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AA Michael* LM-9-2009 Keepers of the violet flame





Beloved masters, humanity is in a cosmic moment of opportunity. The Violet Flame of transformation and purification, through the radiance of beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, under the direction of St. Germain along with his Twin Flame, Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice, is being showered down upon the Earth and humanity to assist in these unprecedented times of ascension/evolution. The purifying vibrational patterns of the Violet Flame will greatly increase in strength over the coming years as more and more advanced Souls learn how to harness and project its magical, transformative properties. The Seventh Ray of ceremonial order, freedom, redemption, purification, ritual and organization will be the Over-Lighting Ray for these next 2000 years as the Earth spirals into a closer orbit in relation to the sun of this solar system.

The First Ray of Divine Will / Power / Purpose will be the second most important / active Ray for the next cycle of 2000 years. The Violet Flame of the Seventh Ray will accelerate the transformation process by returning discordant vibrational patterns to neutral Light substance so that, through your loving, conscious intention, you can return to balance and harmony within your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Once this is accomplished, you will more easily become true cocreators of beauty, abundance, joy and peaceful coexistence on Earth. You are to seek personal ascension; however, you must also assist your brothers and sisters and the Earth to evolve and ascend as well.

The blessed Jesus was the director of the last 2,000 year cycle as Archangel Uriel and Lady Grace Over-Lighted the Earth with the qualities and attributes of the Sixth Ray: mercy, grace and forgiveness. This is also the Ray of peace, tranquility and devotional worship, and it is the Ray that the beloved Jeshua /Jesus anchored on Earth by incarnating in a physical vessel in preparation for the ascension of humanity and the Earth. His beautiful, loving Over-Lighting Essence is ever-present to assist humanity in these times of great change. He is, as we are, here to assist you on this journey toward wholeness (holiness); for ascension into the Light and the return to a higher level of God-Consciousness is the ultimate goal of every human Being whether he/she is aware of it or not.

At the turn of the TWENTIETH CENTURY a Divine dispensation was declared, and the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, St. Germain, was allowed to bring forth the mystery teachings of the Seventh Ray / Violet Flame. Before that time, just as with the advanced teachings we are now bringing forth unto the masses, the knowledge of the Violet Flame and its Divine Alchemical properties was reserved for the Ascended Masters and their chosen disciples. Advanced Souls called “Chelas” were recruited and the I AM Teachings were conveyed to qualified teachers. Invocations / decrees were taught to the students who expressed an interest and for several years the number of devotees grew; however, they could not keep up the momentum, and interest in decreeing gradually waned until it faded completely from the consciousness of all but a few of the faithful.

What was called “decreeing” in the past is now called “affirmations:” however, the results are more dramatic, for you have been given even more advanced Sacred Wisdom teachings. When you have the ability to draw forth (magnetize to you) the Adamantine Particles of Creator Consciousness, of which the Violet Flame is a component, you have at your disposal the Full Spectrum of the Light components of manifestation. When you bring forth a powerful thought form via affirmations and breathe/radiate that thought out into the world of form, you magnetize to you the elements needed to manifest that thought form in its material expression.

The Violet Flame will also accelerate the vibrational frequencies of the components of any discordant patterns of thought so that they can be dislodged and purified by the Sacred Flame. Faith, perseverance and forgiveness of yourself and others are an important part of the accelerated transformational process. Beloveds, you will be performing a great service if you will make it a practice to consciously see this blessed energy blazing up from beneath your feet around you, and then radiating out in a ever-widening circle, as you join other dedicated Souls in helping to lift the consciousness of humanity back into the frequencies of Love/Light. As you draw forth and radiate the Divine Essence of the Creator, you will help spread this wondrous transforming Light, which will facilitate in the healing of the Earth and humanity.

