of this world. Choose what you focus upon. It is always your choice. There are always many choices. Follow your own heart. Follow your own guidance as to what is the right next step forward for you.

But for those of you who have been desiring and inviting in the devas and the fairies, the extraterrestrials, the connections and communications with the star beings and the star realms…this is the door that is in front of you should you choose to have the courage to open it. Do it! Go for it, if you are drawn to it. For the world of chaos will remain. It will be here. And it will carry on. It will survive quite well without you. You, if you choose, have the ability in the now to walk in and through the realms of magic and to create magic in your everyday world and everyday living. The choice is upon you. What do you choose? You are supported in whatever choice you make. You are supported in whatever reality you choose to live. Yet, I am here today as a weaver of magic myself to say that magic beckons. It is here for you…it is upon you…if you will walk forward into its realm, if you will embrace the alchemist and the magician within you. I am here to assist. I am here to guide. I am here to interact with you…each of you.

There is appreciation for this Voice that allows these messages to come through, by virtue of the resonance of frequency. And yet this is not a gift that is only for those with special abilities. All of you, if you look within, if you allow yourself to feel, will feel the frequency of magic. You will feel the frequency of Merlin within yourself, within your own vibration, within your own energy field, within your own signature. This is why you are drawn to this energy, this message. It is you. And I am here to assist.

There is a grand new world of adventure and magic that you are indeed standing on the threshold of. I come to encourage you to take the next step. Walk into it. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee you this.

Now I ask, what may I speak with you here in the now about. Do you have questions? Do you have comments?

Participant: Speaking of magic…I just experienced a dose of magic when I was in the operating room…with all the laughter going on there. It was really really an eye opener and quite amazing to me. And of course the operation was very successful and I really feel that I have made a huge leap in the rewiring and rejuvenation process. I was wondering if you could comment on that.

Merlin: Oh, I would be delighted to comment on this, very very dear friend of mine. Yes, you see laughter is what transcends dimensions. Laughter is what moves through the veil. And while you went through an experience that was very real in your human reality, you are indeed so connected to and aware of your divine Self…this bigger part of yourself beyond just the humanness…that because of this awareness you opened an interdimensional doorway. Yes, these are delightful people that you attracted to yourself for this experience, should you meet them in any other experience of living. And yet there was a very unique combination of energies that participated in your experience in the operating room that your own connection to Self and divinity was the catalyst for. And this is true of much more than just an experience in an operating room. It is something that each of you can be aware of…that when you are connected to your own grander Self in whatever experience you find your human self involved in, it will have an impact. It will be a catalyst.

And so you dear friend came into this world earlier than most advised you was wise, and look how well you have done! You followed your own inner guidance even in the company of many wise beings not enmeshed in the human experience. You are a wonderful example of following the guidance of soul, and heart, and spirit. It is a good thing to share this experience with others…that you moved through a human physical operation…that yes there were situations, scenarios, energies that built up in your human experience to the requirement of this surgery…and yet you are so much bigger than the human who went through this. And by your allowing not only your connection to, but your embodiment of, this larger grander divine Self beyond your mere humanness, you show others that facing physical challenges does not need to be an insurmountable obstacle. It is indeed part of the human experience. You are all desiring to move beyond this. You are all desiring to live in health and beauty and rejuvenation that makes you young and vital and ageless. Yes, you are taking steps in this direction. As a whole, as a planet, you are not yet there. Do not be discouraged. You are moving in this direction. And you see by your experience and your sharing of this experience, you show others that…ahh, when they run up against one of these bumps in the experience of human living that involves the human body, it does not have to be a major ordeal. It is the matter of staying connected to divinity, staying connected to the bigger part of Self and realizing this is merely chosen human experience. You continue to move through this beautifully. You have much support as you pursue the conclusion of energies that have contributed to this experience. You do not ever need to create another experience similar to this and I feel that you are quite aware of this. Are you? Or are you not?

Participant: I am aware. I will say again I went through so many exit points in this lifetime. I shouldn’t say went through them, I bypassed them.

Merlin: You chose not to exit. (laughter)

Participant: Yes. (laughter)

Merlin: You are a stubborn human, are you not? (laughter)

Participant: I came here for a purpose and I realize that the purpose is still playing out so…you know I’m very interested in staying put here for awhile.

Merlin: I would ask you…for the sake of our conversation which I am greatly enjoying in the now…what do you feel your purpose is in being here?

Participant: My purpose is to shine my light.

Merlin: Oh! Good answer! I shall give you the Merlin star for this one! (laughter)

Participant: The one off the top of your hat? (laughter)

Merlin: No, the one off the top of your hat!

Participant: This brings up an actual question. The gentleman that was in the bed next to me in hospital…we shared a lot and we shared by speaking to each other and my interacting with his friends as well, his friends and family, and I really feel that I assisted him because he was pretty close to packing it in when I arrived there. And he was getting pretty lively by the time I left. And I know that if you look at it from the soul perspective it takes quite a bit to set something like that up, but…we did quite an amazing job. I really enjoyed that hospital stay because of that experience.

Merlin: Indeed. And it is a delight to hear one share that a hospital stay can be enjoyed! This is pivotal in the experiencing of the new energy, of not labeling experiences as good or bad, simply all are experiences to be enjoyed, whatever they are, whatever they may seem to be about. For there are always many layers to the experiences, as you are well aware. I would say that this one that you briefly encountered as your roommate in this hospital setting is someone that you have been close to in other experiences in other incarnations…not one that is the same as a brother or a spouse, yet one that you have shared interactions with previously. And you say this one was visited by many family and friends. You have impacted a group of people, not just the one who shared this room with you. And this is a group of people who are very dear, very sincere in who they are and what they have come here to do. And yet they have perhaps not had as many chosen experiences of opening as one such as yourself has had. This is because they did not have…hmmm…quite the same self confidence coming in here (laughter) that you did, which is why you have bypassed so many exit points that you set up for yourself if this experience was too much for you.

This was indeed an exit for this dear man, and yet there was hesitancy. He did not fully walk through the exit. And you in many ways came in as a guardian angel of sorts to shed some light, to share some experience. Indeed, most important of all, to share energy. He is a changed man because of your encounter, because of your experience of sharing this time and this energy with each other. He will not understand what happened to him, and neither will those who are impacted by what happened to him. And yet this is a very real occurrence in the flow of energy, and you simply agreed to the incredible orchestration that takes place on the interdimensional level when there are reasons for two people to meet. It served your purposes and it served his purposes, and so there was an intermeshing. There was a meshing of experience that came about through this. It is not likely you will ever meet this one again in this human form in this lifetime…though it is always possible for changes to occur that would allow that. But you are on very different paths and taking very different routes, and this is the beauty of the soul orchestration that is forever at play, that is always taking place…that you can navigate yourselves to these intersections of energies, to these interactions that otherwise would not come about. This was indeed a very sacred meeting and the ripple effect of what you have shared and passed on to this dear one will be far reaching. Do you need me to speak more of this or does this suffice?

Participant: That suffices. But I have another question I’d like your perspective on. The operating room staff including the surgeon from…or of…Egyptian background…they were so joyful and laughing so much that I found that very unusual, and of course you have already explained that to a very good degree…but I can’t help but wondering if they were approached and asked about that experience if they would even remember it.

Merlin: (laughter) This is quite the fun question for you. Yes, they would remember the experience and they would remember that it was as if they had been drinking champagne, been drinking the bubbly joy juice that made them a bit giddy going into this experience. And yet you see, again there are no accidents. Your dear dear friend who has kidded you about you being the pharaoh being taken care of is not so far off in her humour. She is very connected as well, as you are well aware. It is not an accident that you had the surgeon that you had, that you had this man of Egyptian background who you are quite familiar with as well from other experiences, and there was much joy in this operating suite because indeed the pharaoh was being assisted in his expansion and this may not have been part of the conscious awareness of any, but on the soul level the understanding was perfectly clear. There was complete joy and there was complete clarity in the coming together of those who participated in this opening of your own portal to the next cycle of your experience. Do you understand what I am saying?

Participant: I understand.

Merlin: Yes. And so it may not be remembered in the course of everyday reality of hospital experience, and yet each who participated would remember that there was indeed something different that took place in your particular surgery, in your particular experience. And each who participated has been touched, has been gifted. They gifted you with their love in the transformative operation that took place for you, for it was not just on the physical level, as you are well aware. You have indeed opened up a new energetic portal. And yet they have been gifted as well by the sharing of your energy, by the infusion that they received. Oh, and I would laugh a bit my friend and say that the one who caressed your hand and the one whose hand you caressed in return was no stranger to you on many levels. (laughter) And on the soul level, this was a beautiful gift of love as well…as are all interactions that the majority of you living this experience in the now are having. Each interaction is magic when you allow it.

And does this suffice my friend?

Participant: It suffices. Thank you very much.

Merlin: Now is there more we need to speak of today or is this enough for this now moment?

Participant: I’m just so happy to have you here. I do love your energy and I sometimes do need nudging to allow it to come through because I know I get so physically blasted by it and I can’t function in 3D.

