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Message from the Masters* April 2009


Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters
April 6, 2009

Anshallah! Antui! Asi, Asi, Asi. Entui ensitu nahallah, anh enliah!

Greetings to you from the light, with the light and within the light! We are of the infinite one in relation to you and all things!

Within all creation there has been a shift of immense proportions. This in the form of the recent triangulation which has lightened all beings in such a way as a new and complete harmonization has occurred. That which was you has been restructured in such a way that you are no longer that which you were. You have been energetically rewired.

Because of this, truth is much more obvious and for many of you, your need for truth has become like the food that your bodies need. Your very souls crave that which is and has always been with little to no patience for that which is of the illusion.

For many of you, your paths have changed to a higher road. Your lives have taken turns for a different way of being. Foe some of you, it feels as if you have been shaken to your very cores, with change all around you that doesn’t necessarily feel as if it is good because chaos is in appearance. Look beyond the chaos. But do not look outward, look to your interior. It is there that you will realize that the chaos truly doesn’t exist at all and that it is just an external distraction.

With the new harmonics that you are experiencing there is a deep and great sense of peace filling your core. To find that peace, it is simple to look beyond that which distracts you. That which distracts you is merely emotion that has developed because part of you doesn’t understand what is happening. That which is your essence, your soul of souls, however, knows full well that the time for great shifting has come and you are part of that by virtue of your very existence.

As you begin to embrace the changes within you they will be reflected outward into your world. If you allow yourselves to become the moment and to feel deeply you will find that the new harmonization brings to you the ability to manifest, to create instantly that which you seek, for that which you seek, also seeks you.

Your harmonic vibrations have been raised in recent weeks to a state of oscillation and vibration that has not been experienced in humanity for nearly 26,000 years. You are of greater light and more reflective than humanity has ever been in the entirety of its history.

Since you are created of the light of the source, you carry that light within your very structure. Beyond simple energetics, that light is within each and every cell, molecule, atom and even smaller parts of your being. As the shifting and changing occur, the light within you responds. You become a living reflection of your source, God, your Creator, whatever you wish to call it, it is you and you it.

Even though you cannot see this with your eyes, every aspect of your being knows this intrinsically. Literally, you weigh a tiny bit less. Literally, your energy fields are reaching far beyond you like searchlights seeking others like them. Never has the call to return to the source been greater or more profound.

There are many ways to return to your source. What we speak of is the fact that with the new energies in occurrence you have the capability to enter the infinite with your consciousness and without risk or damage to your bodies. Your consciousness is pure energy. It is unlimited as to where is can go as beyond your dimension of the third there are no limits in regard to time or space. In fact neither exists. Your consciousness is faster than the speed of light. It is able to leap from one reality or density of creation to another to gain information, to experience, to affect healing of all kinds and to travel in time as well as inter-galactically and beyond.

That you have a physical body does not limit you. That you feel physically and emotionally and that you think mentally only covers your greater living experiences. These experiences are of the infinite. They are the very reason that your soul travels from one life to the next, seeking to have tactile experiences to define God.

The truth is that the definition of that which you seek inherently is that you are God and that God is you and that the creation of all things in your reality comes from your perceptions. That which you perceive you believe and therefore must be so. To alter that perception would be to say that that which you perceive you have made up to limit and define that which is greater than you.

What you do not understand must not be real, is this not so? NO it is not.

To understand at all defines a very small aspect of your being. This is the physical third dimensional perspective of life.

As the infinite shift continues you will begin to notice within your world a change in languaging. Change in reactivity. Change in tolerance of certain issues and behaviors. Change in interactions with others. Change toward a greater One on Earth. It is written in the Book of Light and your names are listed there. Each of you has a harmonic part of the greater one.

In another sense what you might consider is that what is now in occurrence is a complete re-harmonization of all creation that brings forth a heightening of responsive light toward attunement of dysfunctional harmonics. Like a grand piano all of creation is ridding itself of sour notes and retuning for perfection of harmonic resonance.

As your time moves toward events in 2012, these trends will become more evident, more profoundly obvious. Each of you has a part in this attunement. The instrument is you on all levels.

As you exist in your bodies and you witness yourselves in the mirror what you believe is that you are only what you see. Look beyond you. Look deep into your eyes. Witness the depths of your soul as it is resident within you. Then look again beyond your souls and into the very light from which you have come. Then, if you wish, choose to shine that light outward into every aspect of your human life.

