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Sirian-Egypt Connection* September, 2008

Sirian-Egypt Connection


It’s clear we are encountering the passing of the “old guard” as a new age of enlightenment is transforming the very nature of life itself. For you see, not everyone realizes how much of our reality is determined by our choices…we tend to forget this point. Most of the time our lives are moving along at a snail’s pace, looking pretty much the same, not too many surprises, following the prescribed Human Life Plan. But in the years leading to 2012, we are being granted a “free pass” by the Universe, and we can switch tracks if we like. We can jump into a newly formed reality, with a fresh start!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m jumping on that band-wagon! I’m fed up with living in the world of duality and battling the counter-force to ascension and evolution. I’m ready to skip the “pain and suffering” required for growth and take the leap into the New Earth, where I can set up shop as the true ME…no more distorted programming controlling my mind, no more overflowing pain-body weighing me down, no more viral infections tearing my body down! I’m ready for the new change and I’m leaping into the New Earth hologram NOW!

The problem is I don’t want to move there all alone…for you see; I would love to bring you along! And so, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to assisting others through the Ascension process and across the Bridge to the New Earth. This is a process that requires active participation in order to enter the vibrational doorway into the new reality. We all have access to the vibrational key that unlocks the chains of self-imprisonment. That key is our Soul!


The current condition of the human EMF has trapped our Souls in a vibrational netting of separation and dis-connection, floating outside our bodies and minds in the ethers. Our physical energy is dense, rigid and hard-edged like a rock. Unless we change, the two aspects of form and spirit will remain divided. To compound the problem, the non-physical field or holographic insert we live in has become corrupted with divisive programming and parasitic organisms designed to erode and destroy holistic systems.

Imagine that you are going into a building that pumped “dirty” air into every room, poisoning the living environment. We have been struggling to live in similar energetic conditions since ancient Egypt. The non-physical (anti-particle) field of the planetary hologram has been manipulated and polluted since the race wars began with the original Sirian Planners.

The original blueprint for human life support (hologram), designed by the Sirian architects, contained strategically positioned merkaba (double-tetrahedron) anchored on every continent to sustain an energetic global grid work. We are familiar with the Egyptian pyramids, a Sirian collaboration that function as radio receivers for powerful 12th-dimensional light waves. These pyramids are actually energetic light vehicles, double tetrahedron, and transmit light frequency above and below the earth’s surface in a complex network or energy matrix. The planetary merkaba were designed by the Sirians to maintain a 12th-dimensional holographic field around Earth, so that all humans would be fed and sustained in their individual human merkaba by divine god-light.merkaba

The tragedy of the alien race wars in ancient Egypt have left us with a broken, corrupted planetary merkaba system…for every inverted tetrahedron underground, on each continent, has been overtaken by the controllers and is polluting the 3rd-dimensional bio-energetic field and holographic environment. The non-particle field of space that surrounds our cells, the field of energy that sustains and contains our physical form has been hi-jacked and is dividing and destroying life on this planet. Just look around you…everything is spiraling down in the devolution of death and decay!

We have at this particular time a momentous occasion to reverse the damage to our bio-energetics and jump into an alternate holographic New Earth reality. This is often-times referred to as the Ascension Plan of 2012. For at this time in human history, we are being granted a “free pass” to access a 12th-dimensional holographic field of unity consciousness where we can prosper and evolve into enlightened beings. The key to this phenomenal opportunity is a process of penetrating the field of consciousness of union…it comes down to a personal choice that every being will need to make. We must choose union – the re-integration of body and soul. It requires the merging of physical form and spirit, by surrounding our cells with our personal Soul Field.

The shift will happen in the mind first…as we decide to embrace our Souls and tear down the walls of egoic self-imprisonment and separation. Next, we must heal the wounds of spirit, so that we can open our guarded hearts and connect with living beings. Then, finally, we must decide to cancel all agreements to participate in duality – the harbinger of victim-persecution complexes.  We are not operating as whole, evolved human beings when we are behaving badly in the victim-persecution cycle. We must let it all go…clear out the divisive programming and forge heart-felt communion, so that we can raise our energetic vibration to house our Souls.

The key to bridging into the New Earth hologram is the divine vibration of our personal Soul fields, the non-physical manifestation of spirit in form. The gates to that bridge are opening again, at this very moment, and humanity has a chance to return to the 12th-dimenisonal Unified Field of all potential. But we must break free of the constraints of the mind, the density in the cells, and the pain of heart-break, so that we can become embodied Souls again. The path of Ascension is calling, can you hear it? Can you feel it?

The Sirian contingent is mending the planetary merkaba grid work, the universal light particle waves are raising the electro-magnetic field frequency, and the new age consciousness is awakening intuitive guidance and inner wisdom. We now have the tools and the knowledge to self-correct and return to union with our Souls. It requires a personal practice of intentioned discipline and dedication…the pursuit of wholeness! The rewards are unsurpassed in reaching Soul presence and power! It opens up the holographic field of Union!

I extend an invitation to all who read this…to open your hearts to the Ascension process and banish the Curse on Humanity from ancient Egypt. Revoke all participation in duality, and embrace Soul presence in your body, heart and mind. Merge back into a holistically integrated human Soul and walk with me across the bridge into the New Earth!


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A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Channeled From Valerie Donner

On August 26, 2008


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. It is with honor and respect that I greet you at this time. We are pleased that more of you are asking us to come and that you are noticing our presence in the sky. We have always been with you and are walking with you on the surface of the Earth. We are strategically located all around your planet doing our various tasks in assisting humanity and the Earth with the earth changes. We watch over the planet. We are at your service with love.

For all too long our presence has been kept secret. Some of you have known of us or have been drawn to The Seven Sisters in the sky. You have felt our energies in your DNA and in your hearts. You vowed that you would meet us again. In your loneliness at times you wished that we would come whisk you away on one of our ships. We are making ourselves more available to you. In the future there will be many more sightings. As humanity learns the truth we will have interaction that we have long awaited. The truth will not be able to be held back. Those who have done this will be losing power. Their strength has been in fear and control, which will become things of the past.

You are moving into the present moment. This presence is what slows you down so that you can breathe and be aware of what is going on around you. You will marvel at what you see when you slow down and look at the sky. You will feel our energy and our consciousness. You may even get us to display some of our special ways of acknowledging you. You will find joy and excitement with our exchange.

Powerful forces are at play on the Earth at this time. You are a part of this power. We are linked with you in the Light Forces for the upliftment of consciousness and the planet. You must remember where the true power is—it is not in the energy of fear or darkness. Even though it may falsely appear to be a deterrent to our arrival, we want you to know that these energies cannot stand up to the power of the Light and the love that is at its strongest point now in the evolution of the Earth.

On the 08-08-08 much happened to re-direct the entries and focus on the Earth and elsewhere. If you remember the feelings of peace and love right after the opening of this gateway, you will get a sense of where the planet is headed. Some of the chaos that you are feeling right now on the planet has to do with this new energy and the impact of the higher level of love and consciousness that is coming through. It takes some time to adapt to these higher energies. You will enjoy them as they continue to influence you. They can almost lull you out of the third dimension, which is part of their mission. They are not to take you away but to relieve you of the harshness of the third dimension.

As these softer energies influence you there will be some who find them uncomfortable. They will resist and find this a challenge for themselves. They may vacillate between wanting to remain in the old harsh feelings and a curiosity of the new. It will be interesting and some may choose to stay in a fall back position on the Earth or even leave their physical incarnations. Quite a few may choose to leave.

You are the stronghold of our ground crew team. You are our mainstay that helps us to bounce energies, ideas and emotions off of you. We are a team even if you are unaware of how you interact with us. You have jobs to do. You have memories and old issues to release. You have ascending to do and we are with you in this process.

Proceed as directed will be the word of the day. We will direct you as you find the inner direction to make the emotional choices for your new work and consciousness. Releasing will become easier. There is an orchestration to this plan so everyone will know what to do when the time is right.

We will not be coming to take over. We will be a part of your communities and families. We will delight in all that we have to share with you and you will with us. You will learn how to use new technologies. We are certain you will prefer our gas free forms of transportation. We will educate mutually in lovely ways to live to help clean up the Earth and life on the planet.

We have some work to do, don’t you think? The time has come to proceed with greater speed so that the Earth and life on the Earth can survive.

More big changes are coming. You will be supported and protected all the way. Let go of the fear and allow for the Creator’s plan to unfold.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We love you and are with you.






Beloved Masters, it is important that you understand that Spirit is all pervading. It is found in all elements and can be reduced to one primal element called Adamantine particles, which is the energy of all Creation emanating from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. Adamantine particles are an intelligent force which is aware of Itself, for it bears the consciousness of its Source. Therefore, it is called the Spirit which flows out into this universe via our Father/Mother God and it is the DIAMOND RAY FLAME sent forth from the Supreme Creator. A Spark of this blessed gift resides within your Sacred Heart and is called your Diamond Core God Cell. Remember, as we have told you, the half-spectrum Light that is available to humanity-at-large is neutral and can be re-qualified. In other words, it can be used in a positive or a negative way.

As you journeyed further and further away from your God Self, the column of Light that connected you to your Source was stretched to the maximum, until it became a thin Silver Cord instead of a brilliant Light column the width of the crown of your head. You are now reversing that process, beloveds. As your vibrational frequencies are raised and you return to a harmonious level of resonance, your Silver Cord of Light begins to expand until it will be, once again, the width of the crown of your head. In paintings, the halos you see around the ascended masters and saints are representative of the glowing crown chakras that are visible to those with inner sight.

Those who exist in the illusion of the third and lower fourth dimensions receive only a small stream of Living Light from our Father /Mother God via their Higher Self. The Breath of Life is restricted, and only a minimal amount of primal life force energy is available to them. You might say they are on a ‘starvation diet’ for they are not receiving all the ‘Light nutrients’ they need to function as an ‘empowered Spiritual/human Being.’ The air the masses breathe at this level of existence is only oxygen; however, as you gain access to the higher dimensions, you also tap into the Living Light called Adamantine particles or Prana. For you see, when you are resonating with the more refined levels of consciousness, the air is filled with the Elixir of Life, and through dedication and intention, you prepare yourselves to become vessels for the Living Light. This Christed Light cannot be re-qualified, it can only be used for the greatest good, for it must be activated by your pure, loving intent. Otherwise it remains dormant.

CONSCIOUS BREATHING WITH PURE INTENTION COULD BE CALLED SOUL BREATHING, and once you have connected to the Stream of Life/Light via the Cities of Light, the Infinity Breath exercise and Binary Sequencing, you will have a never-ending supply of Diamond Ray Life/Light flowing into you and through you. That is when you and your world will be forever changed, and the illusion of the third/fourth dimensions will slowly fade into the background. You will become immune to the negativity swirling around you as you become a living, radiant Sentinel of Light.

Many of you ask: “How can we connect with our guardian angel, the Masters and the angelic forces?” We say to you, ‘turn within and move your consciousness into the sanctuary of your Sacred Heart.’ The silence within the Still Point is a place of unlimited power. Concentrated power plus focused intention results in perfect, conscious union with the ALL THAT IS. Thus the saying: ‘Be Still and know that I am God.’ Our Father/Mother God speak to you through the still small voice from within. Your vaster Self in Spirit form is always trying to nudge you in the right direction. The nudgings via inspiration and subtle, positive occurrences increase as you begin to listen and take positive action for the greatest good. The motivating forces of the universe are silent, but powerful. The universe is teeming with the Elixir of Life just waiting for you to claim your Divine Birthright.

When you accept the fact that a sense of self-worth must come from within, you will stop seeking validation from others and outside yourself. No matter how many riches you accumulate, or how many accomplishments you have to your credit, if you do not have a deep-seated connection with your inner Spark of Divinity, you will forever be seeking approval. At the center of your soul is the Sacred Heart and in the center of your Sacred Heart is your Diamond Core God Cell. The Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind connect you to your higher intelligence and create infinite awareness.

Many of you have also asked: “What is the purpose of the Binary Sequencing exercise?” We have endeavored over the past few months to help you understand that your return pathway home was established aeons ago. The purpose of the Binary Sequencing exercise via the Infinity Breath is to open those refined pathways, and to reestablish your connection with the higher dimensional planes of existence. As you, the Sentinels of Light, integrate more and more of the higher refined frequencies from the Cities of Light into your physical vessels and radiate them out into the world, the process of reconnecting with the higher realms begins where you will, once again, have access to the full spectrum Light which contains the Prana /Adamantine particles of Eternal Life. Remember, in our past explanation to you, we stated, ‘By performing the Binary Sequencing exercise, you will reach all the way up to and connect with the Eighth Dimension, the Infinity / Prosperity gateway, and also the ninth- dimensional angelic gateway.’ This is the highest level that is available to humanity during this particular round of ascension. Via your intention, by breathing the Infinity Breath and saying each number while you pause during the Still Point moment, you are opening the circuits (so to speak) to each dimensional level from the first to the ninth:

2 * 4 * 8 * 16 * 32 * 64 * 128 * 256 * 512 Dimensional Pathway opened: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th

Those of you who have returned to an acceptable level of duality within the broad spectrum of Light and shadow have already cleared and opened the refined channels for the first through the higher-fourth dimensions, and are in the process of clearing the pathway into the higher fifth-dimensional levels. Some of you are now accessing some of the Light frequencies from the sixth dimension via the City of Light in your area, and adding those components to your “Energetic formula of Light.” Hopefully, this will help you to understand how important these exercises are and how the results will not only help you on your path of ascension, but will assist all humanity and the Earth as well. Many of you have promised and agreed to bring forth the maximum Creator Light that you can humanly contain within your physical vessel, and through your loving intent, you are sharing this Light for the greatest good of all. Do you see now why we are calling you ‘Sentinels of Light?’

Beloveds, these are times of monumental change throughout the Earth and your solar system, and each of you is in the midst of an accelerated initiation process whether or not you acknowledge it. You can either move forward with ease and grace or fall deeper into the chaos and suffering of the lower dimensions. Remember, the moment you begin to believe in scarcity and limitation, that is the moment you begin to experience those limitations in your life’s experience. The choice is yours, for you are the creator of your reality. Know that the challenges and opportunities before you will bring rewards beyond anything you can imagine, and so do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as you reach for the stars. You must learn that true happiness is not a gift on the earthly plane; it must be earned and is unattainable without an inner sense of self-worth. You are in the process of finding your true Self, as all the illusions, distortions and misconceptions are gradually cleared away. However, you must love and honor the person you are at the present while you are striving to become the person you wish to be. Many of you are becoming aware of the power of truth and right choices.

Accept your cloak of radiant Light, for you have earned it. Follow your own path and do not fear being different from those around you. We know you feel lonely at times, but you are never alone. Call on us and we will guide and assist you in every way possible. Be bold and steadfast, my brave Bearers of Light. Know that I am with you always and you are dearly loved. I AM Archangel Michael

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Mother Mary -“Guiding our children”

My dear friends,

I salute you. We are most pleased with your presence here today and we celebrate your being on earth at this time. Before I shall say anything about the subject matter of today, the children of the new age, I wish to draw attention to you. Each and every day, you try to embody more of your light and inner being on earth. You often experience heaviness in your lives and it seems sometimes like you are imprisoned in your body or in moods and emotions that suffocate you. We would like to tell you that we trust and respect you for all that you go through and accomplish in your lives. We love you just as you are and we wish that you would have more respect for yourself and all that you have already done in your life so far. By staying hopeful, cherishing your dreams and goals even if the light around you is temporarily fading and you have to deal with setbacks, you show your greatness and enormous strength. You are planting seeds of light on earth and these will bear fruit. Thanks to your inner work, you have created a bridge for a newly incarnating generation of souls who wish to shine their light on earth. It is about these souls we wish to speak today.

Before we talk of them directly, I ask you to go back in time and feel who you were when you entered the realm of earth as a newborn. Feel the innocence and beauty of your energy. Sense the sincerity of your intentions and the delicacy of your energy. Ah, you have been connected to earth for so long! So many times you have plunged into the deep as a small babe. Now feel what your intention was this time. You probably carried some personal baggage that you wished to solve in this lifetime. There may have been wounds deep in your soul that you wanted to heal and overcome. But apart from that, you were also guided by a vaster and more universal ideal, which is to enhance spiritual awareness and growth on earth. You knew you were going to be born in an age of transition, an age of crisis as well as opportunity. You knew there was “work to be done”, work on the inner level that would open up new pathways in thinking and feeling. You felt a connection with this great global transformation on earth and you were prepared to take the plunge into the deep once again to help make true this old vision of a peaceful earth: a new consciousness of unity among men and a renewed harmony between all living beings on the planet.