Merlin: And that is quite alright my dear. You are not here to function in 3D. It is important for you to know this. It is important for you to continue to let go of the programming that tells you how anything is supposed to be, and how your life is supposed to look. Oh dear one, you are such a bright and shining star as far as this escalation into new ways of living, to moving beyond the mundane of the 3D world and embracing and accepting and living interdimensional experiences, so it is most important for you to…yes, I realize you must find balance, there are requirements of living in a body that must be met, and yet, do not make apologies for who you are. You are unique. You do operate differently than most do. This is quite alright. And you do require a great deal of time away from…mmm…what is that expression…the madding crowd! You require a great deal of time in peace and tranquility. And so allow this and enjoy this and realize that you will always be able to draw upon what is needed in any now moment. When you do not feel like doing something, do not make apologies. Each of you has your own unique energies, your own unique abilities, your own unique experiences…and this is the message that is very important for all to hear. Stop apologizing for yourselves and for who you are! Acknowledge to yourselves what you need, what is important for you to thrive as the expanded multidimensional beings you are opening up to, and simply allow it to be so. When you allow yourselves what you need, you will find that what you need is very easily supplied to you. The requirements are met. So I would say to you dear one…relax! Relax into who you are. Enjoy who you are. I would say that to all as well. And I would once again say it is a time of magic. Embrace the magic, yes! Enjoy the magic, yes! But above all else, be the magic!

With that I say, you are so dearly loved. I shall be here for you, while I also poof myself (laughter) back to my own realm on a cloud of magic. Aloha! ~ ~ ~


Entering an Era of Living in Sacred Service


a message from  The Star Elders  channeled by  Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
Sunday, 15 February, 2009 


The Star Elders said that 2008 would be the year that we finally make the shift of the ages . . . a whole four years earlier than expected. This vision was realized! You have come and completely passed a cosmic crossroad. This was a turning point that was prophesized by the ancients. Your destiny’s path has risen to a new level. It is at this point in time that humanity has gone beyond what your collective has ever dreamed. Your dream is no longer somewhere over the rainbow. You have finally begun the journey to the pot of gold you have been searching for. This is a place where light workers and those with unique gifts will begin to find home. You are arriving at safe a place where you will feel honored, respected and supported for your unique gifts. The world is waiting for you! Are you ready to serve?

This change has come to you because you asked for it. You have chosen the path of light. Tragedy will be replaced with miracles, separation will be replaced with unity, prejudice will be replaced by community. The new cycle of time that you have entered supports profound healing. You have entered a cycle of time that supports the dawn of global community. You will now come together in a sense of joy and service, instead of being triggered into action by tragedy. You are leaving a collective consciousness that was driven by the mind, the ego and fear. You are now entering a collective consciousness that is empowered by the heart, by love and truth. Trying to manifest, powered by past ways, will not be supported anymore. Force will not be supported anymore . . . only true authentic power will succeed. You are finally moving away from darkness and toward the light, toward unity and toward a sense of the oneness that makes the Earth feel much smaller, and your community much larger.

2009 offers us the promised land . . . a sacred space in which we can at last fully reveal our true authentic selves. It is the year that we have the opportunity to begin our sacred service in the Light with great support. We will begin the extraordinary task of fully healing ourselves, our community and our planet. You will find you have a renewed enthusiasm for taking care of your body. You will find it is easier to eat a healthier diet, exercise, meditate, etc….

Now that the doors have been flung wide open for you to be your authentic self, and to share your unique gifts, this new territory arrives with that bit of apprehension. You might think now that your dream has arrived, and that it is too good to be true. You are uneasy to trust it, because you are afraid you might lose it. You have been programmed to wait for the other shoe to drop when good things happen. You are worried that your dream will not manifest or that you might fail.

Your duty now for the greater good is to squelch these feelings. You must know that what you have worked so long and hard for is now laid out in front of you. This is the golden door that so many have waited for so long. Now it is time to be courageous, and walk through this golden door, and know that you and all of humanity deserve the dream to be realized. After all . . . you dreamed this into being. There is nothing to fear, because this new consciousness has divine protection surrounding it. It is your job to not let the dream fade, but to flourish.

“This is the time of awakening to the inner father and the inner mother. Without this we will receive no high initiation; instead we get initiated into darkness. That’s because any investigation or revolution without God leads, not to freedom, but to more slavery.” Willaru Huayta, QUECHAU NATION, PERU

“The first factor in the revolution of consciousness is the mystic death of the ego – the death of negative thinking and negative personalities. We must purify the soul of the inner enemies. Every time a defect manifests – envy, gluttony, anger, lust… send that impulse to the heart. Ask ‘Do I really need to invoke this?’ And then honor the heart.” — Willaru Huayta, QUECHAU NATION, PERU

This is the new territory where our impeccability, truth, love, peace, harmony, and profound sense of unity and sense of community will be supported. This will begin manifesting around us in profound ways. We are living bridges between all the cultures of the Earth. We are the unification of all the religions. We are the harmony between all social, economic, and spiritual classes. We are the ones that shift the negative projections of the collective consciousness into a positive reality. We are the ones that have held firm to the dreams and visions of a different future; a future based upon love and planetary brother & sisterhood. That future is beginning to manifest right before our eyes, right now. We are the ones that choose to counter balance, and shift once and for all, the fear-based prophecies running amok throughout the unconsciousness of so many people. We are the ones that rewrite history. It is funny when you think about it this way . . . We are the ones we have been waiting for. The world has been waiting for us, and we have arrived. We are our own ancestors returned. Are you ready to serve with the light within you?

The Andean Masters say we are!





How do we live in the third dimension while our consciousness is actually in the 5th, 7th, 12th or 15th dimension? We don’t. We are truly no longer in the third dimension. What we have always seen was a grand illusion. The illusion was created by miasms placed in us to shadow the light of our true home of the fifth dimension. There will be many who stay in the third dimensional dream because they choose to prolong that dream. It is still a dream. There is a belief that the fifth dimension no longer exists and we will travel completely into the seventh. This is true and false. The fifth dimension is our home base–it isn’t a number–it isn’t a geographical location. It is the state of Consciousness where we remember who we really are. It can be a magical kingdom or a technical kingdom. It can be anything we desire. We will become the creators of our new reality.

What is happening at this time is a harmonic shift that completely rearranges the atomic structure of our bodies. Our bodies have been transformed into a much more etheric, silica based system that aligns with the changes in Mother Earth’ s body. She will allow us to remove the gravitational pull as soon as our Consciousness chooses to assimilate the standing wave pattern that allows this transformation. Mother Earth is creating gravity for us because we believe it is necessary. Everything Mother Earth prepares for us is something that our cellular beliefs has created as a need. When we decide that we are the IMMORTAL BODIES that have been prepared and waiting for us in Mother Earth’s Heart, we will spend more time in that standing wave pattern than in the one that feels a third dimensional gravitational pull, and a limited perspective on our true Immortal Selfhood.

Our bodies will begin to remember to create through the energy of Prana. Our original manifestation templates will be restored to merge into Oneness with the Divine Plan of creation. Our bodies will remember that they don’t get sick and that they never die. Mother Earth will begin creating all of the energy sources we need as our cellular memory activates along with hers. The present electrical systems will no longer work on this Star. The Telsa system will be remembered once again as soon as our veil is removed. The electrical system was a part of the reverse spin technology, as was the HARP station, after our government reversed the technology to control us. These devices of control will no longer have any power over us as we choose to align our consciousness into the highest frequencies of light.

We can each collect and distribute the fine, sweet, pure angelic frequencies that transform us into our silica based chemical structure that bends and moves and flies and streams and braids light and sound into angelic frequencies. Come to our website and experience these frequencies:…

Each of the Suns in each Galaxy of the entire Universe have merged their Frequencies into a much grander, more powerful frequency of ONENESS than ever before. Mother
Earth has received all of these Stellar Wave Infusions plus Eight Dimensional
Frequencies of the Sun’s Parallel Matrix, plus the Frequencies of the Photon Belt of
the Fifth Dimensional Frequencies, which are the HOME Frequencies, plus the
Galactic Frequencies of the Parallel Matrix of the Original Aquarius Matrix.

Those who have been working in alignment with Mother Earth have gone through several ascensions with her over the past several months. Mother Earth has completed her Ascension and we are now entering alignment with her. She has completed her Ascension into the Third, Fourth and Fifth Spheres. We may not be able to perceive of this reality yet, but we can certain feel it. We feel it through the FREQUENCIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. These are breaths of the angels and all entities of all five spheres. We can feel their presence when we align into their breaths of consciousness.

Those who are standing on Mother Earth are also a part of Mother Earth’s Body. We
are in the same Sphere. We contain the same Frequencies. Mother Earth’s
Frequencies are our frequencies. Mother Earth also has a Sun deep inside of her
Core. Her Sun is deep inside the Etheric Chambers, the Liquid Light Mantels.
Mother Earth has braided and woven her Sun’s Frequencies up through her body
and into three spheres to connect with and unite with all of the other Suns in the
Third Sphere or the Galactic Sphere. We are also uniting with the Universal Sphere of Christ Consciousness and the Cosmic Sphere of our Angelic and Co-Creative Consciousness. Mother Earth is also having her Veil removed as these Frequencies of Star Systems and Source Consciousness melt this shadow with their Light.

As our bodies stand on the Earth’s Surface, we are conduits of all of this Aqualene
Sun’s Frequency streaming up out of Mother Earth from below and from the Galactic
Suns streaming down from above. Mother Earth needs us to become a part of this
process. She needs us to be ascending with her. As we flow together Mother Earth
is very happy to feel all of her family rising with her.




Jesus/Yeshua* Unlimited Possibilities


Unlimited Possibilities

a message from  Jesus/Yeshua channeled by  Judith Coates

Saturday, 3 January, 2009  (posted 10 February, 2009)


Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source. One, from before time began. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Always I greet you in great joy, for that is truly your nature: to be innocent, joyful, not to know the constraints of the world, not to be held back by the constraints of the world, but to live as the joyful innocent Child, the extension of the Father come into this reality that yet believes that there can be complexity and challenge.

