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The Opening of the Christed Heart

Circle of Hearts
by Sheranda Tay

The center of the painting depicts two loving and caring Angelic Beings overseeing the healing process of The Christ Child, symbolic of every man, woman and child today. We are all on the healing path as the unstoppable planetary shifting is leading us all to Love and Light, and a healed planet will become a reality!


In the July 19th update , I mentioned that many celestial configurations are aligning to safeguard our imminent entrance into the heavenly realms thru the gateway of the high heart.
What I didn’t know at the time was how this was going to affect us on a physical level, especially those of us who are very sensitive to energy. So I wanted to share the feed I have been receiving on what has been taking place to hopefully allay any fears that are arising from the recent influx of transformational energy codes.

The high heart & the thymus gland

Very recently there was an powerful surge of energy aimed at opening the High Heart. This opening takes place on a biological level thru our thymus gland which sits at the top of the heart (between the heart and throat chakras) connecting the energies of our divine truth to our physical bodies. As our heart opens to greater love, (higher vibration), physical anomalies can take place….some of which can be disconcerting if we are not aware of what is happening.

If you have been experiencing some unusual symptoms in or around your heart area for the last few to several days, then this may be why. Some of the symptoms include:

Random bouts of heartburn or indigestion (sometimes coupled with nausea) that won’t relent regardless of what you do to relieve the discomfort. Loss of appetite, or an increase in appetite but when you try to eat you immediately feel full or nauseous. Feelings of anxiety, apathy, doom, insomnia, fatigue, chest tightness or restriction, shortness of breath, mild to severe heart palpitations (skipping beats), pounding heart while at rest, light-headed-ness, vertigo, feelings of overexertion, pain/soreness in the middle of the back (between shoulder blades), tightness in neck and shoulders, buzzing energy, left- sided discomfort and even lower back pain. (If you are experiencing any other symptoms that I did not mention and you feel are related, please feel free to post under comments below…sharing really helps others to be at peace with the process)

Though no one is exempt from the radical and life-altering changes that are occurring on our planet, some feel it more intensely than others. (Personally I have not felt ascension symptoms this severe for quite some time.) If you are one who feels these changes intensely, be sure to honor your highest good by nurturing, healing and loving yourself thru the birth of higher love and know that if it has not passed already it soon will.

On a spiritual level, the Christed heart has been genetically activated to awaken from deep slumber during this time. This sacred point houses the wisdom of our higher (Christed) consciousness and is becoming the sole/soul guide for our new-earth endeavors. As a result, we are being encouraged to embody and express our divinity more fully as we approach the heightened portal of the total solar eclipse/new moon on this Friday, August 1st.

The outcome to this reconnection, or reawakening of the Christed Heart, is that we will begin to naturally gravitate toward vibrations that fulfill our heart’s intentions. Akin to an internal GPS (global positioning system), our high heart will become the navigator of our new-earth journey. This in turn translates into untold potential to finally lift ourselves above conflict, chaos and strife while dissolving the many fears of lower dimensional existence and density that kept us bound.

This is undoubtedly a time to celebrate the birth of the Christed Heart where magic and miracles exist, but with great spiritual responsibility as well. It is very important to stay focused on the highest outcome to our realities now as we transition thru the powerful and highly magnetic portals throughout the month…namely, the solar eclipse (8/1), the Lion’s Gate (8/8/8) and the Lunar eclipse (8/16). Our conscious (solar) and unconscious (lunar) desires are looking to work together in harmony attuning us to the wisdom of the heart.


During this time of heightened extremes we are standing at a pivotal crossroads with two obvious paths to choose from. One will be heavy & outworn…yet very familiar. One will seem light & peaceful…yet very unfamiliar. Both these past and future landscapes will be clearly visible to us during this time…which will you choose?

The bold & creative fires of August will provide us with the chance to redesign our landscapes and lay the foundation for the next 19 year cycle based on the above choice. So be sure to choose wisely by using this this time to release any fears of uncertainty (especially financial fears ) that are vying for your attention while taking full responsibility for your part in having created your present reality.

Once we clearly see how we unconsciously mis-created our present, we are then in a position to create something better, something more aligned with our new awareness. We do this by choosing to honor the thoughts of empowerment, those thoughts that remind us that everything can be different. This is spiritual responsibility in action.

Truly, this transition will be one of the greatest opportunities to step into our divine power by activating a fuller expression of our unique & genetic blueprints of perfection. We are being given an extraordinary chance to bypass much of our past and walk directly thru the doorway to our future by choosing the higher way and focusing solely upon it.

On a global scale, the doorway to the future means life’s present quandaries will take intuitive reasoning and insight to determine the best possible solutions for the future of the greater good.