Time and time again you have broken through old boundaries of thinking and feeling. Every time you felt suffocated in traditional structures and rules, knowing deep inside that your soul could not flourish in a fear dominated environment or relationship, you have felt the necessity to break free. It has been painful at times, to say goodbye and travel new roads, yes difficult and very heavy, but you had to stay true to your sense that something wasn’t right, that it did not make sense to you or that something was missing. This nagging sense reminded you of the original intentions and goals of your soul. You have not been able to become well adjusted to the demands and ways of society, because they did not correspond with what you as a soul wanted to live by on earth. You were destined to be “different”, not because God or any other external authority planned that for you, but because you are who you are. You have, at some point of your soul history, become inspired by a new consciousness, that we may call Christ consciousness, awareness from the heart, or love. It is not so important how you call it. What matters is that you have been touched by it, that you have been hit by a sparkle of inspiration that has ever since propelled you to go on searching, dreaming and expanding your consciousness. The sparkle that is kindling a new consciousness on earth is now hitting many. For that reason, the “children of the new era” feel called to come. For that reason, they have been incarnating on earth for several decades now in great numbers. They are here to complete what you have started.

You who belong to the previous generation of lightworkers, roughly born before 1980, were the forerunners and trailblazers. You were inspired by the same ideal as the “new children” now; it was the same calling of the soul. But the grounds that were opened up by you, especially in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, were much more marked by conventional beliefs and deep-seated fears about freedom of self expression, emotions, creativity and sexuality. When you go back forty of fifty years in time, the collective energy field of earth looked much different from now. It was less transparent, more dense and clouded and therefore less accessible to the loving and clear energies that are now finding their way to earth. One of the things that have enhanced this gain in love and clarity is the rise of equal rights for women (starting at the beginning of the 20th century) or in other words, the growing awareness of the equality and unique qualities of the female energy. The badly needed rehabilitation of the female energy has supported a growing awareness and validation of the dimension of feeling in life. During the sixties and seventies of the last century, much has opened up in the area of emotion, intuition and creativity.

Much work has been done by the older generation of lightworkers and it has cost them much, for they have crossed the inner valleys of self doubt and loneliness, before they could open up a new horizon for the generations to come. If you are part of that older generation, know that you have set a beacon of light for the ones after you.

Now you are passing on the torch to a new generation. And as you are passing it on, you can provide them with support and encouragement, while they can inspire you by their passion and the purity of their hearts. They are “different” to an even larger extent than you were. While you could temporarily or partly adapt yourself to an environment that didn’t truly resonate with you, they are unable to do so even at the level of outer behavior. In other words, they cannot even fake it for a bit. Their emotions and their physical body protest at a deep level as they are confronted with the limiting energies of many traditional education systems or ways of raising children. Adaptation is not an option for many of these children. Especially the most sensitive among them will physically and emotionally crash in an old energy environment and their behavior will become so problematic that the environment has to respond and change. Repressing or ignoring the problems is not possible anymore. The children that come in now will force society to deeply reflect upon its own assumptions about children and about life in general.

The children who are being born now (and have been incarnating on earth for some decades) carry a larger part of their full soul consciousness into the earth realm than most of you did. As you enter the earth realm, you go through a “veil of ignorance”, which keeps you separate from the dimension from which I presently speak. This veil is like a pair of glasses which, once you wear it, makes you believe you are a separate I, locked into your body. In fact, the veil of ignorance enables you to experience duality on earth, so it has its value, but at this moment the time is ripe for the veil to become more transparent and allow more communication from one side to the other. There are more and more people who reach through the veil and who realize they are one with something bigger than just “this body” and “this personality”. The more people do this, the more a channel is formed through which loving cosmic energy pours into the dimension of earth. On this wave of cosmic energy the new children ride in.  

Try to feel the energy of these children for a moment. Sense the wave of cosmic energy they are riding. Don’t think about it, just open your heart and allow the sensations to come through you. They vibrate at a higher level. Their energy may feel playful, light and butterfly-like but at the same time uncommonly wise and deep. They choose very consciously to embody a greater part of their soul, their divine self, on earth. They do this as they want to contribute to the transformation of consciousness on earth and they fully realize it might get them into trouble. At the level of their higher self, the most aware part of them, they have consciously made that choice. But on the level of the emotional self (or “inner child”) they might get traumatized by the clash they experience with the reality of earth. They run the very real risk of getting lost and troubled in the realm of earth, as they cannot switch off their sensitivity and higher vibration when they are in a less developed environment. Thus, they will have to either find a space on earth to express their energy safely and freely, or they will have to cope with intense doubts and frustrations inside. You can see how courageous and loving these souls are, running the risks they do. The same courage and power of love were displayed by you, when you incarnated on earth.

I will now go into some of the characteristics of this new generation of children. Not all children are the same of course, and some children display these characteristics more than others. There is a sense in which all children are “different” nowadays. They enter through a different (thinner) veil and with the intention to express more of their soul into matter than ever. But every soul has its own development and within the new generation of children there are the extraordinary sensitive ones, which are more different than the rest and which are often called “the children of the new era” or simply “the new children”. I will now list some of the most important characteristics of this specific group of children, and bear in mind that these characteristics also apply to a lesser degree to all children nowadays. Actually, by the development of consciousness on a collective scale, a “new human” is arising on earth. An evolution is taking place towards a socially and spiritually more intelligent human species, capable of living in harmony with nature and connected to its fellow humans by a sense of unity and respect. The development towards this “new human” is foreshadowed by the children. 

Characteristics of the new children

– The new children are increasingly clairsentient, empathic and telepathic. They easily absorb other people’s moods and emotions. The boundary between the world perceived by the five senses and the invisible world of feelings and energies is very fluent for them. They perceive the inner side of things often as easily as the outer (physical) side. They are not misled by outer behavior that does not truly mirror what is going on within. Their intuitive perception is astute.

– The new children are peacemakers.  They feel the impulse to bring together opposing parties and appease conflicts. Together with their intuitive abilities this often means that they mature early and are wise beyond their age. They often understand their parents at a deeper level than the parents understand themselves or each other. They try to help them or build a bridge of understanding between them. They easily become the “parent of their parents” and this may take away from their spontaneous, uninhibited, childlike part. When they identify strongly with the role of helper they may carry too great a burden of responsibility.

– The new children are idealists. They are spiritual, philosophical and imaginative. They are inspired by ideals such as equality, fraternity and respect for nature. In their aura you can often notice that the upper two chakras are wide open. Through these higher energy centers they often receive plenty of inspiration, insight and enthusiasm. But on the other hand they can easily get restless, overly dreamy and unrealistic because of these widely opened higher chakras. Their energy has not become fully grounded yet; it still has to connect fully to the body and the earthly plane of reality.

– The new children are feelers more than thinkers. They have trouble adjusting to preset structures and rules that leave little room for intuition, unpredictability and individuality. They are actually here to teach us how to break free from a tradition in which thinking and analyzing was overemphasized. All children are to some extent feelers rather than thinkers. But what distinguishes the more sensitive new children is that for them it is physically and emotionally impossible to adjust to a rigid and overly structured environment. They become sick or display severe behavioral disturbances. They are already anchored into a heart-based consciousness to such an extent that they cannot go back anymore.

– Because of their strong intuitive awareness and their inability to adapt, these children may be viewed as obstinate, rebellious and “different”. It is actually not their intention to be rebellious. They just want to be themselves. But if they feel there is no room for that, they can become isolated and even drop-outs living at the edge of society. As they are less driven by fear and the need for self-preservation, they are less responsive to discipline and authority. Yet they can suffer intensely and be confused by the lack of understanding they encounter. They can feel alienated and lonely because of that and wonder what is the meaning of their presence on earth. If they do however find their way in life and start to express their creative and spiritual energy in material form, they will flourish and many people will be touched by the profundity of their ideas and by their gentle, non-competitive way of dealing with people.

Problems faced by the new children

Summing up these characteristics already shows what problems the new children may run into. The biggest problem is that their specific energy is not recognized and understood by the people around them. When they are not given the means or opportunity to express their feelings and there is a lack of real communication, several “behavioral disturbances” may arise.

Children may become rebellious, hot-tempered and hard to handle. They feel misunderstood and mistreated, and they really want to say “no” to that, but they do not know how. They do not have the right expression and communication skills yet. What happens after a while is that they themselves do not understand anymore what is going on inside. When their inner life is not mirrored back to them by an understanding parent or teacher who gives a name to their feelings and listens with an open heart, they can get locked inside themselves and act out in ways that seem unmanageable and irrational. At that point it requires a lot of attention and a deeply attuned awareness to understand what is moving these children, as they themselves have lost touch with their feelings.    

It can also be the case that children, feeling not welcome or misunderstood, withdraw and disconnect from the environment. They do not vent their emotions through aggressive or unruly behavior. They are locked into their own little world and it is difficult to get through to them. Often these children are extremely sensitive, reacting strongly to discordant energies around them. As it is hard to imagine what it is like to be so sensitive, their boundaries are easily overstepped, and to survive emotionally they shut down their feeling center. This survival mechanism is generally called “autism”. It is a paradox that autistic children are called non-empathic (i.e. not able to see things from another person’s perspective) because they are extremely sensitive. One might say that they have so much trouble holding onto their own boundaries, that they cannot allow themselves to reach out to others, to expand their consciousness in such a way that it includes the other. They feel their world would break down if they do so, and they would be swallowed by chaos. The non-empathic behavior of the autistic child therefore stems from an enormous impressionability regarding the energy of others. It is in dealing with this overwhelming sensitivity that the autistic child seeks to protect itself and shuts down emotionally. The non-empathic or non-social behavior of autistic children is a survival mechanism and not an essential characteristic of the soul.

Children who try to solve their problems in an extraverted way (rebelliousness, agitation, lack of concentration) as well as children who seek an introvert solution (withdrawing and shutting down emotionally) share a number of common features.

– They feel unwelcome, unrecognized or not truly appreciated for who they are.

– They are not firmly rooted or grounded in their physical bodies. This you can literally perceive in their aura which often does not fully connect to earth at the underside. Practically it means that they lack an emotional foundation or anchor of safety inside from which to explore the world in a relaxed and open way. There is a basic “not feeling at ease” which makes it difficult for them to “just be” in a carefree way.

– As a result, they may display physical symptoms and disorders and/or react strongly to certain foods or substances.

– As they grow up and become teenagers, it can be difficult for them to find their place in society (by finding the right form of education or a job that suits them)

I would like to say a little more about the ways in which these children and teenagers can be supported to feel more welcome and find proper ways of self-expression. But first I wish to emphasize that it is very important not to think in terms of guilt as we speak about the causes of the problems the new children experience. The parents of these children often do their utmost to support and take care of them. A number of parents is very aware of the special qualities of their child and is getting more and more intuitively tuned into them. By their openness and willingness, an enormous learning process takes place. It is these parents who, together with their children, will pave the way in society and prepare the road for new ways of dealing with children.

The sometimes painful confrontation the new children experience with the reality of earth has been consciously chosen. They come to bring something new and they know this in their heart. This puts their difficulties in a different perspective. At the soul level, they take responsibility for what they encounter in their life; they accept the setbacks and obstacles. Society is not “against them”. Society is sleeping in many respects. It is the sleep of old habit and the coming of the new children is a wake-up call. Yes, they are a bit like you, can you feel it?! The previous generation of lightworkers has gone through the same dilemma’s as these children, with this difference that in the current age things are gaining momentum and reaching a turning point. The new children are both cause and effect of this acceleration. 

Guiding the new children

In guiding the new children, as their parent, teacher or therapist, the starting point is always an inner connection to that individual child’s reality. The foundation of all real help is the willingness to open up to the child’s way of experiencing life and the ability to tune into what it communicates to you verbally or non-verbally. The most important quality one can possess if one want to coach these children is the ability to listen and be open to something new.

It is less relevant whether you have specific knowledge or skills. These can even be in the way. Theories about (new age) children often depart from general classifications of outer behavior. Syndromes and diagnoses are based on externally observable symptoms. But what’s missing here and what’s vital for successfully reaching out to these children is that an inner connection is made to what the child is experiencing: the feelings and emotions that give rise to the outer behavior.

To look at someone in an open and unbiased way, one has to let go of preconceived notions and expectations. You can only genuinely connect to someone else (who ever) if you first release everything you think you know about the other. Only then is there room for being present in the now in a truly sensitive and intuitive way. This also is a beautiful way of welcoming someone, for you are now allowing yourself to be touched by their very soul’s energy.

From such a fundamentally open attitude, which is feeling in nature rather than thinking, you can enter into a communication with the other person that is beneficial and enriching to both. The interaction with a child is never one-way traffic. In the relationship the both of you are teacher at some points and student at others. This is what characterizes all spiritual meaningful relationships.

When the relationship between guide and child is defined is such a clear and transparent way, there are many possibilities for supporting the child in its development. I will indicate some ways in a general fashion, which does not pretend to be complete but rather to point to a certain overall direction.

Positive appraisal for their unique qualities (which make them “different”)

Help them remember who they are. Help them realize that their high sensitivity and idealism belong to the most beautiful qualities they possess. Let them articulate themselves in what respects they feel “different” and encourage them to find out how these qualities enrich and contribute to the world. Find creative ways of expressing their (high) sensitivity so that they can experience joy in it. Bring them together and let them exchange experiences and share their energies.

Intuitive development

To train their intuitive skills in a playful way, helping them to connect to their body and their emotions, reinforces their self awareness. Grounding oneself, knowing your boundaries from within and using your intuition to find out what is good for you, are skills that these sensitive children can easily learn when they are young and unrestrained. When they are older, they may feel more inhibited regarding their natural tendency to feel, imagine and fantasize. If that’s the case, it is important to first help them become aware of the emotions or limiting beliefs that block the flow of their intuition. If there are problems in this respect, almost always the energy flow in the lower three chakras has become blocked. There are fears, frustrations and disappointments in these children as a result of which they may feel insecure, depressed or even wanting to die.

Respect their maturity as a soul  

Know that their high sensitivity and “being different” has been a conscious choice on their part and trust their inherent capacity to solve their problems. Do not treat them like victims. Appeal to their gifts and talents and, as much as possible, let them find their own answers and solutions. Encourage them to get in touch with their passion and inspiration and help them find out how to express and manifest their inspirational energy on earth in a practical way.

Make room for self expression

The energy of the new children or teenagers can be so ethereal and idealistic that it may seem intangible. It is important for these children to express themselves in material form. This may be a creative form such as painting or making music, or it can be through sports or games. What matters is that they know how to ground their energy and make it visible to others. In that way they channel their energy to earth. In all of these things, the starting point should be that they enjoy expressing themselves in material form. When they are encouraged to freely explore and experiment, they will find the forms that suit them on their own.

Alternative medicine

Gentle, holistic forms of treatment such as reading, healing and alternative meds can be very helpful in dealing with physical symptoms in these children which are related to their overall energy and psychological condition. As they are so sensitive toward energy, these children respond easily to ways of treatment which are focused primarily at the energetic level (the psyche) and only secondarily at the body. It is however important here also that one does not choose a treatment or medicine based solely on external symptoms but that one makes an inner connection with the unique situation of a particular child. As a parent or therapist one can ask the child on the inner level whether the treatment is beneficial for them. And once it is old enough, the child can be involved in the choice themselves. 

– Education

Enlightened forms of education take the child and its inner world as their starting point. In the past, knowledge has often been “poured into” children in a top-down fashion. They were considered to be empty vessels which needed to be filled with useful knowledge and skills. However, if one regards the child as a mature soul with their own interests and goals, education takes on a very different form. The challenge is not so much to make something out of nothing, but to awaken and liberate something that is already present within the child: its natural soul energy that wants to manifest and express itself in the material world. There is a natural tendency in the child to want to learn, to explore and find out about the world. It is only when they are systematically forced to take in knowledge that is not related to the way they experience things that they become reluctant and unwilling to learn. Preserving and working with the natural eagerness in a child to learn is the foundation of new education. In this approach, the role of the teacher is very different. What is asked of them first and foremost is to be present with the child in an open and intuitive way. The teacher starts from the assumption that one can trust the natural and unique abilities of each child. They allow the child to lead the way, supporting it by supplying the knowledge and materials it needs to attain its goals. 