If you have been following our teachings for some time, you are aware that before you began your journey out into the Universe, you were given a Divine Mission. That mission included an assortment of tasks or lesser missions, and you were also offered many other opportunities as your expertise in manifestation increased and you became accustomed to the great diversity in form and expression. As Star Seed, those of you who answered the clarion call, which ultimately placed you in a physical body on Earth at this time, were taken to a star system in a galaxy that is composed of pure Amethyst Crystalline Energy of the VIOLET FLAME. There in the Celestial Amethyst Hall, and from the Amethyst Throne, Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst accepted your vow to become a KEEPER OF THE VIOLET FLAME. A Seed Atom, which contains the vibrational frequencies of the Violet Flame, was placed within your Sacred Heart. The Violet Flame contains the vibrational patterns of the love and compassion of our Mother God, as well as the frequencies of forgiveness and transformation. It also contains Adamantine Particles of Love/Light which are offered as a gift, a Divine dispensation; however, they must be activated by the frequencies of a loving, compassionate heart.

As this Seed Atom is activated, the facet of your Diamond Core God Cell that carries the vibrational patterns of the Violet Flame will blaze forth into your auric field and will enhance the activation of your ascending MER-KI-VAH Vehicle of Light. As a Keeper of the Violet Flame, you are also to actively send forth the gift of the Violet Flame to those you are led to assist, as well as out into the world-at-large. The MER-KI-VAH Vehicle of Light and the Violet Flame are instrumental in the process of ascension. The Violet Flame removes discordant vibrational patterns so that your MER-KI-VAH Vehicle of Light can more quickly expand and grow in radiance.

As I have explained during some of the visits to this Sacred Site in the past, when humanity first inhabited the Earth, Lake Tahoe was not filled with water; it was an inverted Pyramid with a gigantic quartz crystal cluster at the bottom. This inverted Pyramid was/is Over-Lighted by the vibrational frequencies of our Mother God and was/is a receiver of Love/Light Energy. Some of the spires of this exquisite cluster extended several hundred feet into the air, for they were programmed to be receivers of information from the higher realms. Mt Shasta was/is Over-Lighted by the masculine attributes of our Father God, and was/is a conveyer of information and energy from the Earth back into the Realms of Light.

There was a wondrous Crystal cave at the north end of the inverted Pyramid, and within this cave was placed a enormous Amethyst cluster. In the center of this beautiful cluster was a fountain containing one of the most magnificent Violet Flames on Earth. Many Star Seeds (old Souls) who came to Earth during the early times of inhabitation were Guardians of that Temple of the Violet Flame. The Crystal cluster is still there, as is the Amethyst cluster, while the Violet Flame is encased in a protective sphere of God Light. There is also a larger protective sphere around the great Crystal cluster as well as over the entrance to the cave, and all are buried beneath many feet of silt and rocks.

Beloveds, the time has come to divulge more of the complex design of the universe so that you will better understand the magnificence of your home among the stars. No, you do not have one specific home location, for you are a citizen of the Universe. You, the Star Seed, have helped to create many wondrous planets and galaxies, and that is why you have been given such an important part to play in the future expansion of this Universe. You have often heard the sayings: “As above, so below,” and “The microcosm is representative of the Macrocosm.” We have spoken before about the new Golden Galaxy that is in the formative stages; however, we have not elaborated on the Galaxies of the Rays and their function in this Universe. A Galaxy was created specifically for each of the twelve Rays of God-Consciousness; and, although the frequencies and colors of the other eleven Rays are also represented within each galactic structure, the colors and frequencies of each galaxy are predominately those of the Ray it represents. The galaxy of the Seventh Ray is composed primarily of Amethyst Crystals from the deepest purple to the palest violet. It is the home base of Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Lady Amethyst, and from their Amethyst Throne within the great Celestial Amethyst Hall they send forth their great Rays of Refracted Creator Light to the multitude of Great Central Suns throughout the Universe. These galaxies are the chakra system for the universe and contain a high concentration of the vibrational frequencies which each Ray represents. These galaxies could be called universal storehouses of Divine Creator Light. When it is time for a particular Ray to take a predominant role in a particular quadrant of the Universe, our Father / Mother God radiates a greater amount of that Ray to its Galactic Center so that the Archangels of that Ray can radiate more of the attributes, qualities and virtues of God-Consciousness to the designated galaxies, solar systems, planets and to you and all sentient Beings.

Beloveds, we know some of the concepts we relay to you can be very confusing. However, as you expand in consciousness and wisdom, your Sacred Mind will open the well-spring of knowledge you have in reserve, and you will remember and understand. I am with you always. I AM Archangel Michael.