The problems that exist in the world cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them. -Einstein

This passageway to greater consciousness is now fully underway and those who maintain their upright composure with trust and firm resolve will soon see the answers to many seemingly hopeless dilemmas rising with the new sun.

With an open heart…

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Adama & KyraNamu – 08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays


08/08/08 and the Seven Sacred Rays
Adama & KyraNamu – through Kata

Greetings to the Masters,
This is Adama here.
I am honored to be here now with a member of The Great Diamond Sisterhood, KyraNamu. The Sisterhood represents from ancient Lemurian times the reawakened Divine Feminine which is as you are all fully aware has the same significance in reaching your final state of Divine Balance as has the Divine Masculine in its milliard manifestations. We are here now together to talk to your hearts. Reading our words one thing, letting into your cells the energy of our ancient wisdom through them is an other. The topic for today is connected to the energies of this very intense period of time, especially the Gate what you call 8/8/8 in your linear system.

We are here to help in your preparation for all that will reach our common beloved planet very very soon.
The intense energy manifestation that I described to you earlier can be handled properly if you prepare yourselves according to your highest wisdom. The New Reality at your door as I told you. I am here to suggest to let the Sisterhood help you in your preparations. The wonder of what 888 represents can be the closest harmony with your newly awakening divinity if you help for these waves to reach your very core.

KyraNamu is here to speak now.
Beloved Ones, as an ambassador of a Sisterhood it does not mean I wish to speak only to ladies. Almost the opposite, finding your long forgotten divine balance needs its feminine aspect’s reconnection and it is so very true for everyone disregarding of recent genders.
As you are all aware from many different communications the recently arriving universal energies have a tremendous amount of transformative power. It will bring a lot of changes inside and outside of your wonderful ‘teaching field’, that you call your recent lifetime. THIS IS THE TIME when the veil can be literally blown away. If you make certain preparations it can bring a huge positive impact into your recent reality. 888 can be imagined as a huge vibrant powerful gate that you can walk through in your highest consciousness to experience what your New Reality means, what our New Earth will manifest. It can be a ‘preview’ for many, however if your preparation allows it, it can be your recent life’s biggest achievement which can last forever.

You are so very close to experience all that has been taken away from you through the limitations of your recent dimensions. We are here to remind you that your ancient task is to walk beyond these limitations. Please take the help of the arriving special energies and experience with your senses and divine heart what we are talking about.

As you all know so well the seven chakras are your greatest tools right now to experience your real beingness, including your recent limitation. The Seven Sacred Rays were from ancient times the tools to help to look within and look beyond these limitations.
Seven magical days will await you in this special August timeframe before entering to the 888. Use these seven days according to your inner guides’ wisdom. Our suggestion is to invoke one of the Sacred Rays to work with it every day. Use your intuition and reawakened ability to connect these Sacred Rays for experience divine Oneness through them easily.

Friday – the White Ray of Ascension
Saturday – the Violet Ray of Transmutation
Sunday – the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Wisdom
Monday – the Blue Ray of Will of God
Tuesday – the Pink Ray of Divine Love
Wednesday – the Green Ray of Healing
Thursday – the Golden Ray of Resurrection

Plesae note that the order of the flames/rays is not mandatory as nothing in the higher realms can be handled that way. It is a kind suggestion from our side to use them this way, seeing a bigger piece from Divine Mastery that your recent senses make available for you in this very moment. This message does not aim to deal with the details of these wonderful Sacred Ray formations. We know so well that if you feel the resonance in your heart, the right help will be manifested in your lives immediately. Use your guidance and wisdom as always on your en-lighted journey. We are here to assist upon your request at every step.

And a gentle reminder at the end. The Great Diamond Sisterhood is here again to help on your personal journey aswell as help to our beloved Gaia on her very same sacred path. If you feel to work intensely with these sacred flames on the upcoming days, please always ask the beneficent effect of a certain flame not only for your personal purposes but also for the well being of our beloved planet. The Golden Yellow, the Violet, the Emerald and all the others can be at the highest service for you and for planetary reasons for the entire humanity at the same time.
The intensity of the upcoming energies can be fully at your service. This is the gift of the Universe for all those who are ready for accepting it. We are so close to help, just call for our assistance if you feel so. Please enjoy all the wonders of this magnificent period of our common journey.
It is always a privilege to talk to you.
We are at your service.
Bliss Beyond,
KyraNamu & Adama

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DIVINE MOTHER CHANNELING : A Transitional Space The Forefront of Human Consciousness

