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Jeshua* Parable of The Camel Trader


11 October 2008

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy of reunion; great joy of remembrance, for truly, all of you
have walked with me in that lifetime that is so famously written
about. All of you have known me throughout the ages in one way or
another. That is why you feel resonance with my love, with my words,
and with the rest of the grouping of family so gathered here. All of
you within the sound of my voice, you have been with me as well.
Otherwise, this would be as foreign to you, but it is not. It
resonates within the heart.

You are a great ray of light sent forth from the one creative Source
before time began. You are a great ray of light, of energy, that
thought itself to expand; to ask of itself, “What can I create?”
Because, being the extension of the one creative Principle, creativity
is your nature, and so you create and you experience and you express,
and you change your world.

Right now your world is changing. There is much that you have felt of
vibrational change. As you have gone through even the past few days,
and definitely within the past month, you have felt a change, a shift.

Your news media will bring to you many suggestions of duality. You are
seeing within your political grouping a great clarity of the belief in
duality. Ones have asked, “Why is there such divisiveness within this
country? Why is the country so divided?” And ones have often pointed
fingers at this one or that one or this cause or that cause.

But truly, it is the holy Self of you that is showing forth the
duality in great clarity, even in what you call your politics, in the
choices that are being made, in the voices that are being raised. It
is showing you most definitely the long-held belief in duality.

And yet the holy Child is One. The holy Child, as a great ray of light
come forth before time ever was thought of, is One. You are a great
ray of light. Even as you claim an individuality of body, of
personality, of experiences, you are the great ray of light, and that
great ray has come forth to shine upon everything that is unlike
itself, and you are seeing much right now in your world that is coming
to light.

We spoke of this some years ago, that there would be a time, in a
process of time, when many things would come to light. That which had
been swept under the carpet and ones felt was going to never come
forth into the light, never going to be known, you have seen in the
last few days much that has been uncovered.

You have asked, “How did this come about all of a sudden?” because
seemingly what has been happening with your news media reporting it to
you, it seems like it came out of nowhere. But in truth, it has been a
process that has been well on its journey for a long time with ones
who thought that they could live in their power, temporal power of the
world, and that other ones would not know what they were doing, or
that they were above anyone else’s calling them on the carpet, to lift
up that corner of the carpet to see what was under it.

Well, now the carpet is being rolled up, taken outside and dusted off,
and the floorboards are seeing the light. You have wondered, “What
part do I play in this?” You play a very big part in this. You are the
light that has come forth into this time and this reality in order to
be part of a collective consciousness that is changing, that is
demanding change. I am not speaking on a political platform when I say
that. I am only saying that you have agreed that what you have been
experiencing is not heaven, and you have wanted heaven on Earth, and
in order to have heaven on Earth, some things must change.

And so at the soul level you have chosen to be part of the great
change that is sweeping not only this geo-political grouping, this
country, but other countries as well. But as we have spoken recently,
there is a globalization that is happening. It has been in process for
most of your lifetime. It goes back to previous centuries, and there
is no longer any space in the collective consciousness for
isolationism. You are tied to the brothers and sisters through your
technology, your world-wide web, and your workings of the various
companies which have outsourced the work to various geographical

And so ones of you gathered here this evening, and also those within
the sound of my voice, you find that you may be dealing in your
employment with someone who is halfway around the planet of our holy
Mother, the Earth. There are ones who have to adjust their time clock
in order to be in sync with ones who are working for and with the same

It has taken a bit of adjustment of the collective consciousness to
find its way through the technology that creative ones agreed to in
their contract, that they would come and make it possible that you
could work with brothers and sisters halfway around the world and that
the technology would prove to you in an outer way the Oneness of the
brothers and sisters who yet think themselves to be individual,
individual points of light, and yet you are a great ray of light: one
ray come forth to make this reality and to change this reality, to
play in this reality, and yet to know, even as you sit in this
reality, there are many other realities that are happening within time
and outside of time.

In your meditative quiet times you have had visions that have
surprised you, because those visions have expanded throughout what you
know this reality to be and have suggested other realities, and have
suggested ways that you can be, and are, part of other realities.
There is coming a time, not too long from now, when there is going to
be evidence of other realities that have and do exist side by side
with this reality, even within this reality in another dimension as
you call it, another level of this reality. Very soon there is going
to be the “evidence” that you have asked for.

Many voices have been calling out, “I want to know who I am.” Many
voices have been asking, “Why am I here? What is life all about? Why
did I choose certain parents? I have been told that I chose my
parents. I don’t think I did. They are very different than I am. They
believe differently that I do.”

And yet, you did choose your parents. “Well, if I did, why did I
choose those parents?” You chose them in order to interact with them
so that you could be an opportunity for them to love, to serve, and
perhaps to remember who they are. And they chose you in order for you
to see also how everything comes from love.

As you served them, they served you as you were little, you gave them
opportunity to serve, and you served them in that opportunity. You
loved them; they loved you in their own way, and through that, there
was opportunity to remember. I’ve heard many asking, “Why is this
reality so harsh? This is not the reality,” ones will say, “that I
wanted to live in. I expected that I would be surrounded by love. And
even with the parenting that I have had, it was very difficult, very

It was for you to know with clarity the duality of this reality, to
know how it feels to be loved. All of you have found love, sometimes
in the most surprising places, and all of you have felt the harshness
of life. And all of you have felt and heard the voice of separated ego
that would say, “You chose wrongly. You should not have said what you
said, did what you did, come at the time that you’ve come.”

But everything, beloved ones, has been in divine order, and your soul
knew this before the incarnation. Your soul knew that there would be
journeying that you would be doing, and your soul knew that you would
meet up with other ones who would have the same questions, who would
have some of the revelations to give to you, some of the answers that
you were seeking.

Your soul knew that you would make trek to many far countries, and yet
you would find family wherever you went. Your soul knew that this was
the divine time for you to be here as the extension of the great ray
of light from the creative Principle to be here, to change that which
you now see changing.

What you are standing upon now in your reality is very much like an
earthquake. You are not quite sure what is secure, because everything
is shifting and changing daily, hourly, and sometimes you feel a bit
insecure with it, because you’re not quite sure that the old paradigm,
the old beliefs, are serving you.

“What I used to think was true and what I thought was secure is no
longer there. The body speaks to me differently. The friends,
sometimes they say to me things that surprise me. They act in ways
that I didn’t think they would act. Why do they do that?’

They give you opportunity to look past the action and to be in love
with them as part of the great ray of light that they are as well, to
look past their choices of behavior and see the Christ of them. That
is why sometimes they act in ways that are un-understandable.

Where you stand is in a place of great divinity, and yet you sometimes
feel that you are at the end of your rope wondering what you can hold
onto. As advice that was given to one this week, when you reach the
end of your rope, what do you do? (Aud: You let go) No, you tie a knot
at the end and you hold on (Laughter) You tie a knot at the end of
that rope and you hold on until you know that it is safe to let go.

All of you have more support than you recognize. You do not walk this
path alone. You cannot walk this path alone, for there is, in truth,
no separation. There are many in your unseen realms who are present in
this room right now who walk with you day by day, encouraging you,
whispering in your ear, holding you in their arms and telling you how
beloved you are, because you are beloved. You are love itself.

That great ray of light is love pouring forth to change anything that
is not like itself. And what happens in the change is a shift in the
perception, where you move beyond what seems to be an appearance to
the place where you see the Christ at work.

As you will listen to various friends, sometimes they speak to you in
a place that resonates and you feel your heart open. Sometimes they
will speak to you from a space where you feel you have to be armored,
and you stand back from them, and as you have practiced, you give them
their space to have their own opinion, but you sometimes don’t want to
be with them too long because it doesn’t feel all that good.

What you are doing is moving past the place of the belief in duality,
moving into the space where you know Oneness with them as the Christ,
as that great ray of light. You see them as the individual that they
are. You see the choices that they make. You see their behavior.

Separated ego comes rushing onto stage very quickly and says with
judgment, “This is not…whatever.” And then there is a shift that
happens. Because you are willing, you can look past what is going on
in appearances and look to the Christ of them and look to how they are
effecting a global change that in time—and it will not be all that
long a time—will bring about harmony and respect, that harmony and
respect that you have been praying for not only in this lifetime, but
in many other lifetimes as well.