Dealing with the suffering of your child

When you are the parent of a sensitive child and you notice the hardships it has to go through in dealing with the world, you dearly want to protect or save them from harm. Unnoticed, you may get to view the outside world as the enemy and your child as the vulnerable victim. You may be afraid and wonder whether your child will ever make it without you. Watching your child suffer can throw you back on your own deepest fears, sorrows and disappointments. Nonetheless, the presence of this particular child in your life always has a hidden logic to it. There is a deeper meaning with a positive intent. One way of unveiling that logic and meaning is to look at the child with different eyes. To not see it as a helpless little being but as a teacher – an angel if you want – who has come to bring you a message. I invite you to go along with me in the following meditation. If you do not have a child yourself, you can simply invite an imaginary child to come to you.

Imagine you are walking through a lovely garden. Open your heart to this world of peace and serenity and let your gaze wander around. There are many plants and flowers in the garden. Feel the rhythm of the seasons, cycles in time which alternate gently and slowly all by themselves.
Now you look at your side and you notice that a child is walking next to you. Take the first child that comes up in your imagination. It silently takes your hand and together you walk through the garden, taking in the beauty of nature.

After a while you notice an inviting place to sit down, it may be a little bench or an open spot on the ground. You both sit down. Now you take a better look at the child. See her or his little face and look deeply into her eyes. After a while you observe a transformation taking place. Slowly the face of the child changes into that of an angel. You see how the child gets a shining radiance and becomes more ethereal, belonging to a different world. Perhaps you notice colors surrounding the angel-child.

Quietly you watch this angel and you are in awe of its appearance. You feel yourself becoming smaller, like a child again. Release the burden of being a grown-up for a moment and feel that sense of wonder again that is so natural for a child. With wide eyes you look at that magnificent angel facing you and then you sense that she (or he) wants to say something to you. This she does first by conveying an energy to you through her eyes. You take in that energy and feel the essence of it.

Then you ask a question to the angel. “Why did you come to earth?” you ask, “What is the gift you are bringing?” You let the angel speak. It does not have to be in words – she can also speak through feelings. Then you suddenly know, without words or images intervening. 

When you have received the answer, let the angel know and ask: “What is the highest thing I can do for you? How can I best support you in your mission, your endeavors?”

Let the angel-child tell you, in words or in feelings.

Then say goodbye while you feel that a lasting connection has been made between you from heart to heart.

Often, the thing the child needs from you most is the thing that helps you too. The character trait or energy that is needed most to support the child is often exactly the character trait or energy that you on the soul level wish to develop and master for yourself. Let us give some examples.

It may be the case that you have an introverted child that hides its feelings and is hard to communicate with. What this asks of you is that you learn to intuitively tune into him, be patient, and be willing to look at your own feelings in depth. This helps the child. Very often, to develop the qualities that are helpful to the child is exactly right for you as well, regarding your own inner development. Perhaps you are someone who has strong beliefs about a lot of things, or someone who is very practical and efficient, and you have never explored the realm of emotion and feeling that much. Your child invites you to restore that balance. So although superficially, the child seems to present you with a problem only, there is a deeper meaning hidden inside the problem: the challenge for you to develop certain qualities which fit very well into your own specific path of inner growth.

Another possibility is that you have a very lively and strong-willed child who easily crosses your boundaries and forces you to speak up and clearly indicate what you do and don’t accept. This child may frequently upset you and you may feel overwhelmed at times by her or his presence. What this child asks of you is that you get clear about what your boundaries are, so that you can communicate your needs and wants in a resolute and self-conscious way.  If there’s a lot of struggle between you, it generally indicates that you haven’t made up your mind yet about what you do and don’t tolerate. Your child invites you to define your own space clearly and to determine where you stand in the relationship to her – and very often this also throws light on all your other relationships. The behavior of the child (and your reaction to it) magnifies a problem that was already there. Very likely you already had a problem with assertiveness before your child was born. Now the child asks of you to become truly aware of who you are and to stand by yourself, and this is precisely what you need on your own path of inner development.

When you develop the qualities that support the child, you are helping the both of you. By your added understanding, love, independence and self-awareness, you can become a role model for the child, a beacon of light. In that fashion, in a mutually inspiring process of growth and healing, a new energy is being born on earth. A torch of light is being passed on from generation to generation, and it is shining ever more brightly.

We praise you for your dedication, love and commitment. We wish that you experience joy and fun on this journey of exploration that you and the new children are undertaking. We hope you have compassion for them but especially for yourselves as you will surely make mistakes. (Remember that mistakes are always the most important learning tools). We trust that your torch will keep on burning and will spread many sparkles to the torchbearers who come after you. But whatever you do, whether you experience joy or despair, whether you have compassion or are judgmental, whether you are open and trustful or down and depressed, we love you and will keep on offering you our support and encouragement. You are welcome. Always.

Questions and answers

After the channeling, there was room for questions and answers. Some of them have been listed here.

What can I do for my autistic daughter who is 6 years old?

First I would like to say that you love your daughter immensely and that your love is very palpable for her. With this, the most important thing has already been said. Your love cloaks her in a constant, silent embrace. That doesn’t take away the problems she has, and the difficulties you experience in relation to her, but it is the prerequisite for things to work out in your lives.  So feel that for yourself for a moment, feel your integrity and the sincerity of your love: this is the most precious gift one can bestow on a child.

It’s understandable that you feel doubtful, even desperate at times, but at the core there’s a deep love that unites you. If things are not going as you planned or expected, then it is not you or her that should be blamed. There is something she wishes to go through and deal with in her life, a special reason why she has this particular problem. It is her intention to be here on earth in a very pure way.  She carries a very pure and knowledgeable energy inside of her, which will touch many people. But a lot of patience is required, on her and your part, to have this energy come down on earth intact. She has chosen – it’s complicated to put into words exactly – to bring a pure and evolved energy to earth and to be relatively unprotected in this. So her energy is not attuned to the energetic reality of earth and she needs a translator, someone who helps her make the translation to the reality of earth. She consciously chose this relative unprotectedness and high sensitivity because that way the vibration she carries within can remain at a high level.

One can put it this way (I’m speaking more generally now). If you have a “normal child”, in the sense that it easily adapts to the expectations of the outside world, the child will more easily forget themselves, i.e. lose touch with their original soul energy. It will more easily be influenced by the demands and standards of society and even the most sensitive and enlightened parents cannot prevent that. Children with behavioral disturbances such as autism do not adapt so easily. But because of that, the soul energy of the child is more easily preserved; it does not budge so to speak. The people around this child will have to adapt instead of the other way around. This situation is often quite difficult for parents, teachers or doctors. But there’s a hidden treasure in the problem. The child’s “being different” challenges the environment to find new ways of communicating, reflect upon assumptions that seemed self evident before and to be truly open to the inner reality of the child.

What is asked of you in relationship to your daughter is especially to have trust in this child and to tune into her needs. You do this very well! You have a lot of inner space in your being. Trust that your child has chosen her life path, that she has outlined certain milestones in her life and that she chose you as their parents, so that you together could enable her to shine her Light on earth. You’re doing an excellent job.

Additional notes by Pamela: after the session I did a short intuitive reading of this girl for her mother, on the basis of a picture. This showed that her autism was related to a past life experience. This is a literal transcription of the reading:

I see a lot of light blue energy above her head in the form of shining transparent stones which are linked into a standing oval above the crown chakra. There’s an energy there of high vibration; it contains a profound understanding of life and the human psyche.  I feel she lived on earth one time and had a strong spiritual or clairsentient experience during which she felt a lot of insight come to her, like an epiphany. As a result, the behaviour and the motives of the people around her became transparent to her, including the silent power plays that were going on in her community. But it was difficult for her to integrate that knowledge into her daily existence. I sense that she got ill, that she got unwell both at the bodily and at the psychological level.  She could not express her truth, because her environment would not understand, not grasp it. This made her feel very anxious; she had the feeling she possessed knowledge that could help other people and prevent them from suffering, and yet it was impossible to speak up about it because she would be locked out. My impression is that she could not solve this dilemma during that lifetime and that she broke down due to emotional stress and physical problems which were the result of not being able to integrate that higher consciousness into her physical being. She shut down emotionally and this had an effect upon her throat (self-expression), her heart (connection to others) and the lower three chakras (feeling safe and wanted).

Now (in the present) this higher knowledge (the blue oval) is hanging above her head, exquisite and pure, and it is her intention for this lifetime to integrate it with her physical and emotional reality on earth. I feel strongly that is the reason why she came to you (her mother). You also carry something of that blue energy (the quality of higher awareness) in your auric field, so there is a natural connection with her. You also have red in your aura near the lower chakras which shows that you are able to stand up for your truth, although it has been hard for you at times. My feeling is that your presence alone has a healing influence on your daughter. That’s wonderful. She wants to heal in this lifetime, step by step. You as her parents are part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Both of my sons are highly sensitive, but in very different ways and therefore they fight and argue all the time. This very hard for me to watch. I find myself struggling and arguing with them also, while I am truly someone who needs peace and harmony around her. How do I deal with this?

It is very important for you to stand up for your own truth, to stick to your gut feelings and put our some clear boundaries in relationship to others. Your consciousness easily slips into the highest two chakras (third eye and crown), from which you tune into other people’s emotions and understand their reasons for it. But you lose the connection to the lower three chakras, which tell you what you feel, what you need and what you want. You lose touch with your own inner child (the seat of the emotions) and you become ungrounded.

You are very sensitive yourself and your sensitivity contains a lot of empathy and reaching out to others. You have the desire to be connected, to be together with others, but in this you often sell yourself short. It’s important for you to take your own emotions of anger and resistance seriously and allow an energy shift to take place within you so that the balance between giving and receiving is restored.

The struggle you find yourself in with your children is there for a reason. It challenges you to become clear about your boundaries and demand respect from them. Often, this is a problem for parents who are very sensitive and who want to understand their children and not hurt them. In the role of parent they often lose their balance because they repress their own emotions and lose track of their own inner child. You should become more assertive and “self-centered” in the relationship with your children.

By becoming more self-aware and assertive, you will be able to set an example for your children and show them what it is like to be both a highly sensitive and a self-confident person. By embodying this energy of balance, you teach them more than words can ever do.  

Children pick up your energy, the feeling tones of who you are, especially sensitive children. So allow yourself some space to express yourself and you will see that it’ll make you more grounded and give you the real peace and harmony you are looking for. 

How do I realize my intention and desire to work with children? I feel inspired to work with children in the manner you described but at the same time I am inhibited by my fears of failure and my doubt that “no one out there is waiting for me”. Again and again, I am “interrupted” in my outward flow of self-expression by my insecurity. How do I deal with that?

There’s an authentic longing inside of you that stems from your soul. It’s important to cherish that longing and treat it in a gentle and caring way. Apart from enthusiasm, this longing also awakens fear inside of you. It brings to the surface an old hurt, which goes back to your childhood and beyond, to previous lifetimes, in which you were rejected for the specific qualities you now want to express once more. The experience of (violent) rejection has left a trauma in your soul. This trauma now makes you resist and waver as another part of you wants to manifest your soul’s true energy again. Understanding and accepting this heritage is the first and pivotal step towards healing yourself. By being impatient with yourself and by judging your fears and insecurity, you deny the pain in you that wants to be recognized and brought to consciousness.

Take your time for healing the hurt inner child inside. Your enthusiasm points at the right direction but it can also make you restless, as you are trying to get over your inner wounds too quickly. Remember that essentially, this process you’re in is not about your manifestation in the outside world. It is about your healing. The first and foremost goal of any soul incarnating on earth is self-realization: to love and accept yourself as you are and to experience the intense liberation coming from this. That is the foundation for all truly creative, spiritual energy. Once it is laid, the outward manifestation flow comes easily and effortlessly.

The fact that you want to live and be in the world from your heart, shows you are prepared to go to the core of the fear and darkness that is still with you. The longing to express your very own soul energy on earth always comes at a time when you are ready for a deep level of self-healing. As you prepare to express your heart’s inspiration on earth, you will, more than ever, let go of your past, your education and of relationships that no longer nourish you. Connecting with your soul creates a lot of movement in your life and it may seem like you are putting one step back before your spiritual energy can gain material form. Changes occur in your life and things may even get chaotic and messy for a while. This is precisely as it should be. Do not doubt yourself when the process of manifesting your soul’s desires comes with jerks and jolts along the way. It is these jerks and jolts which make you realize who you truly are and what you have to offer to others. Going through the fear and the insecurity, facing up to them and accepting their presence, makes you all the more loving and compassionate towards others. As you let go of judgment, and truly accept who you are at this moment, you become wise. You understand that it is really about you and not the others. And at that moment, the others will start to come to you. They will see something in you that inspires them. Opportunities to manifest your soul’s inspiration will present themselves easily. You are ready and you will know it.

Lady Portia* Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension

Lady Portia
 Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension
          It is I Lady Portia; I come to you now from the brilliant light of the seventh ray of light. This is a ray of light that emanates the vibrant and majestic colour of violet. It is the energy of transformation, change and the new age, mainly due to the presence of the violet flame of transmutation within the vast ashram. The energy of the seventh ray allows many to release old and unneeded habits and to embrace a high vibration, a new world of love and peace. It is a new consciousness and existence within and around them that allows them to connect on a deeper level with the energy of the Creator, the source and the Universe. It is my mission to anchor healing and cleansing into the Earth as a way of unveiling or drawing open the curtain that act as a boundary between your physical form and spiritual truth. The violet ray of light which I embody completely accelerates spiritual illumination and education, again allowing many to access the truth of their soul and the Creator.
          I know that past spiritual guides have channelled their energy through Natalie to help all understand the period of transformation that is occurring on the Earth due to the intense waves of energy from the Ascended Masters on the inner planes and the Christ Consciousness. These guides have spoke of mastery and anchoring love which is imperative at this time as it is a unique and valuable opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth in such a short time frame. In truth this period of transformation and time is to access the soul energy of the Creator and the soul within. I ask that you retain these ideas, with determination focus all your efforts onto connecting with the Christ Consciousness and mastering your being especially your mind, but I ask that you now allow me to add a new concept or understanding to assist you in anchoring this goal.
          As I have said, the seventh ray has the ability to cleanse the past and present of negativity and anchor the high vibrations of the Creator into the Earth, thus awakening many to a new awareness, currently beyond comprehension. If cleansing brings forth a new awareness then I believe that it is vitally necessary at this accelerated period of transformation. Cleansing is not simply the practice of removing or dissolving negative energy but it also raises ones energy vibration, mood and enhances the joy within your being.  Your physical body is so dense and heavy in energy, of course it must be so to allow you to experience your lessons on the Earth school, but the programming of the dense energy doesn’t have to be negative or even neutral, it can be positive, loving and inspirational. Each time you practise a cleansing meditation of any kind you are programming the heavy energy of your body and even aura to anchor greater love, the more you focus on cleansing or anchoring light into your being the deeper your positive and loving programming will penetrate the heaviness of your being. Remember that you do not as yet wish to transform your heavy energy into high vibrational light as it could cause you to lose your physical body but you wish to reprogram it with high vibrational light. There is a difference.
          If you imagine your body is comprised of thousands of balloons, the balloons are the heavy energy or lower vibrational energy that creates your physical body. For an average person focusing on their physical life only, the balloons would hold either negative or neutral energies as well as the energy of some positive or painful emotions they have experienced. If the energy is neutral then it has no affect on your life or spiritual growth, this is not always a good thing as both negative and neutral energy within the balloons can cause illness, tiredness, lack of energy or a feeling fatigue to a person’s body and general feelings or health.
          If the balloons are programmed with love, holding love of the purest kind within the heavy energy of the balloon’s walls then this will positively influence a person’s body. They will experience radiant health, joy, happiness and bliss. You have to imagine that if you were to stand in a small room and a circle of people stood around you emanating negativity, you would feel depleted but if they expressed love and joy you would feel uplifted. The energy of your physical body has a similar influence on your emotions, thoughts and actions.
          By anchoring love into your mind to overcome negative thoughts, into your being and chakras you will influence the energy of your body to a certain extent but if negative energies, thought habits and beliefs are still within the energy programming of your body they will constantly come forth to distract you or hinder your growth. This can occur even when a person has fully mastered their mind and only radiates positive thoughts at all times. The programming of the body can still bring forth old habits that are no longer needed.
          Many people do not realise that they must cleanse, heal and most importantly positively program the energy of their body to support their spiritual practices and growth process but it is a vital aspect of mastery and growth.
          From my ashram I have been observing many of you, you are becoming tired and drained due to your concentrated focus on your spiritual growth and also your physical realities, you are allowing the programming of your body’s energy to influence and stagnate your being. Now is the time to overcome this minor problem and take full mastery of your body, charging it with light, love and positivity.
          First I must remind you to continue with your cleansing processes, to cleanse your entire being each day is not too frequent. You may invoke my energy during meditation by repeating my name. You may also invoke the seventh ray of light to flow into your being through your crown chakra and to surround you completely. Invoking the violet flame of transmutation to descend into your being for five minutes a day is also beneficial, allow yourself to breath within this energy and have faith that a cleansing process will and has occurred.
          Now I wish to assist you in reprogramming your body and its energy so that it influences you in a positive way from now on. I wish to offer you this invocation to aid you in anchoring and integrating the energies during meditation.
          I invoke now the presence of Lady Portia to oversee this activation and reprogramming, ensure that I am safe and protected at all times. I invoke the violet ray of light to surround me in a cylinder of violet light that is vast and expansive, covering my entire being. As I sit within this high vibrational energy I ask that my entire being is cleansed completely and that love is anchored into every energy vibration, dimension, level and particle of my being.
          Lady Portia and the seventh ray of light, I ask you specifically to focus your energy and cleansing vibration into my physical body, its energy and vibration. I ask that every energy particle that creates my physical body is charged with the light and loving energy of the Creator and the seventh ray of light. I ask that the energy particles of my body vibrate and pulsate with joy, happiness, peace, harmony and most importantly love. Program my body to continually and externally emanate love into my mind, emotions and actions both on the Earth and the spiritual planes.  Allow my body to be a beacon of light forever more.
          My physical body and every particle that generates my body create a temple of love and joy, all negative energies or thought patterns have now been dissolved from my body.
          The energy of my body is cleansed, healed and charged with love; my physical body is the embodiment of love and influences me only in loving ways.
          Lady Portia, allow this reprogramming to continue until I am 100% the physical embodiment of love and joy.
          Let it be.
You may find it advisable to lay down now, it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep as the energy of lady Portia and the violet ray of light will be working on your body. You may feel tingles or sensations on your skin but simply relax and focus on your breathing and affirm to yourself;
          The energy of my body expresses only love to my soul.
Allow yourself to achieve another step of mastery and anchor love into your being at a deeper level. Love is the key to transformation and cleansing is the key to a new age. Allow the violet ray of light to work its wonders. Call on my energy to aid your spiritual development. Continue to affirm the affirmation throughout the next few days and return to the invocation when you feel drained or tried. It may take a few practises in order for the programming to be completed.
With the warmest of appreciation and love, 
Lady Portia          
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Blue Star transmissions* Consciousness