But in the time that we spend together, we throw off all of that [He throws off a shawl and hands it to “Sunshine”] Thank you, beloved Sunshine. You see, we had to make your prediction come true. The most wonderful gold silk shawl-it reminds me of times in the lifetime we shared together of the fine raiment that we could wear. But, yes, it has to come off of the shoulders to be free, to move about, and so you predicted, and we made the prediction come true.

You have walked into a most wonderful reality of a new year. It is arbitrary. There are calendars and there were cultures, still are cultures, that define a new year starting in another time of the calendar year, but you have chosen to say that this is when you will begin a new year, and with that, you have opportunity to move into whatever you want the new year to hold for you.

Now, it is very true that you could do this in any of the other months of your year, but collectively in this culture you have said we will begin at this time of year. We will begin, as arbitrarily we have set the first day of this month to be the first day of the new year, and for most of you, you have spent a small bit of time at least contemplating how you want to go forward in this year.

This is a most exciting time. We have spoken for some years of the excitement of the changes that are happening. We have spoken of what to expect, and you have found out that my timing is not your timing, and some of you have been most impatient with timing. But truly, you are beginning to see, as you will cast your mind back in time, how everything in your life and in the collective consciousness has been bringing you to this point in time and in reality.

You can see the stepping stone of experience that at the time maybe didn’t make too much sense, and you wondered, “Why am I here? Why am I doing what I am doing?” And now as you look back upon it, you can see how each piece of experience has brought you to this place where you have much to share with others, much to anticipate, and much to bring into manifest form, because your visioning has become clearer throughout the years.

This evening, this time that we spend together-including those within the sound of my voice-is a most auspicious time, for truly, you have stepped into a new reality. Now, we touched on that a wee bit a month or two ago when we spoke of the new collective consciousness and how ones in this geo-political grouping moved forward in choice and took hold of their power, realizing that they did have power of voices and power of choice.

One by one by one, as the grains of sand upon the beach, they saw that together they were powerful, that they could make and effect change. Now there is much expectation that within a few days you will have a new leader who already has been making plans and has been keeping those plans in the forefront of the collective consciousness, not doing things in a room with the door closed, but being quite open about choices and reasons for choices of ones who are going to be working with him. He has said, and it will be true, that in the time that he is working with you as your leader he will work with you; he cannot do it all by himself. He has recognized that, as some of your previous leaders did not recognize, and he has said that there will be transparency about who is chosen to do whatever and why.

Already, before he is officially given the mantle of responsibility, he has been making the plans and has been quite open about showing and talking about the plans, bringing everyone who is interested into the knowing of the plans. This is something new.

For generations within this culture, for eons of time within other cultures, the leaders have taken power and have felt themselves to be, many times, divinely inspired and set upon a pedestal above the rest of the people. The rest of the common folk would have to do whatever they said, and would worship the leader as being divine.

Now, in truth, all of you are divine. You would not be here expressing with the consciousness, with the body, making choices, living the experience of this reality and this life if you were not divine. You would not have the power to be. But you do have the power to be, and it is because of your divine nature.

So, in truth, all of you are leaders. You influence the friends around you. You influence the ones who do not even want to listen to you, because you will drop seeds of ideas. You are getting bold enough that you go off the usual path, as you have done in other lifetimes, and you say, “There is another way.”

For many of the brothers and sisters, they have not known that there could be anything other than what their forefathers had taught them, what the family and peers had said was true, and they are recognizing that there are many paths of truth, many alternatives. You now have a new time, truly, that you have not collectively experienced upon our holy Mother, planet Earth. Now, you have experienced it in other realities, other realms, other dimensions, and other constellations, because as we have spoken many times, this is not the only expression of the divine.

Humanhood is good; it has many pleasures. It also has many challenges, but you built those challenges in so that you could play with the challenges, so that you could see how creative you are. Some of you are very creative; in fact, all of you are very creative. But some of your creations, you have said, “Oh, I don’t think I’m going to stay with this one too long; I’m going to make changes and move on to something else.”

You have known freedom of expression in other realms. You chose to play in this sandbox because you wanted to know, “What boundaries can I make for myself? Where is the edge of the sandbox? What’s on the other side of the edge of the sandbox?” And so you walked, figuratively, to the edge of the sandbox and you looked over the wall of the sandbox and you said, “There’s more beach out there; there’s more sand.”

And with that, many of you have broken with the old constraints. You have climbed over the wall, climbed through the wall, gone around the wall, jumped out of the sandbox, and are walking on the beach itself, a vast expanse, so that you are trying out new life styles, new nutrition, new food, new experiments of, “What can I do to add to each day’s treasure?” Every day is a new year.

Every day is a new opportunity for experiences. We have said to you that before you put the feet on the floor and get out of the bed in the morning, spend one moment visualizing how you want that day to go. Who are you going to meet in that day? How are you going to feel about them?

Allow yourself to walk in holy light. Visualize that from the very beginning before you even fall out of bed, step out of bed, climb out of bed. Allow yourself to see yourself and everyone else you meet in that day in holy light. As you will do this, the world will bring you on the silver platter all kinds of options. Separated ego is very good at doing that, and through that day it is going to bring you opportunities to look at various things.

There will be habitual reaction that comes first, because after all, you have lived in this reality many incarnations, and you have built up a very quick habitual response to experiences, opportunities. But then beyond that you have found that you have freedom. You have freedom of choice to look upon everything that happens in a new light, so very quickly-and you can time yourself with this.

It is very interesting to do the research, the experimentation to see what the habitual reaction is that comes first, and then to see how long or how short a time before the voice comes within yourself that says, “No, I have choice. I can see this anew in a different way.” At first, it may be most of the day or even until you put the head upon the pillow in the evening before you realize, “Oh, I could have done differently.”

Other times you will find that it is almost immediately following on the heels of the habitual reaction comes the voice within that says, “I can see this in a different way.” And so you can do a small bit of research with yourself and just see how long and how short a time until you realize that you have choice. “How do I see this anew?”

This month especially is setting the tone for the rest of the year. Now, it is very true that in every day you set the tone, as we have just spoken, of how that day is going to go. Well, you can do that for this year. Visualize this month how you expect it, how you want it to go, where you want to go, even physically where you want to go, who you want to interact with, and take off all of the boundaries of what separated ego has said could be possible.

If you want to meet with the Dalai Lama, and separated ego says, “Oh, well, you can’t do that. Only special people can do that; how would you ever get through…etc.” Or, “I would like to meet with President Obama and just have a moment or two to spend with him.” And then separated ego says, “Well, you can’t do that. He has many body guards and he has many secretaries, and you’d never get past all of the bureaucracy.” Then there comes a small voice that says, “Ah, yes, but there is e-mail,” and you have devised for yourself opportunities, ways to get around what used to be the high wall of the sandbox.

Visualize this month how you want the rest of the year to be, where you want to go with it, literally and figuratively, because everything is open to you, especially now. This is what you have been working towards, praying for, visioning for many, many lifetimes.

This is the time now that you have prayed for when you would have opportunity to take hold consciously of your divinity and know your divine power, and then be able to manifest it in the world, to be able to  manifest this in this lifetime; not to put it off and say, “Well, after I have released the body, then I will know heaven, or after I win the lottery, then I will have the golden coins to do whatever I want to do,” or to say, “Well, after I meet that most beloved one, then I will live happily ever after.”

Well, I say unto you, you can live happily ever after without anyone else, without waiting for a beloved one. You already have the beloved one within you. Look within and fall in love with yourself. I will share with you something that is not a secret. When you fall in love with yourself and you truly know yourself, you are going to have more moths coming to the flame of your light than you can handle. You are going to have many who want to be in your light.

So it is not a question of waiting until all of the pieces are in place and everything is all right according to how you have thought it had to be. Truly, you are at that place now of knowing the divine power of manifesting. That which has seemed to be a challenge and that which has seemed to have all of the boundaries around it and all of the stop signs and doors closed are going to be opening for you. Why? Not because I am doing it, not because the universe is doing it for you, but because you are believing it to be possible.

You see, you put into motion, even before this lifetime, that which you will be experiencing this year and beyond. You put into motion visibly two years ago when one incarnate being said, “Yes, I can.” One incarnate being who seemed least likely to be chosen to make decisions to lead this collective grouping said, “I can do it. I want to do it. I am clear.”

Now, there is the fulcrum. There is the turning point. “I am clear about what I want to do.” When you have that clarity-and it does not take long to come to that place of clarity-you will know it. Go through your options. I have given you small pieces of homework from time to time: to write down options, ideas, and see how you feel about the idea. You will know what you want to do. There will be a feeling registering right in the body as to whether you want to do that or not. You will not need to run off to your experts and ask them, “Should I do this? What does my future look like?”

No one else can tell you your future. They can tell you possibilities, but you already know those. They can even tell you probabilities based on what you have chosen in the past, but they cannot tell you your future, because only you can make the choices. That is why I do not say to you, “This is what is going to happen in black and white.”

It bothers some of the brothers and sisters, because they would like definitive answers in black and white. But I cannot give that to you, because I am not walking in your sandals. I am not living your life. I walk with you. I walk within you as the divine expression of holy energy, Intelligence, but I cannot say in the next moment what you are going to choose to do.

Sometimes you cannot say in the next moment what you are going to choose to do, because it is all open in front of you, and sometimes you find yourself making a right hand turn where the moment before you thought you were going to go straight ahead on the path, and then all of a sudden there is something that you want to see or to experience, and off you go to experience whatever it is. That is one of the wonderful gifts that you built into this reality: opportunities, choices, and the power of choice.