This is a most divine time to be here upon holy Mother Earth and to be
in touch with all of the brothers and sisters and to give them their
space and then to look beyond it to the true heart of them. As you do
that, a most miraculous thing happens. You find that there are more
and more of ones coming to you who speak the same language, the
language of the heart, who are as friends.

You have been gathering to yourself, through this lifetime and other
lifetimes as well, friends who are truly of your own nature, the
nature of love. More and more of the ones who come and are in your
space are in love with you, courting you, guiding you by whatever they
say, if you will have the willingness to stand in that place of beholder.

Sometimes you are right in the face with one. “Ah, this feels good.”
And sometimes you are right in the face with someone and they say
something and it takes you back a bit, and literally you can stand
back from it and say, “I know that there has to be another way to see
this. I am determined to see things differently.” That is what I am
speaking to you about now, speaking of the Christ of you and the
Christ of everyone.

You have much of turmoil that is going on right now. Many are
suffering, for their houses are crumbling; sometimes the physical
houses, sometimes the financial foundation of the house. But their
houses, their dwelling places, are crumbling, and this is good,
because they have to now look for a new dwelling place. I do not speak
here of a physical dwelling place. I speak here of a dwelling place
within the heart, within the consciousness, that is willing to change,
to look for a new dwelling place.

You have many who are “homeless” and they feel, in some cases, that
they don’t know where home is. In other cases, by being homeless they
have found home. They have found others in a certain grouping where
they are at home. Even though they have no physical dwelling place
perhaps above them and over them, they have found home, and so they
are homeless, and yet they are at home.

That is the most miraculous happening, and that is happening for many
who have had the attachments to the physical, material comforts. They
are finding now that that is not where their dwelling place is, and
they are lost for a time. Sometimes you are the answer that comes
along and smiles at them, offers them a hand, perhaps, or a word that
gives them a new way of looking at things.

You are the great ray of light. You have agreed that you will be here
in this time to share that light, to share the support, and to find
ones who are homeless in the emotional sense and show them that they
have the dwelling place within, and that they can come home any time
they choose to recognize that home within themselves.

You are the teachers. You are the ones who have come through the fire
of the challenges. You know how it feels to be homeless. You may have
had the physical dwelling place, but you have known times when you
felt completely estranged from anything that would be supportive. You
have felt far, far from home, and yet there has been the homesickness
that you have felt.

I have heard you as you have called out and you have wanted to know,
“Where is home? How can I find home once again?”

Many times ones will feel that if they return to the place of their
physical birth they can find home, or if they go and connect up with
the biological family they will find home. Oftentimes it is a
disappointment, because that which has been imagined or even hoped for
is not there.

But you carry home within you all the time, and you carry the
remembrance of home with you all the time. That is why there has been
such a yearning to have change upon this plane, to have ones come
through whatever needs to be in their perception and in your
perception of the turmoil.

So right now you are in the midst of a great earthquake. There is much
that is being turned upside down, and there are many who are suffering
because they have attachments to the past, to the past that they
thought was their security, their salvation.

Even the ones who go unto your religious edifices and maybe go every
day and say the holy words, they maybe are not finding the security
that they want to find. You are the friends who are making the changes
for them.

You are the collective consciousness that feels that it is in the
minority, and yet you are not. You are truly the majority. All of the
brothers and sisters will come home in time. Many of the brothers and
sisters feel the same desire and longing that you have felt and that
you do feel, that you want to know, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am
I supposed to be doing in putting these pieces together? How can I
find food for my small ones? How can I find a physical dwelling place
for my family? How can I live in peace? How can I live in chaos around
me and yet find peace within?”

Many of the brothers and sisters are finding, as a most miraculous
process, that they can find the peace within even though the noise and
the chaos is all around them. They are teachers, and yet they would
say, “I am just doing what I have to do. I am doing the best that I
can do.” And they are, and you are.

This is a time when you have wondered, “How can all this be happening.
I was brought up to believe,” many of you, “in a God outside of
myself, in a Savior known as one Yeshua, one Jesus, and that there
would be a divine emissary that would come at some time and make
everything right.”

Two thousand years ago there was an expectancy of a messiah who would
come and put everything right, who would send the Romans packing and
would set the Jewish hierarchy on their ears, and set everything in a
place of love. This messiah was greatly waited for, expected, and I came.

I spoke of love. I spoke of seeing things in a different light. I
spoke of the Father’s love, that one creative Principle, and I called
it Abba, meaning Father, in the sense of a loving Father who would
protect, nurture, guide, and care for his children. In the language
that I spoke there were many different words for father. I chose the
word Abba because of the nuance of meaning, the nuance of the caring
father; not the strong patriarch who would lay down the law and say
this is how it has to be, but the loving father who would always be
there for you, and is always there for you.

Many of you heard my message, and you began to look at things
differently. Many of you—after I physically left the scene and then
came back again in a most unexpected way—many of you in the next
century remembered my words, remembered the miracles as they seemed to
be, and you remembered and had such a great belief that many of you
were the martyrs who stood up for their belief to the point of
releasing the body.

Many of you carry yet within you that memory and you have said, “I
don’t want to go through that again.” And many of you have said, “I’m
not going to say certain things if I don’t feel it’s safe, because I
remember what happened in other lifetimes.”

I have assured you that that will not happen in this lifetime. You
will not be asked to release the body in a horrific way. When it comes
time and you want to release the body, it will be a choice, a choice
that you make, and it will be a free choice, for truly no one can take
the body from you.

Sometimes they have given you motivation that you thought you had no
other choice to make, but it will not be that way in this lifetime for

So many of you are speaking your truth and finding that there are
others who believe the same as you do. You are, in truth, the
majority; not the minority that you have felt yourself to be, but
truly the majority that wants goodness in your life and goodness for
your family and for the small ones, and to raise up the small ones
with love and caring and guidance that allows them to move into the
realization of all of their divine potential.

This is a most wonderful time to be in this reality. It is a changing
of the guard. It is a changing of the collective consciousness. It is
a changing of the Age. And it is not the first time that you have been
at this point, for truly you have ushered in a new Age other times,
because you are the masters who remember the light. You are the
masters who are in this reality walking in the world, but knowing that
you are not of the world, that the world is of your making.

And if that be true—take that deeply within your consciousness—if the
world be of your making, what then can you do? You can change it. If
you have made it in the first place—and you have—you can change it,
and that is what you are doing right now. You are changing it with the
brothers and sisters through what seems to be great turmoil, and yet
the most powerful change that you make is within yourself as you make
that change in perception, to look for the Christ at work in all of
the upheaval, in the old carpet being taken outside, hung over the
rope, the dust beaten out of it, and looking at the floorboards and
saying, “These floorboards…good wood, but needs a polish, needs a good

That is what is happening right now. Count all as good, for it is.
Even when ones will leave a relationship, there is a feeling of
attachment, a feeling of loss sometimes, a feeling of, “What did I do,
or what didn’t I do, that this one that I was in such a relationship
with would see me differently than I see them? What did I do?”

The truth: you did nothing to send them away. Everyone is free to make
choice. Everyone has their own journey to come to that place of
awakening, that place where they say, “You know, none of those little
things really matter. I see you now in a new light.”

Relationships come and go. They change. You bring them around because
you want to know the various nuances of relationship. And you have
found that no matter how securely you thought you held onto a
relationship, you cannot, but the thing you can do is to love. If one
leaves you and they are still activating the body but they want to be
with someone else or they want to move somewhere else, you let them
go. You have to. You also let yourself go, because you don’t need to
be attached to the past.

If ones whom you have loved have laid down the body and deceased the
body and you feel like you don’t know their telephone number and you
can’t call them up and they never send a postcard, they are with you
always. They are right here next to you. They walk with you, and they
are still interested in what you are doing; more so now than perhaps
they were when they were incarnate, because they had their own focus
of things that they needed to attended to. Once they have released the
body, they are freer to see the whole picture, and they are free to
walk with you and to offer advice, counsel, love. And they speak to you.

So sometimes when you feel their presence, you do not deny it. You
say, “Yes, I hear you.” And sometimes they will get powerful enough
that they will do physical things in your dwelling places that give
you the “evidence” that they are still around, still the powerful
energies that they have been when you knew them in the incarnate form.

