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Celia Fenn’s EARTHLOG.:.January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension…



by Celia Fenn


image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension…We are One Family, One People, One Planet : OK, so we have spent most of the last cycle working with the Fifth-dimensional energies, and some days we do well and some days we have slipped back into old Third-dimensional patterns. But, from this day, the 1:1:1, we can be certain that we will really need to work with all the Higher Dimensional living skills that we have developed. From now on, the planet will be evolving within her new Fifth Dimensional Matrix, and we will need to be able to live in harmony with this energy signature!

And this new energy signature requires us to be able to move beyond dualistic belief systems and into a perception of Oneness and Unity. We are One Family and One Planet. If I have to look back at my own life, I would say that the biggest change I have seen has been the movement from a perception of huge distances and separate nations, to a perception of One Planet that is in constant connection and movement. At this point, I suppose I do have an unusual job, but like many people, my working day involves speaking to people all around the world using modern technology. I understand at least six languages, and I can interact with people of many different cultures. I am becoming a New Earth citizen of the Planet.

I have met many Lightworkers in the last year, who have just become “travellers”. They have an urge, or they are guided, to move to other places on the planet, or just to adventure and move. We are learning to move out of our narrow perceptions of Who We Are, based on nationality and race, and to begin to see ourselves as citizens of One Planet.

And in this movement and connection, we discover that we are very much the same, and that we are also unique and individual, and that these differences can be exciting.

And our work is to Weave Heart Light and to create Peace and Harmony and Love!

Well, we are not there yet, but we are just starting out. We are the “seed-bearers” of the New Consiousness, those who will help to birth the New Earth. That is why I have chosen, as the new “Earth Log” logo, Jean-Luc Bozzoli’s beautiful painting of the Earth-child, as the Earth births her new Self. What an exciting adventure awaits us we manifest this new reality.

Of course, it may take longer than we think. I used to think that we were just going to step into this “ready made” wonderful reality, but like most us, I have come to realize that we are working to create this new reality. The work we did in the last cycle of personal and planetary transformation was absolutely crucial to the whole process. It is why most of us chose to be here at this time, to assist with this process. And I know that it is going to be much easier from now on. The hard part is behind us, we have made the inner shifts and we are learning how to be Conscious Creators. We know how it is done, it is just a matter of making Miracles and Magic a way of life!

In this coming year, we will be working to hold the Balance and to keep that Balance. Once we can hold and maintain our inner balance, we can create in a Balanced way. Creating with and in Balance means that our manifestations will be clear and pure and immediate, for nothing will block their progressions through the spirals of Light into manifest form!

starlight One of the skills of Fifth-dimensional living is to be able to step out of linear time and into a feeling of the spirals and circles of light that create “natural time”. It is linear time and linear thinking that traps us in the concept of “age”, and that creates fear and anxiety. The intense anxiety that many of us felt as we transformed was a result of the mind trying to resist the changes and to hold on to what is familiar and known. And of course, what is most familiar is the progression of time along a linear path, from beginning to end. Now, in this Fifth-dimensional reality perception, we see that time is infinite and that it spirals on forever, moving into new and different spirals of unfolding light called “experience”.

When we can align with this spiral movement, we will feel more relaxed and will feel more open to the idea that we have plenty of time for our experiences, rather than the mad rush most people feel as they gallop down the linear timeline from birth to death at great speed. Linear time creates stress, Spiral time created Peace and Relaxation and Joy. It is the natural rhythm of the Divine Pulse of Creative Light.

The image I have included here was taken in Namibia, in Africa, just recently. It is a time exposure photograph, showing the passage of the stars around the pole star. You can see quite clearly that the Earth moves through spirals, one day being one spiral of starlight! What a beautiful way to feel the passage of waves of light that form the time experience! What a beautiful way to experience the Fifth Dimension!

And so, on this First Day of this New Cycle or Spiral of Light called “time”, I would like to share with you, once again, Cheryl Hutton’s beautiful song that captures the essence of the Fifth Dimension. “To Be One”.

Please Click Here to Hear “To Be One”.

PS. We “birthed” our new baby today….”Starchild Iberoamerica” for Spanish speakers!


Dimensional Doorways .:.Lisa Renee

Written by Lisa Renee
January 2008
This first column of the New Year contains some current planetary events as well as a discussion of the Annual Energetic Theme for our planet’s experience in 2008. The over-lighting theme for this coming year will be living and breathing our soul’s full “Luminosity of the Heart”, as we delve into the higher consciousness expression of the Nineteenth Portal known as “The Sun” in classic Tarot. (This will be detailed towards the end of the article.)
This year we will enter a New Chapter of Evolution as we are at the gateway of expanding into the Galactic Consciousness Cycle. This Cycle will begin to reveal to humanity the Luminaries of the Next Universe. In this cycle the New Age and many humans will grow to the next level of spiritual maturity.