Blue Star Transmissions began on the internet Dec 12th, 1997
The Blue Star Transmissions are NOT for entertainment purposes

8-25-08 to 10-25-08  



Greetings Earthizens, I am hopeful that you have each and all been becoming more relaxed with yourselves, more comfortable with the Earth Star’s planetary Ascension process and her intense desire to rid herself of all malignant energies. I bring this to your attention now because this planet has been busily acquiring new energies and absorbing massive amounts of highly charged ionic streams while welcoming the arrivals en masse of new old Souls, both of the human species and the various Star Keeper races. This is not an easy time for her in one sense yet it is indeed the best of times. Isn’t evolution wonderful!! Now, because each person living on the Earth Star planet is being subjected to the continuous bombardment of healthy, glowing energy streamers that have begun an incredible “layering effect” which effectively removes the previous superimposed artificial and toxic layers of devious dark energies, you each were bound to not only feel the effects of this massive Cosmic undertaking, but to benefit from them as well. Tis why I had selected this chronological timeline as the right one to discuss my topic of “Consciousness” with all of you ones.


Earthizens long, long ago lost their innate ability to understand consciousness. Your races have forgotten to use this ability and how and when to move levels of consciousness into higher forms than the previous levels you had as you yourselves have progressed in other areas as so-called “civilized peoples.” Civilized indeed! As you have moved forward at least technologically, your “Awareness Factor” has suffered great defeat. This defeat was brought upon you ones by you, yourselves. Now, think of consciousness as: awareness, awakened to mind-thoughts, sensitivity to mind-matter and the intangible union between you as the physical aspect of Soul Voice and the union between you each to Divinity. Well of course you have not been taught this in your schools, they are not “in AWARENESS” of this truth. Hmm, tell me again why you attend schools? All life is predicated upon levels, stages and degrees of Awareness. It is a matter of being “in the know” or being “in the no.” You see? Consciousness is not adding 1 + 1 and getting a false “2,” it is adding 1 + 1 and getting the answer of “1” and knowing that it is not mathematically correct but it is a SuperConscious reality far outweighing the mundane mathematical equation. The intangible union I spoke of KNOWS that the natural manner of giving and receiving information is through telepathic processing. The pragmatic and archaic method is to verbalize thoughts but not to LIVE them.


Now, think of all forms of awareness as a parachute. Now visualize it as wide-open and in flowing, beautiful wind-driven motion; you are the one in the parachute. With arms extended in upright manner you and the parachute function as one complete OPEN entity. If you are not yet in the chute then it remains rolled up and quiet, unable to accomplish its mission because IT IS NOT IN USE. IT IS CLOSED. The type of “knowing” that is all forms of consciousness encapsulated within a mass of fluid, mobile in this sense, energy cells is a part of each person here. Each cell produced by this mass then gravitates to the personal magnetic alignment produced by your mind and Spirit and enhanced through your bodily responses to the cell-matter. Because consciousness exists on so many levels it can only be received as truth by the mind when it correlates with an individual’s personal belief systems and their honed ability to perceive truth. Awareness cannot exist for long in a mind that is in disuse; a mind that is blanketed with unilluminated “cotton batting,” so to speak. I do not speak of the unilluminated blanket in reference to the Illuminati now, I speak of the mind that has become suffocated by the personality’s either intentional disregard for learning truths or the personality’s unwillingness to alter what they have been conditioned to believe. These are the blockages which Create the individuals’ inability to perceive the deceitful mundane myths. As this happens the peoples stop searching for the Greater Truths and personal individual Greatness.


Now, just as Soul exists in various stages and levels of development so does Awareness. Consciousness is a healthy, evolved form of energy which radiates from within the individual Soul; The Soul causes that type of radiance to expand upon itself by permeating the entirety of the physical vehicle and thus lights up the persona of the person as well as all aspects of that person’s “humanness.” Consciousness does not enter into a Being’s presence loudly. Rather, it enters subtly; sometimes bringing with it sensations of tingling, unusual warmth, and a sudden need to express yourself either verbally or non-verbally. Everyone here on the Earth Star planet bandies the term “consciousness” about without really understanding it or even wanting to understand it. The majority of peoples are content to think, “I am conscious of such and such a development; I am conscious that I am doing the right thing.” This type of “knowing” is quite limiting for it remains in the realm of less evolved thinking and “doing.” Yet it has been “mainstream” reality for hundreds of years. For the millions of peoples who only “know” what they “know” they do not realize that their lower state of awareness or knowingness, has effectively become integrated with their intellect to such a degree that over a period of time they cannot separate one from the other. So essentially they have subjugated their consciousness to their intellect.


If you feel that this is not a bad thing then you are probably one of those millions who is not evolving because you have short-circuited “the Consciousness Factor.” Now, for the sake of expediency I shall simply refer to consciousness as “the factor.” Your five senses and all of your sentience correlates to individual layers and stages of the factor. Those who have tantrums because they cannot utilize their sentience or because they cannot soar to great heights with their sentience are either not yet ready for more evolved layers of the factor, or possibly too many lackadaisical periods in their lives have not yet been “gutted.” The factor is of course a multidimensional stream of energy. As such it LITERALLY is magnetized to you, by YOU yourself. The factor follows the ionic and anatomic trail of the molecules of energy which comprise the whole of “you” as a unique individual. The anatomic properties of yourself can easily be seen as a mass of colored “pixels;” with each different coloration denoting not only the physical “you,” but the essence of “you” as Soul walking in human form. Now, the ionic properties which govern you are seen as either a mass of similar or same (equal) colorations as the pixel image or as small clusters or isolated “beads” of colors which can show displacements or a void where a mass or cluster should be. During transitional periods that an individual is experiencing it is not uncommon to see areas that resemble fog or mist accumulating throughout the ionic range. In time those misty areas will alter and a coloration will replace the mist. Your own individual free expression can be viewed as a sparking white coloration IF that individual has not given in to the constraints of religious, governmental or societal lifestyles and beliefs.


Each level of free expression bears a mark; it is a hue and a “musical note.” Although the mark may match with many other peoples‘ marks, it is still a singular identification marker which correlates to your intangible BUT quite visible indelible fingerprint. This fingerprint declares YOU are YOU and no one else. Your own personal magnetic field commonly known as “the aura,” is a dedication to the layers and stages of the factor which you possess. The aura of course exemplifies the totality of yourself. As such the aura CAN alter its coloration or hues constantly. As the factor is assimilated by you in the various growth stages of yourself it can further your determination to succeed in spite of yourself and your self-imposed blocks to success. Unfortunately millions of Souls here are as afraid of success as they are of failure. Therefore, they choose to not do anything that could cause them to question their beliefs. When this occurs the factor closes down. You are where you are and nowhere else. Now, the great importance of the factor is that it is predicated not only upon the Spiritual conduct of you as individual Soul, but that the individual Soul which clusters in mass groups with the same like-minded expressions of Soul Self, impact tremendously on the planet as well. You see, it is not necessary to be physically around other groups of peoples such as yourself as this occurs. The impaction of which I speak occurs naturally as energy magnifies itself to same energy bundles all over the planet. This is why very young Souls: Souls who have many, many journeys to make through the rebirthing process, cannot receive evolved levels of the factor.


So much chatter here on the planet about “reaching out to others; sharing individual consciousness with others; displacing old, worn-out and untruthful beliefs with others,” yet all you need to do is send your level of the factor across the globe without any expectations that any receivers will know it was you. The factor cannot be forced, it cannot be bought or sold YET it is priceless. The factor is a personalized version of all of the Creation in one sense. Although the Creation exists in highly developed, highly refined geotropic forms as degrees of Matter, it is as Matter without body rotating around each life form. The Creation processing filter systems touch each individual, EVERY life form here through the degrees of the factor. It is the degrees of separation between you and the factor which designate your life path here; your whims, dreams, fantasies and ability to BE the Soul you truly are. Now, the factor is in ONE sense relative to an individual’s successes or failures in personal evolvement. Each level and stage of your factor, your personal factor that is, correlates to where you are as an individual in any manifestation of Soul Growth. Whatever level each Soul is on during ANY of the Growth periods reflects back to that One’s Soul Cluster as varying degrees of Illuminative matter or substance. If you or others are relying on and patronizing the conscious level of the factor-that is to say, if you are dealing with life and Spiritual issues only through the 1st. level of the factor which is “awareness of the practical world and everyday issues,” to such extent that you are subjugating the other forms of the factor-then you cannot rise above the mundane and “teleport” yourself to other layers of the factor. You see, those who insist upon first and second dimensional thinking, or perhaps do not know any better and are living in the practical world only, cannot be receivers of other layers and stages of consciousness. Therein lies the degrees of separation. It is ONLY when an individual, or at times a cluster of like-minded Souls, congregate with the intent of lifting their awareness to higher levels of perceptions that a further step in the factor is mandated for the role of “prime time player.”


Now, with each level that a person consciously ascribes to come certain challenges which are automatically set into place as an aspect of the higher form of the factor. At times it may be a requirement for understanding others around you with a different perspective than you may have had before. At times it will most definitely require a continuing expansion of the understanding of yourself. Sound easy? I think NOT! The greatest capitulations by individuals and groups of same-minded peoples I have seen is when they are forced in spite of themselves, to say, “ I was wrong.” Ironically those 3 words are felt by the personality as the most damaging to the individual’s ego than any other words. Perhaps the words are considered “ PERSONALIZED foul language.” All successes just as all failures are in a major way relative to the individual factor which you ones each possess…to one degree or another. Your conscious self will direct you to all which needs attention in the practical world. BUT, those who are not willing or able to slowly assimilate all of the other forms of the factor experience the lesser successes in life. For most of them, it is ok with them. God forbid they should be “risk takers!” Now, YES of course there are “risks” here; for many among you ones it means leaping into the void and trusting that someone will be there to catch you if you need help. Then there are the millions of people who are too much in fear to step outside of themselves and “get a life.”


The factor begins to heighten a person’s senses, to increase their levels of empathy, to demand in a sense that outmoded beliefs and ways of dealing with others must be changed for the betterment of the individual and all those that person comes in contact with. All that is required to get the proverbial ball rolling is to very seriously ask yourself as your own Soul Voice which you are anyway, to raise your Spirit Self, to elevate you to the next factor level. Needless to say this must never be done in jest. I do not speak of success in any monetary manner; rather I speak of success for you personally as a Child of God climbing the ladder which leads to the Spiral Staircase. I speak of success as I see you ones beaming and glistening in the Light of All Lights which will ensure that your Earthbound walk here will ever be regretted by you. Nor should it! What so many among you ones fail to understand is that as you evolve in the manner of accumulating AND USING high levels of the factor, all which you still do not have here on Earth, all which you still seek to make your lives easier, will be sent to you. Failures in the Earthstar walk are predicated upon unwise decisions, unfortunate choices in friends and of course the ogres of greed and lust. When you are living in the inside core of your factor those things may attempt to happen, BUT it is the level and stage of your consciousness which will alert you to high-risk situations and people. If you ones think and BELIEVE that life is no more than what you make of it, then think again! Life is a grand journey replete with the evidence of the factor at work in everything you do, everything you say and everything you think. Failures enter when you Create dramas in your lives, when you accept others’ dramas as your own and when you lose touch with your high-level factor.


Now, when you as Soul Ascend in each moment by living within your factor it needs to be understood by you ones that even though an individual may rise to the next level, the next stage, a person CAN temporarily lose that position by being afflicted with the lower factors of others. It does not necessarily mean that the other persons are bad people; they could be having a bad day, their personal lives may be running amuck and so forth. BUT my point here is that yes, it can impact upon your own factor simply because the energetics are so vastly changed, or they are already different and you did not even know it. You see, the factor rises (ascends) with you as YOU. So it is that as you expand exponentially your body and mind react in a most wondrous manner to the elevated levels and degrees of the factor. Should you encounter the instances which I spoke of above, being around peoples who are stuck in one-dimensional and two-dimensional thinking, and I assure you…you WILL…then the best route to take during those times is to get away from them. I hear you thinking, “how can we get away from them if mass consciousness is stuck in lower vibrations, lower frequencies, and lower forms of consciousness?” Spend more time with your best friend, you, and as little time as possible among the wanton zigzag energetics of others. Do not forget… you yourselves have been there, done that.


Should your professions, families, lifestyles etc., throw you into that maelstrom of energy, hold tightly onto yourself and all those others you know or shall meet who are on the same wavelength as are you. You see, one of the benefits of traveling up the steps of the factor is that those around you who are “not there yet,” will really not want to continue to be around you..nor you around them. So it will come to pass that you will either leave their presence or they shall leave yours. It is the way it is. Oil and water you see, they will never mix. In either case there is no failure here; it took you long enough to “get there” and the others will meet up with you at one time or another. Now, it is true you can lose touch with the factor during periods of extreme tiredness, illness, melancholy and so forth. BUT as soon as you bounce back from those extreme situations the advanced factor will be awaiting you. The factor flows slowly in one sense, yet rapidly in another. The integration between yourself and the factor takes shape in an asymmetrical form which seeks to encapsulate your Spirit, heart and mind in an extraordinary Light. It is wondrous for us to behold!! As this energy flows through you all Infinite doors and windows of possibilities and probabilities open for you. Your inner “knowing” begins to expand without any self-imposed or conditioned constraints laid upon it.


