AAMetatron Channel* November 2008 The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles

November Issue, 2008 : EKC Issue : 23

AAMetatron Channel

The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a
crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it’s precisely cut
to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into
relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love,
the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power
and grasp of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a
coherent, highly concentrated form, and this extremely benevolent
energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. This I know
to be true. ” Dr Marcel Vogel

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light!

We once and always greet you. Warmly and lovingly, in this eternal
Moment of Now. Indeed we sense each of you personally at the specific
time in which your eyes read these words

And so another moment brings us together, uniting truth, understanding
and wisdom through the matrix of the unified field, combining
geometric thought pattern with desire, and awareness. And so do all
things come together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things,
all beings, are electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of
manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be. And so some
things, some thoughts, some creations travel at more rapid speeds,
more accelerated frequencies within the matrix. Others are more dense
and travel slower, more sluggish, but all the same, they seem to
arrive in perfect order, aligned with the nature of their creation and
creatorship you see. For the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection
itself, regardless of any dimensional interpretation or perception of
it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum tangent, all things in the
unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature,
their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher
frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others.

And so we continue speaking about the Crystalline Field, a field that
is of tantamount importance to the planet as the Ascension draws near.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak about Vogel Crystals, phi cut
crystals, and the man who invented them Marcel Vogel?

AA Metatron: Indeed! The inventor of these of course, was an astute
Crystal Master from the Atla-Ra, the scientist priest of Atlantis.
However he did not truly invent them, rather did he channel the
knowledge of same which co exists within multi dimensionality. In
truth, most of what you consider to be invented is not new technology,
rather is it pulled from the future and the advanced technical
knowledge of the past.

Crystal knowledge is essential to the coming age of the Quantum
Crystalline Field. Many of you were involved intricately in this lost
science. It is why so many are now fascinated with not only the quartz
variety, but all aspects of the mineral kingdom. Yet be aware, the
Crystalline Field is equally valid in terms of its relationship to
consciousness, to thought, to action and manifesting creation.

Marcel Vogel correctly surmised that the energy signature of quartz
was very similar to that of pure water, and that as the human body is
over 70% water, the quartz could be used to charge and influence both.

Crystals cut into sacred Phi angles are capable of many things, most
of which are beyond the current understanding of the masses of
humankind within polarity consciousness. You see these crystals
exist above the spectrum of your visible light, well into the
perceptual divisions of crystalline light within x-ray and
ultraviolet. In so doing they exist in the eternal void or Now, beyond
time sequence. As such they are time gates and can offer glimpses of
realities both in your perceived past and future. As simply as I can
explain it, your consciousness within planetary duality and ‘flashing’
continuum sequence is “divided” into linear time and probability
parallel areas. The Now moment in the higher ultraviolet field is a
crystalline unit which contains Universal Truth. When you are able to
access that unit, you achieve the ability to expand that truth, and
gain the control of your reality. Phi Crystals then are the fabled
Philosophers Stone that assist your consciousness into the unit of the
Crystalline, Alchemical Moment of Now.
Alchemy has always made extensive use of analogy, symbolism, and so
forth to relate transformational concepts to esoteric ones. In some
epochs and contexts, these metaphysical aspects came to predominate,
and the myriad transformational processes were then viewed as symbols
of spiritual processes.

In your hermetic view of alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone represented
the tangible crystallization and morph- transmutation of a subtle
substance into something greater. This then is the sacred metaphor for
the inner potential of the spirit and reason to evolve from a lower
state of imperfection to a higher state of enlightenment and
perfection. Phi Crystals are the tool of the MerKiVah that takes one
to the Alchemy Journey. They are one of the paths of the Philosophers
Stone, the crystalline journey into coherent energy through Phi.

The ‘Black Hole’ Within Quartz

Now, there are some interesting aspects related to certain crystalline
forms that are only beginning to be understood by your scientist.
Marcel Vogel correctly theorized that there were ‘missing’ silicon
atoms in the quartz molecule (SiO2), in what was is now termed the
‘Lattice Defect Theory’. There are in fact ‘holes’ that occur in the
tetrahedronal pyramid of the quartz molecule, the missing component is
silicon, and we tell you that space retains an energetic form that is
capable of receiving and amplifying human intent. It is a ‘black hole’
of sorts that is a void space capable of receiving human energetic
intent! That is why quartz and many other crystalline gems are capable
of being ‘programmed’, and Dear ones, this is an important aspect of
why these are particularly beneficial to you. Phi Crystals by their
sacred geometric construct, emit a unique energy, a crystalline light.
They change the vibration that affects the able user. They change the
frequencies at which humanity’s minds operate. Phi crystal receive
human intent, and indeed intent creates an energy that is synergized
and transformed through crystalline light and that embellished energy
is capable of manifesting and reaches the heavens and earth, the inner
and outer dimensions, you see?