It will be because they have to in order to adapt and survive. Many more hidden mysteries will be revealed, esoteric/soul physics will be more common place and there will be more exposure and disclosure to many of the perpetrated “untruths” that have been told in the public arena.
It is now the Era to initiate humans into Galactic Consciousness, by introducing the existence of many other life forms impacting our Worlds. This will be a year most challenging to those without a spiritual-energetic framework or that are still holding inflexible attitudes or unyielding modes of behavior. For those of us ready to face the Truth in our Hearts no matter what, it will be a year that is quite liberating and successful in personal achievement and planetary actualization.
Humanity is now standing at an entry point that gives us a “window of opportunity” that is critical about the future direction, the evolutionary direction of our lives. This is like being poised between the in-breath and out-breath cycles of creation, we have inhaled our last breath and we now lie suspended in the still point area that exists between each breath. We are ready to embark on the New Chapter being written for Humanity, along with a New Cycle of creation for both individual aspirations while servicing group goals. Our Strategic Alliances with others is gaining momentum into this New Year giving us the renewed passion and strength necessary for our upcoming Ascension Projects. For many of us that had been “holding up the fort”, either in isolation or by one’s own personal efforts, now it is the time to share in the workload, have more time to play and to have increased utilizable resources.
We stand at the gateway that has the possibility to lead us down through several different Dimensional Doorways. These Dimensional Doorways should be considered as (and are the same thing as) different “Timelines”. These different “timelines” are constructs of dimensional frequency spectrum that hold different life patterns and different emotional choices for our soul life stream journey. Ultimately from the position of “Ascension Mechanics” (the stair step creational model of how the soul consciousness evolves through time and space within the Universal Time Matrix) the choices that are made are viewed from the Observer in a completely impartial way and detached from any desired result.
However, it is crucial to know that the soul and its life stream will be swept into the reality system (timeline) of its most vibratory compliment. You can consciously participate in this process or not. We have noted throughout this year the amplified polarity becoming tangibly visible in the external manifest of our group reality, the collective human race planetary hologram. The coming months will be the most surreal of our Ascension experiences thus far, with the frequency split between realities/timelines much more physically apparent. We will be observing two types of prevalent timelines unraveling throughout this year, although there are more than two timelines available. It is easy to describe the essence of the two prevalent choices in the timelines. They are either based in Love frequencies (Ascending Timeline) or Fear based energies. (Descending Timeline) Naturally this is very simple to distinguish intellectually, yet incredibly more challenging to remain steadfast when the external world is completely disintegrating. Some of these different timelines may lead us to the same soul goal ultimately, however the question is: Who do you choose to serve as your priority right now? Choose well as it will impact you in such way that the fear energies will feel immensely ruthless and unrelenting. The love based energies will create a core stabilization allowing a total sensation of calm and inner peace.
Note: Learning how to stabilize and anchor the Love based frequencies, such as with the 12 D shield process, will allow you to spin energies that allow you to stabilize your home and other environments. Once you get adept with this process you will recognize the impact you can have in your personal environment and then larger environments. This creates an inner core strength and confidence as your being starts to function purely from within rather than without,( outside or separate to self) knowing the immediate terrain of personal safety and care is fully at one with God Source. This year as the external world is dismantling this will be an important tool to learn to navigate.(The next step is then to fully comprehend this as an
energetic state of being.)
The Mouth Of God
We are almost positioned at the Zero Point connection that spirals us through the “Mouth of God” which will drastically magnify and propel us towards a certain directed destiny path.
This reference to the Mouth of God is the consequence of the upcoming cosmic event that has been mentioned in the previous month’s news article about the Andromedan Activations. Many of us have been in a phase aggressively preparing our bodies in order to transduce these new Andromedan energies as a human acupuncture point for the planet.
Also remember that the Mouth of God is also a reference point to an energetic command and control center in our lightbody. It is the 9th Chakra which is also called the Atomic Doorway and is the projector of God Consciousness Units that filter very similarly as a light projector through the back of your medulla oblongata, at the base of your neck ( at the brain stem). Andromeda energies are referred to by the Guardians as sourcing 9th Dimensional frequency (Planetary Kundalini Current) and will certainly activate the 9th dimensional axiatonal lines on the right side of our human body as well as filter up into the 9th Chakra at the base of the neck. This frequency is dull silver in its color spectrum running vertically from your middle right toe and up through the middle right finger, into the base of your neck. When this lightbody is activated, it creates a macrocosmic orbit with planetary kundalini forces that looks like a moving gyroscope sphere of spiraling frequencies around your upper body and head.
Andromedan Preparations
The preparations necessary have included some radical biological upgrades (such as New Starseed Templates) coupled with etheric body clearings of ancestral miasm with a side order purge of the old patriarchal domination programs to boot. The first wave of patriarchal exorcisms were radically hastened to purge around the 9:9 Doorways that collapsed another round of parallel/dimensional realities leading into the phantom matrix[1]. When those systems were collapsed many soul fragments were collected and reclaimed into Source energy. Some of the Starseeds have these clean up agreements for the planet (Galactic Clean Up Crew) and have been diligently working with the cleansing and healing of these units/fragments of consciousness. There is also systematic collapsing of holographic tanks in the phantom matrix that had enslaved various levels of consciousness. Many of these systems are inserts into a future time and space designed to latch onto this 3D reality. This is estimated to be an ongoing project for the Galactic and Universal crews through the end of 2009.
Also it is important to describe that a type of calibrated “neurological entrainment” to these frequencies with a brain upgrade was necessary in order to allow for the cognitive use of these higher functioning parts. Our spiritual teams are familiarizing many of us with the zero point fields of source energy. We are leaving binary fields of electro-magnetism, moving into the (trinary) zero point fields. These Trinity Fields (referred to as Trion Fields) represent the particle/antiparticle merge of our energy bodies into a completely new field of “holiness” that is to comprise our new “Trinitized Form” and its energy body template. These Fields amplify Source Energy within our bodies. Tesla technologies, Zero Point Field Generators have been showing up for many of us when we are searching for healing facilitation for our bodies. This is totally aligned to the divine purpose of Ascension preparation and not a random event!
Different neurological sensations in the body (tingling, oscillation of energies, pins and needles, surging, liquid heat in the base or parts of your cranium) combined with eye color changes, temporary clouding and vision shifting are completely common.
You will notice now and ongoing that many more of the mass human population will suffer from a disease miasm that is embedded in the human hologram, especially disease of the brain and nervous system. These are largely being activated from the intensity of these new frequencies being introduced to the spiritually unprepared physical and energetic bodies. In the 3D population, events of stroke, brain (TIA) events, vascular dementia, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, cerebellar disorders (base of brain and brain stem functions) will increase.
Healers, you may find yourself working endlessly during this time to remove and clear human holographic miasm plugs into your clients. There is no need to hold fear in these areas, however you do need to be directly informed. As you commit to your soul every day and ask how to stabilize your physical you will receive the help that you need. You may be called to share this information with others who may be unaware that the energies will impact their physical body in such radical ways. However there will be a time that you may need neurological and brain support therapies or supplementation. This can radically help support other neurological ascension symptomologies that can be related to radiation and EMF overexposure, such as: depression, emotional instability, anxiety, frayed nerves or hypoadrenia.
Ascension B Timeline is the Transharmonic Cycle
For the Ascension Plan B related “Timeline”, the group that has chosen this path are ahead of the anticipated schedule that was originally thought (and still thought by many) to transpire at the end of 2012. A part of the Ascension Mechanics for 2008 is that Andromeda’s Galactic Core spirals and connects into our Milky Way Galactic Core during the pinnacle event of our planetary Ascension cycle. As our Galactic center and the Andromedan Galactic core intersect they fuse igniting a “phase lock” that opens up many ancient Dimensional Doorways leading to the Transharmonic Universe and those are the Ascension timeline cycles. Another way to say this is that humanity is finally intersecting with the Cosmic Trinity opening our Universal System into the Original Core of our Creation, the Center point of All Union. Within these “Triad” intersections are the Dimensional doorways that lead to the Ascension Timelines outside of this Universal Time Matrix. This is the Human Ascension Revelatory Path of the “Luminaries to Come” connecting with the membrane of the Next Universal Cycle of Creation. This is what it is meant symbolically to be given the Keys to the Kingdom in God’s House of Many Mansions. This is the 12 D divine blueprint for Humanity, as the Self Sovereign God power made manifest as our divine destiny to fully navigate as Free Beings through the Higher Heavens and their creational realms.
Spiraling outside of our Universal Dimensionalized Structure of Form, is the location of the Ascended Masters. Many of these Beings of Light have not been able to access humanity until this New Year cycle intersects with the Earth Core-MilkyWay/Orion-Andromedan Activation. The Guardians have described to me about One Way Dimensional Doorways that are prevalent in our Universal Stargate System as our Planet was Quarantined to protect it from destruction eons ago.
These are the Beings of Light (many are the progenitors of the human species) that have fully Ascended their consciousness outside of our Time Matrix. This is considered by the Guardian Races to be the True Ascension path meant for the human species as the Oversoul is finally liberated from existence within this system and can choose many other evolutionary paths into the Higher Creational Realms. Within these realms there is no perceived separation, suffering or duality as our consciousness has experienced on the 3D Earth plane. It is our ultimate return to At-One-Ment with our Source, our True Parent.
With the Andromedan Core link up to the Milk Way Core and our Earth Core, the Transharmonic Universe Timelines will now be available for access at this level of human consciousness after eons of time. This transpired as a result from the multidimensional intersection (and timeline grids collapse) that was anchored into our time zone as a part of the events in March 2007 and ongoing. This was a part of implementing the Ascension Plan B Timeline Project which is not the original stair step Ascension model planned to merge humanity and the planet with its 5th Dimensional Counterpart. This Cosmic Trinity “intersection” is a Transharmonic Conversion Point, the place which connects to the middle time zone and the Inner Earth time zone which leads up to the 12D Blueprints that exist for the planetary body. It is also the Dimensional Doorway leading us to the Next Universal Cycle evolving us into our destiny as a fully Ascended Race of Beings.
Descending Timeline – Dark Night of the Planetary Soul
Whether conscious of this fact or not, Humanity is now making critical decisions in how it continues to experience itself in the creational matrix. The human creational matrix is comprised of many old, dark and obsolete programs existing from the previous evolutionary cycles. These are holographic reality programs of pain, suffering, separation and war. There is also still a phantom matrix reality system that is a type of “fallen” existence within our Universal System.
These obsolete human matrix programs (also consider this as a timeline) are like looking at the grooves embedded in an old vinyl LP record. To support this visualization, imagine that humanity has been playing the same LP record with the same “song”, over and over again without realizing that there are thousands of new songs that could be played. ( Not to mention on a whole new orchestra set of equipped Blue-Ray DVDS!) While this old song has been playing, certain controlling powers that hear the music have been silently watching. These “controllers” understand the Ascension Mechanics and how timelines actually work, while noticing that most humans do not even believe or know that they do actually exist. As they watch the humans play the song in the same groove, they place a huge scratch on the record, damaging the grooves while obliterating as many of the songs on the record as possible. They decide to exploit the unknowing humans by controlling them en masse to continually stay inside of a finite space inside their old holographic reality. (Some of them even decide to lure humans into a false reality system inside a phantom matrix.) So by placing a huge scratch where the old song stops playing, they design it to automatically skip back to the beginning of the same old song. They have been able to do this so many times over many evolution cycles. It was not until recently that human beings began to realize the same song could have been changed to play another tune a very long time ago. Many 3D humans continue to run along the same decrepit grooves in the old record, and when this song stops and replays again in this cycle, it will run the Dark Night of the Soul Program on the Earth. This is why we are at the critical time of decision in the choice the soul makes while it meets up with this particular intersection.
The Guardians estimate that this has been transpiring for upwards to 30,000 years in this planet’s time cycles. This Patriarchal Dominion Enslavement Program is the last Holographic Reality Program along with its related Holographic Inserts (phantom matrix programs) that have been replaying in the human evolutionary cycle since the Atlantian Root Race Cycle.
The vibratory critical mass with groups of people will indeed be the deciding factor resulting in the frequency split through the different timelines (dimensions). More Cities and community living areas will reflect either a harmonized or discordant group vibration that will either repel or attract certain levels of consciousness. Most Humans will be sharing the experience of intensified energies in these time splits as a sensation of instability, mystery and that anything can happen at the drop of a hat.
Those that may get stuck in the lower spiral of these energies will be repeating the old timeline along with the Theme for 2007 that astrologically was represented in the Eighteenth Portal of Consciousness known as the “Moon” in classic Tarot. (See article from January 2007)
This may serve to stabilize the learning process for these souls who will be outwardly appearing to have a dark night of the soul process along with the planetary version of that same dismantling. The dark night of the soul is a necessary alchemical process of evolution in a polarity system such as ours. Attempt to view those going through this process with the utmost compassion and still remain neutral in perception. Many times what circumstances we perceive as painful can be the greatest act of compassion in creating salvation for those ultimately seeking true liberation for their soul’s journey. Please do hold space for these groups of human beings in your hearts during this year. It will be a confusing and sometimes painful year for many as they undergo the dark night of the soul process.
With this Moon influence, in its higher expression, one can come to see and experience themselves more deeply as an evolving body/soul consciousness through intense polarity or suffering of the dark night. It is a time of contemplation of the inner mysteries of God-Self and to go beyond belief and identity structures. As with any repeated pattern or cycle, (when we did not listen the first time) the pressure applied is immensely more powerful and perceived as incredibly dense or painful. This is the danger inherent in our Timeline Cycles now, we will always have an offering to choose something higher, yet if you have not controlled your lower impulses of negativity, it will be much more challenging to control within the current unrelenting energy-scape.
Some frequent keywords for the “Tarot” Moon energies are:
Lack of clarity, Tension, Doubt, Fantasy
Deception, Psychological conflict, Obscured vision
Confusion, Illusion, Fear,Worry
Romanticism, Anxiety, Apprehension, Unrealistic ideas
The Nineteenth Portal of the Sun- Inner Radiance
Those that have had sufficient practice facing the trials, challenges of the Moon influence last year in 2007, have developed the necessary strength of character and the guidelines to lead. We have been totally reorganized within our personal structure and have increased our direct body consciousness. (This is the Key to the “direct emotional cognition” function of our bodies inherent wisdom in using the discernment of Higher Sensory Perception) A new Self Mastery has emerged.
As we enter this 19th portal, there is also a new level of awakening, a deep conviction about our place in the Cosmos. In this level of our spiritual unfoldment we reach what the Ancients refer to as the “Regeneration”. As a conscious rebirthing process, our very being will be rejuvenated as the Rays of our Inner Sun pour into our bodies so as to draw in new vital energies. We can direct this Solar Energy to bring comfort and peace with the added new enthusiasm and excitement to our experiences. We are transformed into a New Person.
At this stage we feel the liberation from the past limitations we had imposed on ourselves as unworthy failures or disappointments. In this process of our soul actualization, the Sun symbolizes attainment, enlightenment and the illumination of our masculine and feminine sides operating in balance. Our energy draining attachments fade away and we are able to experience life feeling supported in the Limitless Light of the Sun. A much needed vigor will be appearing and return with these energetic influences. As we go inward, face to face into the Sun, we will be ignited in the desire to return to the One. Imagine Yourself as a Sun God, Now is the time to let your Light Shine!
Some frequent keywords for The Sun are:
Attainment of body/mind/soul harmony
Finding the sense/meaning behind the chaos
Understanding of One’s Purpose and Relationship to Inner Self
Knowledge enhanced with Compassion
Extending to Others (STO) is the source of fulfillment, success, love and joy
Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! We are here as One!
Love, Lisa
[1] The Phantom Matrix: A fallen region of lower-dimensional spectrum originally from our Universal Time Matrix. It became a slowly degenerating black-hole reality and contains a fallen parallel Earth that the Bible refers to as the bottomless pit, Hades or Hell. Nevertheless if one fell into this, say, via the Falcon or Phoenix wormholes on the basis of frequency affiliation one wouldn’t necessarily encounter sheer misery and torment; there would be upper portions of this reality which initially might be indistinguishable from Earth as it is today, though one would soon realize the control and suppression was greater and from an ET government; also that it was an astral frequency dimension with no death of the body, except that one would slowly die in an imperceptively imploding black-hole system (capable of lasting some hundreds of millions of years without external and internal sustenance).

AA Michael.:.Jan 2008: Fine-Tuning Your Soul Song – Your Energetc Signature

Message from Archangel Michael
January 2008 * LM-1-2008

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, as the veil between your world and ours gradually dissolves, we have endeavored to give you the tools and the knowledge you will need to function and be comfortable in an expanded reality and an evolved state of Being. It is important that you understand that we have the capability of monitoring the major thought forms or the most prevalent beliefs of the masses on the earthly plane of existence, and through our highly developed senses we can observe the ebb and flow of the Light and shadows in various places around the world. We can see the areas where the ascension columns of Light are firmly in place, where the blessed Adamantine Particles of Love/Light are radiating deep into the labyrinths that encircle the Earth, and are gradually filtering into the Sacred Heart core of your blessed planet. This Divine elixir then radiates outward from its center point, affecting everything it touches. This Source Light has the capability of penetrating the densest forms and the deepest shadows. That is why there is a Divine discontent building within the hearts and minds of all human Beings, a stirring of Spirit, you might say. There is a sense of frustration, for the things in life that were so satisfying and seemed so important no longer bring happiness, contentment, or a feeling of well-being.

We also see your radiance or lack thereof, beloveds, for you cannot hide who you truly are from us. We are aware of the “Light patterns” that you emit, and also the resonance of your energetic signature, whether harmonious or discordant. You are not only seeking to return to balance and harmony within, but it is your Higher Self’s greatest desire that you reclaim and perfect the beautiful Soul Song that is uniquely yours. The spectrum of Light and of sound in our realm of existence is far beyond your senses and even beyond your imagination, for in your reality you can only experience a minuscule portion of the celestial sounds, the radiant Light, and the power and majesty of our environment.