A lot of what you have known in the past is finishing. Sometimes you are happy about that. Sometimes you applaud it and say, “I’m glad that’s finished.” Other times there is a sense of loss, because it is something that you felt you needed or wanted in your life, and as it changes, separated ego often says to you, “Don’t change. Whatever you have, even if it is uncomfortable, at least you know it, and if you change, you don’t know what you’re going to be getting into.” And so, many times separated ego says, “Well, just stay right where you are, because it’s safe.”

But then the soul of you, the inner Self of you, the divine consciousness of you nudges, pushes to the place where you cannot comfortably stay where you have been, and it feels most uncomfortable, and so you begin to look around for something different for a change, for a new way to live, to express, to experience.

Allow yourself to get excited about life. You do not need to come to me for what is called the reading. I will give it, yes, but you do not need to go to another one and ask the expert who seemingly can see a bit further. You do not need to run around trying to find the answer to something. Sit quietly and excitedly about your power of choice, your power to manifest in this year what you want to see. Your news media right now is bringing to you a lot of doom and gloom.

Your news media is very good at doing that. The ones who pay money to have their product on the various news media channels want you to have your attention glued, and they have found in the past that what sells is drama, tragedy, calamity, something perhaps that is going to happen that is going to be devastating, something you’d better watch out for; therefore, your news media brings you all of the drama.

But, brothers and sisters, that is not all that is happening in the world. It is not especially what you would like to see happening in the world, the small bit that they bring you, but that is not all that is happening in the world. There are many, many places where there is love of brother and sister, where there are miracles happening, miracles of healing that are happening that do not get reported, because they are not of the big drama.

So when you read your papers, when you get the news on your world wide web, when you get the news media on your square box, say to yourself, “Yes, that is part of what is happening, but that is only a percentage, a small percentage of what is going on.” You have whole continents that are not being reported on. You have whole countries, geo-political groupings, where they are evolving, helping each other, finding ways to live in peace, but that is not being reported because that is not yet, according to the old pattern of thinking, what will sell the products that pay for the air time.

So when you see what is going on, allow your heart to open and to send love and healing and truth to those places that are undergoing challenge at this point, but know that it is part of the human drama that has gone on for centuries, and it is not the truth of your being; it is not the truth of their being. Do not get caught up in it.

Now, separated ego says, “But I should care. These are my brothers and sisters. I should get really upset about what is going on. I should protest. I should write; I should send my golden coins. I should, should, should…” Separated ego will give you many “shoulds”, but look at it as a no thing. I have said to you many times that which is hard to accept, as you have human perspective.

I have said to you many times that there is drama, wars and rumors of war always in the world, but that is not the truth of your being. I have said to you, if you want to heal something, any situation, it is to see first the appearance; you do not deny that that is happening in the world; but then you pray and you fast.

Everything that happens in the world can be healed by prayer and fasting. Now, prayer means to contemplate what is happening from the highest point of view, to know the holiness of the situation. Allow yourself to be that angelic being that truly you are and to look down, as it would be, upon the drama that is happening and to see it as the small children playing in the sandbox who, after a time, will get tired of that game and will want to come out of the sandbox and see what is beyond the sandbox.

Prayer is the beholder, that perspective, that point of view that is above, from the highest point of view, to contemplate what is going on from the highest point of view; be the beholder. Fasting does not mean in the physical sense that you don’t eat. It means that you take your attention away from what seems to be happening and you see the truth without any emotion. Allow yourself to withdraw the emotion.

Now, it is very easy to get caught up in what is going on in the world. That is habitual. It has been taught to you by separated ego that it is important for your survival that you understand what is going on and that you be ready to defend yourself, at least to defend the body.

Now, yourSelf-capital “S”-does not need any defending, because it is eternal and even beyond time. But the body…you have taught yourself through many incarnations that the body has to be defended, and you have even had the cultures that said if the body be destroyed, you would be lost in the great void and you would cease to be. You have bought that in other times, in other cultures.

Now you have expanded to the place where you know ones who have had what is called the near-death experience-it is truly a death experience-and they have come back to tell you that, truly, moving into a new dimension, a new realm, was quite delightful; literally, of the Light. They found themselves happy, without all of the constrictions that the world gives you.

And so the collective consciousness is slowly moving to the place where there is belief in loved ones being able to communicate after they have laid down the body. The collective consciousness is moving to the place where it acknowledges that there can be angels. There is a great percentage of the collective consciousness now…when a research questionnaire was asked how many had seen an angel, how many had had an angelic experience, it was quite a large percentage of just ordinary folks who said, “Yes, I know that there is something beyond this physicality, something beyond this reality of life.” So you are moving past the point where the body dictates to you what you have to do. You are beginning to take hold of the truth of your being, that it is the spirit of you, the divinity of you that activates the body, that brings the body together moment by moment, holds it together moment by moment. It is the spirit of you that is eternal and yet beyond time itself.

And so you are coming to a most divine realization of how powerful-not as the world defines power-but how powerful you are as a being of divine Intelligence-capital “I”-which brings me back to the point that we started with-this year. You can make this year anything you want it to be, starting with this month, starting with this day. Visualize who you want to talk with. Visualize who you want to be. Visualize what you want to leave in the old year and leave behind you: the worries, the fears, the “what ifs”.

You have a saying in your world which is most wonderful: to accentuate the positive. Look upon the positive. As I have said, when your news media brings you all of the news of the doom and gloom, how there is war, how there is inhumanity, how there are hard times economically, how many of the brothers and sisters are suffering because they have lost their jobs…in truth, they never owned that job. Sometimes it owned them, and sometimes it is better for them to move on.

Now, in the transition period I know that separated ego yells very loudly, and it is sometimes a bit difficult to discipline self to move beyond separated ego to the place where you can say, “I know that this too is good.” But truly, every one of the brothers and sisters who are transitioning from the old way of understanding that their job, their employment was their life are finding that they are still alive, they are going to be and are being taken care of, maybe not exactly how they were before, but they are still alive, they still have some raiment, they still have places to go where they will be taken in and taken care of.

Some of them have had to readjust their thinking and their priorities, but they have at the soul level-this is very difficult for ones to accept, but they have at the soul level asked for the experience so that they can throw off all of the non-important things that they have accumulated to themselves in this lifetime and other lifetimes, and I mean by that not only the material goods, but also the ways of thinking.

So, in truth, it is all a blessing, even though separated ego is going to scream, yell, kick its feet up in the air, pound on the floor having a temper tantrum. But you know what happens with the temper tantrum? If you’ve ever watched a small one-or a big one-with a temper tantrum, if you don’t get in there and try to rescue that one in the middle of a temper tantrum-and I advise you not to, because it’s a bit dangerous-after the temper tantrum energy has spent itself, there is a peace that descends, a peace that allows that one then to see things differently.

So it is good parenting advice if a child wants to have a temper tantrum, hmm, go ahead, let me watch; not to get in there and try to stop it; not to get in there and try to rescue, to see what you can do. If one is a bit taller in years and they want to have a temper tantrum, stand back and let them have it. After the energy has been spent, there will be peace.

Sometimes-always-it is better to be the beholder, to stand back and to ask to see the whole picture; not just what is right in front of you. Many times ones go through life with the blinders on and do not see what is over here, do not see what is over there; they only see what is in front, and all of a sudden they are up against the wall, and it’s like, “Where do I go now? I cannot see.”

It is at that point, a most blessed point, where you turn within and you acknowledge, “I AM. I AM divine Intelligence expressing and experiencing life. How do I want it to be?” Allow yourself to move forward in confidence. If you are one of the ones who is making a transition in employment, count it all as good. Get very busy doing your small bit of homework of writing down, “Where would I like to be? Where would I like to spend my time and receive in exchange the golden coins, or perhaps the chicken or the grain?”

There used to be not so much of the golden coins or the paper. It used to be more of the exchange of what you needed to live on from the farm. The collective consciousness is getting back to that now. “What do I have in my house that I can exchange with another one?” Literally, what do I have in my house? Well, sometimes you have overflowing and so much in your house that there’s not room for one more thing.

My beloved friend and teacher discovered that yesterday when she went to put something away. There was no place to put something more, so she is going to have a very nice abundant give-away soon to make room for new stuff, to pass it on so that other ones can enjoy it.

What do I have in my house-figuratively, metaphysically-what do I have that I can share with others?” All of you have hope that you can share with other ones. All of you have a knowing of who the brothers and sisters are, that they are not just what they have envisioned to be as the body or as the employment would dictate. That is not who they are. You have that that you can share with them, a new vision. “What do I have in my house that I can share?” You will find that you are very, very rich and most abundant, even to the point of overflowing.

Share. That is what it is coming back to now, where ones share with each other; not hoarding it; not like some of the ones who are now coming to light who have had so much of the golden coins that they didn’t know what to do with the golden coins, and they had the golden parachutes, and they are finding that the gold in those parachutes is weighing them down. They are not being lighter than air. They are coming crashing down, because the gold in that parachute is too heavy.

We spoke some years ago that many things would be coming to light. Many old ways of doing things that had been accepted, swept under the carpet, talked about in back rooms were going to come out into the light, and this is happening, and ones are having to readjust their thinking.

Some of them are as the sorrowful one in your holy Scriptures who had so much that he did not think he could part with that to follow me. Ones are now finding that they have so much that they do want to follow me. They want to follow the simple life and know their divinity, and that is what their soul has been asking for. That is what they have been wanting to know for lifetimes. What is the simplicity of divine life?