A Transitional Space … the Forefront of Human Consciousness

Channeling by Divine Mother through Sol’Ara An

July 28, 2008

Dear ones of my heart, it is a welcome day to receive such love from all that read my channeled messages. I honor your respect and your love that is sent to me each time you read our messages. Know that these messages are sent with one pure intent, that you would remember within you that you are loved by your Creator. I as Divine Mother, offer the love of a mother to open the hearts and minds of her children to that pure love she does extend. Many days have passed since last we spoke, and many of you have gone through immense change. This change, that is chaotic indeed, was necessary in these times of great transition. It is the will of the Creator in wholeness to offer our divine compassion and grace at this time. Therefore, listen well this day dear ones, as we speak of where you are today in our knowing of your transitional process rising into a higher evolutionary species. In the beginning of our creations, we thought much of where this “experiment in consciousness” would take us. And how it would affect the wholeness, yes indeed, but also how it would affect our aspects of creation. A higher purpose is not always apparent to ones in a world of space and time, with a ceiling that keeps one from knowing the vastness of creation. And so I will share what I can this day that you might see our compassion is upon the Earth now, in place, and activated. (my love is within you)


We have activated the Compassion Code within the DNA of many of our Lightworkers, aware and unaware, in order that this plan of great importance is completed. In order that our children would be given the opportunity to see and feel the divine love, in activation within their hearts and pass that on to others. This was only the beginning of our process a couple of years ago, in your time, and then we activated the Christ grid, and the Divine Mother grid through our channel and many of our spiritual channels and teachers around the world. As all are in service to humanity, and each one has a specific job to do, there is only the work of Creator, not the competition of one to the other that is to be honored. Our ones who honor their spiritual work on the Earth are not originally from the Earth in consciousness or creation, they have been busy in other realms and galaxy’s, but have had at least a few lifetimes on the Earth to learn the true compassion of being human. This has served all of you well for many thousands of your years. We tell you now that there are many of these ones upon your planet who offer the higher, more galactic and celestial teachings for the time of your Ascension and Dissension as it were. To help you to understand this, the changes that are occurring with you have more to do with your true self, your higher consciousness than your human awareness. And thus, many do not yet understand this energy as it is being presented. And so we will continue. When one has harbored dislike or distaste for any thing in creation, an energy of substance looking something like your black oil accumulates within the area weakest within your form or spirit. Yes, even your subtle bodies can be affected by constant negative thinking. This is why we have sent many teachers to teach the path of Love. Even if you do not like something you are observing or hearing, you have the choice to change your focus. But if you believe you are “right” about keeping this dislike, and justified in your mind, it lodges this black oil like substance and hardens and begins the process of breakdown into the physical body at its worst. I give you this information so that you can begin to rethink how you believe about anything. You are given free-will to choose your thoughts, and I offer an explanation as to what the outcome shall be in this case. It is born within you to be Love, and compassion… it is who you are. In the case of many now upon the Earth, it is justifiable to kill simply because a nation, or person disagrees with what you believe in. As you see, this has not served you well. And I am now going to tell you that in this beautiful energy of Divine Celestial Love that is now activated upon your planet, it shall prove this point directly. Where are you in your transitional stage? We would say many of the Lightworkers are still at 75% of the way to actually ascending into the high selves they are. And it is not so much that you may have so far to go, but what is important is that you understand that there are only 10% of humanity at this time that seem to honor this ascension process and new energy that is now upon your Earth. Therefore, some of the wake-up calls may seem intense. Do not look at the illusions that come up in the collective consciousness and see them as truth. If you allow the fear of illusion, that which is not real, to take your focus, it shall cause you to feel the pain of suffering. This is not our purpose nor is it by our wish or control. And so we offer a solution for those who are willing to continue seeing the higher purpose of this great plan that you live. Know in your hearts that you are loved by your Creator, no matter the illusions that you see. Stay in contact at all times with your guides within, they know your path, and they will direct you to your highest good. Fear has always been the main energy throughout most of your lives, for those who live on the Earth now. It is a cumulative process from many generations of collective consciousness before this time you live in now. In this we must also responsibly tell you that you must not blame the people of your past for your living environment now, as many of you were here then, and came back to honor your responsibility to help with what you might call “the clean up”. It is truly all part of the process dear ones. Your world runs in what you call “cycles”. The blessing of this was so that humanity could truly learn from its experiences, and come to the understanding which is most important; Love is all that is real. And you were born from Love.