The variations of Phi Crystals are compatible with humanity. Some of
them are compatible with the earth, some with the elemental and
emotional worlds, others with the celestial realms. Some create
frequencies that unlock ancient encodements, even as some natural
crystals do. Certain Phi’s have past and future sequencing keys that
open time and dimensional gates, but these are less understood in the
present and many of these remain unutilized and locked. This knowledge
is now available to the savant and focused adept. It will surface and
offer itself as the individual user becomes capable of
understanding the responsible usage of same.

Now, your gemologist and crystallographers are aware that certain
crystalline gems, including ,topaz tourmaline and especially quartz
have a quality called piezoelectricity. This is the quite unique
ability within the living crystal to generate electricity under
specific polarized conditions.

Crystalline solids have a very regular atomic structure: that is, the
local positions of atoms with respect to each other are repeated at
the atomic scale. These arrangements of crystal structures serve many
purposes, and in essence form the life force structure of the Crystal
Entity. As with all life there is an auric field and indeed a
consciousness within crystals. That of quartz offers many
functionalities that make it especially beneficial to mankind, yet in
truth all crystalline structures offer myriad benefits.

One of the primary attribute of Quartz Crystals is that these living
mineral forms can receive, store, recover and transmit information.
Your scientist discovered this two decades ago when they succeeded in
putting a 3-dimensional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal
and then retrieved it . Your main stream academics have long
recognized the ability of crystals to transmit energy waves, your
early radios used crystal transmitters, and crystal or ‘silicon’
technology is the basis of your computers.

Masters, this is the only tip of the iceberg; or should we say the tip
of the crystal !

The purpose of using a Phi crystal is to amplify and cohere the
thought and energy that you wish to direct. Amplification you can more
readily understand, but coherence is a somewhat difficult concept for
you in in physics or Metatronic terms. Coherence is a crystalline
aspect of light energy waves with each individual wave in intelligent
ordered harmony with every other one. At present your laser light is
the most prominent example of perfectly coherent light; all the
photons emitted by a laser have the same frequency and are in harmonic
crystalline phase in quantum states. We tell you Phi Crystals are
capable of forming and emitting a unique blend of intent coded light
in perfect coherent union. This may not be easy for you to grasp, but
it is an important axiom, a key aspect of a ‘new’ paradigm as you
enter the Ascension within the Quantum Crystalline Field. Coherency
enhances manifestation of appropriate intent, you see?

Question to Metatron: Can you describe and explain the various
benefits of Phi Crystals, in the Vogel Cuts of 12, 33, 13-20-33, 88,
108 and 144 as well as the ‘Dream Cuts’ ?

Metatron :
Indeed. First we will say that the Phi Crystals in the Vogel format,
are an Atlantean-Arcturian Technology that utilizes specific base end
angles to activate, vastly refine and greatly amplify the sentient
characteristics of the quartz itself. There are many different kinds
of benevolent frequencies available with Phi Crystals and of very,
very different kinds of vibration and not what you would find in your
naturally formed quartz. The Atlanteans and Arcturian Masters
developed and understood the vast and complex Phi Technology of
Crystals. Indeed some of the crystals placed by them in key nodes on
the planet were intricately designed to emit Phi frequencies, and are
awakening now. However, those formed naturally in time in the earth do
not have that same refined vibration, you see?

So it is the Phi, the Golden angles and sacred lines that create the
revelation of the pulsing Crystalline energy, activating and merging
with the Quantum Crystalline Field to revere that which is holy, to
reveal the highest symbol, the highest vibration of that which is the
deity energies of crystalline light from the sun and the great central
sun. So the element of Golden Phi then, originally has come from the
Sirian sun and here it founded itself upon the earth and where these
omnipotent Phi Arcturian crystals are, true deep and wise vibrations
are also.

But we note that but not all quartz is of such vibration. Indeed some
of the Master Atlantean Crystals do, and we have told you previously
of these, and that they are being awakened now from dormancy.