Each person’s Soul-Self is endeavoring to assume its proper role as the director of his/her life’s experiences. There is a tug-of-war going on between the Soul-Self and the ego desire-body, for the ego does not want to relinquish its control of the three lower bodily systems: physical, emotional and mental. The Soul is immortal and could be called the personality of your God-Self, and it remembers who you truly are and ALL you have experienced throughout your many sojourns as a conscious God Spark. The ego desire-body is an integral part of your physical personality, and your physical, mental and emotional bodies have been encoded with the attributes, the weaknesses, strengths, challenges and opportunities you chose to experience in this important lifetime.

The ancient teachings stated that ‘you must kill the ego desire-body’. However, that is not what will assist you in creating your greatest good. You were gifted with an ego desire-body and free will as a cocreator on the earthly plane. However, the ego was to be the servant of the Soul and not the other way around. And so, as with other imbalanced creations, addictions or negative traits you are working to bring back into balance and harmony, the secret is to ‘love them free,’ and not try to break the hold they have on you through resistance.

We have spoken of the ‘structures’ of the physical plane, and how the structured beliefs you have created imprison you just as much as any physical structure can and does restrict you. You physical body can be a vessel of delight, joy and freedom, or it can be a prison of pain and limitation. Your relationships, job, family or spiritual beliefs can be beautiful, rewarding and bring a sense of self-worth, satisfaction and accomplishment, or they can be a heavy burden and make you feel unappreciated, worthless and dis-empowered. B

You must focus on what is right in your life and the world, and begin to see yourself as you desire to become. We have emphasized that you must practice non-judgment and that includes judgment of Self. Remember, you now have access to all of the Creator Particles of Light/Life that you can draw forth into your Sacred Heart, and always be aware that these Adamantine Particles of Creation can only be activated by your pure loving intention.

We spoke long ago about the ‘virtue of selfishness’ and this shocked many of you, for it was in direct opposition to what you had been taught in past ages. We ask you to consider, how can you become or give what you have not claimed for yourself? It behooves you to become a radiant shining example for others, and to share your Love/Light and wisdom with the Earth, humanity and all Creation. When you are functioning within a harmonious mid- or upper-fourth-dimensional environment, and are tapping into the power/gifts/awareness of the fifth dimension via your crystalline Pyramid of Light, you are then given access to the Cities of Light which are stationed strategically in the higher dimensions around the Earth. In doing so, you begin the flow of Adamantine Particles, the elixir of love/life, into your personal fifth-dimensional pyramid and the etheric replica or fragment of yourself that you left there. From that point on, you have a supply of Creator Light flowing through your vertical River of Life Line into your physical vessel, via the crown chakra, to be stored within your Sacred Heart. Once you connect with this Divine Source of Power/Life/Light your earthly reality will never be the same. You are to take what you need, for the supply is unlimited. See these sparkling particles flowing throughout your body in a stream of glowing Light, balancing, transforming and empowering. Through the techniques we have given you, especially the Infinity Breath, you will automatically send forth the blessed gift of Creator Light out into the world. After you state your intention and have your ritual as a Bearer/conveyer of Light firmly in your mind, you no longer have to focus on sending forth these transforming particles; the Divine schematic is in place and will automatically follow the paths you have chosen. You can allot a percentage of your Adamantine Particles to the World Pyramid for the upliftment of humanity and the Earth, and you can also dedicated a portion to the group pyramids in which you are an active member. You can also create family group pyramids and don’t forget to infuse your work pyramid and your projects with a portion of Creator Light. Also, see a portion of your Love/Light connecting to your Soul group pyramids in the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, and as your radiance strengthens and grows, you will connect with higher and higher levels of existence where the great multitude of your Soul-Self family are waiting to greet you.

When you are filled to overflowing with Love/Light and Spirit is the director of your life and experiences, you no longer worry about getting your share of love, wealth, respect, etc, for the validation of who and what you are comes from within, and that is when you move into the unselfish mode of a master. You know you have access to the riches, virtues and talents of your Divine birthright, and you are not dependent on anyone or anything in the physical world.

When you call upon your Higher Self each day before you arise, and ask that your will be aligned with the Will of your Divine Self for your greatest good each day, and also that a shaft of golden/white Light surround you each and every moment as you go out into the third/fourth-dimensional world, you are giving your Soul-Self permission to guide, inspire and direct you. You will be strengthening the connection between your Higher-Self and the Beings of Light so that they may begin to communicate with you through your intuition, and will assist you in making the perfect choices each and every moment of the day. It will also speed up the process if you state, “I now place my ego-self under the control of my Higher-Self, and through our unified efforts, henceforth, we will create only beauty, harmony and balance within and around us.”

This will allow your Higher-Self to begin to direct your life toward your highest destiny, and will speed up the transition process via the integration of your physical/mental/emotional bodies with your Spiritual-Self. All of you are being asked to make some important, major decisions and to choose the path of your destiny. These next few years of Earth time are the most critical in the history of humanity, for each of you will have to choose the path of Spirit or the path of illusion in the third/fourth-dimensional world, whereby, you will incarnate on another planet or Star System to continue your lessons in the lower-dimensional expression. The etheric body of the Earth has moved into the higher levels of existence and all of you are being encouraged to advance with it.

Brave hearts, these transformational years can be the most exciting, fulfilling years of your lives if you will just begin to tap into your Sacred Mind via your Sacred Heart. You have brought forth wonderful talents and abilities; however, you must consciously begin to access and bring these gifts into your awareness so that you can perfect them and then share with others. Allow yourself to envision the perfect world you would like to create, and then follow Spirit’s nudgings and take the action necessary as you manifest your dreams. You must use the gifts you have been blessed with so that more may be bestowed upon you.

Many of you have posed the question “How can you of the angelic realms and the many Beings of Light focus on thousands of us at one time?” We know from your limited vantage point it seems impossible; however, in the more refined realms of existence it is an intrinsic part of our nature and abilities. First of all, in order for you to understand, we must delve more deeply into the structure of this universe, and how your descent into the material worlds of form were accomplished and, also, how the path of your return was preordained and assured.

You are aware that you are a fragment or a Spark of a great and shining Being who resides in the highest realms of this universe. The quantum theory that the WHOLE is the sum of its parts, and the fractal or hologram principle, that the WHOLE is represented in its parts, are fundamental truths within the Divine Blueprint for the structure of this universe. Within each sub-dimensional level throughout the universe there are pyramids of Light. Some are great pyramids that serve multiple purposes; however, you also have smaller, personal pyramids that were created specifically for you scattered throughout the universe When it was time for you to ‘fragment’ yourself again, or make another separation into a masculine/feminine Spark of Essence, you left an etheric replica of yourself within one of these pyramids. You begin the process of reunification once you have the ability to tap into your fifth-dimensional pyramid of Light, and that is also when you are ready to begin the reunion process with the multiple facets of yourself and your Soul family. You must understand that you have many twin flame fragments scattered throughout the universe, and you can only reunite with those Sparks which are compatible with your current energetic signature or vibrational patterns. There are only a few advanced Souls who have connected with their twin flames from the seventh dimension and higher; however, any and all Soul reunions/bondings are a great gift and a cause for celebration. There are also streams of Life/Light throughout the universe, some very large and some minuscule. A stream of Light/Life connects you to your God Self, and also connects you with each and every fragment of your Soul family. There is also a Light line that connects you to your guardian angel and your spiritual guides and they have always assisted you within the limits of universal law. Once you begin to ‘awaken’ and actively seek to strengthen the connection and ask for guidance and direction, that Light line grows in brilliance and strength. We, of the archangelic realm, radiate streams of refracted Creator Light throughout the universe. These streams radiate the qualities, attributes and virtues that we embody as representatives of our Mother/Father God and are available to all humanity. When you focus your consciousness on any one of us, you automatically connect with one of our millions of Light streams and we are instantaneously aware of you. It is like tuning into a radio station, or plugging into an electric socket. The strength of the Light stream and the connection depends upon the frequencies you are emitting, or the harmony and strength of your Soul Song. Over time, if it is a Soul’s desire, we begin to radiate more and more of our Light (attributes and virtues) into his/her auric field, and when a certain harmonious balance has been achieved, we enfold that soul within our auric field. This creates a harmonious union whereby we are in constant communion in Spirit, and all the person has to do is shift her/his consciousness and we are attuned. That is the state that our beloved messengers enjoy; however, make no mistake, it requires much dedication, and a burning desire to become balanced in nature, harmonious in Spirit and pure of heart.

Beloveds, do you now understand why it is so important to build and regularly go into your Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension, and what a wonderful gift has been made available to you via the Cities of Light? It was never intended that you journey alone. We are waiting to reunite with you and to offer you assistance during these accelerated times of change. We have often asked you to call on us, for we are only a thought away. We now ask you to envision a stream of Light, a life line flowing forth from your heart center and connecting with us. You may create a connection with as many of us as you wish and, together, we will surround the Earth with Streams of Creator Light. You are loved profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael Archangel Michael **Transmitted through Ronna Herman * STAR*QUEST *

I AM Archangel Michael

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Star Force.:.January 2008

StarForce monthly astrology January 2008


(Dec 22-Jan 19)

If you wanted a quiet January you may be disappointed for there is much to organize as Pluto draws close to your sign and Saturn encourages you to practice some much needed detachment. So celebrate the beginning of a life-changing year by letting a few spirals of chaos into your life long enough to enjoy your birthday and release the hold of distant pasts.

Angel of the month: Acceptance

(Jan 20-Feb 18)

Taking responsibility for what you truly want is challenging this month. Mercury will appear so distant that you can’t seem to get your point across or feel you’re going unheard. In truth it’s time to see both sides of the argument and realize that what is within you is reflected in your environment. So if you want change then focus on the intentions behind your actions and you’ll lay a wise foundation for 2008.

Angel of the month: Capability

(Feb 19-Mar 20)

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s people arguing over pointless details. But if you’re to glide past petty disputes at the beginning of the year, make sure your own house is in order. Mercury will love to hand out suggestions but don’t be tempted to sulk and take these personally. Apply them wherever possible and you’ll move effortlessly into a new year when you can at last make the difference you’ve been seeking.

Angel of the month: Sensitivity

(Mar 21-April 20)

What if I were to tell you you could sleep through the New Year and you wouldn’t miss a thing? Perhaps you’d be disappointed or even shocked? Well, to avoid both of these, it’s time to realize that the pace at which you handle 2008 is all important. Rushing at it full tilt will have you tripping over your own projections by 12th or, worse, making a lot of rushed apologies by 20th. So on balance, perhaps a low key approach to January will be much more rewarding than the exaggerated extremes described by your ruler Mars.

Angel of the month: Detachment

(April 21-May 20)

2008 may appear a little costly up to January 15 but don’t be fooled by the embellishments of Mercury. There is actually no reason to worry so long as your expenditure is based on long term vision rather than attempts to spice up a lackluster few weeks. Your Ruler Venus is persuading you to take a look at your control issues in 2008 and through detachment you’ll understand it’s not what you’ve got that counts but the way that you use it.

Angel of the month: Understanding

(May 20-June 21)

Big changes are afoot in January. But first you’ll witness a detachment process of planetary proportions as Mars in Gemini confronts Pluto around January 1st. Although you’ll not be affected personally, remember you’ll need to tread carefully in 2008 while many of your inner polarities and dissatisfactions are finally put to rest.

