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Selacia and The Council of 12 :Dec. 2007.:.A Look at the Future

Messages from The Council of 12Transmitted through Selacia-December 2007
Since humans began their journey within the context of linear time, there has been a widespread desire to know the future in advance. People of all cultures have had fears about what will happen “tomorrow,” fueled by concerns about potential pain and suffering.
Fear about the future often leads to a preoccupation with the future. Will it be happy? Will it be unhappy? Will it be less or more happy than now? What can be done to make it better? These are among the basic underlying questions of people with a chronic apprehension of the future.
It’s normal to occasionally worry about the future. After all, the future is unknown and uncertain. People are conditioned to seek out the familiar and to feel more comfortable in known territory. There is a normal desire for guarantees.
Oftentimes the greatest future-related fear relates to death-when it will happen, how, and what will happen after death. In the 21st Century, there is also increasing speculation about the end of life as humans have long known it. Some even predict the end of the world. There are many disaster-oriented scenarios included in age-old religious prophecies about world events of the next several years. However, not everyone sees the near-term future as a doom-and-gloom situation. A growing number of people from diverse traditions are expecting a very positive outcome-a time of more peacefulness and enlightened consciousness as humanity wakes up from a long slumber and remembers how to love.
Humanity’s Future Not Predestined
In a number of metaphysical circles, there is the idea that humanity’s future is predestined. According to this view, the human race and the planet are certain to ascend into higher consciousness in a predetermined way. The process of creation, however, is not one of predetermination. Humanity’s future is not rigidly laid out.
So what is happening? Humans are evolving and shifting at an unprecedented pace. People in every corner of the planet are being impacted. Other life forms, and even the Earth itself, are in the process of massive reconstruction. A dramatic leap into higher consciousness is underway. Outmoded societal structures are collapsing, sometimes quickly and other times over a span of years or decades. The institutions and systems most impacted and controlled by greed and power mongering are oftentimes the places most resistant to new more enlightened approaches. The people with the power want to keep the power.
Never before on Earth have there been so many changes so fast. Young people born today will need to become skilled in adapting to change, not only the types of change typical in a lifetime, but countless other shifts in circumstances that their ancestors did not face. Because it’s all so new, the previous generations have created no roadmap for how to navigate these tumultuous times.
Future Plans and Realities
Imagine for a moment that you buy a home which seems to have all of the basic features you want. You have dreamed about this kind of house for years, and it is finally yours! You move in, having sold your other house. Within a short amount of time, you begin to notice some very aggravating conditions. The roof leaks on rainy days. The plumbing malfunctions regularly. The hot water heater makes hammering noises. The hallway floor creaks. You realize after a few months in your new home that the extra bonus room you set up as your office will need to be converted into a bedroom for your elderly mother, for she can no longer live on her own.
You noticed some of the home’s imperfections before you moved in, yet you overlooked them. When you walked through the house with your real estate agent, for example, you had heard a faint creaking sound as you moved from one bedroom to another. In that moment, though, so enthusiastic about having found a house with so many of the features you wanted, you disregarded the irritating potential of the noise. Also, by the time you found that house, you were tired of looking, concerned about finding nothing suitable in your price range, and worried that you might have to settle for something less than you had before.
In this imaginary scenario, you move into your dream house and discover that the future you had imagined looks rather different when you “get there.” You can still find plenty of things to feel grateful for-assuming you remember to focus on the good-yet oftentimes you find yourself complaining about the new reality you find yourself in, wishing it could be different. When you are alone with no one to complain to, you sometimes ask yourself what happened to change your rosy future into what feels like a rose with thorns. You wonder what you can do to cope.
Letting Go of the Fight
After deep reflection, you realize the value of accepting your situation rather than fighting it. You let go and turn to your inner knowing for solutions. Your intuitively guided reason shows you some very specific alterations you can make to create a more joyful circumstance. These involve both physical repairs to your home and adjustments in your view about life and living in a house that doesn’t measure up to your previous expectations. Your inner knowing reminds you of how futile worry is, and of how much your energy is depleted when you are at war with your circumstances.
You decide to embrace yourself and the situation. You forgive yourself for oversights, and for not knowing some things which were simply unknowable in advance. You remember how fluid the future really is, and how futile it is to worry about what might happen. You realize that the future you worried about before is here now, and if you don’t like how it looks, you can change your experience of it.
Changing your experience means you can change certain things previously created, such as the noisy hot water heater. For the things that are difficult or impossible to change, the shift happens inside of you. You can decide how you respond to each and every circumstance of life. To be sure, there will be many things you dislike, yet you can find a way to be at peace with them. You can keep the new house and create a livable situation.
A Different World View
Just as the new homeowner can find peace in a troubling circumstance, humanity has that very choice now. For the billions of people living on Earth, the challenge is to embrace the planet as “home.”
To do that will require seeing the world as one interconnected place, rather than as isolated continents which are home to diverse peoples. Fear and domination will need to be replaced by love and unification. This different world view will be born, not in the halls of government bodies or think tanks, but in the hearts of the ordinary human.
If you are reading these words, you have chosen to participate is this great experiment of humanity-to help create a brand new beginning for the Earth. At the core of your being, you remember the importance of this lifetime, not only for you personally but for all sentient beings on the planet. You also recall the vital links between what happens on Earth and what then occurs throughout other interconnected universes. You know the urgency of the situation. You understand the stakes involved.
Before incarnating this time, you made a decision to be one of the Divine Changemakers during Earth’s pivotal years. You “signed up” without hesitation-the brave spiritual warrior that you are-realizing the great potential and the many benefits, including to you personally on your evolutionary path.
When you were birthed into your current embodiment, you likely did not remember any decisions about joining other comrades in a crazy dance of human reconnection. Most likely, upon arrival you quickly forgot who you were and why you came. Your remembrance of Self as a spiritual being, too, was most likely covered over with a thick layer of dust. You might even have felt you came to the wrong “place,” to the wrong “family,” or in the wrong “time.”
What You Want Now
Now, at this juncture, you want to feel at home on your planet, and in your own skin. You want to feel empowered to create the changes you know need to occur. You want to feel as though your life has meaning. You want to feel confident in your ability to connect with the truth of what is really happening in your world.
A part of your challenge is that no one prepared you for what you would face. You were not given a map, or even a guidebook with ratings of the best and worst places. You have to figure it out step-by-step, moment-by-moment. Your comrades for the journey, some of which you likely have not yet met, don’t have a guidebook either. It is up to each of you to sort out the truths from the untruths, and learn to discern meanings of your reality.
Quite often, as you have learned, things are not as they appear. There is much going on behind the scenes. You hear about some of it through carefully manipulated media channels. For example, you hear about pricing decisions, made behind closed doors, which affect the global economy as well as your own pocketbook.
Learning to Question
You are learning to question. This is a natural ability, of course, yet it is often underdeveloped and even discouraged in modern culture. In order to move into your Divine power in this life, you must develop your ability to question and put it into regular use in everyday situations.
It will be helpful to begin questioning your own questions, too.For example, any of the following types of questions are future-oriented and will tend to keep you feeling small:
· Will I be or have (a specific thing or quality such as happiness) at some future time?· When will I have (a quality or a specific thing such as prosperity)?· What if I get (a disease such as cancer) or become (unable to do something)?· What will happen if I lose (my home, my husband, my job)?· How long will this (situation, pain, condition, problem) last?· When will the world become (sane, safe, peaceful)?
Rather than question in this future-oriented way, consider asking questions that will empower you in the present to change your situation, or at least alter your view of what is occurring.
To change your experience of the future, you must change your experience of the present.
Role of a Divine Changemaker
Remember that you are a Divine Changemaker, creating not only your own present and future but that of the world around you. You change it by taking conscious actions in the present. You change it by becoming more aware of what’s needed and of what needs to fall away. You then take steps to help create what’s needed and you bravely do the inner work to release what needs to fall away.
Rather than simply focusing on what’s wrong with the world, you recognize what needs to change and then you focus your energies on making changes within yourself. Your priority is to live as fully and consciously as you can, while also learning to be the loving and peaceful being you want to see everywhere you go.
You catch yourself when you dwell in the past, remembering that the replay of old tapes is draining your energy and preventing you from moving forward. You know that to repeatedly remember how someone or something hurt you is only reinforcing a painful past. You recognize that your only power is in the present moment. Realizing this, you shift your focus to the present and to what you can do to be happier now.