Your other aspects are past present and future. You literally exist in all of time and space as you know it and then beyond into infinite being. Your emotional, mental, intuitive, causal and soul bodies are also experiencing whatever you choose. All of your time aspects are either working together as one harmonizes being of light which includes the you of which you are familiar, or they are misaligned, fighting in disharmonic resonance that ultimately comes to you on your physical being. The misalignments come from resistance to reality and human perceptions. When the harmony of truth is stretched and then limited it is no longer truth and dysharmony and illusion reign. The illusion becomes more and more convincing as the dysharmonics become more and more out of tune and therefore truth.

Truth isn’t mere words that are thought or spoken. Truth is the harmonic existence of all that ever was, is and the possibilities of what can be. When you seek assistance from us, your guides, the angelic realm and others, all that you are truly doing is requesting a reality check to be reminded of the truth that seems to elude you. It is there, within you.

Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been. You can be nothing else except by false perceptions.

There comes another triangulation on June 11th of your current year. This final triangulation is of a full universal nature. It will disperse harmonic sets of energy which will move through you, teach you, open your inner vision beyond your imaginings, assist you in healing perceived emotional pain and bring forward your creative processes in such a way as you have never experienced them.

Further, the coming triangulation will unify the universal field in such a way that a series of dimensional shifts is possible and in fact probable. When there come dimensional shifts, there also comes change in perception and reality. The fullness of each shift is dependent upon the reactivity of those within that reality. When there is consciousness of acceptance and in fact co-creation the shifting is easy and full in nature. When there is consciousness of resistance, the shifting can be chaotic and less effective. In your world currently exists a blending of both aspects of consciousness due more to ignorance than to true diversion. As each of you takes responsibility for simply being who you are, you are one step closer to a complete shift in reality and therefore experience.

As a pendulum swings, balance is certain and imminent with each swing of that pendulum. You are the pendulum. Balance within you and around you is imminent.

As the series of triangulations culminate in June, there will be a peaceful period universally when the overall field is completely harmonized. All of reality for a period will be as still waters, rhythmic in currents but still on the surface.

Beginning in November of your current year there will be an immense and rapid opening of a series of star gate systems that will unify the wormhole systems intergalactically and into parallel realities. This sequence of events will be a domino effect as one opens then another, and another then others. We will speak to you further of these events as they become closer to your existence.

For this now, choose to feel. Deeply. Truthfully. Love yourself and as you do others will love you in return. Deny the illusion and become the truth. You are entering the moment that you have waited for your entire lives.

Ansui enti anallah nahlanta.

Until we meet again you, we, it is all perfection.


May the Path be Paved no Longer – Spiritual Hierarchy


Monday, December 08, 2008

May the Path be Paved no Longer – Spiritual Hierarchy


Sunlit Forest Trail
by Susan Tower  


Ever growing, ever expanding, the forest reaches for the light. The floating circles hint to the viewer to consider the inner life of Nature and the magical fairy realm that helps all things grow.



What we would like to touch upon today relates to the global climate, the current of energy guiding the wayshowers of new earth to their final resting place.

When we say final resting place we refer to a dimensional space where those who have diligently climbed the rungs of ascension shall finally lay their weary heads to rest.

Surely you have come far, walked the path of the silent warrior for many lifetimes, anchored the grids for a new way and touched gracefully upon the heart of every person in the holographic spectrum that you call life. Yes, a seed has been planted, embedded deeply in the soul of every loved one whom you’ve caressed with the words of hope, of faith and of the peaceful truth of a new day dawning.

And now, beloved wanderers, may the path be paved no longer.

No longer shall you turn a blind eye nor a deaf ear to those who refuted & resisted your light…the ones who needed you most…for those loved ones who challenged you deeply to stand in your power are now coming aboard, arriving at truth and stepping with willingness onto the path you paved so well.

In this way, you have also played your part well. With your experience and warrior strength, you have effectively disguised yourselves as powerless, beaten down and weary so those behind you could reap the benefits of your toils. You have suppressed your effervescent illumination that shines forth so brilliantly in order for you to remain humbled by the oppression and illusion of lack.

Surely you felt otherwise and may have wondered time and again how your inner knowing of greatness remained so diametrically opposed to your outer reality. But we will share that you knew deep within that you had the strength, the experience, the will and the power to diffuse your light, to scatter your radiance for many to benefit from. You knew that you would hold steadfast, regardless of the outer circumstances you have found yourselves in, and for that many have questioned your sanity.

In lieu of wonder, they too shall marvel, for the tide has taken its turn. A new cycle commences and the way of the warrior need no longer apply. Indeed it is time to put down your armor, to lead with love into the new and true and to reveal the truth about you.

The result of great patience and firm resolve will knock loudly upon thy door. What arrives for each of you will be the result of great love cascading outward from your freshly open hearts. Rebirth, renewal and reward is at hand.