In the moments where you would claim your Creator has forgotten you, for the pain and suffering of yourselves or others, these moments are when you have forgotten who you are, and focus was on the illusion of fear. We must speak from our hearts, as you must now honor your part and take responsibility for that which you, the collective consciousness of Earth, have created. And in our hearts this is simply part of the process of the growth of humanity. By understanding that there is no blame, none! We simply offer you, the reader, to take the opportunity to see within you… right now what comes up within you as you read these words. I have placed the energy of compassion in these words, and I am offering you the opportunity to release these fears that have just risen in your consciousness. A gift, but you must choose whether to receive, or not. You could sit in judgment of self and me, or you could open your heart and mind to the possibility that I already know you, and know what you believe and think most of the time. Your energy is apparent at all times. And so the choice I offer is the opportunity, in this moment of your reading, to let go of your judgment of yourself and others, and your Creator… just for a second… trust… and I shall bless you now with the healing of compassion and release your block slowly and easily as your Soul will assist. Letting go may not end the mind from bringing this up again, unless you choose to focus on Love, and release the focus on fear. As you focus… so this focus does come back to you… it is a Universal Law. And it is unimportant that you believe this, it is an experience that teaches well. I love you so much that I offer this gift of compassion, please allow this to be easier for you, and see if within your heart you can allow the opening, ever slowly it may be… but keep going, for the seed is there. Patience is not one of your strong points, we know this, but we also know your strength of consciousness to do as you will… and therefore your choice is now given. Our grace and compassion is given, as you choose so shall you experience. None of it is right or wrong, it is simply a choice of what you wish to experience and learn from. Truly, judgment never was the path of Love. And you were born to walk the path of love in this time… you came here specifically to do this transition, and to be part of this compassionate energy moving through the Earth and humanity at this particular and specific time. If you search for why you are here, many will find there path in these words this day. A blessing has been bestowed upon planet Earth and many have received of this blessing; the blessing of clear thinking, and clear feeling of the path of Divine Love. We have released some of the veils, and now more bridging may take place to the higher realms of beauty and compassion. And the ability to live in human form and be your higher selves, has never been greater. This is the Blessing that is offered. Will you receive it? That is the great question, is it not?

We believe in you, the true you… the one that offers focus upon all of the Love that is offered, all of the beauty that is here upon your Earth. Did you know that your Mother Earth was a second thought? Truly, she was so interested in human life, and so compassionate from her training in the higher angelic realms that she requested this position, Logos of Earth. As Mother energy was known to be required. And her gift to you has been continuing even past her contract of being so. Her Love for you has been unwavering, even in these days of great pollution and dishonor of the beautiful life forms including yourselves, upon her.

 And the many Ascended Masters and Angelic Teams that watch over you, and guide you to your higher heart… this too was done from Love, from choice of each one for they knew that you would need assistance, and gave of themselves specifically for humanity. All of this is given so that once again you may know how loved you are. What is missing within you now, some of you, is the connection to your deepest heartfelt wish, that wish and desire to be ONE again, to be part-of something or someone. The loneliness only serves to awaken you to the fact that you do need one another. You are not an island unto yourselves. In fact this “new energy” as you call it, brings that very energy to the forefront of human consciousness. You were never meant to do this alone. But in your haste to “be you”, you lost your compassion for others… and that day has come to open to others more than ever. For the pain that is causing most of the suffering, and causing you to cause pain to others is the search out of loneliness. Resisting your own inner quiet will cause this pain. For when you let go of the “need” of others, to fill your holes within, and go within yourself and allow all of the Love you are to fill you up… by inner listening, prayer, and allowing us to expand your capacity to hold love within… you will know the truth we speak. Pain and suffering was a human creation, not a punishment from your Creator. Your belief in your unworthiness, your powerlessness, has caused this energy of “suffering” to look real in your space and time bubble of existence. Dear children of my being, it is time to step out of the bubble, and see the truth of which we speak. And this “truth” shall be perceived as you will be able to perceive it, not because of what we say it is. You know truth, it comes from within YOU! Only you know what is yours, allowing others to tell you your truth creates more pain. Therefore, do not take any of this writing as “your truth”, take it as a possible solution, and if it does not work for your understanding, then release it and continue your search. It only matters that you be given the possibility, what you do with it, is your given choice. And we honor your choice and your free-will highly! Know this! We do not offer another rule or “truth” for you to follow. We offer the opportunity for you to begin the process in earnest of defining your own “truth”, your own “belief’s”… for these are what will bring your personal and your collective experience in this realm of light, and space, and time. We feel we have come to the end of this energy transmission this day. Know that this is sent with great love and great honor for our children of Light and Love within the Earth plane. We are all with you from this side of the veil, as you are truly still with us. Enjoy the game, and when you have finished your playing… know you will be welcomed home, back into the loving arms of your Mother. I am Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of Creator. The Father and I Are ONE. Peace Is… now! Anon… Anon… Anon

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Magic Moments in Time

Athene Raefiel

Welcome New World order. The times they are a changing! Dearly Beloved’s we are gathered her together in this time, on this place called Earth, to elect a new set of frequencies to generate out as a planet and also individually to bring to fruition the fifth dimensional awareness within all planes of existence we experience daily as reality.