And so, as they have been asking, it has to be given to them. Nothing can be held back from the sincere desire of one. When they ask, it has to be given. Sometimes it does not look like a gift at first. Later on there is the 20/20 hindsight that is much clearer. You have in the collective consciousness a most wonderful interdependence which is truly proving to you the Oneness of the divine holy Child. It has yet to be recognized, but that is what is coming forth. The interdependence now is seen to be a bit shaky. It’s called your economic system.

And you have seen that your economic system has been built upon belief, confidence in the system, and when the confidence starts to drain away, it is as the house of cards that begins to fall. All of your economic system is built upon confidence. There has been a wise one recently who has spoken out and has said, “If you have abundance, spend it.” If you have the golden coins, if you have the employment right now, spend it. Put the golden coins into circulation-that is truly what they are meant to do, is to circulate, and to believe that there will always be more, because there will always be more.

The loss of confidence is as a downward spiral, and you are the ones, and the friends that you talk to are the ones, who can change that spiral and make it go back up again. It is easy to do once you change your thinking.

Economics has always been built on having confidence in what I have and what I have to share, for you know that you are abundant. You know that you have the material goods. And more than that, you have what cannot be touched by the dust or the moth; it cannot rot. You have within you the wisdom and the most precious gift of all, the gift of hope, to give and to share with other ones. You have the most precious gift of confidence-most wonderful word. We have spoken many times of the clues that are within your words. Confidence, meaning “with faith”. Con-“with”-fidence-“faith”. When you go with faith, confidently, and you say, “I know that always I am going to be taken care of, I know that I have an abundance, and I will spend freely what I have,” then it spreads to another one and another one.

You have now in this your northern hemisphere and sometimes in the southern hemisphere at this season of year, but especially in the northern hemisphere, you have the belief that there can be the respiratory problems known as colds, flu, icky feeling. It seems to be most contagious this time of year; it spreads.

Allow your confidence to be like that respiratory thing and allow it to be contagious. Let someone else catch it. Allow yourself to spend, to buy, to share the golden coins, because always there will be more. There has to be. You are the creators of wealth. You’ve created it in the first place. And as you allow it to flow through you, as you have the confidence that there is going to be more, there will be more; always there will be more.

One of the best things that you can do at this point in time is to spend. Well, my goodness, that’s a different message. There is Jeshua saying I should spend my golden coins. Well, that certainly goes against what they call the common wisdom. Hmm, I thought I was supposed to save it for a rainy day, and especially in these areas you have plenty of rain. Maybe I’d better save it.

Spend it for an umbrella, those of you who live in a rainy climate. Or better yet, spend it and go out and enjoy the rain without the umbrella. Allow nature to be your shower, wash your hair in the rain. It is freely given. Use it. Confidence.

Perhaps, beloved Elder, we should have entitled this evening’s message, “Confidence”. Well, it goes along with what was chosen as the title of “Unlimited Possibilities”. That is what you have in front of you-unlimited possibilities; always and forever.

You are, as we have spoken many times, the star seeds who have come from other constellations, other cultures in constellations, to this reality to play in this reality, to see what this reality could be and how you and the brothers and sisters, the seemingly separate points of light that are not really separate from each other, how you could work independently and yet interdependently with each other.

So you have brought with you most wonderful belief systems that you are integrating and sharing, and expanding with all of those belief systems. You have unlimited possibilities. Which ones of those unlimited possibilities are you going to make into probabilities? The ones that you have written down or at least mentally made a list and you have said, “Oh, that one really appeals to me. I want to do that one. I’ll make that one a probability. Probably in this year I will travel. I will find a place to share my love. Probably in this year, that which I have been working on for a lifetime will come to manifest.”

Make it a probability. It is right now a possibility, but as you work with it, as you live with it, as you have the confidence to know that it can be-and I assure you that it can be, and I have that on good assurance-you make it a probability. When you sit with that probability and it becomes part of you, then it becomes a reality.

If you feel that there are blockages to what you would like to do, if you feel that you are in a fog about what to do, do not fight the fog. Let it be there. It is as a nurturing mist. But go within and ask of yourself, “How do I want this year to unfold? What do I want to do in this year? I am my Father’s Child. I am the extension-not only the Child that would speak yet of separation-but I am the extension of divine Intelligence. I can make all things new. I can; yes, I can.”

That is why the incarnate one who is coming now to be officially recognized…that is why the slogan that he chose and was taken up by the people is so powerful, because it is divinely true. Yes, I can-anything that you want to envision.

If you are tired of the old and you want to make change, begin by asking, “Okay, how can I make a step in that direction? Who do I have to talk to? How do I talk to them? Who will help me with this, perhaps,” because sometimes you feel that you are a solitary point of light and you want others to affirm with you that which you want, and there is power in a grouping that is affirming the same thing. So gather to yourself a friend or two or three or more-and you have them right here around you in this room, and those of you within the sound of my voice, you have them around you in the unseen realm who are just waiting for you to call upon them. There are many in the unseen realm who have released the body so that they can be powerful, not hindered by world limitations, to help in this evolution and in this change at this time.

So if you have wondered why a beloved friend or someone in your family has deceased and released the body, know that they have done that so that they are not held back by any of the limitations of the world, and they are free now to rush in and give you their energy. You have many…we have spoken of the soul group, and we have spoken of how you are the point of the soul group that has come forward in great courage to be incarnate. But behind you in that point of the soul group, behind you is the rest of that soul group, in here, all of this energy behind, pushing you forward, giving you their energy, wanting to be used, acknowledged, talked to, confided in; they want you to know that they are alive and well and very powerful. They do not have the constraints of the world or of the body. So think what that does.

Imagine for yourself, if you did not have to work within the confines of what the body will do, how long it takes for you to walk from here to the door; if you could just immediately think yourself at the door, if you could immediately think yourself to wherever you wanted to be; you did not have to go on the big bird with all of the limitations of security, of the shoes, the belt, the clothing, the raiment, what you can carry in the little satchel next to you. Just think.

The unseen ones can do this. They can be with you right now, and they can be with other ones at the same time, because they do not have the constraint of time. They do not have the constraints of the world, but they do want your acknowledgement and your invitation. There has to be that invitation. You have to ask.

We spoke of that earlier this evening. Ask and you shall receive, but you have to ask first. That has to come first, and it helps if you have some clarity about what you are asking; otherwise, you may get a whole drawerful of trinkets that are beautiful, each one in its own right, but what are you going to choose out of this drawerful of trinkets.

So have a bit of clarity and ask, and then go forward with confidence. That is another gift that you have built into this reality that oftentimes has been lost from the time you have been even the infant in arms. You have felt yourself to be dependent upon someone else, and your confidence was dependent on whether they would be there for you or not, whether they would say that what you were doing was right, whether they would be proud of you.

Your confidence truly comes from within, and then it is very contagious. You have seen this with ones who know what they want to do. They have stepped forward and they have said, “This is where I am going. If any of you want to join me, come along with me.” And there has been such a feeling of confidence that others have joined in and have gone with them. So when you have confidence in your economics and you say, “There is no lack;” in truth, there is no lack. There is as much of the golden coins, there is as much of the wealth now as there was six months ago, a year ago, ten years ago. It is getting redistributed, yes, but there is as much. When you have confidence in the economic system, when you say it is okay, you don’t have to hoard, you don’t have to worry about the morrow.

Consider the lilies of the field. You have great sayings in your holy Scriptures. Consider the lilies of the field. They do not worry. Is it going to rain tomorrow? Is the sun going to shine tomorrow? Is the wind going to be gentle, or is it going to be strong and blow me over? Consider the lilies. They grow. They express what they are. They have confidence in their being. They don’t question their being. They just are a lily, just as you are a bright light, each and every one of you.

Use this month, this month that is so full of promise, to envision the year that you want. Use this energy that is so full of expectations. Take that energy of expecting the best. Have confidence that the best is truly always happening-because it is. Allow that to spread to other ones and to say, “It is not a depression. It is not even a recession. It is a re-distribution. But the wealth that was always there is still always there, and I know that truly I will be taken care of, because I AM.” There is power in that.

If you want to buy something, buy it, spend it. Use the golden coins the way they were meant to be-in circulation. Let others think that perhaps you are foolhardy. Ah, but you are a happy fool. Go joyfully. As to your leader, he is one of you. He cannot do anything without you. He has acknowledged that already. This goes for global leadership. Your brothers and sisters who are in other geo-political groupings are looking to you. [Cats are meowing loudly upstairs] They are voicing their confidence in your new leader


They are singing to the heavens that, yes, that which you want to have happen, that which you want to have manifest, when you all pull together as the One that you are, it will manifest. Allow the small ones to lead you. That is written in your holy Scriptures, as well. Become as the small ones, the simple, innocent ones that trust, that have confidence, that know, truly, life is always going to go on, and it is going to be good. Look at everything and call it good. And so it is. So be it.

Master Kuthumi* Union



My delightful friends, playmates and wondrous beings of Light, welcome to our realms of Light. I am Maha Chohan who comes to you. Ra Mu stands beside me as does Kuthumi. Jesus has also come to join us, to share in this truth and also the energies surrounding these words. For today we celebrate in joy and happiness the union of us all. I invite you to laugh with us, dance, be happy. Share with us. Let our energies merge. As they do you will not only feel uplifted, but happy also.

To feel happy, uplifted, joyful is not a gift. It is a choice. Your choice.

You can choose to be happy, peaceful, grateful for whatever you have. You can choose whether you wish to stay in the presence of those who would pull you down by their words, jealousies, energies. Like attracts like. Therefore you will truly feel when another’s energies are not flowing with your own. You will feel it.