Angel of the month: Allowance

(June 22-July 21)

No matter how hard you try to keep community together this New Year, you’ll meet some grumpy objection. But Mars and Pluto’s noisy exchanges during New Year show you that space is a real asset and encourage you not to fight for traditional routines but to live and let live, and be much more relaxed so you don’t feel hard done by.

Angel of the month: Surrender

(July 22-Aug 23)

You’ll feel much more willing and able to join in the New Year festivities this month as you begin to command a life that has undergone huge restructuring in 2007. Pluto will offer you tangible gains this year but reminds you they will not be made lightly nor without considerable effort. Still, your courage is legendary and you’re now right in the heart of your world.

Angel of the month: Balance

(Aug 23-Sept 22)

All is not what it appears at the beginning of the year but that doesn’t seem to bother you as you drift into a year of hope and healing. Saturn is taking a back seat, retrograde in your sign until May, but don’t underestimate what can be achieved in this period. Virgos work best through their hearts and this period of profound internal change will allow you to speak your heart more confidently.

Angel of the month: Acceleration

(Sept 23-Oct 23)

Changes will come when you least expect them in January. Venus and Mercury will appear uncooperative at best, and in an ‘I told you so’ mood at worst. So look to inner guidance to help you make the changes that are necessary to produce the new vision you seek. Although you’re a famous diplomat, remember this month to distinguish between aspirations and intentions so others can see what really matters.

Angel of the month: Truth


(Oct 23-Nov 22)

2008 announces a coming together of many parts of your world and you’re in a strong position to appreciate this process. But Pluto is still in a fiery mood so, to avoid an ill-timed outburst at New Year, find another time and place to speak a calmer heart and then it’ll be your sincerity that shines through, not the dark depths of your temper.

Angel of the month: Joy

(Nov 23-Dec 21)

Your New Year starts off well but if you’re to keep your momentum up then don’t forget to listen to Pluto around 1st when it highlights changes at work that require your attention. If you’re tempted to shelve your responsibilities till later, Mercury may force your hand on 12th leaving you vulnerable to others’ political agendas which obscure the truth and heart of the matter.

Angel of the month: Openness



Quan Yin offers an activation and meditation journey in the Temple of the Holy Flame to receive a gift of God and accept all that you are.
Just connecting with your minds. Asking your minds to relax and anchoring your cords now. Becoming aware of the cord of light that runs through you, the cord of God. Connected above and anchored below into the heart of Mother Earth. Activating your light pillar now, becoming aware 3,6’ all around you. Breathing the light in through all the filaments.
Activating all the charkas asking them all to open now. Spending a minute on your charkas, asking them all to open.
Dropping down from the higher charkas through the crown and brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the hara. Just asking them all to open. The sacral, asking them all to open to receive the light now as you breathe.
The base, the link charkas between your knees, the Earth Star chakra below your feet, all the way down to the Earth Heart chakra that sits in the core of Mother Earth.
Asking the charkas to open to receive the light.
Just noting any that aren’t fully opened. Just becoming aware.
Nothing to do but just be aware of these ones. Connecting with the heart of Mother Earth. Breathing up the love now into your field. Into your body, through all your charkas, creating a sphere of love around you as you breathe the love up from Mother Earth now.
Just focusing on your breath, allowing yourself to be wrapped in the love of Mother Earth.
To feel her embrace, to be filled with this love and held.
Continuing to breathe now through the nose, breathing deep within the body.

Beloved heart we come to you, the Quan Yin of Grace. Filled with light for you. As we come together in council. And we have come this day beloved hearts to gift to you, to embrace you, to share with you the frequency of light that w e hold within our being, that we hold within the core of this council of 33 light beings that come to encircle you, to hold the light for you that you may sit within it. There is nought for you to do but to simply sit to open to receive that which we offer to you.
It is our gift to you. For each of you have opened your heart one, to the other, to God, to all that you are, calling for that which you are to be one with you.
Opening your consciousness to merging of one together. And we bring to you through this council of light and love, wisdom, knowledge, we bring to you and opportunity to open your hearts to more of that which you are and to be one with us, together, and one with each other together.
Sharing, embracing as one light, not separate but one flame together that each one of you may come into the oneness together.
And as you breathe now become aware of a flame of light that is being ignited now within your mind. WE ask you each one to focus upon this flame of light, ignited within your minds. To see it with the mind’s eye, ignited. And as you breathe it will begin to expand with your mind. Simply breathe and allow your inner eye to see this flame within your mind of it expanding for you.
And as it grows beloved hearts become aware of the light that it creates around you, a sphere of light that extends from this flame in your mind, 6 feet out from your mind, the centre of your mind from the flame, which sits within the centre of your mind.
Breathing and allowing this to occur. Being aware of it through your inner eye as it expands this sphere of light around your mind.
And as this is occurring within your mind we ask you now beloved hearts to become aware of the flame that sits within your hearts.
The golden flame of your hearts. Allow your inner eye to connect with this to see the golden flame within your hearts. And as your breathe gently with each breath that you take this golden flame of your heart will begin to grow to expand. And as it does so it to will send out a sphere of light 6 feet all around your heart. Simply breathe beloved hearts as this occurs for you. Allowing this sphere of light to expand outwards all around you from your heart.
Breathing in and breathing out. Gently now. There is no rush, there is no hurry. And as you do this feeling your body relax as you continue to focus upon the flame, the golden flame within your heart.
And surrendering now, simply allowing the light sphere to expand and the golden flame to grow and the sphere of your heart will merge and join with the sphere of your mind overlapping.
Taking now your focus into the sacral chakra to find now the golden flame of light activated with your sacral chakra, breathing in and breathing out, relaxing, surrendering. Taking the focus to this golden flame, having no other focus but this golden flame within the inner eye of your being, to see as it grows within your sacral chakra.
And as it grows with each breath that you take, become aware beloved hearts of the sphere of light that begins to emanate from this golden flame within your sacral charkas it expands outwards all around you – 6 feet beloved hearts -0 overlapping with the heart sphere merging together, becoming aware of this.
And as you breathe beloved hearts, becoming aware now of a large golden flame of light coming towards you now. It is the flame of one member of this council, coming now to merge with you. We ask you to embrace this for we wish you to journey with us in council together and this will assist you greatly to do so.
Surrendering now as this large golden flame comes to you, merges with you connecting with each of the three flames that you have within you burning so brightly. Breathing deeply as this occurs for you, becoming aware if you will, of the member of council that has come to join with you to journey with you.
And as you breathe now, the light body of your being will be highly activated and will begin to vibrate. And if you surrender now merging with the heart flame of one member of this council, you will feel this flame moving through you expanding, this one big flame of light within you.
Breathing and allowing this expansion for you as we journey beloved hearts together to the temple of the holy flame, within the halls of Shambhala.
Breathing deeply as each one of you journey through your heart space to sit within the temple of the holy flame. And as you arrive you will become aware of the three-fold flame that’s its within this temple space in the central place burning brightly.
Many colours within it. Filled with the rays of the light of God, ever changing.
And as you sit around this in circle, the master being that merged with you will now sit beside you taking your hand, beloved hearts, taking your hand.
And you will be asked to connect your heart flame to this central core flame – the three-fold flame that sits within this temple space. To offer your heart flame to this, to merge with this. To open your heart more fully to connect with this, simply make this your intention that you wish to merge with the three-fold flame held within this temples space.
And as you do this, the master being that holds your hand now will guide you to walk with them into the three-fold flame to step within it.
And as you take your step into the flame, into the heart of this threefold flame, you will find yourself in the garden of light- for some this will be a garden of crystalline structure, for others it may be tropical, it maybe of many places, it will be for each pf you that which it is.
And we ask you each one to walk within this garden and to find a tree of your heart space, a tree of your heart spacer and to sit at its feet with your back leaning up against it and allowing this tree of your heart space to embrace you. To wrap itself around you, allow yourself to be embraced by this tree and open your heart to it. For it will share with you the wisdom of your heart that it holds for you at this time. Open beloved hearts to receive this, allow yourself to merge with the tree of your heart space in this garden of the threefold flame. And breathing gently to receive the wisdom of the tree of your heart space. It will speak to you if you but allow it. Open and surrender to it. That which is in your heart will speak to you deeply.
And for many of you if you open your inner eye to see yourself held by this tree you may see another part of your being held within this tree, that part that sits within your heart wishing to connect with you. Embrace and allow, surrender. Connect with this part of you that comes from your heart that wishes to connect with you. Open your hearts to this part of your own heart, allow yourself to open through your breath, to allow, simply to allow.
And as you breathe now, we come to you each one to take you by the hand now. We take you beloved hearts and we take you to a sacred place within this garden where you may lay down, to support your head, to support your feet, asking you now to breathe and relax yet more, to let go as many angelic children of light come to you now. They come to bless you, many, many angelic children, to sing and to bless you. And they come with baskets of light placing gifts of light for you within your charkas. And as they sing and gift to you become aware of one gift that you hold within your being, one gift of God that you hold within your being that you have been given to share with all others. One gift beloved hearts. To become aware of this, as these angelic children sing to you and gift to you with their love and light.
And as they do they will awaken within you the gifts of your being bestowed upon you by God that you have brought to the Earth plane to share with others. We say to you beloved hearts, do not seek this with the mind creating complicated gifts with expectations but simply open the heart and you will be shown one of your gifts.
You may be offered others indeed but we wish you to connect with one at least – a gift of God bestowed upon you to share with humanity within the Earth plane, simply through your presence.
To connect with a gift of God within you is to connect with your God nature, it is to connect with God within. And to know this is that which you are, that which you hold. And to open more fully to receive that which is offered to you as the children sing to you blessing you, giving thanks to you for the soul that you are, that you have agreed to share your gift o God with others, with humanity, simply through your being.
To breathe and to receive.
Breathing deeply of your heart as it is filled now with light of blessings form the angelic children as they gift to you their love, their love, a gift of God that they are also, Asking you to open fully your heart to receive their offering to you, the gift of God that they are as they bless you with their love.
And they will lift you up now, and take you to a pool of light within this garden and you are asked to dive into its depths, and as you dive into its depths become aware beloved hearts of the form that you become as you dive into this pool of light. It will be different for each one of you. And as you dive in you will become a new form. Allow your inner eye to see the form, that which it is. As you swim through this pool now diving deeply to the bottom, to the depths of it, and on the bottom of this pool will be a gift for you, a gift of love from the holy flame. You are asked to pick up this gift from the holy flame and to give thanks for this and to place it in your heart/. And as you do so you will feel yet more of your heart expanding as you swim yet more in this pool of light and you will discover you are not alone. The children swim with you and many other forms similar to that which you are, all come to swim with you and you know that you are not alone.
Connect through your heart with them allow yourself to be one with them for they joyfully receive you; welcome you to this pool of light.
Breathing beloved hearts, as you connect with these ones, swimming through the pool of light. Connecting through the heart flame that is fully expanded of your being. Feeling the joy of this, the love that emanates form you to embrace all in this pool of light. Send your love out form you to all that swim with you in this pool of light beloved one. Allow your love to expand from you to touch all others that swim with you in this pool and as it does so the pools will change. Filled with your love it will expand also and more light will fill it as you expand your love flame to embrace all that swim with you. Play and be joyful, rejoice beloved hearts and all that you are. Rejoice in your love, rejoice with these ones that have come to share with you their gift of love.
Rejoice in that which you have received, rejoice in that that you have to give, rejoice in the gift of god that you are.
And allow your hearts to expand with this. To be the gift of God that you are and to rejoice in this.
To know beloved hearts that you are filled with God’s gifts. It is within you in each breath that you take in all that you do, in all that you are. And no matter what you do what you think, what you feel, you are always God’s gift. Allow your hearts to expand with the love that you are to be filled with this love, to receive the blessing of those that swim with you that come to thank you, to bless you, to honour you with the gift of God that you are. Do not close your heart to this, open to receive the blessings that they offer to you as they honour you. Allow your heart to be filled with this joyfully and acknowledge beloved hearts, accept and surrender to the knowledge that you are God’s gift in all things and honour this within yourselves. As it is being joyful being honoured a this time for you by all that have come to greet you, to embrace you, to hold you to bless you.
We say to you beloved hearts it is only in the acceptance and surrender of this within yourselves that is required. It is not required of you to create God’s gift within you. All that is required beloved hearts is to accept it to receive God’s gift, to receive it. To open your arms, to embrace it, to receive the gift of God. To not turn from it, reject it, pretend it is not there, but to receive it. Do no ay it is not good enough, big enough, bright enough. To not judge God’s gift to you but simply to surrender your heart and to receive it.
And to honour God’s gift within you. This is all that is required blessed hearts. And so we ask you each and every one to open your heart, your minds’ your being to God’s gift within you, to accept it, to receive it fully within yourselves and to honour it as that which you are.
For it is that part of you the gift of God that as a soul you have agreed to anchor on the Earth for all beings. for humanity, for all beloved hearts, for all that breathes life. And how can you do this if you have not fully accepted the gift of God within you and honoured it, surrendered to it, no matter what it is?
So as you swim within your pool of light we ask you to honour that which you are, to give thanks for Gods’ gift that sits within you to be one with this and to know that you are a gift of God to all that is upon the Earth.
Give thanks now beloved hearts for this. Accept it with grace and love within your hearts. Open to receive it, be one with it and rejoice in it beloved hearts and be joyful for that which you are.
And gently beloved heart, gently when you are ready to sit once more in the light of the temple of the holy flame. to gently move from the pool of light and to sit once more in circle in the Temple of the Holy Flame.
Calling to all of you now to gently sit within this circle held by the hand of the master of light that you came with.
And as we all now sit within this circle together, the heart flame of the master will once more merge with your flame. Open to receive this beloved heart. Open to receive this allowing your being to expand yet more as the flame of this master fills you through each cell of your being igniting each and every cell of your being.
And very gently return to the physical plane together.
Being present now in this circle together.
And as each of you now comes into present space within this circle in the now time reflecting for one moment on that which you have received, that which you are, and from your heart now offer this energy of this simply through your intention to all those that sit within this circle, those in physical form and those in other dimensions. Sharing the gift of God that you hold within you to the hearts of all that sit within this council together taking the time now to create this simply by sending it out from you.
And as you share it now we wish you to expand your heart yet further and to offer it to all beings on the Earth now, to share the gift of God that sits within your heart to all beings on the Earth as your gift this day.
And giving thanks beloved hearts. Giving thanks to God for all that you are.
Blessings to you and namaste.
Copyright 2007.