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AA Metatron* Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love


Emerging from the Cocoon, Embracing Divine Love

The dimensional divide that we spoke of in earlier transmissions is
becoming increasingly more apparent since the most recent and
monumental global shift. This shift precipitated a marked lift in
consciousness that catapulted those with the light quotient required
to sufficiently handle and maintain a stable force field in these
rapidly flowing higher dimensional energies to the level of divine

Timelines continue to merge and new holographic reality systems are
filtering through varying vibrational vortexes to support the many
levels of consciousness that will inhabit the new earth. Those who
held contracts to serve as the warriors, path-pavers and way-showers
are approaching clear remembrance…the awareness and certainty of
their connection to Source first through extraordinary clarity of
thought, unwavering focus, increasing present-centered perception, and
the ability to hold and maintain mental and emotional balance.

This dimensional shift in the more fluid energy supply systems (upper
chakras) will also be responsible for precipitating the shift in your
physical bodies and material lives. Those who held the conscious
awareness of being a forerunner are now beginning to understand, to
feel and to know divine truth in very visceral ways. Those who had
little or no awareness that they were also an integral part of this
division are likewise awakening to this vivid realization.

We assure you that in the moments to follow, any remaining doubt of
purpose will miraculously vanish as if it never before existed and all
who have duly prepared their lives and bodies for this new way of
being are now beginning to attract the energy and resources necessary
to live a fulfilling life.

In this, know that there are also those of you who have recently
activated your divine blueprints, joined the forward march in your
personal ascension journeys and who will continue clearing and
restructuring your lives and bodies to handle the frequencies now
available to each and every one of you.

For those of you who are experiencing the increasing vibrations in
adverse ways, we would like to remind you that only resistance causes
suffering. Surrender yourself completely to what is and you will be
free to experience whats next on the upward spiral of your personal
evolution. When you hold on to fear, doubt, uncertainty or
frustration, conflict ensues. Any lingering feelings of strife must be
released in every now moment to make way for more love, more light,
more joy, more creativity, more laughter, more freedom and more

In these rapidly moving energies, it is vital to realize that you have
increasing power in each moment to shift your perspective to a place
of peace. Release what was, embrace what is, and know that what will
be is always your choosing. You are the creator of your reality.

Implementing the Divine Plan

Before long, those of you of like-vibration will come together in soul
reunion to make and establish the structure and laws of a new land. It
will be those beings of extraordinary light who will begin to
implement the physical creations required to lift the planet and her
people to a state of grace.

Beloved warriors, there is a dynamic and multidimensional playing
field that is opening up for you to explore. The height of your
creative imagination will begin to soar as never before and you may
find that arbitrary moments of bliss overcome you in an instant. These
increasing levels of electromagnetic energy will wash over each
grounded and clear vessel of divine love as waves of joy and
inspiration that consequently fill you up and tantalize your newly
developed senses as you become whole again, satiated, and fulfilled in
deeper and more profound ways.

This wholeness is here with you now, within your reach, and we
encourage you to focus on and feel the entrance of divine love enter
your lives and bodies. Be astute, for everything in your reality will
soon shift to serve you, so much so that you may not even recognize
the clothes you wear! As the true you, the authentic you, bleeds
through your new self-created hologram, you will change in ways you
never dreamed so.

Embrace these changes with a full heart, for you are becoming
multidimensional beings of light capable to simultaneously express a
multitude of divine gifts.

Are you beginning to understand the level of joy that you are coming
to know?

We assure you that as you begin to work with these new aspects of your
dormant creative self, you will float on a new timeline that will
serve to enable you to experience and express each of your gifts and
all of your desires.

We realize that until now it has been a great frustration for the
birthing leaders of a new paradigm to be stifled in their expression,
unable to match the biological ability to uphold such frequencies. Now
however, your biology is coded and suited to match your lofty
vibrations and you will finally have sufficient endurance to withstand
the flow of vitality that courses through you.

Beloved friends, know that as you don your new robes of honor, you
will be heralded as the joyous ones…the ones many flock to…the
ones who carry the pure light of home in every cell, every word, every
gesture, every deed, every resonant laugh that you release in pure

We share this with you so that you may feel safe to accept these good
feelings into your lives and bodies, that you feel the warm embrace of
your true home, and that you emerge from your cocoon with the
confidence that you can fly.