For those of you who haven’t felt that physical evidence of the loved
ones around you all the time, it is there, and you can trust it,
because you will have a feeling. They will come to mind, or you will
have a dream, and in that dream they are very much with you. Then you
wake up, and you have for half a second or so the remembrance of them,
and oh, that’s so good…but they are no longer here. Yes, they are;
otherwise, you would not have had that dream. They are very much with
you, and they want to be recognized and they want to be energy that is
being used in this time of change. Call upon them, because there is
much that they can do from the other side.

Allow yourself to take advantage of all of the energy of that great
ray of light that came forth from before time began, and allow
yourself to know how powerful you are; not in the way of the power of
the world. That, as you have seen, changes. It shifts and changes,
sometimes very quickly, as you have seen in your past weeks.

But the power of your divinity, the power of the great ray of light
that you are…allow yourself to feel how you have shaped your world,
because you have made…the world is of your making. And yes, I know
there are times when you feel that you do not have the power to change
it, or that if you do have the power, it sure is taking a long time.

Yes, but that, beloved ones, as you have felt, is speeding up. You
have seen the evidence of how quickly things can change. You have
agreed that you will accelerate the time that it takes to have new
experiences. Other incarnations, other centuries you would live a
whole lifetime in a certain mindset. In this lifetime you can look
back to when you were the small one, when you were a bit taller, and
when you are now where you are, and you can see how your perceptions
of things, your belief system, has changed.

Other lifetimes you were in just one path, one belief system, and it
stayed there. This lifetime you have changed partners, you have
traveled, you have had perceptions that have turned upside down so
that you could see everything from the top and from the bottom and
from each side. You have seen in this lifetime how things are not
static. Your world is not static. That you have seen in the past week.

But I say unto you now, take that one step further and know that the
world is of your making and that what you hear about the happenings
that seem to be far away from you, and yet they touch your lives, they
are in your consciousness and you are changing them. That is how
powerful you are.

I want you to know two things from this time we spend together and to
take these two things deeply within the consciousness. The first is to
recognize how powerful you are and how you are changing the world. The
whole globalization of experience is changing rapidly, and you,
because of your consciousness, are changing it. You are that powerful.
So envision what you want it to be. Believe in your power. Look back
in your lifetime to see what you have changed, because you have
changed much in this lifetime.

The second point I want you to remember and to take deeply within the
consciousness and to wear it as raiment around yourself, is how deeply
loved you are, how deeply loved you are. You walk in a bubble of love
always. From before time began, you were that love, you have brought
it into this reality as you, and you are loved with a love greater
than anything the peers have told you, the parents have told you, your
teachers, your rabbis, your ministers, your pastors, your authorities;
greatly, greatly loved.

Remember how loved you are, how fortunate you are to be alive,
breathing, walking in this time in this reality. Do not curse this
reality. I have heard ones feel very upset. Do not curse this reality.
Know that truly you are so deeply loved that never can anything be
outside of you and outside of the love that you are. Wrap it around
yourself as you would take a shawl around; love in physical form.

Wrap yourself in it first thing when you wake up in the morning. Take
those covers that are on the bed. Wrap yourself in those covers. Wrap
the whole self in those covers, every bit of you, in love. Know that
it is my love that I give unto you, but it is your love, because truly
I have nothing that is apart from you.

I give unto you my love, but it is your love, and give it back to me,
please. As you are wrapped in that love, you have so much love to give
that you give it unto other ones (Laughter as Jeshua wraps the shawl
around Peter’s head and shoulders) There you are, all wrapped in love.
That he is, definitely. Most cool, wrapped in love.

Remember your power. Remember how you have changed and how you are
changing things, and remember how loved you are. Never can you walk in
any day without love. It is who and what you are, and it surrounds
you, it permeates every cell of the body. It permeates everything that
you think and that you say and that you share with other ones.

That is why ones are attracted to you. They feel instinctively that
they are safe with you, that you love them, no matter what they’re
going to say, no matter how “wrong” their choices might be. They know
that you love them, and you will love them through everything, no
matter whether they are next to you or whether they are miles away or
if they are in the unseen realm.

Those ones who were of the parents and relatives who may have allowed
the body to be deceased, love them, forgive them for whatever you
might have felt when they were with you. I know that all of you have
called unto yourself challenges of lifetime with parents.

All of you have come through the rough times of the parents not
knowing how to love this package that came to them most surprisingly.
They sometimes would look at this small package and they’d say, “But
we were only having an evening’s fun, and look what came.” (Laughter)

Other ones you have prayed for, you have worked to have them come
consciously into your life, and then you have said, “Now what do I do
with them?” So many of the parents—it is most humorous, in a way, to
watch—bring home the small one, lay it on the mat, and then say, “Now
what do we do? Where is the guidebook?” And so they do, as they have
been brought up, the best that they can do.

And when your small ones have come to you and you have looked at them,
“My goodness, what do I do with this one? How do I raise this one up?”
And I say unto you it is very much a two-way street, because the small
one that comes unto you does not come perfectly innocently, as has
been said to you in order to make the guilt upon the shoulders that
perhaps it was all of your doing if they go one way or if they go
another way.

They come as masters in order to be the catalyst to work with you as
they are remembering who they are. And so they come with their own set
of remembrances and their own set of self image from other lifetimes
and their own inclination to a certain way. So you work with them. It
is a journey that you share with them for a time period. And then, off
they go or off you go.

Changes; life is about change. But you now stand at a most wonderful
place of change. You will see in the next few months of your timing,
as we have spoken earlier a few months ago, we spoke that in the next
six to twelve months of your timing you were going to see much of
upheaval, much of change, and it is because you are ready for it.

You collectively have asked for change, that you want to clear out all
of the dross, the old bits that no longer serve heaven on Earth, that
no longer serve the self image of the divine One.

And so you are going to see upheavals, and you are going to sometimes
reach out to another one and say, “Hold my hand while we go through
this, because I’m not quite sure what’s happening.” And so you will do
this physically. You will do this by your internet of corresponding
with ones. You will do it on your most wonderful technology of the
telephone or the little blue tooth—most wonderful.

You will do this, sometimes reaching out to another one saying, “Help
me for awhile. I’ve almost…not quite, but almost lost my understanding
of what’s going on here. Give me a word, a little guidance. Show me a
little light.” And the other one will, because you are all of the same
great ray of light. Remember that.

You are all sisters and brothers under the skin; the same one heart
beats in all of you. So you will weather the storm, and there will be
storms. You will weather the storm. You will take yourself to a higher
place to look upon what is happening.

Now, I know, first of all, you may get caught up in what is happening
and in the, “Oh, my goodness.” But then you will step back from it and
you will say, “I know that this has to serve the atonement.” And it
does. And there is a pony in there somewhere. I saw you smiling at
that—the horse people.

I would share with you a story. This used to be called a parable, but
it is a story. Once upon a time, as you would understand time to be, a
little boy was born. And this little boy was born into a family that
raised animals. They had their sheep, they had their goats, they had
their camels. The father of the family carried on what had been,
within the generational lineage, the family business of raising,
breeding, and trading camels.

This family was fairly well off, because camels would demand a good
price. They were on a certain caravan route that went to a very busy
seaport, and so there was much trade that the father did.

Over the years, as the father grew older, the family business passed
to this little boy who was now a grown man, and because he was the
oldest of the family, he was chosen naturally to carry on the family
business of the camel raising, breeding, and trading. It was a good
business that he knew. From the very beginning, he saw how it provided
for the family, and more than that, he had a fondness for the animals.

He enjoyed being with the sheep. He enjoyed being with the goats. He
saw how it was an exchange, that the sheep would give the wool for the
garment making and the goats were there for their milk, for the meat.
The sheep also gave of their meat, and the camels brought in a good
price when the caravans would come by and would need some new camels
to carry the burdens of the trade that they were taking to the seaport.

As a young boy he was able to spend time with the animals to the place
where he had a common language with them, an instinctive language.
There was much that he shared on a level that went deeper than just
the words, and there was great love.

As he became a man and took over the family business, he took to
himself a wife and began a family of his own, and the camel trade
proved for them a good livelihood, and he felt very good about being
able to provide for his family.

But as is the way of the world, the caravans found a new route to a
new seaport, and the new seaport was busier than the old one. And so
the caravans started going a new route, not where he was raising his
camels, where his family had lived for many generations, and so the
business, the gold coins, dwindled.

He wondered, and he cursed the new seaport and the new business and
the ones who would be attracted to the new seaport. After all, in his
thinking, what was wrong with the old seaport? What was wrong with the
old trade route that went by his village? He became very bitter; so
bitter that his friends didn’t want to be around him. His brothers and
sisters who were raising their own families didn’t want to be with him.