Kuthumi has spoken of the new Light particles in your atmosphere. When we last met I spoke of the Golden Discs of Light. This day I tell you these Discs of Light not only raise your vibration, they link directly to your pineal gland in the brain.This small gland, known as the Master Gland in your body because it is the doorway – the point of union where the higher particles of Light merge and are dispersed through the Golden Rod of Light, which lies in front of the spinal column, flowing through firstly to the heart, now birthing into the Higher Heart.

You are birthing new energies within your very bodies. All is in unison.There are parts of your brain which have remained dormant – unused. Now they begin the awakening process as you birth the new energies of Light into your being, you also birth into a higher consciousness.

Oh my friends, laugh, be joyful. Celebrate these great joyous times with us. This time, this process is to be celebrated is it not? For who of those among you would choose to stay in darkness or even limited Light? Think of this my friends as you experience your anger, loss, confusion, and all levels of depression.


Think of what is there for you now. Not next month, next year, NOW. Anytime you choose you can immerse yourself in the Light and allow the confusion and sadness to fall away as you would release an overcoat. Ra Mu has helped you with this in his meditation Changing consciousness of Man. For this is how he chooses to guide you, to meet with you and free you.

So, it comes down to thought and choice in the birthing times you are experiencing. The new energies of Earth are already being created – birthed. It began with the financial illusion. This was the beginning. There were too many living falsely, beyond their means, being tempted by those few who sought control and power of many.This not part of the plan. What you experience now is relase of this power. But also great joy. You could not experience the great joy, and the remembrance of your soul while you were held in financial control.

I, Jesus come forward to you now in patient love, forgiveness and also happiness. When I was last on your Earth, I asked many to turn from their homes and follow me. Many did as your history books portray. Those who chose to follow were filled with an essence of love and joy they had not known. They had not allowed themselves to know this new feeling. They had become chained in a daily existence of answering to others in control. Toiling for little financial gain. I showed a new way, as I am now.

Let it be known

That I Jesus say to each of you, I am within you. My “essence” through the Father God resides in your hearts. You seek outside of you. The answer has always lain within your most sacred chamber, the heart.

I tell you look within.

Look within with the eyes of forgiveness, as I do when I look at you. Look with the eyes of acceptance, as I do when I look at you. Look within as a friend as I do, when I look at you. Look within with compassion as I do when I look at you.

My friend love yourself as I love you, as God loves you. For this is the seed of great joy, great love, more than you can know. Nourish that seed of love, feed it each day, by being kind to yourself, and spreading that love and kindness you feel out to others you meet each day.

This is the seed of your New Earth, of what you call “the second coming”. You are the second coming. I ask you to honor the Father God through this sacred seed of love and kindness to yourself and your neighbor.

I greet you now in Light as I speak to you. It is I, Kuthumi. We have gathered here, my brothers and I in union. The joy we feel is not only of those energies as we join together, but for you also. We see the great potential you have to create in love and peace, and in union also. As we work and help one another, so now must you. Aggression in all it’s ugly forms must be set aside – purposely.

I say purposely for you need to be on guard. The Light is your sword and love your shield. Use them. Use them to turn away from fear and aggression.


It is time to be more aware, to think of which energy you choose to use. Which energy you choose to manifest to yourself and to others. We here, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Ra Mu and I Kuthumi, the White Brotherhood, the Light Council which we represent, we call you now to arms – to fight for your future of Light of love. We assist with the Photon Belt energies and the Golden Solar Discs of Light, but you must now fight. Use your sword of Light and shield of love to all. The time is upon you now. If you doubt why we come or the words we speak look around you, what do you see?

I tell you it is time now. The prize is great. The return home, to Gods arms, containing more love and joy than you can imagine. I have asked you before, and I ask again now “What do you choose my friend?” The choice can only be yours. You must choose. I say to you that you will be unable to sit on the fence much longer. For you will be lost – in lower energies, in space. Complacency has no place in the New Earth.

The Lunar eclipse at this time will challenge many. Darker aspects of ourselves may emerge. If you are experiencing a darker aspect, through angry words or those of others, remember the seed Jesus gave you. Remember your Soul Light. Use your shield of love to protect you from others angry words. Remember.


Adama* One world – One heart



Adama through Kata

Greetings to the Masters.

In this new linear chapter called 2009 it is a privilege to talk to you again.

Great changes are on the horizon. I could share my words about how important to stay in balance and keep your focus on your newly gained mastery. I could talk about how important will be this self mastery regarding all the upcomings. I could share the higher dimensional view about all that this year will bring and its great importance regarding the final phase of your preparations.

Yet, I’ve decided to do something different.

I want to take your hand and show you a place. I want to share a feeling that once was yours and on a cellular level you still hold the memories of it. I want you to come with me to a special place where your Mastery was not a question, the wisdom was yours with every breath you took and the way of seeing and living the reality was way beyond your recent ability to comprehend.


 I want you to take back to the Sacred Energy of ancient Lemuria. I am not pushing you to see a certain continent at a certain period of time, I leave it to your imagination and memories. I am here now to share with you this special emanation to help you to re experience the way of living as our ancestors did at that time, in the greatest harmony and balance with themselves and with the world around them. The way of living in Lemuria.

Connect your heart to our beloved Gaia and let the journey begin.
Take some deep breath. Start to feel our Love deeply in your heart and start to feel the energy flow that has started its pure emanation toward your hearts from the center of our own. You will get a special Hologram in your heart within seconds. This is the method of the future with the wisdom of the ancients, this is to show you a higher dimensional way of receiving images for experiencing our common reality on its self manifested and long forgotten perfection. Feel this hologram, feel its vibration and the intense light that is now creating. This hologram is expanding and its is all around you now. You are in the center of this living image, you are in the center of the sacred ancient energy of Lemuria. See its vivid colors, feel its divine energy. Continue with some deep breathing to ground yourself in this special hologram

I invite you to feel this place in ancient history when humans were able to live a now completely forgotten type of reality. Close to the higher dimensions, actually in constant connection with it. ONE WORLD, ONE HEART – that was the time in human history when living according to this divine wisdom was the most basic reality of us all. Everything that you perceived went through the heart first. The heart was the key to perceive reality and be conscious participant of creating it.

Living in Oneness is not a new type of teaching, it is actually the most ancient one. Being aware of your divine existence and acting according to this wisdom in every linear minute through your many lifetimes. All your thoughts, words, deeds belonged to the Master inside. You were a Master. You had a vast wisdom of EVERYTHING around you on a quantum level. Once in Human history this physical manifestation of Eden was yours. You still hold the memory, and your DNA still has this precious wisdom inside.

According to the universal rhythm of the light and the major changes which had to step in, duality came into your reality and all these light based love experiences had to fade away for a while.

Many people started to gain back the wisdom of those times, many tried to realize a new way of living inspired by those memories. Humanity was not ready for this re-membering, until now.

According to all the universal help, according to the light quotient has arrived to guide you through these very important period of time and according to your newly regained readiness in your heart, you are at the gate to re-experience this divine oneness. The time has arrived to re-experience all the wonders that the heart can manifest through conscious living in and through it. One method to get through is remembering. Your long dormant memories will help you realize your own divinity, and help you remember your Mastery.

We in the Higher Dimensions saved all the wisdom for you that had to fade away for a while from your 3d consciousness.

Your heart readiness is the key as I told you many times to gain back all these wisdom. Let this readiness be the key word for this very special time period called 2009. Do everything you can to listen to your heart, to listen the mastery within, to hear clearly what your higher self ready to share with you. She/he will start with the recollection of these memories. These precious memories and your reactivated DNA layers will remind you of the REAL YOU.

This year brings tremendous challenges to refine your readiness Try to find the living wisdom of Lemuria in your heart and you will find the way home.

Keep this hologram in your heart with the essence of sacred living in it. This is our gift to help you remember, to help you to be prepared.

Adama and the Lemurian Council of Twelve  


The Hathors* The Holon of Ascension


The Holon of Ascension
A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon
January 28, 2009

You are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of
extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards.

In March of last year we indicated that your earth’s magnetic
field was experiencing perturbations and a morphing, or
changing of its configuration. Your science has now
discovered that this is, in fact, a reality.

In its most simple terms, there is a breach in the
magnetosphere, which surrounds earth, protecting it from
solar winds. Such a breach is a naturally occurring cycle,
but the breadth and magnitude of this opening is quite large.
It is allowing, and will allow, large volumes of plasma from
the sun to enter. This will increase magnetic storms,
disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in
bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and
climate change. The results of this breach and the increased
charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next
several years.

Our focus in this communication is not upon the negative
impacts of this breach, but upon the positive effects it
opens for those who are ready.

Your subtle energy body, which was known as the KA by ancient
Egyptians and called the etheric body by Yogis, is highly
sensitive to, and affected by, solar plasma. An increase in
the flow and quality of solar streams increases the vibratory
rate of the KA body. This is a very beneficial and auspicious
opportunity for those who are consciously participating in
their ascension process. Let us be precise by what we mean by
the term ascension, because it has many different
connotations and ways of being viewed.

By ascension we simply mean a movement upward in
consciousness. You do not “go” anywhere. You do not “leave”
anywhere. But your perspective, your perception, is radically
altered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusion
of this world, which is created through the dance of
subatomic particles and into a configuration of what you call
matter. Through the ascension process you realize that you
are the creator of your experience of that which you call
“the world.” It does not mean that you leave this world, but
it does mean that you have transcended it–while still being
a part of it–for you see through the lens of perception that
life is a movie that you are projecting.

One could say that you are at a crossroads. As the solar
streams enter into your magnetosphere, the KA bodies of all
humans will increase in vibration. But for some, this will
lead to disturbances and dissolution, while for others it
will lead to ascension–a movement upward in consciousness.