Your tour of duty has expired. You are here to serve no longer. Your
only role now will be to create and live the lives you’ve dreamed of!

Take this time of remaining stillness to tidy up your affairs for soon
you will be moving at rates that would seem alarming to the old you.

We say this not to distress you, but to excite you for surely there
will always be time for relaxation, peace, joy and laughter in your
new world. In fact, your point of perception has shifted to include
this level of love in all you do, for surely it is all you are.

We look forward to your true expressions and grand creations of new

Together with the lighted councils from home and in service to the
One, I am Metatron.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at


Copyright © 2009 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this
transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in
tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is
distributed freely.



Kryonschool* The Journey with Your Aspects



Public Channeling of August 5, 2009





Prior explanations:

Sabine Sangitar: Your Aspects and the Journey



Kryon: The Journey with Your Aspects



Soul is an all-embracing word for many things. It comprises everything that you are. In the real sense, however, the soul is your merkabah. The fewest people know this. The merkabah consists of 18 aspects. These 18 aspects keep the merkabah alive. They carry and expand the merkabah, though this does not mean that all 18 aspects are awakened. Most of those aspects are asleep. It is similar to the personal group of angels or the expansion during the awakening. It is only certain aspects which are actually awakened and also active. If all 18 aspects of your merkabah were active you would be able to travel with your merkabah and work in a completely different way. Sai Baba, for example, works with his 18 aspects. In 1987 three of the 18 aspects of the human beings were awakened to life, this was the first Light Body level. It is similar to the expansion of the Light Body. One can awaken certain aspects of the lower region very quickly and the higher aspects are more difficult to awaken.


God himself has 21 aspects. God in the Source lives with 21 active aspects. Each being in the universe also has 21 aspects. Human beings come to Earth with 18 aspects, three aspects remain in the universe. The further you stride on in your awakening, the further you expand yourself and the more aware you become, the more aspects activate.


The spiritual world says that when a human being awakens 9 aspects are active. If you were to travel with 9 aspects you would lose consciousness. In the normal waking state this is not possible. With many Pioneers 12 aspects are awakened already, sometimes even 13. After that it gets difficult to awaken further aspects.


After the ascension the energy has transformed itself and the new energy will be completely effective. This means that 12 aspects are activated with all human beings then. For your understanding, the Arcturians had 12 active aspects before their ascension. Now it is 15. From the 15th aspect it is hardly possible to awaken further aspects. This example clearly shows that in the beginning it is easy to awaken aspects, but towards the end becomes very difficult.


The spiritual world says that the active, alive aspects send impulses of yearning to the sleeping aspects (your soul so to speak). This yearning that you feel in your soul serves development. It comes from the Divine Reality. Yearning is not a characteristic which springs from the duality. The angels also bear this yearning within because they want to develop themselves further towards the Divine Thought Field. With Melek Metatron, Shakti and Jesus 20 aspects are active.


I found it very interesting that when channelling Melek Metatron these 20 active aspects also come through. Kryon bears 18 aspects and during the walk-in 17 of my aspects are exchanged and 17 other aspects brought in. One aspect remains in the body otherwise I would die.


Depending on how far you develop yourself and how aware you are of yourself these living, active aspects constantly send you impulses of yearning. This means that they are always in contact with your merkabah, your soul. All messages and impulses which you receive through your souls, through your light, contribute to it that these aspects can activate themselves.


Also interesting for me was the information that at the Kryon Festival one year ago one of these aspects was awakened during the transmission of the Jesus-Drops. I did not know this either at the time and depending on how much you occupy yourself with this Jesus-Drop this aspect which was awakened sends impulses to the other aspects.


It is of great importance when the spiritual world says: Permit three aspects to go on a journey. The reason they name these three aspects is because they want to make sure that your merkabah releases the correct aspects, namely one from the emotional level, one from the mental level and one from the spiritual level. The physical aspect always stays in place. That is why you remain in your body. So when the spiritual world calls you to release three aspects for a journey into the Divine Reality you go into the unified chakra, give the permission and the intention. Then these three aspects draw closer and unify. From this some light is extracted. This light is brought into the Divine Reality. You can picture it as these three aspects being pulled and expanded like three elastic bands or light paths and unified in the center. From there this light is extracted then.