As a Divine Changemaker, you are in the process of learning new approaches to time. You and others like you are now in the midst of a revolutionary shift in how time is viewed and worked with. This shift is happening in stages, for the gap between the old and new is too great to simply jump to the new overnight.
Shifting from a Linear View
The linear view of time is now outmoded and too limited for where humanity is headed. A rigid linear approach keeps people thinking in a narrow way. Concepts of timelessness, natural time, cyclic existence, and the eternal cannot be explained in a linear way. These ideas are vast and run counter to an unbending notion of time.
You still have clock time, of course, and calendars. These are tools humans have devised to synchronize activities and plan for the future. While they are still useful in your modern day world, you will want to consider some new approaches for using clocks and calendars.
First, know that 24 hours is no longer experienced as 24 hours, for time has been compressed.
Second, keep in mind that time is not a material thing like a clock. You can’t lose it or misplace it like you could a clock. You never “have” time to begin with, for it’s simply an arbitrary measuring stick devised thousands of years ago to define motion and events.
Third, time can be experienced differently depending on who you are and your reference point. An hour of your favorite pastime can feel much shorter than the same hour laboring at learning a new and challenging task. If you are 15 and your next birthday is six months away, it can seem like the date doesn’t come fast enough. If you are 65 and your next birthday is six months away, you may wonder how the years have passed by so quickly.
Fourth, if you approach the distant future in a linear way, worrying about the “what if’s,” you will be setting up a needless cycle of anxiety, pressure, and dissatisfaction.
Fifth, if you employ conventional views of time when viewing your own potential-basing future possibilities on your past experiences-you will limit yourself. To move into your full potential this life, you must be able to see beyond what you have already created. If you have failed at something in the past, this does not mean you are locked into failure. Likewise, if you have succeeded at something before, you want to be open to new ways of success. When creating anything that’s really new, it will not be a carbon copy of what has come before. Be open to the new each time you do something.
Sixth, look to the natural world for clues about how to work with time in a less linear way. Animals allow their own body rhythms and sense of time to guide them. When the sun comes up, most animals awaken and begin their day. If they are hungry, they find food to eat. There are no rigid mealtimes. Animals such as squirrels store food for the winter, not because they have a calendar reminding them to do so, but because they naturally know to do it.
Seventh, begin to view your personal relationship with time in a more expansive and flexible way. That includes how you approach deadlines, whether artificial or “real.” It can be helpful to set your intention to forge a brand new connection with time. As part of that, you will want to let go of the illusion that time is either your enemy or your friend. That is a dualistic approach, and out-of-step with the multidimensional being that you are. Time is just time. It is up to you to decide how you will relate to time.
As you are redefining your relationship with time, you will want to keep in mind your personal needs as well as your interactions with others.
Personal needs. An example is mealtime. Do you often eat when you are not really hungry, simply because it is “time”? Do you sometimes have a time focus when you eat, hurrying your meal, and then later realize that you ate twice as much food as you really needed? Do you ever feel a slave to a rigid schedule you set for a project, trying to force creative ideas at a predetermined time when your energies would be better utilized doing something else at that moment? Do you honor your personal needs for “down time” and self reflection? Have you learned to be in tune with yourself at a deep enough level to know when you truly need rest, food, companionship, alone time, or a specific activity? Do you factor into your busy schedule enough time to focus on spirit and your spiritual growth? Do you step back from the minutia happenstance of the day often enough to get a larger perspective that exists beyond the short-term? Is it easy for you to ask others for the time you personally need-whether it’s alone time, more time to reflect on a key issue, or simply release from an artificial deadline?
Interactions with others. When you update your relationship with time, you will want to do so responsibly and without harm to others. To be responsible with time means that you consider how your actions impact the lives of others. Examples include your attitude and actions as you interact with other people on the road, in the market, on the phone, at work, or in another public place. Do you tailgate on the freeway when you are in a hurry? Do you get angry when you must stand in line at the grocery store at the end of your workday? Do you have a habit of being late for meetings with others? Do you arrive late at the movies and disturb others in the audience? Do you make plans with a friend and then change plans at the last minute without regard to how the change impacts your friend? Do you commit to projects at work without a realistic view of how long it will take, your delays setting off a series of other delays for your coworkers? In your most intimate relationships, are you respectful of your loved ones’ time?
Being Where You Are
To simply be where you are-without a preoccupation with past events or future outcomes-is easier said than done. Even though a part of you knows that the present is the only point of real power, it can feel challenging to keep one’s awareness present-focused. That’s especially true if you don’t like your present reality.
To be satisfied with your own existence, even amidst great challenges and suffering, is one of the most difficult things you can learn to do. Arriving at a peaceful coexistence with yourself and your outer world is not automatic. You don’t achieve this by reaching a certain age. It doesn’t come from where you live. It cannot be reached through fame or fortune. No other person can give it to you. There are no advanced beings from another planet coming to make this happen for you.
This state of peacefulness is only to be found deep within you, when you access your true nature. That eternal part of you exists beyond time and space. The eternal you is unaffected by the world’s chaos. It is able to simply “be,” no matter what. You can learn to connect with this aspect of Self. You can learn to be satisfied, peaceful, and free. You can learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty. This is your Divine birthright.
You are here during these pivotal moments in time to help influence the upward movement of human consciousness. To stay sane in the process, you will need to become watchful of how you allow others and the world view to influence your mind. You will need to become more aware of emotional states and learn to intelligently work with them to stay in balance.
Your Media Can Be a Blessing or Curse
Powerful media messages, these days accessed 24/7 by anyone who cares to, will remind you of the uncertain state of the world. You can see that as a blessing or a curse. Certainly, your ancient ancestors had no Internet or cell phones to give them the kind of global perspective of change you now have. They often did not know about the sufferings of people beyond their small villages. It was common to be ignorant of the connected web of life on Earth. History was not viewed globally, but regionally from the perspective of what the local peoples had experienced.
You can choose how the media and technology will affect you. You can learn to be OK with evolutionary change and with a world under construction.
Indeed, it is as though you and other humans are living in a construction zone. As humanity and the Earth undergo the process of massive reconstruction, you may feel like you want to run and yet there is no place to run. The changes are underway all around you, while you continue to live on the planet you have long called “home.” If there were another planet you knew to go to right now, you might be tempted to go there.
Since that’s not an option, you are like the homeowner with the new home needing repairs. You can choose to make the repairs, while also adjusting your view about life and living in a home that doesn’t fit your current needs.
The key to empowerment in these chaotic times is to develop more self-awareness, train your mind to switch off the fear channel, and fully develop your intuitively guided reason and ability to question.
You will want to question what others say will happen in the future. You will want to question your own views of what is possible, determining where your blind spots are. Have you discounted something that is important to your soul’s growth? Have you forgotten to make sensible plans for some aspect of your future physical existence? Are you taking adequate care of your body? Are you waiting for someone, or a certain event, to change your reality?
On a regular basis, inquire within to determine whether your view of the future is based on perspectives that are sane and balanced. Get in touch with any views that need updating. These include fantasies you may have previously unknowingly bought into, now seeing them for what they are. Acknowledge pessimistic views, too, such as doubting that your efforts can be worthwhile. To create the kind of future you want to live in, you must believe it is possible to change your present reality. You must embrace your role as a Divine Changemaker.
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Copyright 2007 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved *
Note from Selacia-“As we near the end of 2007, I asked The Council of 12 to address the topic of the future and how we can approach the concept of ‘future’ in a more sane and useful way. In their October message about 2008 and the Year of Truth, they provided insights into how we can work with the energies of this coming year. This current message suggests more enlightened ways to view the future in a broader context.
Our future, of course, is much more than a year on a linear calendar. The future most people are concerned with is the longer view and how they and the planet will be impacted in the times to come. My sense was that a message on the future would be especially helpful now, considering the fast approach of the year 2012. Predictions about 2012-made by sages and prophets of diverse world cultures-will surely receive an increasing amount of attention as we move closer to the heralded marker date.
Most likely, The Council will address this topic in numerous ways between now and 2012. If you have a particular concern or question you would like covered, feel free to get in touch with me.
If you have feedback about this message, or about how this month’s message helped you to clarify how you can more effectively relate to the ‘future’-or suggestions for other topics The Council could address-please email me at”