You are entering into the paradigm of peace where your spiritual success depends wholly on our ability to remain centered in peacefulness.

To allow joy into your being is to allow abundance into your life. To allow abundance into your life is to know God, for surely you have always had it all. Though you allowed yourself to forget your sacred abilities to manifest for a short time, this was only so you could free much of the world from the pervasive consciousness of lack.

Now you are poised to fully inhabit your new roles, the roles you came to employ as your true and authentic selves. These roles could not be fully implemented until the world was ready for your involvement, but now dear ones, the time has come to share your light.

What this will mean for many of you is a decloaking of your true power, the unveiling of your gifts of spiritual leadership.

For many more, this decloaking will result in the magnification of your current roles, only with more direct power to yield results with the support of the celestials & heavenly bodies in your favor.

As you enter the final weeks of integration you prepare to embark upon the level of service you have signed up to offer the planet and her people.

The advent of 2009 marks the beginning of an era of hope. So too will you be pulled in new and higher directions to fulfill your heartfelt passions & dreams.

What a time awaits you!

On 12-12 a powerful stargate finalizes a sacred chapter pre-written in the future timelines of earth’s evolution. On 12-21 a brand new chapter begins.

This time, beloved masters, the outcome will be determined by you…

Until next time, we are the Spiritual Hierarchy in divine service to the One. Praytell.


Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at
ThinkWithYourHeart.netCopyright © 2008 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

The Solstice draws near, the seasons shift and into new beginnings you will walk. Allow this time of adjustment to bring the much-needed resolution to your lives so that you may fully build upon your new foundation based in love in the coming months.

All that no longer serves your higher path has been melted away by the sheer magnitude of your increasing light quotient so that you may fully access and implement your divine blueprints of service.



Masters* It Is Now Time To Step More Fully Into Your Mastery


Blessed Be Dearest Ones as we send you Blessings of the Highest Light
of Love as

We gather together in the Light of Love and Oneness.

Welcome Dearest Ones, Welcome! It is our Passion, Our Joy and Divine
Intention to reunite with Spiritual Family here each month.

It is with our Greatest Love Dearest Ones that we come in this day to
bring forward another message for your discernment and enjoyment. It
is always our intention to provide you with information to support
your journey of awakening.

Dearest Ones, We invite you all now to get comfortable and close your
eyes as we invite you now to enter into your Inner Center of the
Temple of The Sacred Heart within your Being.

We invite you to focus on your breath in this now moment and to
breathe into your Sacred Heart Chambers. Just breathe Dearest Ones
and settle into the peace of the breath for a few moments. Yes, feel
the stillness, feel the peace. Yes, feel the centeredness and the
balance of the breath… Yes!



Dearest Ones, We know these are challenging times however there is an
opportunity here for you to discover the Gifts of Love ~Wisdom and
Empowerment through looking deeply at what is occurring? We invite you
to use all that you have learned up until now to recognize the
opportunity of true Mastery and true Empowerment through these times.
We invite you to move more deeply into TRUST then ever before and
there you will find the Balance that you seek and the Peace that you
will discover. It is time to TRUST in you and ALL THAT YOU ARE!


First of all Dearest Ones, we ask you to stand strong in the KNOWING
that you are indeed safe, you are protected and the only thing to fear
is fear itself. REMEMBER that your thoughts fueled by your emotions
are indeed what you will magnetize to you.

There is a “Consciousness Virus” that has woven its way through the
Field of Mass Consciousness for eons now and is driven by the
“Perceptions of Separation” and through the imbalances created through
these perceptions. Tobias calls it the “Sexual Energy Virus”. It is
fundamentally a misuse of Energy or Power one can say, and is driven
by Fear.

The “Consciousness Virus” has a “life force” of its own and FEAR IS
ITS FUEL and it resides within the human mind or intellect! The Waves
of Light which continue to arrive in regular intervals now are forcing
everything that is in the shadows of consciousness to the surface with
each new Wave of Light arriving. It is also forcing everything to the
surface which is out of balance, especially during the month of October.

This year of 2008 has been a See-Saw year; it can also be seen as a
Pendulum year where everything keeps swinging back and forth. As the
Light continues to increase the electro-magnetics within the field of
duality increase. The greater the Light, then of course, this
increases that which represents the darkness or fear.

Everything that has been functioning within your shadows and the
shadows of the outer world are indeed being pushed to the forefront
out into the Light to be revealed. As the Light continues to
increase eventually there will be no room left for the darkness, for
the Light will simply integrate the darkness once again into the
wholeness of the Light of Love. This is happening on a personal level
within each human as well.