On the return from a journey this light is brought back into the point of unification through which the aspects return into the spiritual wheel via the light paths again. This is roughly the sequence of events when the spiritual world says, send three of your aspects on a journey.


Sometimes the spiritual world says: Send some of your aspects on a journey. This only happens in the collective and also only when a very high consciousness is present in the collective.


I have been told that 5-6 aspects go on a journey during lucid dreams.


You have to know that these aspects are the divine light in you. That is what carries you, what makes up you, what you are. The more energy you absorb in the Divine Reality the more energy is brought into your spiritual wheel. This is driven by a spiritual journey, which means that the merkabah spins faster when aspects are on a journey. Through this the spiritual wheel also spins faster and after the return of the aspects the calyxes can empty themselves and pour into your soul more easily.


Sometimes the spiritual world says: Take your aspects back and let them vibrate in your soul. They know that the energies are brought into the spiritual wheel but give the spiritual wheel a special impetus by naming your soul and intend with this that your calyxes which are often filled to the brim pour into your soul at last.


For such travel it is always important that you ground yourself well because this guarantees that it is always the correct aspects which go on a journey.






I am Kryon of magnetic service and I greet you with the immeasurable love and the words OMAR TA SATT.


Today some of your aspects will travel into the Divine Reality. It is very much more than you can guess for with many messages from the spheres of the light it is your mind which is in your way. That is why it is so important, in this time and at this moment, while the message of Kryon pours over, that you expand yourself in your light structure, raise yourself, raise yourself with magnetic love energy and put the mind aside. When some of your aspects travel into the Divine Reality they will be greeted with the immeasurable love and guided gently by a host of angels. While your aspects stay in the Divine Reality the angels and the lightful beings who give their lightful energy into these aspects serve you for your good, for your joy, with the immeasurable love.


All the messages you receive when you are in the unified chakra with clear intention while your aspects are in the Divine Reality is the Divine Reality and therefore the truth. It can be deeply moving feelings such as security, joy and immeasurable love, but it can also be pictures, sounds and colors. You can trust that everything happens for your highest good. For for us there is nothing more important than to accompany you in fully recognizing and perceiving yourself. When you have recognized yourself, when you are in full flower, when you are fused doubt does not exist. Joy and love, power and the ability to work on Earth as the divine light that you are exist. More than any word it is the energy which is transmitted onto your aspects. This energy you take with you from the Divine Reality. It is stored in your spiritual wheel. When you permit this energy will flow into your soul. When this energy reaches your soul your merkabah will vibrate, your abilities expand, your power spread out. You will feel the divine might. You are aware of your Self and many who are present here bear the energy of awakening within themselves. They are fused and the light is shining in many colors.


Still it is so that each energy you are supplied with, each message that is conveyed, contains an energetic pattern that carries you higher and expands you further. Should the situation arise another aspect is activated. The story of the Creation, the Divine Thought Field, bears the intention that all life, each light with all its aspects on every planet in the universe recognize itself in its entirety and sense the power of creation in itself. So a journey is more than just a journey. It is the concentrating of energies which are carried into the Divine Reality. Important is that you are in the unified chakra, and so follow the vibrations and the words of Kryon when he calls you: Breathe ANA into yourself.


Call your chakras together with all your strength and unify them to a sun. While you are expanding this sun with every breath the great lights will ground you on all levels. Now, permit in the clear intention of unconditional love that some of your aspects detach themselves from your merkabah, connect with each other and prepare themselves for the journey into the Divine Reality.


Today you are called, in the here and now, to travel to the energy ship of Ashtar Sheran with your aspects. The Confederation of Peace is expecting you there. Your aspects can move freely around this energy ship. Let the energy pour in, the balancing energy, the energy of peace. When you hear the sounds of the Divine Reality the hands of God will carry your aspects into the Divine Reality and the words of Kryon will fall silent. Stay in the Divine Reality and let it happen.


(During the journey a different background music is played)


Your aspects are brought back into your soul by the hands of God. There they are embedded in your merkabah. The energy flows over into the Genesis flower and you are in the deepest intention of your divinity. Permit your soul that, if it is right and good for you, the chalices of the high energies flow into your soul. Through all that which you are aware of your divine flame expands.