By Nasrin

Beloveds I am Sanat Kumara.

Place your focus in front of your Third Eye. Feel yourself standing inside of a triangle. Visualize yourself and your twin flame as two points of a triangle with Sanat Kumara in the North, your male aspect in South West, your female aspect at South East. Sanat Kumara’s hands are held up in the position of fearlessness. His palms are pointing to your hearts. Sanat Kumara is beaming light from the palm of his hands. The beam coming from the right hand is Emerald Green. The beam coming from the left hand is Peach-Pink. The significance of this grid is to balance your mental body and your emotional body. Also, to bring together the energy within each individual person.

In the grid you visualize yourself and your twin flame as two separate entities standing at two separate points of the triangle. At the same time this is a representation of the male aspect and the female aspect or polarity within you. Therefore, two distinct purposes are serviced through this grid:

to balance the male and female polarity within yourself

to balance your energy next to your twin flame, regardless of the presence of or absence of a twin flame in your life at this present moment.

This exercise will heal those missing parts and fills the void to bring fullness, wholeness, health and well-being back to you at all levels of your beingness.

Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos, merges into the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Stand and witness this merging then visualize yourself in both your masculine and feminine aspect, your male and female twin flames join with Sanat Kumara inside the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM. All are now merged into Oneness, you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara and the I AM THAT I AM. The time has come for the energy of the planetary logos to embody each of you individually and align your energies through the consciousness of Planetary Logos with the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. This November 9, 2007 is an extremely important time, when new energies will be coming forth. The energies will begin to pour forth on this auspicious day. I ask each of you to begin to perform this exercise as soon as you receive it. Those of you who begin by November 9th are pioneers who have been called to participate in receiving these energies and anchoring them on behalf of all souls in cooperation with the Masters of Light. Everyone who receives it (or comes across it) at any point thereafter is still among the pioneers. You are brought to this Grid of Light by your higher self – every one of you have earned the merit to participate in this great event. This exercise will activate your energy bodies, allowing you to cope within the acceleration phase, which begins on November 9, 2007 and continues to March Equinox (20th of March 2008). The advantage and the benefits of exercising this Grid of Light is that it will accelerate the rate of your vibrational frequency.

Through this acceleration you will be able to better cope with the raise in the vibrational frequency of Earth through the acceleration of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). Everything is speeding up. This is due to the fact that Mother Earth has chosen to shake herself out of the slower and lower vibrational frequency and darkness. She is choosing and using different specific landmark points to accelerate her own pace. To cope with that pace individually and to help Mother Earth you have been called. On one hand, therefore, your own vibrational frequency is being heightened to allow you to cope with the changes which will bring the dawning of the New Age in full force and the greater positive light of the Seventh Golden Age. On the other hand, it is up to you to help Mother Earth make her leap of faith in the direction of greater light. You are the pioneers. You have been prepared for this moment in history. You have been led to this Grid of Light because you have been in service of light for eons of time.

Your life will change in positive ways to your own delight. That is a promise to you. You will notice the movement of time and events in an accelerated manner. You will feel levels of greater hope and celebration. You will come to know others of like mind. You will release from your life those people, those places and things which distract you, delay you, burden you, cause you harm and disharmony. In the company of your brothers and sisters of light, we will help the Earth accelerate herself to greater love and light.

I would like to announce the 9th of November as a time of celebration for the dawning of greater light through all five elements in all four corners of Earth. The presence of the Seven Mighty Lords of Light will be celebrated once again on Earth. These mighty great beings have been absent from this third dimensional reality of Earth for a very long time. Their return is a landmark event as rightful heirs to Earth and of Guardians of Light on Earth will be celebrated on the November 9, 2007 at noon. Wherever you are, whatever time zone you work with, consider noon to be the time when the outpouring of light through the presence of the Seven Mighty Lords begins.

The outpouring of this energy will continue through to Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007) as one phase of acceleration. From Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007) to December 9, 2007 there will be a second phase of acceleration for the down pouring of these energies. From December 10, 2007 to January 9, 2008 will be the third phase of acceleration for these energies. From there these energies will plateau and stay at this accelerated point until March 9, 2008. At that point a new phase of acceleration begins. This phase will take us to a second plateau. Once again three levels of acceleration are to be experienced in this second phase. From March 9, 2008 to April 9, 2008, we will move to yet another layer of acceleration. Then from April 9to May 9, 2008 the second layer begins. The last of this phase begins from the May 9 and completes its cycle at June 9, 2008. This brings us to Summer Solstice (around June 20-22, 2008) where the energies which have peaked three times will plateau again. That plateau will continue for three months until we reach Fall Equinox of 2008 (September 20-22, 2008).

From September 20, 2008 we will begin to work with a new level of energies. At that point the Maha Lord of Light who is the guardian and supervisor to the Seven Lords of Light will pour down his energies upon us on Earth. These energies will begin from Fall Equinox (September 20-22, 2008) and continue to Winter Solstice (December 20-22, 2008).

As you can see, the year of 2008 is a great and wonderful year for spiritual acceleration and for the victory of light over darkness. The victory of light will take many shapes and forms. From Earth’s point of view, the acceleration will mean greater cleansing. Cleansing begins with the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether). The events of the recent past including the fires, floods, earthquakes and such are all part of the cleansing. Mother Earth is allowing herself these modes of cleansing in order to open herself to receive greater light. No event, even of disastrous nature, should be considered a catastrophe. You live n a world filled with duality. This duality shapes your life. Your life is made of good events and bad events; or so you choose to categorize it! In the eyes of the higher beings, all is good. Every event brings with it, and is the harbinger of greatness. The Earth is shaking herself off of her dross, in order to absorb and illuminate herself with greater light. You too shall shake yourself off of your dross. So, if you lose your job, remember there is a better one waiting for you! If you lose your partnership, remember, there is one with greater balance, harmony and love waiting to be had! If there are lessons that you learn, and in our own estimation, you learn them the hard way, perhaps it is time to look for ways to learn lessons easier. Remember, sometimes to know what you want, you have to experience what you do not want, and learn how to eliminate it from your life. Sometimes knowing what you want carries you to the point of earning it. Earning what you want takes you through the pathway to cross over the bridge of what you do not want and choosing. Remember that you have choices. I have said it before and I say it again: There are always easier ways, there is always a means to find a shortcut.

This Grid of Light will allow you to accelerate your own vibrational frequencies, to bring you the presence of mind, the clarity of heart, the foresight to see what lies ahead of you and to choose the simple way, the easy way, the shortcut. We are moving into a time of acceleration. I have given you the format of how this acceleration will spread over time; between now and 13 months from now, to further accelerate yourself on this path which is awaiting all human-kind and Mother Earth. I suggest that you remember daily to bring your energies before the presence of the I AM THAT I AM and over-light yourself within that presence with the planetary logos.

Afterall, the consciousness of the planetary logos is over-lighting this planet and all souls. To raise your own vibrational frequency and to accelerate yourself on the path of enlightenment, you may choose the short cut of connecting with the consciousness of the planetary logos and vibrating to the energies of your own I AM THAT I AM, which is your own God-presence. In that way, you become the witness as well as the active participant in the event of spiritualizing your life of matter and materializing the spirit within you on Earth.

This experience which we call life and living in Third Dimensional Reality, in your physical embodiments, is simply a practice run for spiritualizing matter and materializing spirit. In this way duality is no more and separation is bridged, ultimately to experience Oneness; Oneness with spirit and matter. In bodies of matter you can experience your own essence as spirit. At that point, separation is no more; at that point you will no longer feel left out and lonely; at that point you do not feel betrayed and punished; at that point you no longer feel forsaken. For the lover, the love and the beloved become one. You become the witness of all three, as well as the actor, the act and the action. You set the script that you have written and you have memorized. You choose the ultimate ending as you desire it. This is the ultimate advantage of choosing free will. The best manifestation of free will is when you can align yourself as the individualized aspect of God in embodiment, doing what you will, what God wills and not seeing the two as separate.

This exercise will help you bridge the gap between you as an individual soul, lost and confused, and God as a supreme consciousness outside of yourself. You merge into the essence of the planetary logs, whose consciousness has brought this planet and all souls into manifest form. In that Oneness you merge into the presence of God in form, in the beingness of the I AM THAT I AM, all three are one. You as the body, the planetary logos as the consciousness and the I AM as the soul find each other. The body, the soul, and the consciousness unite. Then the spirit of Oneness has found home. It can be free to roam within your body, within your consciousness and within Earth.