AA Michael.:. THE ENERGIES FOR JANUARY 2008 : 1:1:1



Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


“Cocoon” by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

Dearest Lightworkers, at this stage of the birth of the New Year, and a new cycle of Creation and Transformation, we wish to extend our Love and Joy to you. Indeed, you have come a long way, you have transformed and changed yourselves from Third-dimensional human beings to Fifth-dimensional Beings of Light – that which we call Human Angels. And so, at this time, you stand ready to receive the manifestation on Earth of that which you have created. Be open to receive, and dearest ones, receive with Joy.

In this message, we will speak about the incoming energies, not just for this coming month, but also for this Cycle of Light that will take you up to and past your “end time” marker of 2012. Indeed, by then, your Planet will exist fully in the Fifth Dimension, and those of you who read these words will be the Pioneers and the Wayshowers who will lift humanity into this new Perception of Reality.

Dearest Lightworkers, you will be the Leaders and Teachers of a new way of life and being. We ask that you teach by example, and that your example be one of Love and Joy. But we remind you too, that the path of the Leader in the New Energy is not one of power and glamour, for these are the path of the ego. In this New Energy the path of the Leader is Service, Self-discipline and Humility. Remember, because you are in a position of leadership, it does not mean you are “more evolved” and “better than” others. Your gifts are given that you might offer them in service to the Highest Good of the Planetary Collective. You will make mistakes as you learn and you may make wrong choices. Be humble enough to acknowledge this and then make new choices. It is not an easy time, as you learn to let go of the old mind-based ways of being and choose to live from the Heart.

But, above all, dearest Lightworkers, remember that a leader is self-disciplined. Now, as we say, you are all leaders in the new energy, and the skills of of self-discipline are important. Can you structure your life and your service to others in such a way that you are a Beacon of Radiant Light and an example for others? The only way to achieve this, dearest ones, is by being able to work with the flow of Divine Grace and Power in your life, and to structure it into personal spiritual practices and Ceremonies of Light and Gratitude, both individually and within your communities.

The New Beginning and “HeartWeaving”

Dearest Lightworkers, as you build and create your new Fifth-dimensional Earth, we would speak to you of that which we call “heartweaving”. Each of you carries the Radiant Light of Source within your hearts, and as you work together and dream together and create together, you weave your heart’s light together to create a radiant work of “Celestial Art” that you call “Manifestation” or “Physical Reality”. Dearest Ones, in the old Third-dimensional Earth your manifestations and creations were woven from the light of your minds. In the New Earth you will weave from the light of your Heart, and you will create with all the Radiance and Clarity that lives in your Heart.

Dearest Ones, as you become more skilled in weaving from the heart and weaving your heart’s desires into reality, you will become a “new creation” and you will create a “new earth”. You will see all people with love, for in the Fifth Dimension you see the Spirit in All Things and you see the Oneness and Love in all things. You will respect and honor the path of every person you meet, for you will once again understand the concept of “the way”. This means that each and every person on the Planet walks their own path or “way”, and that this is the right “way” for them. Every path leads to increased self-knowledge and self-understanding, until every person reaches “home” – the understanding that they are the Divine Essence walking on Earth. In this place of Illumination, all paths are spirals of Radiant Light from the Heart of God. And so, as each of you becomes aware that you are indeed Light walking on the Earth, so the beauty of each Radiant Spiral will increase so that you will create, here on Earth, a tapestry of radiant Light for all to see.

Dearest Ones, the way to find your own “way” or path is to listen to your own Heart. Follow your inner feelings and intuitions, and you will be guided to where you need to be. Once you have ignited the Twin Flame within your Heart, you can be sure that you will always be guided by the Radiant Light within!

The Skill of Creating : Possibility and Probability

Dearest ones, in this last cycle we did indeed speak to you a great deal about Creating and Manifesting, and we spoke to you about the activation of the “Infinity Codes” that would lead you to a new way of Living and Perceiving. We would just add one more concept at this time, before we speak to you about the importance of Balance in your lives.

As you activate your skills as Creators in this new reality, we ask you to understand that All Things are Possible. Yes, as they say, if you can dream it, you can create it! This is, indeed true! We would call this a “Possibility Field”. Within a “Possibility Field” lies “all potential” – all things are possible. All things exist within a Possibility Field. It is the Heart of the Source and it requires only the Magnetic Force of True Desire to begin the sequences of Creation and Manifestation.

However, Dearest Ones, in this place of potential exists that which we call the “womb of chaos”. For, where all possibilities exist simultaneously as pure potential, it is indeed chaotic. Those who are centered in their Hearts and fully grounded may navigate the chaos through the operation of Choice. When you make a Choice within a Possibility Field, you create a Spiral of Light called a “Probability Field”, from which you manifest according to the choices of your Heart.

Dearest Ones, that is why so many of you have experienced chaos, emptiness and lack of direction in your lives. As you enter the Possibility Field, you are overwhelmed by the potential and do not know what choices to make to activate your own Spiral of Light, your own Probability Field. For, it is simply a matter of making choices from the desires of your Heart and Soul, that will activate a Creation Sequence known as a “Probability Field”.

A “Probability Field” produces an ordered sequence of events that leads to miraculous creation and manifestation. It is the energy that produces synchronicities and opportunities. But, even within a Probability Field, there are choices to be made. The Universe will offer you many probable manifestations or outcomes, and it is up to you to make the final choice that will ground the Possibility through Probability and into Manifestation.

And so, dearest ones, as you begin to learn how to weave from your Heart’s light and to Create within the the Possibility and Probability Fields, you will gain confidence as you see the Spirals of Light manifesting into physical form before your eyes. And, as you become more skilled, you will be able to create ever more rapidly and with more skill and assurance. You will select your Possibility, activate your Probabilities, and make your choices of Manifestation and Creation. And, it will indeed seem miraculous, as scarcity and lack and anxiety become vague memories from the past.


Holding the Balance

And now, at this time, we would speak especially of another skill of the New Earth, that of maintaining and holding your Inner Balance. Dearest Ones, would you create Peace and balance on the Earth? Then do so within yourselves! For, the balance that you will see in the outer reality will be a reflection of the Balance that you will create within yourselves. For the Outer manifestation is always a reflection of the Inner World, and if you can hold your center in Love and Peace and Joy, that is what you will experience as your Reality in the Fifth Dimension.

So, we will offer you some “tools” for understanding how you may “walk in balance” in the New Reality. Dearest Ones, there is no need to suffer and to be in pain and lack. That which you have termed “Ascension symptoms” is merely an indication that you are out of balance in your Fifth-dimensional Reality. If you are already out of balance, then at times when the Cosmic energy is more powerful, you will feel the imbalances ever more intensely as discomfort and even dis-ease.

Now, as you begin your process of Heartweaving and Integration on the Planet, you will see that the ancient wise ones and the indigenous peoples have many skills that are of value in this new place. As you work with your elemental energies, you will discover the subtle essence of Who You Are – the Essence of the God Force within You. This is Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth….the nature of all Manifestation. These are the elements that must be held in balance within you in order to create balance in your physical being and on your path.

  • SPIRIT : When you are in balance with Spirit, you will be connected to your Heart and you will radiate Universal Love and Joy and Peace. You will feel that “All is One” and you will live in Harmony and Respect with all life. You will walk your path in confidence, following your Heart’s guidance.

    When you lose that balance and the connection, you will fall into patterns of ego and mind analysis. Here you will seek to judge and categorize, and you will rely on the thoughts and guidance of others to feel safe. You will feel a distinct lack of Love and Joy in your life, for you are not connected to your inner Source of Light.

    When you feel this imbalance, your work to create balance again is to re-connect with the Love and Joy at your Heart’s core that is the essence of Who You Are. Release all fear and all judgment, release the hold of the mind and the ego. Surrender to the flow of Spirit in your life, until you can feel the Joy and the Love again. Know that all else is illusion.

    You can also look to see if there might be imbalances in the other elemental energies of your being.

  • FIRE : When your Fire energy is in balance, you will feel a sense of Motivation and Enthusiasm for life. You will have energy and you will feel Joy. You will be connected to your Passion and your Sexual and Sensual energies.