This is the process of healing the “Wounds of Separation” returning
all to Oneness, retuning all to balance on all levels.

ALL Relationships are very much a part of the energies at this time;
it is a time to reflect on the relationship with oneself, it is a time
of dissolving relationships which are stuck in the old energies and
unable to transform into the new energies. It is a time for
strengthening and renewing of relationships, and a time of initiating
new ones. Relationships within self, with the world around you, with
life in general, with peace, love, abundance, with God, with TRUST are
now worth looking at closely. What is showing up in your life to
balance, and rebalance? It is a time to evaluate the giving and
receiving of the flow and balance of energies in all your relationships.

Community is a key word to connect with, which again is Relationships.
These communities are not just the ones you live in, but all forms
of communities. More than ever be willing to open your hearts and to
extend the Love and the Light that you are. Your true family is being
revealed to you as they reach out to you in a loving way. You will
find them in your local areas in which you live however even more
likely they will be found in your networks you are building online and
through your businesses.

You are building the “New Earth Reality” by doing what you can to
support your friends and communities as they offer you support as
well. You will find these to be the places where you gain strength in
your forward movement in building your new pathways to abundance. In
Truth the world is becoming one large community and as you move
forward this will become even more apparent as the new businesses
arrive and grow by uniting people everywhere. Look for the New Energy
to be reflected by the companies and businesses rising up at this
time. This is one form of community that is already forming around
the world. Look for qualities that reflect the well-being of all
concerned which embody a solid foundation as a win-win for all.

Stay within the Heart~Mind, stay within the energies of Love~Wisdom
and allow this to be your guide as you move forward. We remind you
once again, the intellect is not of the higher-mind which we call the
Heart-Mind. The intellect is subject to the “consciousness virus” and
succumbs to fear most often. Breathe and shift into your heart Dear
Ones should this occur.

The forward movement will begin to move once again mid-month and as
you go forward into the month of November the changes will accelerate
into the depths of transformation and continue their acceleration.

Please take a deep breath here. Stand firm in your Light Dear Ones,
and remember to Breathe often!


Indeed the “old systems” are coming down, yet have Faith Dear Ones,
for the “New Systems” have been seeded and are indeed rising up
through the ashes of the “old systems”. Maintain your awareness as a
conscious observer so that you may notice the new springing up around
you as the old crumbles away. It is now time for you to claim your own
Mastery and to “Consciously Choose” which reality is the world in
which you will reside.

The potential here in each now moment is to create balance from the
chaos that is functioning through this “consciousness virus” in your
world today. We invite you to stay in ever present awareness as the
Conscious Observer, however shift out of your intellectual states of
being so that you may stand ever present within your Hearts. Who will
be the leaders to usher in the Balance required? First one must lead
the self, and then extend a hand to support others in this same Light.

Our great friend Master Tobias said a few years ago that the New
Energy was going to start showing up in the business world first. We
also see the “New Energy” emerging in your world with great strength
at this time through the business world. This is manifesting as one
form of the “New Economy” rising up out of the ashes of the “Old
Economy” like the Phoenix Bird rising up out of its own ashes to be
born a-new with a fresh new energy. As the old falls away the new is
surfacing as quickly as the old is dissolving.

New concepts are arising through creating New Communities of
cooperation and mutual support and implementing the concept of win-win
into the business world which will support the rebuilding of the New
Economy. If you have considered opening a new business now is a good
time. Yes, we will repeat our words; this is a good time to open a new
business. We have delivered examples of this “New Economy” to the
awareness of this channel.

Once Again Dearest Ones We invite you to reflect on what you are
“energizing” through your thoughts. Are you choosing to rise above the
“chaos of change” that surrounds you as the “old world” energies
continue to dissolve? Are you standing courageously by and observing,
or are you being swept away in to torrents of fear sweeping through
the field of mass-consciousness? Remember Dear Ones what you BELIEVE

We invite you to take extra time if needed for quiet meditation and
Soul Dialogue within and to breathe often… remember Dearest Ones…
breathe, you are literally refueling your own Light. Go within and
converse with your Spiritual Guidance whether you have indentified it
as your Soul, your Guardian Angel, a Master Teacher, perhaps a future
self. Know that these inner dialogues are with other aspects of the
Self no mater which realm they are communicating to you from. Now is
a time to rely ever more powerfully than before on your inner guidance.

As you move forward in the integration process of ALL THAT YOU ARE
look to your Inner Light for the wisdom that is innately your own
regardless of whatever seeming contradictions are being played on the
“movie screen” of 3D.