You find that all that you think you knew will pale in comparison to all that you are now aware of without you necessarily understanding how you know the things you now know. All your forms of sentience correspond with the levels and stages of the factor you are now in alignment with. At times it may seem a tad painful for your clairaudience will be so heightened that noise distortions may bother you. You see, there are valid reasons why not all forms of the factor can be assimilated by any one person all at one time. Your physical vehicle cannot tolerate that much energetic movement coursing through it. Your mind cannot either, you would end up in “la-la land.” Now, the most common experience that an individual on the Earth Star planet has when he or she is suddenly moving up the rungs of the factor ladder is an overwhelming need/desire to share all which is happening through body, mind and Spirit with EVERYBODY ELSE. I do ask you please, restrain yourselves; the human language lacks the adequacy to explain certain things in understandable language to others. Simply be happy for and with yourself; be firm in the belief that in time all others will also have what you do. Now, an anomaly takes place when the person who is suddenly “in bloom” with the factor in the initial stages which MAY confuse the blooming Soul. I will try to keep my explanation as simple as possible, but some things are difficult for the human mind to comprehend.


When the advanced flow of the factor begins it proceeds with EACH new level and stage of connecting with the individual in either a subtle flow or a rush of sudden movement. It is then that the person begins to consciously or unconsciously incorporate this massive “new” energy into the totality of themselves. Then the mind reacts in surprise, then pleasure and finally acceptance that something major has altered, that a high level of expectancy of “something” has now been achieved. The intellect is at this stage mostly running in the mode of “observer.” It senses no danger so it does not try to interfere. The heart feels a surge of relief which it then immediately broadcasts to all parts of the physical vehicle. The Spirit of the individual dances; It soars and releases certain types of molecular energies which float effervescently to the Higher Dimensions. Soul feels ItSelf unfettered and KNOWS It is advancing just as It desired to be. HOWEVER, when the initial phase is passed and new levels of energetic motions begin anew the same feeling you had experienced before becomes passé. In other words, you have accepted on a Higher level of Consciousness than you are aware of that this has occurred. The more levels you ascend, the more normal or commonplace it will feel. Some peoples are disappointed, they had been looking forward to that initial “high” feeling. For many individuals it is not a sensation they have ever experienced before.


You see, this is actually a good thing; it is not necessary or even recommended that you ones re-experience that first “newborn” feeling. The more “everyday and normal” it seems to you the more you can be assured that you are moving forward and upward at Light Speed, at the right pace at the right time. The idea is for you to move forward and upwards but in an “ordinary” way, do you see? Now, although I will not name all the levels and stages of this Consciousness growth, suffice it to say that all roads there lead to the epitome of the Super Conscious. Contrary to many beliefs the Super Conscious is not merely a “one,” it is a “many.” No, not all may attain all levels of the Super Conscious while they are in mortal form. BUT if each individual cherishes, relishes and desires to continually expand upon whatever their own level is, then miracles are wrought…for the good of all. Now, all forms of the factor can and will remain with a person for the duration of their Earth Star life span. When Soul departs this dimension the factor is firmly entrenched within the Soul Matrix. Tis an aspect of the building blocks called “Soul Growth” needed for future evolved incarnations. There are certain instances as a Soul is transforming ItSelf through the factor processing when “Displacement Issues” occur. All right, yet again I will try to make this as simple and understandable as possible without needing to become too technical. As Soul traverses the factor streams, it (the factor) CAN cause disruptions that MAY be annoying, although to many peoples the disruptions themselves are comical and not clearly understood.


Now, I am going to use an analogy here that MAY assist your understanding of what I am about to tell you ones. If you are working on a sand painting and using different colored sand and you are doing this outside for instance, it only requires a small bit of wind to blow over the sand and move the different colorations to other places, even if you did not intend for it to be that way. BUT as the sand is moved from one place to another a new design can take place. The original picture you were designing has been altered. Perhaps you can see that it is a better, clearer picture with a whole different meaning. YET the original foundation of the painting is still the same…but different. It is still your own Creation yet something more, something “unexpected” has been added or changed. You then have a choice to make; do you return it to how you originally Created it or do you allow the Winds of Change to be the guide and the instrument for reshaping the painting? This is essentially how the factor employs its own magnetic currents and directs them through your Sacred Orifices. When your levels and stages of Consciousness alter it can and does disrupt certain things in your life without interfering in your life choices. The factor then is a mass of such highly evolved matter that when it encounters anything that is of a lower or denser stream occupying certain areas of space within you, it temporarily displaces that substance until the incoming level and stage of the factor have achieved their destination.


Now, this having been said I will give you a few practical examples of what can happen when the former matter is displaced by the evolving factor. Memory loss is most common; these instances are quick lapses of memory, sometimes referred to here as, “I just blanked out.” Forgetting where you placed things, seeing things that were not there a moment ago and may not be there when you look again in another minute, physical fluctuations of the nervous system which CAN include brief periods of rapid heartbeat, up and down feelings of fatigue etc. The “new” factor which I will now call “A,” is replacing OR converting your previous factor “B” into a higher more refined version of itself. Annoyance usually enters a person’s attitude because they are concerned that they are simply becoming forgetful or aging. Although it is not true it IS the intellect’s method of dealing with something it cannot understand. The intellect cannot understand it until YOU yourself do and accept it as “normal-under the circumstances.” Of course if a person is an airhead then this is not the case, they are just “an airhead.” If you can teach yourself to simply roll with the upsurges of energy and deal with the sometimes but not always, feeling of “coming down,” then you can simplify the process for yourself. I will say that at times peoples resemble bouncing balls as the surges course through them BUT the reward is worth it.

Dreams and the Factor


Now, the factor is in constant motion; it is fluid, its mobility is not hampered by external forces UNLESS you yourself are giving in to or have already succumbed to another’s lesser form of consciousness. Although there are exceptions to what I am about to tell you, this is what occurs during your sleep and dream times. As I have stated many, many times before, when you sleep and/or dream the conscious mind-the practical, “I see what is in front of me because I know it is there, therefore I believe it is there“-rests and is quiet as is your intellect. It is during these times as well as times of deep meditation that the factor dances like a leaf on the Wings of Spirit. It is here that the factor can raise itself to the next stage and level without any undue interference by YOU. Think of it as a “ Spirit Transfusion.” Although all dreams are symbolic in nature YET quite real in the story they are telling, it is WHILE the dream state is imaging or telepath-ing important information to you ones that the factor itself functions as the motivating force which it truly is and can be seen behind each dream as well as interfaced with the dreams. Their combined goal is to inform, warn, transmute negative information and further instill your determination with the realization that you are more than you believe you are. The factor “kicks in” big time during these defining epochs of your life THROUGHOUT your mortality.


As the factor continues on its explosive journey while it is defining you and encircling all aspects of you, it is also infusing you with inspirations, ideas, and HOPE for a better you and a better tomorrow. It is then while you sleep that the same forces who deride all that you ones do Spiritually, make their attempts at restraining you from moving forward. The most common and heinous practice is by attempting to interfere with the information you should be receiving in dreams and images. You see, these insidious creatures do NOT want the factor to replace your previous levels. They FEAR the factor greatly! So it is that a person can be assaulted nightly because they are achieving success. Now, I did tell you ones that there are exceptions to this invasive assault. There are Souls here who are so highly evolved and have such spectacular destines to fulfill in one way or another, that they are not under siege while they sleep. You see, Soul Identity is known to the opposing force as well, not merely to all of us. Because you have all “been around the block” many times, who and what you are is not a secret. Souls who are the most evolved and have proved their dedication to just cause and are loyal in ALL ways to the Creator, to God and to the Universe as a whole, cannot be broken. Their presences in mortal form do indeed cause great consternation to the dark forces. These dark ones’ first impulse is “ok, let’s see if we can kill them instead.” That opposing force knows well that these industrious Souls are not going to capitulate, so why waste time on something that will not happen. They are however attacked in many other ways. It does tend to be the Souls who have cast away their former degrading lifestyles, their former addictions and their former disbeliefs who are being targeted while they sleep. The dark force does not like it at all when those who they have compromised, those who they have held in their grasp, decide to break free and “keep on trucken.” This does NOT sway the factor however; if anything it only increases the magnetic flow to the ones under attack. In time, the attacks cease. However it is a time-honored process of wearing a person down, I WARN you very seriously about this! Now, everyone DOES dream although not everyone remembers their dreams CONSCIOUSLY. That is all right too. Dreams are kept in “cold storage” in these cases and may interact with a person as simply an idea.

The Factor and the id.


Now, as I prepare to end my transmission for this time period I would like to do so with a brief discussion of the “id.” It has been said that the id is nothing more than a theoretical proposition of something that COULD be, but not necessarily IS. Let me state for the record: that the id not only IS, it has always been. The danger here to the silly and untruthful supposition regarding the reality of the id is that this untruth was designed so that peoples would not believe in its existence. The id is a primal force within the human psyche. Now, I speak not of any psychobabble; I speak of a driving force that is an absolute necessity for the mind, body and Spirit of an individual. The id also houses the factor so I ask you ones, can you yet see the WHY there are those who do NOT want this information to be understood by the peoples of the Earth Star planet? Remember what I said earlier, there are multitudinous layers of the factor which are designed to forge an unbreakable bond with you ones. So it is that the id and the psyche can either be healthy, glowing, evolving luminous beams of an aspect of yourself AS an individual, or it can be reduced to a situation where the factor cannot move forward, it is at a standstill. The human psyche itself IS a force to be reckoned with. Within the psyche there are many “rooms” which hold information relative to previous incarnations. If a person has had enough of previous experiences that were not in their best interests or if the id itself desires to move forward in conjunction with the desires of the Soul, then the id and the factor form a formidable team; one that is quite difficult to crack by the dark energies. The id itself CAN be a great tool to use for your advancement Spiritually.


The psyche is not some subterranean area best left alone. It receives its nourishment from mind, body, Spirit and the factor. Without the factor the id would decay in a sense. When the id is damaged and in an unhealthy mode then the factor CANNOT push forward. Whatever level and stage a person is on with the factor AT THAT TIME, is the place they will stay….unless they fall even further down the black hole of the unjust. You see, when invasive assaults upon you ones occur it is not always physical. The physical injuries can heal BUT the most vicious attacks are upon the id-which then CAN be devastating to the factor. The conscious mind can run in circles, dealing with situations in a logical, pragmatic fashion. This does NOT make the information that the conscious mind accepts as truth, actually truth. It simply is a placebo of sorts; one that may calm the intellect and thus reassure the conscious mind. The factor however cannot be compromised that way. The same dark forces that are now learning to “duck and cover,” that is the ones still remaining here on the planet, are aware of the great danger that the id and the factor represent to their own misplaced alliances. I will not speak this day of the damaged psyche or transmit long information about the psyche and the id because I believe that God covered all of that is His wonderful presentation of “the Psyche and Psychosis,” featured in one of the chapters of “And then God Said..then I Said..then He Said.” My mission this day was to attempt to enlighten you about learning as much about yourself as you are able to accept. Now, in your present year of 2008 it is the id and the factor which although once not as severely attacked, which have become the primary focus of the unilluminated forces.


When I and other mentors have told you ones again and again that you HAVE all the tools you need to defeat these beings who are counting coup, we all meant what we said. And we still do. You see, the greatest successes these beings have had have been possible because peoples were not aware of the need to fight nor of the abilities they have to not only fight, but to WIN THE WAR. So now tell me Earthizens, what other excuses do you have? Now, because the dark ones still left here are in dire need of victories, even small ones will do, their own scenting of impending danger has awakened them even more to the juxtaposition of the factor and the id. They are focusing a mass attack on all evolved Souls AND all initiates’ factors. Regardless of how clearly you may see, think or feel, do not assume you are invincible…NO ONE HERE IS! The forces of the remnants of what was once a gargantuan dark energetic mass are targeting your factor and id because they are at a loss as to what else they can do that they have not already tried. Disruptions of your id, not the ones I spoke with you about in above paragraphs, can easily be identified by you when it is a disreputable force attempting to subjugate your level and stage of consciousness. Irritability, personality changes, confusion, anger and unjustified hurt feelings occur when your factor is under attack.


Lashing out at others is also not uncommon when this occurs. Please do not think of it as a compliment when your id or factor is attacked. Do not challenge those beasties by stating, “my id can beat your id up.” If you do not choose to be in awareness of what is occurring and why, if you do not choose to stand in defense of yourself then you will have to suffer the consequences. When these attacks occur they enter your consciousness like a horde of locusts, devouring all that is healthy and diminishing the Spirit of the host body. It is then that the Soul of the person begins a downward spiral, cast into the long journey which is the dark night of the Soul. If you ones remember that when you “catch-on,” when you are aware that you are being attacked then you can stop the assault. Keep your intellect out of it and remain strong in your Spirit; remain firm in your beliefs and you will be fine. The assaults will stop as soon as you recognize them for what they are. You are each so well-loved, so cherished by us and the God of this Universe. Is that not in itself the most formidable armory you can have? I wish for you and your factor to be in continuous stages of harmony. In this manner you and the factor can dance as you have never danced before, sing as you have never sung before, and BE as you have never BEEN before.

Good day, I am signing off for now…..

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian



“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one…I shall meet you there.”
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The Human Light Body


By Kate A. Spreckley

 As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being.  Our being is linked to all existence through our body of light.

 Our body of light is far greater in size than our physical body and is not limited nor constrained by our physical world.  This body is able to move through time and space connecting us to other dimensions of reality and other life forms that exist throughout Creation.

 Our Light Body holds the essence of our multidimensional self and in shifting our consciousness and accessing our Light Body we are able to move through different dimensions and to view other realities.  Through our Light Body we have the ability to access and to communicate with different dimensions for the purpose of our growth, learning and development. 

 For the most part this process of communication happens unconsciously or during our dream time.  But part of our evolutionary process involves building and integrating our Light Body into our Human forms.  In integrating our Human Light Body it will become possible for us to consciously access and communicate with other dimensions, gathering knowledge, wisdom and guidance.  By being conscious of the guidance and wisdom available to us, we will then be able to apply this knowledge within our own lives, healing ourselves, our world, and enabling us to progress further along the path of our Soul evolution.

 For many thousands of centuries, our lives have been controlled by the belief systems held within our societies and cultures.  These belief systems have become the blue print by which we create our own lives and our own realities.  We buy into the beliefs of others and recreate their reality thereby replicating the damage and destruction of humanity and our Earth.  All this recreating and replicating has created an energy pattern that has been grounded into the energy field of our Earth through us. 

 The original blue print for the Earth was one of peace, love and harmony between all living things.  That blue print still exists beneath the energy patterns and structures that we as human beings have initiated. 

 At some point in our history we allowed ourselves to think we were superior to all other life forms on this planet.  We allowed these thoughts to become the basis of our belief patterns and thus began our journey of separation and the grounding of these patterns into the energy field of our Earth. 

 Our Earth is a living, breathing energy field and as we walk upon Her body an energetic connection is formed between us and the Earth.  It is through this energetic connection that all our thoughts, feelings and creations are transferred, grounded and held in the energy field of the Earth.  It is this energy field that assists us in creating our physical reality.

 In creating our physical reality we tap into these energetic patterns of memory.  If these memories are of old, outdated and negative patterns we will have a very difficult time trying to create a life of love, peace and harmony.  We are all here on this Earth because we need to heal and to evolve and in order for us to do that we are required to change our patterns of belief, structure and behaviour. 

 As we evolve, grow and develop we begin to access our inner truth, held in the deeper aspects of ourselves.  As we uncover our inner truth we realize that our material world does not define who or what we are and our search for a deeper meaning to our life begins.  On this journey we discover that it is only through the Spirit that we can gain any understanding of what is occurring in our world.  With this understanding we are able to begin a process of healing; releasing old patterns of belief and behaviour and allowing our Spirit to guide our day to day life.

 As our connection to our Spirit strengthens we are able to tap into the true essence of ourselves, which at its core is an essence of love.  It is only through healing ourselves that we are able to tap into our essence of love and it is only through the love of self that we are able to pull light into our physical bodies, thereby activating, building and integrating our Light Body into our physical beings. 

 In connecting with our true essence of love and allowing that energy to be channeled through us, we are able to begin transforming the energy patterns held with in the Earth, allowing for the original blue print of love, peace and harmony to arise. 

 Accessing our true essence of love initiates changes in our molecular structure enabling us to begin building our Light Body.  As we build our Light Body we allow the healed aspects of ourselves to merge and combine with the love of our true essence thus allowing our physical body to hold more and more of our Light Body.

  Our task is to heal ourselves and merge all aspects of ourselves with our true essence, as we do so our challenges will gather force and our unhealed aspects will be brought to light, assisting us in healing any separations that we continue to carry.  This in turn will transform the energy patterns held within our Earth Mother enabling us to build and integrate our Light Body ultimately becoming the light and love of our true essence in Human form.