So, do the exercises and merge every day as the first thing you do before you commence your daily routine, and every night as the last thing you do before you enter into the higher realms of consciousness in dream time. Then your experience of dream-time will be a greater one, as will your experience of your daily routine. Exercise moving your energies to the presence of the I AM THAT I AM for seven consecutive days. Then invite the presence of the Seven Lords of Light to come to the Throne of the I AM and merge. Do this by visualizing that you enter before the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM and observe the presence of Sanat Kumara. Merge into the presence first. Visualize yourself and your twin flame then enter and merge into the consciousness of Sanat Kumara and the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. Then visualize the Seven Lords of Light standing in a circle around the Throne. The Throne of the I AM THAT I AM is extending and expanding to encompass the Seven Lords of Light. Every Lord is beaming his light into the Throne where you reside. Invite the Lords of Light to merge into the Throne. Start by calling them as the “First Lord of Light”, all the way to the “Seventh Lord of Light”. Individually invite each one to enter into the Throne where you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara and the presence of the I AM reside. Experience each merging individually. When you have had the experience of all Seven Lords merging into your beingness, at the Throne, hold that vision and see it inside a platinum sphere by calling upon the presence of my Lord Metatron and the Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El (pronounced ya-ho-weh-el). Visualize that the legions of Yahoweh-El, stand around the edge inside the platinum sphere of Lord Metatron. The Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are from the category of the “Thrones”. Angels, Archangels, powers, principalities, thrones, cherubim and seraphim are the seven categories. The angelic forces of Yahoweh-El hold the energy field of the Throne of Yahweh and the feminine force of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit. The angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are strong forces of light which hold the masculine and feminine balance of higher light. Visualize legions of Yahoweh-El creating a circle of light around this grid which consists of you, your twin flame, Sanat Kumara, the I AM THAT I AM, and the Seven Lords of Light sealed inside the sphere of platinum light which is emanating from the heart of Metatron.

The Angelic forces of Yahoweh-El are the guardians of this sphere. They stand at the edge of the sphere and guard the masculine and feminine polarities, the magnetic and the electronic fields of your bodies (your five body system), your consciousness, your soul. They allow the spirit of light which emanates from the Heart-Core of the Seven Lords to fill your own heart. Perform this entire Grid of Light for another three weeks to complete one phase (you may then begin a second repetition and continue through into the year 2008 and beyond. This can be a daily grid of protection and acceleration through the year 2008).

I offer to you my love and my joy in celebrating this phase of glory and victory which is awaiting us for the next 13 months. I bid you farewell.

I am Sanat Kumara.


Opening Our Hearts

message from Doreen Virtue

As lightworkers, our primary purpose is to heal ourselves, so that we may heal others.When we open our heart chakras fully to Love, other people notice the glow that naturally emanates from deep within us. Even those with no knowledge of spirituality are drawn to our love and light. They notice something “different” about our peaceful nature, and the glow of Divine love triggers a deep, forgotten memory of God. So, the greatest mission that lightworkers can now embark upon is to lose their fears of love, so that their light can help to awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters. The heart chakra becomes clogged, shrunken, and dirty from fears associated with love. It seems that every person has suffered pain in a relationship, including romantic, family, and friend relationships. This pain causes us to fear love. Yet, because love is the essence of life, this fear causes us to lose touch with life’s true essence. We become confused and forget what true love feels like.When we are afraid of love, we are literally afraid of being ourselves.The fear of love leads us to become guarded, sarcastic, and defensive. We are so frightened of being hurt, manipulated, abused, or controlled, that we seal our heart away from all experiences of receiving or giving love. Unfortunately, when we close our hearts to love, we also shut off the awareness of God speaking through our intuition. Ironically, this intuition is the trustworthy guide that reliably leads us to relationships that honor and support us. When we block the awareness of Divine guidance, we are unaware of the angels’ warnings about abusive relationships. Here is a powerful healing meditation given to me by the angels, to help us lose our fears about love and cleanse and open our collective heart chakra. You may want to record this meditation with soft background music, so that you can easily listen to it once or twice a day: “With your eyes closed, and in a comfortable position, take two or three very deep cleansing breaths. Visualize a beautiful cloud of emerald green light surrounding you. As you breathe in, you take this healing energy into your lungs, your cells, and into your heart. Concentrate upon your heart a moment, as you allow the emerald green light to cleanse away any negativity, which may have caused you to feel pain. With a deep breath, allow the light to carry away any fears you may have about love. Be willing to release the fear of feeling love. You need do nothing else except breathe, and hold the intention to heal yourself of the fear of love. Just be willing to be healed, and God and the angels will do everything else. Take another deep breath, as you become willing to release the fear of being loved, including the fear that if you are loved, you could be manipulated, tricked, used, abandoned, rejected, persecuted, or in other ways, hurt. With another deep breath, allow all these fears from any lifetime to be lifted and carried away. Now, allow the light to cleanse you of any fears you may have about giving love. With a deep breath, be willing to release the fear that if you give love, you could be controlled, abused, deceived, betrayed, maimed, or hurt in any way. Allow these fears to be lifted completely, and feel your heart expanding to its natural loving state. Allow yourself to release any old unforgiveness you may be harboring toward those who seem to have hurt you in a love relationship.Become willing to release unforgiveness toward your mother . . . toward your father . . . toward other parental figures . . . toward your siblings . . . toward your childhood friends . . . toward your adolescent friends . . . toward your first love . . . toward those whom you dated and loved . . . toward anyone with whom you lived or married . . . allow all of your hurts and disappointments associated with love to be cleansed and fully carried away. You don’t want the hurt, you don’t need it, and with another deep breath, it is lifted to the light where it is transmuted and purified. Only the lessons and the pure essence of love contained within each relationship remains, since that is the only thing that was ever eternal and real within each of your relationships. Now, with another deep breath, allow the light to cleanse you completely. Be willing to release any unforgiveness you may hold toward yourself connected to love. Be willing to forgive yourself for betraying yourself, for ignoring your intuition, or for not looking out for your highest interests. Give yourself a hug, either in your mind or with your arms. Reassure your inner self that you will never again engage in self-betrayal. You now commit to following your intuition and discernment, so that you could never be or stay in any relationship that would hurt you. Fully release the unforgiveness for any mistakes that you think you may have made in any relationship, including your relationship with yourself. And with another very deep cleansing breath, feel yourself healed, whole, and ready to enjoy the love that is the truth about who you really are.”


What`s Up? : COLLISION!