He was very unhappy, so he reached a decision that he would have to
take a group of his camels across land to find the new route of the
caravans and to set up a new business somewhere else. At first he said
to his family, “I will set out and I will see what the new route is
and I will see how the trade is, and when I have established a place,
I will send for you.”

None of them were happy about this, because they liked living in the
village where they had known the father, grandfather,
great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. and all of the
cousins and aunts and uncles.

So he set out with a group of his camels to see where the new trade
route was and to see how business would be. Along the way one evening
during the nighttime, robbers came and stole all but three of his
camels, so he was left with only three. He became even more
embittered. Why had this happened to him? Life had been good up to a
certain point. Why had things changed?

He railed against his God, and he railed against the caravans that had
changed their route, and he railed against the new seaport, and most
of all he railed against the robbers, the thieves who were very good
at setting upon a solitary person traveling. That is why the caravans
traveled in caravans, as protection.

He went on with his three camels to the seaport to have a look at it
to see what he could do to set up a new business there, but he found
that the land around the seaport was not to his liking. It was too
busy, and too many people were living on the outskirts of the seaport,
and they were as bad as the robbers on the way. He did not feel happy
being there.

His idea was to set up a new place where he would breed more camels
and establish a new farm, but he knew that he was not going to be
happy there, and it was not a place where he wanted to bring his
family. The more he thought about his family and he thought about his
village, he knew that he did not want to be in that new location at
the new seaport.

One evening it came to him that what was most important was his
family, the friendships that he had turned his back on, the happiness
that he had felt with the sheep, with the goats, and with raising of
the camels, and the simplicity of life; not the business of the
seaport; not the unscrupulous business way that they would deal and
try…he had sold two of his camels for much less than what they were
worth, and he was left with one old camel. She was very old. That is
why no one wanted to buy her. She was too old for breeding, and she
was too old to do much heavy work. She was his companion.

So he spoke to this camel and he said, “Let us return unto the
village. I see now that what I was looking at, what I was chasing
after, is not where my treasure lies, but it is with my family and
with the village and the villagers that I have known.” And with that,
his heart opened; the heart that had been closed, tightly armored for
a long time as he saw his camel trading dwindling and as the caravans
no longer came near his place.

And so with this one very old camel that had been his friend for many,
many years and had bred for him many small young camels that he then
sold for a good price, with his very old friend he traveled back to
the village. He didn’t know what to expect, because when he had left,
everyone was happy to see him go.

But a most miraculous thing happened. His heart had opened. He was in
joy with the stars of the night, with the sun in the daytime, with the
grass that he would see, the flowers, the birds, every little bit of
life in every different form. He began to see in a new light.

The camel, his companion from the time he was a little boy, spoke to
him and pointed out to him the treasures of life itself. And because
he had this communion with the camel, his old friend, when he arrived
at the village there was a feeling around him that was new, that was

He did not care if others didn’t speak to him, but he loved them. And
so, of course, they spoke to him, because they could see that there
was a smile upon his face, and they welcomed him home. The family was
very happy to have him back home again, and he found that there was
enough of the goat milk, of the meat, of the wool, and he had left a
few of the camels at home that he could start a new breeding program
with them, so that he could give camels to the rest of the village.

He lived out the rest of that life as a great-grandfather, loved for
his wisdom. He had come through generational thinking into the family
business. He had broken with the family, turned his back, cursed
everything that had been near and dear to him, and left. He had gone
afar, had everything taken from him except for the old, old camel that
was his dear friend, and everything changed for him.

So when he returned to the village, he was no longer the bitter man
who had left. He went on to father some more children who loved him
dearly. He had great-grandchildren who loved him and villagers who
came and spoke to him about, “What is it like out beyond the village?”
And he would say, “It is a grand adventure, and if you want to go, go.
But if you have everything that is near and dear and important to you
right here, then you do not have to travel abroad to find happiness.”

So some of them, being adventuresome, set out on their own, and many
of them returned to the village. But most of them stayed in the
village and are there yet to this day, raising their camels and their
sheep and their goats and being very happy in the sunshine and in the
rain and in the caress of the wind and in the storms that show great
power, appreciating all of the variety of life.

Now, if you want to draw from that story any parallels into this day
and time, you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Oftentimes two thousand years ago, I would sit with you and I would
tell very simple stories, because nothing was written down in those
days. It wasn’t as you had a certain paperback or hardback book to
take with you. You didn’t even have the papyrus to write on, usually,
because you were traveling. You were simple folk.

It wasn’t until much later that my stories were written down, but they
were simple enough, as this one is, that ones remembered them and
passed them down generation to generation until finally someone
decided they would write them down and they ended up in your holy
collection of biblos, the Bible. And so you have in this evening the
parable of the camel trader; not unlike your investment traders of
this day.

Now, beloved ones, it has been my great joy to speak with you of the
changes that are happening, of the earthquake that is happening in
your world right now; of the homeless ones who are finding home
within; of the newly homeless ones who are quite bitter; to speak to
you of your light, the great ray of light that you are and to remember
that great ray of light; to remember your power that you have made the
world, and so you can change it. And you are very much changing it
very quickly.

Remember first, foremost, and last, how beloved you are; how greatly I
love each and every one of you; how always I travel with you, I laugh
with you, I joke with you; I love you; I support you. Allow yourself
always to look upon the glass that is half full as opposed to half
empty, and to count, simple as it sounds, your blessings, for this is
a good life. Beloved ones, I am in love with you.

So be it.

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Jeshua* The Temple Of The Sun

Jeshua through Judith Coates

6 September 2008

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the
one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it
deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.
Divine holy Child of the one Source, Child of Light, always.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and
it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your
timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy always; we speak of reunion, being together once again;
great joy to be able to behold you in this incarnation and to remember
times when we have walked together as the masters that we are. Great
joy to greet you, for that is truly your divine birthright. That is
who you are: Light, joy, and the peace of the Father/Mother/God/All
That Is. I will not use just the male designation. I have been taught
by my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, that
truly it is Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is/the One. So I greet
you in the Christ which we are.

It is a pleasure to behold you, to behold the radiance of you, and to
behold how you have followed the invitation to be here in this
evening, how you have known that truly the soul was calling out to be
here amongst friends and to be able to rejoice with friends and to be
able to rejoice in the knowledge of who you are.

Now, many have looked unto me as the Christ and have worshipped me,
put me on a pedestal, but truly I am not above you. I am no more on a
pedestal to be worshipped than you.

You are the holy Child as well, the extension of the Father come into
this reality to live as the Love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All
That Is and to extend your Light and your love to the brothers and
sisters to allow them to know that there is much more to life than
just what the world will speak of. For truly, as you have seen, there
are many who wonder, many who are searching, seeking, wanting to know,
“What is the purpose of life? Is it just to get through the various
stages and to die peacefully in the bed?” That is usually the goal
that most ones hold.

But I say unto you, that is not all there is to life. There is much
adventure to life. There is much joy to be found as you will open the
heart and you will be intimate with another one as far as letting them
know your feelings, letting them know what you truly are struggling
with, what you truly have questions about; not just keeping the
persona of the perfect one in front, but allowing the heart to open
and say, “This is who I am, and there are days when I need a friend.”

Sometimes there will come times when you want—may truly need—to open
and to be intimate with another one to the place where you say, “This
is who I truly feel that I am. I’ll show you the human side of me.
Now, will you please show me the divine side of me? Will you please
believe in the divine part of me that I can’t see yet?”

So many of you walk about knowing the words, knowing the books, having
studied and heard all of the right ideas, and yet you struggle and you
wonder, “If all of this be true about me, why am I not happy? Where
can I find myself?”

One of the best places to find yourself is with a friend, is to open
your heart and to say to a friend, “This is how I am feeling, and I
know this is not all there is to me, but can you give me a clue? Can
you say that you believe in me? Can you tell me something that I’m
missing about myself that will allow me to have a new vision of myself?”

And your friend will say, “Of course. Well, there’s this and there’s
this,” and they’ll tell you many things about yourself that give you a
new perspective of who you are; not only in the human, but also in the
divine. You come away from that moment of intimacy with another one
with a new vision of yourself, of them, of the possibilities of what
you can be and do even in a world that yet believes in duality.