Natural quartz formations generally do not hold such a high
frequency, and are neither phi in resonance angles or of gold-alloy.
Some do, but not most. It is the crystals of the gold-silicate alloys
that were originally used in both the crystal skulls and the Master
Atlantean crystals that carry the highest field. Sparse pockets of
these in natural form do exist in Brazil, Tibet and Arkansas deep
below the surface, but these are very few, and have not been accessed.

Natural quartz crystals are hexagonal, and release a spiraled phi
energy that is emitted most powerfully through the point. Because few
naturally formed specimens are perfectly symmetrical, the Arcturian
and Atlantean Scientist Priest of the Atla-Ra developed a means of
precise cutting of quartz in a double terminated format with equally
symmetrical faceting to allow the Universal Life Force to be emitted
through the crystal. In so doing they realized that the Chi Energy
from the human biology can be transferred into the crystal and better
refined and spiraled to a focal precise point on the upper point.

The base angle was determined to most fluidly receive and refine chi
energy with higher dimensional Phi energy when faceted to the angle of
51.8 degrees, which is the angle of the Quad-Pyramidal Octahedron. It
is the sacred angle that transmutes Celestial Energy into the Bio
Mineral Sphere of the Primary Polar Earth Plane. It is the THOTHIAN
METATRONIC angle used in your Great Pyramid. Some refer to this angle
and measure it as 51.8 degrees, in fact it is 51 degrees, 51 minutes
and 51 seconds. Do you see the Mastery in connecting the octahedron as
such to as above so below, it connects both worlds Dear Ones, and
indeed is divine in its sacred resonance.

There are other precise angles that can be used for specific purposes
both on the base and tip that have not as yet been ‘rediscovered’, but
this will be given in the appropriate timing. In the NOW the 51.51: 51
degree angle is most beneficial for the awakening of mankind to his
initial phase of TRUE SELF realization. The geometrics draw a precise
sacred energy field to it. It draws the human field to it as well, you

The one you refer to as Marcel Vogel, Khirron, recognized the synergy
between crystals and water. The Phi’s create a synergy that belongs
quite nicely to that which blends water and light, the two alchemical
elements, you see? The blend of the two-one that both hardens and
softens. It softens the soul. It strengthens the spirit, you see?

Now, all PHI Cut ( Vogel) crystals have 7 common primary properties
that occur with them. Natural quartz crytsals contain some of these
properties, but these are greatly refined and amplified in the Phi cut
units. These are the ability to :

Amplify Thought Frequency Enable Focus for Manifestation Receival and
Storage of Thought or Intent Transform or Refine Light Wave
Frequencies Transfer Thought Energetics or Thoughtforms Merge
Frequential Energies Emit a Frequential Field
Vogel PHI :

Now, per your query, we will offer brief descriptions of the key
benefits and traits of the requested faceting, but do note that there
are numerous other ratio combinations and faceting models that are not
listed or herewith inquired:

Double Terminated 12 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 12 Facet Vogel
works on the level of humanity and accesses, activates and harmonizes
the 12 strands of DNA and the 12 electromagnetic patterns of
consciousness within duality. The 12 Vogel Phi fortifies the human
EMF, and enables the user to amplify thought frequency. In truth this
occurs with all PHI Cut Vogels, and the greater the number of facets,
the greater this quality is amplified, as faceting enables more light,
and thus more energy. The 12 initializes the awakening of man on the
physical conscious level, and creates the desire for more
understanding. It brings in the Ruby Ray of Strength, Will and

Double Terminated 33 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 33 Facet Phi works
on the level of humanity and assists mankind in clearing obstacles
that impede advancement into the Christos. The 33 advances the desire
for clarity for greater compassion and an understanding of the unity
of all mankind. It enhances the spirit of brotherhood, and brings the
desire for unconditional love. The 33 taps into the 5th dimension. It
brings in the Emerald Ray of Harmony and Healing. It resonates with
the energy of the Elk and Deer.

Double Terminated 20-33-13 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): This special
ratio crystal taps into what is termed the Melchizedek Order of Alpha
and Omega from the stance of humanity. It introduces the Divine
Feminine ( Emerald Ray) and the Platinum Ray. It carries all of the
characteristic of the Vogel-33, with special ratio characteristics.
It is inspired thru the channel by the work of Enoch, of Kamadon. His
energy is herewith imbued in this unique ratio. It may be termed the
Melchizedek vibration. It is nurturing and healing, and taps into the
ratios and frequencies of the 4th 5th and 6th dimensions. From a
healing perspective, it is especially effective in working with and
releasing emotional trauma, and allowing for the clearing of these
blockages for establishing the true Souls Divinity within the
SOVEREIGN SELF. It assists in clearing karmic relationship issues. It
heals and enables the clear functionality of the glandular system.