    When the Fire energy is out of balance, you will feel tired, even exhausted and drained. You will feel angry, or panicky, and you may fall into destructive rage and bitterness. You will find it hard to forgive and let go. You will fall into judgment to justify your lack of movement and growth.

    To balance the Fire energy it is good to do a Fire Ceremony. Release into the fire all that you no longer need in your life, and ask that the transformative power of Fire reconnect you with your Passion and Joy.

  • WATER : When your water elemental energy is in balance, you will demonstrate qualities of Nurturing, Caring, Gentleness and Sharing. You will feel Trust and Acceptance, you will live in Grace and Gratitude, with Calmness and Serenity. You will feel Unconditional Love at all times.

    When your water energy is out of balance, you will feel sadness, depression and self-pity. You will feel weepy and unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. You will compare yourself with others and will feel cheated by life in some way.

    To regain your balance with your water energy, it is good to do a Water Ceremony for cleansing and balancing. Ask Water to re-connect you to your Grace and Serenity. Open your Heart to water, that you might feel the essence of Nurturing, Love and Gentleness, deep in your Being, and that you may live in Grace and Calm and Peace.

  • AIR : When you are in balance with your Air energy, you will feel Optimistic and Hopeful and Centered. You will be Flexible in your responses to life’s challenges, and you will accept the process of change and growth with Joy. You will see change as a blessing, no matter how it may appear in your life, for you will perceive the inner blessings. The element of Air allows for Movement, Shifts, and cultivates Flexibility of Spirit and Trust in the processes of Spiritual Evolution and Growth.

    When the Air element is out of balance, you will feeel anxious, inflexible and “stuck”. You will feel threatened by change, and will be argumentative and defensive. There will be a lack of focus and direction in your life. You will not seem to hear others, and they will not hear you. You may experience a sense of chaos and disintegration around you.

    To regain balance with Air, do a Ceremony for the Air elementals. Ask that Air teach you to be flexible and graceful and to bend with the wind like a reed, so that you may gain inner strength and resilience. Ask Air that you may soar like and eagle on the spirals of wind and see the Truth that is your Truth and the Love of All that Is.

  • EARTH : When your Earth energy is in balance, your life will be Structured and Ordered and you will experience physical Abundance and Joy. You will feel Secure and Safe on Earth, and you will trust that what you need will be provided. You will enjoy being in your Body, and you will feel Health and Vitality. You will honor and care for your Physical Body with love and nurturing. You will honor your physical environment, and you will live with Simplicity and Grace and Beauty. Simple things will give you pleasure.

    When your earth energy is not in balance, you will feel lethargic, spacey and dizzy at times. You will fear lack and scarcity, and you may become greedy and selfish. You will be unwilling to receive from others. You will perhaps feel physically weak and tired and ill, and there will be little motivation to care for your physical being and your environment. You will feel a lack of Joy and a lack of fulfilment in your life.

    To regain your Earth balance, do a Ceremony with the Earth elementals and ask to be re-connected to the Earth that is within you. Ask for the aspect of “grounding” in your life, so that you may manifest and create in a grounded way, and that you may enjoy life in a physical body, to the full. Ask to be shown how to live a balanced life that will honor your body and your environment, with Simplicity and Grace.

The Energies for January 2008

Dearest Ones, as you pass through the 1:1:1 gate, you will indeed feel the Chaos of the Pure Potential that opens up as you move through this gate! Know that even if you feel anxious and nervous as you are caught in the different streams of energy, that you need only make Choices. Your responsibility is to make choices about you and what you will experience at this time.

The Sun will be in Capricorn, until the 21st of January, when it moves into Aquarius. The New Moon in Capricorn will be on the 8th of January, and the Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on the 22nd of January. The New Moon in Capricorn, an Earth sign, will be a good time to plant “seeds” of intentions for the next Cycle of Creation and Manifestation. What are your Intentions and what do you wish to Create at this time? The Full Moon in Leo is a Fire Moon, and the energy will be filled with Passion and Sensuality. It will be a good time to go within and connect with your the Passions of your Soul and Heart.

The most important Alignments in 2008 will be the movements of Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto will continue to fuel change and transformation, and Jupiter will bring enlightenment and expansion. In 2008, Jupiter will be in Capricorn, an Earth sign that represents the Male Energy. You can expect the opening out of new energy in the physical transformation of the Planet, as well as an expansion and growth of the Divine Masculine Energy on the Planet. For a change, the focus will be on the Masculine energy and how it expresses itself in the New Earth as a partner for the New Divine Feminine Goddess energy.

Pluto will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 26th of January . On the 2nd of April it will retrograde and on the 14th of June it will return to Sagittarius. This means that you will begin to see the New manifestations, but that you will be given a last opportunity, both individually and as a planet, to resolve and release any issues that are still “left over” from the Old Earth energies and patterns in your lives. Pluto will go direct on the 9th of September and then finally move into Capricorn on the 26th of November, where it will remain, having finished its transit of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th of January until the 18th of February, so this is another time when you will be given to reconsider and re-think any issues in your life.

Finally, in January, Venus will be in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini – the Goddess and God opposing each other in Fire and Air. You can expect that personal relationships and romances will be passionate and volatile, so be careful to hold the balance!

We wish you much Joy and Love as you “unfold” into the New Cycle which you call a New Year. May you Spiral into Brighter and Brighter Light and Love.

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Live Kryon Channelling.:.THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher


This live channelling was Given in the western Mediterranean sea
8th Annual Kryon Cruise
August / September, 2007

This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. This on-board channelling was given in English and translated real time into Spanish (it was a cruise that left from Spain). When transcribed, this back and forth translation often creates very short sentences which do not read well in English. Therefore it has been totally re-worked to make it flow. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include many added explanations of a very comprehensive subject. This expansion creates even better communication than from the live audio. If you listen to the audio, you can tell how much more there is here in added clarity.

This particular channelling had many references to historic geologic events, and a timeline that is difficult to picture without a graph. So the graph of Kryon’s explanation of the development of Humanity and the Lemurian race, is placed immediately at the bottom of this message.

So enjoy this enhanced message given by Kryon to a bi-lingual audience while cruising in the western Mediterranean sea in the summer of 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I’m giving my partner a glimpse of what I’m asking him to do, and it makes him nervous. When we get into these kinds of things, this new information, I have shown him through energy how important it is to be accurate. This is a unique situation, for you are slipping over the ocean now, underway, floating above the earth. This is a disconnect with the energy that you normally always have, and because of this disconnect, it allows a perception that is grander, more reflective, both of the sender and the receiver. Therefore, it is these times when we often wish to give you information that has not been given before.

In these moments and the ones that follow, I wish to give you information on the history of Earth from the beginning of humanity. I will reveal to you the chronology of how it all was accomplished. We have spoken of the pieces and the parts of this information for years, but this will be the first time that we have linked it up together in a summary like this. In addition, we will give you added information that is metaphysical.

The basic plan of Earth is intuitive and inside each of you. We’ve taught about it now for almost 19 years. However, we’ve never revealed the length of this earthly journey. How long will Humans be on the planet? What was the plan to begin with? Where are you now within this timeline? How did it begin? How was it modified? What was the free choice of Humans that changed history? I will now discuss much of that.

Dear Human Being, although this may sound like history and geology, the angels in this room sit upon you giving you grand news about who you are. And if you have no interest in these things, perhaps you would be content to just sit and have your feet washed? Perhaps. Would that be OK with you? We speak in a third language with you, regardless of the three-dimensional languages that are being spoken here [English and Spanish]. We call the communications “a third language.” For the number three is a catalyst. Other things are being transmitted along with the 3D language, and they go into the heart. They go to the cellular structure. As you sit in this energy, things may change in you if you give permission and are open to such things.


The earth is very old, but humanity is not. There has been a very long and evolved biological journey, and many have called it evolution. Indeed, the biology of the planet evolved, and that is the sacred way God chose to develop it. It’s not contrary to anything but the limited thinking of many Humans who wish it wasn’t that way.

Let me take you back a very short time ago, as I see it, as the rocks see it. Let me paint a picture of the planet for you. I’m giving my partner much to look at and many facts, and there may be pauses while he gets it right. For these things of which I speak will be transcribed and seen by thousands.

One hundred thousand years ago was the beginning of what you would call the enlightened Human Being. That’s all – just 100,000 years. Oh, there was humanoid development long before that, but the Human Being had no spiritual equipment, you might say, within the DNA. It was just biology. Your anthropologists will tell you about the age of Humans. They will dig up many bones and tell you many stories about how old humanity may be. Those are just biologically evolved creatures, not yet part of the scenario where angelic beings are part of the DNA.

The story I’m going to tell you is one that we have hinted at many times. But let me paint the picture first: There was much evolved biology by then. There were up to 20 kinds of Human Beings on the planet, and your anthropologists have identified many of them. They were all very different, you know? Some had heads that were shaped differently, and some even had tails. Up to 20 kinds of Human Beings existed together. This is a fact of normal evolution on the planet, for if you look at any mammal, there will be much variety. That is the way nature works and it was working well, even 100,000 years ago. Twenty kinds of Human Beings were in development. There were several places where they were being developed faster than others and your anthropologists know of those. It didn’t start in one place on the planet. They were in places that you would call Western Europe, or the Middle East and another unusual place – the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I’ll explain in a moment. Evolution was slowly creating many kinds of Human Beings, just like nature does with everything.

Then the planet was touched by design – sacred design.

With sacred design, this planet was visited in a quantum way by enlightened creatures who were not angels. It’s hard to describe how such a thing would be, but it was. Listen, there is life abundant in this Universe, and some of it is in lessons like you and some of it is not. There are biological creatures living on planets like yours, with atmospheres like yours, but where there is no war. They live in a quantum state, where there is agreement of what they’re there for. They represent societies twice as old as Earth. Humanity and such an enlightened group existed back then and it still does to this day. It is located light years away from you, yet you were visited by them easily. They came to this planet to plant the seeds of sacredness within your DNA. They came with permission, by design, and within the agreement of all the angelic beings in the Universe. It wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t part of a conquering plan. It was their loving job.

I speak of the Pleiadians, and much has been said about them. For when you speak of these things, where one kind of creature comes and touches a whole planet, there would be those who would say, “Well, that has to be inappropriate, that has to be evil, that has to be wrong.” It wasn’t. There’s been much misinformation about the Pleiadians. Let me tell you if you could see them right now, they look much like you! And some day should you get to a place where it is appropriate, they will meet you. They’ll call you brother, sister, and if you took a sample of their cellular structure, it would look much like yours. For they have the seeds of enlightenment of the Human race, and they have wisdom and love for the earth, for you are their seeds.

What they gave this planet is difficult to describe to you in a three-dimensional discourse. For using the gifts of being in a quantum state with everything, they gave humanity on the planet two extra layers of DNA. And it happened all at once to only one of the 20 kinds of humans, the kind you have now. Only one kind was ready to receive this gift.

Ask your anthropologists about this. Oh, don’t ask them about the Pleiadians! Instead, ask them what happened about 100,000 years ago to Human Beings. They will tell you that against the natural odds of it happening, only one kind of Human Being emerged on the planet. What about the other 19? They slowly died away, unable to compete with the ones with the new DNA. This is counterintuitive to nature, and should raise the eyebrows of those who look at natural selection. So it is something to take note of, and provides proof of what I am telling you.