Truly, that is your mission. That is why you have come, is to spread
the word that in this world that yet believes in duality, that yet
believes in the possibility of darkness and everything wrong, there is
divinity and there is purpose, divine purpose to everything that happens.

So when you have the courage to say to a friend, “I can be intimate
with you. I can let you know sometimes how I am feeling,” then the
most wondrous miracle happens, because they will tell you what they
see and how they see your Light.

Many of you, most of you, walk so closely within your Light that you
don’t see it. You are right here with it and it is all around you, and
most of the time you are just so close to it that you don’t see it.

But others do, and others feel your presence as you will share
yourself with them, and others are encouraged because you have asked,
“Who am I? Tell me who I am.”

Once upon a time, before there was time, there was and is and forever
will be outside of time an Isness, a consciousness, if you will, an
Intelligence that will be forever beyond time. It exists now, as you
understand time, and it will exist forever, as you understand time,
because time is limited. You feel that in your daily lives. You feel
the limitations of time.

“I have to be somewhere at a certain time,” and you rush about. And
sometimes you chase, because certain schedules keep you waiting. I
know that your time is precious. I thank you for sharing your time in
this evening in this way with me.

But once upon a time, before there was time, you were and are and
always will be as the Intelligence of the One. And as the
Intelligence, free-flowing, of the Creator, the creative One, there
was a thought to create. From that one moment outside of time, you as
an aspect of the One created all realities: realities within time and
realities outside of time.

There are many more realities outside of time than within time, and
that is a bit difficult as you struggle each day with your daily
activities to understand. But it is also something that you know very
deep within you as you chafe against the schedules.

You know that there is instantaneous manifestation. You know that it
doesn’t have to take time in order to feel. You know this from other
lifetimes, whether it be in realities that believed and were based on
time or realities outside of time. You know it deeply within yourself
that you are an expansive being, and that is why you chafe against the
small ego when it comes up with limitations and says, “But you are
only one person, and you have a limited time span for this lifetime.
That which you want to become or manifest, you probably won’t.”

Separated ego often says that. It says that because you have asked it
to say that so that you can prove it wrong, and it does your bidding.
It runs right onstage and it says, “Ah, you’ll never be able to be
wealthy, prosperous. You’ll never be able to manifest a loving mate or
a friend who will love you no matter what. You will never be able to
know that the loved ones who have released the body and gone on are
still with you. You’ll never know that.”

That is what separated ego says to you. But then the loved one who has
gone on speaks to you, and you say, “Well, that can’t be. They are no
longer here.”

They are here. And separated ego runs back onstage and says, “How do
you know? Can you prove it?” And you say, “Well, there’s a feeling. I
feel the loved one with me, and if I feel it, there has to be
something. I’m not quite sure what, and I can’t define it, and there
probably aren’t words for it, but I feel it.”

And separated ego says, “Ah, okay,” and goes off in the wings,
offstage for awhile until the next time it is called forth.

When we first thought to create a physical reality, we created light,
the vibration of light, and with that the vibration of sound, as you
understand the physical laws. We created most harmonious
manifestations of Oneness.

You still have that. It still exists. If you even want proof, you look
at your rainbow. There you have physical manifestation of different
vibrations of color from one range to another through the various
vibrations of color, and if you could hear the rainbow—and some ones
can—you would hear a melody, a harmony that is played.

When we first thought to have physical experience [somebody’s cell
phone sounds off with a tune], we decided to have music (Laughter) And
that is why you now have the calling on your most wonderful technology
that is in what are called the ring tones. Thank you, beloved brother,
we needed an example; perfect timing. And at first, we created light
and we were free-flowing as light and as thought and as vibration.

Then there was thought to make it a bit more compact [the cell phone
sounds off again] and so a new tune came forth (Laughter) Thank you.
You are doing very well. You are following the cues. I am holding up a
cue card, you see. It says “Another ringtone, please.”

We brought forth the different constellations, and they were as yet
amorphous. They were as yet unformed, not as you know them now to be,
but we danced as the light upon and within the amorphous constellations.

Then there is a thought to evolve into something different, because
you are always—I see you doing this in your daily life—thinking of
what is the next goal, what is the next project you are going to work
on. We are always working to create more.

There became more density. The Light played with the density, and we
brought forth many, many constellations.

As your scientists now have shown you, you have the most wonderful
pictures of light that come to you from many, many light years away,
more than what you would count a lifetime or several lifetimes to be,
that light now coming to you from constellations where you played at
one time and then sent yourself here to receive that light in this

So when you look in your heavens and you see the light of the various
stars, know that truly you have played within those constellations,
and the light that you brought forth then is coming to you now for the
purpose of reminding you of how creative you are, how Light you are,
how you can and do manifest.

You have chosen now to be within this reality on this third rock from
the sun—as you have your television program that was called that—and
to live out lifetimes on this rock, which truly is not all rock; it is
vibration of differing densities.

And when we came to play upon this firmament, we danced as the Light
that we are, and we knew ourselves to be very…porous, I suppose, is a
good word…fluid, and we went within the Earth, our holy Mother, the
planet, because—as I have spoken to you in other recent times—this
reality that you call firm is not firm at all. It is changing all of
the time and it is very fluid and very porous, which is why sometimes
those of you who have put aside for a moment or so some possession and
wondered where did it go, it has moved into another part of reality
and then later on it, if it be part of the scripting, it will
reappear, sometimes in the most wonderful places that surprise you.
That is a reminder of how fluid this reality truly is and how fluid
Mother Earth is.

There are ones who remember themselves to be lighter vibration and
more fluid who do live within holy Mother Earth. Sometimes you
will—again, as we spoke of the loved ones—you will know a presence of
them. There are certain sacred spots that ones have pointed out where
you can go and be in communion with the ones who live within this
planet. Have you done that? Yes, a long, long time ago as you measure
time, before you decided that you wanted to live on the surface, and
you decided that living on the surface you could have a more dense
form, a more solidified and defined form.

But even the defined form you change from time to time. You allow it
to be bigger, and then sometimes you allow it to be a little smaller.
I jest with you (Laughter) Sometimes it takes a bit of getting it in
there, in truth. But, yes. And in the evolution of your remembrance of
who you are, it has been a most wonderful journey where you have put
outside of yourself the belief in divinity, and you have worshipped
other gods, and you have said that God has to be something separate
from me.

That is separated ego again coming on the stage and saying, “How can
you be of divine essence? Look at that mistake you made last week. Why
did you choose…whatever it was. Why did you say such and such? You
knew it was going to have a certain reaction.”

So separated ego loves to say things like that to you in order to get
you to think more clearly and to realize that everything serves the
atonement. Everything serves the realization of At-one-ment, of coming
to that place of knowing your Oneness with the divinity that allows
you to create everything that you do create. That is how powerful you

So along the journey, you have set up for yourself various gods
according to various cultures; sometimes a multiplicity of gods: a god
of war, a god of the harvest, a goddess of fertility, etc. Then came
the revelation that all gods must have their being in one God, a
divine essence.

You have often looked to the heavens in your nighttime, and you have
looked to the lights of the heavens and taken inspiration from that,
or in the daytime you have looked to the sun that is so important for
warmth and for the growing of the food that sustains you and sustains
the animals that sometimes you use for food, and so there was worship
of the sun.

For many, many lifetimes you were and still are sun worshippers. I see
you as you go out in the sun and you enjoy being out-of-doors in the
sun; not quite the same as some other lifetimes ago, but still the sun

Always you have been looking for the essence of yourself. That is why
we spoke earlier that when you speak to a friend and you say, “This is
who I am as a human; please give me a clue as to who I am more than
that,” you are searching—and truly when you come to that place of
surrender, you find that you are that which you have been seeking.

You are already home. You are already that which you want to find, and
the best way to find that is to give it. Allow it to flow through you,
to be the friend to another one and to love, to encourage, to support.

The ones that you can be in communication with in direct communion,
and the ones that you call forth in the mind’s eye in your meditative
times, allow them to feel your love. Allow them to know that you
understand and recognize who they are as the divine extension into
this reality.

We have spoken other times of how you have come to the place of
understanding that you are the son/daughter of the one Creator. And
then we encouraged you to take it one step further and to know that
even to speak of being the child or the son/daughter of the holy
Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, that that yet spoke of
separation, and there is no separation.

You are the divine extension of the one Creator come into this point
of focus to live a life as you choose it to be and to be in harmony
with each other and to find that Oneness through various methodologies.