The Truth About Awakening – Reconnection With the Higher Self

The Truth About Awakening – Reconnection With the Higher Self
By Christine Hoeflich

Many people are concerned about current events. The rising costs of
food and fuel, the continuing war, economic downturns and natural
disasters indicate a time of worldwide crisis. When we add to this
picture our own personal and professional challenges, the future
doesn’t look very promising.

To counter these trends, New Age leaders teach the importance of
“focusing on the Light” and using your thoughts, feelings and actions
to “attract” what you want to experience in your life and in the
world. Focusing on your fears and the things you do not want attracts
more of the same, you are told. If you can learn how to “shift your
field of energy,” you can begin to shift what shows up in your life.
And when you begin to understand the power of your thoughts and
feelings–the importance of monitoring the focus of your attention and
of controlling your behavior patterns–you begin to “awaken.”
Attraction seems to be the key. Yet in spite of the “Law of
Attraction” becoming an everyday concept, conditions on the earth
don’t seem to be improving. On a personal level, it’s likely that
you’re still feeling frustrated and powerless when it comes to
changing your life–evidenced by the proliferation of new programs on
the Internet that promise you the key that will “finally create the
life you want right now.”

But perhaps there’s a deeper perspective available, which, if added to
our current understanding (that we’re in the midst of some sort of
awakening process), will create the critical mass necessary for real
change to occur. This perspective- -the soul’s perspective- -is
beginning to emerge in consciousness.

Consider the possibility that a lot of the fear and inertia that
prevents you from moving forward in your life could be alleviated if
you knew that your higher self had planned your life experiences so
that you would grow, so that you would come to know yourself as “one
who rose to the challenge.” Because your higher self had planned
everything in your life, including your biggest challenges, it has the
capacity to complete those challenges successfully. In other words,
the keys to your life’s fulfillment can be found within. All you have
to do is to reconnect with your higher self, to develop a relationship
with it so that you can hear its guidance (your intuition) and trust
it enough to follow through consistently. As you begin to do this, you
will glimpse into your soul’s original plan. Your life will begin to
make more sense to you, and you will begin to understand how it fits
into the larger “earth experience,” or “earth game.”

On a collective level, if we knew that each and every one of us had a
role in planning this earth game, and if we remembered why we
(humanity) agreed to “play the game” in the first place, we would view
the world’s crises as opportunities rather than dreadful things to be
avoided. We would know that we had the power within to complete this
earth game successfully.

I came to understand that we created this earth game a long, long time
ago, and with good intentions, too: so that we would learn and grow.
As new souls, we yearned to discover who we really were, and the best
way to know ourselves was through firsthand experience. For variety,
we created variety on the earth, including a variety of belief
systems. Things got interesting when some of us agreed to be the
“good” guys, and some “not so good.” From time to time we reversed
roles so we would know what it was like on the other side. We did all
this for each other knowing that this earth experiment would be
instrumental in helping us evolve as quickly as possible. Although we
knew that some of our experiences would be extremely difficult, we
knew this was the quickest way to spiritual growth. Then at some
point, while we were in the process of learning our final lessons, we
would remember that this was “just” a game we had once created. We
would be able to complete the game successfully and come back together
in Oneness.

Now we probably won’t remember planning this game because in order to
have been able to play it correctly, we needed to forget that we had
planned it. Forgetting was required for playing the game “for real.”
Buying into the belief systems that each of us bought into was also
required. If we had known that we had made those up, we might not have
played this game with complete conviction, which would have derailed
the learning experiences our souls really wanted. But our souls are
powerful, so powerful that we have created an illusion and then lived
it as if it were real in order to accomplish larger, much more noble
goals for ourselves.

In facing my own life challenges, I came to understand that each and
every person on this planet had agreed to play the game of duality.
(Or you can call this game “dark versus light,” or “learning through
contrast,” if you wish.) If your soul hadn’t agreed to play this earth
game, you wouldn’t be here at this time. Furthermore, you have a
unique life purpose, an individual contribution that will help fulfill
the game. “Fulfilling your soul’s purpose” is another way of saying,
“rising to the challenge.”

So unless you can see the bigger picture, unless you can understand
your soul’s perspective: that this earth experience is like a dream
you and yours (those involved in your life) had planned for the
purpose of growth, only then can you consider yourself awakening from
the dream. And the more the vastness of your higher self’s perspective
and understanding becomes your own, the more you can consider yourself

What this means is that humanity did not actually “fall from grace” as
we were led to believe but intentionally planned this “falling” as if
it were real so that we would be able to learn, grow, and experience
ourselves rising back up again. This further implies that you are much
more powerful and good than you have ever known yourself to be.
Realizing the extent of your power helps you take effective action, of
course, but you might not actually know yourself as powerful unless
you experience yourself being powerful, which means resolving your
current challenges. You resolving your own challenges will then help
resolve the crises on this planet.

Rising to the challenge takes something, of course. Courage is
required, as your wisdom and deeper purpose might go against societal
conditionings. A commitment to develop a relationship with your higher
self is also required. Once the relationship with your higher self is
at least as important and as real to you as any of your other
relationships, once you trust it enough to follow through on its
guidance promptly and consistently, you experience what is termed
“critical mass.” Experiencing critical mass means that the universe
begins to cooperate like never before. Interconnectedness knows it can
rely on you and real change occurs. You begin to discover your hidden
gifts by tapping into that part of yourself that’s been around for
infinity–your soul. Following through on your inner guidance helps
you become aware of the gifts you might not be conscious of right now
because they are hidden within your soul.

While this might require something of you, you don’t need to become
Mother Theresa or Gandhi; you have your own contributions based on
your individual gifts and talents. Human beings have both a common,
general purpose (to learn, to grow, etc.) as well as a specific
purpose based on individual identity. This suggests that the
individual, the personality or “ego” should not be “negated” as some
have proponed, but accepted and even accentuated. After all, the
bridge between this world and the “new earth” that many of us yearn
for lies with each of us fulfilling our own life purposes, using our
individual gifts and talents.

So, while you don’t need to feel like you’re attempting something
impossible, you do need to make a commitment to connect to your inner
guidance and follow through on your intuition consistently. When you
get serious about your soul’s purpose, the universe will support you;
you will receive what you need in order to fulfill it. The universe
will respond to your questions, synchronicities will occur regularly,
you will know you’re on the right path.

The world is the way it is and circumstances are the way they are so
that we can discover who we are, including who we are in times of
crisis. We have the capacity to fulfill our deepest dreams by
following our inner guidance. We can’t fail if we follow this
guidance. In other words, if we can begin to see from the soul’s
perspective, if we can view this time as an opportunity, we can be
vehicles for truth and freedom; we can triumph. This inner power, the
soul’s power, is what will turn this planet around, and nothing else.
The time is ripe for this to occur.

Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir
of Intuition and Awakening. Her scientific background, as well as her
journey in activating her intuitive side, enables her to attain the
balance needed to be able to explore and explain in clear, simple
terms the underlying laws and principles of the process of life. For
further information, including how to gain confidence in your
intuition, please visit her at her web site.
http://www.WhatEver yoneBelieved. com/


Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance” – A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The following is part of a session that is reproduced here with our client’s consent:

“Hello. I would like to have some clarity on conscious creation. How do I create what I would like to experience? I’m not sure what steps to take. Can you provide me with some guidance on this? Thank you.”

Dear Friend,

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua, along with your Angelic Team, Alexandra, and Dan.

Please take a moment and breathe with us. Breathe, and receive the Love That You Are. Be still, and listen to the whisperings of your Soul.

Many times you have felt a desire to contact Spirit. You sit, and wait for a connection that inspires you – one that gives you hope and fills you with a zest for living. You experience a bit of an opening, but then feel you are shutting down again, and wonder what is going on.

Receiving Guidance

Perhaps you are expecting guidance about creation to strike you like a bolt of lightning from above, when more often it speaks from the still, small voice within. This is the voice of your Soul. It is the sound of you, when you are untroubled by worries, or by desires to improve your current circumstances.

The expectations in your mind, coupled with strong desires about what you might like to create, keep you confused and feeling tired. They agitate your mind and intensify your emotions without giving you any clear idea of what to do. This creates a sense of futility, exhaustion, and an inability to conceive and coordinate right action.

You have come here to receive the voice of Spirit. To partake of the love and wisdom it freely offers you. Turn this matter over to your Soul. It knows exactly what to do. The only thing that is required of you is to listen quietly to what it says.

To hear your Soul, you first must calm your mind and curb the intensity of your desires. Troubled waters neither reflect the clarity above them, nor reveal the depths below. And so it is with communication. Allow quietness to find you, instead. Don’t seek it. It is a natural condition. When your mind is quiet and your emotions calm, you will be able to receive the guidance that will help you satisfy all your true desires.

Getting To Stillness

To reach a place of stillness and receive guidance from your Soul, you must be willing to feel everything around you, without necessarily identifying yourself with it. If you are afraid to feel anything, then this same fear may interfere with your ability to sense the presence of Divinity around you.

To reopen the channels of communication with your Soul, you must first be willing to touch old emotional hurts that may reside within you. These are parts of you that were made to feel isolated and unloved in your past. To reintegrate these fragments of yourself and feel your wholeness again, you must re-experience your traumas, but without identifying yourself with them.

When you allow yourself to feel your past wounds in this way, you can safely welcome home the parts of yourself that have felt unwanted, unloved, or not good enough. You accept them, just as they are, allowing your love to transform them into something better. Healing your past restores your ability to feel your emotions without fear, and this in turn improves your capacity to perceive the flow of guidance from your Soul.

When you touch upon emotional wounds, please be gentle with yourself and accept the love that comes to you from your own Divinity. Allow it to embrace you, and hold you. This will remind you that you are not alone, and that you are truly loved, safe, and secure.

Once you are able to love yourself as you are, without judgment, expectation, or regrets about the past, then you will open widely to assistance. You will enter a place of quiet contemplation that is the point of reconnection to your Soul. From there, your Soul will take you beyond any barrier that past suffering and loneliness may have brought you. You will feel connected again, and you will feel inspired.

Entering the Flow

From this place of stillness, you will move into a flow of love and harmony with your Soul that will show you the best way to express yourself – whether creatively, in relationships, or in other things. The ease of flow that arises from your experience of stillness will allow you to create things that bring you joy, keep you inspired, and reassure you that the world is a safe place where you are free to explore its truth and beauty.

You will no longer fall into situations that feel inappropriate to you, or that tire you instead of inspire you. And you will stop creating these same experiences again under the mistaken belief that you must do this in order to survive physically, emotionally, or economically.

Your relationships will change, too. They will change as you release the fear of losing everything you might have already established, or that you may be afraid of creating differently now. When you release these fears, you will see through the illusion of needing to build an environment that makes you feel safe, and you will begin to live your life with renewed trust and confidence.

Conscious Creation

There are several basic steps to conscious creation that you may already know, but we will review them with you now:

1) First of all, you should recognize that you attract into your life people, things, and experiences that match your beliefs about the world, and about who you think you are.

2) You often do this unconsciously, but you can also do it consciously.

3) If you are creating unconsciously, you may be responding to unresolved fears, or to the belief that something is missing or unfulfilled in your life.

4) But when you create consciously, you deny lack any place in your mind. You remember that you are a Child of God, and God also, and that you can have anything your heart desires because You Are Everything.

5) Affirm that everything you desire is within you Now, whether it is an enriching experience, an intimate moment, or a kind word.

6) With the certainty that you are denied nothing, look about yourself and observe how you are already experiencing the ESSENCE of what you would like to create – be it prosperity, partnership, or anything else.

7) Once you have identified how you are already experiencing the essence of what you desire, choose to have MORE of it.

8) This is the key to conscious creation: Ask for more of what you enjoy, acknowledging that its essence is already present in your life.

9) When you do this, you will find that you can transform essence into substance easily. You can do this in new ways if you like, or simply maintain or increase what you are enjoying now.

10) Remember to focus on essence before details.

11) For example, if you would like to experience more peace in your life, then identify the peace you are already feeling now, give thanks for it, and ask for more. Indicate your preferences for how you might like to enjoy more peace, but be willing to accept what is delivered. Trust that your Soul will provide the perfect match for you.

12) Never forget that as


a Child of God, and God also, You Are Everything. And because you are, you can enjoy the essence of what you desire right now. The rest is just attraction and amplification.

13) Remember that when you deny the illusion of lack, you affirm the Reality of Plenty.

14) This opens the doors of manifestation, and lets you create anything your heart desires.

And so it is with conscious creation.

Know that you are dearly loved, and that you are supported in all that you choose to create.

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua.

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copyright 2008 © Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles/AA Metatron Channel: September 2008

September  2008
Skellig Michael & The Michael Ley
Article by James Tyberonn ( Scroll down for AAMetatron Channel)
Ireland’s Ring of Kerry is beyond magical.  Its verdant, rugged beauty is dotted with amazing landscapes, stone circles and myriad potent Neolithic sites.  But Skellig Michael, the mystical, monastic island named after Archangel Michael, is undeniably ‘Lord of the Ring.’
Holy of Holies
The small jagged island of Skellig Michael is the point on the earth plane in which many purport the renowned Michael ley line enters Gaia.  On this pyramidal island, the Michael ley line begins its sacred trek across Britain and Europe, ending at Mount Carmel in the Holy Land of Israel.  How interesting that it begins on this otherworldly little island off the Ring of Kerry.  How interesting, indeed.


