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Lord Metatron .:. The New Wave of Energy

Lord Metatron. :. The New Wave of Energy
Greetings through this vessel, dear ones
I bring special greetings to you Gaetano, to you Sonia and to you Anna.
This is my first briefing to you. Mother Earth is in transition, this is not new knowledge. Mother Earth is also ascending.
I Lord Metatron have taken upon myself to bring forth a new wave of energy to advance the divine plan and to anchor heaven on earth. I have chosen you three to (first) facilitate and anchor this energy into the Christ Consciousness grid. There will be much work for me to do with you to prepare your body for this new energy.
There is not one Soul on this planet that has experienced this new energy. It is brand new. This energy is so fine that I need to realign your entire nervous system to cope with this new energy. You must remain in peak physical condition, must have strong bill of health in order to maintain this particular vibration.
This energy will be used in conjunction with the I Am Presence; a complete monadic family will be required. You will be each the corner stone of this vibration within your own monadic group. As I bring the energy down through the I Am in the physicality, through merkabah you balance the energy, stabilise and distribute through the other 12 aspects. After the energy has reached the required level and your vibration is clear to me you will be then asked to do the 12/12, to take the energy of the I am up to the Christ consciousness grid and utilising the energy of this new wave and put it into action and the raise the vibration of the Christ consciousness by one octave. This energy will quicken humanity this energy will aid Mother Earth this particular energy will aid your own ascension process. But a word of warning I must say to you- if the body is not fully prepare then physical harm can come to your nervous system-the body must be fully prepared in peak physical condition-you must be fully focused and centred at the task at hand.
I place you now in my merkabah. There is some clearing involved to all other aspects of self from the monadic family that you must cleanse and clear. Come with me now to the I Am Presence. Within the I Am see your perfected self in the centre, a golden being in the centre, merge your higher self into the I Am, walk directly into the body, make a vow this instant to be a server to the I am, your monad. Ask their permission for you to work on their behalf to clear Karmic debt, to move through past present and future of the complete monad.
I expand my merkabah to fully encompass all involved- in the centre of my hand I create this new wave form energy this very instant-feel the intensity of this new energy. This energy is as though it is a new born child, band new. As it grows in my hand the energy intensifies, expanding in all directions. Growing stronger, brighter, finer.
Within my merkabah you are fully protected. It is my wish in the future, you can hold this particular vibration within your own hand, within your own merkabah and the three of you can service humanity with this new wave energy form. I hold my hand out to you, reach out and touch it, take it in your own hand. As I work with you, it will become stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter and so very fine. There is no energy like this, its band new.
So dear ones, if you allow it I shall come to you and work very closely to prepare you for this new form energy. I shall work very closely day and night until your nervous system is fully prepared. If you are prepared to hold this new mantel you will need to run a workshop-I will ask that each of you sit individually have three member sit around you, invoke your own merkabah to encompass the group and then you will be asked to use this energy and use your own group to stabilise and disperse in and through the merkabah. This will ignite the other aspects creating a 144 souls of light. Ascend to the 12th, 13th chakra and expand this energy through the Christ Grid. It must be done in total unity with all members. You must create a cosmic fire, a divine spark of light so bright, it will change the face of humanity. It will be an acceleration, a leap forward for the divine man and through your own intension you would have created heaven on earth. I send wave upon wave upon wave of energy now all through you bodies, your physical and your non physical bodies.

I am Lord Metatron though this vessel. I touch the hearts of many. I am the creator of all outer light. I am in complete service to Mother Father God. I am a co-creator, a master of light. I am at your service. I am Metatron.

What difference can I make to humanity? Consider this- if your light was a single drop of water, and if this water dropped from a great height into a large pond-what affect would it have? It would touch all of humanity, wave upon wave. Can you see dear ones how important you are? Each and every one of you has the capacity to touch all of humanity. Honour thy self for your service and commitment; commitment to self and commitment to others. You can imagine that if one tear fell from my face and landed on Mother Earth what affect would this have on humanity? Imagine this to be a new wave of light. The difference is I need to work with physicality, I have no physical body. I place this energy within your own hands.
I pledge this to you dear ones, I will come and stand within the very centre of the room. I will once again use my merkabah to nurture and protect you. I will guide your hand and your heart on the day you manifest this new wave of energy into the Christ Consciousness grid.
The I Am Prayer

Be still my heart
My mind and body
I am a divine instrument of the I AM
I choose to allow the I AM to flow through me
I am the unconditional flame
That burns for humanity
I am in service to Mother Earth
I am in service to all its children
Mighty I AM presence
Consume all the doubt, fear and criticism
Allow me to be a tower of strength
To demonstrate your divinity
I surrender my heart
I am the mighty I AM presence in action
Might I AM
I see your dazzling light upon me this instant
May the power of the Holy Spirit flow thru me
Demonstrating your divinity
Ehyah Asher Ehyah
I Am that I Am

Channelling Archangel Gabriel…
Raising the Vibration of the Christ Consciousness Grid.
It is not your imagination
When you feel my energy about you
I come to share the divinity of the Holy Spirit within you
I come to touch the hearts of each and everyone of you.
Beings of light is what I see
A shining example of the divine work that you do for all of humanity
I am Archangel Gabriel come to nurture you
To touch your very heart centre
I speak in tongues of truth
To educate your I AM
The I AM has the understanding
Take the time in silence to listen and commune with your I AM
I walk amongst you
I place a shroud of light to each and every one of you
I now ignite your body in a pillar of light
Lock Merkabah within the Christ grid
Project up to the I AM
Draw it down; call it all the way down
When it’s complete
Phase Lock
And lock all the energies together
Feel the pearlecent light pour down now to the merkabah
Cascading through the Christ grid
A blaze of light
Brighter and brighter it grows
This is the beginning of new work
These for the very first time
The I AM is anchored to the Christ grid
After the 12 12 you will use this technique more earnestly
The energy will be intensified
Remember the precautions that were given to you
Prepare the physical body
Now project your antikorana directly into the I AM
Connect a silver braid
From your third eye centre to the third eye of the I AM
Once the silver cord is established
The I AM presence can then directly begin to give knowledge to the physical mind.
Your work with me this time is not finished.
I shall once again come and sit amongst you
Dear hearts share this knowledge
It belongs to all of humanity
It is not yours for the keeping
Feel my blessing
Feel my might all upon you
And remember this
You were all once children…

In love and light
Anna Garra

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