Since now is the time when all planes of existence are experiencing themselves within one another simultaneously, it is also time for us to do the same. In reality we are, and always have been, subjected to these frequencies continually (as they are always experiencing themselves), yet only now within our third dimensional plane of form and thought can we personally fully experience all the amazing energetic frequencies as they overlap and interplay with one another.

The adult question would be, how do we understand and assimilate what these frequencies and energies are permeating if we have no memory of them to begin with? The answer, of course, is that we are the memory of these frequencies and being that memory allows us to consciously re-remember what we have known all along but never really understood. This memory of understanding is that these all-pervading, ever expanding frequencies and us make up the whole of the Universe, the Cosmos and “all else that is”.

What we are currently experiencing cannot easily be put into words nor is it going to be quickly assimilated by us, yet it is powerful and impacting. So much so that it impacting our dream state as well as the Astral and other subtle bodies we walk around with called our Aura’s. In a way it is as if there is currently a collision of energetic forces that are causing disruptions in all forces.

Many people are currently feeling as if they are out of body, as well as forgetful and ungrounded. For some of us it seems as if we are walking through some type of dream world feeling a little sci-fi and otherworldly. Definitely we are not fully grounded to anything right now, thereby being unable to feel a sense of confidence with our decision making process. Most humans are probably vacillating a great deal and obsessive compulsive personalities are working very hard to control their re-actions and actions.

The mind seems to either be speeding at major acceleration or very tired and confused. Sounds a lot like BI-polar energy effecting us all currently. Lots of highs and lows and short temperaments. These are like the outer symptoms of much deeper inner process that is taking place in all of us.

This month of August 2008 heralds great awakenings for many of the Old Souls to Heavenly Riches and the long awaited Physical Balances needed to slow and heal disease. For the Younger Souls, these powerful energies bring a great sense of Awakening to their soul and physical purpose and direction to lead the world through the massive shifts the times upcoming. This present year is like the finalizing of some very powerful envisioning that has been created and held strongly within the power of light, over the past forty years or so now.

This is a completion cycle for putting the finishing touches on some very hard work of so many souls through many previous centuries that has now brought us back to this amazing opening of vast expanses and regions of awareness long ago believed to be unattainable. Finally as well, the belief structures to hold humans back from realizing ” true spiritual evolution” as the key to development through all levels of life put in place by powerful forces long ago is being purged. And the world and human life can now move more easily and consistently towards change for the better.






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July was a very intense month. Did you feel the wave of light that
came in around the full moon of July? I felt the wave as a shock to
my body, and it helped clear out some old blocks in my life. Have you
moved through the blocks in your life? Has the energy started to flow
again? Get ready because we will soon be in the energy of the Sirian
Star Gate. This affects us every year starting around July 23, and
lasts until about August 8 when the abundance doorway opens. The
ancient Egyptians always looked forward to this time period because
the star Sirius rises before the sun. They considered this their New

We also start a Mayan Dreamspell New Year on July 26. This is the
year of the Blue Electric Storm, which rules the area off the west
coast of America and can cause storms, or water to come into the
coast. This glyph is the initiation by fire, the lightning path. and
the arrival of the thunder-beings who bring the final transformation.
It also causes storms with lots of lightning that shatters any false
sense of reality. This glyph is ruled by Pluto, which is the
transformer. The electric tone is the number three. This is the tone
of service and the vibration of rhythm, activation, and bonding. It’s
time to acknowledge yourself when you are serving the light with your
heart energy. The electric energy is one of activation. Pluto, along
with its transformative qualities, causes lots of storms all over the

Let’s talk about the planet Pluto being the transformer in the sign
of Sagittarius, which rules the banking system. The bank called Indy
Mac was transformed, or taken over by the Feds on July 14, 2008. We
first heard of the run on that bank on July 10, 2008, when Mercury
was in exact opposition to Pluto. We also heard of the problems of
Fanny May and Freddie Mac at that time. We have another major aspect
to the banking system coming up on August 16, which is a full moon
eclipse day.

Sagittarius not only rules the banking system, it also rules other
things like schools, colleges, law, lawyers, and the courts of law.
Pluto will be retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius until the end of
November. Look at what has happened in the last few years with Pluto
in Sagittarius. The money system has been in a crisis for a long
time, the dollar fell, and many laws have been changed, mostly
towards control. Now we are in the last months of this control system
and money crisis. Pluto will rule us until the end of November in
Sagittarius, and then Pluto will move into Capricorn to stay for
several years. Capricorn rules governments, big business, and all
structures. These structures will start to crumble, or be transformed
into a more human-like system. This includes our government.
Capricorn likes to control, but with Pluto in that sign control will
start to break down.