Double Terminated 44 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 44 also operates
on the level of humanity. It connects the individual to the concept of
the oversoul. It makes known the unknown, and compels greater
investigation. It restores memory and offers the entry level of Earth
completion. It is healing in the physical aspects of the joint
inflammation and arthritic conditions. It is helpful balancing purpose
and energy, helpful in stimulating brain activity and circulation. The
44 Vogel Phi assist in communication with the Animal Kingdom, and the

Double Terminated 77 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 77 Vogel is quite
unique in its frequency. It vibrates extremely well with the Devic
Kingdom, that of the Fae and of the Cetaen, the dolphin. It opens the
psychic channels into elemental kingdoms. It brings in the Pink Ray.
It enhances the Spirit of the Eagle and winged aspect of the Animal
Kingdom and Totem.

Double Terminated 88 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 88 crystal
operates on the level of the oversoul, and introduces
multidimensionality. The 88 operates as a portal, capable of
transmitting and receiving energies from the higher dimensions as well
as enhanced thought manifestation and transferal. It is the Crystal of
the Saint Germain energies. The 88 links the past to the future in
forming the union of the NOW, it links and harmonizes the two
hemispheres of the brain. It is the initial crystal of the Merkabic
Transformation and introduces the first level of the Merkivah. The 88
correlates to the Blue Ray of Wisdom and Conviction. It correlates to
the energy of the kundalini, dragon and transformational aspect of the
sacred snake totem.

Double Terminated 108 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 108, represents
the 9 of completions and connects to the Violet Ray, and the energy of
Archangel Michael. It is also a portal, enhancing higher dimensional
communication and multidimensionality . From a healing perspective the
108 is especially capable of fine tuning the chi energy through out
the body and working with the nervous system. It is especially
effective in balancing energies, reducing over intensity, anxiety and
panic disorders. The 108 amplifies life force in those with a lack of
vitality and chronic fatigue. The 108 is also connected to the
electo-magnetic grid, the icosahedron, and is especially attuned to
the vibration of GAIA- vortexes, portals, leylines and certain
powernodes or infinity points. The 108 resonates with the Mineral
Kingdom and Living Earth, and enhances communication with same. It is
the vibrational tool of the Earth-Keepers and is effective in
connecting to specific portals for alignment to same, it is effective
in working with GAIA. It attunes to the 20 Point Star Level of the
MerKiVah. It corresponds to the spirit of the Jaguar and Puma.

Double Terminated 144 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 144 is the most
potent of the available Phi Crystals. It is the energy of Thoth and
the Field of Metatron. It connects to the Elohim level of the 12
squared, a key frequency for mankind’s ascension. The 144 also
directly connects to the 144 Crystalline Grid and Quantum Crystalline
Field. It is very beneficial in achieving the advanced Merkivah State
to the 24-pointed star. It is the frequency of completion. It assists
the union and harmony of all lifetimes created by the oversoul into
the merged oneness of Mastery. From a healing level, the 144 is
especially helpful in unlocking blockage and disease in the kidneys,
liver and spleen. The 144 brings in all the rays and correlates to the
Golden Ray of Omnipotence. The 144 is in itself a portal that enhances
channeling and what may be termed celestial and dimensional travel. It
is a ‘contextual’ portal, a time gate that can take one to the past,
to the future, or even to another day within your present. It is a
doorway into parallels that can take you to another paradigm within
your current reality so that you can experience it differently. If you
are uncertain as to a given direction or decision and wish to
experience it from a different perspective a portal, or in this case a
window, it can help you do just that. A portal can also be experienced
as energy without expression, because experience does not require
form, only context. A contextual portal has the advantage of allowing
you to experience an event horizon whether it is the thought vision
of it or actually manifesting it into being and living it. In the
contextual portal both are equally valid, equally tangible from an
experiential context. It is Merlins Wand, the Philosophers Stone of

Now we will say that the Phi Vogels, in your terms, of the 88, 108 and
144 are the levels of Mastery, of the MerKiVah. These each access
portals, with increasing frequency, yet each within a unique spectrum,
so we will clarify that one cannot truly employ the energetic
frequency field of an 88 within the 108, nor the resonance of an 108
within the 144, or vice versa. It is not that way, you see.