a message from Karen Bishop
Wednesday, 28 November, 2007
We have reached a higher dimension, a new platform, a new reality, the higher realms….and this arrival is causing much turmoil, as mismatches in vibration create great chaos, harshness, overwhelm, and basically, nothing seems to fit or to work.
We were going a hundred miles an hour in the lower dimensional hierarchy, as we had released and purified much, which enabled us to feel lighter, emptier, and so forth, and then bam!….we hit the wall of the next hierarchy. And did we hit it hard! In essence, we had graduated from an old dimensional hierarchy. So then, it was graduation time.
Enough of the critical mass had evolved as well, and after some waiting (remember the waiting period of the past few months when we were being held back in order to give as many as possible adequate time to catch up, and in order to really fine tune what it was we really and truly wanted for ourselves?), we were then given the opportunity to go through the dimensional portal of November 11th (as well as the 9/11 opportunity), and now…we are being hit squarely in the face with manifestations of our new arrival at the next dimensional stop.
Some manifestations? Whatever each of us was vibrating at the time of our arrival, was magnified to such a degree that we were hit squarely in the face with it. If we did not know it before, we would most assuredly know now how we perceived things, how and what we vibrated, and what we were about…especially in regard to any mis-perceptions or illusions we believed were true and best. These mis-matches from our current vibration to the new and higher vibration of the higher realms, created earth experiences and dramas in our lives which showed us where we might not be a match in the higher realms.
And in this way, we may have felt that we had indeed arrived in hell instead of in heaven. We may have suddenly and recently felt as though nothing remotely felt right or comfortable, that we were mis-placed or out of our comfort zone, that we were being punished when we had tried so hard and believed we were a good and decent person, that perhaps, just maybe, we were not so great after all, and even that we had arrived in some severely harsh place where we were overwhelmed no matter how we tried to fix or correct things. One thing after another would arrive in succession with no time for even a brief breather!
When we make a dimensional leap, we end up fixing things endlessly and finding that whatever we seem to do or want to do, simply does not seem to work out smoothly. There seem to be delays and obstacles that are never ending. This is because much has been dislodged. The old energies are departing, flying around everywhere, we are now vibrating higher and no longer a match for much of anything, and thus, we are trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. We cannot seem to do “this” until we first do “that,” and so forth. What is occurring here is that we are making adjustments and trying to find our new vibrational homes and fits.
So in essence, we may feel as if there are collisions everywhere! We may not feel as though we are in alignment with anything, that we do not belong anywhere, and that there is friction wherever we turn! But the friction stems from the fact that the aspects of ourselves which are vibrating from the illusions we believe or perceive, or in other words, the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves, are what is causing the friction and collision energy. When we eventually are able to make adjustments in our energy, or the way we perceive things, then things smooth out for us to a great degree.
We are currently in upheaval energy. As if a bulldozer is dislodging everything beneath us, moving much out from under our feet, and leaving us energetically homeless with nowhere yet to go. This pattern will continue on through December. December 12 will be a pivotal day for an opportunity for another alignment to higher ways of living and being, and then the solstice will support us in going deep and excavating even more. All this is preparation for January, when we will fully arrive in our new and higher vibrating homes.
We are having to dig deep and excavate much if we are to be in alignment with a higher realm. This recent transition has created one of the biggest challenges for me that I have experienced thus far. When I arrived here in our new lands, I had to learn some very new ways. While out on a walk one day, I was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around by the non-physical inhabitants of these lands. I changed direction on my walk, and was still grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. And then I received a strong lecture and a great humbling.
You see, when we reach a higher dimension, we need to “check in” so to speak. Our arrogant and old ways are not allowed here. But most of the time we are not aware that we are being arrogant…we think we are helping in some way. There was much I had to change within myself. My way of moving ahead at fast forward would not be tolerated here. And there were other things as well. Over-responsibility would not work either…the duties are shared equally in a higher realms reality. And leaders do not exist here! In addition, Phil and I had to part ways for a brief time, as adjustments needed to be made in our interaction with one another, and we were experiencing great friction being together (but now we are better than ever, with a brand new and incredible relationship that I could never have imagined…I had to let go of so much of my “old” self, and am still a work in progress!).
So then, when we are feeling quite miserable and as though we may be in hell, it is actually a call to make some internal adjustments. And when they are made, we can find ourselves in heaven once again…and a heaven that is more divine that one would have ever imagined with all our dreams coming true.
If you are experiencing great challenges, know that the universe (or your soul) is guiding you and trying to get your attention about your own energy patterns. I have noticed around me and within myself as well, that many of us are over-using our gifts. When we offer too much of whom we were intended to be, our gift then becomes a liability instead of an asset. Our gift becomes too exaggerated, over utilized, and thus creates an imbalance or a lower vibrating gift.
Say that you are here to bring the energy of self-care, feeling good, and enjoyment to the planet. If you spend an over-abundance of your time pampering yourself, taking care of you, becoming self-absorbed, and thus not available to the whole, your gift is then wasted. Or perhaps you are one who has the gift of really seeing others around you, knowing how they feel, and being very considerate of their needs. If you do this in an overabundant way, you would end up putting others before you, and find yourself attracting self-centered people, for example, that are there to show you how to be more like them.
When we attract others into our lives who embody traits that drive us crazy or that we think are just horrible, it is usually because at some point in our lives, we convinced ourselves that we would never be like that, and in this way, we became too much of the opposite ourselves. But know that whomever we attract probably believes that we are just too much of our own extreme as well, and can barely tolerate us!
With so much being magnified now, we are then able to really see and come to know what is inside of us and what we are all about, and we are given an opportunity to use our gifts wisely, in an appropriate arena, and in amounts that serve ourselves and the whole in the best way possible.
Another scenario can be present in regard to our personal gifts as well. When we are greatly talented and gifted at something, we know a lot about it and really vibrate it well. It is our passion, our focus, and the lense we see things through and the starting point we jump off of for most of our perceptions and experiences. Because of this, we very strongly notice anything that is substandard in regard to our arena, and we can become very angry if things are not fitting into our perception or standard.
Say, for instance, that you are here with the gift of higher vibrating human behavior. Because of this, you would view those around you in a perspective of how healthy they are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is your area of expertise and your gift. So then, anyone who falls below a high standard can drive you crazy and make you angry, as you are here to serve in regard to assisting those in becoming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. This is the way you agreed to raise the vibration of the planet. Thus, anyone you encounter who vibrates lower than your high standard and does not care, is raining on your parade and inhibiting your progress to assist the planet.
Or perhaps you are here to protect the environment and the earth. If you were to encounter a trashy area in nature, or encounter a situation where the earth was being disrespected, you might become angry as those responsible were raining on your soul purpose and interfering with your job. Others with a different purpose might not even notice the trash in an area of nature, but only the beauty present.
In all the scenarios above, we each see through different filters and this causes the friction. In the higher realms, there are fewer filters present. When we are able to see those around us through the filters of our souls, or in other words, who they are at a soul level and what they are here to give and contribute, then we are able to get our own mis-perceptions out of the way. When we see a person’s soul, we can then honor and respect that person, and this behavior will always serve to illicit the best out of someone, as well as serve in supporting who they are and what they came to contribute.
I had to be fast moving, move ahead of the masses, and then report back. Anyone who was slow moving drove me crazy. But I had too much of this ability that I needed and I truly missed out on the beauty of the process. We need to use our gifts in an appropriate way and in appropriate amounts. We do not need to be “on” all the time…just when it is needed in a way and at a time that serves and contributes to the whole.
The rest of the time, we can be on equal turf with everyone else, enjoy the group and ourselves, laugh, have fun, and love each other. When our gift and area of expertise is needed, we will be called upon, as we will call upon another when we need what they have to offer. In this way, we need not do it all, as others can fill in when their gift and contribution is desired and required to balance and fulfill the whole.
Our gift and our “way” is not the only way. We need to combine many ways and create a whole. If we were to put a fast moving person and a slow moving person together, we would have it all…the whole spectrum and a much more divine existence. We need diversity. If we were all alike and vibrated the same, we could not create a whole from a wonderful spectrum. How boring it would be! Our individual gifts are so vitally needed as part of a whole.
In addition, when we reach a higher realms reality, we no longer need to have a purpose in relation to raising the vibration of the planet. Our roles then begin to change into roles that are all about our contribution to community. It is then that we finally see that we can relax, enjoy ourselves more, follow our passion, give up trying to get anywhere, be very present, and truly enjoy what is already here. It is then that we begin to see the higher vibrating things in existence, as lower vibrating aspects of individuals and the planet are not so prevalent anymore. And what we focus on, then becomes our reality of choice.
Why are many of us feeling overwhelmed of late? When we reach a higher vibrating reality, anything that does not belong there gets squeezed and pushed out. Thus, we can feel great pressure, too much to do, and too much going on. In addition, we are manifesting rapidly. The more we release or the more that gets pushed out, the less pressure we feel. And when we manifest quickly, we can manifest the good and the bad. It all seems to happen at once, like a bale of hay dropping on our heads instead of moderate amounts that arrive slowly.
Why do things seem so harsh right now? We have to really get the message now. The gentle tapping does not cut it when we need to really and truly take note of something. Our attention needs to be gotten… no room for not noticing. We are being greatly supported and encouraged to get in alignment with the higher realms, or we will not be able to survive there. Although things may seem harsh, when we adjust our individual vibrations, the energies will settle out more, and things will calm down. Much of how we thought we should be, or how we thought things around us should be, were mis-perceptions originating from a lower vibrating knowledge and awareness.
It can seem harsh because much is magnified the higher we vibrate. And with so much being pushed out, what is up and leaving is greatly magnified and in the forefront. If things are overly harsh and overwhelming of late, it can greatly help to remove oneself from as much as possible and take a break for even a day. Don’t do anything or try to accomplish anything. Take a day off just for you. Stop and bask. Turn off the phone. Don’t get your mail. Let things go. Read a good feeling novel. Take a long hike.
For the past few days Phil and I took bubble baths, cooked together, listened to music, had long talks, cuddled in bed with our rice bag foot warmers, loved our animals, and took long walks in nature. We were in heaven and removed from much of anything else. The internet wouldn’t work, the heat wouldn’t work, the electricity wouldn’t work and much else in this old house we just rented, but we somehow managed to laugh all day and remove ourselves a bit. There was much more to be happy about and grateful for, and we are so very blessed.
Know that these challenging times will pass. Know that all is in divine and perfect order and makes perfect sense even if it may not appear to. Know that what is occurring now is simply part of the ascension process, and occurring so that more of heaven can be ever present. When we really and truly arrive in a more heavenly existence, we have to let go of so much…so much that we thought was the best or highest way to vibrate. Heaven is much simpler than what we have known so far. We can try and sit back and exhale a bit…let things go…give up the struggle…allow it to arrive…get out of the way. Ahhhhhhh…
Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.
Until next time, Karen

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Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.27th November : Oceans…Whales….and the work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli

by Celia Fenn

November 27th : Oceans…Whales…and the work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli : After all the recent creativity, I have been feeling seriously mellow about life, and have found it difficult to focus on much. However, the theme that seems to be running right now, for me, is the Ocean and how we interact with the Cetaceans. This was represented for me by two mails that I received yesterday. The first was from Japan, presenting the Japanese point of view about the Earth Logs on Whaling, and the second was from Jean-Luc Bozzoli in Hawaii, to tell me about his new DVD called “Transmuteo”. So, today, as I had to go for a business meeting with a friend who lives in one of the most beautiful spots on the coast near here, I was able to go for a long walk next to the Ocean to recharge my energies and to be with the spirits of the Ocean and the Whales and Dolphins.