Most wonderful, the tools that you have at hand to bring you to that
place of peace within, that place within that can open, that the world
does not know, that the world cannot understand and would not give the
time of day to, and yet that place of divine peace that allows you to
know that you are all that you have ever wanted to know.

You are that love incarnate, and any little piece of circumstance
within your life that is not joyous, happy, you take that little piece
and you love it. You love it to the place where you find
peace—p-e-a-c-e—with that p-i-e-c-e that has been bothering you. You
love it until it is transformed.

You go within by the various methods, the tools that you know to do,
and you know how to do this, whether it be walking in nature speaking
to the grass, the trees, the flowers, feeling the soft caress of the
wind and the warmth of the sun upon the skin, whether it be with the
tones of music and allowing yourself to be transported, One with the
harmony of the music, whether it be with the breath that is so
important to this incarnation.

For truly, the breath is the first thing that the infant does as an
independent act, and it is the last thing that you do when you release
the body. The breath is the doorway to the inner peace. So whatever
your tool, use it.

Allow yourself to go within and to worship the sun within yourself.
You are indeed a temple, a living temple, walking on two feet the best
that you can do, doing very well, and you are the temple of the sun of
yourself, that divine radiance.

So whenever you get to a point of questioning, “Who am I? What is my
purpose? Why am I here? Why am I creating…whatever I am
creating?”—because I hear you—you ask, you sometimes scream at me,
“Why is this happening?” I hear you, and I answer.

It is because you are powerful. You are creating whatever you are
creating because you have the power to create, because you are the
extension of the one Creator, because you have been from before time
began creating, always creating, and it is your nature to create.

So you go within the temple of the sun within yourself, that divine
radiance, and you live in that space of light, forgetting all else
that is happening around you for a moment or so—or if it be possible,
for longer than that—and allow that to be your focus, that temple that
you are, the temple of the sun within.

Feel the power of the physical sun. You know the power of the physical
sun. You know how warm it can be. You know how powerful it is every
day as it arises. And you know the lifetimes when you have worshipped
it for its life-giving properties.

But the sun in your heavens is no comparison to the sun within you,
that divine essence within you, out of which you create everything.

You are the temple of the sun of yourself. So if you have something
that you have been worrying about—as a dog sometimes will worry with a
bone: they’ll chew and chew and chew on that bone, shake it and chew
it until they get to the marrow of it, the good part of it—if you have
been worrying about something, allow yourself to take a deep
breath…right now…feel that easy, deep breath and allow yourself to go
within, eyes open or eyes closed, whichever feels comfortable, and go
within to that sacred place of the sun within you, and know that
within you is divine radiance.

There is nothing that can threaten or change that divine radiance
within you. Feel it with your mind’s eye. Feel yourself in that sun
within yourself. Know that you are surrounded by the sunlight that you
are. Feel it. Visualize it. Allow yourself to be safe, secure within
the sun of yourself. Know that always in that place of the sun there
are no problems.

All that you have truly ever desired abides within the sun within your
own temple, within yourself. Allow yourself to visualize that place.
Allow yourself to feel it. Go within and for a moment allow everything
else to be blotted out by the brilliance of the sun in that space.
Visualize how the sun fills every part of your being. Visualize
yourself in the middle of that sun. Feel its warmth. Feel its power.
Feel the security. Nothing can threaten that security.

Any time that the world speaks to you of problems, go quickly to your
own temple and to your own sun and abide there in the security of the
divine essence, the divine radiance that you are.

And then if there is something that has been troubling you, bring it
within that light and see how it dissolves into nothing, into light,
knowing yourself always to be taken care of, always in the light, for
truly that is who you are.

You have fashioned a body so that you could walk through this reality
to play in this reality, to struggle with all of the challenges that
you have collectively agreed upon. But none of those challenges can
threaten or change the divine light of you within you.

If there is anything that bothers you or that you have even a small
question about, take it to the Light. All you have to do is take that
one breath and go within to the candlelight within if sometimes you
feel that your sun is not quite as big as you’d like it to be.

You can visualize the candle flame and then see it expanding to fill
all of the mind’s eye. And wait, because sometimes there will be
inspiration. Sometimes there will be guidance, an idea that comes out
of that Light that has been there all of the time within the Light,
but you haven’t given it yet opportunity to come forth.

Sometimes all you need is to know the security of that Light, to know
that you are loved in that Light, and that always you will be loved
and taken care of, because that is who and what you are.

You are the temple of the sun. Even as you are walking through the
darkness of the valley of the world, you are the light of this world.
That is what you said you will do in this lifetime by various
journeys, by various means, various occupations. You will be called,
invited by ones to be with them to be an inspiration.

And how are you an inspiration? To inspire one is to encourage them to
breathe—in-spire—and when they take a breath, a deep, conscious
breath, they allow that space of peace, that space of divine Light to
make itself known.

Most of the brothers and sisters rush about breathing very shallowly
because they’re in a hurry to get somewhere, or they are afraid that
they have to fulfill something and they are not quite sure what they
have to fulfill, but they sure as heck have to fulfill it, and so they
rush about breathing only from about mid-chest upwards.

Allow the breath every once in awhile to be a deep breath, to expand,
to feel how the whole body can relax with that breath and how you can
go within to the Light and visualize everything in light and in love.

Never do you need to worry about anything. Hear me well when I say
that. I am the demonstration of that, as you are the demonstration of
it. My lifetime was fraught with challenges, threats, even
crucifixion; a lot of things that you see in this lifetime.

“Oh, no, I don’t want to do that.” Well, I have news for you. You have
done it; otherwise, you could not relate to my story, because my story
is your story. In other lifetimes that you have pushed to the
background of your memory, you have known physical crucifixion. I

n many other lifetimes you have known the emotional crucifixion; even
in this lifetime you crucify yourself daily emotionally. But you don’t
have to. You can come down off of the cross and live in the Light.
That is what this evening’s message is about: finding the temple of
your own sun within yourself.

Look at my lifetime and take courage from that lifetime. You will not
be asked to give over the body, and even if you were, that is not who
you are. The body is not who you are. But you will not be asked to
give over the body until you choose to give it over, because you are
going to replace it with something better.

Separated ego says, “But master, I don’t know if it’s going to be
something better or not. I have heard tell that after you release the
body there’s all kinds of karma and retribution and paying for sins
and even sins you didn’t know you had sinned, and I’ve heard this can
go on forever and a long, long time.”

As I have said to you earlier in this time, separated ego is your
servant. It brings these messages to you so that you can look at them
and you can say, “Is this true for me, or not? Is this fear-based?”
and most of the messages separated ego brings you are fear-based.

“Is this true, or is there something more? Can I look for something
more? I want to see things differently.” When you make that switch to
saying, “I want to see things differently,” separated ego has to go
off the stage, because you have said to it, “I’m turning the page of
this scripting. You are no longer in the script.” And so separated ego
has to go off the stage. Meantime, he’ll come back, because you have
written him into your script from time to time.

But separated ego is your servant and brings you opportunity to look
at things, and you do. You look at things and you worry with those
things. But you worry with them in order to get to the marrow of the
bone, to get to the good part of the bone, to get to that place of
saying, “I know that there has to be more to me than just what I have
been seeing and feeling up to this point. I believe in the good of my
friend. I know that this one is a good person, and if I can see the
good in him, maybe there’s a wee bit of good in me.

And then you ask of the friend, “How do you see me? Is there anything
good in me? I know there has to be something good in me, but you know,
there are some days I can’t really find it. It must be around here

And the friend will say, “Oh, my goodness. Do you know how many words
of encouragement you have spoken to me over the years? Do you know how
much encouragement you have given me in finding the tools that I
needed to go one more day? Do you know…” etc., and they will list all
of the things how you have helped them and what they see in you.

And that brings you then to the place of finding the temple of the sun
within yourself and living in that space of the Light. So any time
when the outward appearances of things look to be threatening, look to
be as loss or abandonment or rejection, go quickly to that temple of
the sun within yourself. In your mind’s eye, even if you are standing
in a crowd of people with your eyes open, you can still in the mind’s
eye see yourself in that sun and know that always—this is my guarantee
unto you; I have been there, I have done it, I have tried it, I have
tested it, and I know it to be true—you will always be taken care of
in the temple, in the sun of your own sun within.