August and September will be very intense months. Mars opposes Uranus
on August 6th just before the Olympics start. The energy of this
aspect brings conflicts with friends, impulsive action, and outbursts
of temper. This transit often arouses revolutionary action and the
desire to overthrow existing power structures. The chart of the USA
finds Uranus making a square to its natal Mars. This means that
conflicts may arise over the financial affairs of banks, groups,
organizations and business during the next two months. Another thing
is that the solar eclipse on August 1 will be seen over China. That’s
not the greatest energy.

Then we have Mars in a 90 degree angle to Pluto at the time of the
full moon lunar eclipse on August 16. Wow! What an explosive energy.
Maybe this will bring the ending, and the beginning of a new
financial system, although this may take a while because the effects
from an eclipse last a long time. This August 16 eclipse will be the
end of the planetary aspect of Mars/Pluto in Sagittarius that caused
the banking crisis, and the terrorist wars. Will this cause the
financial crisis to turn around, or will it die? I guess time will
tell. We do end this year with a Mars/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn
just after Christmas. In fact, at that time there are five planets
and the moon all in Capricorn. This says to me – new government –
maybe new financial system – however that works out.

Another interesting transit that is going on in the USA chart is the
Uranus/Neptune opposition. Uranus rules change and Neptune in its
lower energy rules deception. Uranus also rules light. With the
planet of change and light on top of the planet of deception – all
kinds of dubious events have come to the surface to be looked at and
to wake up the general population.

The solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 finds the sun on nine degrees
Leo. This is the degree that rules

armies and navies. Will the drums of war be beating again, or will it
work out in another way? This is not the best energy for our
president George Bush because we find his Mercury on nine degrees Leo
and his Mars on 9 degrees Virgo. Saturn is the tester and is on top
of his Mars which means he will be going through some really big
challenges. This energy brings frustrated impulses to action and
suppressed anger and resentment. This is usually the time of heavy

Trouble or conflicts may arise between governments, and President
Bush may think military action is

needed. This doesn’t sound very good because of that eclipse being on
the degree of the army and navy. Uranus is also in a perfect square
to Bush’s natal Uranus and his node. This could cause his sudden fall
from power in an unexpected way. His Uranus is on 19 degrees Gemini
and this degree is said to confer military honor that ends in
disaster. Didn’t that just happen in Iraq? This degree also means
that he is capable of violent action. Afghanistan, which is the Opium
capital of the world since we attacked them in 2002, is also in the
news. The USA is talking about putting more troops into that country,
which I think is a bad move but I don’t want to get caught up in the
energy of the dark. We’ve been purged of our fears, and the Earth
needs us now to manifest our light bodies. This means to just have
fun and live in the Now.

On another subject a crop circle appeared in the holy land of
Glastonbury in August of 2006. This circle was the Mayan Dreamspell
glyph of `The Star’, which is the symbol of the Goddess. It is a four
pointed star. This circle said to the world “The Goddess is back, now
it’s time to go through the dark energy of the birth canal”. This is
where we have been traveling since August of 2006. Going through a
birth canal is a very traumatic time period. Basically it has been
like two years of hell, in regard to having all of our stuff in our

This period started with the eclipses in the signs of Virgo/Pisces in
September of 2006. Virgo is the Goddess energy, and Pisces is the
poor me that rules suffering. Many people dropped the groups they
were attending and basically went it alone during that time period.
There is a black hole on seven degrees Virgo. Saturn went into Virgo
in September 2007. Saturn, the tester, moved onto seven degrees Virgo
on July 25, 2008 where it will stay until the new moon eclipse on
August 1. This says to me that we have reached the end of the tunnel
and are coming out into the light. We made it! Ascension is now

The total solar eclipse on August 1 is in the sign of Leo, which
rules our heart. This means it’s time to `Think with your Heart, not
your head.’ I also believe it’s close to being turn around time. This
means the dark ones will not be able to hurt light workers anymore
because the light workers will be on a higher frequency where they
cannot be reached by the dark. In mid September Neptune will be on 21
degrees Aquarius where it will stay until December 15, 2008. This is
the degree where what has appeared dark can be turned into light.
It’s now our time! So Be It!

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The Hathors : Human psychological response to the planetary and interdimensional changes!

Hathors July 20, 2008
Paros Island, Greece

We wish to discuss several aspects of human psychological
response to the planetary and interdimensional changes that are
now taking place. Sensitive individuals are the most prone to
these types of responses, yet they are also showing up for those
who are spiritually unaware and primarily focused upon material reality.