Each opens a unique stance, and stances that stack upon one another
yet do not merge. Do you understand? Portals are utilized from
different perspectives. There are many realities from which to choose
from and there are many dimensions to explore. Densities within
dimensions offer even more variety and infinite ways in which to
explore and experience life. Portals are opportunities to experience
yourself as beyond your everyday self. They activate expansion within
and without, and allow you to choose a reality rather than have one
chosen for you. Experiences beyond the third dimension are best
accomplished when desire, creativity, active intelligence and
participation are all present. These conscious, transformational
experiences are available and accessible by you, but remember, they
are possibilities not requirements. They are not prerequisites that
you must accomplish on your way here or there. They cannot gain you
entry or reentry to that which has always resided within, but indeed
they can assist you in experiencing these if and only if your energies
are of a specific level of attunement.

Just because one goes to the energy field of a portal or time gate
does not insure that one will frequentially experience either. Is this
understood? The light quotient of the seeker must be of a high enough
level to allow the merging, and afford the opportunity of such. As you
humans are fond of saying, you must learn to walk before you can run.
These are tools, and potent ones in the hands of those seekers on the
Path who are ready.

We will add that all modalities of true Phi Crystals, especially the
Dream Phi and Vogel Phi (and there are indeed other cuts that have not
emerged), are powerful instruments that operate in higher as well as
infrared ( below visible) frequencies of light and
multidimensionality. Indeed many of you will instantly recognize them.
Those of you who have used these Master Healing Crystals in past
Atlantean sojourns will be immediately drawn to them and have an
innate understanding of their capabilities.

These tools however, require study, require interaction. They are not
‘ready to use’ per say. There must be the appropriate and deliberate
effort to communicate, integrate and synergize with the living
consciousness of each Phi unit. And this effort is in the vibration of
high intent, of the desire for growth, within love, and healing within
compassion. Phi Crystals require a suitable time for activation,
integration and charging. They must then be programmed with intent.
One cannot achieve the desired results without taking the initial
steps of melding before hand. And a key part of the pre-step is having
sufficient knowledge as well as compassion (light quotient) to be able
to raise a frequency high enough to enter their resonate field.

They cannot and should not be used for any purpose other than the
highest good. They will not function in any intent or thought other
than the highest good.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak on Dream Crystals, how are the
different from Phi Vogels, and what are their functions in the 3 Gate,
5 Gate and 7 Gate models?

Metatron: The base angle of 51.51:51 degrees is the same on both. What
differentiates the ‘Dream Phi’, to use your nomenclature, is the
convex and concave cuts on the body of the Dream model, as well as the
‘charging filter’ on the base tip. The charging filter, often referred
to as a flower, is a precise cut used primarily on Dream Phi’s but can
equally be used on Vogel Phi’s. It works as a preamplifier.

Now, keep in mind that each crystal, fashioned from natural quartz is
individually unique.

The usage applications that we present in both Vogel Phi and Dream
Phi are somewhat generalized in primary application.

Some forms of quartz, such as smokey and rutilated will have
additional properties. In truth each piece will have additional and
specialized aspects.

The user then is required to ‘test drive’ each to learn the
characteristics of each. Water clear quartz is different from included

Using a Dream Phi with a Vogel Phi, in tandem, is highly synergetic.
The Vogel Phi is in a sense, the macro, and the Dream Phi the micro.
One the outer world the other primarily the inner. The two dance with
light in different rhythms.

The inner wave spiral and rotation of the beam in the Dream Phi is
opposite of that to the Vogel Phi. The Dream Crystal by means of its
convex concave structure has what may be termed as a clockwise spin,
and the Vogel Phi counterclockwise, although that description is
somewhat metaphorical, for use in explaining their opposite spins of
light. It is not in truth a simple clockwise-counterclockwise action,
but the concept is a valid simplified image for this descriptive
purpose. The Phi true action with light is far more complex.

We can say that the combination of the two succinct energy models
combine two ‘wholes’ and form a greater whole-ness. Combining then the
inner and outer, the conscious and subconscious, the expressed and
unexpressed, that felt and that seen. For healers working in the
shamanic tradition, Phi Dream Crystals are an especially beneficial
tool, a refinement for extraction work. Dream Phi’s emit a light field
resonance that removes negative energies and attachments and obstacles
from the auric field, emotional body and indeed physical body.