It was, in fact, through researching the Michael ley line that I first learned of Skellig Michael.  The very concept of this ancient monastery crowning this isolated rock, 13 kilometers off Ireland’s shore, is a stunning enigma.  The actual genesis is biblical in proportion.  Inspired monks receiving and obeying a divine decree from an archangel to sail out and build a monastery on bare rock carries shades of the exodus of Moses.
This location equals, no, surpasses, the sites of the other two great monastic centers in Western Europe that were also built per Archangel Michael’s inspiration – Mont St. Michel in Normandy and St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, which are triangulated with Skellig.
It is interesting and fitting that historians and pilgrims alike are interested in the three ‘Michael’ islands for connected yet succinctly differing reasons.  All three are islands of archeological interest for the academic.  And metaphysically, all three islands anchor the Michael portal of the Michael ley line, and connect to its amazing telluric thread as it weaves its divine tapestry onto the Earth.
Islands on which manifestations of Archangel Michael appeared and inspired holy men to come and live on bare rock for over 1,500 years led me to suspect Skellig to be one of those rarified grid-points that coexist in multiple dimensions.  So I was compelled to investigate and experience this for myself.
Tyb’s Journal: Quest to Skellig Michael
When I landed at Ireland’s Shannon Airport, Irish skies were smiling!  It had rained all the week prior to my arrival, but the skies were clearing and the sun was beaming through mist on my disembarkation.  The weather would remain brilliant for my entire four-day trip.  Luck of the Irish indeed!
While beautiful sunny days are something of a rare commodity on the West Coast of Ireland, beautiful countryside is not.  The glowing green of the soft, velvety landscape had quite an allure.  The solid week of rain had polished the grounds and trees almost as if to display Ireland in watercolor, a living Monet.  The hills radiated brightness, and they seemed to shine with every shade of green in the painted landscape.
Getting out of the airport into the lush countryside was easy, a simple matter of minutes, even with driving on the left.  I headed north for the Cliffs of Morea and then on to the Burrens of County Clare.  Both destinations were tidily packed into a seven-hour slot, in a looping drive through magnificent country with ample time for stops.  Evening would see me heading south to the Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael, entry portal of the Michael ley line.
The Cliffs of Morea
I arrived at the Cliffs of Morea within the hour.  What an incredible place!  The cliffs are magnificent black slate fortresses deflecting the fifty-foot crashing waves of the North Atlantic.  The sheer walls drop 650 feet straight onto a crag of jagged ramparts, dotted white with barnacles and seabird guano.  The color contrast is awesome.  Bright green fields cap the walls like a shaggy mop wig, right to the very edge.  The sheer drop is frightening to anyone with vertigo or children.  Despite guardrails and stonewalls that keep the visitor a safe distance from the edge, there are stunning views allowing the viewer to get showered by invigorating salty sea spray!  Constant wind off the ocean slams against the sheer cliffs in fog-white swirling eddies, scampering upward, like the spirits of long past Vikings scaling castle walls.  The icy winds over the grassy edge carry smoky water plumes, making a waterproof jacket highly recommended.
I found the energy here really charged, very amplified and invigorating.  The combination of green fields, sea air and the mesmerizing cliffs provided a resonance of balance and well-being.  The ionic release from the pounding waves created an immense plasmic field that was immediately refreshing.
The spiritual traveler and tourist alike can find endless reasons to spend an afternoon here.  Vast energy pockets were ample for meditation, contemplation or just being in the moment.  The sea breeze energy is so awesome, I could have enjoyed a few days in a seaside B & B, just losing myself in the green rolling fields alongside the cliffs.  However, I had to settle for a two-hour taste, then onward to the Burrens!
The Burrens
The Burrens is a geological phenomenon in County Clare, just a brief 30-minute drive from the Cliffs of Moher.  The word ‘burren’ is derived from the Irish-Gaelic word bhoireann, meaning ‘place of stones,’ and the stones of the Burren are quite something to see.  The entire area looks like a massive gray rock floor, which is exactly what it is – a glacier-cut hearth of tabled limestone covering some 300 square kilometers.  The limestone surface can vary from smooth plates to undulating five-foot waves.  The rocky wave pattern is amazing, looking oddly like a gray, solidified ocean!  Veins of snow quartz zigzag through the area, often several meters wide, in an arraying pattern of swirls.  Some very unusual plant life also adds to the otherworldly appeal of the Burren, a moonscape teeming with telluric energy that virtually buzzed.
Not surprisingly, it is also home to some fine Neolithic sites, the most famous of which was my next destination – the Dolman at Poulnabrone.
The Dolman at Poulnabrone (aka Druids’ Altar)
The word ‘dolman’ comes from two Breton words meaning ‘stone table,’ and has traditionally been referred to in Gaelic as the Druids’ Altar.  It is a 5,000-year-old Neolithic monument, (dating to 3,000 BC) and believed by some to have been set in place to mark a very powerful vortex of crossing ley lines by Druid priests.  A place of ritual and wedding ceremonies, fertility rites and wakes, it looks like a massive table held in place by huge limestone sheet rocks.
Upon my arrival, I was delighted to find a pair of German visitors measuring the energy with dowsing rods.  After watching them for a few moments, I struck up a conversation and learned about other sites in the area.  I brought out my copper dowsing L-rods to help map the energy lines, and we did, indeed, find the rods swirled and aligned with two leys intersecting at the Dolman, with a swirling energy in its center.  Both entered exactly on line with monoliths wedged in place in three points along the outer perimeter.  The monoliths were relatively small but had been carefully chiseled with circular holes to create energetic portals for the ley.  It was an astonishing discovery.
After a couple of hours at the Dolman, I reluctantly had to leave.  Although it was almost 6 p.m., and sunset wasn’t until 10 p.m., I had to conserve light so as not to miss the visual portion of the spectacular Irish countryside as I headed south.
To the Ring of Kerry
I squeezed my large frame into the small rental car and pulled onto the serpentine two-lane country road.  I let the picturesque winding road just slide by as I drove southward, in total contentment, to the Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael itself.  I drove in one of those lucid, waking dreams.  The leisurely drive to Kerry was about three hours in linear time, but I seemed to arrive with no awareness of its passing.  The soft green Irish countryside really has an amazing charm, and I merged into every landscape during the drive.
It was not quite dark when I arrived at the Skellig Peninsula.  A quaint fishing village right out of the 18th century delighted my eyes.  A faint chorus of cawing gulls gnawed at my perception of space and time, as centuries seemed to roll back in perfect rhythm with the gently bobbing boats anchored in the harbor.  Everything was perfect and tugged so at my heartstrings.  The pungent smell of drying fishnets was so familiar that I felt a pang of sweet sadness.  Déjà vu all over again!  Ah, but the rugged Irish coastline has a captivating allure.
The salt-air breeze of the North Atlantic was cold enough to sharpen my senses and snap me out of the time warp I was in, to see the brightly painted boats and quaint stone village.  The peninsula became quickly cloaked in a thick evening fog, so I checked into my B & B, then reserved my boat trip to Skellig for 10 o’clock the next morning.  If the village had this hypnotic effect, I wondered what lay in wait on Skellig Michael?  I would soon find out.
As I scanned the rolling ocean from my room’s bay window, I caught a fleeting glimpse of two pyramidal shapes far in the distance.  There are actually two Skellig Islands: Skellig Michael and the smaller Skellig Minor.  From any angle or vantage point on the Ring of Kerry, they are spectacular pinnacles.  From my bedroom, they were the last sights I saw before retiring.  As I fell asleep, my final thoughts were, how on earth did the monks get here, and why make a life atop the bare rocky pinnacle?
Day Two: Skellig Michael
“An incredible, impossible, mad place.  I tell you the thing does not belong to any world that you and I have lived and worked in; it is part of our dream world.”
When George Bernard Shaw wrote those words back in 1910, he had just returned from a jarring visit to Skellig Michael:
“Even the gnarled stones seemed alive on that mystical island.  Skellig’s monks must have communed with angels for their daily sustenance on such bare rock.”
Indeed they did, Mr. Shaw.  Indeed they did.
My boat trip out was quite a roller coaster ride.  The 30-foot passenger skiff was diesel powered and heartily handled the waves, not so with most of the passengers, however.  On the tip of a passerby and an intuitive tug, I took two anti-seasickness pills an hour before departure.  I normally don’t take such precaution, but in this case I was glad I did.  All nine of my touring shipmates lost their breakfast on the roll of 15-foot swells during the hour-long ride.  That technicolor unpleasantry aside, the boat trip was exciting, to say the least.
As we neared Skellig Michael, the views opened, and I became enraptured at the sheer pyramidal symmetry and surprising richness of color.  In the sunshine, the black silhouettes transformed to iridescent purples and greens – absolutely stunning colors.
Interestingly, but not surprising, a lenticular cloud sat over the peak of Skellig Michael – a telltale sign of an inward pull, or magnetic vortex, and certainly in keeping with the anchoring of a portal. I have seen the phenomena of lenticulars over volcanoes in many power nodes, including Shasta, Denali, Kenai and Chili’s potent Vulcan Osorno.
The Amethyst Pyramid
Skellig is undoubtedly among the planets most unique and amazing of portal complexes, indeed it is the portal said to infuse the Michael Ley energy into the violet hued quartz pinnacle.   Skellig Michael is an anticline uplift, a mountain of pure quartz, purple quartz. A jagged mountain top island of pyramidal shaped amethyst. Amazing to see, and even more amazing to feel!
 Geologically, Skellig Michael is Devonian sandstone, a 350 million-year-old vintage sedimentary quartz that runs right through the backbone of Kerry.  The colors are vineyard cabernet and lavender rose’.  The bouquet was heady and sweet, but the full bodied perfume is not from the wine colored rock, rather from the fragrant varieties of crimson and white wildflowers that seemed to grow everywhere, springing vividly all over the bare rock slopes of this magical quartz. Apparently the tetrahedronal Skellig emits such virile energy that it is quite capable of sustaining plant growth on solid rock. Stunning, pulsing energy exuded from the rock,  fertile akash indeed. The amethyst pyramid generates akashic life-force like no other place I have seen, save the Grand Canyon and Lake Titicaca. 
It is a testament of their intune status, that the early Christian monks were aware of this energetic dynamo that compelled them to take small boats across ravaging seas to live on such a seemingly bare and remote rock 13 miles from the mainland. But sustain and enlighten them it did!
The tiny landing dock came into view as the boat pulled in closer.  It was concrete, built outward from steel shafts anchored into the rock wall.  The cement was fashioned into a landing quay large enough for one boat at a time.  The swells created a ten-foot bobbing, so unloading had to be perfectly timed!  It was!  The Irish boatmen were confident and capable, as they steadied the vessel and guided each of us individually onto the quayside.  We were given three hours but told that, because the weather and sea change constantly, if we heard three horn blasts we were to head back immediately or face a night on the island, something I wouldn’t have minded at all, and secretly yearned for!
The 777 Steps
A roadway leads upward from the quay, carved into the side of the rock years ago in order to place a lighthouse on the far side at the lower mid-base.  It leads a couple of hundred meters to the staircase of chiseled steps, painstakingly carved by monks to get to the sacred saddle and monastery above.
I was still wobbly from the effects of dramamine and ocean swells as I collected myself for the walk up.  I hoped the grogginess would wear off and not affect my ability to tap into the potent energies I knew to be above in the Skellig Monastery.
At the recommendation of the boat guides, I was dressed for wet and cold, as icy Atlantic rain can blow in at any time.  However, the weather was incredibly warm, in fact, it was hot!  After climbing a few meters of the steeply inclined path, so was I!
I had actually wished for a sauna the night before in order to purify my system, and
between my heavy waterproof gear and backpack, my sauna wish was laboriously granted.  I worked up quite a sweat as I toiled upward on the steep sides of the mountain.  Be careful what you ask for in 5-D portals, because manifestation is immediate! Half way up, I was soaked, and had to peel off layers of raingear.
Like many mega-power sites, the energy crests as one reaches the higher points.  The walk upward is literally a staircase of 777 steps, although there are differing versions of the exact number, based on whether the count extends to the monastery, sacred caldera or southern peak.  Flowers were everywhere – small blossoms in delicate casings, resplendently juxtaposed in vividly expressed beauty. The stairs formed a switchback, with exquisite places to sit and rest on purple rock outcroppings and to enjoy the commanding view.
The Michael Portal Anchor
Near the top, a small saddle is formed almost like a volcanic caldron.  It took a good 40 minutes for me to reach the Fryer’s Saddle, but what reward!  It is an incredibly potent area.  A definite contained energy is emitted within its elongated bowl that balances the male and female peaks and anchors the portal.
It is a lush, magical fairy garden.  Tiny white, red and yellow flowers were dispersed like angel hair bouquets in the sweet grass.  The energy here was far more complex, thicker, yet balanced and mesmerizing as I sat in the entry point of the Michael portal.
How the saddle-bowl of the upper mount it could be so lush and green is really not surprising.  The monks brought rich black soil over from the mainland and painstakingly built sodden areas on the saddle and monastery grounds for planting vegetable gardens.
That process has since maintained a critical mass cycle of self-replenishment in which the hearty plants decay into mulch, thus creating new soil.  Every horizontal area and quite a few vertical ones seemed to have a rich layer of fertile loam.  So energetically powerful was this place that plant life burst out everywhere, even on naked rock.  Sweet smelling grasses and flowers thrived, and life teemed all over Skellig.
Skellig is life.  The energy on the island could grow roses in snow and sustain monks on air alone – the original breatharians, perhaps not by choice!  Few places on Earth hold such vital, healing and sustaining life energy.
The very osmotic process of absorbing Skellig’s akashic electro-light energy essence through the auric field sustains life and optimally so, thanks to the pristine quality of the energy.  The isolation, the exact blend of forces seems to have created an energetic cocktail of mineralogy, grid location and natural geometry that are literally regenerative. Skellig pulses the akash that is the true fountain of youth, or rather the vortex-portal of youth, overflowing with hi-definition pixels of divine energy fed from the heavens and earth. Certainly a field capable of generating and cascading its rich energetic overflow into a river of electromagnetic energy that  became known as the Michael Leyline.
I soaked in this immense, wholesome vibration and went into a meditation of  lucid clarity quite unlike any I had experienced before.  I did sense Lord Michael and was moved deeply. His presence enveloped me and moved me beyond words. I became immediately humbled by the overwhelming sense of divinity within this sacred point. My eyes filled with tears, and I wept in solemn reverie as I often do when I sense the omnipresence of God.
I went into a sense of ‘zipped’ space,  where higher dimensions seemed to be highly concentrated into one concentric point, and the area felt much larger than it looked. The passing of time was halted. The minutes literally felt like hours, and I was delighted at that prolonging.  I was grateful and wanted to stay, but there was more to see.
The Monastery
To my right, the north, was carved the final tier of steps to the holy of holies, the monastery.  There seemed to be another 100 or so feet upward and 300 feet or so to the northern corner.  Interestingly, two amazing dragon figures of natural, weather-sculpted rocks hovered over the entrance as if to protect the area from intruders.  The likeness was quite amazing, and I felt a presence.
It wasn’t lost on me that the church symbol of Archangel Michael includes dragons, he is connected to the harnessing of the dragon’s energy and the removal of the serpents from Ireland.
The dragon often symbolized the fire of kundalini, and the serpent the use of kundalini on the earth plane.  Could it be that the energy of Michael is to anchor kundalini into the upper chakras for the full integrity of root to crown assimilation?  Rather than slaying dragons, Michael is about integrating their fire energy, refining fire into violet light!
The monastery itself was otherworldly.  I was quite unprepared for what I saw and felt, as I climbed and weaved along the trail to the beehive huts.  These were created in perfect domes, without cement or mortar, with two foot thick walls.  They projected incredible energy, each one an infinity point and anchor of the portal.  Each one a vortex.
The Chapel – Holy of Holies
The ‘beehived’ chapel itself is situated on a narrow ledge, more than 750 feet above sea level.  I spent 15 minutes inside alone, and its energy jolted me so, that I was moved to tears.  I felt an energetic download, a light code of 5-D energy.  The domes remain virtually frozen in time, structurally the same as when built, 1,450 years ago.  Flashes of light were everywhere.
I found a grassy patch that commanded a stunning, open view onto Skellig Minor Island.  The afternoon was glowing bright, and the sun warmed my face.  Winded from the hard climb and wet from the toil, I felt comfort on a piece of soft earth at the edge of the domes.  The electricity of this spot was absolutely tangible.  The purple and gold, the sweet flora smells; all enhanced my euphoric, dreamy sense of well being.
 Skellig Minor loomed large on the horizon.  It is also a pyramid and energetically part of this Skellig energy field.  Skellig Minor is home to some 27,000 pairs of gannets – the second largest colony of such seabirds in the world – and just then, an enormous cloud of gannets wafted over its pinnacle, bringing their grace and soft energy into this balance.  More to this than meets the eye, winged guardians of the portal perhaps.
From the shoreline, both Skellig Islands appear as tetrahedral pyramids, but in truth, Skellig Michael curves slightly near the top into a saddle joining two lateral peaks, one male, one female, in balance.  The second and highest of the two peaks on Skellig Michael is 770 feet above sea level, topped by a monolithic ‘standing stone,’ engraved with a Celtic Cross at the very end of a narrow stretch of rock.
The Pilgrims’ Test
While the steep climb to the monastery is tortuous and difficult, the climb to the upper peak is even more demanding and leaves one in awe of the people who chose to make this their home.  The climb up was tenuous, a testing labyrinth that I find in so many sacred places.
Medieval pilgrims, after visiting the Skellig monastery, would climb to the south peak, quite a precarious task.  They would kiss the cross, thus proving their faith and piety, and occasionally as an act of penitence.  It may have been the burning desire inherent in some to find an isolation that enabled them to develop communion with God.  I can only imagine the courage and dedication involved in the days and times past.  Yet it is understandable when you experience first hand the presence of Spirit that is Skellig.  It is humbling, immediate and penetrating.  The essence of divinity atop Skellig Michael is overwhelming.  So much is there, it is truly a refuge of multidimensionality.
Islands of Light
It was, in fact, due to places like Skellig Michael that Western Civilization was preserved.  Scholars proclaim that when Europe was being overrun with barbarians in the depth of the Dark Ages, these isolated monasteries preserved the arts, reading and indeed civilization itself.  These include Skellig, Mont Michele, Iona and Meteora Monastery in Greece.  Totally isolated, totally benevolent, angelic anchors.
Yet in spite of their stark inaccessibility, Viking invaders attacked  Skellig several times, although there was little to attract them in the way of wealth or material treasure.  Light always attracts the dark.  But it cannot exist for long in places of pure benevolence such as Skellig.
Connecting the Energies