That is what it means when we speak of the Christ of you. It is your
own sun within you, the brilliance, the divine radiance of the Christ
of you. So whenever the world speaks to you—and I know that now it is
speaking very loudly to you—with choices…you have the friends who are
choosing different sides of things.

In the next couple months of your time, you are coming to a choice
point where not all of your friends are going to be seeing things the
same as you do. Go within to that place of the sun within yourself.
Make your choice from that place of the sun, whatever it be, and know
that the friends are also hastening the realization of At-one-ment,
whatever choice they make, because it cannot be otherwise.

The holy Child has already decided to come home. The holy Child has
already decided to know who she is, and to live from that place of
divinity, and to live joyfully.

So whenever the world brings you the messages that it could be other
than joyful, go quickly to the temple of the sun within yourself, the
Christ of yourself, that expansive place where you know love itself,
where you know that always you are respected, honored, nurtured, and
taken care of, that always the Christ returns home, no matter how far
he/she may travel.

The Christ of you abides in the sun, in the divine brilliance and
radiance within you, and that will always bring you home. I know this
to be true, so I speak it to you.

So be it.

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Jeshua- “Illness and Health”

Jeshua- Illness and health

Dear friends, I welcome you warm-heartedly and send you all my love. I love you all so dearly. My love for you is not only universal in nature but it also has a personal touch, for I have known many of you when I was here on earth among you.

I am Jeshua. I have lived on earth as Jesus and I have been among people to testify to the love which is available to all of us from the Source that lies within ourselves. Now the time has come for you to take over the torch. You are the seeds that blossom today. This is the meaning of the rebirth of Christ. I, the one man who once lived on earth, am not the one who is bound to return; instead the universal power of the Christ energy is now being birthed within you. I am so pleased to support you in this process by being with you in this way.

At the beginning of this session, Pamela and Gerrit asked me which subjects I would like to address and I told them: “It does not matter, I just want to be with them.” I simply want to touch you with my energy and to remind you of your own greatness. In extending my energy to you, my sole purpose is that you feel the flame of clarity within, the flame of your truth. That is the essence of the Christ energy. I have been an early carrier of this flame but now it is time for you to carry on the torch. It is important to acknowledge who you are on the inside. You carry this torch with you and you must realize that the time has come to show it to the world, for the world is waiting for it. This is a time of transformation, a time of great changes which show many faces, both dark and light. The time is ready for people who have a wider view, who can watch all manifestations of dark and light from a calm and peaceful state of mind and who are able to be present in love, without judgment.

Today I will talk about illness and health. But remember: basically it is my concern to let you feel that I am here, to let you feel that you are equal to me and that I am equal to you. We are one, we are carriers of a particular Light energy and we have been working for a long time, during many lifetimes, to ground this energy and anchor it to the earth. That is your job. That is your mission. 

The time has come to let go of me as someone you look up to. I am a brother and a friend to you, not a master you should follow. I want to surround you with the energies of love and truth. That is all I can do. Now it is your turn to stand up for yourself and to let the Light of your torches shine.

Illness and health – this is a subject that comes up in the lives of all people sooner or later. First I would like to say something about what illness actually is. all diseases have a spiritual origin. I will explain this by drawing a distinction among the different bodies you have. In addition to the physical body visible to all of you, you also possess an emotional body, a mental body and something you may call a spiritual body.

Illness mainly starts in the emotional body. It is from here that certain blockages settle themselves in the physical body on the material level. Often beliefs from the mental body contribute to the development of emotional blockages and thus to the manifestation of illness. I am talking of deeply ingrained beliefs or habits of thinking. Often these are beliefs about what is right and wrong about yourself.

Judgments may literally create a blockage in your emotional energy system. At those places where the blockages arise where the emotional energy is not allowed to flow freely, something of a dark energy becomes visible in the aura. This energy may settle down in the body. It need not necessarily be so, for this process takes quite some time and there is enough opportunity to turn things into balance emotionally, before a disease displays itself.

Generally your emotions tell you when your energy is not flowing, and when you turn your attention to their message and honor it, the blockage gets released. For instance you may feel upset or angry every time you have to do a particular thing and if you look more closely at those emotions, they will tell you that you are forcing yourself to do things that do not truly affirm who you are and who you want to be. However if you systematically ignore your anger and force yourself to do things you truly don’t feel good about, then the emotion goes underground, so to speak. It removes itself from your awareness and it expresses itself in your physical body. The repressed emotion is an energy that wants to be heard by you. When it expresses itself through the body it will manifest as a physical complaint.

Generally a physical complaint or illness points at an emotion inside you that you are largely unaware of. The physical symptom makes it visible to you on another level and in this way actually helps you get in touch with the blockage. In this way physical symptoms or pain are the language of the soul. The soul longs for full communication among all of its parts. The soul feels happy when there is a free flow of energy and a continuous renewal of all aspects of itself. Blockages prevent the energy from flowing freely and that depresses the soul.

Illness thus has the function of an indicator: it shows you where you are in need of healing. Although illness seems to be negative in the sense that you are bothered by all kinds of symptoms and pains, the key is to interpret illness as a message or a signpost. In doing so it becomes easier to cooperate with the disease instead of resisting it.

The soul has many ways to communicate to you. The soul’s favorite way is to speak to you through your intuition: quiet feeling tones, hunches, soft whispers of the heart. If it cannot reach you in that way, you will be alerted by your emotions. The emotions speak a louder language. They clearly show you that you have to look within and find out what is igniting that emotional response. Whenever you are strongly affected emotionally you need to find out why and what it means to you. If you become silent and listen carefully, the soul will tell you. If you resist or deny your emotions the soul will speak to you through your body. The body is an intelligent being, highly responsive to not just the material things (like food and liquids) you take in but to the emotions, feelings and thoughts you have. The body is meant to be a communicator. It is not a mere vessel to dwell in. It has an intelligent function to play in helping the soul express and know itself in matter.

How can you learn to understand the language of your soul if it is expressed through the body as an illness? At the moment the disease manifests itself it may not be clear what message is conveyed by it to you. In fact you have denied the emotion it represents consistently for a long time, so it is by definition not obvious what your illness has to tell you. Understanding the spiritual meaning of the illness is a process. It is a quest, an inner journey on which you gradually restore the communication process.

To embark upon this journey, you first have to accept your illness. The initial reaction to illness is often one of denial or resistance. You would prefer the disease to disappear as soon as possible because it frightens you. You are scared of failure, decline, imperfection and ultimately death. The panic that seizes you when you are confronted with physical failure or illness prevents you from opening up to a broader perspective on illness. You could consider illness in another light. You might experience it as a messenger of change, as an invitation to return to something precious that you have lost.

To comprehend and cooperate with the “signpost function” of illness, it is very important to say yes to the symptoms and pains which display themselves in your body. In saying yes, in accepting the state of your physical body and in being willing to listen to the language of your soul through it, you have actually solved half the problem. The real problem is not the disease itself but that which it represents, the underlying blockage(s). The disease buttonholes you so to speak and forces you to look at the underlying blockage. In turning to the disease and saying yes with your heart and soul, you will already have solved part of the blockage without even knowing precisely what the disease wants to tell you. Part of the communication is being restored just by your willingness, your patience and determination to take this inner journey upon you.

However, to say yes and embrace the illness is not easy for you. You may find yourself resisting it, being angry or desperate about it and therefore not listening to what the malfunction is already telling you. Frequently you get specific clues. For instance the body’s inabilities indicate that you must let go of certain obligations, spend more quiet time by yourself, be less active and more attentive to your needs. Although you may not yet know how to interpret your physical situation from a spiritual level, quite often the behavior that the ailment forces upon you is a big clue. By limiting yourself in certain areas, it is putting a spotlight on things that were in the dark before. How is it with your ability to be patient and gentle with yourself? Can you really take good care of your physical and emotional needs? Illness always brings up these questions, and to confront and accept the emotions they arouse is part of the healing process.

To really start the healing process you have to say yes to it all: the pain, the discomfort, the anxiety, the insecurity and the anger. You have to look it in the eye, be friendly with it and reach out your hands to it. It is coming to you for healing. It is not something you have to get out of the way as fast as possible. It is not a coincidence that it has entered your life now.

If you ignore your body’s language and you keep resisting the disease, it is very difficult to get through to the spiritual essence and meaning of the disease. There is too much anger and fear surrounding it. You only achieve true inner freedom in coming face to face with your disease, with your pain and discomfort and also with your feelings of fear and disgust. Embrace them and then ask them quietly and with an open consciousness: what do you want to tell me?