This communication is specifically for those individuals who
have chosen the upward spiral. Your challenge in these times
is to allow the activation of your KA body to move you
upward, even as many around you seem to be spiraling
downward. It is, essentially, a question of vibration, joined
with expectation and belief. It is the union of these three
that births the creative impulse for a new destiny.

What do we mean by this?

It takes tremendous energy to transcend or transmute a
negative condition or a limitation that has been placed upon
one. You have been collectively hypnotized into a view of
reality that is fixed, confined, limiting, and nothing short
of imprisonment. When one sees through the lies and the
manipulations, the old world does not look the same and yet
the perception of the lies does not free one from them. They
have a life of their own and a tendency to continue. It takes
new energy–an increased vibratory rate–to overcome the
lethargy and inertia that are intrinsic to your cultural
limitations. This is the gift of the solar streams–the solar
plasma that is flowing and will flow in greater quantities
into your magnetosphere–for they will increase the vibratory
rate of your KA body.

But here is the “cross-hair”, shall we say, in “the sight” of
your destiny. For those of you who accept, or at least are
beginning to see through the lies of limitation that have
been imposed upon you and have made a choice to move upward
into the ascension process, this activation of the KA body is
a beautiful, exquisite miracle to behold, for your life will
be graced with the power to transcend your own limitations in
ways that have not been available to you before. It shall be
as if the cosmos itself is joining you in the dance of your

But for those who do not choose to live upward in
consciousness–who choose to remain imprisoned by the
limitations, who seek to blame others for their misfortune,
who choose to find scapegoats for their lack of happiness,
for those who insist upon living the old world of
conflict–this increased vibration of their KA body will not
be a blessing; it will be experienced as a curse. Because
they will have to work very hard to keep things the way they

The fabric of your old realities is being unwound at the same
time that new realities are being woven. This is, indeed, an
odd state. And what we wish to convey most clearly is that
you have the innate power and ability to weave new realities
for yourself, new freedoms of mind and spirit, regardless of
what is happening around you.

From our perspective, we see this situation escalating over
the next several years, and we would characterize it as a
dual state in which many of you will ascend, meaning moving
upward, while others will move into dissolution, a falling
apart. This is, essentially, based upon a personal choice.

This is a very important point, to us, and we wish to convey
it with as much clarity as possible. Each of you has the
response-ability to choose the thoughts and the creations you
desire. Some of you will choose freedom–because you cannot
stand being contained any longer–the lies are simply too
great a burden to perpetuate. Others of you will choose
imprisonment–for the fear of freedom and the responsibility
for personal choice is too much to bear.

This is a split in the road of evolution.

As your realities simultaneously dissolve and re-create
themselves, and by that we refer to the economic challenges
you are facing, and the ecological and social challenges you
are facing some of you may experience very difficult times.
But never lose sight of the fact that you are the creator of
your life, and you can re-create it at any moment, regardless
of the circumstances. Those who manipulate you do so through
fear and perpetuation of cultural limitations–the belief
that your life is dependent upon certain external factors.

What you will discover in the ascension process is that these
external factors are actually projections from your own
deepest consciousness. They are flickers on a movie screen,
and you can change them in mind-bending quickness when you
change them from the source rather than the effect, and the
source is your very mind itself. The mystery of how this
occurs reveals itself to you in the ascension process, as
naturally as an orchid opening its blossoms. It is imbedded
in nature itself, and this knowledge is self-revealing as you
enter the path upward. We have said in previous
communications that one of the keys is what you call
appreciation or gratitude. These states of emotion are a
signature and an expression of the creative powers you
possess. What we mean by this will be clear to you as you
move into the ascension process.

In future communications we intend to discuss the
interdimensional physics of appreciation and how it affects
your external reality. But in this communication we wish to
give you a tool we feel will assist you in this period over
the next several years, as the solar streams enter the
magnetosphere and begin to stimulate your KA bodies.

There are a few fundamental points we wish to impart before
we give the technique.

The first fundamental is that you must have made the choice
to move upward in consciousness for this technique to work.
The intention by which you hold your KA imparts the outcome.

The second point is that you need to be in the emotional
state of appreciation when you do this method, because
appreciation is the signature for this kind of creation.

The third point is that this is based upon a connection
between the KA–your etheric body–and a higher aspect of
yourself, dimensionally speaking, that was known as the BA by
the ancient Egyptians. The BA resides in a place of
consciousness that is outside time and space, as you
construct it.

It’s entry point is at a place above the head where your
hands would meet were you to raise your hands together and
touch them above your head. This interdimensional aspect of
your self, the BA, is highly receptive to appreciation. And
it is from the BA that you receive the energetic that
strengthens the KA and prepares it for the influx of the
solar streams.

We call this method the Holon of Ascension. Like the two
previous Holons we have given, the Holon of Balance and the
Holon of Healing, it is based upon a specific geometric form.
Geometry compels energy and specific geometries compel energy
to flow in specific ways.

This particular Holon is based upon a disc. It is much like a
top, if you played with such toys as a child. You place
yourself inside this disc. The top of the disc corresponds
with the location of the BA, where your two hands would touch
were you to extend them above your head. The lower part of
the disc is the base of your spine if you were to sit
cross-legged. If you do this standing or sitting in a chair,
then your feet would be at the base of the disc. The center
line that goes through the top of the head, through your
body, and through the perineum is the central axis of the

In your imagination, you spin the disc around the central
axis. For most people the natural direction would be to spin
it to the right, but it can be to the left–which ever feels
right to you is the correct direction. The size or diameter
of the disc is immaterial. You can make it as large or as
small as you wish. The color of the disc also does not
matter, but if you are a visual person, then we suggest
experimenting with making the disc white. This movement of
the disc in the imaginal world… the world of your
imagination…creates a vortex.

Once you start the disc to spin, your attention goes to the
BA above your head and you send appreciation to the BA–the
feeling of appreciation. There will be response of some kind
from the celestial soul, the BA.

At this point you move your awareness to the base of your
spine, to the root chakra, as this is the ground that pulls
the celestial energy into the KA body. Then, for the next
five to ten minutes, you simply reside inside the disc,
allowing it to spin with your awareness at your BA and at the
base of your spine. There will be a flow of energy from the
BA into the physical body and down to the base of the spine.
At times it will be a very light sensation. At other times it
will be like a laser light or a column of fire or a stream.
It may take many forms.

And as this energy descends from the BA into the base of the
spine, it radiates into the KA body, energizing it. You can
do this as many times as you wish. We suggest at least once a
day. There is a caution: if you practice this too often, or
for too long a period of time, you can experience a healing
reaction. This is caused by the celestial energies flowing
from the KA into the physical organs of the body and causing
them to release negativity, toxins and other negative
material that constrains their life force. As the KA body
becomes more energized over a period of time, it will be able
to incorporate the solarized particles from the solar stream
and this will greatly accelerate your ascension. This is the
basic method. And as we suggested, once a day, five to ten
minutes is all that is required, so long as your intention is
clearly to move upward in consciousness.

We now wish to turn our attention to planetary service and to
an energetic release we are calling The Great Triad.

The first weekend of April (April 3-5, 2009) we are
calling a gathering in Seattle, Washington in which we will
utilize the Holon we have just discussed and in connection
with the three sound temples that we established physically
in New Mexico, Costa Rica and Nepal. The union of these three
shall be for the purpose of increasing the light of

Before this event, some time in mid-March, we will release
another posting, another Planetary Message, with instructions
for those who are not able to join us physically in Seattle.
These instructions will allow those persons who cannot join
us physically, to join us energetically and participate in
this action of planetary service.

From the standpoint of the Egyptian mythos and initiatory
knowledge, your civilization is in the Initiation of the
Anmit, which is essentially a passage from the pursuit of
power, into love, and the higher realizations that come from
the higher chakras. It is a struggle between those who wish
to perpetuate a world of conflict, as a stage whereby they
can attain and sustain power, and those who wish to live a
life of cooperation–understanding that all life is

The purpose of this gathering shall be two-fold: to impart a
greater mastery of the Holon we have discussed and how to
utilize the solar streams for personal ascension; and to
release into the earth’s emotional atmosphere a spiritual
illumination that will benefit all life and add to the side
of the scale that leads to cooperation over conflict.

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Tom’s Observations Regarding the Holon of Ascension

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On March 24, 2008, The Hathors released a planetary message
entitled Earth’s Magnetic Field, in which they said that the
earth’s magnetic field was going through a perturbation and
morphing (see the Hathor Archives for original posting).

In December 2008, NASA announced that the Themis
Project had detected a massive breach in the earth’s magnetic
field, and that in the near future this would allow large
amounts of solar plasma to enter the earth’s magnetosphere.
The magnetosphere protects earth from solar storms and the
solar wind (plasma). But with the breach, scientists predict
an increase in magnetic storms over the next few years. Such
storms often impact telecommunications, which should prove to
be “interesting” for a culture increasingly dependent upon
such forms of communication (including the internet). To see
the NASA report yourself, just go to– and type
the word Themis in the search window. When that page comes
up, you can click on Mission News.

I personally breathe a sign of relief when science validates
something the Hathors have given, and I must say it seems to
happen with remarkable frequency.

There are several things I find of interest in this current
message. The most prominent is the statement by the Hathors
that the increase of plasma in the magnetosphere will
increase the vibratory rate of the KA body.

With this type of information, we are, of course, leaving
science far behind us and entering a world of perception I
personally call, “woo-woo.” By woo-woo, I mean non-ordinary
perception (especially of the psychic variety). Personally, I
think it is possible to accommodate both logic and woo-woo,
as long as we keep our wits about us and the edges between
them crisp. Thus whenever possible, I like to draw a clear
line in the sand between what is science and what is woo-woo.
And we are definitely over the line with this latest message.

