Saint Germain* Third Boost of Energy

27th October 2008

Saint Germain – Third Boost of Energy

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings to you my dear fellow seekers of the light, I am the Mahachohan Saint
Germain and I draw close to you now with some special news that I wish to share with you
now. Many ascended masters on the inner planes have been extremely busy reconstructing
the Temple of Mercy as a healing, awakening and tutoring ashram to assist all in anchoring
greater love into their beings and coping with the deep emotions that can be caused.
Accepting love is an intense process of healing and cleansing until one is able to embody
love, the Temple of Mercy is being reconstructed to aid this development and to reassure
any fearful or worried minds. It is a vast ashram that will also aid you in accepting the
ascended masters’ energy of abundance into your life giving you the power to achieve
anything you desire in your reality by programming your mind with positive thoughts.
Manifesting is the key to the changes that are occurring on the Earth. One can sit and
visualise how they wish to live their reality, using the intense abundant energy of the
ascended masters as their fuel or driving thoughts, but focusing on negativity or having
neutral thoughts will mean that you will stay stagnant in your life. Change, growth and
development is the key to the ascended masters’ energy of abundance but one must place
their own efforts into creating their reality now as the powerful energies will not always
be available. Focus is needed now in order to direct the energies to divinely influence your
life. If you have been following our teachings and have been anchoring both the Christ
consciousness and the ascended masters’ abundant energies, we believe that now is the
time that you need our comfort, support, teachings and encouragement as change may be
on the horizon or fearful thoughts may be causing you anxiety, so we have created a sacred
temple to bring clarity and reassurance to all.

The Temple of Mercy has been reconstructed at Mount Shasta on the inner planes and
is being closely overseen by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos. The opening of the temple
will take place on the 29th October; the temple will close on the 17th November. We feel
that it is during this time frame that the temple will be needed most as an additional
cleansing temple to remove all old habits and negativity in preparation for the fourth
energy boost of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance which will be anchored on the
17th November. Many ascended masters are readying themselves to remain within the
temple over this time period as resident masters and spiritual teachers for all to benefit
from. The Temple of Mercy is so named because it is a sacred space created from light
and intention that will alleviate any distress, confusion or discomfort due to accelerated
growth or the releasing of old energy patterns during this time. The temple can offer
much new and exciting wisdom as well as helping them to understand the changes that are
occurring and the energy that the ascended masters are sharing with the Earth during this
special period of time from the present day into 2009. I believe that it is important for
every person to make use of the presences of the temple, whether you wish to gain healing,
cleansing, clarity, tutoring, enlightenment, activations of energies, to understand
manifestation or to simply aid development. Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be
taken to the Ascended Master’s Temple of Mercy on the inner planes. Your personal
angels will guide you and ensure your safety at all times.

‘I ask the ascended masters to grant me to permission to enter the Temple Of Mercy
to assist my development on the Earth. May I benefit from the high vibrations of the
ashram and be drawn to the most appropriate resident master to assist me in this special
time of growth. I wish to gain …………… (e.g. healing.) Allow me to accept the abundant
energy of the ascended masters and the Christ consciousness on a deeper level than I
have ever experienced.
I invoke my personal angels to guide and protect me at all times, transport me while I
sleep to the Temple of Mercy, please assist me in remembering my journey when I wake in
the morning. Let it be.’

Know that you can visit the temple each night throughout the period of 29th October to
the 17th November. I encourage you to make use of this amazing and sacred tool that is
being reconstructed to aid your benefit and accelerated growth process.

I, the Mahachohan Saint Germain oversee the rays of light three to seven, working
Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos to oversee the Earth and ensure that the necessary
energies are being anchored into the Earth. The third ray of light is the ray of
manifestation and so many energies, intentions and ideas are channelled through the third
ray of light to assist and ensure that they manifest and materialise onto the Earth. The
Temple of Mercy was reconstructed by the manifestation power of the third ray of light
of a yellow colour. I have anchored all rays three to seven into the Temple of Mercy as a
supportive energy to aid inspiration and enlightenment while you are in existence within the
temple. The temple can become a sanctuary where you may anchor and experience the rays
of light for yourself.