All Dream Crystals take the cleansing of your white sage smudging to
the level of light, and complete the purification in that tonal
context. These crystals once attuned are very effective in repelling
untoward or ‘negative’ thoughtform energy.

The Dream Phi interacts in the interior worlds of thought, world
devoid of space, worlds of dream and vision, of imagination and
parallel. These dimensions exist and are fully valid in their aspect.
Equally there are aspects of you that would rejoin with other aspects
of you, and in the process become greater If you add a drop of water
to a glass it will rejoin with itself and to the ocean again. So
always when there are grander aspects of your beingness, you will
rejoin with them, and you will change, expand in the process. It is
appropriate, it is the expansive nature of your purpose and paradigm.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 3 Gate: The 3 Gate Dream Phi works on the
level of humanity and the trinity of beingness. It amplifies harmony
within the body, mind and soul through compassion. The three-gate
Dream Phi Crystal has the ability to connect the individual with
higher waves of information and energy. The energy from the Three Gate
radiates around the emotional, heart and crown chakras as it balances
physical, intellectual and spiritual fields. It reconnects all the
passageways of the matrix and allows the brain to operate more
smoothly. In healing aspect it works in the extraction and repulsion
of negative aspects including fear, doubt, greed, self-centeredness,
self-righteousness. It assists in ego imbalance and physical imbalance
in order to gain a sense of greater unity and harmony. It is the Phi
for those entering new pathways of knowledge.. It corresponds to the
energy of the wolf.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 4 Gate: The four gate Dream Phi is based
on the Cabbalistic Wisdom and the Tree of Life. It is the progression
of the 3 Gate. It is especially compatible with the 44 Vogel. The 4
Gate can be used for gaining understanding and removing false beliefs,
breaking ties from group controls and controlling relationships. Iy
enhances the desire to work well with others, and reveals blockage to
same. It works very well with the Animal Kingdom, and is helpful in
healing of the four legged. It is very helpful in communication with
all Animal Totems.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 5 Gate: The 5 Gate Dream works especially
well with the Melchizedek or Kamadon Vogel in bringing in a very
powerful feminine energy. It correlates to the Emerald and Platinum
Rays. This shape releases obstruction around deep trauma. It opens the
way to the happiness and euphoria that is pure and impeccable in our
transparent and sincere core within the etheric heart chakra. It is
especially harmonious with the Divine Femine, with the aspects of
mercy and nurturing Magdalena, Isis, Lady Faith and Quan Yin. It
reveals the lack of Self Love, and assist in extraction of
self-denial, mentality of lack, and the core issues around lack of
energy and initiative. It assists in regaining momentum and purpose.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 6 Gate: The 6 Gate Dream Crystal is very
effective in assisting in relationship issues. It reveals the inner
motives of the user and assist in purging that which is in conflict
with the higher self. It assists in revealing and removing that termed
‘Spiritual Ego’. Likewise it effective repeals energies of jealousy,
control and anger directed at the user from another. It reveals
likewise these conflicts within the self. The Six-sided Dream Crystal
is often experienced as a total body energy- radiating outward to
expand the energy field of the user. It especially purges and
balances the second, third, fourth and fifth chakras so that the mind
and body are more connected and in better communication. It is the
sword of Michael, and indeed it cuts both ways. Exposing our own as
well as others true motives and conflicts. It must be used wisely and
compassionately. It adds the information, feelings, and “software”
necessary for operating the matrix that has been reconfigured and
healed. Much of the experiential information from Atlantis radiates
from these Six-sided Dream Crystals. It is expected that the overall
effect of this Dream Crystal will be to enhance and expand the
doorways of knowledge to Atlantean technologies and spiritual practices.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 7Gate: The 7 Gate Dream Phi specialty is
bringing perfect order, completion, reconciliation, unity and
connection with eternity. Brings all other healing energies together
and connects you and spirit. The 7 Gate is the Platinum Ray, and
correlates very well to the 88, 108 and 144 Vogel Phi. The 7-Gate
Dream Crystal receives and merges wisdom from all spiritual sources
and views, from all peoples and ethnicities and cultures. It is the
crucible that shows what is pure and what is not in spiritual path. It
repels untruth, it repels control and enhances freedom, and power of
choice and will. It reveals hidden prejudices and self-concealed vices
within the user, for extraction of same. It enables the MerKiVah. It
enables better contact with the conscious grids, the Reshel and
planetary grids.