This becomes the story of creation in much mythology on the planet. Since it happened so quickly and so recently in Earth’s history, it carries with it the feeling that it was done all at once, with nothing having evolved to let it take place. Hence, the thought by many that evolution didn’t happen at all, and that God created Humans instantly. You see? There is a seed of truth to all things, but they are often placed into a 3D box to make it easier to explain. A beautiful garden, temptation representing good and evil – this is, indeed, close to the metaphysical view of what happened when the one group of humans received their two new awareness DNA layers. For suddenly they began to act out the process of duality, the awareness of light and dark.

The extra layers were a set up for the test of Earth, which would become the only planet of free choice of its time. One layer would include the Akashic Record, the record of all the angelic souls who would come and go within the Human body. Humanity began to become spiritual – not all at once, but very, very slowly over another 50,000 years. Angels began the process of coming into the planet, using the Human body as the vehicle to create this test of Earth. Only then did the Human Being become what you start to see now. This means that true enlightened humanity is actually only about 50,000 years old – very new indeed!

The earth was different then. So I would like to take you to approximately 40,000 years ago. Here is a great civilization on the planet, and it has existed in an elemental form already for more than 5,000 years. It was the grandest society the planet had ever seen – not huge in numbers, but in consciousness. It was not something that you would be emulating later, for it was part of the set-up of humanity. It was the Lemurian civilization. I’ve never identified how long they lasted, so I will now. What would you think of one society that lasted more than 20,000 years? They lived in peace. It would dwarf, would it not, anything that has ever happened in recorded society on the earth? Nothing you know of comes close to that.

Scientists say, “It’s impossible. There were no societies that long ago.” Indeed, there is no proof, and that, my dear Human Beings, is very much on purpose. For the planet does a very good job of erasing the marks of humanity. Just look at what you are studying today, for you can’t find anything much older than 4,000 years! It has been churned up, mulched, ground under, washed away, and lost forever. To make the erasure even more complete, back then the society was on dry land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now it’s not.

The timeline: So the core of Lemurian beginnings was about 50,000 years ago. It took 10,000 years to call themselves united, and another 5,000 to begin to come together as a society with a common control center. The Lemurians had a full-fledged, mature civilization from 35,000 years ago to about 15,000 years ago. Remember that things lasted a very long time and were very slow in the early days of developing humanity. What takes you a year to do today may have taken hundreds back then. Language was an issue, communications was new, travel was very slow, and sovereignties had never even been tried. Whereas you might have two meetings a day, they would have two a year, often not even that. Their sense of time was far different in that they had a quantum consciousness, almost a timeless state of being.

Let me take you to Lemuria. Let me describe Earth at this time, for it was so different then. There are those who would laugh and scoff and make fun of these pronouncements. The Pacific Ocean is huge! “There was never a time when there was no water in it unless you go back millions of years.” Not true. I didn’t say all of it. I only said the portion where Lemurians settled. Let me paint the picture for you.

Planet Earth was rotating at 28 degrees on its axis. That was the tilt of the earth, and it’s not the one you have today. In addition, geologically, the planet was much different 40,000 years ago. You were at the end of the greatest ice age you had ever experienced. The temperature of this planet is dependent on how much water is on it. The water cycle of the planet is what controls the temperature and the wind. What I’m showing you now in this vision is a very different Earth.

At that time, one-third of all of the water on the planet was ice. That created oceans a great deal different from the ones you see today. Let me take you to the Lemurian civilization. It was a much colder planet back then. Some of you are aware of what one-half of one degree in temperature change will do to life on Earth. If you had the average temperature of this planet dip by one-half a degree on an average, it would be significant. So let me tell you what it was then so you can imagine the changes. The average temperature of the atmosphere was eight degrees lower than it is now – very significant for the weather and very significant for the amount of water that was on the planet.

The average water level of the oceans of the planet was 133 meters lower than it is now – that’s 400 feet lower. Can you imagine from the air what your continents would look like if the oceans were 400 feet lower than they are now? Mountain ranges would be exposed that are currently now underwater. It would be much different, would it not? The Lemurians lived successfully for more than 20,000 years around the base of the island you call Hawaii. This was, and remains, the highest mountain on the planet, measured from its base.

They were aware they lived in a basin, a valley, which was lower than the average water level of the earth. There was much water around the Lemurians. But the main seas were held back by some of the mountain ranges that are currently lower today, but which existed due to plate tectonics. And so you have an arrangement, a situation, which is complex. But they did have dry land in some of the places today that you call the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. They were also aware that for all of this time they were vulnerable to the water level of the planet, should it rise. As long as it stayed cool, they were fine. But they also knew they lived in the shadow of the “hot spot” of what we know today as a large tectonic plate. And they knew it would move, since it had before. The islands they worshiped upon were all active volcanoes. They were drawn to this energy of volcanism.

I have much more to tell you about the Lemurians. So let us move now to the spiritual part. There were a total of 350 million Lemurian souls who passed through the planet during their culture of 20,000 years. That’s not many considering they went through 800 generations. Let me explain why.

Now, this is different, my partner, and this is specific. So translate it correctly. [Kryon speaking to Lee out loud for all to hear] Lemurians didn’t reincarnate back as Lemurian. So what I’m saying spiritually is that there were almost 350 million individual, unique souls – not just Human souls, but 350 million angels took their turns going through the Lemurian culture as Humans, and didn’t reincarnate. They came one time only. The Lemurian birth rate was not typical to what yours is today, not nearly what yours is today. It wasn’t even a geometric progression like you have today. This is complicated. Biologically, there was a reason why the Lemurians did not have many children. It had to do with the temperature of the planet and their culture. Men were not as fertile as they are now. It also facilitated the spiritual aspects of what was needed. So all you must know is that of the Lemurian spiritual culture, 350 million souls is all there were, representing the longest-lasting society the earth has ever known. More on that in a moment.

Fifteen thousand years ago, the ice started melting, and the Lemurians knew it. It was slow, and they did their best to hold it back. By this time the Lemurians had become a sea-faring society, and most were in boats. They knew what was going to happen eventually, and they became very interested in ships. And this is when the Lemurian nation began to split up. It happened faster than they thought, because they didn’t understand the significance of the new weight distribution of the water, and what it would do to the earth’s crust movement [lots of earthquakes].

Their volcanic basin began to quiver and move faster, letting the water in. From 15,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago, the water balance of the earth changed and poured into the valleys of Lemuria. It filled up the valley between mountains. It wiped away all of anything they ever had in construction, anything they had ever built. Nature does that, you know. Go back and look at the ruins that are less than a thousand years old on the planet and see what has happened. Now think of ruins that are 15,000 years old under the ocean where the currents roar. There is nothing left. Some of the Lemurians stayed on the mountain, climbing it as the water rose. Ten thousand years ago, the water stopped rising, representing the water levels that are similar to what you see today. The top of the Lemurian capital mountain is now a series of islands called Hawaii.

The water cycle of the earth is what makes it warm and cold, and it is dynamic and always in motion. To leap forward many years, there have been many back and forth temperature changes of this planet. Almost all of them outlived each Human Being [meaning that no Human was alive long enough to see an entire cycle]. Cycles as short as 200 years were common. So most of humanity is unaware of anything except that it’s changing, unaware of the normal cycles. You had several small ice cycles recently. Only a few hundred years ago, in the 1400s, you had one where the glaciers started to build up again. Temperatures of the planet went down a bit and then came back. It is typical of the planet and the way it works.

The interesting thing is before these small little ice events, there is something that doesn’t make sense to the Human Being. It gets warm! It’s part of the cycle. You’re having one again, and you’re at the beginning of a water cycle that will turn to a lower temperature eventually. It’s typical, cyclical, and normal. Just ask any rock.

Some of the Lemurians climbed the mountains and you can meet their ancestors today. They’re called the Polynesians and they know all about the oceans. They know about the tides. They were there before the tides were there! They watched them build up and be created. They can take small, little craft and move from island to island, hundreds of kilometers apart, without a compass. They know the way it works, the oceans, the tides. Some even claim their ancestors to be Lemurian.

The following is scientifically controversial, for what I’m going to tell you is that small meteor strikes were more common than belieived, in these times. As little as 13,000 years ago and then 5,000 years ago, there were strikes. The last one of 5,000 years ago was bigger. It did two things for the planet. The first is that it created such a shift of the mantel of the planet that the earth moved from 28 degrees tilt to 23 and 1/3. It was quite an impact! That was only 5,000 years ago. The second is that it affected civilization. Much dust was thrown into the atmosphere up into what you call the stratosphere and the result mainly was rain. The rain terminated much of humanity. Many animals and many Humans died. It was needed, necessary, and we have spoken of it before. It was part of the plan. The main purpose was to erase all of the Lemurian knowledge and create many lakes for humanity to use. Science can see it in the strata, and it has even been associated with the mythology of a great worldwide flood and an ark.

It’s interesting, is it not? There are those who would call themselves creationists. They will argue with you against the evolution of humanity. In a way, both sides are right. For the biology of humanity evolved very slowly. But the sacredness was given all at once, just like the story of the Garden of Eden, called Lemuria.

When we describe the times that we have given you in years, we consider where you sit right now as year zero. So we go back from zero to when we describe something 40,000 years ago, 100,000 years, or 10,000 years. This is opposed to a time frame that would be in reference to any prophet that ever lived. So for those who are interested in checking some of the history of the planet for verification of this message, do it backwards from this year as zero. If there are some actual dates that we wish to discuss, we will give them in the kind of date numbers you would expect and use.

The Lemurian civilization basically existed from 35,000 years to 15,000 years ago – the longest single-governed civilization on Earth. It was different from any society you will ever have, for we will review with you what happened. The whole reason for Lemuria and for all of the attributes of their DNA was to set a stage for what was to come. When the cook prepares the meal, quite often they will grease the pan, get all of the attributes ready for the actual food, and then proceed with much preparation that will enhance the food, but that does not include the actual food yet.

The Lemurians represented that relationship to Earth and you. In a spiritual way, the meal was being prepared. Therefore, we again tell you that they had a different Akashic attribute than you do. Three hundred and fifty million Lemurians existed for the lifetime of their culture. They were unique Lemurians, and with a few exceptions, each one had one life. You might say they were building the Akashic Record of the planet. Imagine the Cave of Creation with all of the crystals we have described as the souls on the planet. Each time an angel would come in and be a Lemurian for a little while. The essence of their energy would then be placed into the planet. The crystal with their name on it would go into the cave. Some of these things will not make sense to those of you who have not heard this story before about the Cave of Creation. The entire Lemurian civilization was to build the Cave of Creation and to implant it with the energy of 350 million souls. And in all of their history, there were only a few thousand that had past lives that would come again as a Lemurian – most being their scientists. The rest of them would live a life and then back away and wait for the civilization to be complete [speaking of the angels who represent the different souls of humanity]. This was on purpose, and was in order to seed the planet spiritually with what was to come, and increase the crystalline value of the Cave of Creation.

The Lemurians saw what was happening. As we told you, about 15,000 years ago, the ice began to melt, and it did so slowly for at least another 5,000 years. You might say they had plenty of time to prepare, and so they did. What they did first was to become a sea-faring nation building ships. Slowly, many of them left the valley that they were in, which was already slowly flooding, as the ice melted and the waters rose on the planet. So you might say that there is part of Lemurian society that populated the edges of other land masses via ship. Look for them in New Zealand, Easter Island – not much left there – and the large continent of what you call the Americas. They were on the West Coast areas you call Alaska and the bridge to the other continent. They were there. Many of them went to the mountain called Shasta and they existed there in their Human form long before they put themselves into the mountain as interdimensional beings.