Dear Ones, we would like you to think back to the month of August when
the waves of Light were delivering the Gift of Abundance and
Prosperity. This energy did indeed arrive powerfully, and you may
remember how the acceleration picked up even more powerfully than
before in the world around you. Many doors opened for many of you, new
opportunities to choose a more prosperous path were revealed for you
to choose. There are more still arriving!

As part of this new gift it is for you Dear Masters to recognize that
the energies of the past month and especially of recent activity in
the financial systems of your “old world” reality are the vehicle
serving the purpose of dredging up any remaining elements of fear
based belief systems and perceptions. The tides of change are indeed

Have you found yourself succumbing to the fear of the masses? It is
now time for you to become aware as to whether you are still tied into
the “web” or field of mass-consciousness or if you have chosen to free
yourself from this weave of chaos and confusion. Now more than ever
is a time to stand courageously in your own Light, it is a time to
TRUST in ALL THAT YOU ARE. You have called in your abundance; KNOW
that it is yours NOW no matter what is occurring in the world around

Be sure to check in with yourself that you are not calling in what you
desire from a perception based in fear, based in greed or power;
simply know that you deserve to have all that you desire. Any of you
who have sustained losses clear out your fear. This too shall pass
and your losses will be regained.

It is vital now to be “The Master Gardener in the Garden of your
Mind”. Are you cultivating weeds of fear, or cultivating healthy
strong roots of Your Truth? Are you learning to COMMAND your reality
from within the Sovereign Divine Being that you are? We invite you to
be the Silent Observer, Witnessing your own thoughts. Pause, take a
deep breath and Consciously Choose again when you find yourself
returning to “old patterns”. Be willing to choose again when you
discover that you woke up today or yesterday and went looking for the
same imperfect patterns of experience that you have prayed for freedom

Declare powerfully with conviction and certainty that “This is not my
Reality” and move forward KNOWING you have shifted realities in that
now moment and then choose to live from “The Center” of “Absolute
Certainty” in this Truth! Recall that it is your birthright to claim


Dearest Ones, some of you are already aware of Alternate Realities,
Time Lines, Dimensions, Selves, and Universes. We will not go into
great depth of study here in these areas; there are many other sources
for this kind of information. We simply wish to bring into your
awareness that you have the ability to choose any one of these
alternate fields of experience at any moment. Anyone who has dreamt
of, daydreamed of, or envisioned an ideal way of life which is your
“dream”, your desired way of living, this reality already exists. It
is simply in an alternate timeline, dimension, or parallel lifetime.
You can at any moment choose any of those realities as your NOW
REALITY, all that is required of you is to CHOOSE this, then stand in
a state of KNOWING that this in now yours as you TRUST in your
Sovereignty as a Divine Being to Co-Create that which you choose.

To live from this place of Sovereignty can not be experienced when one
gets up on the next morning of their Newly Created Reality of Choice
and expect things to be “just the same” as yesterday. We invite you
to get up the next morning in a state of wonder and excitement as you
KNOW all will be new and different. Look for the synchronicities to
appear each new moment of this new world. Look for the magic to
appear and it will!

BELIEVE THIS? You will OWN this when you graduate into KNOWING THIS!


TRUST, we love to use this word. Trust is so vital to the journey
ahead Dear Ones! And we now invite you to take this word Trust to a
different level which is more encompassing and will empower you to
become more fully integrated!

We invite you to TRUST IN YOU! So many of you while identifying the
self as a Divine Human still hold perceptions of separation from the
God Being that you are. We invite you now to step fully into the
TRUSTING of you! Once you embrace Trusting in you and knowing you are
not separated from your Divine Sovereignty you will move forward with
great speed into that which you have been calling forth as yours. You
are almost there Dearest Ones, do not give up now! Is this not a
vital part of the journey…? Yes of course! We applaud you with great
zest for all that you have accomplished this far. We now invite you to
take this next step forward into TRUSTING YOU!

YOU ARE A MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING with direct access to Mastery within,
it is simply you in another dimension, and you are integrating these
aspects of the self more with each day! As you open to receive and to
breathe in each and every aspect that you are and have ever been, so
shall you become the fully integrated Divine Human!