Double Terminated Dream Phi 12Gate: The 12 Gate Dream Phi is the
highest frequency of the Phi Dream. It correspondents to the Purple,
Golden and Platinum Rays of the Ascension, it correlates to the
Metatronic Cube and 24 Point Star of the merkivah. It works especially
well with the 144 Vogel. It offers protection in the higher realms of
inner micro dimensional travel and assist in channeling. It stimulates
the intellect and blends the hemispheres of the brain. It connects to
the 144 Crystalline Grid, the Golden Sun Discs and activates the 12
strand DNA. It opens Celestial Portals and connects to the Elohim.

Question to Metatron: Minerals, Gems and Phi Crytsals are often
expensive, and seemingly not available to all. Why is that, and are
these necessary ‘tools’ ?

Metatron: First of all, gems, minerals and noble metals are in truth
quite available to any one that seeks them, to anyone that would draw
them to self. You must recognize first that the Mineral Kingdom is
alive and sentient, in all its myriad varieties of expression. Within
the Mineral Kingdom there is indeed the spark of Divinity, of Divine
Consciousness that is quite equally aware in certain aspects, as is
humankind. This is a fact that is as yet unrecognized by most of
humanity, yet it is quite true.

It is only the mentality of lack and the non-recognition of the
crystalline and mineral kingdom as being sentient that keeps anyone
from manifesting these. Your societies and cultural systems spend
unquestioned amounts of energy or money in the acquisitions of what
may be termed luxury items and excessive amounts in dress clothing,
dwellings and vehicles, yet do not recognize that energy exchanged for
certain forms of the mineral kingdom offer them great advantages in
health, consciousness and manifestation amplification.

Certain of your civilizations recognized the Mineral Kingdom as being
sentient, and as a result of that key acknowledgement they were able
to communicate and interact with the mineral and crystalline beings.
Accordingly the Mineral Kingdom offered itself, and made itself
readily and bountifully available to mankind. And Dear Ones, the
Mineral Kingdom responded to their desire, to their acknowledgement,
to their call, and made itself available to that call, to that
seeking. Indeed it is an example of the Law of Attraction.

The same law is valid today, in your present. Even though you do not
generally go to the fields and valleys to find your minerals, you are
still very capable of sending out the acknowledgment to the mineral
kingdom, and manifest, to attract to you what you need, what you
desire to assist you. The mineral itself, the sentience of the
mineral, once acknowledged, will indeed make itself available to you.
That is quite true, believe it!

The paradox, is that if you do not believe it, indeed that is the
reality you will manifest. If you do not recognize the mineral kingdom
is alive and sentient, then you will not be acknowledging its
sentience, and acknowledgement, belief is essential, you see.

Unfortunately, the mass of humanity view gems and precious metals as
simply decorative jewelry, vanities and investments. Therefore they
are viewed by many as expensive embellishments. Those who are aware of
their true nature, purpose and energy benefits then understand that
they can and do enhance physical health and calibrate and generate
higher frequency energy fields that can offer myriad advantages to
those that understand them as such.

So as to your question, are gems, metals and crystalline forms
necessary. We will answer in this way, your cars, trains and planes
are not truly necessary, you can walk, and if you are an extraordinary
Master you can astrally bi-locate, but in the interim, the tools you
have manifested make transport a lot easier.

Some humans on the spiritual path remain limited by their mentality
of lack. This is manifested in both a fear of poverty and the belief
that abundance is an aspect and indulgence of materialism. Both are
false beliefs that do not serve you. Abundance offers itself and is
available to all, the paradox is that you must believe that abundance
is not only available but is equally a path of spirit. Once the laws
of manifestation arte realized , Masters you can create and acquire
what you desire. Only be sure it serves your greatest good.

So indeed these tools, these living crystalline forms are available to
those that are aware, and the truth, whether you accept it or not, is
that the crystalline forms are energy generators, frequency portals
and resonate shields that offer myriad benefits.

Question to Metatron : Please explain the proper manner of caring for,
charging, and programming a Phi Crystal?

Metatron: The methodology taught by Marcel Vogel is available to all,
and is the accurate modality. So we will accordingly not delve too
deeply into information that is accurate and already easily available
to you.