Some of them started other societies in combination with other Humans who had traveled far from the core, and had forgotten their lineage completely. One of the cultures was called Summerian, and was in the Middle East. This eventually led to the Egyptian culture many years later. It’s odd that this is where you think history actually started!

Now here is something we have not told you before. All evidence of old Lemuria has been erased. The ocean currents under the seas are very strong; almost like rivers they surge, washing with sand and silt for eons. So there are those who say, “That means we’ll never find the artifacts of Lemuria.” Not only will you find some, you have already, and many are hiding them. Because when these collectors show them to science, they’ll be laughed at. For there will be an oxymoron… a contradiction within the actual artifact. It will be too old to be what it is! At least according to modern thinking, that is. What would happen if you found an automobile part that carbon dated to 3,000 years ago? It would be an artifact that “couldn’t exist.” That’s what the artifacts of Lemuria will be like. For they will be charts of the stars and biological information that “couldn’t have been known.”

And why would anyone be able to have an artifact of Lemuria? I just told you that Lemuria is washed away. It’s because of the ships! Many of them went down in storms carrying everyday Lemurian objects – artifacts. Some are waiting to be found, and some have already been found and sequestered by collectors who cannot get anyone to look at them because they don’t make sense. There’s more.

There are those who would confuse Lemuria with what you have called Atlantis. Now here is information that many won’t believe. For not much is really known about Atlantis. Your historians are guessing. Let me tell you about Atlantis. There are two of them – old Atlantis and young Atlantis. They are far, far apart, both physically and in time. The one that is being searched for now is much younger than you might think. For the new Atlantis civilization had a great deal of similarity to the Egyptian civilization at the same time. One was a result of evolution of men from Western Europe, and the other was a result of evolution of men from the Middle East.

“Kryon, where is the most recent Atlantis?” Well, let me give you a hint: It is close by. Look for it on the other side of the boot. That’s all I’m going to say. [Remember that this channelling was being given in the western Mediterranean Sea, so these referenced directions are from where the cruise ship was in the ocean at that moment. The other side of the boot (other side of the bottom of Italy), from where the ship was sailing, places it near Greece and Crete. The cruise ship had just left Rome when this information was given.]

“Kryon, where is old Atlantis?” The answer is that it was in the Pacific, far from the newer one, and ancient in comparison. It was a settlement of Lemuria, and did not hold the Lemurian consciousness for long. It became the model for slavery and decadence. Technology was misused. It is not for me to give more about that now.

So now you know about the Lemurians. You also know that they are not what you have today in the way of consciousness. They’re part of the set-up of the test, and you have lost a piece and a part of the activation of the DNA that they had through the energy you have selected for your duality. And that is free choice, to see if you can realize it and get it back. And that is the quantum part of DNA. It is what we have called the Lemurian and Pleiadian layers and one of them is the Akashic Record. Now, if you’re putting this together, you’ll also realize that Lemurians were responsible for the creation of the cosmic Akashic Record of Earth.


The water cycle is one of the most important contributors to changes of weather on the planet. The second is volcanic activity. The third are impacts from space. And you’ve had them all in recent history. What you have right now you have named global warming. It shocks and worries the scientists. Part of the reason is because these cycles take longer than one Human lifetime to develop, therefore nobody in modern history has seen the big picture. You had this before and here it is again. It is the change in a water cycle and it happens naturally and normally. It is the way the earth works and balances itself. You have large water cycle changes and small ones. You’ll have many small ones between the large ones. That’s the way the earth works. The last small little ice age you had was in the 1200s to 1400s, as you indicate time. Humans were here, and they survived. Right now you have the beginning of another one. But the scientists are not calling it the beginning of a mini-ice age. Instead, they’re calling it warming! It’s because they do not understand the water cycle. They’re seeing it in what we would call a microcosm instead of a macrocosm.

It may seem odd to you that a cold time starts with the warming, but if you know the dynamics of the water cycle, it makes total sense. None of you in this room will see the whole cycle, for it will be slower than your lifetime. You’ll have to wait until the next time around. For the water cycles vary in length. The little ones can last as short as 150 years, and as long as 400 years and you are at the beginning of a medium one. Do not fear it, for it’s part of the earth, and the way it balances itself. Now there are those who said, “Well, what about the thought that Humans have created this? Does that mean they’re wrong?” Here is the truth, and you will know this someday: Humans are not responsible for the water cycle. However, what Humans have done is advanced the timing of this one so it is a little earlier than it was going to be. Yes, you have affected it, but you didn’t cause it.


There are so many who want to know more about earthquakes, so I’ll reveal another function. Like the water cycle, they are part of a shifting planet. They are actually related to the water cycle. Indeed, you had an event recently which caused a tsunami, which increased Human compassion on the planet. This was one of the greatest earthquakes in the history of your lifetime. Occurring under the ocean, it was so large that it actually slowed the rotation of the planet a small amount. And this one event will not settle down for some years. What I’m going to tell you may go against geological logic, but it’s the way the earth works. The slowing of the rotation of the planet has caused a slightly different ratio of speed between the molten core of the earth and its crust. So the earth will continue to adjust until those speeds are back to what it was used to.

The places where the earth will reverberate the most for a few years is around the equatorial marks, for they are the furthest from the core of the planet, and the most volatile. As the planet spins, they are the ones that will tend to bulge out the most. Therefore, they will be affected due to the fact that they are the most unsettled. I’ve just said to look for more earthquakes at the equator. None of these things will create doom and gloom on this planet. Instead, it is simply part of Earth shifting. Lightworker, do not worry about these things, for the system says you’ll be at the right place at the right time. Then, do not assume what right place means. You are dearly loved and all things are appropriate when you are in control of your life.


Looking at the lineage of the planet, we have information. It wasn’t until the year 1900 that the actual new enlightenment process started on the planet. Indeed, there was not much before then. It then took 87 more years to bring the vibration of the planet up to a point of decisions – decisions about vibration and the future. Whereas all the prophets said that you would have a termination at approximately the millennium shift, instead you changed the vibration of this planet to a rate where that did not have to happen. Make no mistake, there was no plan of God’s to terminate this planet. It was the vibration of the test that you had created over the eons. Humans create their own futures. You create your own prophecy. It is the consciousness of the planet that does it. You, therefore, created a different future than any of the prophets had seen, and now almost all of the prophesy from before 1987 is moot. You are on a completely different track.

Now let me tell you something that you may love to hear. Between 1987 and 2007, something amazing happened. Due to the new energy, the crystals awakened in the Cave of Creation that had Lemurian names. They whispered, “Time to come back!” Three hundred and fifty million of them. Listen to this, listen – all of the Lemurians who ever lived on this planet are alive again in Human bodies right now and are back! They are spread all over the globe. Listen, I’ve got a roomful of them right here. I’m looking at them. And that’s why you’re here, dear one. That’s why you’re reading this. And you wonder why you resound with these things? You wonder why you’re vibrating higher? You wonder why there’s an alliance with your cellular structure and the Kryon? It’s because you’re Lemurian, an old soul in a new energy.

“Kryon, does that mean my soul hasn’t been here before 1900?” Now that answer is complicated. Pieces and parts were here, but not the full Lemurian core energy. You think of yourself as one entity, one soul, one name, and one face. But you’re not. You’re a combination of many energies. It’s difficult to explain, if not impossible. Each time you arrive, you’re like the soup that gets made and comes to the planet. There is a Higher-Self, which is the same core energy every time. But what surrounds it has great spiritual variety. But now some of you are back with the Lemurians’ core energy surrounding you, something that hasn’t happened for 50,000 years. Those pieces of DNA are being re-activated.

Listen to what I’ve been telling you for years: Less than one-half of one percent of this planet has to awaken to make a difference in the vibration for all. You will move into 2012 with a new vibration. Less than one-half of one percent of seven billion people have to awaken. It’s not that many. In fact, it’s only 10% of the 350 million Lemurians who are alive today – a very reasonable percentage.

Where are you in this puzzle? How long is civilization supposed to last? I will tell you. The answer is your future, and you will decide that. You are totally in control of it, so it can go as long as you wish. But I will tell you how long the test was designed for. Some of you will laugh. There are many kinds of popular numbers that float around a culture that have become doctrine and mythology. But quite often there is core truth to their importance. One of them, which appears many times as many things, is 144,000. It’s intuitive and you all know it. It represents the length of the test in years – 144,000 years.

You sit at the 100,000 mark (measured from when the Pleiadians came). You see, there’s plenty of time left if you don’t destroy yourselves, and Lemurians can change that. They already have. You have a time coming up that is going to be what we call cooperative or commensurate with this entire growth. And the Mayans prophesied it. The energy of Gaia itself will start beginning to shift in 2012. A cycle that will last longer than 1,000 years will occur, one that is more friendly to your spiritual growth than the energy that you were born in.

The question has been asked, “So, when are we going to meet your brothers? When will the Pleiadians return to the planet?” Oh, I don’t think it’s a mystery to any of you. They visit regularly. Some see them, some don’t. There’s no sinister plan, dear ones. When they watch you, they watch in love to see how the garden is growing. Should you last through the 144,000 years, at the end of the test you will be just like them – a planet that is enlightened, one with the attributes of the Great Central Sun. [Kryon smile]

And I’ll tell you something that many of you don’t want to hear. If you’re a Lemurian in the room, you’re going to be there! That’s how many lifetimes you’ve got left. That’s how much you love the earth. We’ve told you many times before, as a Human you look in the mirror and spiritually you say, “I’m tired. I’m not going to come back.” You say, “I’ve done my job. This is a lot of work. I don’t want to go through this again.” Then you make up your Human mind and you have a one-sided conversation with God about coming back… and that’s funny. [Kryon laughter]

You’re all coming back! It’s what you do. You can hardly wait. “Tired” is Human talk. There is no tired on the other side of the veil, only compassion. This test you’re in, it’s all about compassion. 1987 brought the Harmonic Convergence. 2002, the completion of the magnetic grid and the beginning of the crystalline experience. 2004, the tsunami and the Venus Transit. 2012, another Venus Transit. These are the delivery events of compassionate feminine energy to this world, to be picked up and used slowly so you can move into the next energy with integrity. It provides a compassionate balance to a planet that has not been balanced for eons.

“Kryon, if you could give a marker of where we are now, how are we doing?” You wouldn’t be here right now with this channelling going on unless it were right where it belongs. There’ll come a time when you look back on this history and you will call this time the dark ages of enlightenment. And some of you know it. This is the time where the door is simply being opened slowly for the light of spiritual understanding. Here’s a term that may not translate correctly in all languages, but the time you are in now will come to be known as the age of conflicting monotheism. Everyone agrees there is one God. But no one agrees which one. That’s what you’re going to have to figure out next, and just as you look back on some of your history and see how that was solved, this one will be solved as well.

I close now. What is the energy of the day? I’ll give it to you. Compassion and synchronicity. How much light can you send to those around you? Can you send light to a Human Being on this vessel who needs it without them necessarily participating in the meeting, or even knowing about this energy, or having any idea about God? Can you temper someone’s sorrow? Do you have the ability to hold their hand with light? Let me tell you something. The system brought them here so you could do exactly that. Do you accept that? Then do it, Lemurian. Do it.

Welcome to a new age.

And so it is.



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