The KA

The KA body was known and utilized by ancient Egyptian
alchemists. It is sometimes called the etheric twin and
sometimes the spiritual double. It has the same size and
shape as your physical body (called the Khat by the ancient
Egyptians), but it is an energy-body. It is not made of flesh
and blood, but is, instead, well, made up of energy, or
mostly energy. If the KA has any mass at all, it would seem
to have very little. I have been experimenting with the KA in
meditative states for over two decades now, and it seems to
possess a host of interesting abilities. Some of these
abilities are due to its inherent nature, in that it appears
to obey the laws of quantum mechanics and not Newtonian
physics. This opens a door to a fascinating array of
non-ordinary phenomena.


According to the ancient Egyptian alchemical knowledge (as I
interpret and understand it), the KA is crucial to the process
of ascension. As the Hathors make clear in their message,
ascension is about a movement upward in consciousness–an
expansion of awareness. It is not about leaving the world or
going anywhere. When one is in the process of ascension one is
both living in, and transcending the world at the same time.

Ascension vs. Dissolution

Another point I found of importance is the idea that we are
entering a period of both potential ascension and/or potential
dissolution simultaneously. The strain of moving beyond our
culturally imprinted limitations can often be downright
exhausting for many of us. And the news is increasingly full of
stories about people who have flipped out, to use a good sixties
term. Today as I write this, I read an account of a man and wife
who both lost their jobs and, as a result, decided to kill
themselves and their five children.

I fear that such mental instability will be on the rise, and
the Hathors urge us to realize that we have both the innate
ability and the response-ability to live upward (ascension),
even if those around us are breaking apart (dissolution).

The Holon of Ascension

The fundamental tool or inner technology the Hathors are
offering us in this message is a specific type of Holon that
strengthens the KA to withstand the mounting energetic
pressures and to assist us through the ascension process.

For those who are new to the idea of Holons, I would strongly
suggest you go to our website click on the messages dealing with
both the Holon of Balance and the Holon of Healing. These two
geometric forms are highly beneficial and quite easy to utilize.

The Holon of Ascension is a little more complicated affair
than the other two Holons given by the Hathors. This is
because it coordinates the creation of an imagined geometry,
in tandem with an emotional state (appreciation), and the
direction of an energetic flow within the KA.

As the saying goes–a picture is worth a thousand words–so
the first thing I would like to share with you is a little
drawing of the geometry and a point-by-point description of
the process.

The Geometry

Do realize that I am retarded when it comes to artistic ability,
so do your best to transcend my personal limitations when it
comes to drawing things.

Nevertheless, you will note in the diagram below that there is
a human figure (you) sitting inside a disc. You will see two
dotted lines that go up from the shoulders to a point above the
head (the BA point). The dotted lines represent your arms if you
were to extend your hands above your head. Where your hands
would touch is the location of the BA point. This is also,
you will note, the top of the disc.

[ To view image: ]

In this diagram, the figure is sitting cross-legged, which
means that your rump will be at the bottom of the disc.
Please note that there is no requirement to sit cross-legged
when doing this. If sitting in a chair is more comfortable, then
the base of the disc would be at your feet. This would also be
true if you chose to do the Holon standing up.

The size of the disc is personal preference. You can have a
short stubby one or an elongated, elegant one. Personally, I
make the radius of my disc about 25 feet in diameter, giving
it a total diameter of 50 feet across. I also imagine it to
be a luminescent white color, but there is no need to make it
any particular color, or even to see it in your mind at all.
Just sense this disc in whatever ways feel natural to you.
Looking at the disc from above or from below, it would, of
course, appear as a circle.

After you establish the disc in your imagination, start to
spin it around the central axis (which passes through the
crown at the top of your head, through the center of your
body and out the perineum–a point midway between your
genitals and your anus). I usually spin mine in a clockwise
direction and change it from time to time for variety sake.
Most people, according to the Hathors, will naturally spin it
clockwise. But spin the disc in the direction that feels
right to you. This spinning motion sets up an energetic
vortex in the subtle realms and facilitates the movement of
celestial energies from the BA into the KA.

Once you have a sense that the imagined disc is spinning, you
are ready for the next step.

Move your attention to the BA point (above your head at the
top of the disc). Direct feelings of appreciation or
gratitude to the BA, as this opens the gate for the flow of
celestial energies. It is the actual feeling of appreciation
or gratitude, not the thought of appreciation that activates
the flow from the BA.

As you continue to send appreciation/gratitude to the BA, you
will sense a downward movement of energy from the BA in
response. It could take a few moments for this response to
occur or longer, if you are new to sensing subtle energies.
But eventually you will feel a response from the BA to your
directed appreciation. When this occurs, move your attention
to the base of the spine.

Energy follows awareness. As you move your awareness to the
base of your spine, the flow of celestial energy from the BA
will move down to the root chakra where it is grounded into
the KA. At this point, all you do is to rest inside the
spinning disc while keeping your awareness at the BA point
above your head and the root chakra at the base of your
spine. Allow yourself to sense and feel the movement of
celestial energy into your root and from there out into your
KA body. When your mind wanders, just bring your attention
back to the spinning disc and the connection between the BA
and your root. If your attention wanders off too long, the
flow of energy will stop. If this happens, just re-send
feelings of appreciation up to the BA, as you did when you
started. As the flow starts up again, keep your attention on
the BA, your root, and the spinning disc.

The Flow

As the flow of celestial energy from the BA to the root chakra
proceeds, it is important to realize that it is this flow that
is feeding the KA body. The root chakra is used to anchor the
energy, but the energy, itself, moves in various forms
throughout the KA strengthening, revitalizing and raising the
vibratory rate of the KA body.

My personal experience of this flow from the BA into the root
chakra takes many different forms at different times,
depending upon–I think–the state of my own energy system
and my mood at the time I actually do the meditation.

Sometimes the flow is very gentle, barely perceptible. At
other times it is like an intense laser beam of light pulsing
energy from the BA into my root and then throughout my entire
KA body. Sometimes it takes the form of a swirling pillar of
etheric fire that funnels down from my BA into the root and
pulses energy and light throughout the KA from the column of
fire itself. And at times, it is a stream of liquid-gold
light that moves down from the BA. In all cases, there are
distinct physical sensations of intensification, but in
varying degrees. I suspect that each person practicing this
will have his or her own variations of experience.

I do find, incredibly, that five to ten minutes, as the
Hathors suggest, is all that is needed to charge my KA body.
And there are, at times, wonderful experiences of the
celestial energy over-flowing from the KA into my physical
body (the KHAT). When this happens, I feel that life force is
being imparted to my physical organs.

I have also experimented with extending the meditation time
up to twenty-minutes as of this writing, and I can report
that I sometimes experience a cleansing reaction about
fifteen minutes into it–just as the Hathors discussed. This
isn’t always the case, but often enough that I feel I should
mention it. I imagine that this type of reaction would occur
at different times for different people based upon many
factors, so I am not implying, in any way, that you will
experience a cleansing reaction during the meditation if you
extend it beyond ten minutes–just reporting that I sometimes

Such reactions are a result of spiritual and/or physical
detoxification, since, in this model of energy, certain types
of thoughts and emotions have toxic qualities. And if the
incoming high-vibratory energy of the BA is brought into the
KA body long enough, it will cause the body to begin releasing
these types of toxic elements. Such releases are not
dangerous, but they can be difficult to contend with since
they could include such things as nausea, headaches, other
bodily aches, and a sudden unexpected flood of mental and/or
emotional garbage.

My suggestion to those undertaking this remarkable Holon is
to find your comfort zone. Start with five minutes. See what
happens. Then slowly increase the time.

For you overachievers and obsessive-types (me included),
remember that this Holon is not a marathon. Doing more does
not necessarily give you greater results. The goal is to
charge the KA body, not fry its ass. So be temperate.
Moderation is not the same as mediocrity in this case. As you
continue to work with the Holon, you will find your natural
comfort zone emerging. Perhaps it will be more than ten
minutes, or perhaps less. Whatever it is, entering into this
meditation once a day will bring you highly beneficial

Using Music

I have experimented with this Holon both in silence and while
listening to psychoacoustic music designed to deepen altered
states. There are times when I honestly prefer to do the
meditation in pure silence, without any auditory input.

It is nice to feel the energies moving within the KA and
psychically hear the internal sounds they generate without
outside “interference.” At other times, I find listening to
psychoacoustic music very supportive, and it often intensifies
the experience. For me it is a matter of mood. Do I want silence
or do I want to ride the waves of psychoacoustic sound to
amplify the experience? If you choose to experiment with music,
I suggest you listen to something that makes you feel relaxed
and turns your awareness inward.

Since I know many people will ask me what my preference is,
here it is. If I choose music, I like listening to “Lightship”
or “Infinite Pool” while engaging this Holon. They intensify
the experience the most. I have also found “Wave Form” and “Wave
Form II” to be supportive of the experience in a more gentle

Final Thoughts

If the Hathors are correct that increased plasma activity in the
magnetosphere will charge and activate our KA bodies, then we
are in for a heck of a ride in the coming years. Despite the
immense challenges facing us on so many fronts, this time is
also an immense opportunity–an opportunity for unprecedented
spiritual evolution. I stand facing the future with both
trepidation and a sense of excitement, the likes of which I have
never seen before. May your chosen path through these times lead
you upward, and may your days be filled with a great light, a
great life and great laughter.

Tom Kenyon

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who wish to participate in The Great Triad from a distance.
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