We have described in the (above) discourse the requisite belief and
importance of recognizing that all crystalline forms have sentient
consciousness. Initial synergy and communication with the crystal is
achieved primarily through transferal of the frequency of love into
the crystalline form, and asking for its assistance. This should be
done daily with meditation and the use of deep breathing exercises to
raise the vibration of the user. When the vibrational frequency of the
theta wave is achieved, imbue the crystalline form through
visualization. Imagine a beam of love from the heart chakra directly
into the crystalline being. When a return flow of ‘love’ is felt, the
synergy is achieved. In many cases there will be an electrical
sensation felt in the arms of the user, that flows upward into the
heart. The actual sensation may vary with the user, for some it may be
simply a knowing, for others a physical tingling, but the return flow
must be unmistakably sensed by the user.

Once synergy is established the infinity breath exercise should be
employed in meditation whilst holding the crystal in order to
establish intent or programming. Once the deep breathing takes one
into the theta state, the crystal will signal when the field is
appropriate for receival of intent.

At this point the user should lightly stroke the body of the Phi
crystal with the fingertips to charge the Phi while sending the intent
of the particular usage. Transfer the visualization of what is
requested. Whether this is to assist in multidimensional awareness,
self purification, protection or healing for self and others, the
specific intent should be clear and imbued into the phi.

The process of healing or extraction of obstacles or disease is done
only with the permission of the one receiving the healing. The Phi is
then held with the female base in the palm of the primary hand of the
user and circulated over the area of focus. For Vogel Phi Crystals the
circulation should be counterclockwise, for Dream, Phi’s clockwise.
Visualize and speak the desired result. Continue this process until a
clear response is received that the task has achieved maximum energy
for the session. To seal the opening, upon completion, circulate the
opposite direction until the field is closed. Usually three to five
circulations will reseal the field.

The most effective method of cleansing a Phi is through vigorous brief
shaking in the hand while visualizing intent of removing unwanted
energies, and the use of white sage smudge. Running water can also
complete this process, but care should be taken to insure the
temperature of the water is within 10 degrees of the ambient
temperature of the crystal. Rapid contraction or expansion due to
great temperature variation can create inclusion cracking in the
quartz structure.

Closing : The Changing Paradigm & Sacred Science

Masters, there are differing sciences, different physics for each
dimension, just as there are different approaches and paths of science
and physics available to mankind in his current reality. Man has
omitted the divine from science in his mainstream thinking. Science is
indeed a sacred aspect of the whole.

Mankind has largely ignored sciences that would have led to very
different concepts thus far. There are alternative approaches to
physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation,
bi-location and locomotion than your accepted mainstream science
understands or wishes to understand. Had the human species gone into
certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored exterior
technological ‘laws’, your knowledge, means and resulting knowledge of
dimensional and crystalline reality aspects would be vastly different,
and far more efficient in scope than it is now. You have embraced the
external and to some degree dismissed the capacities of your ‘internal
abilities’ within divine consciousness. Crystalline knowledge is a key
part of the emerging ‘new’ paradigm. Although in truth it is an
ancient knowledge, forgotten but not new!

Now, when mankind decides to devote mainstream study into what is
termed the ‘mental’ science of dimensional and crystalline aspects of
transport and bi-location, and indeed it is a science with laws that
can be learned, practiced and fine tuned, then visitations into
parallels and vectors within time and space and inner worlds will
become less accidental and occur by design, by plan.

Once mankind learns and masters ‘mental physics’ then he will be
liberated, vastly liberated from the filtering illusion, the duality
camouflage of physical pattern. Indeed you are just starting to
understand how the Merkabah and Merkivah when tuned by mind as the
builder into the crystalline field, unlocks this key. This will be
greatly enhanced as your 144 Grid and its networking of crystalline
energy completes its unfolding. The grid will offer great opportunity
of advancement to those of you willing to devote focus to this divine
science of ‘mental’ manifestation and what you term astral travel. You
see all science must include the divine, and it is grossly omitted by
your mainstream academics in the present.

The knowledge and utilization of Phi Crystals and indeed properties of
all crystalline forms is an intricate and essential part of this
aperture into the vast Void, into inner and outer worlds of the
celestial and indeed Divine aspect of the Crystalline Ascension.

I am Metatron, and I offer you these truths in love and in wisdom. You
are Beloved.

And so it is.

This channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com . Posting on
websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and
credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published
in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from
Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at Tyberonn@hotmail.com


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