What we are describing is a global sense of hopelessness,
bordering on despair for some individuals; a sense that there is
nothing that one can do to change the course of events. For some
this leads to a type of depression, a lack of motivation; and
that which gave life meaning, purpose and joy, now seems empty.

For others it is a sense of being extremely disconnected from
their lives, as if they are watching a movie. They go through
the motions of living a life, but their hearts are not in it.
For others who are consciously connected to the web of life, the
loss of species, the destruction of the eco-system is especially
difficult to contend with. For those who are focused primarily
upon their material reality, the 3-D life they live, these times
are increasingly anxiety provoking for the financial concerns
that we predicted some time ago are now upon you, and they will
only worsen.

In addition, the evolutionary and catalytic waves from deep
space that we have mentioned before continue to escalate. Those
who attempt to control you through economics, politics and
religion are finding it increasingly difficult, yet they are
strengthening their efforts, and some individuals aware of these
tensions feel caught in the middle.

For, indeed, from the standpoint of time and space, you are
caught in the middle. You are caught in the middle of the
tensions between evolution and devolution, spiritually speaking.
You are at the center-point of time and space. This is an
energetically intense place to be and from the standpoint of the
soul, or the spark of consciousness that you are — your
interdimensional reality, or however you wish to describe this
to yourself — these are potent, powerful times.

From our standpoint there is nothing that an individual can do
to prevent the dissolution of that which needs to be dissolved.
The planetary changes are upon you. If you are able to take
collective and individual action, some of the more intense forms
of destructive change can be mitigated or lessened. But some of
them cannot be stopped, or to be more accurate, we would say
that it is improbable.

Your opportunity as a soul — as a spiritual being living a
human life — is to navigate through these changes in ways
that strengthen you and lift you upward, even as those around
you seem to spiral into negativity, despair and acting out of
their self-destructiveness. As you look to the human collective
and see the self-destructiveness, the stubbornness to change,
the tendency to stupidity, look also to yourself for these seeds
are within you as well.

We have given previously our views of what your near future will
unfold, and we shall not describe them again. You can look to
the archives if you are interested. What we feel most important
to convey at this time is how you must find the spiritual
courage to rise up, as many around you seem to be falling. And
by falling we mean specifically moving into lower states of
spiritual quality.

How do you navigate your life through a sea that is filled with
fear, hostility, paranoia, constraint, lies, and manipulation?

The journey of an Initiate, which is the path of living upward
in consciousness, regardless of the spiritual lineage or ways of
describing it, is quite simply the passage through the eye of a
needle, or the eye of the storm.

Let us use the metaphor of hurricanes or cyclones — for
they shall be increasing in number and intensity. If you are at
the edge of the storm you are exposed to the destructive power
of the wind and water. But if you are in the eye of the storm,
it is, paradoxically, calm. You can see the edge of the storm in
a circle at the far horizon, but in the center, all is still and calm.

This center point of the storm is what you must find in
yourself, from our perspective. This is the path of the
Initiate, the spiritual master. There is no one who can teach
you this. There is no one who can save you from the storms that
are upon you, and by this we mean both the external storms of
your weather, your politics and your economics, as well as earth
changes, but we also mean the internal storms, your
psychological and emotional conflicts, as you live in the midst
of a world that is dissolving into a new world that has not yet
become. There is little solid ground here and such states of
recognition are anxiety provoking for most humans.

Most of you have not learned how to dance with chaos in a
gracious manner, but don’t be concerned about this. For soon you
shall have many dance lessons and opportunities to be at peace
with the partner of chaos, the swirling uncertainty.

In these times it will be easier to surrender to the downward
spiral than live upward. And yet, living upward in consciousness
is why you are here in this time — from our perspective.

There is a battle taking place on earth for your very spirit,
your heart and mind. We have talked before about the nature of
this manipulation and so we need not discuss it here. Again, we
refer you to the archives if you are so interested. The
essential point we wish to make here is that this is a time to
rise upward in yourself, to take the high spiritual ground, to
find in yourself the spiritual courage to not succumb to the
downward spiral, to find a way to live upward in yourself even
in the midst of increasing chaos, difficulties and seeming disasters.

We say seeming disasters because interdimensionally the
events that take place in your life, such as catastrophes,
storms, famine, loss of jobs, and so on, are multi-dimensional
in nature. Certainly from the localized space of your being that
is locked into time and space, your embodied self, these events
are very difficult to deal with, and are catastrophes of varying
degrees. But from the standpoint of your interdimensional self
— your soul, the spark of consciousness, however you wish
to describe it — these events are opportunities for
immense growth and acceleration of spiritual evolution.

It is not the situation that you find yourself in that binds
you, it is how you view it that imprisons or frees you.