I thought about what Archangel Michael had said to me about being able to see and perceive more with these energy changes. The Ocean did seem to be a particular electric or fluorescent blue today, and my friend noticed it as well. Anyway, I took this image, and I saw that the Digital camera was not really able to capture the translucent nature of the color, although you can see that it is different. Usually, the ocean here is a deep turquoise blue at this time of year:

Now, about the Whales. After I ran the story about the Whales a few days ago, several people contacted me. From Hawaii, I have learned that several Lightworkers are organizing a special Whale Meditation for the 22nd December, the Solstice, and we will certainly let you know more about that as we get more information here at Starchild. The idea of a Global meditation to help to provide a Grid of protection and safety for the Whales is, I think, a good idea. It is about time that we started to dream for them too. I think they have “dreamed” for us for a very long time, now it is our turn to help them.

The second letter was from a lady in Japan called Jueux, who translates some of the Earth Log material into Japanese for a forum group in Japan. They were very unhappy with what I wrote, and considered that I was attacking their culture. Although, I explained that this was not my purpose, we did not seem to be able to understand each other’s point of view. Anyway, I asked her to write something for me so that I could present her point of view. So, she asked the members of her forum, and this letter was sent. I promised that I would not alter anything, so here it is as I received it.

First was an extract from a Japanese Forum member:

I am a human being having ability like Cellia.
I was a whale in three past lifetimes, and I love whales.
I have been to the foreign countries many times to see whales because I yearned for a whale.
However, I often ate a whale because I lived in the area with the custom that I ate a whale.

The whales have been food for a Japanese from ancient times, and it was God.
The body was used to the every corner, and it was used with thanks.
We can know the state that a whale decreased sharply for indiscriminate hunting of American and European countries taking the whale oil clearly if we read a document of the whaling.
They merely took homicide, the oil for whale oil and threw it away without regret.

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale.
The people respected the fisherman who capture whale, and the people all together gave thanksgiving to the whale which they captured as food.
There are a lot of Shinto shrines to enshrine a whale at the Japanese port.
However, in the country where only the acquisition made oil, the people did not thank for a whale.
I think that I had better study since I object whether it is a thing tied to culture how whether whaling is a thing with any kind of history.
If people thank me and eat me even if I live as a caught whale, I think that I am glad.
I think that it is love. I think it to die with pleasure if I have people’s please.

So this is what Jueux wrote as a summary of their opinion:

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale. We respect souls / Spirit by our culture.
From the ancient times to the present we know that we live thanks to them regardless of the all animals and all plants.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
When the reason is because it is shared all, I understand that there are us regardless of the animals and plants to be a nut to be a whale from ancient times.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
We build a memorial service monument for the sacrificed rat of the animal experiment and pray its soul may rest in peace.
We respect all the creatures regardless of a kind equally.
We do not distinguish it to say that only this kind is particularly holy.
It is a concept in the root of our culture.

We hope that the whole natural world is restored according to natural providence. We hope that we do not limit it to a special kind. We hope the whole natural world is restored naturally.
It receives it even if we do not reach a human expected result if it is natural providence.
We leave the natural world to the natural world.
Otherwise the reason is because it becomes same as a human being being going to control nature.
This is our thought. This is our thought. We think that most Japanese have feeling as like us in the deep place of their heart.

This is our culture. But e we do not intend to continue keeping our culture of the present desperately
We know .the culture can be change. Culture can change with the times and a flow.
And we know that it causes the opposition to criticize culture.
We do not criticize it and at first we recognize it and think that it is important to respect.
In that way we think that a peaceful compromise is possible for the first time.

We expect the recovery of the natural world of the earth whole than the necessity of the specific protection activity.
We know that it is gone sometime soon to eat animal food in the deep place of our heart .
It will come to look like so, we trust it.
But we know that it is up to the person what kind of action a person chooses.
Therefore even if anyone took any kind of action, we recognize it when it is the course of the person so we do not criticize it.
We cannot agree to your action, but we do not intend to deny it. Please act as you think.

So, there you have it. I would like to thank Jueux and all the Japanese readers who contributed their thoughts so that we could share an exchange of energy on this topic. I am not going to say anything more, other than that each person must decide what is their own “truth” in this matter. We are learning, with the new energy, that “truth” is an individual reality, and that we must each decide what is truth for us, and be willing to respect what is truth for others.

So, now to the next “Oceanic” topic, the beautiful art work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli. Here is one of his works for those of you who are not familiar with his art:

I just love his powerful mix of Dolphin and Whales images with Sacred Geometry. He talks about the Ocean as a “holographic’ undersea world, and I am reminded that all life came out of the Oceans, and that the Ocean is a powerful transmutation Matrix. This is the topic of his new DVD which he calls “Transmuteo”, and you can watch the trailer here. The imagery of the “New Earth” being manifested is wonderful, as is the music. You can choose between 5 different backgroud scores to watch the movie. So, enjoy this wonderful world of holographic oceanic magic.

Click here for “Transmuteo” trailer.


The Galactic Federation on The Space of No Space

The Galactic Federation on The Space of No Space
Greetings. We would like to address some rather pertinent information regarding the planetary evolution for earth’s inhabitants. We are assisting the world to incorporate and install the new programming for the intergalactic assembly of communication to parlay high vibrational frequencies through the new grid system in place for the conscious evolution of mankind. We are also here to display an example of brotherhood and wish to guide your fellow man in pursuits of the heart.The most recent planetary shift of 11:11 involved a new set of diagnostic codes implanted in the grid vortex for the completion of phase one of planetary ascension. This means that there are those of you who are beginning new missions of service and have duly agreed to embrace full consciousness available to you during this momentous time.It behooves us to mention that those of you who take part in the new and upgraded grid systems will be playing a special part indeed. Your individual contributions to the planet are of great importance and those of you who are encoded with the new receptors are feeling the urgency as well. This urgency stems from your conscious participation in the new planet and its design for global upliftment. Weary are those who are unsure of what is transpiring on earth and those activated through raised levels of consciousness by the release of density are now in a position to be of great assistance to all. Congratulations.It is becoming increasingly obvious to many that there is no longer a grid system to support the old ways of being. Many are trying to incorporate these outworn ways of existence into their present lives and notice that there is no response,. This is due to the severed detachment from the old paradigm as you are rapidly engaging and reconnecting to the new. This space that you currently inhabit is one of extreme disconnection. The lack of forward movement is a safeguarded until the new is firmly anchored on the planet. It can seem daunting to be in this space of no space but it is necessary and required for the completion of your new wiring.The entrance to this new grid of light was opened on the 11:11 gateway portal and many of you crossed over into this new space of no space at all. Here you will remain until the the closing of this portal and the opening of the new gateway on 12:12. This time rapidly approaches and many of you are feeling intense pressure to complete many outdated programs from the institution of mental slavery as you begin to touch upon the new energy seeping into your awareness and preparing you for 1:1:1.Please do not be alarmed at the seeming disconnection that you are embodying, this is temporary and will subside. Be at peace knowing that the new receptors that are activated will be capable of ascertaining very high frequencies of joy, peace, and new levels of love. This stage of awareness that you are beginning to adapt to creates a separation in your field of consciousness that can make you feel as though you are embodying many of the old traits that you have been working to release. Remain detached from these lower frequencies as thy may emerge in your dream state or waking state…they are only pale remnants of past illusion that are slipping away from the collective grid and being transmuted through you, the ones who committed to this selfless task as the forerunners in preparation for new earth.Many of you embody the diagnostic codes to begin your new levels of service as previously mentioned. This level of service is a new level being. You who have completed your primary missions of clearing and releasing discord are now equipped with the tools to engage the new grids that are in place and available for the human race. This grid is available for all who wish to partake in it, however, only those with sufficient rates of vibration will have the ability to engage it at will. Those who do will be the new leaders, the examples of what is to come for all of humanity.The 12:12 stargate will initiate the final activation code for those who are encoded with leadership roles of active duty. The roles of active duty will include Being and Doing in merged union. Those of you with desires and focus to actively participate in the awakening of the human race will be prompted into action. This action is one of inspiration and a deeply burning fire within that propels you forward with great motivation and desire. Your ability to harness this newly activated energy will be contingent upon your ability to completely detach from the old grid and incorporate the new ways of being into your missions.This ultimately means that to succeed victoriously in the earth that is now, you must attain rates of vibration free of discordance and in harmony with all of creation. The planetary rate of frequency is sufficient now for the new ways but not all will have an understanding of what this means. This is the role for those of you who chose to awaken first. You, the way-showers, will be guiding humanity to the light as a divine example of what all humans are capable of. This will include the restoration of full health and in harmonic balance with the whole, the ability to maintain the frequency of peace & joy, and the rapid manifestation of your willful intent.The frequency on earth is vibrating at a rate of rapid responsibility. This means that more and more awareness will come of the ability to see the results of cause and effect in increasingly shorter periods of time. The crumbing of the old paradigm and outworn systems will fall based on this scientific principal for soon no action will go without consequence. All that is not aligned with the highest good will become glaringly obvious, and in this way, new systems will emerge and new ways will be instituted.Those of you who have been working toward your place in the new world will find strong footing in the grace of higher creation, whereas those who have yet to catch on will seemingly falter. This is only a temporary condition and one that will ultimately lead to the same goal. Remain detached and in faith that those whom you love will soon find their way with your example to follow. You need not interfere nor concern yourself with rescuing victims to the fall, for they will find their way in the natural order.Beloved fans of light, stay immediately centered and focused on your internal gardens. Turn the soil in preparation for new planting and remove all internal weeds blocking the growth of your new blossoms. The new earth is rapidly gaining recognition and all who serve the truth will rise from the rubble. We are your galactic comrades in honor of your amazing persistence and we offer you a glimpse of what’s to come to assist you with the chaos of the present. All is falling nicely into place and as you weather these final storms be diligent with your thoughts as you remain necessarily neutral to ground the amazing new grid systems on earth.The power of your new systems of light resides in your neutrality.With love and in divine service to earth, we are members of the Nibiruan & Andromedan Council with the Galactic Federation of Light. Farewell comrades.