Beloved Ones, it is now the time for each of you to recognize the
journey ahead is about FULL INTEGRATION of ALL THAT YOU ARE! What we
are stating here is that the journey forward into Ascension, into the
Great Shift in Consciousness is much more than we have communicated in
the past of integrating your Soul. Integrating Soul is the initial
portion of the journey ahead. Most of you have come very far in the
integration process and are now shifting into the next level of
integration, integrating the Over-Soul and once the Over-Soul has been
integrated then you will all move forward into the integration of Your
I AM PRESENCE. Each of you is at your own level of Mastery. It is
staying in your hearts, staying ever present in the Light of Love and
breathing as you hold yourself, all expressions, all aspects of you in
a state of Unconditional Love that will move you forward into the New

Know that many of you are well on your way to integrating your
Over-Soul Energies as your many aspects from many times, places and
realities are returning home to you. Much of what you face in times
of tears, fears and un-easiness are cycles of integration Dearest One.
You may even experience physical symptoms as well. This is a time of
reunification of ALL THAT YOU ARE here and in each moment of the
journey ahead. During the times of challenges Dearest Ones recognize
this as an opportunity to integrate one more expression of who you
are. Open your hearts to this energy and receive this part of you
back into the Light and Love of your Heart, welcome them back home.
Know that you have resolved one more expression of separation
consciousness back into the “fold” of your Heart, into the Sacred
Heart which is ascending into higher frequencies of Love with each
breath that you take.

Recognize each fear, each doubt, each joy, each exhilaration is one
more part of you coming back home to the Center of Your Sacred Heart.
Breathe this in Dearest Ones and CELEBRATE this Reunion of the Self.
Love every expression that is you!

Embrace every expression that is you. Welcome each piece of you back
HOME to your Sacred Heart and the Sacred Heart of ALL THAT YOU ARE!
As you Master one more step in the Reunification of ALL That You Are
others will look to you for guidance as they seek understanding in
their own journey.

Surrender All Judgment of self, recognize all aspects, all expressions
of who you are, past, present or future simply seek the resolution of
the Oneness you each seek. The Path of Love is the Key Dearest Ones,
Love ALL that you are no matter what piece of the journey was played
out by this aspect. Parts of the Self which have been forgotten in
the shadows of consciousness are resurfacing by circumstances of the
now moment. Recognize that ALL challenges are providing an
opportunity to recognize a lost aspect of the self seeking resolution,
recognize each challenge represents a fear based belief which has been
disguised and is now offering the opportunity for unveiling so that
you may free your mind of the illusions attached to these fears and
old judgments of the self.





And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have
Chosen, We Love You Dearly!

We Send Each of You Blessings of the Highest Light of Love! The Love
That You Are!

Blessed Be,

We Are One, Master Dakon, Sariniela, Anjuriel, and the I AM That I AM

A brief note here Dear Ones;

It is now the time to reveal to All what has been shown to
Wendy-Marie. Master Dakon is her Over-Soul, Sariniela is the Divine
Mother Aspect of her Soul Family of Sananda, and Anjuriel is an
abbreviation of her Soul name and her I AM Presence has now stepped
down their energy to work with and through her during these
unprecedented times of change. We are revealing this to All at this
time because it is time for ALL of YOU to recognize that each of you
are Divine and carry Mastery within your Divine Heritage. Look within
to find these answers to your Divine Identity and TRUST.

The information in these writings are dedicated to the Empowerment and
Awakening of the Divine Human.


Channeled by

Wendy-Marie Collins

UCOL-Center For Enlightenment

623-734-6450 for 24 hour voice mail

For information about Wendy-Marie please click on this link below


The Online Messages July 11th, 2008


Online Messages July 11, 2008

Message from Dr. Meg:

Greetings to each of you. The energies of late have been absolutely wild. The Mercury Retrograde was over late in June but you would never know it. People are in their stuff big time and others are shifting seriously. Communications have been severely challenged and electronics are not behaving normally, especially those things that have silicon chips or other chips which utilize electromagnetic energies.

I have received many complaints of fatigue. The kind that you just can’t deny, that is causal to us just folding up with an urgent need to sleep. Sleep patterns are interrupted or unusually long. There have been reports of mild headaches that last for days.

Appetites for food have changed dramatically with little desire for food and not at the “normal” times.

Thought processes are becoming more and more holographic, seemingly confusing but filled with a multitude of information. A sense of lacking clarity appears to be prevalent as well.

Electronic anomalies are on the up rise. Computers and other electronic equipment continue to act seemingly upon their own volitions. This can be frustrating! Make sure that you do not make any changes to your settings unless you know for certain that there is a problem at all. It may just be these intense energies causing the internal chips to respond anomalously.

We appear to currently be involved in another dimensional overlap as energies from other worlds combine with our rocking and rolling interrelations with the energies of our planet as well as the galactic and interstellar energies. There is an inflammation, a recent supernova, from which emanating energies are reaching us. These are intense and will reach us full force on about July 13th. When these energies reach us there may be an intensity to everything that we do for three or four days. I would not advise making any life altering decisions during this time.