And so in whatever situations you may find yourself in the
coming years, we say to you there are many doorways to freedom
in consciousness. Some of these doorways will involve
interacting with those around you in new ways — stepping
out of the box of perception you have been sold.

Some of these doorways will be finding a common ground with
those whom you might call your enemies. Some of these doors are
personal and are simply the space of a new relationship between
you and your interdimensional realities. Some of these doors
will lead you into interaction with the problems of this earth,
of humanity, discovering new ways to solve problems that are
outside the constraints of your current thinking, and some of
these doors will lead you beyond earth, into other spiritual
realities. The doors you choose lead you into new destinies.

If you continue to use the doors that have been given to you by
your culture through their lies and manipulation, you will
participate in a vast catastrophe. But we wish you to understand
clearly a phenomenon of creation. The doors you open will lead
you to a destiny that is unique, even if many around you enter
through other doorways. In other words, do not buy into
the mass hypnosis of what door you should open and enter through.

What we mean by the door of mass hypnosis is that those who wish
to control you through economics, politics and religion, do so
through subtle and not so subtle suggestion. It is not for us to
say to you which doors you should open, for that is your task as
a spiritual master, but what we can say to you is the obvious.

Each door leads to a unique destination, or destiny, and you can
choose doors that lead you into joy and happiness, even as
others are choosing doors that lead them to despair and sadness.
Again, it is not the situation that binds you; it is your
perception of it.

Let us get a little more concrete here. Let us say that you have
lost your job, the source of your income. This is a very
challenging and anxiety-provoking situation. Panic is one of the
doors that are available to you. Blame is another door that is
always available. Curiosity as to what might open next is also a
door that is available to you. If you choose the door of
curiosity, you open yourself to new possibilities. You will then
have not shut your consciousness down into the lower vibrations
of panic, anger and blame. They may surface from time to time,
but if you keep your focus upon curiosity regarding what chaos
will bring you next, you can discover new solutions to your
problems in a much quicker way.

There is a tendency for human consciousness to repeat old
patterns; this is based upon expectation, which is a form of
memory rooted in the illusion of time, as you perceive it. It is
possible to cut through your perception of time and accelerate
to solutions to problems faster than would normally take place,
but this is done through the door of consciousness that only you
can open. It is done through both personal intent and action.

We realize that there are many levels of understanding on the
part of those who read these words. The challenge for us is to
communicate something that will be practical for all of those
reading this. Some of you already know exactly what we are
speaking to, and know that there are doors within you that you
can open that will lead you to higher destinies, fast
resolutions to problems without getting bogged down like many of
those around you. Some of you think and feel that you do not
have the right for happiness or freedom of mind and heart, while
others are suffering and imprisoned. But we say to you that the
greater service you can render to your follow humanity, is to
free yourself from the imprisonment of limited consciousness,
for then you can interact with others in new ways, and through
those interactions new doors can reveal themselves.

And so when you find yourself disheartened, disillusioned,
disconnected, and with no desire for your life, realize that you
have simply wandered through one of the doors of your own
consciousness, and that there are forces who celebrate your
apathy, for then you are more easily controlled. In these
moments of recognition that you are in a lower vibratory
expression of your potential, seize the moment, step out of that
doorway into another.

Now, the difficulties that some of you may be experiencing may
seemingly preclude any choice in your outer reality, but we say
to you that the power of choice resides within you, regardless
of the conditions you find yourself in. In the most difficult
moments, when all doors seem closed to you, when there are no
options seemingly available, we have a simple suggestion. It may
sound trite and too simple, but it is simply a leverage point.
For all that is required to change a situation is a small
movement in consciousness, and then as you build upon this
movement, vast powers within you are released. But until you
have movement within you, of some kind, nothing can change.

And so this is our suggestion for how to create a small movement
within you when everything else has failed. Even in the midst of
personal torment, external difficulties, whatever presents
itself to you as the difficulty, find something to appreciate.

It might be as simple as that you can breathe, or if your breath
is constrained, when you can take a breath, you appreciate the
breath. Or it could be appreciating a color in the sky or
something that made you laugh. What is important here is that
when all options are closed, if you find something to feel
appreciation for, no matter how small, you have created a small
movement in consciousness, and with that movement great things
can unfold.

We sense that some of you will ride through these storms that
are upon you, the winds of change, more gracefully than others.
But even you, who consider yourselves to be spiritually evolved,
may be challenged from time to time as the old world dissolves
into something new. And we sense that some of you will be caught
in the grips of the chaotic times, and it is our hope that you
will recall this simple suggestion, and remember to find
something to appreciate, and with that movement in consciousness
you will find new doors to open.

We hold in our hearts, our minds, a vision of great new
realities for you and your human family. May it be so. May you
make it so.

Hathors July 20, 2008 Paros Island, Greece

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