Major Intersection


Since October, we have been strongly affected by the powerful surges
of massive Outgoing and Incoming Tides. On the days when the Waves of
the Old are super strong, we feel a poignant sadness, grieving for
all that is dying away. It feels like a giant tsunami wave is pulling
everything away from us, all that we have known, all that we have
mastered, all that has defined who we are. It’s all being sucked out
to the distant sea, never to return.

And it’s not that we even want to hold onto these things, but it’s
the sheer magnitude of the letting go that affects us so strongly.
The finality of NO DOWN – NO RETURN.

It’s having those final
conversations with the people whom we once regarded as friends, who
are now moving out of our world. It’s the realization that many of
our favorite activities don’t give us any more enjoyment, that many
of our favorite foods no longer give us any real nourishment. It’s
the uncertainty as to how our New Lives are going to manifest
themselves. Or what they’re going to look like. Or where we will end
up living. Or whether or not we will find our One True Love. It’s
looking backwards and seeing the long line of burning bridges in the

Every massive Outgoing Tide is immediately followed by a massive
Incoming Tide bringing in Waves of the New. New information comes in,
new pieces of the puzzle, new connections, new opportunities, new
brilliant possibilities and new directions. Each time they come in,
the Waves of the New are larger and stronger, clearer, more real and

Breakthroughs appear; obstacles dissolve; more Green Lights turn on;
we start decisively moving forward towards our New Lives. The Waves
of Separation now become Waves of Union. The Waves of Dying Away
become Waves of Rebirth and Renewal. New people, new realizations and
new situations effortlessly enter our lives.

The pull of these two seemingly opposite Tides are often so intense
that they bring all of our activities to a complete halt, forcing us
to go within and work on the level of pure energy to create the New
Matrix. Many of us got sick in October to aid this process and to
give ourselves much needed integration time.

Throughout October, our beings were profoundly scoured, much like a
wildfire scorches the landscape. Many illusions were stripped away,
allowing us to become more real and true. Many people left our lives,
making space for truer ones.

And if we put our full beings into moving into the New, we were
stripped TO THE CORE. For this is exactly where we most need to be.


To say that we are at a critical point is a vast understatement. This
is beyond MAKE OR BREAK TIME. The decisions we make now will have an
indelible effect on our future. It’s essential that we make sure our
priorities are in the correct order. It’s essential that we continue
to release all expired elements from our lives. It’s essential that
we point the Compass of our Hearts into the very truest direction for
the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

Our shift into the New Matrix heightens the dissolving of the
calcification of duality. This is mirrored in our physical world by a
huge breakdown of duality’s infrastructure. Bridges collapse, the
ingrained corruption of businesses and governments is being
increasingly exposed, financial markets are falling, mechanical
things malfunction and glitches abound in numerous areas. Things just
don’t work smoothly like they used to.

The MAKE OR BREAK TIME is also readily visible in the extreme weather
patterns buffeting our planet. Often the weather will drastically
change every ten minutes or so, going from sunny and warm to rainy
and cold in an instant, and then back again. Wildfires are scouring
the landscape, floods are inundating huge areas, typhoons are blowing
away the old and earthquakes are shaking everything up so the old
patterns can be released.

The atmosphere surrounding us is often full of an heightened sense of
expectancy. The sense that something major is about to happen.
Sometimes, it feels ominous, as if we have reached the end of the
world. Other times, the sense of expectancy fills us with great
excitement and we know that all wondrous things are possible.

This breakdown of duality will continue to intensify in the months to
come, as will the unpinning of time. This combination requires us to
develop totally new navigational skills. We need to learn how to skip
around the obstacles in our path without slowing our pace and not to
let the glitches throw us off balance. We need to learn how to be
totally comfortable when we are unpinned from time and how to clearly
and cheerfully function at all hours of the day and night.

This is why it’s more important than ever to live fully anchored in
the Greater Reality. The stakes have become very real and we must be
totally real, authentic and true to cope with it.


The One always has a great day, no matter what the external
circumstances. When we live in the Greater Reality in the HERE and
NOW, it doesn’t really matter if we are happy or sad, whether we’re
surrounded by friends or all alone, whether we are rich or poor, or
what we are experiencing. We don’t get caught up in the drama or in
the ebb and flow of duality. Instead we center ourselves in the
timeless eternal moment of NOW.

This is similar to flying in an airplane. Down on Earth it may be a
stormy day with flashing lightning and pouring rain. But once we fly
above the clouds, there are blue skies! On the level beyond duality,
there are always blue skies. This zone of clear weather and open
space is just like the Greater Reality. And this is exactly where we
need to place ourselves and live in each moment of our everyday

But please make sure that when you reach the blue skies that they are
the real ones, not the false blue skies created by our denial of
being fully real.


Each of our beings is like a huge stone pillar. Throughout our many
lifetimes, our stalwart pillar has held us up and kept us grounded.
Our pillar has been rock solid and steady, no matter what we
experienced. Until lately….

For the past few months, monolithic shifts have been taking place on
the deepest core levels, both within us and within this physical
planet. Each time that a monolithic shift happens, parts of our
pillars break off and crumble into dust. Whenever this occurs, we
feel stripped and vulnerable. Yet, as the heavy weight of the pillar
that has long encased us falls away, we are able to expand our beings
far beyond our previous boundaries.

At times, we may worry that without our pillar to hold us up, we will
be weakened and fall down or simply blow away; but this is not the
case. For inside our rapidly dissolving pillar is a super strong
titanium rod which is what has really been holding everything up all
along! This is similar to the metal rods or rebars that are inside
concrete pillars.

As more chunks of our pillar drop off, we will realize how heavy and
cumbersome it was to be covered in thick stone for so long. We will
feel that we have finally been liberated to openly be our true selves
and we will have arrived at our new level.


November and December are the most critical months of the year. It’s
going to take everything we’ve got to get ourselves into our New
Lives. We need to row night and day with our full beings if we really
want to get there. Just like a runner in a marathon who is nearing
the end of the long race and reaches deep within to find that last
burst of speed to get to the finish line, we need to go all out and
row even faster. We are making our final sprint into our New Lives.
And this is the most important time of all. This is when we must not

What makes this challenging isn’t so much the effort of rowing. Many
of us have been rowing for some time and have already developed our
rowing muscles. We’ve made our full commitment and have put becoming
True Core Beings and manifesting our New Lives at the top of our list
of priorities. What makes it a bit difficult is the state that we’re

The Winds of Change are nearing gale force, buffeting us with
extremely intense energy. This will only intensify as we approach the
series of Major Intersections just ahead. At the same time, our
pillars are crumbling and our beings expanding immeasurably.