Though the duality may sometimes be tough and heavy in the energies you will still realize that with your dawning of consciousness, with the activation of your aspects, with your awakening, with your divine light you will stride through this denseness with ease. For the further you stride foreward, step by step, the more lightful and lighter the energy becomes until into the New Age.


So let us speak these words together:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’Ham.


With the immeasurable love Kryon speaks the words:

A ni o’heved o’drach.









Diamond Light Seed Mandala by Mistik of Russia

At this powerful time of New Beginnings and Sacred Energies, we invite you to join us for a Global meditation on the 8:8. The Meditation will be led by Celia Fenn of Starchild Global and KAI, the creator of the Quantum Holoform Light Codes. Celia will be in London and Kai will be in Mexico for the event.



The best times to do the Meditation will be at 8.00 in the morning or in the evening at the time and place where you are, creating a 24 hour Global Wave effect that will traverse the Planet on the 8th of August at the Lion’s Gate.

At this time, the Diamond Light Energies and the Seeds of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness will be anchored into the Collective Heart of Humanity and of each individual who is willing to accept this initiation at this time. Kai and Celia work independently, but they have both received the same information and the same Light Code images to work with at this time. Below we have included Kai’s writing on the Light Codes that were received, and the Meditation that Kai has devised for use on the 8th of August 2009. We would like to request that, if possible, you light a candle and have a clear quartz crystal, to represent the flame of Spirit and the clarity of the Diamond Light.



by Kai

With the arrival of the portal 8 8 this year, we receive the energies of the divine integration of the Christ seed for humanity.

The past 8 8 8 of 2008 served as a framework for activating the Cosmic Grid for the Earth, at that time we all together activated what will be the new grid of consciousness that will sustain life for mankind in the coming millennia. This grid is already active and waiting for more and more people awaken their consciousness to love and unity and begin to live life from the consciousness of ONE.

This next 8 8 this will serve as a framework to activate the Christ seed in the energy Grid of humanity. Those who wish may enter into communion with the Christ presence in their hearts and thus, transform their energy grid, the matrix of what you know as reality and life, thereby bringing the Christ seed to expand in their consciousness and be able to reconnect to the cosmic Christ grid on earth.

It is an unprecedented event, because today more than ever energy is increasingly powerful as we move to the center of the galaxy, and we are increasingly receiving intense waves of love coming from the central sun, which reaches us through cosmic rays of light, which when enter in contact with the earth and human beings, they transform the consciences and hearts of those who are willing to receive the unity in their lives.

As always, free will is very important for humanity, because only those who so choose, they may raise their consciousness and be able to fully express the new earth in their lives. Remember we are free to choose what to believe and what to create, we are free to continue in the consciousness of polarity and separation, or to move toward the ocean of light in consciousness of unity and by so start now to be living Christ on earth.

The second coming of Christ will manifest through us. We, all humanity are the avatars for the new era!

That is the real message that Christ gave us, that we are equal to Him!

“All that I have done, You can do and even greater” Everything lies in the level of our faith.

Faith in ourselves as bearers of light and above all, faith in ourselves as divine beings, as human Christs.

I invite You to unite Your wills to this wonderful event.

From the center of the solar heart we’ll receive rays of light which will activate the Christ seed in the energy template of each of us.

All living beings have a lattice energy, similar to the magnetic grids of Earth, which vibrationaly corresponds to grids on Earth. Today, most people kept their vibrating energy template on a par with the grid of the collective human mind, the old grid, the grid of the old energy, which is slowly losing strength and crumbling down as a result of activation of the Cosmic Christ grid.

That is why people now behave chaotically and irrationally, that is why the violence and fear are prevailing on society, because of the crumbling of the collective mind grid to which the majority remain anchored, people feel scared and do not know where that fear comes or what causes it. However, this fear is caused by consciousness of the separation in which they live immersed, they sense that something is changing, however, they are unable to comprehend the magnitude and origin of that change and their reaction due to the fear of “losing ” something, is violence and aggressive defense.

Beloved Ones, this not need be. We can choose to vibrate in love and gently move our consciousness to a the new Cosmic grid, if we choose so, leaving aside the change through violence, fear and chaos. We can all choose how we’ll live this transformation, it is in our hands to choose how we will ascend.