The major cause of all of these affectations is the continuing triangulations that the Masters talked about in the past couple of newsletters. If this is your first reception of the transmissions you might want to read last month’s newsletter to catch up. This is a huge multi-dimensional event that is affecting us big time.

These events will continue to intensify over the next 17 months or so. If there are issues in your life that you are in denial about or don’t seem to want to look at, it might be a good idea to do so sooner rather than later. As the intensity of these energies continues to escalate we are going to be brought to new heights of attunement both in our interior worlds and beyond into our personal relationships and in our worlds in general.

These energies are literally affecting our gravitational relationships. Gravitational relationships have everything to do with how we as human beings are literally held together. When we have hidden emotions within us we compact our energy fields. As the new energies move through us our particulates literally move apart for a time and often even rearrange to create different sets of harmonics. That being said, we literally change how we feel, how we see our world, how we relate to everything.

I have to admit that I am one of those who had had a profound shift in the past couple of weeks. This can be disconcerting because at once you have never felt better and at the same time everything seems like a puzzle. Sensitivity becomes amped up, intuitive nature becomes amplified and as the energies move through they cause different anomalies like visual effects, physical feelings and intolerance for untruth of any kind.

As these changes are occurring I am also finding that my heart space is opening farther that I could have imagined possible. I have become etherically attuned to new and different energies that leave me feeling at once awed and flabbergasted. At the same time I have never, ever, felt more balanced and grounded in myself, ever. If you are having similar experiences, you are not alone.

It can be difficult when the truth becomes so clear. If you are experiencing this make certain to honor yourself and don’t deny what you have longed to live.

There has never, ever been a time when being in the moment was more important. These are fast moving serious energies. They are not at all a bad thing, just more than we are accustomed to experiencing. Be light in those experiences. Stand in your truth. Remember, you are perfection.

This past weekend was a fantastic time at James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch in Trout Lake Washington where the 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference was held. I was a guest speaker there along with Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Alfred Webre, Laura Lizak, William Henry, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Michael Knight, Hope & Randy Mead and Ali Nicolls. I understand that it will soon be on YouTube! We had UFO watches there at the base of Mount Adams and no one was disappointed. Both nights multiple ships came. Several did power ups that were quite impressive as they expanded their energy fields and lit up. One, at 3 am Sunday, apparently sent a major download to onlookers. No, I wasn’t there, I was sleeping peacefully about a block away!
James Gilliland
I have just returned from Teotihuacan where the new energies are hugely prevalent. Our journey was exquisite. One filled with love and grace, passion and intensity, the conquering of internal challenges and a rise to empowerment. Patricia and I are clicking beautifully as co-creators of the journeys in Teo. I do hope that you will join us soon. I have two more trips to Teo this year. One in September and one December 11th – 16th. The flyers are now on my web site travel schedule page.

Also, Patricia, Lee and I are taking a group on a journey to Peru in March of 2009 for the spring equinox along with Incan shaman, Jorges Luis Delgado. This promises to be a magical event and from the interest already generated we expect this trip to sell out quickly. Full info is on my travel schedule page.

We are about to embark to Scotland and England next month. I am very excited to say that we have a fantastic group lined up to go. Also, I have a special opportunity available. We have had a couple of last minute cancellations in our sold out trip due to different emergencies. Because of this I have two maybe three spots that have opened up. Now is your chance! If you would like to go and missed out on our final registration deadline we will accept registrations at the early registration price until the end of July!
As always, I remind each of you that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to consider change, that that which you seek also seeks you, and that perfection can be nothing less except by perception. You are my heart.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,


Message from the Masters:

Message from the Masters
July 11, 2008

Asi, Asi, Asi, Anshallah!

Of the Light, With the Light and Within the Light, we greet you!

It is that your world is in a state of flux as the new energies prevail over old standards and the very essence of you is becoming attuned to new and different frequencies. This attunement creates differences in your being.

You are becoming more sensitive with greater power from within and at the same time less tolerance for that which is untruth. It is that that which has been your normal is no longer. Those who come to you or at you, more to the point, with untruth are flailing in the energy changes. Those who must be right for the sake of righteousness are not of truth. It is to discern wisely that which you accept from all others in such a way that you maintain your internal integrity.

There comes a second triangulation on July 12th. Leading up to this has been a serious restructuring of the energetic in and around you. Communications have been missing the mark. It may feel to you that you are often talking to the air as you do not feel heard. Perhaps you are not. Arrangements you have been making may seem to be falling into logistical difficulties. This is because you continue to view your world from old paradigm thinking.