I used my remaining time in the magic of the crest to energetically connect to Michael, who was omnipresent.  I felt deeply reverent and humbled, as I flowed with the energy and flew above my physical being in lucid states. Before departing, I consciously connected energy lines to Lake Louise in Canada, Titicaca, Enchanted Rock in southwest Texas, Mount Shasta in California and Torres del Paine in Chile.  I planted small rocks from each of these locations into the soil of Skellig.  The moment was timeless and moving.
The Spiral Home
The trumpeting of the boat’s horn from far below jolted me out of my reverie, and my heart sank.  It would take close to an hour to reach the loading dock, but I was in no hurry.  I weaved my way back down, absorbing every ion of the incredible energy and scenery en route.The following morning, I bought a book at the visitor center that captured my feelings regarding Skellig, and I end with the words of Sir Kenneth Clark:
“As I climbed the path winding up to the ancient constructions near the top of Skellig’s cliff, I sensed that I was on the threshold of something utterly unique, though I was by no means a stranger to monasteries, which I had visited throughout Europe, and even farther afield at one time and another.  But nothing in my experience had prepared me for this huddle of domes, crouching halfway to heaven in this all but inaccessible place, with an intimidating immensity of space all around, where it was easy to feel that you had reached a limit of this world.  A holy place, to be sure, which would still have been holy, even if it had never known the consecrated life of prayer.”       
End of Article
AA Metatron Channel
Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! I embrace each of you in light, in love. Dear Ones, I know each of you,  far more than you may realize. And we savor these moments we share.
And now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be.
 And so some things, some thoughts, some creations travel at more rapid speeds, more accelerated frequencies within the geometric matrix. Others are more dense and travel slower, more sluggish, but all the same, they seem to arrive in perfect order, aligned with the nature of their creation and creatorship you see. For the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any dimensional interpretation or perception of it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum tangent, all things in the unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others. 
Now, it is the channels wish that we review that which is called the leylines. 
These can be said to exist in various forms, with differing degrees of refinement from multifarious forms of energy.  Ley lines, as they are called in your times, are the energetic patterns that run both above and beneath the Earth.  These circumnavigate the Earth in a variety of ways based upon laws of mathematics, upon geometries, upon vibrational essence, geological force, electromagnetics and mineralogical fields.  They shift and they move, and they have been utilized in myriad ways throughout the eons of space-time.  In eras of greater understanding, times of greater technology, they have been traveled as highways, utilizing enhancement of very refined energies.  Through such understanding, leylines had the capacity to be used as conduits of energy transferal and for communication.  Since the fall of Atlantis, amplified utilization has ceased, and the ability for sustaining this manner of usage was lost.  As a result, the refined network is no longer intact, so the ley lines are shorn in some areas, torn in others, and the highways and byways appear not to make sense, you see; they no longer completely connect across the globe.
Now, the base essence of leylines occurs from a natural source.  They are currents of telluric energy. As these were refined, some became coded & engineered on new paradigms, which you call fourth dimension & fifth dimension.  These replace the old, but not all have discovered them yet, and that is appropriate, you see.  Extra terrestrials have assisted the Earth in this effort.  Those from Sirius B have been instrumental in recent years in realigning this system for the Ascension, and indeed they were the architects of the original enhancement of the ley system, established over 30,000 years ago.
Now, the system of leylines can be said to act as the nervous system of the living planet.  The planet also has what can be termed axial tonal lines, meridians and chakras.
Leylines are not constant, many factors can cause their shift.  Many factors add to their complex energy content, or lack thereof.  Tectonic stresses, magma, solar energy, naturally occurring electromagnetic fields exerted by minerals such as quartz and even the decomposition of organic matter, this creates heat and electrical charge, you see.  These energies accumulate and flow along Earth paths of conductivity either on, slightly above or underneath the Earth’s crust.  Those regions and places on the Earth, high in natural metal or conductive mineral content, will attract the current of these electromagnetic flows.  Man made structures built to sacred geometry will also attract these flows.  Almost all of the sacred geometric temples built by the Asian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan have leylines passing through them. Some of these structures were built on leys, others attracted them to them. Many points on leys form into vortex spirals.
Vortexes form for several reasons. The generally understood cause is the intersection of leylines. We tell you they also naturally occur at points of tectonic stress, at volcanoes, around pinnacled and pyramidal mountains, and around man made structures built to sacred geometry. Vortexes occur naturally at large mineral deposits, basalt beds, granitic batholiths, river confluences, and water falls. You see these all project sub atomic plasma, charged ions, and electromagnetic fields. This natural build of energy will spin by nature, and thus the vortex occurs.
Now, we should clarify that vortexes are not portals and they do not evolve into portals, although from your perspective it could appear as such, because all portals will attract a vortex to them you see. Vortexes can become the distribution engines for both adamantine essence, called akash,  and higher dimensional energies received through portals. Not all vortexes house portals, but all portals have a vortex. Do you see? 
Your  term Ley is a relatively recent description coined to simply mean a straight line connecting two points, but our Metatronic term is much broader.
We define leylines, as being the conscious crystalline aspect of the electromagnetic flow-lines and currents that network the planet. Leylines are ‘groomed’ energy flows of electromagnetic energy and in latitude of comparison, can be said to serve as the nervous system of Gaia.  The raw earth currents are called, in your vernacular, dragon lines. As  both leylines and dragon lines are electrical in nature they flow along paths of natural electrical conductors.
This electricity occurs naturally on your earth from multiple sources. Moving water, such as waterfalls, rain and breaking waves, produce charges, as does the decomposition of organic matter, tectonic stress, volcanics, lightning solar heat and winds.  The very crust of the earths surface you live on, with its electrically conducting gases, metals, semi-conducting mineral crystals, water-soaked organic matter, and electrolytes offers an excellent medium for maintaining and producing electrical currents. The mineralogy of the strata below the surfaces conducts in kind. Charged ions are drawn to the ground and this high ionic concentration increases the intensity of earth-currents through the electrode effect.
 As a result, static electricity flows parallel with the ground in an orthogonal quasi-static electric field, forming eddies and springs of electricity that become rivers of current that network the planet. These streams of current flow along lines of conductive minerals, such as iron, gold, copper and quartz bearing rock. Naturally it flows to mountains, volcanoes, waters and minerals and large deposits of other conductive formations and amasses through, up and around powernodes.  As you are aware, when these lines intersect, a spinning vortex is created.
This electrical current, as with all forms of conscious energy can be directed. The first to do this were the scientist priest of Atlantis, whose origin is the Pleades. The patterns of raw earth currents, or dragon lines were scientifically detected and mapped, and esoterically imbued and consciously willed to flow in specific routes.
The Atla-Ra scientist priest discovered that by flowing these energies through their Arcturian crystals and magnetic transducers that they could be amplified, refined and separated into forms of braided polarized crysto-electric frequencies capable of creating anti gravity fields when spun in counter balanced vortexes.  In the technology of the golden age of Atlantis, these conscious crysto electrical lines became so technically refined that were used to create a labyrinth of tunnels for both communication and transport, and crossed to form energy fields for varying purposes.
They were patterned to flow inside factories to energize the work force and in agricultural fields to stimulate plant and crop growth, by routing them in conduits relayed and amplified through crystal power stations and natural telluric generators, such as Skellig Michael. In the former case they were used to assist in the broadcast of crystalline electric-waves for use in powering homes.
The forefathers to the sect you term as the Druids, were descendants of  the Atla-Ra.  These scientist priests of the Golden Age of Atlantis were devout  learned men and women who understood the necessity of combining scientific law with the energy of the divine. This was termed the Law of One, akin to what you now term the Unified Field, although your current understanding of same does not include the sacred. Dear Ones, integral science must not, cannot omit the sacred, the Divine.
The Atla-Ra learned that certain of the crysto-refined ley energies were capable of holding an intent and field of awareness. A global network of this category of ley energy was put in place, as the scientist-priest discovered how to use natural powernodes as relay and amplification stations for this energy to retain a self-generating sufficiency. When these leys became integral with infinity apex points, the divine aspect was imbued within their energy awareness. This Atla-Ra with assistance from Pleadean, Acturian and Sirius B Masters, created specific divine ley energy routes connecting major chakric points on the planet.  These could be programmed with sound frequencies and color, to enhance the tranquility and well being of temples. They could be crossed to create sacred energy vortexes. Skellig Michael is one such area, and although a remnant shadow of its original multi ley manifold capacity, it remains one of the most intact in current times.
So in truth there were many types of ley system in Atlantis, some were entirely used for crysto electric power in various forms, others, the ones that still function, albeit in fragments, were the leys of divine awareness.
Truly  the most robust survivors of this system are the leys now referred to as the Michael and Mary lines. Indeed their level of intactness is due largely to the work of the Druids, who had escaped Atlantis before the demise into existing monasteries in Britain, Europe, Egypt and Og. The most prolific were the sects in Britain and France, who used antigravity aspects of leys and sound to assist in the formation of stone circles.
The Michael leyline survived for myriad reasons. It was amplified in stone circles and by the very Cathedrals built on its course to sacred geometry. It was not called the Michael line in its inception. Rather it was referred to as the Atlas Line in Atlantis, and Thoth line in Egypt and Og. Its pagan name was changed to that of Michael and Mary by the secret societies of savants to protect it from the Church. The Freemasons, who built cathedrals capable of amplifying ley energy, utilized sacred geometry imminently. Almost all of the Cathedrals and Greek Monuments were built to phi, the golden ratio or mean, directly on powernodes along leylines.
It should not surprise you to know that I, Lord Metatron, and Archangels Michael and Mechelzidek were very much present in the time of Atlantis, but were called by different names? You see we show our love equally to all humankind, of all eras, races, religions and creed.
Now as we have said previously in this assay, leylines are not constant. In time they shift and alter. And so what was once a robust system is now quite diminished and fragmented . The ley system currently is but a shadow of its former self, and no longer completely circumnavigates the planet. However, the raw current does, and many parts of it are indeed ley in nature, and this system is currently under repair, particularly by those of Sirius B, and many of you in multidimensional aspects of yourselves. Do you see? Like powernodes groomed into sacred sites, dragon lines are quite capable of being imbued with energy from human kind and sacred sites, and become polished into leylines.
Now,  flow-pattern of leys are quite specific, generally speaking. They will spiral counterclockwise up domed mountains above the equator, and clockwise below it. They flow upward in straight lines on pyramidal shaped mountains. They spiral up conical peaks. This is why mountain peaks contain very high frequencies.
When these currents pass through structures built to sacred geometry or through what you term sacred sites, the currents absorb and radiate higher light.  When this occurs, the leys assume a refined conscious nature, capable of coded memory.  Ley powerpoints energetically connect to the grid system and form a geometric matrix, which in turn can attract to it higher dimensional energies.  These become meridian points, and in some cases, chakras of the living sentience of the earth.
Each ley, each sacred site, can and does affect the human electromagnetic field.  Additionally, the light arcs & angles from planets and stars will feed & influence the areas of telluric energy pools (called in your terms, electrical or outward vortexes) and can actually create, depending on their alignment, inward pull portals or openings that receive light- energy from stellar and solar light photons, as well as from planetary and higher dimensional grid lattices.
If one accepts the postulate that certain points of higher energy exist on the planet, and that they do have a crystallized matrix that projects a specific geometric pattern, then its can also be understood that these living energy sources communicate thru harmonic energy oscillations.  For example if one has a tuning fork in the key of C, and then one plays a C note on a piano, the musical vibration from the piano will also create a vibration in the tuning fork, because of the law your scientists call harmonic oscillation.  Harmonic oscillations between power points on Earth and in higher dimensions are also  so ‘attuned’ to resonate to compatible harmonics.
Just as your human body has sensory systems and organs that sustain the health of the physical body, so it is with ley lines.  Ley lines sustain the health of the physical Earth.  Now, above the organs of the body you have meridian lines that bisect the body, and as they do, contribute to the wellness of the being, which then transmits that energy into a different form, then feeding the organs, feeding the senses and the awareness.  Now, just as your human body undergoes changes, so does the Earth diversify and shift.  The ley system changes and adapts in kind.  We tell you that with the ongoing and coming graduation of the Earth, the heralded planetary Ascension, not only will the Earth system of sensitivity adjust but so will that of the human.
Now, above the meridian system of the human body is what we term the axialtonal lines.  This is a term that is relative, and quite new, to your sphere.  You will not have heard it so much, but it will become more and more well known.  The axialtonal lines are distinct lines, which connect the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and such to the ascended body, and so it is with the Earth. 
The Earth, as well, has axialtonal lines defined by both spiritual and celestial qualities again based upon sacred mathematics.  These touch in certain areas to the ley lines, they touch but they do not rest upon them.  But they do intersect, especially in places where the ley lines are torn and shorn and disconnected they act as bridges, bridges from one dimension to another to bridge gaps in knowledge, to bridge gaps in history, to bridge gaps of energy that have been depleted or shorn as such, you see?
Now, when you visit a conjunction of ley energy, or sacred site or vortex complex, you absorb the code of its unique message, its unique geometry.  You carry within your field the energy of every sacred site, every power point and every grid point on each continent you have visited.  You have the ability to connect them to yourself and to one another, dear ones.  Those of you termed Earth-Keepers, such as the channel, that have been tugged to visit such places can visualize connecting them to the 144 Grid, and thereby assist in connecting them to the evolving grid.  And in the process, you connect and activate yourself.
That segment which you call the Michael line became imbued with divine light, and  drawn into power points and cosmic alignment points some 18,000 years ago. As we have mentioned the Michael Line was originally called the Atlas belt before it was given a Judeo-Christian name, yet the source  energy is the same, you see.  Oh but there was Divine wisdom in the name change.  How many Christian Cathedrals built with immaculate sacred geometry on the exact vector and cosmic alignment points of this transcendental current would have been so constructed if the leyline were considered Pagan? Indeed the controlling church would have forbidden it. And now despite their controls, incredible temples exist on the perfect locations to amplify highjer dimensional energies, energies that are unbound by any religous dogma, other than pure celestial LOVE .
In truth, Skellig Michael is a Temple, one created by nature, by the Divinity of Earth. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in geometry and is particularly aligned with celestial energies.  It is composed of violet granite that carries the imprint of the human quest.  Your geologists will know of this particular granite that is the rock foundation and energy of many sacred places.  The harmonic oscillation we spoke of earlier allows such mineralogical harmonics to be the fount of  vibrational connection between these sites.  Such harmonics occur not just in the mineralogy but also by means of geometry and light quotient.
We will say that Skellig Michael is not the original entry point of the ‘Michael’ leyline, but it now appears to be so, because the line no longer is fully connected to its full compliment. Skellig Michael was one of the amplification or relay points of what you presently term the Michael Ley, when it originally was manifolded into the Atla Belt.  You see, it once encircled the planet.  It will again in the future, but that is not yet completed nor is it the time.  We will say that its strongest portion extends from Ireland, through Britain, across Europe and forks into the lands of ancient Judea, Israel and Egypt.  Does it surprise you to know that it connects to Mecca in Saudi Arabia?  It should not surprise you to know that most of you have had lifetimes in every race and every religion.  Truth has a way of evolving within the hearts of all who truly seek God, despite the limitations of patriarchal or any other restrictive dogma, you see.  All of you are of the family of man.
The Quantum Crystalline Activation
Masters, in closing this discourse, we leave you with the understanding that all of what we have discussed is around your work in achieving crystalline activation. You see it is an essential acquisition for both seekers and the planet. It is in fact occurring planetarily through myriad modalities, focally through the powerpoints, sacred sites, and leys of the earth. The vortex-portals of major power points have crystalline geometric matrixes, very similar in nature to the octahedronal and dodecahedronal crystallography of precious gems. When higher dimensional light waves are received through these overlay lenses, the planet is imbued with platonic crystalline frequency.
Man through intent and impeccability achieves the crystalline vibration. What is impeccability? Impeccability is simply walking ones talk, living in integrity, eliminating fear and worry, always doing your best, honoring others, and last but certainly not least, achieving self love. Granted, this is easier said than none, but it is essential in activating your crystalline field.
Can mankind achieve activation of the crystalline qualities without visiting sacred sites? Yes absolutely. But those of you that choose to do so, will be within infinity points amidst a crystalline field that is already there, and in so doing, the process is greatly facilitated.
You see crystallization is not just an atomic-molecular order in physical science and chemistry; it is also a vibration, achieved through the metamorphosis of crystalline alchemy. A vibration occurs that refines an integral clarity that redefines the human electromagnetic energy field into the pristine sacred geometry of the Merkabah and Merkivah.
When you accept to activate your crystalline field, you acknowledge, define and empower your Divinity of Self. You then carry the most precious of sacred sites with you everywhere you go: the human heart.
Within crystalline activation ones heart emits a golden-spiraled frequency from within the merkabic star tetrahedron, and this frequency sings the symphonic song of Ascension, with the instruments of every sacred site orchestrated to crystalline perfection, and it resounds in ecstasy to the Cosmos.
 I am Metatron, and you are Beloved.
And so it is.

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