I believe that it is necessary to make the most of the short time that the temple will
be available to you as we are not sure when it may be reconstructed again. It is therefore
a wonderful idea to meditate asking your ascended master guides to either align you to the
energies of the Temple of Mercy and to allow the high vibrational soothing energy to
channel into your being through your crown chakra at the top of your head or to ask to be
transported to the Temple of Mercy on the inner planes during your meditation practices.
It may be interesting for you to practise this. Simply ask your ascended master guides to
transport you to the Temple of Mercy overseeing your meditation. State that you wish to
sit within the temple, absorbing your surroundings and the high vibrations. You may also ask
that the appropriate master in residence within the temple comes to speak with you
offering new teachings and guidance. It may be interesting to discover which ascended
master comes to speak with you as you will then be able to call on this master to aid your
connection with the Temple of Mercy and to assist your spiritual development on the Earth.
Allow your breathing to become deep and your mind to become still, simply accept the
energies, visions, insights and enlightenment that you receive. The more you practice the
deeper your connection will become with the temple allowing you to access high levels of
energy and wisdom within the temple. You may call on my energy to aid your connection to
the temple, simply repeat my name ‘Mahachohan Saint Germain,’ I shall draw close to your
being to assist you in experiencing the energies of the Temple of Mercy.

The temple will assist many in dealing with the third boost of energy that will be sent forth
from the ascended masters on the inner planes onto the Earth into those who are receptive
to their energies and into the love crystal that have been planted across the world. A
higher vibration of abundant energy is being anchored into the Earth by the ascended
masters to assist in the manifestation of love onto the Earth and abundance into the lives
of those who focus their minds on mastery and their actions on experiencing love. While the
second boost of energy was focused on the third eye chakra, manifesting love and positive
thoughts through the third eye chakra at the brow, the fourth boost of energy is focused
on the throat chakra, expressing enlightened thoughts, love and the wisdom of your soul
through your throat chakra, voice and while you communicate with others. This is a special
time as we are beginning to see that our thoughts can manifest onto the Earth through our
voice and the way that we speak about ourselves and others. Voicing negative thoughts
constantly will only create a negative reality. Speaking of positivity and love will allow you
to take a new step of materialising your dreams onto the Earth. Thoughts spoken can be
extremely powerful as they create their own energy vibration and tone which manifests
into your reality as well as your aura. Again this is a time where disciple is needed within
the mind to concentrate on positive thoughts but to also continue to anchor the ascended
masters’ abundant energy and the Christ consciousness loving energy into your body and
energy systems. Imagine these energies entering into your crown chakra at the top of your
heart and channelling out through your throat chakra so that you activate your throat
chakra and allow it to express love and light always. Continue to imagine your thoughts
being expressed through your third eye chakra as it emanates light as a beacon into your
reality but now is the time to activate your throat chakra allowing it to express the same
positive thoughts as your third eye chakra. Allow the third boost of energy from the
ascended masters to anchor into your throat chakra, asking for it to be activated and to
express light of the highest vibration at all times.

While the third boost of energy is a raise in vibration and continues to focus on anchoring
love and achieving mastery over the mind, it marks a special occasion of integration. The
energy of the angelic kingdom will become united with the ascended masters’ energy of
abundance and will channel as a combined energy into the Earth. The angelic kingdom has
always supported the Earth, humanity and the recent work of the ascended masters but
they have been channelling their own vibrations of love and abundance separately into the
Earth. Now the soft pink energy of the angelic kingdom merges with the ruby red intense
energy of the ascended masters’ energy of abundance. This is an important energy
integration that boosts the energy that you will receive when you anchor the ascended
masters’ energy of abundance into your being each day and throughout the day. The angelic
influence may create a softer nurturing feeling to the energy that you are accustomed to
receiving when invoking the ascended masters’ energy. Angels of abundance have been
assigned to assist all who call on the ascended masters’ energy of abundance while angels
of love are assigned to the Christ consciousness surrounding all who invoke the golden
Christ consciousness in additional love from the angelic kingdom. Gradually the ascended
masters will unite many realms and kingdom to channel energy through them into the Earth
to aid your integration with the kingdoms and universe of the Creator on the inner planes.

It is important that while the energy of the ascended masters and the angelic kingdom is
being focused on your throat chakra in addition to your third eye chakra that you remain
aware of your spoken words as well as the thoughts you create. Ensure that you remember
that every word you speak has a vibration and creates an impact in the life you lead and the
lives of others. Focus on expressing love of the highest vibration through your thoughts and
through the words that you speak allowed. Make it your mission to exist as a beacon of love
and manifest the love of the Creator into your life by expressing love through your words
and the vibration of your voice.

Remember that if you are anchoring our teachings into your being that it is appropriate for
you to connect with and visit the Temple of Mercy discovering who is your resident spiritual

To aid you in understanding your purpose during this period of the third boost of energy I
have created this list;

Ask for your throat chakra to be cleansed and activated.

Ask for the ascended masters’ energy of abundance and the Christ consciousness to be
anchored into your throat and expressed from your throat chakra.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during your sleep state.

Ask to visit the Temple of Mercy during meditation to experience the temple and discover
who your tutor is within the temple.

Focus on creating positive thoughts and expressing love and positivity through your spoken

May your voice and throat chakra always be a source of love,

Mahachohan Saint Germain


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