As the energies shift and change, it is now for each of you to allow for the infinite possibilities of opportunities and change to be available to your reality. To do this is to completely release any imagination that you are in control. You are not. You do however have the free will to make choices that will carry you from one moment to the next. What is it that you wish to create in your being? Who is it that you are trying to be in your journey? Why not be now and let yourselves be carried into the infinite? That you can choose gives you the freedom to be nothing but authentic and pure in your journey. Your emotionalities come from fear when you are uncertain of change and therefore sideline you into patterns of uncertainties and struggle.

As the triangulations approach, each will be of a greater affectation upon you and your world. These triangulations are intensifying as the pattern of alignments is in a spiral motion. The closer to the apex of the spiral that the triangulations take place, the more focused and therefore intense in effect they are for you.

When you communicate you do so not just with your words and actions, you do so energetically as well. With each thought, each motion, each word that you speak and every experience that you have, you are expressing your energy outwardly. You are expressing your energy to all of creation. As the triangulations set up for the exact moments of alignment, the intensification of change in energetic relation occurs. As the intensity builds, there is momentary chaos in the universal field. Because of this, your messages both outgoing and incoming are distorted. Your communications do not necessarily fall fully where you meant them to go. Nor is your reception clear in the time moving into each triangulation.

Do not act rashly or make decisions of drastic change during the triangulations or for at least 2 weeks before and a week after the dates we have given, as you may find that your decisions were based upon chaotic energies and therefore the truth was not as it seemed.

The triangulations are multi-dimensional and reach across countless parallel universes. Each of you has aspects on all levels of creation. If you have not found your universal balance, if you have not found emotional balance, you will be more greatly affected by the energetic emissions and disturbances. Even those who are of human being who are well balanced may be finding that they are challenged during these occurrences. Do not be of concern. As you are becoming re-attuned it is quite normal for you to feel the intensities of these energies.

The current triangulation follows the spiral that began in the Constellation of Lira and triangulating with Indiron B and Lechtalli, both stars in parallel universes and now moves retaining its root coordinates in Lira to Alders and Asteron, 45 degrees West Northwest of the first triangulation except that the root coordinate remains identical to the origin. These stars being farther outward but remaining in angulation with the alignment as it occurs on the 12th of July of your current year.

Each triangulation will be causal to higher and higher frequency attunements and adjustments of your bodies and your lives. That which was your norm will no longer present in the same manner.

You powers of manifestation may seem to have difficulties at times only to result in exactly what you meant to create. It is that because the energetic communications are static at times, your messages are being distributed differently than in prior communications.

What we would say to you in this now is that in order to adapt to the intensity of these new energies is to become more and more flexible. Be willing to bend with the now in such a way that the now is you and you are the now. Being so present disallows for the energies to take you by surprise. As you become the now, remember that the only experience that you are having is yours. That which others have is there is to interpret and decipher if necessary. There is no reason for comparison of anyone else’s journey, as it is theirs alone. Your harmonic frequency sets are individual to you. Because of this, only you know how you are and if you are where you want to be in your journey at any given point. It is to remember that to analyze your experience does nothing but confuse it.

We have stated many times previously that you cannot quantify that which is immeasurable. Your thinking minds simply cannot grasp that which is infinite. Your minds want to define and correlate. This activity of the brain is nothing more than a survival technique that you have developed in your evolution as human beings. You learned to justify based upon your fears and past experiences. Doing so leaves the doors closed to alternate possibilities and opportunities.

Imagine for a moment how free you are when you realize from your very core that the illusion was just that, that you are a free and infinite being of light, and that you have to ability, the power, to create anything and everything you want, dream, desire or need.

In order to utilize the current energies to your highest potential, imagine that you are drawing them into you, that as these new energies enter you, you become expanded beyond your imaginings. That your energy field is infinite as is your consciousness and therefore you are truly unlimited in your endeavors. As your fields expand, there is an electric violet color surrounding you , engulfing you. As this field expands, the colors move, arcing and sparking with electrical static as different layers of your energy fields touch and move past each other in your expansion. This is the fire of creation, the essence of how energy is sustained. It is that from which all things come and you are that and it is you.

Become passionate within your fire and the fire which is you. With your passion magnificence of your creative gifts expands into reality.

What is known and unknown is all the same. That which you know is inherent. That which you do not yet know is simply because you have not allowed your awareness to rise into the infinite. If you will, you find that there is nothing that you do not know and everything to remember.

We leave you with the attunement of assistance for your beingness amongst the energies and they amongst you. We bring to you the attunement of beliah, that which is key to the journey beyond, the gates opening and your highest awareness to bring to you all that is necessary for any now.

Be in peace. You are the Ones.

Antui anshlli ansi entui nahallah.



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