This is deeply affecting our mental bodies. Our poor minds are so
vastly expanded that they feel full of huge gaping holes and our
attention span is greatly reduced, sometimes to almost zero. It is
impossible to focus on just one thing at a time or to do anything in
a logical, linear manner; at times it is nearly impossible to focus
on anything!

At the same time, our hearts are still covered by scaffolding, making
us feel emotionally numb much of the time. And even though some large
pieces of scaffolding fell off in September, enabling us to briefly
have emotions, it feels as if a new layer of scaffolding has now
replaced it.

So yes, many of us are rowing as hard as we can, yet it’s not so much
fun when your mind is full of holes and you don’t have access to your
deeper feelings. When we are mindless and emotionless and all we can
do is row, faster and faster, with everything we’ve got. But this is
exactly what we must do if we want to reach the shores of our New

In spite of these obvious challenges, amazingly, we are actually
getting much done, even though we don’t think we are. We’re just not
functioning in our old ways. Instead, it is happening in an almost
Zen-like manner. Things are getting done without our dedicated focus
or concentrated efforts. It is like having a stove full of boiling
pots. We can’t put our attention on any particular pot, yet they are
all getting cooked. Occasionally, we do manage to throw in some
vegetables or herbs, without even thinking about what we are doing;
yet we are doing exactly what needs to be done and when our food is
ready, it will be surprisingly delicious.

And throughout it all, we must never stop rowing with our full
beings. We must never stop believing in our New Lives. We must never
stop believing in One True Love. We are so close now….

This is the final sprint to the finish line and we simply must not
slow our pace or let anything stop us.


The Express Trains into the New are moving faster and faster. Along
the way at the intermediate stations, they are picking up new
passengers, those who are ready to leap aboard with their full
beings. This will continue until the end of the year. After that, the
trains will speed up immeasurably, going so fast that it will be
almost impossible to jump aboard.

Surprisingly, there are some already on the Express Trains who are
panicking and jumping off. They feel that they can stretch no further
beyond their comfort zones. They know that they will soon pass the
Point of No Return and won’t be able to hold onto their old ways of
being. This causes them to panic at the last minute and jump off the
train, frantically clutching onto the old and expired.

Whenever this happens, even if it happens to someone whom we dearly
love, we must stay on our train and continue on. There is no time to
get off and rescue anyone; everyone must make it onto the train on
their own volition. If we try to get off to help someone, we will
find that our train will continue on without us.

During the next two months there will be a definitive reshuffling of
the passengers on our Express Trains. Some people whom we hadn’t
heard from for years, will be sitting beside us, as if we had never
parted. At the same time, some whom we were positive would be with us
until the very end, will suddenly disappear. And new faces of kindred
beings will continually appear to fill the empty seats.

This will greatly intensify once we reach our final Major
Intersection of this year. When this happens, all our Express Trains
will converge at a huge railway terminal hub where past and future
converge, creating a portal through time and space. Once we reach
this station, many new people will be getting on the Express Trains,
while some will be making a last minute change of Express Trains to
get on the one that leads to their truest direction.

The passengers will be arriving from every direction, and even some
of those people whom we left long ago in the past have surprisingly
found their way here via different routes, moving through different
worlds to jump on the Express Train into their rightful direction.

If you want to really travel on the Express Trains into the New and
True, it’s time to get yourself to the nearest station and be ready
to leap aboard!


In November we are going to encounter our first Major Intersection.
This could happen any time during the month, although I feel that it
will occur from November 11 onwards. There may even be more than one
Major Intersection.

It’s impossible to search for a Major Intersection; there is nothing
we can do to make it happen other than becoming real and true and
getting ourselves onto our new level. Once we do that, we simply wait
for the right conditions to be in alignment. Right Time – Right

A Major Intersection is more than a mere crossroads. It is an
extremely rare connection point between elements that have been
traveling on what appeared to be totally different diagonal
trajectories. The symbol for a Major Intersection is an X. Once we
reach the center of the X, a quantum activation occurs, setting off a
total realignment which creates an entirely new patterning. The
extremities of the X expand outwards and towards each other creating
new outer points that now form a diamond. As the X expands into a
diamond, our previously separate paths merge into an infinitely
vaster unified one.

When this occurs, it turns our probable realities inside out,
revealing the map of an entirely new, greatly expanded landscape that
we couldn’t see before. At the same time, a whole new section of our
Sealed Orders pop open, revealing previously unseen details of our
New Lives.

Whenever a Major Intersection takes place, it sets off a chain
reaction of miraculous events. Enormous ripples are sent forth, much
like the waves created by a powerboat on a lake. These ripples will
continue to have a major effect on our lives, setting up more
Intersections of Right Time and Right Place.

Some of the numerous potential possibilities that may occur during a
Major Intersection include finding your true kindred people, locating
your right place, meeting your One True Love or connecting with a new
career direction. Or all of the above! And more. It is a time of
tremendous breakthroughs on all levels.

Even though November is a powerful month containing Major
Intersections, this doesn’t mean that everyone will experience them.
There’s a certain amount of preparation that is required. We make
ourselves ready by our total openness to embrace the New and True and
by our complete commitment to becoming True Core Beings. If we’re
still holding onto the baggage of the past or to an armload of
expired elements and attitudes, we might miss it. However, if we are
already traveling on the Express Trains into the New, our chances of
experiencing a Major Intersection are really good.

Encountering a Major Intersection is a mega life changing event. When
it happens, nothing will ever be the same. Suddenly the deck of cards
that we’re holding will be a very different one, with lots of new
cards that we never knew existed. When this happens, it will require
a total reconfiguring of every single element of our lives. Our
previous priorities will immediately dissolve and new, truer ones
will take their place. Much of the remaining scaffolding over our
hearts will fall away and we will be plunged deeper into the Lotus

And please don’t be upset if it doesn’t happen to you this month.
More Major Intersections will be occurring in December….


November positions us on the runway for our takeoff at the end of
December. Our planes load up their passengers, rev up their engines
and get ready to fly off into the New. By the end of the year at the
latest, our New Direction will be totally clear.

Because November is such a potent month, we need to remain totally
open for any hints, clues and connections coming from our New Lives.
The massive Tsunamis of Change are creating numerous openings for the
New to enter. If we receive any Wild Card ideas coming in from out of
the blue, we should follow up on them, as unpractical and unpinned as
they may seem. Most of the time, they will actually work out
brilliantly. We need to be prepared to shift directions on a moment’s
notice. Go for what you really want, rather than for what you think
you can get.

Currently, some people are needing to backtrack into their old lives,
old patterns, old mastery and old ways of being before they can
totally let them go. This is all right as long as you don’t linger
there for long. As soon as you can muster the strength and courage,
let them go and move forward decisively.

Some are so enmeshed in old situations that they don’t see a way out.
You are receiving your final warnings that it’s time to let go of
past behaviors. Please don’t ignore them. The stakes are huge and you
don’t want to get stuck. There’s always a way out; it’s decisive
action in following what you know to be true.

Others are thinking that they’ve found their New Lives and One True
Loves, only to have them quickly fall apart. This is happening
because we first have to get ourselves onto the New Matrix. Yes, the
energies are present to find our New Lives and New Loves, but if we
haven’t put the effort into becoming a True Core Being, anything less
than that will fall away.

Beyond a doubt, this is one of the most critical MAKE or BREAK times
that we have ever experienced. Absolutely everything is on the line.
It’s a time that requires a whole new level of commitment. From now
until the end of the year, we are setting the templates for our

Because of this, it’s essential that we aim ourselves into our truest
direction. For if we continue to compromise ourselves by staying in
expired situations, relationships, jobs, friendships, activities,
attitudes and patterns, we may get very stuck. By choosing the tired
security of the old, we might miss the immense promise of the Golden
Opportunities that are on their way to us.

The level that we stand on at the beginning of 2008 will determine
our future experiences for a whole new cycle. Because of this,
important decisions need to be made that will directly impact our
future directions.

I’m still rowing….

With Huge Lotus Heart Core LOVE,


PS. I will be traveling into the Unknown for the entire month of
so the Surf Updates will be sent out whenever I get a chance.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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