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BEcoming Who You Know Yourself To BE-Spiritual Hierarchy


Who You Know Yourself To BE-Spiritual Hierarchy

Divine greetings beloved wayshowers! We are the Spiritual Hierarchy present with you to offer insight about your next steps on the journey into oneness…

Long ago there was a call in your heart to awaken to your divine splendor as a radiant being of light. Virtuously, you answered the call to keep your head above the swells and torrents of the rising frequencies on this planet, your beloved earth.

What lies before you now is a new set of rules, new challenges to overcome, but challenges in the name of unity, connectivity and with unprecedented levels of love that surround each of you.

What we would like to discuss with you this day is your special part in the grand scheme of planetary changes. First we would like to assure you that you are well on your way to what we call the path of active service, though service really does no justice to the name for what we call service is really the souls expression of pure joy.

Your deepest joy, as a beloved child of God, is a joy that is expressed through you in divine covenant as a benevolent force of good on this planet and for the resurrection of peace, cohabitation and divine love.

As servants of God’s will, your joy is unmatched in rivalry; it is this flow of divine grace that runs through you as a clear conduit uplifting all in its path. It is the flow of God’s grace that nurtures your every whim and answers your every call as the universe aligns and dances with your light as you become a conscious cocreator of divine will.

Beloved servants of God, we call to you in remembrance of your holy plan and to remind you that your plan as a wayshower of pure potential begins and ends with you!

What is important for you to now deeply realize is that you are the creator of all that you experience within & without.

Because of this, your inner dwelling must become the purified temple of Christ consciousness to be contained within, that which enables the continual flow of higher dimensional love to support the life that you see clearly in your minds eye, and feel deeply within your heart-space.

The moment in your life when you made the choice, the choice to live to your full potential and to radiate the full splendor of christed love, was also the moment that you willingly walked forth into the line of fire.

We say this so that you will realize that the path you have chosen, the path to freedom and to your heart’s desires, is indeed the path of full human potential, but that whatever is blocking you from your highest intentions to cocreate a life of peace, passion and joy must be expunged. To cocreate with the divine and heavenly bodies of light that surround you, you must be free from all lower thought forms…delivered from evil, so to speak.

In this, the realization that you already have all that you desire within you, is not just a cliché or a mark of happenstance…it is a deeply laden truth that you must come to see and to embrace fully in the light of All.

For your light shines ever so brightly! It is only the darkness of outworn beliefs and illusions that limit you, that temporarily dampen your shine. To shine again, you must do nothing other than let go of all those beliefs that no longer serve you and to do this; to really do this effectively, you must first come to the level of knowing that this is indeed true.

Once you have achieved the state of knowing that you are beyond powerful, beyond capable to rise above the heaviness of any darkness that surrounds you, you are already 90 percent there.

Do you see this? Do you see that there is nothing to do per say, but to unload all heaviness?

For yes, this is the simplest truth dear ones…this is the truth that you may search for in many external ways, yet we share with you that it can only be found within.

The inner strength that you posses to rise up and rise up again… against the weight of your past-conditioned beliefs is already deeply there. You must only strive for and crave the freedom even more! More than your past conditioning will have you to believe.

Divine passion is God’s fuel…the fuel of freedom that will continually lift you above all strife…. and passion is the fuel that will keep you continually upward bound. Yet we also share that passion alone will not serve to clear the way to your truest desires.

Passion will create the impetus necessary to catapult you to higher levels of living. Passion will lift your sights beyond the mundane to where miracles can serve you, but it will be for your daily discipline to sustain and free you.

What we mean is this…to rise above the mental planes of discord and strife so prevalent in your world today, you must have a mechanism, a tool within you that you can turn to each time a thought arises that you are less than, that you are incapable of achieving your dreams.

For certainly there will be those times when your dreams seem far out of reach, but we assure you that these times are the times when you are needed to rise above those beliefs most ardently.

In doing so, you free yourself…each day, each hour, each minute that you choose to believe in the higher voice…in the knowing that these times will come to pass.

Freedom comes by your daily will to concede to a higher plan.

How you ask?

And we will share, that to align to your higher plan daily means nothing more or less than staying connected to your dreams, feeding your passions, honoring what feels good and accessing the power behind those intentions..and to never waver in and out of the thoughts that will have you believe that you are capable of less… for surely those thoughts also create.

Healing begins with the mind, for when the mind is not aligned with your higher will, it creates energetic disturbances and discordance in your electromagnetic field that keep you bound. Therefore, we remind you how imperative it is to your well being and to your forward momentum to keep your mind solely focused on only what it is that you desire each and every moment that you are captured by thought.

Each time you waver, each time you honor a thought that is less than what your intended outcome will be, you run the risk of plummeting your dreams in a downward spiral, a direction less suited for true freedom.