The 8 8 energy gives us the tools necessary to perform this transformation.

Along with the cosmic rays of light, we will receive a Light Code that will activate it’s energy in our templates allowing us to open our consciousness to the vibration of the heart.

This Light Code contains the Cosmic energy pattern of Sirius and symbolizes the infinite sacred masculine and sacred feminine in the infinite balance, expressing the Christ-Consciousness.

We all carry in our hearts the Christ Seed, as well as the energies of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. The Christ Seed is the Presence of Christ that dwells in us in its latent state, however, remaining asleep, since the humanity as a collective has many millennia without experiencing the Christ Consciousness, thus born asleep, unable to experience and be aware of Unity and the Presence of God in everything that exists.

It is when we enter the sacred space within our hearts and into communion with our inner Christ that energies are balanced and the Christ-Seed is activated, comes to life and we emerge as a Christ-Being in full consciousness of his divinity and oneness.

It’s there, within your heart that You’ll find the meaning of your life and all that exists, as it is when we entered this sacred space we understand that we are part of an immense cosmic symphony that would not be the same without us, that is where we experience Unity, the full Christ Consciousness. when You are focused in this way into your heart, you are Christ, your consciousness moves gently to the Christ-consciousness and the fears of the world and your mind completely disappear, you’re in God’s grace. Upon entering this state of consciousness can easily unbind from the collective human consciousness and anchor Yourself the Cosmic Christ grid, gently, lovingly, in this way You ascend and start to experience the unity through the Christ Consciousness.

Each of us is sacred and important and it is time that we value our existence and we dare to be the change we want for the world. It is time for us to embrace our divine power and become human Christs!

At the 8-8, I invite you to take a moment throughout the day, to go quietly into your heart. It is a sacred space where you will find all the ancient wisdom from Your being, there, You are all that You can be, in there You are God, pure, free, untethered to the outside world.

Take a moment to meditate, to commune with Your being.

I love You all!



by Kai

Start by becoming aware of your breathing. Take a deep breath and then get your breathing to be smooth and calm. Imagine that with each breath your body is filled more and more with light, then direct that light into your cells, your organs and your chakras.

As you breathe, you slowly emerge from the thoughts of your mind and you are increasingly focusing on your heart. Start to become aware of the vibration that comes from your heart, you will notice that Your heart gradually expands and You’ll notice very nice warmth coming from him. That energy and that warmth is the love of your Christ presence.

Remain in that state of contemplation as long as necessary. When you feel you can continue, do it.

Breathe deeply ….

Now see your heart expands more and more to completely cover your body, its energy surrounds you like a golden bubble, you feel happy, loved and protected, in such a state of grace covered by the warm embrace of the Source.

It is at this moment that you should visualize and call on the presence of the Light code CHRIST SEED INTEGRATION, to act on your being activating the Christ Seed in your heart, letting you reach the state of Unity needed to move your consciousness and your mind to new Cosmic Christ Grid .


Allow the light code act in You and awaken Your Inner Christ. Feel its renovating energy, this Light code carries in itself cosmic rays of light emanating from the center of the Solar Heart. It is a direct channel to the Central Sun and a recipient of the Cosmic Rays of the Ascension and renewal.

The Light code will be activated and you will feel like you are in a sphere of infinite love, you feel like your being expands into the Light!

At this moment it is very likely you may wish to cry, laugh or feel deeply moved. Allow Yourself to experience all the emotions that will arise. Let yourself go with the experience and energy of the purest love.

At that time, the Christ seed has been activated, your Christ presence is awakened, and so Your being will be transferred and gently anchored in the New Cosmic Christ Grid.

You have emerged to Love! You are now a human Christ, a being with Cosmic Christ consciousness!

Breathe deeply once more ….

And as You integrate this love to Your being You direct it towards everything that sorrounds You, your home, your family, your neighborhood, everything is embraced in Christ love! You are now a focus of love emanating Christ-consciousness towards all that surrounds You!

Allow Yourself to be a Human Christ, accept the divinity which shines within you.

Breathe deeply again and slowly return to your body … gently, still vibrating in your heart and in love.

From now on, allow your heart to be your guide and every time that You feel that You are being carried away by the old mental grid, do this meditation and remember that You are a living christ!

We are Infinitely loved and blessed!

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