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Yeshua/Sananda – Home Within The Heart of God


By Sananda/Yeshua

via Dhyana Markley

May 23, 2008

I AM Sananda, also known to many as Yeshua.  Today I would like to speak about HOME… not the dwelling place in which you reside in your physical body or even Mother Earth, but your true HOME, Within the Heart of GOD.

HOME is a feeling, an emotion that is perhaps the strongest one you will ever have.  It causes you to move forward when all you see before you is darkness, unknowingness of what is yet to come. 

HOME is where all Souls were made a part of God and where all Souls will return when their adventure is complete.

Let us start at the beginning.  In the beginning Sugmad, known by some as the All That Is or GOD, decided to create an experiment in Free Will… Unlimited Free Will.  This had never been done before in quite this way.  When it had been tried before, the beings upon many worlds ended up destroying themselves and their worlds because they lost access to their Soul Light in their downward spiral and could not find it again within themselves so that they could save themselves from destruction.  The result was that Free Will was limited a bit so that things wouldn’t get out of control, become so destructive and eliminate eons worth of work.

When a Planet, Solar System or Galaxy was lost to darkness  and destruction, this felt like a great failure to the Sugmads of the various Universes.  They had not yet figured out a way to solve this particular problem.

However, in THIS Universe, our Sugmad had great faith in his creations and made sure that they were well prepared before they descended into the lower worlds to work on this new challenge… Unlimited Free Will.

Our Sugmad also invited many higher beings to work more directly with those who were to “forget” who they truly are and gave them a large piece of ITs Soul, all for the challenge of obtaining greater knowledge about the aspects of duality and the subtleties of the Light and Dark forces.

Great planning went into the creation of this new Universe, numbered Seven in this Multi-Universe.

Sugmad (All That Is or GOD), Creator Source (Sat Nam) and Creator God (Christ Michael) worked together for what to you would be considered eons, ages, or even eternity, until they felt that they had thought through ALL possibilities, ALL details that pertained to their joint venture… our known Universe and our fall into Unlimited Free Will.

Great and experienced Souls from other Universes were invited to join in on this great, never before experienced adventure.  Yes, everyone knew there would be great challenges, great dangers, pain and anguish, but heroic Souls volunteered in huge masses to serve as the foundation for the project.  Later more masses of individuals volunteered or were created by Christ Michael and each given a spark of ITself.

The Souls from other Universes, passed through our Sugmad and took on a Soul fragment from IT, so that It would be connected to IT, our ultimate GOD, for the entire experiment.

All bodies then created by Christ Michael were given Soul fragments from IT.  Some of these bodies that live closer to Sugmad and have greater responsibilities, were given larger Soul fragments.  Some of them also were to oversee groups of individual beings, known to some as animals, plant species, and the like, where not every individual would need a personal Soul fragment to fulfill their purpose for creation.

Creator Source or Sat Nam was also actively involved in this part of the process.  IT stepped down the vibrations of the Soul fragments to a degree that they would match Creator God or Christ Michael’s ability to create the final creations for the worlds or dimensions upon and below the Fifth Plane.

Sat Nam is responsible for the worlds or dimensions from the Sixth Plane to the Twelfth.  Above that Sugmad (Seven) is in charge.

Your Christ Michael is a remarkable being.  Since Michael is usually considered a male name, I will call him “HE”.  However, HE is beyond male or female and only takes on the appearance of one or the other, according to his desire and need to accomplish a task.

On many planets and worlds there is not much diversity.  They were created to provide the opportunities for experiences that are much different from that of your Earth, Mother Earth.

Lady Gaia is known as a “Seed Planet”.  That means that there is great diversity upon and within her that can and does provide “seed” individuals, whether they be human, animal, plant or stone, water, air, land, even fire.  There are also microorganisms here that are very rare.  They could not survive on most other planets.  This is one of the major reasons why Mother Earth will not be allowed to die, but will be aided in her healing to once again become the paradise that is her destiny.

Once you can prove to yourselves and Christ Michael that you can be good stewards of your planet, then you will be allowed and even encouraged to share all of the knowledge that you have learned here with the entire Universe.

You will all ascended in consciousness, if that is your choice, and be that much closer to your HOME, Within the Heart of GOD.

HOME will still be a bit beyond your grasp until you fully unite with your Twin Flames and then your Twin Ray.  Once that occurs you will be ready and able to be reabsorbed by Sugmad and either stay with IT in another position of responsibility or move on to another Universe and the needs of another Sugmad or to become one yourself.  One always has a choice in all matters.

There are examples found in various writings of what it is like to rest within the Heart of GOD, the Heart of Sugmad and even the Combined Hearts of Sugmad, Sat Nam and Christ Michael.  To me, it is BLISS… sheer bliss, the kind of ecstatic state that is difficult to leave for any reason. 

However, each Soul is motivated to serve out of love for The All That Is, so the best anyone can do is to bring as much of those feelings of love and bliss that are found in the Heart of GOD into their everyday life.

In the higher worlds that many of you call Heaven, the inhabitants of those worlds are able to do this to an ever greater degree as they too continue their ascent into the ever higher vibrating worlds.

I will ask that Dhyana create a technique for you today entitled,  RESTING WITHIN THE HEART OF GOD so that you might be able to experience this love and bliss if you have not already done so.

I will see you HOME.  I AM Sananda.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~


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