And each time you align with the voice within that reminds you that you are creating, in every moment, the reality that you experience, you align with the power of what is and therefore the pure potential of what can be.

Beloved wonders, you are empowered and sovereign beings of light here to cocreate the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual realities that you feel deeply within your heart. This is the creation of your life, the greatest creation of all, and it is an ever-unfolding path of greater divine love & feelings of bliss.

Did you know that the love you experience in your life is an exact reflection of the love you feed yourself…that you allow yourself to feel?

It is true! To increase the reflections of love in all you do, in those you meet, you must increase the love quotient within yourself. Love yourself daily by reminding yourself that you are made of pure love and that you are the empowered creator behind all you choose.

Choose consciously, in each moment that presents itself to you, choose with love, and your choices will begin to reveal themselves immediately in how you are feeling.

Are you feeling loved? Then your recent choice was aligned with your highest good. Are you feeling unloved? Then your recent choice was aligned with less than your potential.

When you feel like the radiant being of light who you truly are, you will experience life as you envision it to be. If not, you must simply choose again. And again. And again…until you have achieved the external reality that matches your heartfelt desires.

These choices come to you in every now moment…the choice to believe in the reality that you see with your physical eyes, or the reality that knows that everything can be exactly as you en-vision.

Remember dear souls, real-ity becomes real when you enliven it with attention and be-lie-f; when you choose to feed it with the power of your focus.

The gift in conscious creation is that the choice is always yours!

So dig deep within yourself to remember your power to have it all and to love yourself so fully that you change the very vibration of the very earth you live on. This is how you will lead as wayshowers of the new earth paradigm…by your radiant example of what IS possible.

BEcome all of who you wish to BE and you will rapidly birth the life you wish to see.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy with you today to remind you that only you can lift yourself above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Only you can BEcome who you deeply know yourself to be.

You are loved and supported beyond measure!”

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at



Be Still And Know That I AM – The Spiritual Hierarchy

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Be Still And Know That I AM – The Spiritual Hierarchy

**NOTE: So many of us are feeling like we are on the verge of a monumental breakthrough as the spirals of energy create a crescendo in the re-patterning of personal and planetary morphogenetic fields.  

Yet, there’s also an all-pervasive energy of powerlessness that is so easy to be-lieve in if we allow it into our consciousness.

And while there is so much external proof to confirm these false realities… these illusions are merely a result of the same force of energies that are taking us to greater human potential.


This is clearly why we are being urged time and time again to stay centered in our truth… not just be-lieving that we are assured success, but knowing it with great certainty.

It is also important to realize that we need not DO anything, that this is a time to sincerely apply and execute mental mastery. And to the degree that we are capable to do this…to relax into our present realities… is relative to our ability to feel centered and at peace while chaos swirls around us.

We are inexorably connected to the whole, yet simultaneously preparing to blast into an entirely new way of creating and so we are being asked to adopt those new ways into our being right now to avoid getting caught up in feeling powerless over our lives.

We always have conscious control of our creations, but this control can only be applied from our center, with strict detachment from the old and unwavering focus on the new and true.


In this way, resistance and surrender must be used in tandem…we must firmly resist the temptation of illusion & fear, while passively surrendering to the call of the heart. -Lauren


Psalms 46:10

Be still, and know that I am GodIndeed we will affirm that there are many preparing for a momentous lift-off into greater realities…surely, many of you will be entering more fully into alignment with your appointed roles as way-showers of the new earth.But in this, we would also like to clarify that future events are not the catalyst for great change, but the present events that take place in your daily lives that dictate your reality.It only serves to relinquish your power as co-creators of God to look to future timelines for change. stay aligned with the power of these energies that heralds your success. divine passion strikes. You will know this place for you will come alive with clarity, certainty, faith, and a bold courageousness that uplifts you to truth…every cell in your body becomes invigorated and you feel as though you could truly fly. Be still and all will come to you. action to take, only the ability to manage the focus of your energies, for they hold magnificent potential. In joy,

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Change happens in the full presence of your every now moment.

The power to shift your focus from one reality to the next is paramount for aligning with the new energies, yet it is your ability to

This time before you is not one of re-creation of the past, contrarily it is a time of creating anew. New dimensional fields require new perspective and new perspective requires a complete change of view.

To create a new, you must fully tap into the universal forces of creation with a single pointed focus by remaining still, centered at zero-point where the ignition of

When this place is accessed, it is wholly evident.

This, dearly beloveds, is because indeed you can fly. Yet, you forget that you have wings each time you step out of your presence point.


Be still and you will crave no more.

Be Still and you will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Be Still and you will know the I AM.

There is no

Blessings be on your journey. You are always free.




Extreme polarities are present everywhere and you may be feeling/seeing/sensing the new energies one minute with great foresight and optimism, and the next you find yourself stuck in victim consciousness.

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