In your society it is not self evident to be intimate with your own body. Talking to your body like a being that deserves love and respect is not considered to be natural. You are dished up many idealized images in your society about what your body should look like, what fitness and health imply and what you should or should not eat and drink. There are all kinds of rules and standards about what a long and healthy life is like.

But all these idealized pictures bear no relationship to the path of the soul. The path of the soul is highly individual. Therefore to find the truth about any illness, ailment or distress that you suffer in your body, you need to tune into yourself in a very intimate way, leaving behind all these general, often artificial standards and rules. You are asked to release all these outside standards and to search for your own truth deep within.

This is a great challenge to you, for the fear and panic that seize you in the case of an illness make you look too quickly to authorities outside yourself. You reach out to external authorities for advice and comfort. This may be a medical doctor or an expert in alternative treatment; basically it makes no difference. The key is that out of fear, you tend to give up your own responsibility and partially hand it over to somebody else.

Of course there is nothing wrong with listening to an expert’s advice and quite often this is a very sensible thing to do. But always you need to take this knowledge inside you and weigh it in your own heart. Feel whether the advice resonates with you or not. Only you are the true creator of your life, the master of your own body. Only you yourself know what is best for your own body. In the deepest sense of the word, you are the creator of your own body.

Since illness represents a stuck emotion that is partly beyond the scope of your consciousness, it is not always easy to understand what the disease or the symptom represents. Sometimes it seems very hard to find out what the soul is trying to tell you by a specific disease. At this point you need to go inside and examine yourself thoroughly, in the sense of gradually becoming aware of the kind of energy that manifests itself in the disease and what it is trying to tell you.

Regaining intimacy with your own body requires practice; it is not self evident. Do not give up on it too easily. When you are dealing with persistent complaints, try to examine them once again. Take a moment to relax yourself and then travel with a neutral awareness to the places in your body where the illness is expressing itself. Ask the pain or the disease to take the shape of a living being so that you can talk to it. Ask it to appear as an animal, a child or a human being. Or ask it to appear as a guide, in whatever shape. Use your imagination! The imagination is a precious instrument to discover the deepest stirrings of your soul.

If you do so and when you notice that your body answers – with images or feelings – you will experience joy. You will feel happiness about the regained intimacy. The body speaks to you and its role as a communicator is restored! This is a breakthrough. As soon as you realize that you are able to know your body from the inside and that you are the only one who can do this for yourself, you will feel more confident. This self confidence makes it easier for you to feel what the disease is trying to tell you. It prevents you from brushing aside the answers that you receive from your inner self because they do not fit in with general ideas from the outside world. Intimacy with the body is very precious in all circumstances but particularly when the body is ill or in distress.

The way to let your body talk is love. You will not encourage communication with your body if you try to remove the disease by ardently repeating healing affirmations or visualizations to yourself. That still is form of struggle or resistance. The key is that you come to understand the meaning of the sick part of your body. If you understand this, things will be transformed and emotional blocks can be removed. This is how the healing process works – not fighting the disease, one way or another, but accepting it like a friend who wants to show you the right direction. This is difficult to understand, for illness frightens and distresses you. However accepting and understanding your illness is the only way to true healing. Illness wants to take you back home.


Chronic and terminal illness

The purpose of illness is to obtain a better and deeper understanding of yourself. Once you do this and go along with the inner healing process, physical recovery is often the result. However it does not always work this way. Some diseases do not disappear even when it seems you have gone down to the root of the underlying emotional blockage. This is the case with chronic diseases.

In the case of a chronic disease there are persistent physical problems that keep recurring. Especially during vulnerable periods in which you more or less lose touch with your inner self, the symptoms recur sometimes even in an increasing degree. This can be quite demoralizing. Therefore it is important to consider the disease from a broader perspective.

People with a chronic disease undertake quite an arduous task. On the soul level, they have agreed to confront the fears that come up in the context of their illness and to confront idealized pictures of how someone should perform in life. To take up this challenge shows great courage.

It often happens that a soul chooses a chronic disease to work out a specific issue in a highly focused way. The disease throws you back on particular emotions each time. There is an emotional pattern that accompanies the illness. To deal with these emotions time and again is quite a heavy task but it bears many fruits for the soul.

Quite often these lives have a great profundity and an inner richness that is not always noticeable to others. Therefore it is not supportive to constantly strive or hope for an improvement of the medical condition. The fact is that the disease often proceeds in a spiral movement, helping you grow on the inner level in circular movements upwards, although apparently you relapse into the same physical symptoms each time. On the spiritual level, you do not fall back but you reach ever greater depths in dealing with emotions that possibly have been overlooked by you in the past, even in past lives.

This also applies to hereditary or congenital physical defects. In this respect you sometimes speak of karma but I am careful with this concept, as you have a tendency to associate karma with crime and punishment. This is not how it works. The soul has the sincere desire to know itself to the fullest and to be free. This is its deepest desire. Starting from this ardent wish the soul sometimes undertakes ailments, diseases and physical defects which help it reach its aim. It is certainly not a question of paying off your debts. It is a deep intent to be set free and sometimes the best way to get there is to experience extremely difficult circumstances within your own body. For this intention we can only have the greatest respect, especially in your society where inhuman ideal images are cherished as to how to be functional, useful, beautiful and successful. These idealistic ideas make it even more difficult to live your life with a handicap and to nevertheless experience it as meaningful and joyful.

Finally I want to say something about incurable terminal diseases. Sometimes it will be obvious that someone will not survive a disease anymore. The body gradually succumbs to the disease. The “earthly frame” does not persist. At that moment what does the soul that finds itself within the body do? As long as you keep resisting the disease, you cannot get in touch with your soul and your inner knowing that tells you that it is time to say goodbye. Sometimes you sense in advance that you have to leave, but the idea strikes you with such horror and sorrow that you keep on fighting. You are eager to try another treatment or wait for that new medicine to be launched.

This is quite understandable and I certainly do not want to condemn this attitude, but you are hurting yourself in a terrible way. If you let go and allow death to come closer, you will notice that death is not an opponent but instead is a friend. Death releases you from the struggle.

If you go along with what death wants to tell you, you will pass through several stages before the actual process of dying takes place. These stages have to do with a gradual release of all earthly things – of your beloved, of your earthly surroundings, of your senses with which you observe everything around you. This is a beautiful, natural process.

It would be a pity to overshadow this process by an attitude of battle in which you try to hold on to life at any expense. Often by then the body has already become so fragile that life is not worth living anymore. Let it go. Death is a liberator who is there to serve you. Death is not your enemy. Death brings you new life.

When you are with someone who is incurably ill and when you feel that person knows that they are going to die, try to talk about it softly and carefully. It is a relief to the person who is passing over. The dearest and most precious thing you can do for a dying person is to sit next to them and hold their hand. There is nothing else you need to know or to be able to do in accompanying a dying person.

Terminal care is very important in your society. One day all of you will face this within your own family or your circle of friends. Simply be present with a dying person and feel the journey that is arriving. Feel the mighty, powerful moment in which the soul leaves the body and returns to the other realms, to its home.

Do not consider a disease that leads to death as an enemy who you will lose to in the end. It is not a battle. Quite frequently death comes to release you from even more pain and misery. You are certainly not a loser. You will simply continue your path in another way.

Sometimes there are particular issues you would have liked to live through or overcome during this life and these issues cannot be finished. This may distress you and not just you but those who stay behind as well. Nevertheless I ask you to leave this in peace, for there is a deeper wisdom at work that is guiding you and will bring you and your loved ones together in new and better circumstances. One day you will be together again and will celebrate life.

Today my biggest plea with regard to illness is to really embrace your illness. Surround the illness with love and awareness and let it lead you into a deeper understanding of yourself. Entrust yourself to the illness and allow yourself to enter into a more profound communication with yourself. Surrender does not mean to be passive or bitter about your illness but to cooperate with it in an active way, like a friend.

I embrace you all with my love and I ask you to feel my presence today, the presence of the Christ energy. Feel the love available to all of you in sickness and in health. There is so much love everywhere around you and you can feel it as soon as you let go of your judgments. You have so many judgments about what you do and don’t deserve, about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, about all the things you still have to do and achieve. Let it go. Love is present here and now for all of you.

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